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Found 3 results

  1. Late last month, England's Jonathan Gil3000Gill (pictured) took fourth place in the PokerStars Sunday Millionand put away $74,000. It was his largest online tournament score to date and he outlasted over 7,000 other entrants to get it. Gill has since shot up to the top 500 worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings and gave us the run-down of his big hit. PocketFives: Thank you for joining us. Nice job on the Sunday Million final table. Tell us how you're feeling about it. Jonathan Gill: Thanks. It hasn't really sunk in yet, as I haven't previously won that kind of money. I think it will finally start to kick in a couple of months down the line when I realize just how big of a score it is. PocketFives: Can you walk us through the final table? Jonathan Gill: I don't think I got above 15 big blinds at any stage and probably averaged around 6 to 10 big blinds. It was frustrating to be unable to build momentum, but at the same time it made a lot of my decisions relatively clear-cut, removing the stress of the situation. PocketFives: How did you finally go out? Jonathan Gill: I had about 6 big blinds under the gun with 2-2 and decided to ship. At the time, while the big stacks were opening a lot, they seemed to be very tight with their calling ranges. Plus, the big blind at the time had 7 big blinds, so I wanted to see a change in dynamic and put the pressure on him more than myself. Unfortunately, the small blind found 10-10. I've had long enough to think about the move and I am still sure I made the correct decision, so I'm glad I'm not beating myself up too much! PocketFives: Do you have any plans for the money? Jonathan Gill: The girlfriend and I had already been looking at moving into a new place before the win, so this helps secure it even more so. Unfortunately, I'm a massive life nit, so I will probably tuck it away for financial security and maybe look at slightly nicer places to move into, but that will be about it. I want to be in the game for quite a while, so I want to maintain enough money behind me to manage any potential downswings in the future. PocketFives: How did you get started in poker? What made it interesting? Jonathan Gill: Funnily enough, the graphics on PKR lured me into playing. I thought it looked really cool. I've always had a logical, problem-solving brain that has always wanted to question "why" rather than accepting answers given to me. That has helped me kick on and improve in the game. I think I was a teacher's nightmare at school! PocketFives: What do you do away from poker? What else interests you? Jonathan Gill: I have always been one for extreme sports. I tend to go snow skiing yearly and have water-skied and wake-boarded my entire life. I also enjoy going to music festivals, as it's always a big get-together for my friends and I, so expect this win will go towards paying for some of them. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  2. [caption width="640"] Jonathan 'Gil3000' Gill just hit million in career online tournament winnings and scored his first PocketFives Triple Crown. (photo: WPT)[/caption] Many poker pros play the game for a living because of the flexibility it allows. If you feel like going to Cancun for the weekend, and you've got the cash, then go. If your friends are heading to the EPT Grand Final in Monaco, you can go too. Just be sure to get some Euros first. Yet, one player who is embracing a strict, structured regimen has been having resounding success. Jonathan 'Gil3000' Gill just hit $1 million in career online tournament winnings and scored his first PocketFives Triple Crown, an award that requires a person to win three $10,000 prize pool tournaments across three sites tracked by PocketFives within a week. "I believe the majority of MTT regulars turned into professional poker players because they saw it as an easy way to make money and a way to give themselves as much freedom and time off as they choose," Gill said of the profession. "I became a poker professional not because I felt I had more natural talent than the majority, but because I felt I could outwork them." "I'm a very determined individual with a need for clear structure and goals, willing to work as hard as I can to achieve them," he added. "I give myself set working hours five days a week, making sure I strike a balance between self-study and group reviews and then putting it all into practice on the virtual felt. I never want to look back and regret the opportunities that presented themselves by being under-resourceful. This is what keeps me going on a daily basis." His rigorous schedule consists of a two-hour group review three days a week from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Then, he starts registering for tournaments, usually ending around 10:30 pm. After his playing time has concluded, the Triple Crown winner spends at least an hour reviewing hands he marked during the day. He talks with friends about them, crunches numbers, and heads to bed by 4:00 am. On days when he doesn't play poker, his life is mostly devoid of the game. Quite literally, he takes a day off. "I need the time off because I'm drained from having this routine," Gill said. "I believe it's very important to give it 100% of your focus rather than diluting the time multi-tasking. This means I get the recovery time I require to be ready to go again the following day." Is he a hermit, then? "I always try to plan something with friends in advance on Saturdays, then midweek make sure I have a day off to do something with the girlfriend, again planned in advance," he said of managing a social life. "It's helped me realize how important it is to utilize time correctly, not necessarily on days off, but also when studying and grinding. The more resourceful you are, the quicker your progression will be." Gill's largest online poker cash weighed in at $74,000 and came after final tabling the Sunday Million in February of last year. He has stockpiled over 3,300 in the money finishes in total. "I'm in a better position than most to give myself clearer short-term goals that lead to long-term progression," said the Englishman. "I think a lot of people think they study enough, but never really know because they don't record how much time they spend on hand histories, reviews, or grinding. I have a 75/25 split in favor of grinding versus studying that I look to hit every month. Planning means I'm able to make sure I hit this target and not live month by month presuming I've done enough." Gill, the lone ranked online poker player in Northfield, was studying marketing in university before his poker career took off. It's there that structure became instrumental to his life. "I lived a very unstructured life simply because I was too laid back," he said. "It wasn't until my final year that I felt interested in the topics we studied. I believe being so unstructured before playing poker made me realize it was time to get my ass into gear. I wanted to do something that I enjoyed and thrived doing. Poker was exactly that and I recognized I would never be able to get by continuing my laid-back approach." The crowning jewel of Gill's poker career, at least so far, is his first Triple Crown. He had been gunning for the award for two years and finally took it down after wins on 888, PokerStars, and iPoker for just over 400 PLB Points. It was the 123rd Triple Crown by a UK player.
  3. Twelve more World Championship of Online Poker events came to their conclusion on Monday topped with the crowning of a new Sunday Million champion. Lithuania's 'euras79' achieved every poker player's dream after he turned $109 into $186,467 in Event #31 Medium ($109 NLHE [Half Price Sunday Million]} after battling through the large 16,950 player field. 'euras79' previous best cash was for $13,114 after a second-place finish in the PokerStars Big $55 last year which makes his title run even more spectacular. 'ccccpusa' took the bronze medal for $94,744, before the $50,000 heads-up battle got underway. No deal was agreed to so the two players had a lot at stake, and it was 'MrMo19' who ultimately exited in second place for a $132,912 before 'euras79' claimed their biggest career title to date. 'OMGitshunt' won over $121,000 after they came through a 778 player field in Event #29 (High): $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO]. The final three consisted of two U.K. based players, but neither of them was able to go the distance. 'Malaka$tyle' took third place for a total score worth over $55,000 before Jonathan 'Gil3000' Gill fell at the final hurdle but still banked over $57,000 for his silver medal. Former PocketFives.com #1-ranked Chris 'ImDaNuts' Oliver took down Event #30 (High): $5,200 NLHE [High Roller] for a huge $250,934 score after a heads-up battle with 'bencb789'. The final table included PokerStars TeamPro Liv Boeree as well as current PocketFives.com world ranked no.#1 'Lena900,' but they fell in 7th and 6th place respectively. 'RommyTheCute' took away $144,315 in third place before the final battle got underway. There was $60,000 at stake, and it was Oliver who got the better of well-known online grinder 'Bencb789' who added $190,299 to his bankroll in second-place. Former PokerStars Sunday Million champion João 'XxJoaoFeraxX' Otávio struck a heads-up deal with Yoshiaki 'Play4livin' Paco before going on to claim the Event #30 (Medium): $530 NLHE [Sunday Warm-Up SE] title. Paco secured by far his biggest online score to date after he agreed to take $112,593 for his share of the deal after Mark 'Willy3009' Wilson had departed in third place for $70,885. Brazil's Octavio then claimed victory in the final battle and banked $126,350 as well as their first WCOOP title. The biggest winner of the day was Brazil's Fabiano 'kovalski1' Kovalski after he banked a massive $282,545 after a heads-up deal with his compatriot Eder Campana in Event #31 (High): $1,050 NLHE. The 2,077 entrant field created a $2,077,000 prize pool with over $530,000 up for grabs in the top two spots. The U.K.'s Jamie 'Ship It 2010' O'Connor secured his best online score worth $109,862 in fourth place before 'messigoat10' secured $155,368 and the bronze medal. This left the two Brazilians to arrange a money deal. Kovalski then went on to secure his second WCOOP title, eight years after his first, as he sent Campana to the rail in second place for $247,918. Event #29 (High): $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO] Entries: 778 Prize pool: $77,000 OMGitshunt - $66,223.96 + $54,909.18 (in bounties) Gil3000 - $48,496.20 + $9,281.25 (in bounties) Malaka$tyle - $35,514.37 + $19,345.70 (in bounties) blanconegro - $26,007.60 + $8,906.25 (in bounties) PKaiser - $19,045.67 + $1,781.25 (in bounties) tigran66613 - $13,947.40 + $8,656.26 (in bounties) CalmRevolver - $10,213.85 + $3,250.00 (in bounties) PaDiLhA SP - $7,479.73 + $3,250.00 Event #29 (Medium): $109 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Kickoff SE] Entries: 4,709 Prize pool: $470,900 joshuah333 - $33,552.26 + $16,031.25 (in bounties) Jo+Jo = 3792 - $23,722.22 + $5,532.75 (in bounties) beldarion - $16,774.16 + $1,117.97 (in bounties) CrazyLissy - $11,861.12 + $4,892.54 (in bounties) blikinn - $8,387.08 + $3,402.67 (in bounties) Richter77 - $5,930.56 + $1,349.22 (in bounties) _math_&ç!( - $4,193.52 + $2,929.17 (in bounties) mars140191 - $2,965.28 + $1,801.51 (in bounties) Event #29 (Low): $11 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO] Entries: 14,155 Prize pool: $138,719 need2more - $8,436.47 + $1,909.81 spareti - $6,004.96 + $1,111.10 alpx1 - $4,280.53 + $837.11 Ring126 - $3,051.31 + $343.16 NerATION - $2,175.07 + $990.11 Pichadzhi - $1,550.47 + $201.69 highru - $1,105.22 + $460.75 TooAggressiv - $787.84 + $717.01 Event #30 (High): $5,200 NLHE [High Roller] Entries: 261 Prize pool: $1,305,000 ImDaNuts - $250,934.9 bencb789 - $190,299.40 RommyTheCute - $144,315.77 mexican222 - $109,443.56 Naza114 - $82,997.86 Lena900 - $62,942.36 Liv Boeree - $47,733.11 Lafleur71 - $36,198.87 BillLewinsky - $27,451.84 Event #30 (Medium): $530 NLHE [Sunday Warm-Up SE] Entries: 1,856 Prize pool: $928,000 XxJoaoFeraxX - $126,350.19* Play4livin - $112,593.61* willy3009 - $70,885.09 Sintoras - $50,529.32 aramesko - $36,019.02 great dant - $25,675.53 AS Leshiy - $18,302.38 snipeembenji - $13,046.56 AadrovanRj21 - $9,299.95 Event #30 (Low): $55 NLHE Entries: 7,102 Prize pool: $355,100 Jumbo1223 - $50,432.14 FlaShhXx47 - $34,675.69 ultimateturn - $23,844.92 GlitchSystem - $16,397.13 strohalmphil - $11,275.59 LBGSorrow - $7,753.75 jakoooobsen - $5,331.93 J8nqduong - $3,666.54 j.t.sabotage - $2,521.31 Event #31 (High): $1,050 NLHE Entries: 2,077 Prize pool: $2,077,000 Kovalski1 - $282,545.21* edercampana - $247,918.62* messigoat10 - $155,368.94 Ship It 2010 - $109,862.49 Gukiz - $77,684.78 Pass_72 - $54,931.45 julianpineda - $38,842.60 Belabacsi - $27,465.83 player0207 - $19,421.19 Event #31 (Medium): $109 NLHE [Half Price Sunday Million] Entries: 16,950 Prize pool: $1,720,425 euras79 - $186,467.37 MrMo19 - $132,912.29 ccccpusa - $94,744.32 suarez_BG - $67,536.83 Zwöi - $48,142.30 Xungazz - $34,317.31 Mr.Bluff70 - $24,462.37 ccc12 - $17,437.36 True Pokah - $12,429.89 Event #31 (Low): $11 NLHE Entries: 32,782 Prize pool: $321,263 mars140191 - $31,814.71 jnfpoker - $22,665.46 SirJeroenNL - $16,156.73 yayo8422 - $11,517.10 Vlad510510 - $8,209.82 Rapa velhos - $5,852.26 DeathCo1ectr - $4,171.73 vexman - $2,973.77 No_to_peszek - $2,119.82 Event #37 (High): $1,050 NLHE [Turbo] Entries: 559 Prize pool: $559,000 simon1471 - $98,677.60 lb6121 - $73,578.71 ChanceCU - $54,864.11 Skämmes - $40,909.52 plspaythxbye - $30,504.23 retango777 - $22,745.54 floes - $16,960.22 cassiopak - $12,646.42 kjunia - $9,429.82 Event #37 (Medium): $1,050 NLHE [Turbo] Entries: 2,822 Prize pool: $282,200 Amadi_017 - $40,888.24 azn_baller3 - $29,144.76 VistaDT23 - $20,775.36 D.Aranha_j8 - $14,809.40 Joel3624 - $10,556.62 gahoibvthakn - $7,525.11 gkamei09 - $5,364.17 Slaventii003 - $3,823.75 Dimdaddy - $2,725.68 Event #37 (Low): $11 NLHE [Turbo] Entries: 9,297 Prize pool: $91,110 bjj_el_nino - $12,591.81 tonkiista - $8,708.81 QQ1268 - $6,027.18 Arogorn - $4,171.28 easthunter2 - $2,886.84 Laaimis21 - $1,997.92 mojacko_king - $1,382.71 we love this - $956.94 tzzex - $662.27

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