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Found 12 results

  1. About a week ago, PocketFives brought you an article about Dan "jungleman" Cates breaking $10 million in high-stakes winnings at Full Tilt Poker, a major milestone. Over the weekend, Cates (pictured) continued to roll, inching closer to $3 million in winnings on Full Tilt this year, according to HighStakesDB. --- PocketFives' news coverage is brought to you by Betsson Poker, a leading global online gaming provider. Betsson Poker is available on Mobile and offers regular promotions to live events around the world along with great bonuses and competitions. Play nowfor a chance to win the a Dream Holiday with the Grand Poker Adventures throughout 2014! --- As the tracking site published in an article on Sunday, "Cates continued his great 2014 with another big win in yesterday's high-stakes games. Cates brought home $300.7K in the Mixed Games. Most of Cates' profit came before breakfast, as he put in big winning sessions between 1:30am and 7.30am playing against Alexonmoon, PostflopAction, and Gus Hansen. In particular, he fared well at table Bushra, winning over $218.4K. He also made a six-figure sum at table Coventry, winning $117.2K." Cates took down the second largest pot awarded on Saturday, worth $197,800, at a $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha table. After flopping a set and the nut flush draw, Cates shoved all-in for $61,000, or about two-thirds of the pot, on the river of a board of J-4-K-9-3 with four clubs. Gus Hansen (pictured) called and Cates flashed the nut flush, winning the hand. Cates is up $10.1 million lifetime on the high-stakes tables at Full Tilt, according to HighStakesDB, and has amassed almost $3 million in winnings this year alone. He has not turned in a lifetime loss on Full Tilt since 2010 and is a career winner in every game HighStakesDB tracks sans one (Limit HORSE). Cates was up $300,000 on Saturday alone. In case you're wondering, Hansen has largely trended in the opposite direction as Cates and is down $18.6 million lifetime since HighStakesDB began tracking him. Hansen has bled $3.7 million this year and has not been in the black since the first month of 2014. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  2. In what has been one of the most interesting battles on the high-stakes tables at Full Tilt Poker, 2014 World Series of Poker bracelet winner Doug WCGRiderPolk (pictured) has been squaring off against Denoking, with both players pulling out sizeable victories. Special thanks to HighStakesDB for the data used in this article. Last week, Polk took the action to Denoking on the $300/$600 No Limit Hold'em tables at Full Tilt and, after a long session, walked off with a $736,000 win. Thus, when Denoking returned to the felt on Monday night, Polk was poised to add some more of Denoking's ducats to his virtual wallet. As the session played out, however, it was Denoking who had the last laugh. Deciding on a shorter session than their previous matchup, Denoking came out of the gate rapidly. Inside an hour of play, Denoking was able to ratchet up a $300,000 edge. In one hand, after Polk three bet pre-flop, Denoking decided to just call and see a monochrome Qc-7c-10c flop. Polk check-called a bet from Denoking and, with both players having more than $100,000 on the table, saw a 9h on the turn. Polk once again check-called a bet and, on the 6c river, pushed his chips all in for the nearly $200,000 pot. Denoking made the call and, after Polk showed a Qh-10h for a flopped two pair, Denoking showed Ac-Qs for the rivered four-flush to take down the $279,000 pot, the biggest of the match. Polk didn't back off, instead reloading his stake and going back for more. Polk's big strike of the day came after four-betting Denoking off the button to see an innocuous 2-5-8 flop. Denoking fired out on that flop and Polk three-bet, which Denoking simply called. The turn was an ace and Denoking slowed down with a check. Polk fired off $22,000 into the $160,000 pot and Denoking called to see an eight on the river. Both players pulled back with checks, at which point Polk showed pocket queens to win on the very dangerous board. Now it was Denoking's turn to make a bit of a comeback, as he won several smaller hands before taking down the last six-figure pot of the matchup. As Denoking's roll continued, Polk took a pause from the action to gather his thoughts. As he waited, Denoking reminded Polk that it was a "short session" and, without a reply, stood up from the table and booked a $308,000 win. Although losing on Monday to his rival was a bit of a hit, Polk seems to have rebounded nicely. During action Tuesday on Full Tilt Poker, Polk soothed his wounds by booking a win of his own, taking down nearly $137,000. Since the start of 2014, Polk has played 95 sessions according to HighStakesDB and almost 27,000 hands. As of Wednesday, Polk has racked up $971,711 in winnings, good enough for fifth place. For his part, Denoking has had a tough week. Although he was able to start the week with a small win, the battles with Polk have resulted in his bankroll taking a bit of a hit. After the clash with WCGRider, Denoking's overall loss for the past week sits at roughly $436,000. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  3. It has been a good year to be poker pro Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn (pictured). Despite 2015 being just three weeks old, Kostritsyn is up almost $1 million already at the high-stakes tables, according to HighStakesDB. In fact, he piled up almost $200,000 in profit on Wednesday alone and is the month's biggest winner thus far. We'll focus on Wednesday's session for Kostritsyn right now. According to HighStakesDB, a chunk of his damage came early in the day: "Most of joiso's winnings came from playing $1k/$2k 2-7 Triple Draw heads-up against EireAbufor a little over an hour. The pair switched tables after an hour, with joiso already up $143.6k. They played on for another ten minutes at a new table, with joiso adding a further $26.5k for a $170.1k win." The rest of Kostritsyn's winnings on the day came at the $400/$800 Mixed Game tables. All told, he was up $198,000 on Wednesday on PokerStars and $930,000 for the month of January. HighStakesDB began following Kostritsyn in 2011 and, since then, he has piled up $1.2 million in profit. He is up $844,000 lifetime in PLO and is up $348,000 in Draw Games. He is a breakeven No Limit Hold'em player and has dropped $383,000 in Omaha High-Low. On the live scene, the Russian may be best known for winning the 2008 Aussie Millions Poker Championship for $1.4 million. He won a PokerStars Caribbean Adventure side event in 2014 for $263,000 and has $2.9 million in career live winnings, according to the Hendon Mob, which is good for #8 all-time in Russia. He was #25 worldwide on the 2008 money list. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  4. Viktor Isildur1Blom (pictured) has been on a tear as of late, according to HighStakesDB. Since April 27, the Swedish transplant is up almost a million dollars on Full Tilt and PokerStars combined. Let's start with the latter, where Blom banked almost $200,000 on April 28 and added another $80,000 to his coffers one day later. On the final day of April, he earned another $360,000 on PokerStars before going up $1 million overall since April 27 on May 1. He slipped a little bit on Saturday, shedding about $100,000 to end the seven-day stanza up $902,000. Not too shabby. Over on Full Tilt, Blom trended roughly the same, albeit with lower profit numbers given the recent elimination of high-stakes games. He won about $200,000 on May 1 before losing $60,000 back one day later. Most of Blom's damage has occurred in Omaha High-Low, where he has profited $667,000 since April 26. Over the same time period, he's up $144,000 in Draw Games and $52,000 in Pot Limit Omaha. All-time, Blom is down $628,000 at the high-stakes games tracked by HighStakesDB on PokerStars. On Full Tilt, he is almost $4 million in the red. For the 2015 calendar year, Blom is up $867,000 on PokerStars, according to the same site, across 444 sessions and almost 50,000 hands. That's good for the second highest total by anyone on a single site as we enter the fifth month of the year. Your winner in the clubhouse in that department is bbvisbadformeon Full Tilt, who has profited $960,000. We'll keep you posted on the latest. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  5. According to HighStakesDB, Phil Ivey (pictured) is the biggest loser at the high-stakes tables so far in 2015, and it's not even close. In 74 sessions and 12,642 hands, Ivey, who plays under the user name Polarizing on Full Tilt, is down $1.5 million, three-and-a-half times the next closest person. To put the number in perspective, Ivey has dropped an average of $20,000 per session and $120 per hand tracked by HighStakesDB thus far this year, although he still has plenty of time to climb out of the red. Ivey is down $1.26 million at the Eight-Game tables this year and has shed $226,000 at Draw Games. He's down about $43,000 in Omaha High-Low. All-time, Ivey is down almost $6.6 million on Full Tilt since HighStakesDB began tracking his Polarizing screen name at the end of 2012. Over that span, Ivey has played nearly 200,000 hands and has an average loss of $33 per hand. His most-played game is Draw. Here are the 10 biggest losers of 2015, according to HighStakesDB: 1. Polarizing: ($1,528,431) 2. OMGClayAiken: ($437,428) 3. Isildur1: ($417,880) 4. SanIker: ($396,882) 5. Patriktortonius: ($317,274) 6. w00ki3z.: ($316,541) 7. steamraise: ($259,329) 8. CoeJassidy: ($255,450) 9. terryhsu: ($253,962) 10. megabanny: ($247,585) As you can see, there are plenty of other big-name pros on this list besides Ivey, including Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond, who is in second place, and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, who is in third. Ivey has 10 World Series of Poker bracelets, tied for the second most all-time with Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan, and is fourth on tournament poker's all-time money list, according to the Hendon Mob, at $22.4 million. Last Sunday, Ivey banked $186,000 at Full Tilt's 2-7 Triple Draw tables, so he has certainly showed signs of life. Stay tuned to PocketFives to see if he can right the ship in 2015. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  6. If you're looking for a winner of the high-stakes poker realm in March so far, look no further than the Full Tiltmember bbvisbadforme. According to HighStakesDB, bbvisbadforme is up $626,000 so far this month, more than three times the next closest player. Yes, more than three times the next closest person the site tracks. bbvisbadforme has played 13 sessions and 1,469 high-stakes hands in March thus far, meaning he has generated a profit of almost $50,000 per session and over $400 per hand. HighStakesDB began tracking bbvisbadforme in May 2011 and he was in the red earlier this month before his recent surge. There's not a ton of biographical information that HighStakesDB has compiled for the player, although other sites have noted he's from Germany. HighStakesDB added, "The poker player bbvisbadforme was first discovered by HighStakesDB on the high-stakes tables of Full Tilt Poker on Tuesday, May 3, 2011. Since then, a total of 66,357 poker hands have been tracked, with bbvisbadforme's results being $386,194. The hands come from Texas Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha games." He posted a profit of almost $400,000 as of April 2013 before dropping off. Now, he stands with lifetime profits of $385,000 on Full Tilt's high-stakes tables. He is up almost $600,000 lifetime in Draw Games, while he is down about $200,000 in No Limit Hold'em. His five biggest pots played all came in November 2013 and were worth a combined $1.2 million. All five were played at No Limit Hold'em tables with limits of either $200/$400 or $300/$600. Here are the top 10 players profit-wise in March 2015 according to HighStakesDB: 1. bbvisbadforme - $626,430 2. Isildur1 - $200,754 3. Sauce123 - $175,824 4. punting-peddler - $117,695 5. BROCKLESNARR - $73,587 6. flong78 - $69,553 7. Ike Haxton - $68,987 8. JayP-AA - $63,460 9. arbianight - $57,177 10. 26071985 - $54,985 Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  7. Relatively unknown high-stakes poker player JayP-AA has been dominating the competition at the Pot Limit Omaha tables on PokerStars, raking in almost $800,000 this year. JayP-AA, whose real name is unknown, has had an online poker presence since 2007, when he won $32 in a $3.30 NLHE Rebuy. It wasn't until June 2011 that he created a PocketFives profile under the name jcp, setting his location as Sughd, Tajikistan – about as far from Vegas as one can be. The anonymous grinder left a trail of modest tournament cashes in his wake until banking $107,856 for his second place finish in the Sunday Warm-Up in April 2011. Incidentally, it was around this time that JayP-AA was first spotted at the high-stakes tables on PokerStars. In his first few sessions of PLO in April 2011, the up-and-coming pro went on a heater, pocketing $349,000 at his peak, according to HighStakesDB. It wouldn't last long, though; before the end of the month, he had lost all but $67,000 of his original six-figure score. JayP-AA continued playing on Stars, eventually losing all of his initial big PLO win, and rode a wave of variance that usually ended up with the unknown pro back where he started. In October 2013, he clawed his way back up to a $165,000 profit, but eventually lost it all and then some. By December of last year, he hit the lowest point in his tracked high-stakes game play, posting an overall loss of $261,000. But 2015 has been good to the mysterious grinder and his luck has again changed decidedly for the better. His rebound started with his profits bumping up to $44,500 in the middle of January, followed by an even bigger surge to $175,000 a week later. After a few more winning sessions, JayP-AA closed the month out with a $250,000 profit. This month, the hot streak has remained in full effect, with JayP-AA dragging a couple of monster pots. On the third, the PLO specialist put jricardoscall-in on the river with a $39,000 bet and showed a full house to pick up a healthy $90,000 pot. Five days later, he battled with Ike Haxton (pictured), who launched a check-raise river bluff in a big pot only to be called and shown the nut flush to lose $123,000. After reaching the $600,000 profit mark, JayP-AA took a couple of hits and was knocked back down to around $440,000. But this week, the heater was back in full swing, with the anonymous grinder banking $300,000 since Sunday for an all-time high of $799,000. JayP-AA has often shared a table with 2015's biggest online money winner, Ilari Sahamies. The Finnish-born high-stakes pro is on an upswing of his own and recently broke the seven-figure mark in online cash games for the year. Other big winners include Crazy Elior, who ranks third on the money list with $349,000 in profits, and pro Scott Seiver, who occupies the fourth spot with $218,000 in winnings. Amongst 2015's top 50 grinders, JayP-AA has played the most hands at 27,000, with Sahamies coming in next on the list with 24,000. If history is any indicator, JayP-AA's hot streak could soon be negated by a downswing of equal or worse magnitude. It will be interesting to see if the anonymous grinder can make his current profits last. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  8. According to HighStakesDB, bbvisbadformehas profited the most in the industry at the high-stakes tables in 2015 at a hair over $1 million. In fact, bbvisbadforme just passed $1 million in profits in 2015 for the first time this year. HighStakesDB has tracked 7,366 hands for bbvisbadforme in 2015, which means he's currently sporting in a win rate of $136 per hand. He didn't start playing this year until February, when he dipped to almost $300,000 in the red before mounting a comeback. By the end of March, he was up almost $700,000 at the high-stakes tables and remained relatively constant until a flurry in the last few days brought him to over $1 million in high-stakes profits this year and $1.3 million since February. Lifetime, bbvisbadforme is up $734,000. He is down $195,000 at No Limit Hold'em, but has more than made up for it with nearly a million dollars in profits at Draw Games. All told, the tracking site has logged 67,466 hands for bbvisbadforme, translating to a profit of $10 per hand on average. bbvisbadforme was first tracked in 2011. He has almost twice as much in profits as the next closest person on the leaderboard for the year, although it's only April. Here's a look at the top 10: 1. bbvisbadforme - $1,006,937 2. Ilari FIN - $594,308 3. Crazy Elior - $375,898 4. punting-peddler - $321,482 5. gunning4you - $244,368 6. Faith#1Virtu - $240,481 7. GVOZDIKA55 - $225,578 8. NoelHayes - $207,301 9. tahi0009 - $186,874 10. FastCarsss - $181,501 Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  9. According to HighStakesDB, JayP-AA, who is known on PocketFives as jcp, has passed $1 million in profit at the high-stakes tables in 2015. He officially stands at $1.05 million in the black and has not fallen into the red at any point this year. By the end of January, JayP-AA was up almost a quarter of a million dollars before a $90,000 downswing. However, a week into February, he was up $603,000 on the year and continued to climb for the next 12 days, hitting $808,000 in profit by February 19. It has been a steady upward trend since that included a $157,000 day on April 8 to officially hit seven-figures in 2015. He is an Omaha specialist and has only logged PLO games on PokerStars, according to HighStakesDB. His largest pot played this year weighed in at $229,000 and took place on February 8 at a $200/$400 PLO table. HighStakesDB first tracked JayP-AA four years ago and, according to the site, "JayP-AA was first discovered by HighstakesDB on the high stakes tables of PokerStars on Wednesday, April 6, 2011. Since then, a total of 105,247 poker hands have been tracked." Here are the top 10 players in terms of profit in 2015, according to HighStakesDB: 1. JayP-AA - $1,053,605 2. Bbvisbadforme - $845,050 3. Ilari FIN - $628,420 4. Crazy Elior - $374,985 5. punting-peddler - $340,922 6. gunning4you - $244,368 7. Faith#1Virtu - $243,496 8. HeadShotFyo - $211,015 9. GVOZDIKA55 - $194,885 10. MrSweets28 - $184,759 JayP-AA is #2 on the earnings list for April and #43 all-time in PLO. Stay tuned to PocketFives for the latest high-stakes poker news. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  10. Viktor Isildur1 Blom (pictured) probably doesn't want August to end. According to HighStakesDB, he is up $2.3 million this month and $2.5 million over the last 10 days. He won $600,000 on Saturday alone and continues to dominate the high-stakes online poker tables that HighStakesDB tracks. The question is, how long can he keep it up? --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- The graph of Blom's profits this month on PokerStars is largely flat until a mammoth run-up that began 10 days ago on August 20. He won almost a quarter-of-a-million dollars in the span of 24 hours and then promptly won another $553,000. From August 22 to 23, Blom racked up $147,000 in profit and by the time the 24th rolled around, he had amassed another $322,000. August 24 to 25 saw Blom bank over $1 million at the high-stakes tables and he quickly added another $200,000 to that total by the 26th. As of Saturday, he has $2.3 million in profit for the month with 48 hours to add to his total. All-time on PokerStars, Blom has $1.4 million in profits(pictured). He is up $1.2 million in Omaha High-Low and $300,000 in PLO. He has lost $343,000 in Draw games and profited slightly at No Limit Hold'em. On Full Tilt, Blom is down almost $5 million over the course of his career. On Saturday, Blom battled with WithColor across several $200/$400 PLO tables. As HighStakesDB outlined, "Isildur1 was evidently the player on form for the majority of the match and, save for a $130k upswing around 1.5 hours into the 1 hour and 55 minute encounter, it was all downhill for WithColor, who ended up dropping $545k to Isildur1." HighStakesDB's Saturday report pointed out that Blom dropped almost $700,000 to WithColor over the course of six hours at $200/$400 and $100/$200 PLO tables. The tracking site summarized, "WithColor was playing a much stronger game and Isildur1 wasn't reacting well. The Swedish pro was being both outplayed and out-lucked, which only had the effect of sending Isildur1 into tilt-mode and his losses started to mount up." Blom has $1.7 million in career live tournament winnings, according to the Hendon Mob, the bulk of which came after winning the $100,000 PCA Super High Roller Eventthree years ago. He has not recorded a live cash since May 2014. Online, Blom won a SCOOP Main Event in 2013. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  11. Talk about a solid weekend. According to HighStakesDB, Viktor Isildur1 Blom (pictured) is up almost $1 million since Friday. Yes, in about 72 hours, Blom has racked up $950,000 in winnings at the high-stakes tables. --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- Blom won $241,000 on Friday, another $554,000 on Saturday, and even more on Sunday in one of the most impressive performances of the year thus far. As HighStakesDB reported on Sunday, "The majority of Blom's winnings post-yesterday's report came from a hugely entertaining deep heads-up $200/$400 PLO match against Dutch pro Ravenswood13." The battle against Ravenswood13 on Saturday was anything but stable. In fact, Ravenswood13 started by winning almost $400,000 in a span of 30 minutes, but Blom took in $45,000 over the next 50 minutes. The tracking site summarized, "The swing-fest continued as Ravenswood13 won back close to $200k over the next half-an-hour before Isildur1 hit a decisive $330k upswing over the next 90 minutes to end the three-hour battle up over $200k." After playing against the Dutchman, Blom tangoed with WIthColorand won a $252,000 pot, the largest HighStakesDB recorded on the day. In that hand, which was dealt at a $200/$400 PLO table, WIthColor bet with trips on the river after Blom checked, only to see Blom call instantly and roll over a full house. Blom also won a $167,000 pot with a boat, but lost a $150,000 pot after WIthColor drew out as a 19:1 underdog. The match against WIthColor was equally volatile, as WIthColor was up $212,000 after an hour before Blom zoomed to a $417,000 lead. WIthColor didn't lay down and die, however, cutting into Blom's lead by almost $300,000. The two were still playing when HighStakesDB published its report on Sunday afternoon. On Blom's PokerStarsaccount, he is down $326,000 all-time since HighStakesDB began tracking him at the end of 2010, although he has certainly trimmed his losses this weekend. On Full Tilt, he has fared far worse, dropping $4.74 million since the end of 2009. In the live tournament arena, he has won $1.7 million lifetime, according to the HendonMob. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  12. In just 10 sessions from September 1 to 6, Ben Sulsky (pictured), known in the online poker world as Sauce123, is up a commanding $669,000 at the high-stakes online poker tables according to HighStakesDB. He leads fellow pro Viktor Isildur1Blom by about $150,000 in profit for the month despite Blom's recent heater and is the most profitable player HighStakesDB has tracked this month. --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- Sulsky's 10 sessions in September total 4,919 hands, meaning he is averaging $66,000 profit per session this month and $136 profit per hand. His heater has come on PokerStars. According to HighStakesDB, "He has netted a staggering profit in a short period of time, crossing the $1,000,000 mark just a year after he began playing online." He is up almost $5 million on PokerStars alone after HighStakesDB began tracking him four years ago. Sulsky has turned $3.5 million profit at Pot Limit Omaha and $1.5 million at No Limit Hold'em. He has bled $46,000 at Omaha High-Low and $174,000 at Draw Games. He has logged 534,000 hands all-time and is averaging about $9 profit per hand played. Not too shabby. A total of four players have profited over $100,000 since September began, according to the tracking site: 1. Sauce123– 10 sessions, 4,919 hands, $669,754 profit 2. Isildur1– 41 sessions, 9,185 hands, $523,837 profit 3. RaiseOnce– 29 sessions, 3,896 hands, $319,650 profit 4. RaulGonzalez– 9 sessions, 1,043 hands, $147,089 profit In case you're wondering how Sulsky managed to become such a prolific player in the first place, HighStakesDB explained, "Sauce's poker journey began as a college student on a spring break trip to Mexico. With a lot of time to kill, he immersed himself in poker books and strategy forums and developed a rudimentary strategy that he took to the online felt upon his return. He experienced a fair amount of success early on and climbed the stakes using strict bankroll requirements." Sulsky has also hit it big in the live tournament world. According to the Hendon Mob, he has $1.7 million in career live winnings and is #11 on the all-time money list for Massachusetts. He finished fourth in this year's High Roller for One Drop event at the World Series of Poker for $1.1 million. He also final tabled the Poker Player's Championship for another $353,000. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.

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