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  1. We're down to 16 players in the World Series of Poker's $25,000 Mixed-Max No Limit Hold'em event from the Rio in Las Vegas. Play on Thursday will be four-handed, at which point heads-up matches will determine who goes home with the coveted WSOP bracelet. There are a bundle of recognizable names in the field and a nearly $900,000 first place payday is on the line. The lead heading into four-handed play belongs to Al Decarolis, a restaurateur originally from California who amazingly had exactly zero live cashes to his name until this event. He bagged up 1.26 million in chips to end play on Wednesday in Las Vegas, slightly ahead of the 1.25 million belonging to longtime poker pro and two-time bracelet winner JC Tran, who was fifth in last year's Main Event. PocketFiver Cal cal42688 Anderson (pictured above), a former #1 player on our site, has the fifth largest stack with 16 remaining. Anderson scooped a six-figure pot late in the day on Wednesday after betting 104,000 on a board of 3-A-6-K-K and getting a call from Tran, who tossed his cards into the muck when Anderson tabled A-J for two pair. Several hands before, Anderson doubled up Matt Giannettiafter the latter called all-in on a flop of K-J-5. Giannetti, who finished fourth in the 2011 Main Event, showed A-K for top pair, while Anderson had Q-10 for a straight draw. The board ran out J-3, shaving Anderson's chip stack by nearly 300,000. Anderson is fresh off winning his record-tying fifth SCOOP event. Vanessa Selbst (pictured) and Jason Mo sit third and fourth on the $25K Mixed-Max leaderboard, respectively, entering Thursday's play. Selbst was the leader in the clubhouse after Day 1 and helped our current chip leader amass a significant number of chips early on. As coverage explained, "Decarolis scored a key double up early in the day against start-of-day chip leader Vanessa Selbst. In that hand, Decarolis flopped a set of tens against Selbst's top two pair and held for a double up." Finally, let's talk about Phil Ivey, who, as we should remind readers, has a joint bracelet prop bet with Daniel Negreanuthat garnered a considerable amount of interest. Ivey sent Justin ZeeJustinBonomo to the rail on Wednesday in the Mixed-Max event and then hit a two-outer to bust Eugene Katchalov a few minutes later. It seemed, at least for a moment, as if Ivey's bracelet bet would pay off in his first event. But, it wasn't meant to be. On a flop of K-Q-J, all clubs, Ivey's money went in with A-10 of spades for a straight, while Tran showed 8-7 of clubs for a flush. The 10c on the turn and Ad on the river sent Ivey packing. Here are the 16 players remaining: 1. Al Decarolis - 1,261,000 2. JC Tran - 1,251,000 3. Vanessa Selbst - 1,224,000 4. Jason Mo - 1,214,000 5. Calvin cal42688Anderson - 812,000 6. Matt Giannetti - 676,000 7. Ryan Fee - 656,000 8. Barry Hutter - 524,000 9. Darren darrenelias Elias (pictured) - 506,000 10. Robert Tepper - 490,000 11. Aaron aejones Jones - 306,000 12. Richard Lyndaker - 213,000 13. Nick Schulman - 207,000 14. Kevin Song - 198,000 15. Noah fouruhaters Schwartz - 193,000 16. Brian Green - 145,000 Stay tuned to PocketFives for the latest WSOP coverage, made possible by Real Gaming. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  2. [caption width="640"] JC Tran might have been focusing on family the last few years, but he's still got the chops to play (WPT photo/Joe Giron)[/caption] There once was a time where JC Tran one of the most feared players at every World Poker Tour stop. And he was at every WPT stop. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas to Atlantic City to Mashantucket, if there was a WPT event going on, Tran was there, usually building stacks on his way to a deep run. Between 2004 and 2007, Tran made five official WPT final tables, winning once and finishing runner-up once. He also narrowly missed out on three other final tables, posting seventh place finishes three times. In 2007 he was named WPT Player of the Year and he sits sixth on the tour’s all-time money list. These days? Tran’s more interested in free kicks and ground balls than combo draws and bluff catchers. He didn’t pivot to daily fantasy sports during the boom like some poker players did and he’s not running some sports betting syndicate out of his home just outside of Sacramento, California. “My week is usually soccer practice, soccer games, baseball practice, baseball games, getting the kids to school,” said Tran, who has two kids, a six year old and a three year old. “Believe it or not, I’d rather be out watching my kids play soccer than sweating my friend at a final table. It’s awesome. I’m that dad out there that’s screaming for my kids, “go go go”. It’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything.” When Tran got married in 2009, he knew that becoming a parent was the next logical step and that would mean playing far less poker and traveling much less. “Before we had kids, I’d go on the tour and see a lot of dads out from stop to stop to stop. I did it because I didn’t have any kids,” said Tran. “I’m okay with that, but I see a lot of father’s doing it and I’d scratch my head, ‘when do you spend time with your kids?’ and I told my wife that if we’re ever going to have kids, this is not going to happen. Poker will always be a thing for me, but I’m not going to do it on full time.” He now limits himself to events on the West Coast so that he can get back home quickly and spend more time being a father. He still plays a lot of the World Series of Poker schedule each year, but he’s managed to make that a family-friendly event. “Vegas we always rent a house, bring the family out and keep us together for a little bit out there. As far as travelling, I try to stay mostly on the West Coast. From LA or Vegas. Anything that has a connecting flight, no thank you,” said Tran. “ I love to see my kids grow up. It’s sad when you see a lot of these “poker dads”, that are out there and they blink and they’re kids are a year or two older.” This past five days he’s been in Los Angeles playing the WPT Legends of Poker event and it’s clear he hasn’t lost a step at all. Tran carried the overnight chip lead into Day 3 on Wednesday and credits his experience in playing live poker. While a number of the world’s best players have begun utilizing a game theory optimal approach to the game, Tran plans on sticking to what’s always worked for him. “I’m a live poker player, that’s what I’ve been doing for over ten years. So I stick to my live reads and my feelse,” said Tran. “It’s hard to play GTO when there’s an amateur opening for 6X or a guy that’s overbetting pot. How do you adjust to that? For live players with the live feels, you can make big laydowns or big calls that doesn’t happen with math involved.”
  3. [caption width="640"] Art Papazyan won the 2017 World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Thursday night at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles (WPT photo/Joe Giron)[/caption] The final table of the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Thursday night in Los Angeles was a star-studded affair highlighted by Phil Hellmuth chasing his first WPT title. In the end though it was local cash game pro Art Papazyan who emerged victorious, beating Hellmuth heads up to capture his first WPT title and $668,692. Joining Hellmuth at the final table were two two-time WPT champions J.C Tran and Marvin Rettenmaier. Hellmuth started the six-handed TV final table third in chips and it took just eight hands for him to get some momentum going. He raised to 200,000 from the cutoff, Adam Swan moved all in from the small blind for 1,280,000 and Hellmuth called instantly. Swan showed [poker card="ad"][poker card="jh"] and Hellmuth tabled [poker card="qc"][poker card="qs"]. The [poker card="kc"][poker card="js"][poker card="3h"] flop kept Hellmuth in front and neither the [poker card="6d"] turn or [poker card="4h"] were any help for Swan and he was out in sixth. Just 30 minutes later, one of the two-time WPT champions at the final table was eliminated. Rettenmaier moved all in from the button for 895,000 and both Art Papazyan and JC Tran defended their blinds. The flop came [poker card="8s"][poker card="6s"][poker card="3c"], Papazyan checked, Tran bet 650,000 and Papazyan folded. Rettenmaier turned over [poker card="qh"][poker card="tc"] and Tran showed [poker card="8d"][poker card="8h"] for top set. Rettenmaier could only collect his things after the [poker card="jd"] turn and [poker card="4h"] river failed to keep him alive. The first two eliminations came within the first hour, but the remaining four players wanted no part of continuing the fast bustout trend. It took nearly six hours before another player hit the rail. Hellmuth limped from the button, DJ Alexander called from the small blind before Papazyan shoved from the big blind. Hellmuth folded and Alexander called. Papazyan turned over [poker card="ah"][poker card="6h"] and Alexander showed [poker card="ad"][poker card="2d"]. The [poker card="td"][poker card="8s"][poker card="6c"] flop made a chopped pot an unlikely scenario and left Alexander drawing to running diamonds, deuces or ten-eight. The [poker card="jh"] turn ended all drama and Alexander was eliminated in fourth place. The meaningless river was the [poker card="9c"]. One hour later the other two-time champion at the table saw his run end early. JC Tran came into the day with the chip lead but after surrendering it to Papazyan, found himself shaking hands on his way out the door a few hands later. Tran moved all in from the button for his last 3,000,000, Hellmuth called from the small blind and Papazyan folded the big. Tran showed [poker card="ad"][poker card="ts"] and found himself ahead of Hellmuth’s [poker card="kh"][poker card="qh"]. The [poker card="kd"][poker card="jh"][poker card="5s"] flop put Hellmuth ahead, but gave Tran a Broadway draw to go with his ace. The turn was the [poker card="4h"] to take away two of Tran’s outs. The [poker card="2d"] river was a complete blank and Tran was eliminated in third place. The two players were nearly dead-even in chips when heads up play began. Papazyan had just two more big blinds than Hellmuth but that didn’t make for a long battle between the two. It took just 13 hands for Papazyan, who makes his living playing high stakes cash games in the L.A. area, to finish Hellmuth off. On the final hand, facing a 3.5-1 chip deficit, Hellmuth opened to 600,000 and then called when Papazyan moved all in. Hellmuth found himself in great shape with [poker card="ah"][poker card="kd"] against Papazyan’s [poker card="kc"][poker card="qs"]. The [poker card="qh"][poker card="th"][poker card="8c"] flop changed everything though as Papazyan moved ahead with a pair of queens. The [poker card="5h"] turn gave Hellmuth a flush draw to go with his straight draw and ace. The river though was the [poker card="3s"] and Hellmuth simply stared at the board for a minute, realizing he was out in second place and denied his first WPT title. Papazyan’s win earned him $668,692 and his first WPT title. Final Table Payouts Art Papazyan - $668,692 Phil Hellmuth - $364,370 J.C. Tran - $217,040 D.J. Alexander - $161,490 Marvin Rettenmaier - $120,775 Adam Swan - $91,825
  4. Darren Elias was the headliner Saturday night in Las Vegas as the World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions played down to a winner. Just days after winning his record-setting fourth WPT title, Elias entered the TOC final table with the chip lead and a chance at going back-to-back against some of the toughest fields in WPT history. Matthew Waxman wasn't thinking about that narrative though and after eliminating Elias in third place, had little trouble cruising to victory to capture the TOC and the $463,375 first-place prize money at the Esports Arena at the Luxor Las Vegas. After a double-elimination on the final hand of Day 2, only five players returned for Saturday. With blinds at 8,000/16,000 (8,000) Elias raised to 35,000 from the cutoff before Nick Schulman moved all in for 438,000 from the small blind. Elias called and turned over [poker card="7c"][poker card="7s"] which put him ahead of Schulman's [poker card="4h"][poker card="4s"]. The [poker card="ah"][poker card="5d"][poker card="4d"] flop put Schulman in the lead but only briefly as the [poker card="7d"] hit the turn. The river was the [poker card="jd"] sending Schulman out in fifth place. Another 22 hands later and Elias, who began the day with the chip lead, was picking up another elimination thanks to fortuitous turn card. David Benyamine moved all in for 370,000 from the small blind and Elias called from the big. Benyamine showed [poker card="7c"][poker card="7s"] while Elias found he was behind with [poker card="5c"][poker card="5s"]. The [poker card="qc"][poker card="jh"][poker card="ts"] flop changed nothing but the [poker card="5h"] turn moved Elias ahead. The river was the [poker card="4s"] and Benyamine was out in fourth place. Any momentum that Elias had built up was erased in hand with Waxman that saw Elias queens outrun by Waxman's jacks, doubling up Waxman and leaving Elias reeling. It wasn't long before Elias' run at back-to-back victories was snuffed out. Matas Cimbolas raised to 50,000 from the button and Elias moved all in the small blind for 645,000. Cimbolas called and showed [poker card="as"][poker card="ks"] while Elias was drawing live with [poker card="tc"][poker card="8c"]. The board ran out [poker card="ah"][poker card="5d"][poker card="4d"][poker card="5s"][poker card="9c"] to give Matas top pair and eliminate four-time WPT champion Elias in third place. Waxman began heads-up play with a 2-1 lead over Cimbolas and he never surrendered it, eliminating his Lithuanian opponent after 38 hands of play. Cimbolas completed from the small blind and Waxman checked to see a flop of [poker card="kd"][poker card="qs"][poker card="2h"]. Waxman check-called Cimbolas' bet of 40,000. The turn was the [poker card="4s"] and Waxman check-called again, this time for 125,000. The river was the [poker card="8h"] and Waxman checked again. Cimbolas moved all in for 425,000. Waxman used one of this time extension before announcing a call. Cimbolas showed [poker card="th"][poker card="3s"] and Waxman happily tabled [poker card="qc"][poker card="7d"] for second pair, good enough to win the pot and eliminate Cimbolas. The event, which allows champions from previous seasons to buy-in for $15,000 while Season XVI earned their entry by winning a WPT title, attracted a record-setting 80 players. This was the first year the event was played in Las Vegas after spending the previous two years at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. Final Table Payouts Matthew Waxman - $463,375 Matas Cimbolas - $265,590 Darren Elias - $177,060 David Benyamine - $123,045 Nick Schulman - $89,290 J.C. Tran - $67,800
  5. The 2019 World Series of Poker is quickly coming to a close but that isn’t stopping plenty of players from heading back to the Rio for one last shot at gold plated glory. In addition to the spectacle of the Main Event final table, the WSOP has some of their biggest stars battling in the final events of the schedule including a super-sized field in the WSOP’s final online bracelet event of the summer, won by one of online poker’s best. Summer Saved: Taylor ‘Galactar’ Paur Wins $500 Online Event Former PocketFives #1-ranked online player Taylor ‘taypaur’ Paur earned his second career World Series of Poker gold bracelet after winning Event #88 ($500 ONLINE NLHE Summer Saver) for $149,240.52. With the win, Paur continues to prove that he’s a prolific poker player in both the online and live arenas. He first hit the #1-ranking back in 2010 and then did it again in 2011 en route to a career online earnings mark of over $5M. Back in 2013, Paur picked up the first of his two bracelets by taking down a $1,000 No Limit Hold’em event for over $340,000. Even though his Sunday victory was an online event, it will be added to his career WSOP scores, pushing his live career earnings up over $4.8M. The victory marks Paur’s fifth WSOP cash of the summer, which included a 627th place finish in the Main Event for over $22,000. The final online event of the summer proved to be popular and followed suit with the live post-lims, drawing a massive field of 1,325 players looking to wrap up their summer with a win. Final Table Payouts 1. Taylor ‘Galactar’ Paur - $149,240 2. Francois ‘4everrekt’ Evard - $91.267 3. Satish ‘jfksbh’ Surapaneni - $65,250 4. John ’SquatCobbler’ Parker - $47,181 5. Jason ‘JadedJason’ James - $34,549 6. David ’SobBaget’ Liebman - $25,598 7. Joseph ‘Obamacare’ Harrahan - $19,240 8. Timothy ‘TruthBeTold7’ Rutherford - $14,555 9. Brian ‘Penny6’ Mancilla - $11,209 Tam Nguyen Bags Big On Day 1C of The Closer It was the last chance for players to fire in The Closer and the third of three starting flights saw 1,613 entries attempt to join the 75 players from the first two starting flights in moving on to Day 2. In the end, just 121 of the 1,613 bagged at the end of the night with Tam Nguyen finishing the night as the only player to top 1M in chips, good for the top stack of the flight. Other notable names moving on to Day 2 include former #1-ranked PocketFiver Fabrizio ‘SixthSenSe19’ Gonzalez, Eric Cajelais, Justin Young, Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier, Mark Radoja, Ryan Tosoc, Dylan Linde, JC Tran, and Phil Hellmuth. Day 2 of The Closer will resume at noon local time with 196 players battling for one of the final bracelets of the summer. Top 10 Chip Counts 1. Tam Nguyen - 1,284,000 2. Steve Yea - 924,000 3. Anton Wigg - 850,000 4. Wai Kiat Lee - 826,000 5. Kevin Killeen - 760,000 6. Fabrizio Gonzalez - 754,000 7. Lawrence Kiang - 748,000 8. Jason Reels - 740,000 9. Ian Simpson - 698,000 10. Shale Khalili - 683,000 Final Table Set For $3K Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Handed Millard Hale finished Day 2 of the $3K PLO 6-Handed with a healthy chip lead and his eyes on his first gold bracelet and the $448,392 first-place prize. However, John Richards, who stared Day 2 with the chip lead, has kept pace and sits right behind Hale on the leader board. Two-time WSOP Circuit ring winner Alan Sternberg will also have a seat at the table, hoping to add a WSOP bracelet to his WPT Shooting Star trophy. Also, Joseph Cheong could become the second two-time bracelet winner of the summer should he spin up his short stack and take down the tournament. Final Table Chip Counts 1. Millard Hale - 5,400,000 2. John Richards - 4,800,000 3. Alan Sternberg - 2,625.000 4. Evangelos Kokkalis - 2,525,000 5. Ka Kwan Lau - 695.000 6. Joseph Cheong - 650.000 16 Remain In $10,000 NLHE 6-Handed Championship Sixteen players are headed to Day 3 of the $10K NLHE 6-Handed Championship with Anuj Agarwal holding the overnight chip lead. The tournament was packed with top-tier talent in what is undoubtedly one of the toughest fields of the entire summer. Despite holding a sizable chip lead the road to the $630,746 first-place prize will still be a difficult one fore Agarwai with players like Markus Gonsalves, Lauren Roberts, Kahle Burns, Ben Heath, and Simon Deadman still in the field. Plenty of big names made the money before busting including Max Silver (38th, $15,111), Yuri Dzivielevski (35th, $16,926), Paul Volpe (29th, $19,565), Jennifer Tilly (24th, $23,315), Jason Koon (23rd, $23,315) and Shaun Deeb (17th, $28,618). Top 10 Chip Counts 1. Anuj Agarwai - 2,171,000 2. Markus Gonsalves - 1,777,000 3. Jeffrey Trudeau - 1,651,000 4. Eric Kurtzman - 1,311,000 5. Vicent Bosca Ramon - 1,125,000 6. Alan Goehring - 1,102.000 7. Lauren Roberts - 1,100,000 8. Kahle Burns - 1,056.000 9. Ben Heath - 937.000 10. James Romero - 936.000 Bracelet Winners Contents In $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. Day 1 of the $3K H.O.R.S.E. saw 127 players from the original 301 entries survive to make Day 2 with Harold Klein holding the overnight chip lead. The remaining field is absolutely packed with talent as 40 of the players headed into Day 2 are bracelet winners, including Daniel Negreanu, Brian Hastings, Chris Ferguson, Greg Mueller, Max Pescatori, Dominik Nitsche, Jeff Lisandro, Scott Clements, Mike Matusow, and Paul Volpe just to name a few. Top 10 Chip Counts 1. Harold Klein - 123,200 2. Justin Liberto - 116,900 3. Yueqi Zhu - 115,000 4. David Lavi - 108,200 5. Christopher Wallace - 102,200 6. Nicolas Milgrom - 101,500 7. Andrey Zaichenko - 97,200 8. Brian Hastings - 95,500 9. John Monnette - 93,500 10. Denis Strebkov - 92,000
  6. Another televised World Poker Tour final table is set. This time, it’s the Season XVIII WPT L.A. Poker Classic. The event drew 490 entries to Commerce Casino and generated a prize pool of $4.727 million. Just six players remain and they’ll be on hiatus until action resumes at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 2. Leading the way in the chase for the $1.015 million top prize is Balakrishna Patur. Patur brings 6.32 million in chips to the final table. He’ll be joined by two WPT Champions Club members in Matas Cimbolas and James Carroll, Ka Kwan Lau, Scott Hempel, and WPTDeepStacks champion Upeshka De Silva. De Silva will be the short stack with 930,000 when action resumes in April. WPT LAPC Final Table Seat 1: Scott Hempel - 1,670,000 Seat 2: James Carroll - 4,125,000 Seat 3: Matas Cimbolas - 4,310,000 Seat 4: Ka Kwan Lau - 2,250,000 Seat 5: Upeshka De Silva- 930,000 Seat 6: Balakrishna Patur - 6,320,000 [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] Each of the six is guaranteed a minimum payday of $185,330. Included in the event’s first-place prize is a $15,000 seat to the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions presented by Baccarat Crystal. How the Final Table Was Reached Day 1 saw Demo Kiriopoulos emerge as the event’s chip leader when the first day of play was in the books. Then it was Isaac Baron atop the field at the end of Day 2. Entering Day 3, 104 players remained and the top 62 were set to reach the money. With 63 players left, WPT Champions Club member Jordan Cristos was all in against fellow WPT champion Daniel Strelitz. According to the WPT Live Updates team, Cristos was all in with the [poker card="Ac"][poker card="8c"] on the [poker card="8d"][poker card="6d"][poker card="6s"] flop. Strelitz had made the call with the [poker card="Td"][poker card="9d"]. The [poker card="Jh"] on the turn and 8h on the river allowed Cristos to double up, but that would be the last time he doubled up this tournament. Shortly thereafter, still on the money bubble with 63 players remaining, Cristos was all in on the [poker card="Js"][poker card="8s"][poker card="5d"] flop with the [poker card="Ad"][poker card="Jd"]. His opponent, Claude Codru, had the [poker card="Ks"][poker card="Ts"]. Once again, it was Cristos needing to fade a draw. This time, the [poker card="Qs"] came right out on the turn and gave Codru an unbeatable flush. The river completed the board with the [poker card="2d"] and Cristos was sent home as the "bubble boy." Once in the money, the eliminations began to stack up, including Barry Greenstein (61st - $16,905), Jesse Sylvia (55th - $18,845), and Lee Markholt (41st - $21,290). To close out Day 3, 39 players remained with Patur on top of the pack. Day 4 saw the field whittled down to 11 players. Baron remained in contention and finished Day 4 as the chip leader, with Hempel sitting second and Patur sitting third. Donald Maloney (37th - $24,375), John Hennigan (34th - $24,375), JC Tran (29th - $28,275), and Dylan Linde (14th - $58,215) were among the casualties on Day 4. Baron couldn’t get anything going on Day 5, though, and he fell in 11th place for $71,950. Charles Kassin and Lau both scored early double ups through Baron, and then De Silva picked off a bluff from Baron. On his final hand, Baron held pocket eights against Hempel’s pocket tens but could not come from behind. Hempel also knocked out WPT Champions Club member Kevin Eyster in 10th place. Strelitz went bust in eighth, and his elimination came in a three-way clash of WPT champions involving Carroll and Cimbolas. Strelitz was all in preflop with side action between Carroll and Cimbolas. On the [poker card="Kc"][poker card="Ts"][poker card="8c"] flop, Cimbolas bet 300,000 and Carroll shoved for more than 5 million. Cimbolas called all in for 1.56 million total with the [poker card="As"][poker card="Ah"]. Carroll had the [poker card="Ac"][poker card="2c"] and then Strelitz had the [poker card="Td"][poker card="9d"]. The turn was the [poker card="4s"] and the river was the [poker card="3s"], keeping Cimbolas’ aces in front and eliminating Strelitz. After Strelitz busted, Shi Chen was sent packing in seventh place to set the official TV final table. Play Resumes in April Guaranteed $185,330 each with the chance to win $1.015 million, the final six players in the WPT L.A. Poker Classic will resume action on Thursday, April 2, at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas. The WPT L.A. Poker Classic final table is the third delayed final table during Season XVIII of the World Poker Tour. Taking place in the days before it are the finales to the WPT Gardens Poker Championship and WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open. Chance Kornuth leads the WPT Gardens Poker Championship final table, with action set to resume on Tuesday, March 31. Veerab Zakarian leads the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open final table, with action set to resume on Wednesday, April 1. All three of these final tables - the WPT Gardens Poker Championship, WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open, and WPT L.A. Poker Classic - will play out at the HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

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