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  1. "It takes a lot of work to be a winning player now." A quote from a man who has been around poker for ten years that undoubtedly rings true with players everywhere. Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar believes in the importance of focusing on your mind as well as your game, especially as poker has become tougher and tougher to beat. "For the last three years," he said, "I've been feeling like I won't be playing only poker for the rest of my life. When poker got tougher, I realized it's not possible to play poker successfully and not feel bad when things go badly. Then, I started looking at life coaching." Korsar said talking to others about how to manage his life outside of poker and how to formulate goals would have been highly beneficial while he was coming up. As such, he plans to coach others along as they ascend poker's ranks. "A lot of players are on a hunt for money, but they could be more successful if they had some kind of life balance," Korsar argued. "I don't know many poker players who have balance in life. The trend now is that everyone is forced to think of more aspects of their life like exercise and eating in order to do well in poker, so every aspect of a person's life revolves around poker." The Swede has almost 5,600 tracked in the money finishes. Almost $5 million on PokerStars alone. And he has been a staple of the top 100 on PocketFives, reaching as high as #25 in the world last year. But, he has come to the realization that firing up poker games for 60 hours a week just isn't in the cards. "I've gotten coaching to figure out how to deal with poker and life in general," he relayed. "I was trying to find something to combine with playing full-time and coaching others could be it. There's a private institution I go to. They teach me about knowing myself and teaching others. I've been doing that for the last two years." Korsar believes that questions each player should ask themselves include why they play poker, whether they play with passion, and whether they play only for the money. In summary, "Self-observation helps a lot." Korsar, who has almost 450 top-three finishes, hasn't begun teaching others how to balance poker and life… yet. He fully admits there are plenty of poker coaches, life coaches, and mainstream psychologists out there. But, as he noted, "It would be fun to be that outsider who helps people look clearly at how they're dealing with poker and why they do what they do." He has a two-year education at HumaNovain Stockholm and has consulted with therapists, life coaches, and poker coaches. He is studying to be a therapist and life coach. The Sweden poker community member has been around the industry for ten years and said, "Being a professional tournament player isn't always easy and there is a lot of stuff to deal with all the time. We have to handle the theoretical and the psychological aspects of poker and have to deal with the fact that the majority of the time, we will be on a losing streak." He added about his future teaching style, "I intend to offer 'classic' poker coaching, but with a 'life around it' perspective if a person wants it. My advantage versus other coaches with more education is my experience of what poker is really like." Anyone who is interested can email johannes.korsar@gmail.com. Korsar got started in poker during the Moneymaker Boom, playing with friends and entering freerolls. He dominated his home games and promptly moved online. "I never thought I was talented in poker," he admitted. "I just thought it was a fun game." Fun indeed. Ten years and over $7 million later, Korsar is still racking up big wins. He finished third in thePokerStars Super Tuesday late last year for $66,000. Over the years, he has piled up five scores that have passed $50,000. He is one of two-dozen players to hit $7 million in career winnings online. "I'm proud of surviving in poker," he boasted. "There have been plenty ups and downs over the last ten years. It has been fun to play. In the beginning, it was easy. It has become more like work over time, though. Now, you have to put in a lot of hours, take care of yourself, and think about every aspect of poker much more than you needed to in the beginning. That also makes it a little more fun because it demands more. It takes a lot of work to be a winning player now."
  2. [caption width="640"] Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar and 'josef_shvejk' jumped into the top 10 of the PocketFives Rankings this week while 'C Darwin2' remained #1.[/caption] PocketFives Rankings saw no change this week, but two players cracked the top 10 - one of them for the first time in his career. Russia's 'josef_shvejk' moved from #13 to #8, marking his career-best ranking, while Sweden's Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar climbed from #12 to #7 - just three spots off of his previous best. After consistently moving up the rankings over the past several weeks, 'josef_shvejk' had two qualifying cashes this past week, an eighth place finish in a partypoker High Roller on December 19 for $3,233 and 111.41 PLB points and then he beat out 233 other players to win the $1,050 Super Tuesday on PokerStars for $46,687 and 500 points. Korsar's move comes thanks to a Sunday to remember. The Swedish grinder won the $2,100 PokerStars Sunday High Roller for $59,180 and then finished third in the PokerStars Sunday 500 for $19,338 and 229.89. The next day he finished third in the PokerStars Daily 500 for $7,337 and 122.96 points. With those two moving into the top 10, two had to drop out. Connor 'blanconegro' Drinan dropped from #9 to #17 and 'rolandbauer' moved from #10 to #12. Former #1 Fabrizio 'SixthSense19' Gonzalez now finds himself sitting just outside of the top 10 after moving up from #15 to #11. A week after picking up three wins on partypoker, Gonzalez hit the winner's circle just once, beating out 28 other players in the $500 High Roller Turbo on partypoker to win $7,186 and 122.47 points. Brazil's Renato Almeida 'bauruzito' Prado Valentim moved back into the top 25 this week, going from #26 to #21 and the #1-ranked player in Thailand, Jordan 'JWPRODIGY' Westmorland went from #28 to #24. Dropping out of the Top 25 this week was Chris 'Apotheosis' Kruk, who went from #22 to #26, and Germany's 'nilsef', who fell from #25 to #29. PocketFives Rankings Top 25 RANKNAMEPOINTPREVIOUS 1C Darwin210,086.921 2Steven 'SvZff' van Zadelhoff9,305.352 3lena9008,458.873 4Joao 'joaosimaobh' Simao7,800.104 5veeea7,404.765 6Sheater7,397.866 7Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar7,308.1012 8josef_shvejk7,305.9013 9Andreas 'r4ndomr4gs' Berggren7,149.998 10Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen7,110.807 11Fabrizio 'SixthSense19' Gonzalez6,909.1815 12rolandbauer6,864.7410 13Jonatan 'Pot4teUS' Hellman6,805.9116 14Laszlo 'omaha4rollz' Bujtas6,792.6111 15Conor '1_conor_b_1' Beresford6,618.2314 16Roman 'Romeopro' Romanovsky6,605.9718 17Connor 'blanconegro' Drinan6,596.419 18DeathbyQuads6,498.8019 19DamageAP6,474.8920 20Robin 'inhoo' Ylitalo6,432.4817 21Renato Almeida 'bauruzito' Prado Valentim6,388.8326 22Andras 'probirs' Nemeth6,379.5121 23Pedro 'PaDiLhA SP' Padilha6,369.7623 24Jordan 'JWPRODIGY' Westmorland6,301.2328 25NoPlanB6,253.2224
  3. [caption width="640"] Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar won a Sunday Major this week and should be moving on up the PocketFives Rankings (WPT photo)[/caption] Sweden's Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar could move into the top five of the PocketFives Rankings this week thanks to an impressive Sunday that included a victory in the $2,100 buy-in High Roller event on Stars for $53,828 along with a third place showing in the Sunday 500. Korsar chopped the tournament with 'Dattebayo' who was awarded $50,370 in the runner-up position. There was a five-way final table deal reached in the PokerStars Sunday Million, with 'money_hunte' taking home $91,814 for winning the event. Runner-up Alex Gelinski walked away with the largest payday of $95,712. Third place went to 'acerb1c' for $77,409 while '8_Spizzico_9' received $77,402 for fifth and Ravil 'rafa0509416' Rafikov of Russia finished fourth for $69,814. The PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up was won by 'lil-lj1981' for a cash prize of $36,363 and 'jricardosc' came out on top in the Sunday 500 for $35,793. Sam '0Prince_Phlip-it' Dearman of the United Kingdom (ranked #553) was victorious in the partypoker Heavyweight event and scored $26,775 for the win. Alex Dynoalot' Difelice finished first in the $530 buy-in High Roller Warm-Up tournament for $20,814. 'MisterN411' took down the 888poker Baby Whale tournament and collected $21,500 as Canadian Tim Kelly earned the win in the Mega Deep event for $19,250. PokerStars Sunday Million $200 + $15 NLHE 5,484 entrants $1,096,800 paid out to 998 spots money_hunte - $91,813.82 Alex Gelinski - $95,711.58 acerb1c - $77,408.64 Ravil 'rafa0509416' Rafikov - $69,813.85 8_Spizzico_9 - $77,402.07 *5-way deal Rsiatat - $25,211.81 soleeJ - $17,692.91 foster18 - $12,416.43 Romans 'RovoDice' Voitovs - $8,713.52 PokerStars Sunday High Roller $2,000 + $100 NLHE 135 entrants $270,000 paid out to 20 spots Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar - $53,827.52 WushuTM - $50,370.25 (Dattebayo) *2-way deal DEX888 - $34,244.26 shahter98 - $26,049.14 Bonglim - $19,815.24 C Darwin2 - $15,073.18 be_awesome1 - $11,465.95 T-Macha - $8,721.99 Jordan 'JWPRODIGY' Westmorland - $6,634.71 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $200 + $15 NLHE 1,298 entrants $259,600 paid out to 215 spots lil-lj1981 - $36,362.58 Manni1822 - $33,469.74 *2-way deal LondonAA - $21,310.66 1TheSpiteful - $15,465.15 J.Creutz - $11,223.05 Carlos 'boladegude' Galvao - $8,144.56 Clarkson7 - $5,910.49 Palmero92 - $4,289.24 jbidouilles - $3,112.70 PokerStars Sunday 500 $500 + $30 NLHE 395 entrants $197,500 paid out to 55 spots jricardosc - $35,792.94 AppelKruimel - $26,308.91 Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar - $19,337.97 jknack10 - $14,214.07 airlewis - $10,447.84 Tim 'TTWIST' Kelly - $7,679.53 jakoon1985 - $5,644.70 Graftekkel - $4,149.06 kitaec80 - $3,049.71 PokerStars Omania High Roller $500 + $30 PLO Six Max 182 entrants $91,000 paid out to 19 spots Suhepxm - $16,390.50 Bernardo 'bedias' Dias - $13,082.85 Elliott Peterman - $10,442.75 jutrack - $8,335.43 WATnlos - $6,653.35 imlucknuts - $5,310.72 PokerStars Sunday Supersonic $200 + $15 NLHE Six Max Hyper Turbo 837 entrants $171,384 paid out to 89 spots jonzstars - $28,900.82 ekziter - $20,495.62 ULOSEMFKR!! - $14,535.17 gortsos - $10,308.12 IcollectCar - $7,310.37 x_zola25 - $5,184.38 partypoker High Roller (Warm-Up) $500 + $30 212 entrants $106,000 paid out to 34 spots Dynoalot - $20,814 probirs - $15,257 boBByknuckleZ - $11,183 Pete_Tugger187 - $8,197 (carpediem200) dartazz - $6,009 Algorhytm - $4,404 (Ariados) strangejelly - $3,228 (Akash 'funwheel' Majumdar) zupsherlock - $2,366 (Discoovery) partypoker $215 Heavyweight - The Title Fight $200 + $15 732 entrants $150,000 paid out to 104 spots Sam '0Prince_Phlip-it' Dearman - $26,775 HARRYPOKERS - $19,050 Rudi 'ruaa111' Aabo - $12,795 str8toh8 - $8,670 lgnent - $6,120 Aspartam1967 - $4,410 babyarmcathead - $3,150 morant3 - $2,190 888poker Baby Whale $300 + $20 NLHE 213 entrants $100,000 paid out to 27 spots MisterN411 - $21,500 Imyurfriend - $15,500 WorldIsOurs - $11,750 (Maszat 'noirduck' Marci) _WhiteBear_ - $8,750 iCrushU556 - $6,000 psyhoagromor - $5,000 Eat1gAndWIN - $4,000 Biack88 - $3,000 888poker MEGA DEEP $200 + $15 NLHE 384 entrants $100,000 paid out to 48 spots REALTTWIST - $19,250 (Tim Kelly) alexxv14 - $14,250 ForzaMilan00 - $10,750 Pedro 'PaDiLhA10' Padilha - $7,750 RandyMarshh - $5,250 Isildur1337x - $3,750 (C Darwin2) MAMOHT_T - $2,750 Bryan 'DePittsterje' Paris - $2,250
  4. Every week The PocketFives Milestone Report looks at the online poker players who are achieving career-best achievement or reaching new heights in the rankings Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar Eclipses $10M 2017 has been a banner year for the $10M club. It was four years ago when Chris 'Moorman1' Moorman first broke the $10 million mark and for a long time, he sat alone sat at the top of the mountain. This year though he was joined in the rarified air by four other players, including Chris ‘Big Huni’ Hunichen who hit the $10M mark just two weeks ago. Now, right on Hunichen’s heels, there’s a sixth member in the eight-figure fraternity, Sweden’s Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar. Korsar, currently ranked #15 in the world, completed the feat earlier this week when he took down the partypoker $50K guaranteed High Roller Warm Up on for over $13,000 and on the same day followed that up with a 10th place finish in the $50K guaranteed High Roller and a fourth place in the $100K guaranteed High Roller for another $8,391. His combined scores that day was more than enough to put Korsar over the top and in elite company. Conor ‘1_conor_b_1’ Beresford Sails Past $5M The UK’s current top online pro, Conor ‘‘1_conor_b_1’ Beresford cruised right past $5,000,000 in lifetime cashes this week when he took first place in the PokerStars $162 Deep Stacks (No Limit Hold’em $7.5 gtd) on October 25 for just over $2,700. The score, which appears as just another deep run in a long list of cashes for the voluminous grinder, makes Beresford the 89th player to reach the prestigious plateau. While Korsar and Beresford both touched major milestones this week, a number of grinders reached new marks in their careers. Latvia’s #1-ranked crusher Dainis ‘ex6tence’ Budovskis exceeded the $4M mark after his fourth-place finish in the PokerStars $1,050 Thursday Thrill for over $14,000. Both Andrey ‘drupalucker’ Chernokoz and ‘iamVolanD’ from Russia passed $2 million lifetime earnings. Chernokoz also made moves in the Worldwide rankings, jumping three spots from 49 to 46th in the world. Ireland’s Kamal ‘AceofShamrocks’ Singh, Farcasanu ‘alexxt7’ Alexandru out of Romania and Brazil’s ‘dibmestre’ all surpassed the $1 million lifetime earnings benchmark this week. Victor Pedote 'vitinhorrn15' dos Santos Cracks the Top 100 Brazil's 12th ranked pro,Victor Pedote 'vitinhorrn15' dos Santos made major moved in the PocketFives.com Worldwide Ranking this week, leaping 23 spots and right into the Top 100. The major jump could be attributed to his victory in the partypoker $200K Gtd High Roller which not only brought him 447.21 PLB points but over $33,000. Along with dos Santos and Chernokoz, five other PocketFivers reached new heights in the top 100 Worldwide Rankings. Victor Pedote 'vitinhorrn15' dos Santos - #117 to #94 Jonathan ‘proudflop’ Proudfoot - #86 to #74 nsmirnov - #69 to #66 Andrey ’drupalucker’ Chernokov - #49 to #46 Mikensonas - #53 to #45 Bernardo Rocha - #49 to #43 David ‘davaman’ Lopez - #40 to #31
  5. Once again, the top spot in the PocketFives.com Worldwide Rankings belongs to the super Swede ‘C Darwin2’. Though he slipped just beneath the 12,000 PLB point threshold that he’d been keeping for the past couple weeks, the phenom enjoys a lead of well over 2,000 PLB points from the next closest player. ‘C Darwin2’ continues to put the pressure on those who would look to catch him with a pair of qualifying cashes this week, both resulting in five-figure scores. This included a runner-up finish in Event #131 of Winamax’s W Series for $13,553 and 193.63 PLB points. Another reoccurring theme in recent weeks has been top-tier players taking their shot at dethroning ‘C Darwin2’ and this week it’s ‘hellohellohello’s turn. The Russian has ascended to the #2 ranking for the first time in his career after going on an absolute tear on April 8. He earned over $85,000 on that day alone, the bulk of it thanks to his victory in the bwin.com Super Sunday Super High Roller where he took home $48,750 and 387.30 PLB points. He also notched another pair of qualifying cashes helping him become the latest player that could conceivably make the steep climb to the #1 perch. Last week’s #2, Andres ‘probirs’ Nemeth, drops back to the #3 ranking this week mostly due to low volume. He was unable to record any qualifying cashes and so he slips from his career-high ranking but remains a mere 188.13 points behind ‘hellohellohello’. Sweden’s ‘lena900’ also took a small step backward as he also had but a single qualifying PLB cash this week. A final table finish in the $2,100 Sunday High Roller on PokerStars resulted in a $15,592 score and 170.27 PLB points. That result also helped ‘lena900’ cross $9.5 million in lifetime earnings and with some huge online series coming up in the next month, including PokerStars SCOOP and partypoker’s POWERFEST, he may find himself a member of the prestigious $10 million club sooner than later. Rounding out the top 5 this week is ‘European’, who maintains his same ranking from last week with the help of a final table finish in the PokerStars Bigger $215 for $3,213 and 110.79 PLB points. It should be noted that like Nemeth and ‘lena900’ just ahead of him in the rankings, ‘European’ maintains a PLB score of above 9000. Any one of these elite players could find themselves in the midst of a heater and rocket up the rankings to be the next player to challenge ‘C Darwin2’. The bottom half of the top 10 saw very little movement this week with both Steven ‘SvZff’ van Zadelhoff and Ramiro ‘Ramiro’ Petrone both holding fast in their respective #6 and #7 positions. While van Zadelhoff seemed to be taking a breather, Petrone put in work and recorded three qualifying PLB cashes. The three podium finished totaled nearly $25,000 in earnings for the Argentinan and has him in position to make another run back into the top five. Roman ‘Romeopro’ Romanovsky and Conor ‘1_conor_b_1’ Beresford swapped places with Romanovsky rising to the #8 rankings and Beresford slipping to #9. Beresford didn’t have any volume to speak of this week while Romanovsky took third place in the PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder Hight Roller for over $18,000 and 233.78 PLB points, enough to help him shift up this week. Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar completes the top 10 this week. The Swedish grinder with over $11 million in lifetime earnings, joined those would take their foot off the gas this week, likely preparing for the large volume series that are right around the corner. PocketFives Worldwide Top 25 Rankings RANK NAME POINTS PREVIOUS 1 C Darwin2 11,913.36 1 2 hellohellohello 9,573.40 4 3 Andres 'probirs' Nemeth 9,385.95 2 4 lena900 9,234.95 3 5 European 9,186.70 5 6 Steven 'SvZff' van Zadelhoff 8,986.06 6 7 Ramiro 'Ramiro' Petrone 8,661.43 7 8 Roman 'Romeopro' Romanovsky 8,446.38 9 9 Conor '1_conor_b_1' Beresford 8,362.41 8 10 Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar 8,288.90 10 11 kofi89 8,162.23 11 12 Ariados 8,146.69 12 13 Guntis 'lovefee' Aleskins 7,905.87 13 14 Patrick 'pleno1' Leonard 7,784.12 23 15 Joao 'joaosimaobh' Simao 7,705.96 14 16 DamageAP 7,651.49 16 17 Fabrizio 'SixthSenSe19' Gonzalez 7,638.42 15 18 Connor 'blanconegro' Drinan 7,497.20 19 19 GINS FINEST 7,460.33 18 20 josef_shvejk 7,439.46 17 21 Sheater 7,422.04 21 22 Flat 7,339.79 20 23 rolandbauer 7,200.25 22 24 NoPlanB 7,100.49 25 25 joppiesaus 7,051.82 26
  6. Comin on the heels of his runner-up finish in the XL Blizzard Mini Main Event, Roman 'Romeopro' Romanovsky put together a dominant February on 888poker to be the top-earning PocketFiver on the site. It took just eight cashes for Romanovsky to rack up $71,621 in winnings. His biggest score came on February 4 when he won the $125,000 Whale for a $34,375 payday. Exactly three weeks later he finished runner-up to 'OlNKOinkOink' in the $100,000 Whale for $20,350. Proving he's not just about the big buy-in events, Romanovsky also managed to finish runner-up in the $88 buy-in $15,000 Great 8 event on the final day of the month to earn f$2,864. Sweden's Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar had the second best month of any PocketFiver on 888poker, but still found himself almost $30,000 behind Romanovsky. His biggest score came when he won the $50,000 Volcano event on February 27 for $15,008. A little over two weeks earlier, Korsar finished fourth in the $120,000 Volcano for $12,100. Canadian Sebastian 'p0cket00' Sikorski put up more volume than Romanovsky and Korsar on his way to winning $31,465.30. Of his 10 cashes, six were of the four-figure variety. His single biggest score came from a sixth-place finish in the $120,000 Whale for $6,655. Russian 'josef_shvejk' continued to dominate online, earning $28,740.75 on 888poker. He only picked up five cashes with $15,400 of his winnings coming in the $100,000 Whale on February 24 for his biggest score. Other PocketFivers to have solid months on 888poker included Rodrigo 'sonmonedas' Perez, former #1-ranked Chris 'moorman1' Moorman, Charlie 'chaz_man_chaz' Combes, Alessandro 'JaNdRo27' Sarro and 'machiavelli3'. Top 10 February Earning PocketFivers on 888poker Roman 'Romeopro' Romanovsky - $71,621.00 Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar - $42,336.57 Sebastian 'p0cket00' Sikorski - $31,465.30 msksevart - $30,480.03 josef_shvejk - $28,740.75 Rodrigo 'sonmonedas' Perez - $26,750.00 Chris 'moorman1' Moorman - $25,923.50 Charlie 'chaz_man_chaz' Combes - $22,678.49 Alessandro 'JaNdRo27' Sarro - $21,785.92 machiavelli3 - $21,443.56
  7. It’s another week atop the PocketFives Rankings for the Swedish sensation, ‘C Darwin2’. He managed to, once again, put distance between himself and those who would challenge his #1 ranking by vaulting over the 11,000 PLB mark with his runner-up finish in Event #70 of PokerStars Turbo Series. The deep run added a monster 687.22 PLB points to his total, keeping his countryman, the #2-ranked ‘lena900’, trailing by over 1000 points. It also netted him over $161,000, far and away, 'C Darwin2's biggest score of 2018. Speaking of big scores, Ramiro ‘rayastar’ Petrone scored a second place finish in the PokerStars Turbo Series Main Event for massive cash of $282,436 and 1086.29 PLB points. The result was a career-high haul for Petrone and also propelled him into the worldwide #3 ranking, also a new career-high for the Argentinan. Also of note: Petrone seems to have removed his now recognizable moniker of 'rayastar' and replaced it with his first name of 'Ramiro'. Roman ‘Romeopro’ Romanovsky also rose in the ranks this week, climbing to #4 with the help of a top 20 finish in Event #70 of the PokerStars Turbo Series for $13,863. The Ukranian currently sits less than 100 PLB points behind Petrone and should he be able to climb any higher in the ranks, he will, at least, tie his career-best ranking as he makes the push to $9 million in lifetime earnings. Steven ’SvZff’ van Zadelhoff, despite being back on the grind, slipped one spot this week to rest at #5. He did pick up a pair of qualifying cashes this week, including a victory in the PokerStars Daily 500 on March 5 for over $12,000 and 231.30 PLB points. ‘European’, who just last week looked poised to make a run at a top 2 spot, slipped to #6 this week, due to light playing volume. The remaining players in the top 10 including Russia’s ‘hellohellohello’ (#7), Andres ‘probirs’ Nemeth from Hungary(#8) and ‘Ariados’ (#9) and Johannes ‘Greenstone25 Korsar (#10), both from Sweden, all appeared in the top 10 last week, they simply shifted positions this week. Other notable moves in the Top 25 include Pim 'joppiesaus' de Goede jettisoning to #21 (from #65) due to a victory in the PokerStars [Twin Turbo] Main Event for over $143,000. RANK PLAYER POINTS PREVIOUS 1 C Darwin2 11,117.17 1 2 lena900 9,784.72 2 3 Ramiro 'Ramiro' Petrone 8,822.82 8 4 Roman 'Romeopro' Romanovsky 8,784.22 5 5 Steven 'SvZff' van Zadelhoff 8,765.03 4 6 European 8,728.21 3 7 hellohellohello 8,469.89 6 8 Andres 'probirs' Nemeth 8,276.07 7 9 Ariados 7,763.24 10 10 Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar 7,723.97 9 11 kofi89 7,699.43 14 12 Conor '1_conor_b_1' Beresford 7,617.24 11 13 Sheater 7,470.58 12 14 josef_shvejk 7,440.08 17 15 Guntis 'lovefee' Aleskins 7,416.15 18 16 Joao 'joaosimaobh' Simao 7,344.48 13 17 Denis 'Flat' Timofeev 7,288.09 15 18 NoPlanB 7,269.07 20 19 Patrick 'pleno1' Leonard 6,997.24 16 20 Jonathan 'proudflop' Proudfoot 6,977.54 21 21 Pim 'joppiesaus' de Goede 6,802.32 65 22 Andreas 'r4ndomr4gs' Berggren 6,704.72 19 23 Jerry 'perrymejsen' Ödeen 6,670.36 22 24 Pedro 'PaDiLhA SP' Padilha 6,652.39 28 25 sitpro2011 6,612.85 29
  8. With the World Series of Poker well and truly in the books for another year, the online Sunday Majors saw some familiar names return to the tables to do battle for the richest prizes of the week. The PokerStars Sunday Million saw 5,916 entrants create a $1,183,200 prize pool with 'blackaces93' and 'keksi_sn' chopping heads-up, both taking away six-figure scores. 'luckyEVever' exited in third place for $78,672, which allowed the final two to agree to a deal. 'keksi_sn' added $125,930 to their bankroll and 'blackaces93' collected $145,930 after winning the heads-up battle to claim the remaining share of the prize pool and the Sunday Million title. 'DEX888' got the better of popular Twitch streamer Parker 'tonkaaaa' Talbot heads-up to come through a 89 player field and win the PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller for $42,184. Talbot banked a cool $31,947 for his second place finish after he beat off final table competition from 'AceSpades11' (3rd - $24,194), 'hello_totti' (4th - $18,323), Kristen 'krissyb24' Bicknell (5th - 13,876), Thomas 'WushuTM' Muhlocker (6th - 10,509), PocketFives Worldwide #1-ranked 'Lena900' (8th - $6,027.41) and Michael 'imluckbox' Addamo (9th - $5,178). 'donkno2' won a combined $66,000 for victory in the 749 player field PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller. Their victory came after a heads-up battle with 'nailuj90', who fell at the last hurdle and collected a total prize worth $36,000.There was a familiar name in the final podium spot as current world #2-ranked 'C.Darwin2' took the bronze medal along with $19,750. 'despedespi33' took down the PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up and banked $32,944 after they battled through the 1,005 player field. 'bossamtisch' took the runners-up spot for $23,907, with 'SoCloseCall' awarded $17,349 for third place. Chris 'Ad_Finem' Kruk was the big winner across the partypoker network after he took down the $2,500 Super Sunday High Roller for $44,625. A prize pool worth $127,500 was created after 51 entrants took part, as Kruk banked the majority share. 'barrm111' took the silver medal alongside $29,962, with 'omgitsgiraf' the third place finisher for $19,125. Sweden's Johannes 'TrollKonst8' Korsar emerged victorious in the 888poker $1,050 The Whale and walked away with the $24,790 first-place prize. After 67 entrants created a $67,000 prize pool, the top six places were paid. 'Farrugia_1', 'tutten7', and 'WAFAL' all cashed before Alessandro 'ZeroNineee' Valli took third place for $10,050. 'cuadrado12' departed during the heads-up battle and collected $16,750, as Korsar took the gold medal. Below are this week’s Sunday final table results: PokerStars Sunday Million ($200 + $15 NLHE) $1M Guaranteed 5,916 entrants, $1,183,200 prize pool blackaces93 - $145,930.90* keksi_sn - $125,930.91* luckyEVever - $78,672.86 jaydog321 - $55,210.24 IdentityAK - $38,744.94 jricardosc - $27,190.05 STAS80AK - $19,081.22 RagnarZDead? - $13,390.74 regina83h - $9,397.32 *denotes heads-up deal PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller, $100k Gtd 89 entrants, $178,000 prize pool DEX888 - $42,184.29 tonkaaaa - $31,947.24 AceSpades11 - $24,194.48 hello_totti - $18,323.12 krissyb24 - $13,876.57 WushuTM - $10,509.10 AnyTw0_Card$ - $7,958.80 Lena900 - $6,027.41 imluckbox - $5,178.99 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, $250k Gtd 749 entrants, $374,500 prize pool donkno2 - $31,884.21 + $34,122.95 (in bounties) nailuj90 - $23,370.65 + $12,669.90 (in bounties) C.Darwin2 - $17,130.62 + $2,617.19 (in bounties) say#masallah - $12,556.70 + $3,623.05 (in bounties) J.Creutz - $9,204.01 + $671.88 (in bounties) Succeeed - $6,746.52 + $2,757.81 (in bounties) henry2021 - $4,945.17 (no bounties won) BellyBob - $3,624.78 + $3,140.64 (in bounties) alberto.m7 - $2,656.96 + $2,562.50 (in bounties) PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up $150k Gtd 1,005 entrants, $201,800 prize pool despedespi33 - $32,944.10 bossamtisch - $23,907.06 SoCloseCall - $17,349.35 Edison82 - $12,590.41 SsicK_OnE - $9,136.85 padjes - $6,630.60 zianbeau - $4,811.81 Andrey_pok21 - $3,491.93 I Am Benjami - $2,534.08 partypoker $530 Sunday Major – HR $100k gtd 223 entrants, $111,500 prize pool eet_smakelijk - $21,894.60 theshadowalker - $16,048.52 MonkMode - $11,763.47 joaosimaobh - $8,622.62 Boy-George - $6,320.37 maniakboy - $4,632.82 Partyyycular - $3,395.28 LoSientoGrace - $2,489.12 SantaClaiMEer - $2,489.12 partypoker $2,500 Super Sunday High Roller $100k Gtd 51 entrants, $127,500 prize pool Ad_Finem - $44,625 barrm111 - $29,962.50 omgitsgiraf - $19,125 ImagineKing - $11,475 FkTheseGuysBro - $8,925 Zaymovishka - $7,331.25 aLiNeNok1617 - $6,056.25 partypoker $1,050 Deepstack-HR $150k Gtd 168 entrants, $168,000 prize pool IamPEAKing - $37,178.40 TullaMoreFan12 - $26,712 Gl4diat0r - $19,488 barrm111 - $13,944 PhileasFogg - $9,744 OMG_riverboys - $7,560 YoungSAVAGE - $5,880 dartazz - $4,620 partypoker $530 Sunday Big Bounty Hunter–HR $150k gtd 307 entrants, $157,337.50 prize pool Multifate - $15,273.38 + $13,701.40 (in bounties) servegilisgod - $11,052 + $6,798.37 (in bounties) Sentapied99 - $7,751.75 + $5,643.77 (in bounties) DrMiKee - $5,641.12 + $1,538.08 (in bounties) dlanger610 - $3,991 + $1,882.61 (in bounties) EnDTropY - $2,993.25 + $4,347.65 (in bounties) BaxterCroaked1 - $2,110.62 + $1,804.68 (in bounties) geileaap - $1,535 + $2,674.22 (in bounties) 888poker $1,050 The $60,000 Whale 67 entrants – $67,000 prize pool TrollKonst8 - $24,790 cuadrado12 - $16,750 ZeroNineee - $10,050 WAFAL - $6,700 tutten7 - $5,025 Farrugia_1 - $3,685 888poker $215 Sunday Mega Deep 450 entrants – $90,000 prize pool Turrrrible - $17,550 EduardoGarla - $13,050 Urindeepshit - $9,900 Dustyourfish - $7,200 velkommeninn - $4,950 J0hnmccl3an - $3,600 _APO_1 - $2,700 youler - $2,250
  9. There is major movement in the PocketFives Worldwide Top 10 this week as a pair of players that have been steadily rising the ranks have broken new ground resulting in a new look top 5. It seems that the stagnant summer has come to a close with some new challengers gearing up to make a run at #1. But in order to take the crown, they have to get by the Swedish sensation that is ‘lena900’. Even though ‘lena900’ spends another week in the #1-ranking, he has also encountered the problem of not picking up any PLB points. In fact, It’s been over three weeks since he’s accumulated any PLB points causing him to steadily losing ground in that regard. What used to be a 2000 point lead over his countryman, and former #1-ranked player, ‘C Darwin2’ has dwindled to about 1000. That’s still a healthy lead, but it’s one that when the major fall online series fire up (WCOOP, POWERFEST), a lead like that can be eclipsed in short order. ’C Darwin2’, who is ranked #2 again this week, is also in a bit of a PLB point drought not picking up any himself this week either. PLB points haven’t been a problem for Matt ‘GINS FINEST’ Stone who, for the third week in a row, rises in the top 10 to a new career-high ranking. Stone is now in a position to make a run at the Swedish domination of the top two spots. Stone picked up a nice score when he finished as the runner-up in the August 5 edition of the PokerStars Sunday 500 for $22,989 and 270.02 PLB points. That, combined with his third-place finish in the PokerStars Omania High Roller for $8,729 and 136.86 PLB points, allowed Stone to cash for over $33,000 in the week. Even though Stone has been making huge leaps in the rankings all summer, he’s going to need some serious results if he wants to break into the next level. He currently sits roughly 1000 points behind ‘C Darwin2’ and that means almost 2000 behind ‘lena900’. With ‘GINS FINEST’ rising that means that ‘hellohellohello’ had to take a step backward, as he slips to the #4 spot. Even though it was light volume, the Russian did spend some time online and was able to pick up over $12,000 and 178.14 PLB points for his final table finish in the August 5 edition of PokerStars’ Sunday 500. Some aging results took their toll on ‘hellohellohello’s total PLB score as he dropped nearly 400 points from last week, even with his score. He still sits just above 9000 points and trails ‘GINS FINEST’ by 374 points. The top 5 also welcomes Jonathan ‘proudflop’ Proudfoot for the first time. Proudfoot, currently the UK’s #1-ranked player, rises two spots to a career-high ranking. He recorded a silver medal in the Thursday Major on partypoker for $5,453 and 131.62 PLB points. As an additional accolade, Proudfoot managed to capture the July PLB monthly leaderboard. Ramiro ‘Ramiro’ Petrone maintained his #6-ranking, despite not logging on to the online tables this week. Joining Petrone in keeping the lowest of profiles online is #7-ranked Fabrizio ‘SixthSenSe19’ Gonzalez and Andres ‘probirs’ Nemeth, who remains in the #8 spot for another week. The top 10 welcomes back Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar, who leaps five spots to land at #9. Korsar, yet another player from Sweden in the top 10, had a mammoth week on the online felts. Since August 2 he has amassed over $56,000 in cashes. This includes a final table finish in the PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller for $19,970 and 191.72 PLB points. He also picked up back to back victories on PokerStars. The first in the August 6 edition of the Big $109 for $6,030 and 179.16 PLB points. The very next day he won the Daily 500 for another $14,357. In total, Korsar picked up over 1000 PLB points since August 2 and is now in striking distance of his career high ranking of #6, which he last held in 2016. The inactivity finally caught up to Roman ‘Romeopro’ Romanovsky as he slips five spots to #10 and in all likelihood, fall back outside of the top 10 next week. He hasn’t been seen at the online tournament tables since May 28. PocketFives Worldwide Top 25 RANK PLAYER POINTS PREVIOUS 1 lena900 11,333.49 1 2 C Darwin2 10,328.99 2 3 GINS FINEST 9,389.02 4 4 hellohellohello 9,014.65 3 5 Jonathan 'proudflop' Proudfoot 8,695.05 7 6 Ramiro 'Ramiro' Petrone 8,228.20 6 7 Fabrizio 'SixthSenSe19' Gonzalez 8,173.48 9 8 Andres 'probirs' Nemeth 8,119.97 8 9 Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar 7,997.32 14 10 Roman 'Romeopro' Romanovsky 7,977.85 5 11 Michael 'mczhang' Zhang 7,707.50 12 12 Ariados 7,597.28 11 13 Palyaaa 7,559.39 17 14 PaDiLaH SP 7,543.20 18 15 Patrick 'pleno1' Leonard 7,531.37 10 16 DamageAP 7,527.04 22 17 Dattebayo 7,508.69 13 18 Joao 'joaosimaobh' Simao 7,492.80 16 19 girafganger7 7,396.62 19 20 Guntis 'lovefee' Aleskins 7,294.27 15 21 Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen 7,223.28 21 22 Conor '1_conor_b_1' Beresford 7,130.78 20 23 kofi89 7,073.16 24 24 MrBittar 6,981.29 33 25 European 6,809.71 23
  10. It’s another week at the top of the PocketFives Rankings for Swedish crusher ‘lena900’. The online poker superstar has had the luxury of sitting on a wide PLB point lead for weeks, however, it seems that may be coming to an end. It was yet another week without a substantial PLB score for the Swede and, with some aging results, his total PLB score plummeted over 800 points. This puts him under the 11,000 mark for the first time all summer and well within reach for the #2-ranked ‘C Darwin2’. Despite not picking up PLB points, ‘lena900’ still had a nice week at the online tables booking scores that totaled more than $35,000. This included a victory in the bwin.com $40K Bounty Hunter for $12,651. ‘lena900’s fellow Swede ‘C Darwin2’ one again sits in the #2 spot and now only trails the top spot by roughly 351 PLB points. For ‘C Darwin2’ it wasn’t a matter of climbing the ladder as much as simply holding his position. He did manage a final table finish in the partypoker Sunday Super High Roller to pick up $14,850 however, like his countryman, there were no PLB points earned for the former #1 this week. That cannot be said for Russia’s ‘hellohellohello’ who reclaimed the #3 spot this week. He rose one spot on the back of a victory in the August 16 edition of the PokerStars $1,050 Thursday Thrill where he picked up $27,270 and 378.15 PLB points. In total this week, ‘hellohellohello’ only recorded three cashes, having taken nearly a week off. He currently sits a full 1000 PLB points behind the #2 spot, yet that can all change in an instant one the World Championship Of Online Poker and POWERFEST kick off in early September. Matt ‘GINS FINEST’ Stone takes a small step backward from his career-high ranking of #3 and lands at #4 this week. After putting together a big week last week, it looks as though Stone opted to enjoy a week of summer, staying away from the online grind altogether. Perhaps Stone reached out to a few of his fellow top grinders to pitch the idea of a vacation as he wasn’t the only top-tier pro to go dark this week. Jonathan ‘proudflop’ Proudfoot (#5) and Ramiro ‘Ramiro’ Petrone (#6) both held their respective spots in the top 10 despite continued time away from the tables. It was quite the opposite for Andres ‘probirs’ Nemeth who made his return to the online tournament scene this week. Prior to this week, the last time Nemeth had recorded a score was July 8. His hiatus ended on August 12, as he hopped online and got back in the game. Nemeth played a couple tournaments and picked up some valuable PLB points, 258.54 in total, which helped him climb one spot to #7 this week. He made the final table in two tournaments earning four-figure scores in both. This included a seventh-place finish in the partypoker Sunday Super High Roller for $7,838. Roman ‘Romeopro’ Romanovsky actually rises two spots in the rankings despite still being absent from the online scene. It’s a mix of inactivity and aging scores that lands him at #8. Maintaining his #9 spot is Swedish online legend Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar. While he wasn’t able to bring in any PLB points this week, Korsar still sits within striking distance of his all-time best ranking of #6, which he touched back in 2016. Korsar is currently approximately 348 PLB points behind the #6 spot as of this week. Finally, wrapping up the top 10 this week is Fabrizio ‘SixthSenSe19’ Gonzalez, who slips three spots joining the pros who opted to take the week off. PocketFives Worldwide Top 25 RANK PLAYER POINTS PREVIOUS 1 lena900 10,529.70 1 2 C Darwin2 10,178.52 2 3 hellohellohello 9,143.29 4 4 GINS FINEST 8,832.51 3 5 Jonathan 'proudflop' Proudfoot 8,411.17 5 6 Ramiro 'Ramiro' Petrone 8,087.84 6 7 Fabrizio 'SixthSenSe19' Gonzalez 7,952.56 8 8 Andres 'probirs' Nemeth 7,882.11 10 9 Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar 7,739.80 9 10 Roman 'Romeopro' Romanovsky 7,708.31 7 11 Patrick 'pleno1' Leonard 7,642.11 15 12 Ariados 7,444.91 12 13 Dattebayo 7,357.63 17 14 Michael 'mczhang' Zhang 7,300.63 11 15 Palyaaa 7,277.74 13 16 Conor '1_conor_b_1' Beresford 7,255.38 22 17 PaDiLaH SP 7,253.33 14 18 DamageAP 7,253.33 16 19 girafganger7 7,042.87 19 20 Guntis 'lovefee' Aleskins 7,030.91 20 21 Joao 'joaosimaobh' Simao 6,997.57 18 22 kofi89 6,951.77 23 23 Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen 6,864.23 21 24 European 6,770.64 25 25 MrBittar 6,651.31 24
  11. SUNDAY MAJORS: 'Junglemandan' Wins partypoker MILLION, Sunday Big Game for $258K You could say that 'Junglemandan' had himself a day on partypoker on Sunday. He posted two wins and two more top nine finishes on his way to picking up $275,000. 'Junglemandan' beat out 4,567 other players outright in the partypoker MILLION to win $153,000. Right behind him was 'Edoiler' who earned $106,000. Third place finisher 'youcanfold' won $68,500. The field was up from the 4,472 that played last week. As if winning the marquee event on the schedule wasn't enough, 'Junglemandan' also beat out the 74-entry field in the $5,200 Sunday Big Game for $105,450. Second-place finisher 'patience' banked $72,150 while 'MoStack' rounded out the podium finishers and won $49,950. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zgone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar, the #2-ranked online poker player in the world, topped the 99-entry field in the partypoker $2,100 High Roller Gladiator to earn $36,750 and an additional $22,552.29 in bounties. Runner-up 'CharlesBarkley' won a combined $33,951.20. 'Junglemandan' finished ninth in this event for a total of $5,580. The partypoker $530 High Roller Bounty Hunter had 383 entrants with 'CarpePiscis' beating them all for $15,238.56 and $15,990.10 in bounties. Runner-up 'John Coffey13' earned a combined $21,629.19 as the runner-up. 'Junglemandan' finished in fourth spot for $7,559.80 plus another $4,388.69 worth of bounties. The PokerStars Sunday Million saw a small increase week-over-week with 10,707 players pushing the prize pool to $1,070,000. The final two players, 'sl0tt' and 'kobablack77' chopped up nearly $190,000. 'sl0tt' wound-up winning and earned $105,096.80 while 'kobablack77' was forced to settle for an $84,537.17 pay day. Third-place finisher 'Conglomo222' ended up with $57,867.69. The marquee event on the 888poker schedule, the $100,000 Mega Deep, drew 446 entrants creating a $4,110 overlay (before fees). 'CPU0r' took full advantage of the overlay and topped the field to win $19,350. Runner-up 'Villeroi' took home $14,500 while 'IHaveNoBoss' banked $11,000 as the bronze medal finisher. partypoker $215 partypoker MILLION 4,568 entrants, $1,000,000 prize pool Junglemandan - $153,000 Edoiler99 - $106,800 youcanfold - $68,500 Tasha - $44,600 damiisoldi - $30,630 NewYorkJimmY - $20,780 notSPARKLINGwtf - $14,610 Renan Santos - $9,400 partypoker $5,200 Sunday Big Game $300K Guaranteed 74 entrants, $370,000 prize pool Junglemandan - $105,450 patience - $72,150 MoStack - $49,950 SovseFlemming - $33,300 Sundaynightking - $25,900 NewYorkJimmY - $20,350 Achtungdiekurve - $17,575 BuddyRW - $15,725 partypoker $2,100 High Roller Gladiator $200K Guaranteed 99 entrants, $202,950 prize pool Greenstone25 - $22,552.29* + $36,750 in bounties CharlesBarkley - $22,532.45* + $11,418.75 in bounties El_Cucuy - $13,872.22 + $6,037.50 in bounties Explosive1 - $10,115.16 + $4,462.50 in bounties josef_shvejk - $7,225.11 + $3,150 in bounties NewYorkJimmY - $4,913.07 + $3,675 in bounties partypoker $530 High Roller Bounty Hunter $200K Guaranteed 383 entrants, $200,000 prize pool CarpePiscis - $15,238.56 + $15,990.10 in bounties John Coffey13 - $15,218.43 + $6,410.76 in bounties p4tm0ng0 - $10,551.09 + $6,330.79 in bounties Junglemandan - $7,559.80 + $4,388.69 in bounties SpaceyFCB - $5,384.32 + $2,624.99 in bounties AliceGagnon1997 - $3,992.01 + $2,444.51 in bounties Dandelion - $2,773.74 + $1,156.65 in bounties Kawhi_Tho - $2,203.19 + $4,901.37 in bounties PokerStars $109 Sunday Million $1M Guaranteed 10,707 entrants, $1,070,700 prize pool sl0tt - $105,096.80* kobablack77 - $84,537.17* Conglomo222 - $57,867.69 RafaCorreaBR - $41,994.67 Janetti111 - $30,475.65 1_conor_b_1 - $22,116.27 leostar121 - $16,049.90 PKaiser - $11,647.50 GaborMarton - $8,452.53 PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller $85K Guaranteed 58 entrants, $116,000 prize pool boerni21 - $40,778.49 Bit2Easy - $27,920.04 bencb789 - $19,116.18 apestyles - $13,088.39 €urop€an - $8,961.31 anteen - $6,135.59 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller PKO $500K Guaranteed 1,040 entrants, $520,000 prize pool dn1106 - $42,306.23 + $21,736.74 in bounties utreg - $31,009.86 + $7,237.30 in bounties IsnapUcry - $22,730.13 + $7,921.38 in bounties Elamgico19A1 - $16,661.11 + $2,988.29 in bounties RUMUKULUS - $12,212.53 + $11,030.26 in bounties maphacks - $8,951.74 + $6,275.39 in bounties wisopekeno! - $6,561.59 + $5,363.27 in bounties Olli444 - $4,809.63 + $1,906.25 in bounties malinga - $3,525.47 + $9,848.59 in bounties PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-up $115K Guarantee 709 entrants, $141,800 prize pool zavor - $24,603.56 zerocool9889 - $17,854.43 Faaaarst - $12,956.96 Liqqa - $9,402.85 Artem205 - $6,823.65 edercampana - $4,951.92 SsicK_OnE - $3,593.62 NeverFoldYou - $2,607.88 StupidFr3nch - $1,892.54 888poker $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep $215 446 entrants – $100,000 prize pool CPU0r - $19,350 Villeroi - $14,500 IHaveNoBoss - $11,000 Royaltriss - $8,250 ContaSagrada - $5,700 donvito1960 - $4,400 GoldoJuninho - $3,400 johSamarius - $2,400 ehbarone68 - $1,700

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