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Found 5 results

  1. After three full days of play in the partypoker 2021 MILLIONS Online $5,300 Main Event, UK grinder Endrit Geci outlasted the 1,084-entry field to take home the title and a career-high online score of $774,838.27. Geci started the day with an overwhelming chip lead as the only player to have more than 200M in chips, a full 23 big blind advantage over the rest of the field. However, even with a healthy lead headed into the final table, his path to victory would not be an easy one with some exceptional poker talent including Daniel Dvoress, Dzmitry Urbanovich, Christian Rudolph, and fellow UK grinder Jonathan Proudfoot all earning a seat for Day 3. Once play got underway, it didn’t take long for the fireworks to start. Roughly thirty minutes into the day, Geci went to work and put in a raise under the gun with his [poker card="ts"][poker card="th"]. The UK’s former #1-ranked pro Jonathan Proudfoot then three-bet holding [poker card="ah"][poker card="qh"]. Geci promptly four-bet enough to put the short-stacked Proudfoot all-in. Proudfoot made the call and board ran out [poker card="4d"][poker card="3h"][poker card="3s"][poker card="5s"][poker card="kh"], shipping the pot to Geci and taking out Proudfoot in ninth place for $72,260. Geci was back at it a few minutes later when he raised in early position with the [poker card="as"][poker card="ac"]. Martin Brinkmann then three-bet shipped his roughly 10 big blind stack holding [poker card="qd"][poker card="jd"]. Geci quickly called and the flop came [poker card="ad"][poker card="kd"][poker card="4c"] giving Geci top set and Brinkmann a flush, straight and straight-flush draw. The turn was the [poker card="ks"] bringing Geci a full house and leaving Brinkmann looking for just the [poker card="td"]. But the river was the [poker card="6h"] adding to Geci’s growing stack and sending Brinkmann out in eighth for $91,542. Canada’s Richard Mullen had fewer than 10 big blinds when he moved all-in from early position with the [poker card="qc"][poker card="jc"]. On the button, Christian Rudolph made the call holding the [poker card="as"][poker card="9s"]. The flop came [poker card="8h"][poker card="7c"][poker card="3c"] giving the at-risk Mullen extra flush draw out and when the [poker card="th"] hit the turn he picked up a gutshot straight draw as well. However, the river was the [poker card="8s"] giving shipping the pot to Rudolph’s ace-high kicker and sending Mullen home in seventh for $115,425. Not long after busting Mullen, it was Rudolph’s turn to put his tournament on the line. Rudolph raised from under the gun with the [poker card="ah"][poker card="kc"] and when it folded back to Geci in the big blind, he three-bet enough to cover Rudolph with [poker card="th"][poker card="tc"]. Rudolph committed the rest of his chips and the board rank out [poker card="9h"][poker card="2h"][poker card="2d"][poker card="jd"][poker card="td"] giving Geci another full house. For the second time in an all-in situation, Geci’s pocket tens won the flip and that sent Rudolph to the rail in sixth place for $146,300. After an early position raise from Daniel Dvoress holding [poker card="8s"][poker card="8h"], Brazil’s Hermogenes Gelonezi moved all-in with his [poker card="7s"][poker card="7d"] When folded back to, Dvoress called with his dominating pair and Gelonezi was left looking for help. The [poker card="8c"][poker card="5h"][poker card="4d"] flop gave Dvoress a set, but brought some additional straight outs for Gelonezi. The turn was the [poker card="as"] and the river was the [poker card="2d"] ending Gelonezi’s tournament in fifth place, good for $189.320. The momentum for partypoker ambassador Dzmitry Urbanovich had been trending upwards and at one point, he climbed into second in chips. But shortly after the third break, after taking a bit of a hit to his stack, that momentum came to a halt when he and Dvoress clashed in a cooler. Dvoress put in a raise from under the gun with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qd"] and Urbanovich, with slightly fewer chips, three-bet shipped his [poker card="ad"][poker card="qs"]. The flop came [poker card="qh"][poker card="8h"][poker card="3h"], giving Dvoress top sent and when the [poker card="2s"] hit the turn, Urbanovich was drawing dead to the [poker card="9h"] river. The partypoker pro fell in fourth place and added $276,128 to his over $3.2 million in career online earnings. At three-handed, Dvoress assumed the chip lead. However the three stacks were bunched together and when Dvoress lost a flip to Geci, he found himself short. Eventually, he put in a raise holding [poker card="td"][poker card="ts"] and Francisco Correia called him in the big blind with the [poker card="qc"][poker card="th"]. The flop came [poker card="jd"][poker card="9h"][poker card="7d"] and the action checked through. The turn was the [poker card="8s"] giving both players a straight. Correia led out and Dvoress called. The river was the [poker card="jh"], lifting Correia’s hand to a queen-high straight and he shoved, having Dvoress covered. Dvoress eventually made the call and ended up at the third-place finisher, earning $422,422. As heads-up play started, Correia and Geci tried to negotiate a heads-up deal. They couldn’t agree so they played on. As their stacks grew closer together, they tried again and finally agreed. The deal awarded Correia $731,960 and Geci locked up $724,838 with $50,000 be left to the winner. After the deal, Geci went on a run and took back the chip lead he started the day with. This time, he didn’t let it go. On the final hand, Geci limped the button holding [poker card="as"][poker card="ks"] and Correia checked his option with the [poker card="ts"][poker card="ts"]. The flop came [poker card="ad"][poker card="6s"][poker card="3s"] and both players checked. The [poker card="tc"] fell on the turn and after Correia checked, Geci put out a bet which Correia called. The river came the [poker card="kd"] and Correia checked again. With this top two pair, Geci shoved and after taking his time, Correia made the call. Correia finished as the runner-up and took home the $731,960 he negotiated in the deal. Endrit Geci collected the additional $50,000 set aside for the winner and became the 2021 partypoker MILLIONS Online champion, earning a total of $774,838. partypoker MILLIONS Online Main Event Final Table 1. Endrit Geci - $774,838.27* 2. Francisco Correia - $731,959.84 3. Daniel Dvoress - $422,421.80 4. Dzmitry Urbanovich - $276,127.53 5. Hermogenes Gelonezi - $189,320.45 6. Christian Rudolph - $146,300.43 7. Richard Mullen - $115,424.85 8. Martin Brinkmann - $91,542.10 9. Jonathan Proudfoot - $$72,259.60
  2. Whether you’re packing your bags and heading to Las Vegas to play, or booking time off work so you can stay up late and stream final tables, the World Series of Poker - the most exciting time of the poker year - is fast approaching. But which PocketFivers should you be keeping your own eyes on this summer? Here we’ll be cherrypicking some players from the United Kingdom and Ireland that we think are going to have big results at the 2018 WSOP. Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman We haven’t just picked Moorman due to his PocketFives fame (#1 on the Online Poker All-Time Earnings Leaderboard). We’re singling out the Brit because we think his first WSOP win last year will have lit a fire inside him. Since claiming his long-overdue maiden bracelet in a $3K six-max event for $500K, Moorman has been putting in work. His forte seems to be big-field NLHE events with buy-ins of $1K-$3K, as you can see from his recent results: He’s also been busy on the online felt, winning both the 888poker Sunday Mega Deep and a partypoker Powerfest event for a combined $50K over the past few months, taking his total online winnings up to an unrivaled $14,878,400. Expect to see Moorman reach multiple final tables this year, accompanied by a rowdy rail. EVENT TOURNAMENT DATE POSITION PRIZE partypoker MILLIONS North America C$1,100 MILLIONS Open April 2018 3rd $69,262 partypoker MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona €2,700 Warm Up April 2018 8th $39,289 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $1,650 PCA National Jan 2018 10th $10,640 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic $1,100 TURBO Dec 2017 1st $37,132 DeepStack Extravaganza IV $1,600 NLHE Nov 2017 2nd $70,742 Conor ‘1_conor_b_1’ Beresford From the most successful British/worldwide player of all time, to the United Kingdom’s current #1 player. Beresford has proved himself as one of the best online players going, racking up $6.36 million in cashes at the time of writing. That quest for cash has also seen Beresford frequent the live felt, most recently at EPT Monte Carlo where he was seen battling in the €25K High Roller. And while he’s yet to win a breakout title live despite $510K in winnings, we think this will be Beresford’s year. Ludovic ‘ludovi333’ Geilich Not only is Scotland’s Geilich a great NLHE tournament player, but he excels in PLO too. Geilich was victorious in the WCOOP $21K PLO High Roller in 2016 ($462K), and later that year he came close to WSOP gold when he finished 7th in the $25K PLO High Roller ($110,035). Geilich’s been pretty busy since then. In April 2018, he took down the €1K Open at the partypoker MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona for €250K, while at the PokerStars Championship Prague in December 2017 Geilich booked back-to-back runner-up finishes in side events for a combined $320K. With his good friend Niall Farrell winning his first WSOP bracelet last year, 2018 could be Geilich’s turn. Jonathan ‘proudflop’ Proudfoot He may only have $90K in live winnings to date, but the UK’s Proudfoot has been putting in a serious grind online in recent years. He's amassed $1.62 million in winnings, and almost took down a SCOOP event earlier this month, ultimately finishing second in the $530 6-max PKO for $39K plus $12K bounties (interestingly, Beresford finished third). We think this is the year that Proudfoot announces himself in the live world with some healthy WSOP results. Kevin ‘SuitedAcesBaby’ Killeen For our Ireland pick, we’ve gone with Killeen. He’s got several big live results under his belt (most notably a UKIPT win, Irish Open second-place, and EPT Main Event third-place finish), and overall boasts $877K in winnings. But it’s the work he’s been putting in online (under the PokerStars screen name ‘torino2000’) that suggests a good summer. As Killeen’s good friend Fintan Hand said while railing Killeen on a SCOOP final table this month: “He’s going over for the WSOP and I think he’s going to win a silly amount of stuff. Not many people have been working on their game as hard as him.” Killeen ultimately finished seventh in the SCOOP-28-H $530 NLHE for $6,490. If five UK and Ireland players aren’t enough for you, we also predict big years for Stephen ‘stevie444’ Chidwick, Marc ‘sluglife’ MacDonnell, Sam ‘TheSquid’ Grafton, Toby ‘810ofclubs’ Lewis, and Benny ‘RunGodLike’ Glaser.
  3. Steve 'BetrThanPhil' Tripp took the headlines on Day 3 of the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker after grinding his way to victory in Event #8 (High) for a score of $100,343. After 12 more events came to their conclusion on Tuesday, Tripp claimed his first SCOOP title after defeating "0PIGGYBANK" heads-up, with the latter taking away $86,213 after a deal between the two players had been agreed. It was Tripp's second largest recorded online cash after he won $193,804 for taking down FTOPS Event #9 back in 2010. Alex 'lynskey99' Lynskey came through an 8,562 player field in Event #8 (Medium) and claimed the first-place prize of $60,073. 'Kobasteris' was the player to lose the heads-up battle and took away $42,472 in second place. The biggest field of the day came in Event #8 (Low) after 27,101 players paid the $11 tournament entry fee and created a $265,589.80 prize pool, with Marcos 'Marcos Epa' Epaminondas taking the majority share. The Brazilian's prize for outlasting the enormous field was $13,172, the honour of a SCOOP title to his name and his largest recorded online cash to date. In Event #7 (High), 'aDrENalin710' beat out 120 opponents to win a score of $27,202, with 'BelovCaXa' banking $12,246 after securing victory in Event #7 (Medium). Russia's 'Iwantbearich' narrowly missed out on adding a SCOOP title to their previously won PokerStars MicroMillions gold medal after losing a heads-up battle to 'kagor82' in Event #7 (Low). The victor bagged a score of $4,841 with the Russian having to settle for a second-place prize of $3,371. Day 3 saw the first HORSE events of this year's series played out with 'CMoosepower' beating Luke 'lb6121' Schwartz to the title in Event #9 (High). Schwartz already has five SCOOP titles to his name, but the Brit was unable to attain his sixth on this occasion and had to settle for the runners-up prize of $24,800, with 'CMoosepower' earning $34,800 for the win. Event #9 (Medium) saw Russia's 'Zapahzamazki' record their second largest online cash after they came through an 823 field to take the title for $15,431. Thomas 'sandman201' Taylor was able to cash in all three of the HORSE events, which included victory in Event #9 (Low) for $5,625, and a near-final table miss in the 'High' after he exited in 10th place. Event #12 saw three Six Max 'Win the Button' PKO No Limit Hold'em tournaments played out with 'corsei', '88pro88' and 'alberto.m7' taking the titles. $4,381 was added to the bankroll of Romania's 'corsei' courtesy of their win in Event #12 (Low), The UK's Tommy '88pro88' Lawrence followed up on his impressive Sunday Million victory last month by taking down Event #12 (Medium) for $27,700, and last but certainly not least, 'alberto.m7' took the win in Event #12 (high) for $56,828 after seeing off the Brits Jonathan 'proudflop' Proudfoot and Conor '1_conor_b_1' Beresford into second and third place respecitivelty. Below are the SCOOP results for Tuesday May 8 Event #7 (Low): $22 NLO8 Six Max PKO Entrants: 3,366 Prize pool: $67,320 kagor82 - $4,841.91 Iwantbearich - $3,371.36 freekick71 - $2,349.07 showdown90 - $1,636.76 WrestUA - $1,140.45 SvetJordanov - $794.63 Event #7 (Med): $215 NLO8 Six Max PKO Entrants: 714 Prize pool: $142,800 BelovCaXa - $12,246.18 smiechu0808 - $8,586.71 ruthless848 - $6,020.94 tvtotaliwin - $4,221.84 krakukra - $2,960 nemisoi - $2,075.32 Event #7 (High): $2,100 NLO8 Six Max PKO Entrants: 121 Prize pool: $242,000 aDrENalin710 - $27,202.12 Pardosh - $20,862.60 Shtopol' - $16,000.56 aless_84 - $12,271.62 TheRabbitFR - $9,411.71 iamivar - $7,218.31 Event #8 (Low): $11 Eight Max PKO No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 27,101 Prize pool: $265,589.80 Marcos Epa - $13,172.88 NiceYy8 - $9,370.93 Kimbalance - $6,679.93 vinymachado1 - $4,761.70 IcePunishU - $3,394.31 Buldo PP - $2,419.59 Messihorst85 - $1,724.78 familypok&r - $1,229.49 Event #8 (Medium): $109 Eight Max PKO No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 8,562 Prize pool: $856,200 lynskey99 - $60,073.19 Kobasteris - $42,472.61 pm_marke - $30,032.71 Dam4666 - $21,236.32 appart.2010 - $15,016.37 goa1908 - $10,618.20 husajn54 - $7,508.23 Lefebvre1101 - $5,309.16 Event #8 (High): $1,050 Eight Max PKO No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 1,413 Prize pool: $1,413,000 BetrThanPhil - $100,343.04* "0PIGGYBANK" - $86,213.04* Sanderssi - $55,397.51 drupa-lucker - $39,513.41 alimounda - $28,183.76 capotinha - $20,102.68 WRUUUUM - $14,338.70 Hymn2Ninkasi - $10,227.36 Event #9 (Low): $11 HORSE Entrants: 3,531 Prize pool: $34,603.80 sandman201 - $5,625.57 Van Bijnen - $4,003.65 lucas [Ik7s] - $3,114.34 raidalot - $2,442.26 sl8a - $1,730.19 ceJI9I - $1,038.11 Ulett_23 - $519.05 dalzini - $311.43 Event #9 (Medium): $109 HORSE Entrants: 823 Prize pool: $82,300 Zapahzamazki - $15,431.25 Plato2Newton - $11,110.50 hummylun - $8,230.00 woodbine ave - $6,172.50 BigPig400 - $4,115.00 Perumov - $2,880.50 Kusu_a - $1,851.75 mariop17 - $1,234.50 Event #9 (High): $1,050 HORSE Entrants: 160 Prize pool: $160,000 CMoosepower - $34,800.00 lb6121 - $24,800.00 WhooooKidd - $19,200.00 brianm15 - $13,600.00 flong78 - $8,800.00 Zbad - $7,200.00 Fabahaba - $5,600.00 Mikleler - $4,400.00 Event #12 (Low): $5.50 Six Max 'Win the Button' PKO No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 16,858 Prize pool: $82,604.20 corsei - $4,381.88 Brito.Aces - $3,046.67 madnet_rz - $2,122.84 lambbbbr - $1,479.13 whitfield950 - $1,030.62 vinypuh1 - $718.11 Event #12 (Medium): $55 Six Max 'Win the Button' PKO No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 7,881 Prize pool: $394,050.00 88pro88 - $27,700.01 Kuconi - $19,296.33 betpeter3 - $13,445.16 nefartovaya - $9,368.24 nameLarsen - $6,527.55 DoshevS - $4,548.24 Event #12 (High): $530 Six Max 'Win the Button' PKO No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 1,482 Prize pool: $741,000 alberto.m7 - $56,828.68 Proudflop - $39,596.11 1_conor_b_1 - $27,589.50 OMGjonyctt - $19,223.61 NEWFlat - $13,394.50 MonkeyBudg - $9,332.93
  4. 888poker’s latest championship series, XL Inferno, reached its grand conclusion on Sunday, highlighted by the $1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event. In total, there was $1.32 million in guarantees up for grabs over the course of four tournaments. The juicy prize pools enticed players to create some of the largest fields of the entire series and helped all four contests crushed their guarantees. The last day of XL Inferno saw players take home the largest payouts of the entire 11 days. Event #31 - $120,000 Mega Deep There was plenty of value to be had in the second Mega Deep event of the series. 507 players provided an additional 237 rebuys of the $215 buy-in to push the prize pool to $148,800. Longtime PocketFiver ‘Zebest7r’ from Canada outlasted the Netherlands’ ‘InJeBakkes’ to take home the $28,123 first place prize. The cash, which is only his fifth in 2018, ranks among the Canadian’s best and is added to over $1.6 million in lifetime earnings. For his part, ‘InJeBakkes’ doesn’t log off too disappointed, banking $20,608 for his runner-up prize. Also of note: $50,000 Crazy 8 winner ‘eltxupacabra’ finished in fourth place for $11,457 and the #71-ranked player in the world, ‘LeshiyAS’ ended up in eighth for $3,348, his fifth cash of the series. Two-time XL Inferno champ ’Sluuut123’ just missed the final table, bowing out in tenth place for $1,785. Event #32 - $1,000,000 Main Event The Main Event soared past its guarantee as 855 players (304 rebuys) paid their $1,050 entry fee to create a massive $1,159,000 prize pool. The payouts were far and away the most of any of the 34 events on the entire XL Inferno schedule and including three six-figure scores going to those who made it to the end. The winner was one of the UK’s brightest up-and-coming online players, Jonathan ‘JohnFoot’ Proudfoot. Proudfoot is currently the #30-ranked player in the world and just days ago, posted a career-high score of over $185,000 with a runner-up finish in Event #40-H of PokerStars’ SCOOP series. Now, less than one week later, he eclipsed his own personal best yet again as he earned XL Inferno's top prize of $209,779 and the title of Main Event champion. The score pushed the Durham based pro past the major milestone of $2 million in lifetime earnings. Taking second place was Finland’s superstar Tomi ‘wellyxx’ Brouk who added just over $150,000 to the already stellar $31,000 score he earned for taking fourth in the $2,600 XL Inferno High Roller. Top-100 ranked ‘que_te_crio’ from the UK ended his Main Event in sixth place for $48,098, helping him climb to over $1.8 million in lifetime earnings. Also earning five-figure scores for reaching the final table was Brazil’s Felipe ‘mr.salgado’ Salgado who cashes out for over $36,500 and former top-10 ranked ‘ekziter1’ who wrapped up the series with $25,613. Event #33 - $150,000 Mini Main The second largest tournament of the day saw 934 runners (and their 404 rebuys) generate a prize pool of just over $200,000, ensuring that the top five runners would all walk away with five-figure scores. In the end, a deal was made between a pair of players from Malta. ‘pAAdentr0’ was declared the winner of the Mini Main and negotiated for the lion share of the first place prize. 'pAAdentr0' ended up with $33,832, surrendering a little under $2,300 of the posted first place in order to bring the contest to an end. His countryman, ‘Openpunks’ was on the other end of the heads-up deal and received $28,384 for second place. A pair of PocketFivers reached the final nine as well. Montreal, Canada’s ‘alexos888’ bowed out in sixth place, cashing for a name-appropriate $8,108.28, marking his third cash of the series. Also, ’carpediem14’, the #1-ranked player out of Kent, UK finished in seventh for $6,101. The score was a nice follow-up to his first-place finish in Event #65 of partypoker’s POWERFEST where he earned over $54,000. Event #34 - $50,000 Micro Main The final event of the 2018 XL Inferno series was the $30 buy-in Micro Main. The lower buy-in helped attract the most runners of the day as 1,672 players (703 rebuys) generated a prize pool worth $65,312.50. PockerFivers dominated the tournament endgame with five players making the final table, including the heads-up battle. Russian ‘SergeyRusko’ battles it out with Kim ‘Chipsssssss’ Decker for the final spot in the Champion of Champions tournament. After a back-and-forth battle, it was ‘SergeyRusko’ who broke Decker and walked with $11,032, leaving him just under $10,000 to reach his $500,000 lifetime career earnings badge. Decker’s impressive finish was his fifth XL Inferno cash and his largest at that. He earned $7,850 which easily pushed him over $250,000 lifetime. ‘adamka88’ from Hungary finished in third for $3,102 and right behind him in sixth place was fellow Hungarian ‘emzo2008’ who collected $2,481 for his efforts. Finally, Thiago ‘quen8’ Galdino from Brazil earned just enough to push him over $50,000 in career earnings, adding $705 to his bankroll. XL Inferno Day 11 Results # Event Winner Payout 31 $120,000 Mega Deep Zebest7r $28,123 32 $1,000,000 Main Event JohnFoot $209,779 33 $150,000 Mini Main pAAdentr0 $33,832* 34 $50,000 Micro Main SergeyRusko $11,032 * denotes final table deal
  5. Five more World Poker Tour Online titles were awarded on Friday night with Elio Fox securing the biggest score of the day and second biggest of the series. Fox started the final table of Event #32 ($25,500 Super High Roller) sitting second in chips behind Juan Pardo Dominguez but managed to flip that script and defeated Dominguez heads-up to win the title and $565,500. Dominguez walked away with $402,375 while Pauli Ayras earned $282,750 for his third place finish. The only player with a bigger WPT Online score is Charlie Carrel who won $600,250 for shipping Event #14 ($25,500 Super High Roller) last week. Viktor Ustimov topped the 451-entry field in Event #31 ($1,575 Eight Max NLHE) to win $127,520.25. Sweden's Jerry Odeen finished in second place earning $90,786.30 while British grinder Jonathan Proudfoot wound up in third place for a $62,238 payday. Jonathan Rosa won Event #31 Mini ($162 Mini Eight Max NLHE) to win $41,171.73. Stuart Menzies defeated Anton Wigg heads-up in Event #34 ($530 Six Max Hyper NLHE) to win $26,672.50. Wigg earned a $17,592.50 consolation prize while Bernard Larabi added $12,507.47 to his bankroll for finishing third. Marllon Pinto topped Event #34 Mini ($55 Six Max Hyper NLHE) for $7,038.01. Event #31 Mini $162 Mini Eight Max NLHE 1,627 Entries $244,050 prize pool Jonathan Rosa - $41,171.73 Jonathan Clark - $29,212.78 Marcello Miniucchi - $18,987.09 Eduardo Moreno Cardigo - $12,666.19 Eduardo Silva - $8,981.04 Srdan Tomovic - $6,296.49 Philipp Teipel - $4,36849 Peter Rese - $2,879.7 Event #31 $1,575 Eight Max NLHE 451 entries $676,500 prize pool Viktor Ustimov - $127,520.25 Jerry Odeen - $90,786.30 Jonathan Proudfoot - $62,238 Istvan Birizdo - $43,296 Stefan Schillhabel - $30,713.10 Teun Mulder - $22,324.50 Samuel Vousden - $15,897.75 Dimitrios Farmakoulis - $11,500.500 Event #32 $25,500 Super High Roller 87 entries $2,175,000 prize pool Elio Fox - $565,500 Juan Pardo Dominguez - $402,375 Pauli Ayras - $282,750 Samuel Vousden - $195,750 Mark Davis - $152,250 Timothy Adams - $108,750 Christopher Hunichen - $87,000 Andrii Novak - $76,125 Event #34 Mini $55 Six Max Hyper NLHE 828 entries $41,400 prize pool Marllon Pinto - $7,038.01 Petar Leshtov - $5,185.01 Jan Stazisar - $3,933 Mikhail Zamyatin - $2,691 Carl Duggan - $1,863 Nicolas Vande Wiele - $1,242 Event #34 $530 Six Max Hyper NLHE 227 entries $113,500 prize pool Stuart Menzies - $26,672.50 Anton Wigg - $17,592.50 Bernard Larabi - $12,507.47 Guillaume Nolet - $9,136.75 Kamel Mokhammad - $6,810 Francois Billard - $4,540

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