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  1. After officially taking Friday off, the 2021 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker resumed on Saturday bringing another four events to a conclusion including one of the most star-studded final tables of the series and the largest PKO to take place thus far. Over 10,000 people tuned in to watch popular Twitch streamer and PokerStars ambassador Lex Veldhuis as he battled at the stacked final table of Event 29-H ($2,100 NLHE, 8-Max). When the 211-entry field was down to just 8, Veldhuis found himself in a position to make a run at the title, however, just about every other seat at the final table was occupied by a top pro. This included five-time SCOOP title winner Talal ‘raidalot’ Shakershi (8th, $12,319.86), high-roller extraordinaire Dominik ‘Bounatirou’ Nitsche (8th, $16,161.20), and current #5-ranked Joao ‘Naza114’ Vieira (4th, $36,482.11). As his competition busted, Veldhuis continued to chip up. Eventually, Aliaksei ‘ale6ka’ Boika was eliminated in third place, taking home $47,857.37. That left Veldhuis to battle for the title against Brazilian online crusher Pedro ‘PaDiLhA SP’ Padilha who had done a masterful job of taking control of the final table and accumulating a massive chip lead. In the end, Veldhuis fell to the Brazilian and closed out his stream as the runner-up with a $62,779.37 payday. Padilha earned his fourth career SCOOP title and added the $82,354.31 first-place prize to his more than $7.8 million in online career earnings. The 24-hour delay was worth the wait for Brazil’s Pedro ‘LgwZ’, Grochocki who topped the 539-player field of Event 22-H ($2,100 NLHE, PKO, Thursday Thrill SE) to capture the $83,473.31 first-place prize plus an astounding $96,210.93 in bounties for an online career-high haul of $181,684.23. ‘RaiseUpBlind’ also grabbed a six-figure sum as the runner-up, taking home $83,472.88 plus $31,585.94 in bounties for a total of $115,058.82. ‘darogio’ picked up the bronze and locked up a total score of $72,231.02. Event 27-H ($1,050 8-Game) fell just 14 players short of reaching the $125,000 guarantee. That just fine by Russia’s Andrei ‘Premove’ Skvortsov who picked up a little extra value en route to taking down his third career SCOOP title and the $28,101.31 that came with it. This marks the third year in a row that Skvortsov was won a SCOOP with his first coming in a NL Omaha H/L event in 2019 and his follow up being a PLO8 title in 2020. ’nkeyno’ earned ‘$21,552.27 as the runner-up while Sweden former worldwide #2-ranked Robin ‘robinho’ Yitalo wrapped up in third place and added $16,529.51 to his $13.3 million in online career earnings. It took less than two hours for ‘Powergolf’ to pick up the win in Event 30-H ($1,050 NLHE, 7-Max, Hyper-Turbo, PKO). They blasted through the 305-entry field and walked away with the $28,320.93 first-place prize with an additional $31,574.20 in bounties for a total of $49,895.13. In second place was ‘wasylaa’ who, with bounties, earned $40,644.91 and on their third bullet, ‘Shipmopff’ climbed into third place which was good for a total of $30,434.48. Other winners on Saturday included ‘Hefeweizen19’ (Event 22-L), ‘Heia_Eirik’ (Event 22-M), ’56_Hjerter’ (Event 27-L), ‘DTFobos’ (Event 27-M), ‘cipi22’ (Event 29-L), ‘VladTheSlaye’ (Event 29-M), ‘zibrdie’ (Event 30-L), and ‘dolimp4789’ (Event 30-M). Event 22-H ($2,100 NLHE, PKO, Thursday Thrill SE) Entires: 539 Prize pool: $1,078,000 1. LgwZ - $181,684.24 2. RaiseUpBlind - $115,058.82 3. darogio - $72,231.02 Event 27-H ($1,050 8-Game) Entries: 109 Prize pool: $125,000 1. Premove - $28,101.31 2. nkeyno - $21,552.27 3. robinho - $16,529.51 Event 29-H ($2,100 NLHE, 8-Max) Entries: 211 Prize pool: $422,000 1. PaDiLhA SP - $82,354.31 2. L. Veldhuis - $62,779.37 3. ale6ka 0 $47,857.33 Event 30-H ($1,050 NLHE, 7-Max, Hyper-Turbo, PKO) Entries: 305 Prize pool: $309,837 1. Powergolf - $59,895.13 2. wasylaa - $40,644.91 3. Shipmopff - $30,434.48
  2. Broadcast in recent days on the Poker Life Podcastwas an interview with Lex Veldhuis (pictured), who donned his PokerStarspatch in what would turn out to be a rather controversial two-hour sitting. It began with Veldhuis lambasting 2012 World Series of Poker One Drop winner Antonio Esfandiari. "I had some run-ins with him whereI just decided he's worthless," Veldhuis explained. "The first time I came to Vegas [to play a live tournament eight years ago], I was tournament-hungry and wanted to win a bracelet… I got there really motivated, played the WPT at the Mirage, final tabled a side event, and got pretty deep in the Main. Then, I played Mandalay Bay and [Esfandiari was] sitting to my left." Cue the fireworks. Veldhuis continued, "I was playing [what was] standard back then for European players… He was sitting to my left. Regardless, I was shitting on him all day in a combination of my style and the cards. He played very predictably." When the day ended, Esfandiari asked his new friend to dinner to talk a little poker strategy. Veldhuis responded in the affirmative, but wanted to bring his own friends along, as they had plans to go out. Rather than accommodate the request, Esfandiari countered, "You're new here, and I'm asking you to dinner, and you're about to turn me down?" "I'm not going to ditch my friends because you're Antonio and I should be grateful you're asking me to dinner," Veldhuis thought, along with a few other not-appropriate-for-TV comments. Five years later, Veldhuis and Esfandiari (pictured) were at EPT Vilamoura. A group that included Daniel Negreanuand Liv Boeree asked Veldhuis to dinner, but, similar to the time before, Veldhuis said he wanted to bring a friend who was in town. Esfandiari, who was in charge of the reservation, retorted, "We're trying to keep it exclusive," and Veldhuis thought, "Not this fucking shit again." Veldhuis also called out Esfandiari's demeanor in tournaments, saying, "He has no empathy for the situation people are in if he wants attention." He added, "He'll put somebody on the spot… His deal is his deal… The fact that he involves other people just to try to be funny when they're really vulnerable, that's what annoys me… That's part of the reason I don't like live tournaments… There's this entitled, look-at-me, stupid bullshit." He singled out Esfandiari's actions when players are all-in during high-stakes events, among other examples. "I don't have beef with him; I just don't like him," the PokerStars pro concluded. Posters on Two Plus Two were commenting on Esfandiari in general, with one person saying, "Antonio is living proof that you can get a huge number of fanboys in poker by always being an attention-whoring douche." Others called out Veldhuis, including one person who said, "Lex did himself no favors by publicly airing this immature, childish, negative rant on Antonio. He sadly comes across as a total douche." What do you think of Veldhuis' appearance? Comment here and let us know:
  3. [caption width="640"] Lex Veldhuis takes down the Thursday Thrill for over ,000 while streaming the entire adventure on Twitch.[/caption] It was 1932, Major League Baseball teams the New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs were battling in a hotly contested World Series when future Baseball Hall of Famer Babe Ruth legendarily stood at the plate, pointed his bat to the outfield and predicted that he would crush a home run off Cubs pitcher Charlie Root. The very next pitch he did just that - sending a ball soaring over the ivy in center field at Wrigley Field. Ever since that moment, despite the controversy over whether it actually happened that way or not, the competitive fire in people have seen them “calling their shot.” Online poker legend in his own right, Team PokerStars Online pro Lex Veldhuis did just that on Thursday when he took to Twitter and declared that not only would he play the PokerStars $1,050 Thursday Thrill while streaming live on Twitch - he predicted he was going to win it outright. It's a moment in his already storied career that clearly he, and those watching, won't soon forget. "The fact it was Thanksgiving, it's my biggest win on stream, and people were there to remind me makes it a pretty memorable moment." Veldhuis, rarely content and always intense, will no doubt not be resting on his laurels. He may take a day off to celebrate and enjoy the win, but viewers can expect him to be back on the grind on his Twitch.tv channel on his regular five-day a week schedule.
  4. The Dutch poker community is one with legacy. Steven ‘SvZff’ van Zadelhoff won the 2017 WCOOP Main Event and carried on the tradition of online success built by Noah Boeken and PokerStars team pro Lex Veldhuis. The new generation is talented and the evidence is proved by the current top-10 online rankings of players from the Netherlands. Leading the charge is ‘etxnl01,’ who is ranked #121 in the world. ‘Etxnl01’ started their year off the right way by winning the Sunday 500 on PokerStars. The gold medal came with $31,861 and a career-best 413.52. The #1 Dutch player is approaching $1 million in earnings. The breadth of that total comes from a 2016 SCOOP victory and 2017 WCOOP title. ‘ikkedus’ is the second member of the podium and the only other member of the Netherlands with at least 4,000 PLB points. Thanks to a third-place run in the PokerStars Sunday High Roller, ‘ikkedus’ is at an all-time in the worldwide rankings. The finish came with a mammoth 772.81 points along with $195,130. Standing tall with $2.3 million in earnings and third in the rankings is ‘mzzl83.’ This player finished victorious in the Mini Sunday Million on September 24 for $23,134 and 323.25. The ‘godfatti’ of Dutch poker is Tommie ‘TommieJ’ Janssen. Near the end of 2017, Janssen crossed over the $4 million mark in earnings. Janssen’s volume in the last few months is focused on non-traditional sites and he remains consistent with his results. Second in the ‘Tom’ rankings and fifth overall is ‘Tom_Poker_NL.’ This Tom is also at an all-time for rankings of 364th. ‘Tom_Poker_NL’ is closing in on $300,000 in earnings and will cross the barrier by the end of the month. The master of the Netherlands is ‘Maestro27.’ Registered on PocketFives as ‘Gerritss’ on PokerStars, ‘Maestro27’ is the recipient of over $2.5 million in winnings on the world’s #1 online poker client. ‘Gerritss’ is a name frequently seen on the Six Max Hyper Turbo leaderboards including three wins in November 2017. Similar to Tommie Janssen, Ozenc ‘ozenc’ Demir plays on sites out of the beaten path. Demir is winning at a high clip and the 2011 SCOOP Champion is up to $3.5 million in lifetime cashes. Former PocketFives worldwide top-10 member ‘busto_soon’ is a long way from being belly up. The three-time Triple Crown winner is #44 all-time in earnings with $6.497 million accumulated. Only two full years ago, ‘busto_soon’ won the Sunday Million for their largest score. ‘CocktailIsland’ and ‘holyguacmole’ are the #9 and #10 ranked players in the Netherlands and a few points shy of moving over 2,000. Netherlands Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 etxnl01 4,492.70 2 ikkedus 4,060.99 3 mzzl83 3,609.09 4 TommieJ 3,563.25 5 Tom_Poker_NL 3,250.73 6 Maestro27 2,921.89 7 ozenc 2,379.03 8 busto_soon 2,083.29 9 CocktailIsland 1,958.84 10 holyguacmole 1,902.66
  5. The salt and pepper hair belies Lex Veldhuis' status as one of the best streamers on Twitch, poker or otherwise. On a platform often dominated by the latest and greatest whiz kids, Veldhuis stands out thanks to his authenticity and his success. This isn't Veldhuis' first time rising to the top of something though. In his storied poker career, the 34-year-old Dutchman has gone from grinding online poker to traveling the world to play big buy-in tournaments and now finds himself combining those two things while the world watches. "I started online and I really liked that, then I started learning about all these live events, the EPTs and everything, so then I wanted to play live and I played a lot of live tournaments, said Veldhuis. "Then I was kind of done with the live scene and went to PLO and now streaming. I have to say that I think streaming is the most fun because I feel like I'm grinding in a living room with friends all the time." Maybe not HIS living room, though. Veldhuis and his girlfriend Myrthe have decided to take the opportunity to travel to new locations and set up shop for months at a time while continuing to stream. "We wanted to figure out a way that we could explore stuff together, make memories from traveling and just find out about cultures," said Veldhuis. "We're just kind of scoping out places where we can stay for 2-3 months where the internet is good enough to stream and then we settle down there." After calling Costa Rica "home" for a three-month stint, the couple is now in Panama City and have circled Victoria, Canada as the next location. For Veldhuis, the opportunity to live in different places rather than just visiting them for some big live tournament gives him the chance to really enjoy traveling. "I'm still travelling a lot, but the fact that I'm doing it with my girlfriend to see places, that makes it nice and before I just traveled to a tournament, I'd play for 13 hours, and I'd be really exhausted and then if I busted the tournament I'd be like 'oh, better to go home' and my friends would ask, 'What did you see in Barcelona?'. 'Didn't see much'," said Veldhuis. "But now we're going on jungle tours, we saw all kinds of stuff, some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. There was a sloth in our backyard, that's the kind of stuff we talk about. I feel like this is more like 'let's experience stuff when I happen to work there again'." Seeing how he's on the road year-round now, some might think he misses home, but Veldhuis has adapted quite well to the vagabond lifestyle - including the mindset necessary. Every new apartment they rent becomes home for Myrthe and Lex. "All of our stuff is in storage there, so it's not like we refer back to that living room because it's really your past house and this is the new one. It does feel like home," said Veldhuis. "I think that's important as well that you can adapt to a new situation pretty quickly and see what's here, what's cool." No matter where they are, the couple has a morning routine that gives them time to focus on each other and the locale they're in before Veldhuis turns the camera on each day. "We go out exploring a lot. We really like to go have breakfast in the morning before I stream because it's good quality time at the start of the day, it's relaxing," said Veldhuis. "We like to explore all these places together and get a good feel for what the city offers food-wise and stuff." Once the camera is on and the cards are in the air, Veldhuis turns his attention to that group of fans and followers that he's developed over the years. He's had a couple of notable scores, including a win in the PokerStars Thursday Thrill in November, that have helped him grow his audience. "Normally everybody is super-hyped when you get that deep, and people just go crazy. There are people who are skipping nights of sleep. There are people who get home from work, watch, then go back to work and then come back on a break to see how it's going," said Veldhuis. "You feed off the hype. I'm much more emotionally involved when I am streaming then when I'm alone behind the computer." Grinding tournaments wasn't what Veldhuis originally had planned for his Twitch channel. He'd fallen in love with PLO cash games and wanted to share that with the world. While some viewers were tuning in, some were doing just to ask him if he'd do something else. "At first I was playing Omaha and I would have a $1,500 stack in a cash game and that's pretty exciting to watch, I think, and people were like, 'Could you just play the $22 tournament, please?'," said Veldhuis. "I realized it's about going on a journey, living through somebody on the way to victory and sweating that victory. There needs to be a beginning and an endpoint, so people get really crazy, really hyped up." Along the way, he's learned how to handle the criticism that comes his way. Sometimes the Team PokerStars Online member is able to use it as a chance to educate and give his followers a better understanding of his approach to a particular hand. "If people talk about it in a constructive, critical way, like 'Lex, I don't understand why you go all in there. Don't you think it's a waste of your position?'. That's a good way to ask a question, and I'll answer it," said Veldhuis. "But if people are like, 'Ugh, so terrible to just go all in there, I would never do that'. Those are the ones you need to learn to ignore." He's also taken a very proactive approach to handling some of the issues that can rear their ugly head on Twitch. Building the biggest audience possible isn't necessarily Veldhuis' ultimate goal. One of his former roommates is the founder of eSports powerhouse Team Liquid and their philosophy in building their community was to permanently remove anybody that had a toxic influence. "That's the model I'm holding myself too. I don't care if I lose a lot of viewers because of it," said Veldhuis. "If I could choose between having a clean chat where everybody is nice and respectful, with the odd joke and people can have different moods and stuff, and it being only 3,000 viewers or a semi-toxic one that's not really enjoyable and would be 10,000 viewers, I would 100% go for the 3,000 viewers." Thanks to that approach, Veldhuis finds that the people tuning in to watch him are more supportive and he feels he has a real responsibility to be reliable and authentic - even on days where his own energy level is a little low. "When I wake up really tired, I'm still excited to talk to all of the people and I also think, even if it's a struggle for some people, you have to do that because it's about a commitment. You say you're going to commit time to a platform, people can subscribe to you, people invest time in you, people want to get to know you to ask you questions so you can't just dip in and out or just disappear after a while," said Veldhuis. Even though he's had big scores while streaming and seen the number of viewers hit record-setting numbers, the highlight of his time on Twitch so far has nothing to do with any big pot or win. "My father was diagnosed with Parkinson's. He's had that for five, six years now and it's pretty severe. For my birthday, (my community) raised money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation and presented it with a video, with a picture of me and my dad at a Rolling Stones concert with this music and stuff," said Veldhuis. "That's just incredible, it really touched me. I sent it on to my dad and he was just absolutely emotional." The community isn't just cheering for Veldhuis though. When one of them puts together a deep run in any tournament, the community starts railing that player and sweating the action with him. With 300 Platinum Passes up for grabs from PokerStars in 2018, Veldhuis hopes that one of his followers is able to get in position to win one. "The cool thing is they always ask me about the stories. What is it like playing with this or that person? And now they have a chance to do that themselves and it's very approachable for them," said Veldhuis. "They can do the challenges while they're watching, they can play and win tickets to certain online tournaments and qualifiers and they can go down different routes. If somebody says 'I have a serious sweat for this ticket' then the whole community will follow them." All of that will give Veldhuis the chance to return the favor and be the one on the rail and in the chatbox cheering on a follower for once. "I think it's going to be a huge sweat, and we have to sweat a few thousand people that can get one. I'm going to be pretty invested in that," said Veldhuis.
  6. Ole ‘wizowizo’ Schemion secured his second win of the series on Day 11 of the 2018 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker as 'OLD TIME GIN' banked a massive $205,828. Just days after picking up a score of $283,260 for winning Event #32-High ($10,300 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha High Roller), Schemion once again finished at the top of the field as he took down Event #36-High ($530 Deep Stacks No Limit Hold'em) and won $85,080 in the process. There was a final table reunion of sorts for Schemion and his fellow pro David 'dpeters17' Peters after both players made it to the final eight of the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event earlier this month. Peters outlasted Schemion on that occasion, finishing in fourth place after the German-born player had departed in the eighth spot. Peters mirrored his performance this time around, as he once again departed in fourth-place, good for $33,210. But Schemion however remained and was left to do battle with 'Manni1822' and William 'Hellzito' Arruda for the title. After 'Manni1822' exited with the bronze medal and $45,442, Schemion secured his second title of this year's SCOOP series and the first-place prize money by defeating the 2015 WCOOP Super Tuesday champion Arruda into second-place for $62,179. Belguim's 'OempaLoempah' took down Event #36-Medium for $39,790 after coming through a final table that featured Ben 'gs08bjohnson' Jenkins, 'ranhhh' and John 'JohnecoN' Economides. 'moneyymakerr' banked $27,721 for second-place, with Jenkins earning $13,458 in fourth as 'ranhhh' claimed $9,377 in fifth. The 'Low' title went to 'Trikover' after they came through the large 12,553 player field. The win earns them $7,861 after 'RunerRunner0' exited in second-place for $5,510. It took Canada's 'OLD TIME GIN' just two months to eclipse the $161,238 they won for victory in the Sunday Million after they added a SCOOP title to their name alongside $205,828 in Event #37-High ($2,100 Eight Max Super Tuesday No Limit Hold'em). 'OLD TIME GIN', who has over $4.5m in recorded online earnings, beat 'imluckbox' heads-up, with the second-place finisher banking a very respectable $152,624 after 585 entrants had come together to create a $1,166,000 prize pool. 'EzPaTuLa' collected a six-figure score of $113,173 for their third-place finish, with PocketFiver 'Benfica10' taking away $46,143 in sixth. Michael 'mczhang' Zhang continued their impressive form and narrowly missing out on a second SCOOP title of the week to Gabriel 'gabsdrogba' Schroeder in Event #37-Medium. Zhang, who won his first title in Event #22-High for $68,000, fell during heads-up play against the Brazilian Schroeder, who won $84,360 for topping the field. The Brit Zhang claimed a $60,000 score, with 'theNERDguy' ($42,865), 'Ruis Maker' ($30,555), 'jonaj10' ($21,781) and 'EndlessJ' ($15,526) making up the top six. 'Ifkata' was crowned the Event #37-Low ($22 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em) champion for $26,777 after they eliminated 'stuupid5' into the runner-up spot for $19,081. Germany's ''ArekSocal' completed the top three and binked their best recorded online cash for $13,601. As Day 11 of SCOOP drew to a close there was still time to complete one more tournament as 445 players took part in the $55 2nd Chance Heads-Up Shootout. PokerStars pro and popular Twitch streamer Lex Veldhuis finished a respectable 11th place for $384 with 'rrssrrss' taking the win for $4,034 ahead of 'IDOLLS' who finished second for $2,567. Event #36 (Low): $5.50 Deep Stacks No Limit Hold'em Entries: 12,553 Prize pool: $61,509.70 Trikover - $7,861.64 RunerRunner0 - $5,510.63 mikeracla - $3,867.18 athilapvh - $2,713.86 lsp pest - $1,904.50 7777BAR7777 - $1,336.51 Reiarturo - $937.92 Karuna78 - $658.20 thighTTKID - $461.90 Event #36 (Medium): $55 Deep Stacks No Limit Hold'em Entries: 5,598 Prize pool: $279,900 OempaLoempah - $39,790.52 moneyymakerr - $27,721.99 temoni18 - $19,315.95 gs08bjohnson - $13,458.79 ranhhh - $9,377.74 Neo_gracz - $6,534.15 AT_prodotico - $4,552.82 mojacko_king - $3,172.30 JohnecoN - $2,210.37 Event #36 (High): $530 Deep Stacks No Limit Hold'em Entries: 1,042 Prize pool: $521,000 wizowizo - $85,080.56 hellzito - $62,179.05 Manni1822 - $45,442.40 dpeters17 - $33,210.72 matanzas1 - $24,271.46 lehout - $17,738.33 Timonpoika - $12,963.73 Black Panfer - $9,474.28 Cmon_Gasquet - $6,924.09 Event #37 (Low): $22 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Entries: 9,839 Prize pool: $196,780 Ifkata - $26,777.54 stuupid5 - $19,081.50 ArekSocal - $13,601.94 Parker09SA - $9,695.94 brian 27979 - $6,911.60 mos77reg - $4,926.83 LeandroC1993 - $3,512.03 runaldinho1 - $2,503.49 Event #37 (Medium): $215 Eight Max Mini Super Tuesday No Limit Hold'em Entries: 2,903 Prize pool: $580,600 gabsdrogba - $84,360.08 mczhang - $60,133.14 theNERDguy - $42,865.00 Ruis Maker - $30,555.64 jonaj10 - $21,781.09 EndlessJ - $15,526.34 Mossop7 - $11,067.74 feldegani.ps - $7,889.48 Event #37 (High): $2,100 Eight Max Super Tuesday No Limit Hold'em Entries: 583 Prize pool: $1,166,000 OLD TIME GIN - $205,828.09 imluckbox - $152,624.61 EzPaTuLa - $113,173.70 aJarov - $83,920.28 A-TAIPEI-AA - $62,228.37 Benfica10 - $46,143.40 anteen - $34,216.15 MB TREMENDO - $25,371.81 SCOOP 2nd Chance $55 NLHE Heads-Up Shootout Entries: 445 Prize pool: $21,250 rrssrrss - $4,034.68 IDOLLS - $2,567.20 AZZAPHIL - $1,283.60 Dzidek93 - $1,283.60 Tychero5 - $715.11 Alexutzu88 - $715.11 Zemait1s - $715.11 the Beast159 - $715.11
  7. PokerStars’ Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is hitting its stride. Millions of guaranteed dollars are up for grabs and the competition is as heated as it has ever been. The second half of the SCOOP schedule is getting underway this week with at least $1,000,000 worth of guaranteed cash in play every single day. For members of Team PokerStars Online who grind a heavy SCOOP schedule, there can also be the added pressure of entertaining thousands of fans. Viewers flock to Twitch.tv to watch pros like Lex Veldhuis, Felix Schneiders and Kevin Martin play their best poker, blast their favorite music and, of course, engage with the chat. Every call, raise and fold is under the watchful eye of the public and these pros wouldn't have it any other way. The members of Team PokerStars Online are looking forward to mixing it up on the tables and with the fans. “My favorite thing about SCOOP is the diversity in both games and buy-in level,” said Lex Veldhuis. Veldhuis, who you can find on Twitch under his own name ‘LexVeldhuis’, is one of the current kings of Twitch poker thanks to his extremely honest and engaging personality. Veldhuis’ show continues to gain momentum and he currently is closing in on 100,000 Twitch followers. “There isn’t any other series where I can play mixed games as much as SCOOP. I can just gauge how much I know about a game or how much I like to challenge myself and pick a buy-in accordingly.” German pro Felix ‘xflixx’ Schneiders echoes Veldhuis’ love that SCOOP has something to offer for just about every player looking to get involved with the series. “I love that SCOOP provides an opportunity for every bankroll to compete,” Schnediers said. “[SCOOP] gives people a unique and prestigious championship experience which will be shared within our Twitch community.” The Twitch poker community is what is part of the allure for both the streamers and the fans. The shared experience that something important is on the line and there becomes a bit of a bond between the streamer and those who lend their support. For Kevin Martin, the Canadian Big Brother champion, there’s nothing better than the competition on the biggest of stages. “Good structures with huge guarantees. Word gets around Twitch poker about who’s going deep in a SCOOP and everyone piles in their stream to support.” Martin says about what he truly loves about streaming. For some, an integral part of grinding the SCOOP schedule is setting the mood. Nothing can be more empowering quite like an essential playlist. For Martin, he admits if it were up to him he’d be check-raising to some top 40 pop. “Top five artists that make me play the best poker: Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Fifth Harmony and One Direction," Martin said. “My stream hates my music choices, so I usually have to stay away from my favorites.” Martin’s stream can be found on Twitch under his user name ‘kevinmartin987’. While on the same PokerStars Team, Schneiders’ stream couldn’t be more opposite in terms of musical taste. The poker coach says that it’s rap, house, and hardcore that keep him pumped up when going deep in a tournament. For Veldhuis, his “mixed” playlist provides varied tunes, but they all provide the hype. Despite their musical differences, Veldhuis, Schneiders, and Martin all have one thing in common: they will all be in action during the final week of SCOOP, pumping up the jams while jamming all their chips in the middle. Catch some of the biggest online poker action on their respective streams as PokerStars SCOOP continues through May 21. Upcoming Scheduled Streams Lex Veldhuis Date Event Time 5/13 32-L: $109 PLO [6-Max, High Roller] $200K GTD 15:00 ET Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders Date Event Time 5/13 29-M: $109 NLHE [8-Max, ProKO, Sun Kickoff SE] $250K GTD 8:00 ET 5/17 44-L: $5.50 NLHE [6-Max] $50K GTD 10:00 ET 5/20 56-M: $55 NLHE [Sun Kickoff SE] $175K GTD 8:00 ET Kevin 'kevinmartin987' Martin Date Event Time 5/20 58-L: $109 NLHE [Main Event] $1.5 Million GTD 14:00 ET 5/20 58-M: $1,050 NLHE [Main Event] $4 Million GTD 14:00 ET
  8. There are still plenty of PokerStars Platinum Passes left to be won in 2018. However, only five more Platinum Passes are available to be earned as a part of the PokerStars Platinum Pass Adventure. The program enables PokerStars ambassadors to create unique ways for players to win their way to the 2019 $25,000 PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship. Now PokerStars personalities Daniel Negreanu, Maria Konnikova, Jeff Gross, Jen Shahade and Lex Veldhuis will be handing out passes. Each ambassador tasks their fanbase to perform something unique in an effort to be one of the people selected at a shot to win millions in the Bahamas. Negreanu Asks "Who Do You Play For?" Daniel Negreanu’s challenge is asking the poker community the question “Who are you playing for?” Negreanu understands that players are likely hoping for a score to change their own lives, but he’s asking for more. His challenge requires people to create a short video discussing a motivating charity, cause or foundation that would also benefit from having you playing in the PSPC. “You can make a huge difference for yourself and make the world a better place at the same time. So…who do you play for?” Negreanu said. Submit the video using the social media hashtag #DonateWithDaniel by September 30. Negreanu will select his top five finalists and then, on October 13 award the Platinum Pass. The four finalist videos that are not selected will all earn $1,000 for the charities or causes discussed. If the winner of the challenge cashes or, even wins, they will donate 50% of their earnings to the charity in their video. Konnikova's Poker Story Maria Konnikova’s poker story is incredibly unique. After having set out to write a book about what it takes to become a professional poker player, she actually lived it out. She turned a victory in the $1,500 2018 PokerStars PCA National event for $84,000 into a sponsorship deal with PokerStars. Now, she’s giving away a Platinum Pass to someone else who has a story to tell. “I truly believe that creativity and storytelling are among the most valuable and most often overlooked skills in poker - and I can’t wait to see you embrace those skills in this challenge,” Konnikova said. Konnikova's #mypokerstory challenge is looking for the most compelling story of what it means to be a good poker player. Are You Ready For Your Close Up? The social media savvy Jeff Gross has been creating YouTube vlogs for years and now he’s looking to inspire someone else to pick up a camera and begin to document their journey. “To have the opportunity to encourage someone to create something they are passionate about and give away a once in a lifetime experience trip to the PSPC means the world to me,” said Gross. “This is an event that will go down in history as one of the most special poker tournaments of our time.” Visit Gross' YouTube Channel for more details on his challenge. Create The Ultimate Game Of Skill Chess expert Jennifer Shahade found her way to to the felt by way of the chess board. Now, she’s hoping to find the next poker superstar among those who also share a love for both games. The #MyChessPokerGame challenge is asking the community to create a new game that incorporates elements of both chess and poker. “Poker is not just a game, but a passion, a science and a community, just like my first love, chess,” said Shahade. Shahade will select the finalists and a panel of poker and chess professionals will help select the winner, including Negreanu, Live Boeree and International Chess Master Danny Mensch. Pay It Forward Team PokerStars Online Pro Lex Veldhuis has also opted for a person of charity to receive his Platinum Pass. Hoping to find someone who will pay it forward, Veldhuis is looking for someone who will take action by documenting themselves spending 20 hours for a charitable cause. “When thinking about this challenge I really wanted to encompass what makes Twitch special for me. Then it became very simple. It’s people anonymously doing stuff for others. Going out of their way to do something nice or be there for someone,” Veldhuis said. “It’s a win-win contest as those who do not win a Pass will still feel like that have won by doing something they cherish, and people will have received something nice because of them.” Winners of each of the five Platinum Passes will earn a ticket to the $25,000 tournament plus an additional $5,000. Additionally, they will receive coaching and be mentored by the Ambassador who selected them. The PokerStars’ PSPC will take place January 6-10, 2019 during the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas.
  9. For the second Sunday in a row, a prominent online poker pro streamed a deep run in a Sunday Major, this time taking his audience on a journey that included a visit to the winner's circle. Lex Veldhuis beat out 1,068 other players, including Jonathan 'Proudflop' Proudfoot heads-up, to win the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up for $34,690 and was one of the highlight winners on another busy Sunday on the virtual felt. Sunday marked the debut of the $109 Sunday Million on PokerStars as a permanent fixture on the slate. The event attracted 15,550 players pushing the total prize pool to $1,555,000. The new buy-in also changed the payout table significantly. Both events paid roughly 18% of the field, but the winner last week received (before chop) 13.5% of the total prize pool. This week's winner, '555AU', took home just 8.8% of the prize pool for outlasting 9,713 more players. The Sunday Million also played down without a chop. '555AU' beat 'kmarao-Vi' heads-up to secure the $136,892 first place price. 'kmarao-Vi' was forced to settle for $99,334. PocketFiver Michael 'SmallKindB' Sklenicka rounded out the podium finishes by banking $72,087 for finishing in third place. The biggest buy-in event on partypoker's Sunday Schedule included some of the biggest hitters in the online poker world. The $5,200 buy-in The Big Game consisted of 211 players and pushed the total prize pool $55,000 past the $1,000,000 guarantee. 'edgybrah' topped a final table that included John Duthie, Roman Romanovsky, and former #1-ranked Patrick Leonard to win $215,114. Runner-up 'lqq1974' earned $156,140 while Orpen 'orpenkk' Kisacikoglu was left with $111,302 as his third place prize. PokerStars Sunday Million ($100 + $9 NLHE) $1M Guaranteed 15,550 entrants, $1,555,000 prize pool 555AU - $136,892 kmarao-Vix - $99,334 Michael 'SmallKindB' Sklenicka - $72,087 AAgoodfold - $52,313 Hookz - $37,964 Denis XXX007 - $27,550 simbadac - $19,993 rizseshus - $14,509 Expert Tver - $10,529 PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller, $150K Gtd 119 entrants, $238,000 prize pool Luke 'Bit2Easy' Reeves - $52,166.28 adkaf - $40,149.41 kimokh - $30,900.75 elmerixx - $23,782.57 Secret_M0d3 - $18,304.10 Roman 'RomeOpro' Romanovsky - $14,087.64 anteen - $10,842.47 Tankanza - $8,344.82 Sasuke234 - $6,422.54 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, $400K Gtd 1,081 entrants, $540,500 prize pool Turko_man - $43,974.09 + $29,635.16 Rick 'ThEcLaiMEer' Trigg - $32,232.36 + $11,273.43 xs169747 - $23,626.22 + $8,085.93 Jonas 'llJaYJaYll' Lauck - $17,317.94 + $1,710.94 Guilherme 'guix2x' Oliveira-Brasileiro - $12,693.99 + $3,250.01 Barato04 - $9,304.65 + $9,801.51 Z-ENERGIES - $6,820.27 + $6,743.65 losos007 - $4,999.24 + $2,343.75 Graftekkel - $3,664.45 + $1,781.25 PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up $175K Gtd 1,069 entrants, $213,800 prize pool Lex 'L. Veldhuis' Veldhuis - $34,690 Jonathan 'Proudflop' Proudfoot - $24,942 filusPL - $17,933 corresao - $12,894 chrtinho7 - $9,271 MinReraise - $6,666 dawwhiteninja - $4,793 Tom 'Jabracada' Hall - $3,446 Charlie 'JIZOINT' Combes - $2,477 partypoker $1,050 Sunday High Roller $150K Gtd 146 entrants, $150,000 prize pool ACHSO8000 - $34,485 Sami 'LarsLuzak1' Kelopuro - $24,750 nipa3p3 - $18,000 ReQui3m4 - $12,750 pinolerobeats - $9,000 GlobalHappiness - $7,125 p0kchkmonsta - $5,670 proudflop - $4,500 partypoker $1,050 Sunday High Roller Bounty Hunter – HR $200K Gtd 196 entrants, $200,00 prize pool Otxark0agabr0 - $15,804.19 + $12,851.72 Ciao_Polacco - $15,801.52 + $16,835 ReQui3m4 - $11,264.84 + $5,200 PeterLudolf - $8,328.50 + $3,654.22 LarsLuzak1 - $5,872.66 + $2,145 RedDwarf9 - $4,484.58 + $260 SpiritDNA - $3,310.04 + $5,330 MoNddLeR - $2,455.84 + $0 partypoker $5,200 The Big Game: $1M Gtd 211 entrants, $1,055,000 prize pool edgybrah - $215,114 lqq1974 - $156,140 Orpen 'orpenkk' Kisacikoglu - $111,302 Patrick 'Patrick_Leonard' Leonard - $82,290 Roman 'SanityWaterline' Romanovsky - $58,025 John 'John_Duthie' Duthie - $44,310 bgigra4 - $32,705 HeavensEdge222 - $24,265 partypoker $3,150 Super Sunday High Roller $200K Gtd 66 entrants, $200,000 prize pool aLiNeNok1617 - $61,000 haddoken - $41,000 WWWpartyC0M - $28,000 Sam 'bestindabiz51' Panzica - $18,000 ucantrybut - $14,000 HeavensEdge222 - $11,000 Drulitooo - $9,500 IamPEAKing - $9,000 888poker $215 Sunday Mega Deep 513 entrants – $102,600 prize pool Utd879908 - $19,853 Yattag0 - $14,877 888topPair - $11,286 Mr.Fonzi - $8,464 Mimm0000000u - $5,848 plomaha - $4,514 bossamtisch1 - $3,488 sonmonedass - $2,462
  10. PokerStars Team Online Pro Lex Veldhuis is bringing his popular Twitch Poker community off of the internet and into the real world with the inaugural Lex Live Spring Festival. From March 27-31 at the Grand Casino de Namur in Belgium, PokerStars is sponsoring a series of live tournaments, hosted by Veldhuis, aimed at the ever-growing online community Veldhuis has cultivated on his popular Twitch channel. “When my community started growing on Twitch, people started talking about having a meet-up where everyone could meet each other and hang out,” Veldhuis said. “It’s cool to be able to take the next step and strengthen the relationships.” The series consists of seven different tournaments, including a €100,000 guaranteed €225 buy-in Main Event with three different starting flights plus a number of live €60 satellites and a televised cash game. Veldhuis will be on hand for the entire time both hanging out with his fans as well as battling them on the felt. “We’re going to be playing poker. There are going to be some other activities, too, and we’re going to be hanging out at the bar,” Veldhuis said. ”There will be some cool twists on some tournaments. People will recognize a lot from the stream in it. I just can’t wait for it, because I feel like the stream has grown so much it just deserves some kind of big event as well. "It's all going to be very relaxed, very community-driven," he said. No small part of Veldhuis’ popularity on Twitch can be attributed to both his genuine on-camera persona and the fact that he has routinely produced big-time results while streaming for thousands of poker fans. Veldhuis once famously "called his shot" stating that he was going to win the PokerStars Thursday Thrill on-camera, and he did just that. As recently as last month, Veldhuis took down the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up for $34,690 while streaming. Then, again, two weeks later Veldhuis chopped the Sunday Big $109 with ‘girafganger7’ while on stream, picking up 700 subscribers in the process. To date, Veldhuis' Twitch stream has over 17 million views. The move to bring Veldhuis and his community together for a live series follows in the footsteps of the path of fellow Team PokerStars Pro Jason Somerville’s acclaimed Run It Up Reno live events. Somerville started Run It Up Reno at the Peppermill Hotel Casino in Reno, Nevada in 2015 as a way to unite his own online community in the live poker arena. In his first year, Somerville organized nine different live events. At the end of 2018, Run It Up Reno held its seventh event and offered 22 different tournaments. In fact, Veldhuis himself has been a participant in past Run It Up Reno events. Now, as one of the most successful Twitch Poker streamers online today, it time for Veldhuis to elevate his own community. “There are so many different people from all walks of life in the channel,” Veldhuis said. “People really develop relationships. I feel like we’re ready to take the next step with the community and having a live event is a good next step.” Online satellites to attend Lex Live Spring Festival will be available on the PokerStars Client beginning Sunday, February 24. Lex Live Spring Festival 2019 Schedule DATE EVENT BUY-IN 03/27 Lex Live Main Event Day 1A €225 03/27 Main Event Satellite €60 03/28 Main Event Day 1 B €225 03/28 Main Event Satellite €60 03/28 Flip Out Satellite €60 03/29 Main Event Satellite €60 03/29 Main Event Day 1C €225 03/29 FU Friday Flip €60 03/29 Main Event Day 1D €225 03/29 Fast and Furious Hyperturbo €225 03/30 Main Event (Day 2) - 03/30 Pot Limit Omaha €170 03/30 Lex Live eSports SnG - 03/30 Progressive Bounty €115 03/30 The Golden Beaker High Roller €550 03/31 Main Event Final Table - 03/31 The Golden Beaker High Roller (Day 2) - 03/31 SUPER SUNDAY €65
  11. After tabulating the votes of over 130 Nomination Panel members, the Global Poker Index, along with their partner PokerCentral, has unveiled the nominations in thirteen of the 20 categories of the first ever Global Poker Awards. The awards are set to take place on April 5 at the PokerGO Studios in Las Vegas where poker players and industry members from 10 different nations will be represented in a wide variety of categories that aims to celebrate all aspects of the poker community. PocketFives is well represented within the nominees. The Fives Podcast is one of five nominees for Podcast of the Year and PocketFives' President & Editor in Chief Lance Bradley's book, The Pursuit of Poker Success, Here are the nominees, presented in alphabetical order: Tournament Performance of the Year Justin Bonomo (Super High Roller Bowl IV) John Cynn (2018 World Series of Poker Main Event) Maria Lampropulos (2018 PCA Main Event) Dylan Linde (WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic) Breakout Player of the Year Almedin ‘Ali’ Imsirovic Maria Konnikova Ping Liu Christopher Michael Soyza Streamer of the Year Jeff Gross Jason Somerville Jaime Staples Lex Veldhuis Vlogger of the Year Marle Cordeiro Joe Ingram Andrew Neeme Daniel Negreanu Doug Polk Podcast LFG Podcast PokerCentral Podcast PokerNews Podcast The Chip Race The Fives Poker Podcast Broadcaster Maria Ho Lon McEachern Nick Schulman Lex Veldhuis Poker Journalist Drew Amato Sarah Herring Remko Rinkema Christian Zetzsche Media Content Drew Amato (photo: Brunson bids farewell to WSOP) Lance Bradley (book: The Pursuit of Poker Success) Haley Hintze (article: Vayo v. PokerStars) PokerCentral/PokerGO (Super High Roller Club: Schulman featuring Nejad) Industry Person Angelical Hael (World Poker Tour) Cary Katz (Poker Central) Matt Savage (WPT, TDA) Ty Stewart (World Series of Poker) Rob Yong (Dusk Till Dawn, partypoker) Tournament Director Tony Burns (Seminole Hard Rock) Paul Campbell (ARIA) Jack Effel (World Series of Poker) Kenny Hallaert (Unibet Open) Mid-Major Tour/Circuit 888poker LIVE RUNGOOD Poker Series Unibet Open WPTDeepStacks WSOP Circuit Event of the Year partypoker Caribbean Poker Party Main Event Super High Roller Bowl IV WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic WSOP Main Event Moment of the Year Jeremy Hilsercop received PSPC Platinum Pass via Christmas Day viral video Joe Cada wins The Closer after finishing 5th in WSOP Main Event Doyle Brunson plays his final WSOP event Justin Bonomo wins Big One for One Drop, completing Super High Roller Streak In addition to the above categories, there are seven other awards that will be given out during the ceremony. Due to their results in 2018, Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknell will each be receiving awards for the 2018 GPI Player of the Year and the 2018 Female Player of the Year respectively. Along with trophies for Foxen and Bicknell the following categories will be determined by the Global Poker Awards Jury: - Lifetime Achievement in Poker Award - Charitable Initiative - Jury Prize As has been the case in previous GPI award shows, the “people” will have a voice and will vote to award the People’s Choice Award for Poker Personality of the Year. Also, PocketFives will be handing out the PocketFives Legacy Award acknowledging a player who has come from the world of online poker to make major contributions to poker’s live tournament scene. The Global Poker Awards can be watched live on PokerGO on April 5.
  12. Some of the biggest names in the game of poker along with prominent members of the poker industry gathered at the PokerGO Studios in Las Vegas on Friday night to celebrate the first ever Global Poker Awards presented by PokerStars. The ceremony acknowledged and celebrated the feats and achievements of members of the poker community in 2018 with 20 awards handed out in a wide range of subjects. PokerStars ambassador Lex Veldhuis, who was nominated in two categories, walked away with the Streamer of the Year Award for his popular Twitch Poker channel. He was joined by another popular digital content creator Andrew Neeme, who picked up his second award as Vlogger of the Year. Maria Ho made her way to the stage to pick up the award for Broadcaster of the Year as did PokerNews' Sarah Herring who took home the Journalist of the Year award. Almedin ‘Ali’ Imsirovic was in attendance and picked up the trophy for the Breakout Player of the Year after appearing on the high roller scene and taking down the title of Poker Central’s Poker Masters champion. Fellow high roller Justin Bonomo’s outstanding 2018 campaign brought him the award for Moment Of The Year by winning the Big One For One Drop at the World Series of Poker. Once again the World Series of Poker Main Event received the award for the Event of the Year. The tournament that is widely considered to be the best-structured tournament of the year also brought its 2018 winner, John Cynn the award for Tournament Performance of the Year. PocketFives Editor in Chief Lance Bradley, who was also nominated for two awards on the evening, received an award for Media Content of the Year for his book The Pursuit of Poker Success. Another PocketFiver, Chris Moorman, was chosen to be awarded the PocketFives Legacy Award, given to an online legend who has made significant contributions to the live poker arena. Speaking of contributions to the game of poker, the Godfather of Poker himself, Doyle Brunson was celebrated with the Lifetime Achievement in Poker award which was not awarded during the broadcast. Complete List of Global Poker Award Winners Vlogger of the Year - Andrew Neeme Podcast of the Year - The Chip Race Poker Podcast Broadcaster of the Year - Maria Ho Breakout Player of the Year - Ali Imsirovic Journalist of the Year - Sarah Herring Mid-Major Tour/Circuit of the Year - RUNGOOD Poker Series Streamer of the Year - Lex Veldhuis Charitable Initiative Award - Robbie Strazynski, Run Well Series Tournament Director of the Year - Paul Campbell, ARIA PocketFives Legacy Award Winner - Chris Moorman Tournament Performance of the Year - John Cynn, WSOP Main Event Poker Media Content of the Year - Lance Bradley, The Pursuit of Poker Success Tournament of the Year - World Series of Poker Main Event Tournament Industry Person of the Year - Angelica Hael Poker Moment of the Year - Justin Bonomo Wins Big One For One Drop Jury Prize - Drew Amato People’s Choice Award Winner - Brad Owen 2018 GPI Poker Player of the Year - Alex Foxen 2018 GPI Female Poker Player of the Year - Kristen Bicknell Lifetime Achievement in Poker - Doyle Brunson
  13. The 2019 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker continued on Thursday, with another pile of tournaments coming to a conclusion and plenty of winners being crowned. Among those grabbing SCOOP titles with Thursday's action were Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah, Rui 'RuiNF' Ferreira, and Laszlo 'omaha4rollz' Bujtas. For Ferreira, it was his second title in two days. Ferreira was the biggest winner of the day, as he took home $224,007.51 in prize money for winning Event #45 (High): $5,200 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em High Roller. Ferreira topped a field of 245 entries to score the title. If you read yesterday's write-up, Ferreira was also in the winner's circle then, for taking the title in Event #39 High ($2,100 Six Max Limit Hold’em). Bujtas was also a big winner on the day, taking down Event #46 (High): $530 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha (w/rebuys) for $83,041.80. In that tournament, Bujtas topped a field of 216 entries. Leah defeated a field of 676 entries to win Event #44 (Medium): $109 HORSE for $12,675. Notable scores were had by Patrick 'pads1161' Leonard and Lex 'L. Veldhuis' Veldhuis, as well. Leonard took fourth from a field of 2,259 entries in Event #45 (Medium): $530 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em for $60,861.18, and Veldhuis finished third from a field of 979 entries in Event #46 (Medium): $55 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha (w/rebuys) to earn $14,101.01. Event #44 (Low): $11 HORSE Entries: 3,109 Prize pool: $30,468 M0N0Chrome - $3,955.06* ColdBryan - $3,843.39* Pur1te - $3,627.31* The Cooker - $2,132.77 Pucckui AA - $1,523.41 GuinhoR - $914.04 whlgaz1 - $533.19 FrankTaylor3 - $281.83 Event #44 (Medium): $109 HORSE Entries: 676 Prize pool: $67,600 Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah - $12,675 xu327358809 - $9,126 RichieRichZH - $6,760 Xolaider - $5,070 KorotkoV - $3,380 D. Taylor01 - $2,366 angrymoron - $1,521 cladarth - $1,014 Event #44 (High): $1,050 HORSE Entries: 133 Prize pool: $133,000 felipebeltra - $25,663.65* ShipitFTW911 - $23,878.85 Maicoshaa - $15,960 Adam 'Adamyid' Owen - $11,305 teruliro - $7,315 Colisea - $5,985 Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen - $4,655 aDrENalin710 - $3,657.50 Event #45 (Low): $55 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Entries: 9,618 Prize pool: $480,900 fmrsmurilo - $61,086.19* Costas Papa - $43,152.82* Vinicius EE - $42,788.01* leoleal1 - $23,977.48 Gallofree333 - $17,092 Majchi - $12,183.84 S.totuli - $8,685.10 robertscom - $6,191.01 Event #45 (Medium): $530 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Entries: 2,259 Prize pool: $1,129,500 luckymo32 - $156,093.64* Any2vsYou - $131,708.26* lucianodayan - $85,379.24 Patrick 'pads1161' Leonard - $60,861.18 fcb-serv - $43,383.86 pl@ta0plomo - $30,925.48 Darwinsfish - $22,044.79 ScoRPioN95 - $15,714.16 Event #45 (High): $5,200 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em High Roller Entries: 245 Prize pool: $1,225,000 Rui 'RuiNF' Ferreira - $224,007.51* pokerkluka - $191,175.05 compris - $136,985.87 MCvisitor - $104,464.93 topdoll827 - $79,664.56 IneedMassari - $60,751.91 ROFLshove - $46,329.13 ThePateychuk - $35,330.59 Event #46 (Low): $5.50 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha (w/rebuys) Entries: 3,356 Prize pool: $53,454 kendy_doyle - $5,661.03* Alex.M.59 - $4,361.06* kuzya1993 - $4,726.81* prpotzak - $4,620.71& parazzit123 - $1,811.11 Yura Kolosov - $1,261.92 Event #46 (Medium): $55 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha (w/rebuys) Entries: 979 Prize pool: $177k,746 _TheJds_ - $29,045.71 dantegoyaF - $20,237.61 Lex 'L. Veldhuis' Veldhuis - $14,101.01 Grezi - $9,825.20 VIgnasPokerV - $6,845.93 goin4br0ke - $4,770.06 Event #46 (High): $530 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha (w/rebuys) Entries: 216 Prize pool: $423,190 Laszlo 'omaha4rollz' Bujtas - $83,041.80 BigBadBoss - $63,755.30 madsamot - $48,948.22 raconteur - $37,580.07 xnrobix - $28,852.12 hotmark777 - $22,141.24 Event #47 (Low): $11 No Limit Hold'em PKO Entries: 12,854 Prize pool: $125,969 PositivusLV - $7,782.73 + $4,831.52 in bounties Tbk_500 - $5,452.27 + $404.90 in bounties Jujubh - $3,826.32 + $261.09 in bounties HK66666666 - $2,685.12 + $188.82 in bounties ViniciusJ94 - $1,884.33 + $387.71 Mr.Grigoriy - $1,322.36 + $361.64 KOPELLlius - $927.98 + $52.34 BingBrun0 - $651.22 + $989.05 Jakkebest - $457.00 + $310.99 in bounties Event #47 (Medium): $109 No Limit Hold'em PKO Entries: 4,488 Prize pool: $448,800 fAArid88 - $32,033.22 + $12,153.83 in bounties PeroQmaioSoy - $22,627.55 + $6,792.22 in bounties Akameo - $16,000.10 + $3,942.80 in bounties GoldoHuninho - $11,313.79 + $4,212.81 in bounties ExpectWhat - $8,000.08 + $2,414.70 in bounties ultimatume - $5,656.92 + $1,051.94 in bounties Andreflk13 - $4,000.06 + $705.48 in bounties m3Dyyy - $2,828.47 + $2,666.25 in bounties IvanRus063 - $2,000.03 + $1,766.21 in bounties Event #47 (High): $1,050 No Limit Hold'em PKO Entries: 609 Prize pool: $609,000 IDOLLS - $53,751.99 + $45,539.02 in bounties ratitoBR - $40,079.99 + $16,042.96 in bounties Dannyz0r - $29,885.73 + $16,605.48 in bounties petemtv - $22,284.34 + $13,125.01 in bounties APonakov - $16,616.35 + $5,015.63 in bounties bartowskiFR - $12,390.01 + $2,132.81 in bounties ga207 - $9,238.62 + $875.00 in bounties youaremelon - $6,888.79 + $6,187.50 in bounties alexos888 - $5,136.64 + $3,828.13 in bounties Event #71 (Low): $22 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Turbo Entries: 8,429 Prize pool: $168,580 KeepTheBeat - $23,670.43 Colachito - $16,867.59 bamboocha88 - $12,023.78 g0epr0 - $8,570.96 lyampk - $6,109.67 atredezini - $4,355.18 Phanteidos1 - $3,104.51 anoxas - $2,213.00 Assad91 - $1,577.50 Event #71 (Medium): $215 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Turbo Entries: 1,714 Prize pool: $342,800 Fabahaba - $51,993.21 rain1812 - $37,061.71 YOLOBETS - $26,418.84 Päffchen - $18,832.26 MoTTaGeNiaL - $13,424.25 Kim98675 - $9,569.26 jutrack - $6,821.27 Futurefeyd - $4,862.44 WizardOffAz - $3,466.11 Event #71 (High): $2,100 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Turbo Entries: 246 Prize pool: $492,000 OLD TIME GIN - $94,605.32 great dant - $72,145.60 fellatiado - $55,017.99 M.nosbocaJ - $41,956.53 Daenarys - $31,995.89 yurasov1990 - $24,399.95 herr_01 - $18,607.29 Indio_KKore - $14,189.91 E. Aequitas - $11,237.28
  14. Nominations for the second annual Global Poker Awards were announced on Friday with popular poker personality Joey Ingram leading the way with four nominations. The Global Poker Awards, slated to take place at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas on March 6, celebrates the poker industry by recognizing the game of poker's top talent both on the felt and behind the scenes. This year, awards will be handed out in 19 different categories including two that are voted on by the fans. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="BetMGM NJ"] Multiple Nods Sixteen former award winners are back in contention this year with a number of them recognized in multiple categories. Poker personality and podcast/video producer Joey Ingram picked up nominations in the People’s Choice for Poker Personality of the Year, Podcast of the Year (Poker Life Podcast), Journalist of the Year and Media Content of the Year for his extensive work investigating the Mike Postle cheating allegation story. PocketFives’ own three-time GPI award winner Lance Bradley earned another three nominations for Journalist of the Year, Media Content of the Year, and Podcast of the Year for The FIVES Poker Podcast, alongside PocketFives own Managing Editor Donnie Peters. Daniel Negreanu, Jamie Kerstetter, Lex Veldhuis, Hayley Hochstätter and tournament director Matt Savage each earned two nominations. Alex Foxen, Andrew Neeme, Barny Boatman, Brad Owen, Bryn Kenney, Cary Katz, Joe Giron, Joe Stapleton, Kevin Mathers, Nick Schulman, and Paul Campbell join Bradley, Ingram, Negreanu, Savage, and Veldhuis as previous award winners who find themselves back in the running for even more hardware at the upcoming ceremonies. In addition to the 18 awards that will be voted on and the Global Poker Index Player of the Year awards, the PocketFives Legacy Award will once again be handed out to a PocketFives player who has shown success in both the online and live poker arenas. Previous award winners include Ari Engel, Cliff Josephy and Chris Moorman. 2019 Global Poker Award Nominees GPI BREAKOUT PLAYER OF THE YEAR Robert Campbell (AUS) Ramon Colillas (ESP) Ben Farrell (UK) George Wolff (USA) FINAL TABLE PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR Hossein Ensan (GER), WSOP Main Event William Alex Foxen (USA), WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic Phillip Hui (USA), WSOP Poker Players Championship Bryn Kenney (USA), Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Montenegro TWITTER PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR Barny Boatman (UK) Jamie Kerstetter (USA) Kitty Kuo (TAI) Kevin Mathers (USA) PLAYERS CHOICE FOR TOUGHEST OPPONENT Michael Addamo (AUS) Kahle Burns (AUS) Stephen Chidwick (UK) Ali Imsirovic (BIH) STREAMER OF THE YEAR Hristivoje Pavlovic (AUS) Benjamin Spragg (UK) Matthew Staples (CAN) Lex Veldhuis (NED) VLOGGER OF THE YEAR Jaman Burton (USA) Andrew Neeme (USA) Daniel Negreanu (CAN) Brad Owen (USA) PODCAST OF THE YEAR DAT Poker Podcast: Terrence Chan, Ross Henry, Adam Schwartz, Daniel Negreanu (CAN) Poker Life Podcast: Joey Ingram (USA) The Fives, a PocketFives Podcast: Lance Bradley (CAN), Donnie Peters (USA) The Grid: Jennifer Shahade (USA) INDUSTRY PERSON OF THE YEAR Phil Galfond (USA), Run it Once Poker Cary Katz (USA), Poker Central/PokerGO Paul Phua (MAS), Triton Poker Matt Savage (USA), WPT/TDA TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR Tony Burns (USA), Seminole Hard Rock Paul Campbell (USA), Aria Jack Effel (USA), World Series of Poker Matt Savage (USA), WPT/TDA EVENT OF THE YEAR PokerStars Players Championship Bahamas Triton London Million for Charity World Series of Poker Main Event World Series of Poker BIG 50 MID-MAJOR TOUR/CIRCUIT OF THE YEAR Road to PSPC RUNGOOD Poker Series WPTDeepStacks WSOP Circuit JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR Lance Bradley (CAN) Haley Hintze (USA) Joey Ingram (USA) Nick Jones (UK) BROADCASTER OF THE YEAR Jamie Kerstetter (USA) Jeff Platt (USA) Nick Schulman (USA) Joseph Stapleton (USA) MEDIA CONTENT OF THE YEAR: WRITTEN A Fight for Fatherhood: The Biggest Win of Jason Young’s Life, Lance Bradley (CAN) for PoketFives Kevin Roster Spread Sarcoma Awareness at WSOP, Wants to End Life on His Terms, Aleeyah Jadavji (CAN), Hayley Hochstetler (USA) for PokerNews Poker and Pop Culture, Martin Harris (USA) for D+B Publishing The Unabridged Story of The Hendon Mob, Paul Seaton (UK) for PokerNews MEDIA CONTENT OF THE YEAR: PHOTO Antonio Abrego (USA): Ryan Laplante in deep thought at the WSOP (PokerNews) Drew Amato (USA): Dario Sammartino folds at the WSOP (Poker Central) Joe Giron (USA): WPT Champion Frank Stepuchin is lifted in victory (WPT) Hayley Hochstetler (USA): Doyle Brunson and Jack Binion at WSOP celebration (WSOP) MEDIA CONTENT OF THE YEAR: VIDEO Investigating Mike Postle Hand Histories from Stones Live, Joey Ingram (USA) Legends of the Game – Stu Ungar (PokerGO) The Big Blind w/Jeff Platt featuring Mike Matusow, Normand Chad, Sarah Herring (PokerGO) Who Makes Money from Professional Poker, Sam Rega (USA) for CNBC PEOPLE’S CHOICE FOR POKER PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR Joey Ingram (USA) Jonathan Little (USA) Ryan DePaulo (USA) Lex Veldhuis (NED) PEOPLE’S CHOICE FOR HAND OF THE YEAR Bryce Yockey takes a historic hit against Josh Arieh in the WSOP Poker Players Championship Ryan Riess makes 10-high all-in call at EPT Monte Carlo final table Sam Trickett makes Stephen Chidwick fold best hand at Triton London 1M event Thi Xoa Nguyen folds full house to Athanasios Polychronopoulos at PSPC
  15. Connor Drinan joined an elite club on Thursday and in the process helped form an even more elite one. Drinan became the ninth player with five career PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker titles by winning Event #56 High (1,050 HORSE) and in the process joined Shaun Deeb as the only players to win four SCOOP titles in a single year. Drinan beat Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah heads-up to earn the fourth title and added $30,232.50 to his bankroll. Leah walked away with $21,545 for his efforts while third-place finisher 'wiNNin83' had to settle for $16,680. Deeb became the first player to win four SCOOP titles in 2012. Drinan's previous 2020 came in Event #34 High ($530 Pot Limit Omaha 8-or-better), Event #40-H ($5,200 PLO 6-Max), and Event #45-M ($215 NLO8 Six Max PKO). Mirza 'zazano' Muhovic won Event #57 High ($5,200 NLHE High Roller) to lock up a $201,606 score. Joel 'Odonkor1' Nordkvist fell one spot short of the title and had $155,222.20 to console himself with. Jonathan 'apestyles' Van Fleet came in third for $119,510.00. The final table also included 'bencb789' and Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis. The Dutch pro's Twitch stream of the final table broke his personal record for viewers with more than 34,000 people tuned in before he was eliminated in seventh place. Event #58 High ($2,100 Heads-Up NLHE) had 119 runners with 'CatLover666' and Phil 'Grindation' McAllister battling through all of them to make the final where 'CatLover666' picked up the win and $71,400. McAllister had to settle for $42,840.00. Ukrainian 'gerasag' outlasted 637 other entries in Event #59 High ($1,050 NLHE PKO) to win $48,061.01 from the prize pool and another $50,031.22 worth of bounties. Andres 'wisopekeno!' Gonzalez came in second place and locked up a $48,060.54 windfall and $8,914.07 in bounties. Alex 'dynoalot' Difelice took the final spot on the podium, earning $30,190.06 and $3,218.75 in bounties for a third-place result. After finishing fourth in Event #56 High earlier in the day, Kyle 'km_freestyle' Menne put a bow on a victory in Event #61 High ($1,050 Omaha 8-or-better) to win $28,546.77. Talal 'raidalot' Shakerchi picked up another strong finish, coming in second place for $22,099.00 while 'Brandon-Tino' walked away with $17,107.61 for finishing third. Other players who won SCOOP titles on Thursday include 'TSubbb' (Event #56-L), 'thomber26' (Event #56-M), 'JUCA_PIRAMA1' (Event #57-L), 'lucianodayan' (Event #57-M), 'JJborio' (Event #58-L), 'd0nkBluff' (Event #58-M), 'Eldon69350' (Event #59-L), 'jonespkr' (Event #59-M), 'fcttom' (Event #61-L), and 'Vitek_vv' (Event #61-M). Event #56-H: $1,050 HORSE Entries: 139 Prize pool: $139,000 Connor 'blanconegro' Drinan - $30,232.50 Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah - $21,545.00 wiNNin83 - $16,680.00 Kyle 'km_freestyle' Menne - $11,815.00 Skint Paddy - $7,645.00 Spokey - $6,255.00 adkaf - $4,865.00 Harleyy30040 - $3,822.50 Event #57-H: $5,200 NLHE High Roller Entries: 184 Prize pool: $1,000,000 Mirza 'zazano' Muhovic - $201,606 Joel 'Odonkor1' Nordkvist - $155,222.20 Jonathan 'apestyles' Van Fleet - $119,510.00 bencb789 - $92,014.10 EEE27 - $70,844.30 DeadNylan - $54,545.00 Lex 'L. Veldhuis' Veldhuis - $41,995.80 kimokh - $32,333.70 Wildace_hun - $24,894.70 Event #58-H: $2,100 Heads-Up NLHE Entries: 119 Prize pool: $238,000 CatLover666 - $71,400.00 Phil 'Grindation' McAllister - $42,840.00 Dominik 'Bounatirou' Nitsche - $23,800.00 fetopoker1 - $23,800.00 Event #59-H: $1,050 NLHE PKO Entries: 638 Prize pool: $638,000 (including $319,000 in bounties) gerasag - $48,061.01 + $50,031.22 wisopekeno! - $48,060.54 + $8,914.07 dynoalot - $30,190.06 + $3,218.75 Swaggersorus - $22,312.26 + $11,609.38 markovitsus - $16,590.09 + $7,656.25 7tHEcROw7 - $12,187.17 + $4,531.25 lechuckpoker - $9,007.06 + $10,789.06 wktak1 - $6,656.76 + $8,640.63 Event #61-H: $1,050 Omaha 8-or-better Entries: 136 Prize pool: $136,000 Kyle 'km_freestyle' Menne - $28,546.77 Talal 'raidalot' Shakerchi - $22,099.00 Brandon-Tino - $17,107.61 flong78 - $13,243.61 krakukra - $10,252.34 Perumov - $7,936.70 bernard-bb - $6,144.08 OK1OK2 - $4,756.35 Kroko-dill - $3,91.44
  16. Connor ‘blanconegro’ Drinan re-wrote the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker record books on Tuesday when he took down the $10K Pot Limit Omaha Main Event for an unprecedented fifth title in a single SCOOP series. It was less than a week ago when Drinan clinched his fourth SCOOP title by winning the $1K HORSE event, tying former #1-ranked PocketFiver Shaun Deeb for the most titles in a single series. But for Drinan, the heater continued and he surpassed Deeb by besting the 159-entry field in Event #75-H ($10,300 PLO 6-Max Main Event) for an online career-high $322,264.28 payday. Two of Drinan’s titles came in Pot Limit Omaha, one in Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better, one in No Limit Omaha, and one in HORSE. Altogether, the Chicago native’s victories earned him $567,287 in total prize money, pushing his career total cashes north of $8.8 million. Even though PokerStars has extended the 2020 SCOOP through the end of May, Drinan’s record-breaking run has come within a similar timeframe and number of events traditionally given to all players. So, anything that Drinan is able to add on in the weeks to come will simply be a bonus to one of the most amazing SCOOP performances to date. In order for Drinan to secure the victory in the $10K Pot Limit Omaha Main Event he first had to battle against PLO specialist Jens ‘Jeans89’ Kyllonen. Kyllonen fell just short of the title and was forced to settle for second place which was good for $245,286.27. Joao ‘Naza114’ Vieira’s incredible SCOOP continued as well, taking third place for $186,695.89. The $10K SCOOP NLHE Main Event made a different kind of history on Tuesday as players battled for a chance to make the final table. For many, the road to the final table went through PokerStars ambassador Lex Veldhuis’ Twitch stream as he gave fans a taste of what it’s like to make a deep run in the Main Event. Early in the stream, Veldhuis, who is currently the top poker streamer on Twitch, broke through his own previous viewership record of 36K viewers. Then, after he busted his friend and fellow PokerStars ambassador Ben ‘Spraggy’ Spragg, his viewership skyrocketed past 50,000. It peaked at 58,799 which was not only a new record for Veldhuis, but an all-time record for viewers watching poker on Twitch. Veldhuis’ amazing run ended in 15th place where he collected $62,620.42. Just six eliminations later, the final table was set with Pieter ‘XMorphineX’ Aerts holding the overnight chip lead. Daniel ‘Oxota’ Dvoress and Brazil’s Pablo ‘pabritz’ Brito are also in the top three, both eclipsing 20 million in chips. High stakes tournament pro Michael ‘imluckbox’ Addamo, Raise Your Edge lead coach Benjamin ‘bencb789’ Rolle, and ‘Alexgirs’ are situated in the middle of the chip counts. And Max ‘goodeh99’ Silver, Alex ‘dynoalot’ Difelice, and ‘EEE27’ are situated on the short stacks. Play resumes on Wednesday where the winner will be awarded more than $1 million. SCOOP #74-H: $10,300 NLHE Main Event 609 entries $6,090,000 Final Table Chip Counts XMorphineX - 36,539,059 Oxota - 28,570,379 pabritz - 20,514,267 imluckbox - 18,739,553 bencb789 - 12,283,432 Alexgirs - 11,783,439 goodeh99 - 8,647,301 dynoalot - 8,594,592 EEE27 - 4,577,978 SCOOP #75-H: $10,300 PLO 6-Max Main Event 159 entries $1,590,000 prize pool Connor ‘blanconegro’ Drinan - $322,264.28 Jeans89 - $245,286.27 Naza114 - $186,695.89 Kukenmuser - $142,100.68 gavz101 - $108.157.68 raidalot - $82,322.56 SCOOP #75-M: $1,050 PLO 6-Max Main Event 1,112 entries $1,112,000 prize pool niccc - $154,039.33* BomPang - $146,539.34* Bagrovui - $86.938.38 giftmyra - $60,990.08 Adamyid - $42,786.53 magiet12 - $30,016.10 SCOOP #75-L: $109 PLO 6-Max Main Event 6,126 entries $612,600 prize pool The_Truht - $74,805.39* goldenmuzzle - $72,911.24* azn_baller3 - $42,264.49 mapof - $29,448.72 M1TR4ND1R - $20,519.03 jfawn - $14,297.10 SCOOP #80-H: $1,050 5-Card PLO 6-Max 282 entries $282,000 prize pool kjunia - $53,827.35 Dundermasen - $39,898.68 at0216 - $29,574.38 MITS 304 - $21,921.63 gavz101 - $16,249.09 plastrong - $12,044.44
  17. While some may be disappointed with the state of live poker this summer, for fans of online poker there’s never been a summer like the summer of 2020. Across the board, online sites are holding some of their biggest series of all-time, giving players and fans and an endless stream of non-stop action to sweat. For PokerStars, it’s the inaugural $50 million guaranteed Stadium Series. A 102-event extravaganza spanning from July 5 - August 2 packed with tournaments that cater to players of every buy-in level. But it’s more than that for the online poker leader. For the first time in the history of the company, PokerStars is providing fans the chance to watch the online action unfold with cards-up coverage on a minimal delay. They are pulling out all the stops, including bringing in their celebrated EPT Live commentary team of James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton to anchor daily coverage of the tournaments. The goal is to bring their fans the same high-quality production of their live events to their online series in a way they've never been able to do before. “Previously, the biggest challenge was that it simply wasn’t possible,” said Hartigan, who serves as host as well as Senior Editorial Manager for PokerStars’ array of live streams, television shows, and the Poker In The Ears Podcast. “We couldn’t cover an online event cards-up on a short delay. Your only options were to follow the tournament in real-time with no hole cards or watch a replay of the final table 24 hours later. This will be the closest we’ve ever come to EPT-style coverage of an online series.” “One of the differences between live and online is that online poker goes ****ing fast,” said Stapleton. “I know that sounds obvious, and there’s still the same number of actions but as a commentator, there really isn’t a lot of room to **** around. Especially cards-up.” “Another challenge of calling online tournaments is there’s not a lot to riff on,” added Stapleton. “There’s no cocktails, no TD disputes, no stupid T-shirts or facial hair, and very little chat.” The duo, who will be joined by guest experts in the booth including Sam Grafton, Griffin Benger, and Lex Veldhuis, will be joining the tournaments during Day 2 (or 3 when applicable) and will follow the action from the final 4-5 tables all the way through to crowning a winner, most of the time on just a 20-minute delay to protect the integrity of the game while giving fans what they really want. “I don’t think anyone accepts card-down coverage anymore. We’ve always had to balance protecting the integrity of the game with creating really engaging content that appeals to the biggest possible audience,” Hartigan said. “The expectations of viewers and players have changed significantly in recent years. And, while I appreciate that revealing hole cards half-an-hour after the conclusion of a hand may alter activity, the pros of this approach massively outweigh any perceived cons. If you stream poker cards-up, you reach so many more fans and, hopefully, attract new fans - and players.” Those perceived cons are not for Stapleton and Hartigan to worry about, it’s an issue for the PokerStars technical staff. The ability to showcase online tournaments is “brand new and fresh off the shelf” for PokerStars and it’s something they say they have been working on for some time, all the while keeping their customer base in mind. “We always think about the different responses our customers could have to anything we do. However, we’re fully confident in the mechanics behind cards-up coverage, and game integrity and customer protection and security is at the core of it,” said Rebecca McAdam Willetts, Associate Director of Public Relations for The Stars Group. “It’s pretty much the same approach as we would apply to our live broadcasts, and players are confident in our approach there.” The cards-up tech isn’t the only new development for the PokerStars broadcast team. Starting with the Stadium Series, PokerStars has finally locked in longtime color commentator Joe Stapleton to a new exclusive deal, expanding his role in the company in an official capacity. “Joe will be working exclusively for us, assuming the position as the second half of our leading commentary team with James Hartigan for all our live event broadcasts, when they return, major online poker streams, TV shows and other content we have in the works,” McAdam Willetts said. “He’s also going to be working with us in a creative capacity, developing and scripting new formats and shows.” So, for PokerStars, a new era of ‘cards-up’ online poker broadcasting has begun and fans can take part by tuning into daily coverage from Hartigan and Stapleton on the PokerStars Twitch and YouTube channels. It’s over three weeks of action that the veteran commentary team is ready to tackle. “I’m most excited about the production,” said Stapleton. “I truly believe that for our live productions we put on some of the best poker broadcasts in the world, and I’m super stoked we’ve got most of that team working on this. This isn’t going to be your typical screenshare-overlay soufflé. This is going to be a real show.” “I’m thrilled to be finally giving an online series the same focus, type of coverage, and level of prestige as our major live tournaments like the EPT and PSPC,” Hartigan said. “Obviously this development affords us incredible opportunities down the line. Cards-up coverage starts with Stadium Series, but it doesn’t end there. I’m already thinking about what we can do for WCOOP 2020 and SCOOP 2021.”

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