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Found 2 results

  1. [caption width="600"] Matt 'mjw006' Wakeman moved up 9 spots in the rankings this week[/caption] It's Wednesday, which means the PocketFives Rankings have been recalculated. And after a win in the PokerStars Sunday 500 over the weekend for $57,000 officially, Matt 'mjw006' Wakeman moved up nine spots to #4 in the world, his best ranking ever. The Sunday 500 attracted a field of 613 entrants and had a prize pool north of $300,000. In the end, Wakeman defeated Dimitar 'bipbippp' Yosifov and earned 553 points for the rankings. He calls Sydney, Australia home and won a WCOOP $215 No Limit Hold'em Cubed event in September for $82,000, his second largest online tournament score to date. Wakeman now has 150 tracked wins online, 411 top-three finishes, and is up to $5.5 million in career online MTT winnings, two-thirds of which has come on PokerStars. Wakeman is a three-time PocketFives Triple Crown winner, having last accomplished the feat in 2013, and is the #1 player in Australia. He has another $148,000 in live tournament winnings, according to the Hendon Mob. Wakeman told PocketFives, "It feels good to get that high in the rankings. I guess I certainly have been running very well over the past few months. 2016 has been very kind thus far." However, a prolonged stint in the top five doesn't seem to be in the cards, as Wakeman is headed to the Aussie Millions and will be focusing his attention on live poker. Still camped out at #1 in the world this week is Sweden's 'eisenhower1'. He has ruled the roost since September 30 and has three-dozen in the money finishes already in January, including a victory in the Winamax XTASE a week ago for $3,800. His PLB score is 7,371 points and he leads second-ranked 'veeea' by 146. [caption width="450"] 'eisenhower1' is #1 on PocketFives[/caption] Another Swede, 'Ariados', moved up from #14 to #10 this week, two spots off his all-time high of #8 set last year. 'Ariados' won the PokerStars $109 No Limit Hold'em Turbo two days ago for $5,900 and, on January 5, found the winner's circle in the PartyPoker High Roller, Winamax High Roller, and PokerStars.fr Full KO for almost $25,000 total. He has eight tracked wins since the end of November and is poised to climb even further in the rankings in the weeks to come. There are nine players from Sweden in the top 20 of the rankings. One of the country's biggest movers and shakers this week was 'Pot4teUS', who rose 18 spots to settle at #17. 'Pot4teUS' finished third in the PokerStars Sunday 500 over the weekend, the same tournament Wakeman won, and earned $30,000. The same day, he took down the PokerStars.fr Sunday High Roller for over $8,000. On PokerStars, you can find him under the handle 'TanTanSWE'. Ukraine's 'psyhoagromor' moved up 24 spots to #47. He had seven cashes on January 12 alone and owns 33 in the money finishes this month. 'psyhoagromor' is the top-ranked Ukrainian and was ranked as high as #16 in the world in 2014. In 57th place this week, a 25-spot improvement on a week ago, is 'emeriaa'. The Fin final tabled a PokerStars.fr tournament over the weekend for $10,000 and has five scores of at least $5,000 in January. He was absent from the felts between late November and the New Year, but was ranked as high as #17 last year. 'emeriaa' is the #2 player in Finland and tops in the city of Jyvaskyla. [caption width="450"] Grayson 'gray31' Ramage reentered the top 100[/caption] Costa Rica's Grayson 'gray31' Ramage reentered the top 100 at #91. Ramage was a top-ten player in 2011 and won the PokerStars Big $109 four days ago for $16,000. He has amassed $5.5 million in career online tournament earnings and is the second-ranked player in Costa Rica. Ramage told PocketFives, "I've been on the edge of the rankings for a while and just don't put in the volume to get up there much anymore." He also shared his 2016 poker plans: "This year, it'll be more playing and coaching for me. I'll be playing LAPC and Bay 101 next month and mainly focusing on online until then." Here are the top 10 players in the PocketFives Rankings this week along with the PLB score for each: eisenhower1 - 7,371 points veeea - 7,225 points Smeckten - 6,749 points mjw006 - 6,693 points Legenden - 6,637 points SvZff - 6,629 points lena900 - 6,429 points C Darwin2 - 6,396 points IgorK - 6,354 points Ariados - 6,318 points
  2. [caption width="600"] Matt 'mjw006' Wakeman has been balancing poker with being the father of a 6-year-old, photo: Poker Asia Pacific[/caption] As anyone who has kids knows, they literally change their parents' lives. You suddenly have the lives of others in your hands and that carefree lifestyle you used to have is gone out the window. Bar-hopping? Nope. Staying up until 3am? Gone. For Matt 'mjw006' Wakeman, having a kid is about picking his battles in poker wisely and, at the same time, living the life of what he jokingly calls a "glorified housewife." "He's the best, and sometimes he's the worst. It's funny because there's no structure to what he likes to do. It's innocent really, so whatever is fun for him at any point in time is what he wants to do," Wakeman said of his six-year-old son. "He is pretty into video games like Minecraft and Skylanders, loves running around aimlessly outside, and surprisingly but thankfully loves going to school." His kid is not adept at poker… yet. But, he does enjoy watching his dad play and occasionally gives advice. Wakeman's career choice also allows him to work his schedule around so he can spend more time with his family than he might have with a regular 9-5. "Playing poker has made my life so much easier being a full-time dad, as my wife is very career-focused and has had a very full-on job over the past three or four years," Wakeman said. "I'm sure I've been able to spend way more time with him in these early years than most people get to spend with their children, so that's a really nice perk of playing a lot of online poker." "It's obviously a really different lifestyle compared to a lot of working families who need to use childcare or something like that," said Wakeman. "Having the flexibility of me playing poker is really nice." The Aussie final tabled the partypoker High Roller last Monday, four days after taking down a Mountain Series event on PokerStars. As a result, he's up to $5.7 million in career online tournament winnings, one of just 47 players to achieve that milestone. And it's a good thing he's cashing time and again. "Kids aren't cheap, but I've never really felt stress poker-wise since my wife has a job where she earns enough to support the whole family," said Wakeman. "Overall, I see my role in the household to be a good dad and a good husband, to support her career, to support his learning, and to make sure he is happy and comfortable in life." "I'm basically a glorified housewife at the end of the day; my wife is the breadwinner," he jokingly said. "It doesn't bother me really since my wife and I have our roles in the household and we're both more than comfortable with the situation." Wakeman is the top-ranked online poker player in Australia and the 15th-ranked online poker player in the world. He has over 5,600 in the money scores, 422 top-three finishes, and almost $4 million in winnings on PokerStars alone. He also has $164,000 in career live cashes, according to the Hendon Mob. Wakeman's volume has declined over the years, but it's not for the reasons you might think. The decline in volume is more about wanting to playing fewer tables than anything dad-wise. "It's mostly because the games have gotten a lot tougher and there's a lot less you can autopilot these days in high-stakes MTTs," he said. Consequently, he focuses more intently on fewer tables. Having a child also has its perks, as kids are the ultimate distraction. They're seemingly always happy, curious, and energetic, potentially the perfect cure for a rough day at the poker tables. Unless they're melting down. "He helps when I've had a bad day to be able to be completely distracted," said Wakeman. "He always makes me realize there's more to life than just poker. Any time I'm stressed, it's more likely to be about life things and my lack of organization than it is to be about poker or finances. If I am ever stressed about poker, it's almost always a decision-based stress where I don't think I'm playing well or making too many mistakes or something like that as opposed to being worried about losing money or something." More of his earnings in recent months have come on partypoker and 888, two sites he has begun playing at more often. However, most of his volume remains on PokerStars. In fact, all four of his largest career scores came on PokerStars, the largest of which was nearly $100,000 and came via a win in the Super Tuesday in 2013. His largest cash in 2016 so far is a win in the PokerStars Sunday 500 for a healthy $57,000.

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