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  1. When World Series of Poker officials announced in mid-April that the 2020 WSOP was being postponed due to the uncertainty over the coronavirus pandemic, they promised that players would be playing for "WSOP glory from their homes" this summer. That promise was met last week when the WSOP announced a total of 85 online bracelet events with 31 set for WSOP.com for players in Nevada and New Jersey, and another 54 for players outside of the United States to be battled for on GGPoker.com. The response from some of the poker community wasn't all that positive with a large number of complaints focused on the fact that these events will award each winner a WSOP bracelet. "My reasoning is likely separate from many others as I was indifferent to holding (a bracelet) until I learned of the significance it has with friends I love who love the game," said Brandon Shack-Harris, who won a bracelet in 2014 and another in 2016. "I realized that some people go their whole lives dreaming of realizing what I was lucky to stumble onto, and had been taking for granted." Shack-Harris took to Twitter to tell the story of how Chad Brown being awarded an honorary WSOP bracelet before his passing in 2014 and subsequently learning how much the bracelet meant to Brown forced to him to better recognize and appreciate the personal significance of the award. The history behind and prestige of the bracelet is front of mind for Shack-Harris and others who fear that WSOP executives aren't keeping that in mind as they make decisions. "The WSOP does a fantastic job with some things like holding tournaments for an inordinate number of participants and incorporating all types of game formats," said Shack-Harris. "I don't think the entity itself cares much about poker overall, and there are frequently sloppy executions of various aspects of the series that have demonstrated this assumption." Shack-Harris lists the increasing number of reentry events, smaller buy-in events, and WSOP Europe and WSOP Asia-Pacific as evidence that the WSOP has sacrificed the value of a bracelet. He believes the WSOP should follow examples from major sporting championships like tennis' Wimbledon or golf's The Masters in regards to the exclusivity of the titles. "Not every player is going to agree with every business decision you make. But we are guided by the simple principle that we want the WSOP to mean as much as it can to as many people around the world as possible not the same as it once did to a few," said Ty Stewart, Executive Director of the WSOP. "Our mission and our opportunity is to present the poker world to the rest of the world and paint the game in a positive light." Not all players believe the decision to turn to online poker in light of the unprecedented circumstances created by the pandemic is a bad direction. Mike Leah, who won a WSOP bracelet in 2014 at WSOP APAC, thinks the pandemic provided a catalyst for Series officials to expand their offering. "The thing that it really did for them is it gave them an urgency to find a partner outside of the US which I think is amazing because instead of being forced to play on WSOP.com, there's another avenue for WSOP prize pools and bracelets and that's probably the biggest positive that came out of this," said Leah. The postponement of the 2020 WSOP live series came with a caveat that organizers were targeting the fall to host some form a live event in 2020. Shack-Harris believes that adding 85 bracelet events without solidifying plans for the live series sets a dangerous precedent. "I think there will likely still be a live series later in the year, and offering up 85 online events for a bracelet with no transparency regarding the potential of a live format going or not going bothers me more than anything else," said Shack-Harris. "If people make arrangements to play online because they feel this is their only shot at a bracelet this year, and then a postponed series shows up out of the blue, I think it's somewhat deceitful, but probably great business." Despite their intentions to hold a live event in Las Vegas this year, Stewart isn't sure how that can happen as the coronavirus situation changes frequently. Current Nevada gaming regulations limit the number of players at a table to no more than six and not all poker rooms are even open. Travel restrictions in place would also significantly limit the number of players who could attend from outside of the United States. "We have no concrete pathway to the offline event. We have a partner who is absolutely all-in. We have the opportunity to organize massive prize pools, deliver buzz and energy for the industry, and perhaps most of all, engage an entirely new segment of players," Stewart argued. "I’m looking at WSOP Online as the biggest ever marketing vehicle for international players and the only failure will be if we can’t convert many of them to playing WSOP Las Vegas when we’re back in session." The online series puts the lack of online poker regulation in the United States into the spotlight once again. Only players physically located in Nevada or New Jersey will be able to play the bracelet events on WSOP.com and GGPoker does not accept players from the United States. Pennsylvania has had regulated gaming, including poker, available since last summer, but Stewart indicated the company is still in the development process of getting up and running in that state and was unable to give a timeline for their launch there. This leaves a large percentage of the United States on the outside, unable to play without traveling and Leah believes a high number of the complaints are coming from players who simply can't play. "I think if you went through the people that have negative feedback or complaints about this, probably at least 80% of them are from people who are not in New Jersey or Nevada or the rest of the world or somewhere where they can play," said Leah. "I'd be disappointed as well, but people have been disappointed about unregulated poker in the US for a long time so this is just something that brings it to the forefront again." The complete GGPoker event schedule has not been posted, but it is expected to include only Hold'em and Omaha event. The 31-event schedule from WSOP.com also includes only those two games. The lack of mixed games - traditionally a staple of the WSOP schedule - has also upset many players that feel the online product isn't a proper reflection of the history of the Series. "I'm disappointed too and you best believe you may see even more mixed games at the next live WSOP," said Stewart. "But while much of the summer schedule will feel familiar to the spirit of WSOP at the Rio, this is WSOP Online, and online is dominated by flop games. If we gave GGPoker a little more time to develop, who knows. But we are not going to ask them to rush a new unproven derivative to the market in time for the summer." Some in the industry have made the suggestion that the bracelets awarded this summer shouldn't be held in the same regard as events won in a live tournament. The argument is similar to the one that people made when Caesars expanded the tournament offering to Europe with bracelet events in 2007 and Asia-Pacific in 2013. Rob Yong, owner of the Dusk Till Dawn cardroom in England and partypoker partner, floated the idea of awarding silver bracelets for events not held in Las Vegas. "I understand the argument, the sentiment of it, but I also know that a lot fewer people would play," said Leah. "With bracelets, they'll be even bigger but if you take them away you're going to lose some of the interest and obviously the prize pools will be smaller and make people not want to play as much. I think a lot fewer people will play. If it's a bracelet event I know I'm going to do my best to play every single event." Leah, who lives in Canada, has already begun the search for full-time childcare for his one-year-old son to ensure he can play as many of the 54 events as possible. Stewart thinks any attempt to diminish any bracelet win is going to be difficult given the expected turnout for the online events and feels comparison of various events and eras isn't worth the headache. "The relative value of bracelets is not up to me to determine; large fields vs high rollers, Europe fields vs 1990’s Binion’s," Stewart said while indicating the bracelet design for these 85 events is a differentiating factor. "But I have my strong point of view on this series. Based upon the numbers we project for most of the events, these will statistically be some of the hardest bracelets to win, ever. And the prize pools will be such that it will be very difficult to try and diminish the accomplishment." The original 2020 WSOP schedule had a total of 101 events, with 14 of them being played exclusively on WSOP.com. A sevenfold increase in the number of online events is a gigantic leap with huge revenue opportunities for the WSOP. Leah doesn't think the online events will ever be able to replace or replicate the summer camp, bucket list feel that the live tournament series is famous for. "I don't think anything's ever going to change the annual WSOP in Vegas every summer because that's everyone's favorite thing of the year. But adding to it, maybe an online bracelet series at some point in the year on WSOP.com and GG ends up being an annual thing and I could see that as being a pretty positive thing." Going from 85 online events this year to a smaller number next year goes against the WSOP's previous expansion online. Since launching online events in 2015, the total number of them on the schedule has gone from one (2015, 2016) to three (2017) to four (2018), to nine (2019) with 14 originally scheduled for 2020. Stewart believes the unique set of circumstances presented to them this year doesn't mean they'll end up with a similar schedule once a full schedule can be played live in Las Vegas. "I don’t foresee we’ll have this number of online events again. But there certainly is a place for online bracelets on an every year basis," Stewart said. "I am optimistic this year will be huge, and then we can evaluate. Everything we do is on a year to year basis to test the reception. The same players against the idea of a vast online series now may be demanding it in the future."
  2. Connor Drinan joined an elite club on Thursday and in the process helped form an even more elite one. Drinan became the ninth player with five career PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker titles by winning Event #56 High (1,050 HORSE) and in the process joined Shaun Deeb as the only players to win four SCOOP titles in a single year. Drinan beat Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah heads-up to earn the fourth title and added $30,232.50 to his bankroll. Leah walked away with $21,545 for his efforts while third-place finisher 'wiNNin83' had to settle for $16,680. Deeb became the first player to win four SCOOP titles in 2012. Drinan's previous 2020 came in Event #34 High ($530 Pot Limit Omaha 8-or-better), Event #40-H ($5,200 PLO 6-Max), and Event #45-M ($215 NLO8 Six Max PKO). Mirza 'zazano' Muhovic won Event #57 High ($5,200 NLHE High Roller) to lock up a $201,606 score. Joel 'Odonkor1' Nordkvist fell one spot short of the title and had $155,222.20 to console himself with. Jonathan 'apestyles' Van Fleet came in third for $119,510.00. The final table also included 'bencb789' and Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis. The Dutch pro's Twitch stream of the final table broke his personal record for viewers with more than 34,000 people tuned in before he was eliminated in seventh place. Event #58 High ($2,100 Heads-Up NLHE) had 119 runners with 'CatLover666' and Phil 'Grindation' McAllister battling through all of them to make the final where 'CatLover666' picked up the win and $71,400. McAllister had to settle for $42,840.00. Ukrainian 'gerasag' outlasted 637 other entries in Event #59 High ($1,050 NLHE PKO) to win $48,061.01 from the prize pool and another $50,031.22 worth of bounties. Andres 'wisopekeno!' Gonzalez came in second place and locked up a $48,060.54 windfall and $8,914.07 in bounties. Alex 'dynoalot' Difelice took the final spot on the podium, earning $30,190.06 and $3,218.75 in bounties for a third-place result. After finishing fourth in Event #56 High earlier in the day, Kyle 'km_freestyle' Menne put a bow on a victory in Event #61 High ($1,050 Omaha 8-or-better) to win $28,546.77. Talal 'raidalot' Shakerchi picked up another strong finish, coming in second place for $22,099.00 while 'Brandon-Tino' walked away with $17,107.61 for finishing third. Other players who won SCOOP titles on Thursday include 'TSubbb' (Event #56-L), 'thomber26' (Event #56-M), 'JUCA_PIRAMA1' (Event #57-L), 'lucianodayan' (Event #57-M), 'JJborio' (Event #58-L), 'd0nkBluff' (Event #58-M), 'Eldon69350' (Event #59-L), 'jonespkr' (Event #59-M), 'fcttom' (Event #61-L), and 'Vitek_vv' (Event #61-M). Event #56-H: $1,050 HORSE Entries: 139 Prize pool: $139,000 Connor 'blanconegro' Drinan - $30,232.50 Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah - $21,545.00 wiNNin83 - $16,680.00 Kyle 'km_freestyle' Menne - $11,815.00 Skint Paddy - $7,645.00 Spokey - $6,255.00 adkaf - $4,865.00 Harleyy30040 - $3,822.50 Event #57-H: $5,200 NLHE High Roller Entries: 184 Prize pool: $1,000,000 Mirza 'zazano' Muhovic - $201,606 Joel 'Odonkor1' Nordkvist - $155,222.20 Jonathan 'apestyles' Van Fleet - $119,510.00 bencb789 - $92,014.10 EEE27 - $70,844.30 DeadNylan - $54,545.00 Lex 'L. Veldhuis' Veldhuis - $41,995.80 kimokh - $32,333.70 Wildace_hun - $24,894.70 Event #58-H: $2,100 Heads-Up NLHE Entries: 119 Prize pool: $238,000 CatLover666 - $71,400.00 Phil 'Grindation' McAllister - $42,840.00 Dominik 'Bounatirou' Nitsche - $23,800.00 fetopoker1 - $23,800.00 Event #59-H: $1,050 NLHE PKO Entries: 638 Prize pool: $638,000 (including $319,000 in bounties) gerasag - $48,061.01 + $50,031.22 wisopekeno! - $48,060.54 + $8,914.07 dynoalot - $30,190.06 + $3,218.75 Swaggersorus - $22,312.26 + $11,609.38 markovitsus - $16,590.09 + $7,656.25 7tHEcROw7 - $12,187.17 + $4,531.25 lechuckpoker - $9,007.06 + $10,789.06 wktak1 - $6,656.76 + $8,640.63 Event #61-H: $1,050 Omaha 8-or-better Entries: 136 Prize pool: $136,000 Kyle 'km_freestyle' Menne - $28,546.77 Talal 'raidalot' Shakerchi - $22,099.00 Brandon-Tino - $17,107.61 flong78 - $13,243.61 krakukra - $10,252.34 Perumov - $7,936.70 bernard-bb - $6,144.08 OK1OK2 - $4,756.35 Kroko-dill - $3,91.44
  3. The World Series of Poker Colossus, which attracted over 22,000 entrants is, within a matter of days, already down to just 39. Nine PocketFivers are among the group and everyone is trailing the chip-leading stack of Raymond Henson, who has 7.4 million, 600,000 more than the next closest person. --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- Hensen reclaimed the chip lead late in the day on Monday after busting a player with Broadway. His opponent, Richard Mikesell, had top two pair and exited stage right from the Colossus. Mike GoLeafsGoEh also (pictured) spent the final moments of Monday's action chipping up. He bet 360,000 on a board showing 3-2-Q-K-7, got a call, and showed A-K to win the pot. He ended the day in 22nd place with a stack of 2.2 million and is one of three Canadians left. Then there's JJProdigy, aka Josh Field (pictured). The California resident who went down in infamy after dominating the online poker world while underage, is making waves in the Colossus. Field put the moves on Scott Gould on Monday, shoving all-in on a board of 7-10-K-3-4 with three spades. His opponent tanked and eventually called with 10-8, dominated by Field's set of kings. Field is in 31st place at 1.8 million in chips entering Tuesday's 2:00pm PT restart. Dan KingDan O'Brien was the chip leader of the Colossus when this author checked in on Monday night. However, O'Brien was relegated to the rails after a series of hands, including one where his pocket kings could not withstand pocket tens. The money went in pre-flop, but O'Brien's opponent rivered a flush. Here are the remaining 39 players in the Colossus along with the chip stacks for each. When play paused, the blinds were at 30,000-60,000-10,000: 1. Raymond Henson - 7,420,000 2. Aditya Prasetyo - 6,880,000 3. David Farber - 5,625,000 4. Ibrahim Naim - 5,290,000 5. Billy Graybeal - 5,005,000 6. Frank Williams - 4,360,000 7. Lance Garcia - 4,050,000 8. Shivanraif Abdine - 4,020,000 9. Jose Cavazos - 3,900,000 10. Paul Lentz - 3,750,000 11. Thuy Kawang - 3,150,000 12. Bradley Burns - 3,135,000 13. Kenny SpaceyFCB Hallaert - 2,990,000 14. Brandon shanetrain22 Shane - 2,760,000 15. Patrick Thompson - 2,695,000 16. Scott Yu - 2,665,000 17. Anthony Blanda - 2,600,000 18. Caufman caufmantalley3 Talley - 2,565,000 19. Ryan Protential Laplante - 2,555,000 20. Levi Phillips - 2,405,000 21. George Wong - 2,300,000 22. Mike GoLeafsGoEhLeah - 2,225,000 23. Garry Simms - 2,180,000 24. Adam Lamphere - 2,175,000 25. Stanley Krimerman - 2,140,000 26. David Yeazell - 2,130,000 27. Kenneth Hennum - 2,125,000 28. Mark RenRad 01 Darner - 2,125,000 29. Anthony holdplz Spinella - 2,020,000 30. William Byrnes - 1,840,000 31. Joshua JJProdigyField - 1,820,000 32. Bradley philivey123422 Mcfarland - 1,815,000 33. Danny Wong - 1,765,000 34. Eugene Lang - 1,755,000 35. Timothy Vukson - 1,695,000 36. Richard Robertson - 1,240,000 37. John Gorsuch - 1,235,000 38. Trevor Jones - 1,215,000 39. Janno Cazemier - 1,115,000 Stay tuned to PocketFives for the latest WSOP coverage, brought to you by Tournament Poker Edge. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  4. On Monday night, Phil Hellmuth (pictured) won his record-extending 14th World Series of Poker bracelet. He triumphantly Tweeted when the $10,000 Razz event was over, "BOOOM!! Won my 14th @WSOP Bracelet!!! Dedicated it to a friend I lost recently: Dave Goldberg. Giving my bracelet to Goldies family." --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- The tournament drew 103 entrants and featured a loaded final 10 that included Mike GoLeafsGoEhLeah, Stephen stevie444Chidwick, newly minted bracelet winnerShaun shaundeebDeeb, and Thomas "Thunder" Keller. There were 26 bracelets among the final 12 players, and 17 bracelets among the final eight. Congratulations poured in on Twitter. Gavin Smith Tweeted, "Contacts to @phil_hellmuth. You continue to amaze me! Glad I have that PH13 hat away, when can I pick my new one up? #GOAT." Sorel Imper1um Mizzi added, "All the haters out there can chirp all they want, but there's no denying that @phil_hellmuth knows how to win bracelets." Todd Brunsonprodded on Twitter, "Congratulations to @phil_hellmuth for winning his 14th bracelet. He's still a one trick pony, he just switched from Hold'em to Razz." And finally, Daniel Negreanu (pictured) chimed in, "Hellmuth wins #14 and apparently is a professional Razz player now! Congrats @phil_hellmuth." Hellmuth's first 11 bracelets came in Hold'em. Two out of his last three, however, are in Razz. He's the only person to win the WSOP and WSOP Europe Main Events and told WSOP officials on Monday, "It's an amazing feeling. It's one of those ones where I kept my head down the whole time. I tried to stay divorced from the result, detached from the result. I was just focusing on playing great, playing great, playing great." In terms of his recent success in Razz, Hellmuth explained, "I think I figured something out about Razz in maybe 2012. All of a sudden, the game just clicked. I was like, 'Wow, this game just makes sense.' Then I won a Razz bracelet!" Hellmuth is up to 109 WSOP cashes, 52 of which are for final tables. Heads-up, he defeated Mike Gorodinsky, also a bracelet winner. Hellmuth said of his adversary, "Mike is just really tough and I need all of my concentration to give myself the best chance to beat him. He played phenomenal poker." Here's how the final table shook out: 1. Phil Hellmuth - $271,105 2. Mike Gorodinsky - $167,517 3. Adam Owen - $104,914 4. Mike GoLeafsGoEhLeah - $75,964 5. Thomas Keller - $59,370 6. Jyri Merivirta - $47,344 7. Stephen stevie444Chidwick - $38,447 8. Brandon Shack-Harris - $31,727 Congrats to Hellmuth on his 14th bracelet! Stay tuned to PocketFives for the latest WSOP coverage, brought to you by Tournament Poker Edge. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  5. Longtime PocketFives grinder Mike goleafsgoehLeah (pictured) added another PokerStars WCOOPtitle to his name earlier this week after besting a field of 1,777 in Event #27, a $215 buy-in Six-Max Pot Limit Omaha tournament featuring progressive super-knockout bounties. When all was said and done, Leah banked a total of $37,226.91 after more than 13 hours of play. --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- The Toronto native has enjoyed a hugely successful career in both online and live tournaments. Leah boasts over $4.7 million in recorded live cashes, his biggest score coming after a second place finish at the 2014 Seminal Hard Rock Poker Open for $1.04 million. He also boasts a WSOP bracelet and even won two Circuit events within the same 24-hour period in 2014. With $2.58 million in recorded cashes, his online track record is just as impressive. Leah's first WCOOP win came in 2011 after topping a field of 292 players in a $320 Badugi event for $17,082. This week, Leah was back at it, battling his way through the PLO event's final table to take the biggest chunk of the $355,400 prize pool. When final table play began, Leah commanded the chip lead with 2.49 million, with Germany's 75PTI on his heels with 2.23 million. After a few small skirmishes, Leah got involved in a big hand with two-time WCOOP winner youngblood51 of Germany. Leah opened with a min-raise, which his opponent 3-bet to 300,000. It was folded around to Leah, who called, and the pair saw a flop of 9s-7h-Jh. Leah bet out over 145,000, which youngblood51 called, putting him all in. Leah showed Ad-Qh-5d-4h for a flush draw, with his opponent turning over As-Ac-Kh-5s for an overpair of aces. The turn came the 6h, completing the flush for Leah and leaving youngblood51 with no outs on the river. Soon afterwards, Colombia's Mayu marroca5 Roca (pictured) was sent to the rail after calling all-in after a 3-bet on a flop of 3c-2c-Js. Roca showed top two pair and a flush draw against 75TGI's two pair. The turn and river brought sixes, leaving both players with the same two pair and giving 75TGI the hand with his ace kicker. 75TGI continued amassing chips and took the lead before the action sped up with two players busting in just two hands. The first casualty was Norway's Orjan athillaSkommo, who succumbed to Leah's backdoor flush, giving him a fourth place finish and $10,662. Next, it was Denmark's Jonas Palsgaard1 Palsgard Christensen, who made a lesser two pair against Leah, leaving him in third place with a $15,993 score. When heads-up play began, 75TGI held the chip lead with 5.15 million to Leah's 3.73 million stack. The pair battled until the 13-hour break, which saw the tables turn in Leah's favor; Leah now held the lead with 5.16 million to 75TGI's 3.72 million. After another half-hour of play, 75TGI wrangled the chip lead back from his opponent before losing it again and facing an even larger 6.76 million stack in the final hand of the event. In it, Leah raised 160,000 from the button with Kc-Jc-Jd-7d, which 75TGI called with As-Td-Tc-4s. The pair saw a flop of 3h-6h-2s, giving 75TGI in overpair of tens and Leah an overpair of jacks. Both players checked and the turn came the Js. 75TGI check-called a 160,000 bet from Leah. After the 3s fell on the river, 75TGI bet out 480,000 and was raised all-in by his opponent. 75TGI called and showed his ace-high flush, but was trumped by Leah's backdoor full house, putting 75TGI in second place and giving Leah the win and a $28,432 payday plus $8,794 and bounties. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  6. [caption width="640"] Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah finally has a SCOOP bracelet to go with other titles.[/caption] Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah already has a World Series of Poker bracelet and two World Championship of Online Poker titles to his name. Wednesday he beat another longtime online grinder to win the first Spring Championship of Online Poker title of his career. Event 36 featured a series of tournaments in a variant that has become increasingly rare – Limit Hold‘em. However, the $27 buy-in event drew a respectable 1558 runners who generated a $38,248 prize pool. In heads-up play, Leah defeated Ari 'BodogAri' Engel to capture the win and a $6,312 payday. Participation was slashed in half for the $215, mid-stakes version of the event. ‘LetsJustRun’ of Russia snagged his first SCOOP win and $19,114 after taking down Mexico’s José Manuel ‘nadalon’ Nadal. Also at the final table was Shaun ‘shaundeeb’ Deeb, who was forced to make do with a $5030 payout for fifth place. Lastly, just 173 players paid the $2100 buy-in for the high-stakes Limit event, creating a $346,000 prize pool. ‘bartek901’ navigated the tough field to take home the title along with and $83,040 payout. Poker pro Jason Mercier finish in fifth, banking $22,490 for his efforts. Throughout this year’s SCOOP, Brazilian players have proven themselves with wins across many different formats and variants. Wednesday's action saw another title added to the list, which now sits at 15 this year - with another 60 events still on the docket. Wednesday’s SCOOP schedule actually kicked off with a $215 buy-in, shorthanded Pot Limit Omaha tournament that drew 1936 entrants and several hundred reentries. UK’s 'talonaquiles' topped the field, taking home his first major online title, a brand-new Movado watch and a $47,795 payday. The Pot Limit Omaha fun continued in the high-stakes edition of the event, with just under 500 runners paying the $2100 buy-in to generate a $946,000 prize pool. This time Tom 'tjbentham' Bentham took first place along with an $189,200 payout. Event 35 brought No Limit Hold‘em back into the spotlight, with the low stakes tournament attracting a large 13,526 field. ‘n1ssssr’ of the UK defeated 'Rakeback24/7' of the Netherlands in heads-up play to grab his first SCOOP title and $16,615. Nearly 5000 grinders bought into the $109 edition of the event, creating a $459,600 prize pool. For the second time that day, the UK saw one of its players take down an SCOOP title, when 'Clarkson7' bested Australia’s ‘JWPRODIGY’ for a $72,158 payday. UK grinders, ‘FrayedJuniper’ and ‘Go0se.core!’, took third and fifth place respectively. Brazil took yet another SCOOP title in the Event 35, $1050 buy-in high-stakes tournament. When all was said and done, Felipe 'Felipe52' Costa had dispatched one of poker’s toughest heads-up players, Olivier 'Adonis112' Busquet, to take home a $258,060 score. Event 34 (M): $215 Pot Limit Omaha Six Max 1936 entrants, $387,200 prize pool talonaquiles - $47,795.43 slickrick110 - $47,790.07 krapcity112 - $44,774.50 F1nntroll - $22,264.00 maggess88 - $15,178.24 Kashmir_uzi - $8,673.28 Event 34 (H): $2100 Pot Limit Omaha Six Max 473 entrants, $946,000 prize pool tjbentham - $189,200.00 T-Macha - $140,008.00 alexo18 - $104,060.00 jutrack - $71,896.00 deuces85 - $52,503.00 Dominik "Bounatirou" Nitsche - $33.583.00 Event 35 (L): $11 No Limit Hold‘em 13,526 entrants, $135,260 prize pool n1ssssr - $16.615 Rakeback24/7 - $14,249.27 xatteo - $9,468.20 REGTHERULET4 - $6,763 Domientje - $5,410.40 Bane267 - $4,057.80 drew.derzh - $2,705.20 Nadhob - $1,352.60 fabianod12 - $811.56 Event 35 (M): $109 No Limit Hold‘em 4596 entrants, $459,600 prize pool Clarkson7 - $72,158.64 JWPRODIGY - $53,773.20 frayjuniper - $37,917 NemesisMsop - $26,427 Go0se.core! - $19,533 Prof. Shark - $14,937 JulieBRIGHT - $10,341 krousmenos46 - $5,745 Jamaikaner04 - $3,676.80 Event 35 (H): $1050 No Limit Hold‘em, Super Tuesday SE 1518 entrants, $1,518,000 prize pool felipe52 - $258,060.00 Adonis112 - $189,750.00 smokrokflock - $144,058.20 simon1471 - $103,224.00 slayerv1fanl - $75,141.00 Justholdplz - $59,961.00 Iamapoopie - $44,781.00 PureRunnings - $29,601.00 SenorPokes - $16,394.40 Event 36 (L): $27 Fixed Limit Hold‘em Six Max 1558 entrants, $38,248 prize pool goleafsgoeh - $6,312.00 BodogAri - $4,723.73 manokippa2 - $3,442.40 JoeHeaton - $2,294.93 flyy1220 - $1,529.95 hanafi9 - $956.22 Event 36 (M): $215 Fixed Limit Hold‘em Six Max 503 entrants, $100,600 prize pool LetsJustRun - $19,114 Nadalon - $14,084 Gambler4444 - $10,311.50 chokitin - $7,042 shaundeeb - $5,030 lulDocuments - $3,219.20 Event 36 (H): $2100 Fixed Limit Hold‘em Six Max 173 entrants, $346,000 prize pool bartek901 - $83,040.00 Azrarn - $57,263.00 Bluf_To_Much - $43,250.00 chess87 - $29,410.00 Jason Mercier - $22,490.00 jama-dharma - $15,570.00
  7. The race for WSOP Player of the Year is at a peak with the Main Event starting today. Last week, Shaun Deeb claimed top honors thanks to his win in the $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha High Roller. Deeb is in second-place and in his former throne is John Hennigan. Hennigan led the race a few weeks ago when he peaked with a $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. bracelet and runner-up honors in the $50,000 Poker Players Championship. Mixed games are Hennigan's primary strength and he flexed a new muscle to go over 3,000 total POY points. The five-time bracelet winner finished seventh in the $10,000 Razz and final two-tabled the $10,000 Limit Hold'em. Over the weekend, Hennigan added a 16th place finish in the $3,200 WSOP.com Online High Roller to his list of cashes. Hennigan traveled to the payout desk nine times so far this summer and is yet to cash in the same game twice. Since June 2, Hennigan finishes in events are no worse than 16th place. Deeb trails Hennigan by nearly 330 points and needs to reach another final table to pass 'Johnny World.' Tied for second on the 2018 cashes list with 12, Deeb joined two small No Limit scores to his total. A min-cash in the $1,000 Super Turbo Bounty and $1,000 Online bracelet event added some points but not enough to be within immediate striking distance of Hennigan. $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo gold medalist Julien Martini surges up to third place. Seven cashes and two final tables equals 2,096.31 for the highest ranking European. Martini's second final table of the summer came in the $10,000 Razz where he laddered to third place and $134,587. There is a gap of close to 700 points between Martini and Deeb, making the race a two-player affair at this stage. Eric Baldwin's online background displayed itself with a cash in both the $1,000 and $3,200 bracelet events. Baldwin cashed in both and is up to eight scores on the summer. Mike Leah made the biggest move from players not previously in the top-10. Leah's seventh and eight cashes of the WSOP came in consecutive $10,000 events. A seventh-place spot in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha and fourth-place bid in the $10,000 Razz bring him over 2,000 points. Elio Fox's place on the podium is at an end. The $10,000 Super Turbo Bounty bracelet winner has not cashed at the WSOP since June 9 in the Millionaire Maker. Paul Volpe hangs in the top-10 thanks to his cash $10,000 Razz. Scott Bohlman, Justin Liberto, and Anthony Zinno all welcome themselves to the top-10 for the first time all summer. Bohlman won his first bracelet on June 21 in the $2,500 Big Bet Mix and supplemented the hardware with sixth place in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha. Fifth place in the Millionaire Maker is Liberto's crowning achievement of his WSOP campaign and he now has two final tables to his name in 2018. Liberto fell in seventh in the $3,200 Online High Roller for $37,356. Zinno also cashed in the two online events and has three online cashes this summer including third-place in the $565 Pot Limit Omaha. His mixed game magic includes a bronze medal from the $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship. Zinno is up to nine cashes this summer. Top 10 2018 WSOP Player Of The Year Points Thru 7/2 Position Name Points 1 John Hennigan 3,130.76 2 Shaun Deeb 2,769.11 3 Julien Martini 2,096.31 4 Eric Baldwin 2,054.58 5 Mike Leah 2,039.80 6 Elio Fox 2,010.14 7 Paul Volpe 1,935.94 8 Scott Bohlman 1,832.07 9 Justin Liberto 1,786.20 10 Anthony Zinno 1,764.42
  8. The 2018 World Series of Poker gets cards in the air on Wednesday afternoon. Whether you're making the trip to Las Vegas to chase a bracelet of your own or if you're just a fan excited to tune in from home, our weekly guide will get you hyped and prepared for the week ahead. Let's Get This Party Started The pomp and circumstance that will come with Wednesday's opening two events is all fine and dandy, but the biggest event of the first week has a six-figure buy-in and in all likelihood, a field full of the best players in the world. Event #5, the $100,000 No Limit High Roller, starts Friday - just long enough for the wounded souls from the Super High Roller Bowl to regroup and get ready for more high stakes battles. You can count former #1-ranked PocketFiver and Germany's all-time leading money winner Fedor Holz as ready to go. 2018 WSOP Week 1 Schedule Day Event # Event Defending Champion Wednesday 1 $565 Casino Employees Bryan Hollis Wednesday 2 $10,000 Super Turbo Bounty NONE Thursday 3 $3,000 NL Shootout Upeshka de Silva Thursday 4 $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo Benjamin Zamani Friday 5 $100,000 NL High Roller NONE Friday 6A $365 NL Giant Dieter Dechant Saturday 7A $565 Colossus Thomas Pomponio Saturday 7B $565 Colossus -- Saturday 8 $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball Jesse Martin Sunday 7C $565 Colossus -- Sunday 9 $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Championship Abe Mosseri Get Your Popcorn Ready Between the 16 final tables streaming on PokerGO and the 30 that are being shown for free on Twitch this year, poker fans probably won't need to leave their couch. The first week is a bit rough though as just three events will make it to air, but that includes Day 3 of the $100,000 High Roller. 2018 WSOP Week 1 Live Streaming Schedule Day Time (ET) Event Outlet Saturday 4:00 PM $3,000 NL Shootout FT PokerGo Saturday 6:00 PM $1,500 Omaha 8 FT Twitch Sunday 6:00 PM $100,000 High Roller Day 3 Twitch News & Notes There were three players who managed to pick 20 or more cashes during the 2017 WSOP: Chris Ferguson (23), John Racener (21) and Mike Leah (20). Prior to last year, the record for most cashes in a single year was 13 by Roland Israelashvili in 2016. The Player of the Year system was overhauled yet again this year after players complained that the system in place for 2017 gave too much credit for min-cashes and lower buy-in events. Ferguson rode those 23 cashes, which included a bracelet win at WSOP Europe, to POY honors and will have his POY banner unveiled Wednesday. The annual $25,000 buy-in WSOP Fantasy Draft was held Tuesday night at the Aria, with 15 teams participating. The players who went for the most in the auction were Daniel Negreanu ($131 - an all-time record), James Obst ($129), Stephen Chidwick ($97), Jason Mercier ($91) and Racener ($88). Teams each had $200 to bid on players to fill their eight-spot roster.
  9. Bulgaria's Rosen 'dtminator' Apostolov banked their first six-figure online cash after navigating through a 10,344 player-field in the PokerStars $109 Sunday Million for $108,027. Apostolov crushed their previous best score of $12k after a heads-up victory over Canada's 'Samuel Peace'. Morocco's 'bibichov1989' claimed the bronze medal for $55,843, with the well-known name of Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah making a final table appearance in ninth-place for $7,715. [ptable zone="NJ Online Poker Promos"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] World #4 Andras 'probirs' Nemth collected another gold medal with victory in the PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller for $41,015. The Hungarian got the better of Michael 'imluckbox' Addamo heads-up on a final table that included Conor Beresford, 'prebz' and 'Remi Lebo_10' 'Stakelis24' topped 913 entrants in the PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller for a score worth over $67,000. Former #1 ranked 'C.Darwin2' took ninth place for $3,134 + $687 and after 'abarone68' exited in third for $20,027 + $8,493, 'ZaraJung' was unable to save thier bounty and departed in second for $27,568 + $11,393. 'fellatiado' was this week's PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up champion for $24,907. Former SCOOP champion 'clapjkspit' took the bronze for $13,117, before three-time PocketFives Triple Crown winner and former Sunday Million champion 'OMGACEACEACE' was the final player to fall in second place for $18,075. 'PayAndPlay' won the biggest Sunday prize on partypoker for $129,850, after winning the $5,200 Sunday High Roller Big Game. 106 entrants created a $530,000 prize pool with 'AGORAVAI' taking third place for $66,250. 'patience' in name and nature made their way into the final two, but ultimately had to settle for the runners-up spot worth $92,750. World #2 Patrick Leonard won the partypoker $2,100 Sunday High Roller Gladiator for an impressive $78,760 score. The partypoker pro topped the 149 player-field after a heads-up victory over 'junglemandan', who banked a consolation prize worth $28,511 + $11,632. Leonard, who has already been at the top of the online rankings in 2019, could be set to reclaim his seat at the top after yet another impressive result. PokerStars $109 Sunday Million $1M Guaranteed 10,344 entrants, $1,034,400 prize pool dtminator - $108,027 Samuel Peace - $77,667 bibichov1989 - $55,843 wendellau - $40,151 Miry1313 - $28,869 Conglomo222 - $20,757 D!egoRezende - $14,924 Seaman58 - $10,730 goleafsgoeh - $7,715 PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller, $100k Gtd 66 entrants, $132,000 prize pool probirs - $41,015 imluckbox - $29,557 Iimitless - $21,300 mararthur1 - $15,349 1_conor_b_1 - $11,061 prebz - $7,971 Remi Lebo_10 - $5,744 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, $350k Gtd 913 entrants, $456,500 prize pool Stakelis24 - $37,611 + $30,055 (in bounties) ZaraJung - $27,568 + $11,393 abarone68 - $20,027 + $8,493 ShippityShip - $14,812 + $3,888 nilsef - $10,857 + $6,615 slarki1 - $7,958 + $2,515 jvieiradias8 - $5,833 + $2,039 rojorulez - $4,275 + $1,921 C. Darwin2 - $3,134 + $687 PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up $115k Gtd 733 entrants, $146,600 prize pool fellatiado - $24,907 OMGACEACEACE - $18,075 clapjkspit - $13,117 smir9david - $9,519 jeff710 - $6,907 BOKPOWER - $5,013 joaoMathias - $3,638 Leitnant - $2,640 EduardoGarl@ - $1,915 partypoker $5,200 Sunday High Roller Big Game $500k Gtd 106 entrants, $530,000 prize pool PayAndPlay - $129,850 patience - $92,750 AGORAVAI - $66,250 Greenstone25 - $46,375 Junglemandan - $34,450 Forrest_guuump - $26,500 Slim_Shady - $21,200 fromHolland1945 - $17,225 partypoker $530 High Roller Phased Final - $250k Gtd 563 entrants, $275,050 prize pool WhaledShark - $44,253* SpankyMcfarland - $43,460* zavor - $24,837 StrA1dEr - $17,190 Sphynx7 - $12,102 five90fspades - $8,746 Joe Panini - $6,298 SapereAude - $4,510 partypoker $2,100 Sunday High Roller Gladiator $300k Gtd 149 entrants, $305,450 prize pool Patrick_Leonard - $28,541 + $50,219 (in bounties) junglemandan - $28,511 + $11,632 MahmoudMokhtar - $20,136 + $13,026 TopGirl - $14,263 + $4,921 kqroqigmqtbmqom - $10,487 + $8,793 Jacques - $6,693 + $4,528 patience - $4,693 + $2,887 Sundaynightking - $4,693 + $3,806 partypoker $320 Sunday Gladiator - $300k Gtd 993 entrants, $305,844 prize pool El_Cucuy - $20,306 + $14,565 (in bounties) caraanchoa81 - $20,276 + $8,082 FlipTheShiip - $15,015 + $6,388 Rick OShea - $10,307 + $6,154 RustInPeace - $6,736 + $3,309 AegonTargaryen - $4,162 + $4,967 Benetnasch - $2,651 + $849 Jacquees - $2,651 + $3,554 888poker $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep $215 470 entrants – $100,000 prize pool Perrymejsen - $19,350 LeetRunGoot - $14,500 magnit7 - $11,000 RagnAArok - $8,250 Kelvin_kerbe - $5,700 sweet_dr34ms - $4,400 Rumukuluss - $3,400 xvckneru - $2,400
  10. Playing through a money bubble can be tough. This is especially true when there are millions upon millions of dollars up for grabs. That is exactly the situation during the partypoker $20M guaranteed MILLIONS Online. The field will be packed with professional players, shot takers and plenty of qualifiers. Many of those players will be playing in their very first big buy-in tournament and hoping to take home a score that could change the face of their bankroll. After successfully navigating the early levels (and fading a bad beat or two) the players remaining in the tournament watch the lobby as their fellow competitors hit the rail. Soon enough the money bubble approaches. Depending on your situation, there may be a few different ways to approach a massive money bubble like the MILLIONS. It’s going to be the largest online tournament of all time by a long shot. This means that there is a lot at stake. Playing your "A" game during the money bubble can go a long way to carving out a new career-high cash. Knowing its importance, we reached out for advice on how to handle the crucial money bubble phase. “There’s a lot of ways to look at it,” said World Poker Tour Champion Mike Leah. “You can look at it in a true ICM way where depending on your stack sometimes it’s more valuable to make sure you get into the money. So…maybe passing on marginal or close spots close to the money.” Sure, there may be an “optimal” way to perform during the money bubble but with partypoker runnings so many qualifiers and adding seats to their satellites, the MILLIONS Online field could potentially be filled with players that clawed their way into the tournament from the centrolls. A min-cash could represent a significant portion of a young grinder's bankroll. “But, you know, then there’s also emotional equity, if you want to call it that. Some people on the bubble of the World Series of Poker Main Event will fold whatever, kings, queens even aces, just because they want to make sure they cash because it’s important to them and it means a lot and they’ll never forgive themselves if they bubble. So it really depends on the person.” partypoker ambassador Patrick Leonard is no stranger to making decisions on the money bubble. As one of the UK’s top grinders, he routinely smashes the high roller scene online and has seen just about every situation unfold. “Whilst there will be lots of people clinging on, there will also be lots of regular players pushing edges, getting into ego wars and making some ICM suicide too,” said Leonard. “Think about the aggressive Skandi and the aggressive German playing with six qualifiers. They will want to raise every pot, the other guy will take a stand and then ego gets in the way and ‘over collide’ this is very common in all tournaments.” The aggression from some players may be ramping up around the money bubble. That doesn't mean that an aggro style is best suited for everyone. “If the bubble is big for you, you should absolutely play a little bit tighter. The min cash can be huge if you got in from a satellite. Once you're close to the bubble that can be your first target and then you can go from there. I am old and tight though, maybe Ludo [Geilich] or Joao [Simao] will suggest a looser approach for you!” Leah understands that suggestion too. There’s no single way to grind out a money bubble because that min-cash may mean different things to different people. Tournament poker can be tough and, for some, just making the money is a very big deal. “ICM wise maybe you shouldn’t fold certain hands. But if you are going to be that upset or mentally distraught if you end up bubbling then you gotta do what’s right for you,” Leah continued. “There are a lot of chips to be made on the bubble as well. You can approach it a lot of different ways depending on what your goals are.” The partypoker $20M guaranteed MILLIONS Online takes place from November 25 through December 5. There are five starting flights and a $2.5 million guaranteed first place prize.
  11. One of the most prestigious bracelets of the 2018 World Series of Poker was awarded today, and it went to a man who has now won the event an unprecedented three times. Tuesday also saw one other bracelet handed out. It was almost a three-bracelet day, but two players ended the Super Seniors event heads-up, so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find who will take down their first WSOP gold. Here’s all the news from June 19. Michael Mizrachi Wins $50K PPC for a Third Time Maybe it was on the cards all the way back on Day 2. Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi bagged the chip lead that night in Event #33: $50,000 Poker Players Championship, and then finished Day 3 as the chip leader too. He then had by far the biggest stack after Day 4, entering Tuesday’s final table in pole position. Now, The Grinder is a four-time bracelet winner, a three-time PPC champion, and $1,239,126 richer. "It's quite an accomplishment," Mizrachi said after the victory. "To win the first one was amazing. The second one was great. The third one is unheard of.” Mizrachi’s journey through this final table was almost entirely smooth sailing, despite such a tricky line-up. "I never had big swings this whole tournament," he admitted. "All the cards went my way. I hit a bunch of hands. Everything went my way. I just won every pot.” Aaron Katz was the first to fall today, when his top pair was outdrawn by Benny Glaser’s bottom pair and backdoor flush draw. Glaser and Mike Leah remained the short stacks during five-handed play, and ultimately Glaser would exit in fifth. He lost a large chunk of his stack in a stud hand, when he made a value bet with two pair on seventh street only for John Hennigan to call with a better two pair. Leah then felted Glaser a little later in a 2-7 hand. Leah managed a double up shortly after, but that couldn’t prevent him from finishing in fourth, busting to Mizrachi in a PLO pot. Dan Smith would then depart in a limit hold’em hand. Smith had an open-ended straight draw to Hennigan’s ace-high with two overs, but the board bricked for Smith. Hennigan, a former PPC winner, lost two big 2-7 hands to Mizrachi right off the bat in heads-up play. It all ended in NLHE, with Hennigan shoving a flop with an open-ender and Grinder calling with a pair and flush draw which hit on the turn. A huge crowd then burst onto the stage to congratulate your 2018 $50K PPC champion, Michael Mizrachi. Final Table Results: Michael Mizrachi - $1,239,126 John Hennigan - $765,837 Dan Smith - $521,782 Mike Leah - $364,197 Benny Glaser - $260,578 Aaron Katz - $191,234 China’s Yueqi Zhu Finishes the Job in $1,500 Mixed Omaha Only three players returned Tuesday in Event #35: $1,500 Mixed Omaha, and Yueqi Zhu of China had a dominating lead with almost 80% of the chips in play. [caption id="attachment_619627" align="aligncenter" width="628"] Yueqi Zhu Takes It Down[/caption] It didn’t take long for Zhu to seal the deal today and win his first WSOP bracelet. The only player who already had a bracelet, Carol Fuchs, went out in third, followed by a brief heads-up match versus Gabriel Ramos. Zhu had a 10:1 advantage, but Ramos almost doubled up when his top set was all-in versus Zhu’s wrap in a PLO-8 hand. Zhu’s draw then completed to give him the win. After more than 12 years of grinding at the WSOP and some 70 cashes, including a second-place finish back in 2006, Zhu is now a bracelet winner and $211,781 richer. Final Table Results: Yueqi Zhu - $211,781 Gabriel Ramos - $130,850 Carol Fuchs - $89,488 Matthew Gregoire - $62,226 Jon Turner - $44,007 Peter Neff - $31,662 Ryan Hughes - $23,182 20 Remain in Double Stack Day 3 of Event #34: $1,000 Double Stack No Limit Hold’em played out today, taking the field from 162 (of 5,700 total) down to just 20. Keith Ferrera holds the overnight lead with a stack of 7,550,000, more than 2 million in chips more than the closest competitor, Tomas Teran Paredes (5,050,000). Robert Peacock completes the top three stacks with 4,500,000. Other notables returning tomorrow include Matt Stout (3,920,000), Joshua Turner (3,905,000), Pfizer Jordan (2,450,000), Pablo Fernandez (1,760,000), Ramin Hajiyev (1,420,000) and WSOP bracelet winner Andrey Zaichenko (1,205,000). Throughout the course of action we lost the likes of Jake Bazeley (141st place), WSOP bracelet winners Phil Hui (107th place), Anthony Spinella (101st place), Nipun Java (87th place) and Tony Dunst (69th place), as well as Maria Lampropulos (79th place), Isaac Baron (66th place), Mike Del Vecchio (51st place) and Matt Berkey (24th place). All 20 are guaranteed a $22,122 payday, but it’s the $644,224 first-place prize they’re really after. Action resumes at 12pm Wednesday. Top 10 Stacks: Keith Ferrera - 7,550,000 Tomas Teran Paredes - 5,050,000 Robert Peacock - 4,500,000 James Ostrowski - 3,985,000 Matt Stout - 3,920,000 Joshua Turner - 3,905,000 Steven Tymms - 3,575,000 Daniel Eichhorn - 3,300,000 Don Johnson - 2,690,000 Pfizer Jordan - 2,450,000 Two Set to Return to Battle for Super Seniors Action ended heads-up after Day 3 of the Event #36: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold’em, with Robert Beach holding a massive chip lead over Farhintaj Bonyadi. Beach will return tomorrow with 9,010,000 to Bonyadj’s 1,975,000. The runner-up will receive $192,397, while the winner will bank $311,451. Action kicks back off at 11am tomorrow, with blinds at 50K/100K. Check back tomorrow to find out if Beach can get the job done. Stud Championship Reaches Final Table A final table has been set in Event #38: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship. With eight players of the 83-strong field left, it’s Yaniv Birman who enters the finale as chip leader. Birman bagged up 958,000 - 40 big bets, and he’s followed by multiple bracelet winner Jesse Martin (916,000). Mixed game beasts Ben Yu (559,000), James Obst (216,000), and Matt Grapenthien (507,000) will also return tomorrow. Throughout the day we lost the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Jordan Siegel, Michael McKenna, Perry Friedman and Todd Brunson. All eight have locked up $23,443, while there’s $236,238 up top. Play kicks back off at 2pm Wednesday. Final Table Stacks: Yaniv Birman - 958,000 Jesse Martin - 916,000 Ben Yu - 559,000 Matt Grapenthien - 507,000 Lee Salem - 473,000 Joseph Cappello - 360,000 James Obst - 216,000 Lars Gronning - 168,000 First Round in $1,500 SHOOTOUT Done Event #39: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em SHOOTOUT kicked off today, with 908 runners hoping to win their first table in order to proceed. 100 players did just that, and there are some big names amongst them. Phil Hellmuth took down his table to become one of the first Day 2 players, defeating the likes of Heidi May and Maurice Hawkins. Other notables to advance include reigning WSOP Main Event Champion Scott Blumstein, last year's runner-up in this event Thomas Boivin, as well as Steven Wolansky, Rep Porter, 2014 Main Event Champion Martin Jacobson, Matthew Waxman, Georgios Sotiropoulos, Arkadiy Tsinis, Justin Liberto, and William Kakon. Where there are survivors there must be casualties. Some of those who couldn’t make it through today include Ryan Riess, Qui Nguyen, Joe Cada, Erik Seidel, Joe McKeehen, Brian Yoon, Mark Radoja, Michael Gagliano, Barny Boatman, Humberto Brenes, Annette Obrestad, Niall Farrell, Taylor Paur, Chris Moorman, John Racener, Brian Hastings, David Peters, Calvin Anderson, Frank Kassela, Jennifer Tilly and Jeff Madsen. Round 2 begins at 12pm Wednesday. There’s $236,498 for the eventual champ, while all 100 players have now won $5,227. Big Bets All Round The second new event to begin on Tuesday was Event #40: $2,500 Mixed Big Bet. 205 players took their shot, but after ten levels just 51 remain. Naoya Kihara holds the overnight chip lead with 119,700, followed by Dario Sammartino with 117,000. Plenty of other big names have advanced, including the red-hot John Hennigan (111,850), fresh from his $50K runner-up finish. Six-time bracelet winner Jeff Lisandro also had a good day, chip leading for much of it before ending with 90,000. Andrew Kelsall (66,200), Mike Matusow (72,300), Eli Elezra (70,000), David "ODB" Baker (41,075), Barry Greenstein (27,375), and Brian Rast (23,150) also advanced. Play resumes at 2pm Wednesday with 31 players making the money. A min-cash is worth $3,777, while there’s $122,138 for the champ. Top 10 Stacks: Naoya Kihara - 119,700 Dario Sammartino - 117,650 Scott Bohlman - 114,000 John Hennigan - 111,850 Daniel Harmetz - 100,000 Jeff Lisandro - 90,000 John Racener - 88,400 Brandon Shack-Harris - 84,100 Stuart Rutter - 77,250 Aaron Rogers - 73,325 Tomorrow’s Action (June 20) There are two new events ready to get going on Wednesday. First up is Event #41: $1,500 Limit Hold’em, kicking off at 11am. However, arguably the more exciting of the two is Event #42: $25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed High Roller, which begins at 3pm. James Calderaro took that one down last year, defeating a final table that included the likes of Dario Sammartino, Dan Smith, and Ben Tollerene to claim the $1,289,074 winner’s prize.
  12. [caption width="640"] Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah now has two 2016 SCOOP titles.[/caption] Just four days after beating Ari Engel heads-up to win his first 2016 Spring Championship of Online Poker title, Mike ‘goleafsgoeh’ Leah scored his second win in Event 48 (H), $2,100 Seven Card Stud, after overcoming a star-studded final table that included Jens 'Fresh_oO_D' Lakemeier, Stephen 'stevie444' Chidwick and eventual runner-up Luke 'lb6121' Schwartz. After his victory, Leah took to Twitter to celebrate before turning his focus to the rest of Sunday’s schedule. Leah’s final table victory was one of 15 on a busy Sunday. The biggest score on the day belonged to ‘OtB_RedBaron’, who took down the $21,000 buy-in High Roller Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em event for $229,600. The high stakes regular added the SCOOP title to the WCOOP High Roller Heads-Up title he won in 2014. The final eight of the event included Doug 'WCG|Rider' Polk, Ben 'Ben86' Tollerene, Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov and eventual runner-up Jake 'JLlama' Abdalla. The win in the mid-stakes version of the event went to ‘jamjam818’ who beat ‘dougiedan678’ to win $83,800. The pair agreed to a chop midway during their heads-up finale allowing ’dougiedan’ to walk away with $89,000 thanks to the chip lead he held at the time. Ukrainian pro ’serhiy1989’ won the low-stakes version for $25,104.18. Niall 'firaldo87' Farrell also had a Sunday to remember. Farrell beat out 423 other players, including former November Niner Felix 'ZhipOHoy' Stephensen heads-up, to win $159,040.00 in Event 47 (H), $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Min-Max. While there were 15 titles handed out on Sunday, it also marked Day 1 of the Main Event at all three buy-in levels. The $10,000 buy-in high stakes event brought in 824 players with 129 moving on to Day 2. Germany’s ‘lissi stinkt’ leads heading into Day 2. In the mid-stakes version, 5,206 players put up the $1,000 buy-in with only 251 advancing to Day 2 and the overnight chip leader is ‘Airdraken’. The low-stakes version brought out 24,591 players including Japan’s ‘jp_legacy’ who turned his re-entry into the event into a chip lead with 222 players left. Action resumes Monday. Event 46 (H); Six Max Pot Limit 5-Card Omaha Hi-Lo Six Max Entrants: 85 Prize pool: $162,748 KKremate - $44,348.83 WATnlos- $29,701.51 mikal12345 - $22,784.72 rapsusklei - $15,461.06 bujia4000 - $11,392.36 shhharp - $8,544.27 Event 46 (M): $82+R Six Max Pot Limit 5-Card Omaha Hi-Lo Six Max Entrants: 347 (397 rebuys, 257 add-ons) Prize pool: $76,326.25 Adam 'Adamyid' Owen - $15,647.06 Filipo83 - $11,448.93 aDrENalin710 - $8,586.70 hotvesper - $5,915.28 delyoda - $4,388.75 XRoXXoX - $2,862.23 Event 46 (L): Six Max Pot Limit 5-Card Omaha Hi-Lo Six Max Entrants: 1,814 (2,786 Rebuys, 1,046 Add-ons) Prize pool: $38,505.72 MuKoJla - $5,459.62* Steve 'Rabscuttle' Cowley - $4,520.12* enay_fls - $4,268.46* Eric 'AceQuad' Brix - $2,310.34 Al Magellan - $1,540.22 stardream - $908.73 * Three-way chop Event 47 (H): $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Min-Max Entrants: 424 (Part One) Prize pool: $848,000.00 Niall 'firaldo87' Farrell (Canada) $159,040.00* Felix 'ZhipOHoy' Stephensen (United Kingdom) $142,000.00* SsicK_OnE (Germany) $95,400.00 WhatIfGod (Sweden) $65,720.00 Mikleler (Russia) $48,760.00 I'am_Sound (Switzerland) $31,800.00 Event 47 (M): $215 No Limit Hold'em Min-Max Entrants: 1,590 Prize pool: $318,000.00 prsalute - $49,170.61* digopapel - $42,731.39* Thomas 'WushuTM' Muehloecker - $29,415.00 Diego 'Die Ventura' Ventura - $20,352.00 PureCash25 - $13,038.00 TiltMeBig - $8,745.00 Two-way chop Event 47 (L): $27 No Limit Hold'em Min-Max Entrants: 3,932 Prize Pool: $100,000 eugenevv - $14,106.91* wuqi3159 - $12,199.46* ratez0r - $11,843.63* Nelson28 - $6,400 zvejyss10 - $4,100 013ATM - $2,750 Three-way chop Event 48 (H): $2,100 Seven Card Stud Entrants: 65 Prize pool: $130,000.00 Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah - $42,250.00 Luke 'lb6121' Schwartz - $27,300.00 Jens 'Fresh_oO_D' Lakemeier - $19,500.00 Gleb 'psyhoagromor' Kovtunov - $13,000.00 Stephen 'stevie444' Chidwick - $9,750.00 Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara - $7,150.00 krakukra - $5,850.00 TheMuppet - $5,200.0048 Event 48 (M): $215 Seven Card Stud Entrants: 258 (192 entries, 66 re-entries) Prize pool: $51,600 Fabrizio 'SixthSenSe19' Gonzalez (Uruguay) $10,062.00 viking47 (U.K.) $7,482.00 alwaysnice (U.K.) $5,676.00 sprocketsAA (Mexico) $4,128.00 Akkerx (Hungary) $2,838.00 psyhoagromor (Ukraine) $2,064.00 Calvin 'cal42688' Anderson (Mexico) $1,548.00 EDUARD_II (Latvia) $1,290.00 Event 48 (L): $27 Seven Card Stud Entrants:1,177 Prize pool: $28,895.35 Antanas 'Nr1InEurope' Bakaitis - $4,400.00* B!G_SL!ck-AK - $3,750.00* skalexjung - $3,697.82* AtomTom87 - $2,141.14 gunnersfun - $1,444.76 nicnad888 - $866.86 woodenrouble - $577.90 Leads4free - $361.19 Three-way chop. Event 49 (H): $21,000 High Roller Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em Entrants: 32 Prize pool: $656,000.00 OtB_RedBaron - $229,600.00 Jake 'JLlama' Abdalla - $131,200.00 KRab42 - $65,600.00 Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov - $65,600.00 kalashn1kovv - $41,000.00 Ben 'Ben86' Tollerene - $41,000.00 hhecklen - $41,000.00 Doug 'WCG|Rider' Polk - $41,000.00 Event 49 (M): $2,100 High Roller Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em Entrants: 180 Prize pool: $360,000 jamjam818 - $83,800* dougiedan678 - $89,000* beginner27 - $36,000 3P3NIPA - $36,000 moglimiranda - $14,400 bar-bar9999 - $14,400 teunuss - $14,400 ORLOVSKIY - $14,400 Two-way chop. Event 49 (L): $215 High Roller Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em Entrants: 830 Prize Pool: $166,000 serhiy1989 - $25,104.18 greerzy_2 - $15,974.18 Nacho 'PokerLoans1' Barbero - $7,986.26 Fishyyy91 - $7,986.26 Event 55 (H): No Limit Hold'em Turbo, Ultra-Deep, Progressive Super KO Entrants: 1,335 Prize pool: $1,335,000.00 (Regular pool: $667,500, Bounty pool: $667,500) dntfrgtame - $115,210.50 + $40,847.61 bounties Tom 'hitthehole' Middleton - $83,437.50 + $46,972.60 bounties 1sag - $63,412.50 + $7,421.87 bounties Justas 'selinantis' Semaska - $46,458.00 + $10,195.31 bounties Max 'altiFC' Altergott - $33,041.25 + $5,187.49 bounties scoripo04 - $26,366.25 + $3,031.25 bounties Garrin4e - $19,691.25 + $15,324.21 bounties Andreas 'daskalos20' Christoforou - $13,016.25 + $9,861.32 bounties Brabupada - $7,342.50 + $2,125.00 bounties Event 55 (M): $109 No Limit Hold'em Turbo, Ultra-Deep, Progressive Super KO Entrants: 5,838 Prize pool: $583,800 tinchoarce - $45,665.40 + $12,957.03 in bounties mackkim - $34,006.35 + $2,636.67 in bounties grbalazs - $24,081.75 + $2,876.29 in bounties ZAR84 - $16,492.35 + $1,454.26 in bounties dankol2 - $12,405.75 + $1,726.72 in bounties Trem-FCK-Ftp - $9,486.75 + $2,566.93 in bounties Nacho 'PokerLoans1' Barbero - $6,567.75 + $1,961.87 in bounties Dzmitry 'Colisea' Urbanovich - $3,648.75 + $4,121.79 in bounties Zoukki - $2,335.20 + $1,860.50 in bounties Event 55 (L ): No Limit Hold'em Turbo, Ultra-Deep, Progressive Super KO Entrants: 16,362 Prize pool: $163,620 gingerjake91 - $9,549.30 + $2,319.50 in bounties Buur90 - $6,953.85 + $1,035.42 in bounties Harv$$103 - $5,317.65 + $541.77 in bounties Petrix1 - $3,681.45 + $641.57 in bounties po82m - $2,863.35 + $884.72 in bounties rusito2184 - $2,045.25 + $443.43 in bounties Gubii - $1,390.77 + $248.01 in bounties jonimella - $736.29 + $745.99 in bounties marcozevola5 - $490.86 + $402.59 in bounties
  13. The top-ranked player in Hungary, Andras 'probirs' Nemeth, won over $500,000 on Day 5 of the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker and in the process prevented Roman 'RomeOpro' Romanovsky from collecting an astounding third title of the series. With the bumper buy-in Low, Medium and High Event #14 tournaments all coming to a conclusion on Thursday, the results saw 12 players collect six-figure scores, including Romanovsky who made it to heads-up play on his third bullet in the $25,000 buy-in 'High' and was looking to achieve his third win of the series after taking down Event #16 (High) the day before and Event #2 (High) on Monday. But, Nemeth was the man in his way and ultimately prevented the Ukrainian from achieving the feat to claim his own third career SCOOP title and the first-place prize of $576,087. Romanovsky received $442,299 as runner-up which left the current #12-ranked player in the world less than $200,000 away from the $10M career earnings accolade. Guntis 'poker@luffyD' Aleskins picked up his largest recorded online result to date after banking $240,765 for victory in Event #14 (Medium). Former Sunday Million runner-up Aleskins defeated 'engantil' heads-up for the win, with the latter taking away $171,625 for second place. Also on the final table was 'Lena900' who collected $87,208 in fourth-place and helped 'Team Sweden' close the gap on 'Team BITBRYE' in their much talked about six-figure series prop bet. The UK's Ben 'jenbizzle' Jones overcome Brazil's Ivanildo Limeira in Event #14 (Low) to pick up his first SCOOP title, and a career-best recorded online cash of $162,039. Jones, who is a former Super Tuesday, Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Supersonic champion, came through the 5,700 entrants field and navigated his way to victory on a final table that also featured 2017 WCOOP Main event third-place finisher, Machadada RS, and Chester20o. Event #15 saw three six-max PLO rebuy tournaments take place with 'Maizeruba', 'igor69' and 'Tr!pleeeee' all adding SCOOP titles to their names. 'Maizeruba' won $9,872 after coming through a 3,891 player field in the 'Low' and 'igor69' was the victor in the 'Medium' for $32,858, after seeing off former Pocketfives world no.#1 'cal42688' into third place. In the 'High' 'Tr!pleeeee' took away a cool $87,042 after beating Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah, Jerry 'Perrymejsen' Ödeen and Adam 'adamyid' Owen on the final table. Christopher 'Apotheosis92' Kruk, who featured on the Event #16 (Medium) final table on Day 4, made another SCOOP appearance on Day 5 after collecting the silver medal in Event #13 (High) Triple Draw 2-7 for $38,850. The Canadian was beaten to the top prize of $57,720 by 'merla888' after they successfully came through the 111 player field. 'TheRabbitFR' made up for their runner-up spot in Event #10 (Medium) by going all the way in Event 13 (Medium) to win $15,480. 'TheRabbitFR' beat 'SexualDrag0n' in heads-up play, on a final table that saw Pocketfives members 'komarolo22' and 'hummylun' achieve fourth and fifth place respectively. In Event #13 (Low), 'hapsmoney' beat out 1,726 other entrants to earn the victory and $5,441. 'Flakon2010' was rewarded with $4,058.45 for second place with 'Moergi' picking up $3,022.45 in third place. Below are the SCOOP results for Thursday, May 10 Event #13 (Low): $22 Triple Draw 2-7 Entrants: 1,727 Prize pool: $34,540 hapsmoney - $5,441.06 Flakon2010 - $4,058.45 Moergis - $3,022.45 RoxmorE - $1,986.05 Sjonie - $1,353.96 baaaaaaaby - $773.69 Event #13 (Medium): $215 Triple Draw 2-7 Entrants: 387 Prize pool: $77,400 TheRabbitFR - $15,480.00 SexualDrag0n - $11,455.20 gabrielper - $8,514.00 komarolo22 - $5,882.40 hummylun - $4,295.70 BurnsFlipper - $2,747.70 Event #13 (High): $2,100 Triple Draw 2-7 Entrants: 111 Prize pool: $222,000 merla888 - $57,720.00 Apotheosis92 - $38,850.00 vovtroy - $28,860.00 kkopghy - $18,870.00 hotmark777 - $14,430.00 Pardosh - $9,990.00 Event #14 (Low): $215 Eight Max High Roller No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 5,700 Prize pool: $1,140,000 jenbizzle - $162,039.38 ivan limeira - $115,504.57 Dagdar - $82,335.47 Machadada RS - $58,691.41 TCOBENKO - $41,837.08 GMVN - $29,822.97 Chester20o - $21,258.72 SaiyanHype - $15,153.79 Event #14 (Medium): $2,100 Eight Max High Roller No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 698 Prize pool: $1,1396,000 poker@luffyD - $240,765.93 engantil - $171,625.77 Alex.Z5518 - $122,340.69 Lena900 - $87,208.67 Päffchen - $62,165.41 hello_totti - $44,313.64 EzPaTuLa - $31,588.26 wizowizo - $22,517.20 Event #14 (High): $25,100 Eight Max High Roller No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 100 Prize pool: $2,500,000 probirs - $576,087.25 RomeOpro - $442,299.25 huang33 - $339,581.75 RuiNF - $260,718.75 wizowizo - $200,170.50 SirWatts - $153,683.75 ROFLshove - $117,993.00 Isildur1 - $90,590.75 Event #15 (Low): $5.50 Rebuy Six Max PLO Entrants: 3,891 Prize pool: $69,041 Maizeruba - $9,872.21 Benda777 - $6,876.16 serg.de - $4,791.12 TryToMeAgaiN - $3,338.32 Barmaley903 - $2,326.06 ALBANIANCHIP - $1,620.73 Event #15 (Medium): $55 Rebuy Six Max PLO Entrants: 1,165 Prize pool: $207,924.75 igor69 - $32,858.79 Zagalo87 - $22,894.63 cal42688 - $15,952.34 Clabbenyman - $11,115.13 Mindfulln3ss - $7,744.71 canc.gr - $5,396.29 Event #15 (High): $530 Rebuy Six Max PLO Entrants: 265 Prize pool: $456,015 Tr!pleeeee - $87,042.64 Naza114 - $64,519.14 Perrymejsen - $47,823.98 goleafsgoeh - $35,448.91 Lateski - $26,275.99 Adamyid - $19,476.76
  14. [caption width="641"] Christian ‘CMoosepower’ Elgstrøm won his third COOP title on Saturday[/caption] The second weekend of the World Championship of Online Poker included two No Limit Hold‘em tournaments, the Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Championship and a Five-Card Omaha Hi-Lo event. In two of those tournaments, players received some extra value for their money when the events failed to hit their guarantees. Event #18, $320 No Limit Hold’em Heads-Up tournament, was a grueling two-day affair that drew 624 entrants and resulted in a small overlay to its $200,000 guarantee. Slovakia’s ‘prosvk’ battled his way through nine heads-up matches, ultimately besting his final opponent, Arturs ‘IKSecret’ Kurnajevs, to secure his first WCOOP title and a $31,670 payday. The journey wasn’t easy for Prosvk, who at one point lost a big pot when his set of kings fell to fourth-place finisher ‘CHD17’s’ rivered quads. Prosvk was able to keep his cool, however, and locked up the win after turning a pair of aces against his final opponent’s pair of kings. In Event #19, some of the world’s best poker players clashed to claim the title of WCOOP Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo champion. The $1,050 buy-in tournament garnered 168 entries, which included two-time Spring Championship of Online Poker champion Christian ‘CMoosepower’ Elgstrøm of Denmark, Canadian poker pro Mike ‘goleafsgoeh’ Leah and Twitch sensation Jason Somerville. After four and half hours of play on Day 2 of the event, the title came down to a match between Elgstrøm and Leah. For nearly an hour, the Danish grinder applied relentless pressure to his opponent until finally emerging victorious with a full house against Leah’s busted low hand. Elgstrøm celebrated his third COOP title and banked $34,028, while Lee took $26,371 and Sommerville made do with $5,714 for his eighth place finish. Event #21 was a $215 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament which garnered 1,713 entrants, but failed to meet its $400,000 guarantee. After taking home his first SCOOP title all the way back in 2009, Hungary’s ‘tomacampi’ was back, navigating a final table that included decorated pro ‘eisenhower1’ and Sunday Bigger champ Bradley ‘BaZa88’ Bower. In heads-up play, ‘tomacampi’ would need only 10 minutes to defeat Germany’s ‘Dakain’, and take home his second COOP title – seven years apart – and a $51,855 prize. WCOOP players got a chance to stray from the norm a bit in Event #22, a $215 Pot Limit Five-Card Omaha Hi-Lo tournament. The event attracted 377 entrants, 257 of which would reenter to generate a $126,800 prize pool, exceeding the $100,000 guarantee. ‘Onmybicycle’ of the Netherlands played exceptionally well on Day 2 of the tournament, moving up from nearly last-place in chips to win the title after defeating Bulgaria’s ‘KRASIVIQ’. The tournament gave the Dutch grinder his first COOP win and a $21,808 first-place prize. Event #18 - $320 Heads-Up No Limit Hold‘em 624 entries - $200,000 paid out to 64 places prosvk $31,670.00 Arturs ‘IKSecret’ Kurnajevs $27,670.00 Diego ‘Mr.Bittar’ Bittar $11,538.00 CHD17 $11,538.00 HandOfBl00d $6,428.00 beginner27 $6,428.00 Gonzaga ‘Zagazaur’ Briga $6,428.00 incamuffa $6,428.00 Event #19 - $1,050 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Championship 168 entries - $168,000 paid out to 17 places Christian ‘CMoosepower’ Elgstrøm $34,028.00 Mike ‘goleafsgoeh’ Leah $26,371.88 Bluf_To_Much $20,438.40 Stephen ‘stevie444’ Chidwick $15,839.91 UlDuffer $12,276.04 Mikal ‘Mikal12345’ Blomlie $9,514.02 thechips55 $7,373.43 Jason ‘jcarverpoker’ Somerville $5,714.46 Event #21 - $215 No Limit Hold’em 1,713 entries - $400,000 paid out to 206 places tomacampi $51,855.50 Dakain $46,862.61 Bradley ‘BaZa88’ Bower $38,072.97 Clutch Hero $23,211.04 luk45zp $16,844.24 L2PokerBRO $12,223.84 JafreeSPb $8,870.84 DEADyshka $6,437.56 ‘eisenhower1’ $4,671.72 Event #22 - $215 Pot Limit Five-Card Omaha Hi-Lo (Six-Max) 634 entries (377 entries, 257 reentries) - $126,800 paid out to 83 places onmybicycle $21,808.67 KRASIVIQ $14,682.45 Adam ‘Adamyid’ Owen $9,884.97 Zbad $6,655.07 Eugene ‘MyRabbiFoo’ Katchalov $4,480.54 vip25459 $3,016.53
  15. Mike Leah didn't get to play much of the 2019 World Series of Poker after his first child was born during the summer. The Canadian doesn't have to miss a single hand of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker though and on Saturday he made the most of it by winning his third career WCOOP title. Leah topped a 219-player field in Event #38 High ($2,100 No Limit Hold'em Turbo) for $85,476.67. After the victory, he tweeted a winner photo that included his newest addition. Andreas 'mrAndreeew' Berggren finished runner-up for $65,843.57 and Rui 'RuiNF' Ferreira was third for $50,720.04. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] Poland's 'bartek901' beat Belgium's 'merla888' heads-up to win Event #31 High ($1,050 No Limit Hold'em) for $101,148.83. 'merla888' had to settle for a runner-up finish and a $75,421,46 score. Sweden's 'ShipitFTW911' finished third for $56,238.17. United Kingdom-based grinder 'rickv17' beat out former #1-ranked PocketFiver Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen to win Event #32 High ($2,100 Eight Game) for $60,320. Hunichen earned $40,600 while 'merla888' added a bronze medal finish to go with his earlier silver medal result and picked up $30,160 in the process. The final table also included Christian 'CMoosepower" Elgstrøm, Shaun Deeb, and Finland's 'villepn'. 'kimokh' beat out 90 other runners in Event #35 High ($1,050 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo) for $27,250. Canadian 'mistere3' finished runner-up for $18,500 and Germany's 'nilsef' came third for $14,000. Other players who won a WCOOP title on Saturday included 'denimblodturbo', 'leotoledo96', '29dandaman29', Mike 'prepstyle71' Serda, 'theguzzler', '_sennj_', 'firsohn', and 'Aziz.Mancha'. Event #31 (Low): $11 No Limit Hold'em Entries: 16,843 Prize pool: $165,061 denimblodturbo - $16,917.37* MikeWag1954 - $13,833.80* tinze - $9,244.44 VsWho? - $6,646.84 EericBolis - $4,779.12 fredovsczito - $3,436.23 ROVER GT 001 - $2,470.67 Roosvelt Gtz - $1,776.42 Thepkrgrinder - $1,277.26 Event #31 (Medium): $109 No Limit Hold'em Entries: 4,049 Prize pool: $404,900 leotoledo96 - $57,885.92 Pser33 - $40,930.08 Gwolde - $28,941.96 langrace66 - $20,465.10 MICHAEL9999 - $14,471.00 dilimAA - $10,232.59 aljmasac26 - $7,235.56 rolicin - $5,116.31 pucho2100 - $3,617.82 Event #31 (High): $1,050 No Limit Hold'em Entries: 573 Prize pool: $573,000 bartek901 - $101,148.83 merla888 - $75,421,46 ShipitFTW911 - $56,238.17 buck21 - $41,934.08 p0cket00 - $31,268.20 SCSC88 - $23,315.19 IAmSoSo - $17,384.99 Jamil11 - $12,963.15 Celina Lin - $9,665.99 Event #32 (Low): $22 Eight Game Entries: 2,304 Prize pool: $46,080 29dandaman29 - $7,259.01 Kongsgaard - $5,299.20 n0-MoD - $3,916.80 patasss - $2,534.40 BiggTwins - $1,612.80 PABL0Z - $873.21 Event #32 (Medium): $215 Eight Game Entries: 460 Prize pool: $92,000 prepstyle71 - $17,480.00 pantri - $12,880.00 TanTanSWE - $9,430.00 CryptoPKR - $6,440.00 Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah - $4,600.00 Dzmitry 'Colisea' Urbanovich - 2,944.00 Event #32 (High): $2,100 Eight Game Entries: 116 Prize pool: $232,000 rickv17 $60,320.00 Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen - $40,600.00 merla888 - $30,160.00 CMoosepower - $19,720.00 shaundeeb - $15,080.00 villepn - $10,440.00 Event #35 (Low): $11 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Entries: 1,788 Prize pool: $17,522 theguzzler - $1,961.79* XeX) - $1,672.08* iwonthurtyou - $1,076.30* captcanda - $1,599.06* illmatic1402 - $1,279.94* Decoligo - $1,930.77* bubble831 - $350.44 potorochin91 - $175.22 Event #35 (Medium): $109 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Entries: 460 Prize pool: $46,000 _sennj_ $8,694.00 FENOMENICO - $6,37.00 PPPPPositive - $4,692.00 Colisea - $3,450.00 David 'Whoookid' Baker - $2,300.00 Pledriko - $1,610.00 rtspurs - $1,150.00 YerickK - $805.00 Event #35 (High): $1,050 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Entries: 91 Prize pool: $100,000 kimokh $27,250.00 mistere3 - $18,500.00 nilsef - $14,000.00 Senkel92 - $9,500.00 Pauli elTopo - $7,000.00 Crisper - $5,250.00 Ravenswood14 - $4,250.00 WTFOMFGOAO - $3,250.00 Event #38 (Low): $22 No Limit Hold'em Turbo Entries: 6,981 Prize pool: $139,620 firsohn - $10,338.16* Michitaka - $12,703.05* vrish9 - $10,908.55* CnlSayWanker - $9,225.57* 123jeffrey - $10,557.31* Boev.V - $3,049.23 Mon$ter~187 - $2,096.81 chanaldo - $1,441.89 SAFADA1 - $991.52 Event #38 (Medium): $215 No Limit Hold'em Turbo Entries: 1,384 Prize pool: $276,800 Aziz.Mancha - $42,819.04 TonyGPT - $30,522.21 mr nord - $21,757.28 FoldMachine5 - $15,509.35 Rsiatat - $11,055.61 12maxel13 - $7,880.82 Machadada RS - $5,617.73 abaxa - $4,004.49 Event #38 (High): $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Turbo Entries: 219 Prize pool: $438,000 goleafsgoeh - $85,476.67 mrAndreeew - $65,843.57 RuiNF - $50,720.04 Mysters_Y - $39,070.30 Daenarys T - $30,096.29 8_Spizzico_9 - $23,183.55 Bit2Easy - $17,858.57 ROFLshove - $13,756.66 Crisper - $10,596.92
  16. Richard 'raconteur' Grykosurvived a nearly 5 1/2 hour long heads-up battle with Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leahto win the €3,250 Eight Max Pot Limit Omaha event at WSOP Europe and his first career bracelet Tuesday in Berlin. The win also came with a €126,345 ($143,793 US) payday. Like many first-time WSOP bracelet winners, Gryko was overwhelmed by what he had just accomplished. "I haven't really begun to process it, to be honest. All I can say is I've been a poker player since well before I should legally have been a poker player. So, a long time has been leading up to today," said Gryko after his win. "The sight of the river card… I've never given a fist pump for winning a tournament before. That alone should tell you how much it means." The final table could easily be told as two stories. It took just over two hours to go from eight players to two. Ismael Bojang, making his fourth WSOP final table appearance this year, was the first elimination of the day, falling to Gryko just about 30 minutes into the start of the day. Max Pescatori, who started as the shortest stack, managed to avoid being the first one eliminated but couldn't muster much more, falling in seventh at the hands of Mikkel Plum. That's when Leah went to work. Leah eliminated the next four players in a little over an hour. Benjamin Pollak went out in sixth, Lawrence Lazar was eliminated in fifth, Roberto Romanello busted in fourth, and Plum was Leah's final victim, going out in third place. That domination got Leah heads-up against Gryko with a 2-1 chip lead. However, that would be as close as Leah got to bracelet number two. Gryko took the lead for the first time after just an hour of heads-up play. Gryko raised to 24,000, Leah called, and the two saw a flop of Ac Ts 4h. Leah check-called Gryko's 26,000 bet. After the Jh on the turn, Leah bet 66,000 and Gryko called. The river was the 7s and Leah bet 165,000 and Gryko called. Leah showed Ad 8d 8h 7h for two pair, but Gryko turned over Kc 9c 8s 4s for a rivered straight. After that hand, Gryko continued to chip away at Leah's stack and eventually busted him just after 8:30pm local time. Leah's runner-up performance came nearly one year after his first bracelet win at WSOP APAC 2014. In WSOP events this year, he's cashed ten times, made three final tables, and banked $230,000 in earnings. Gryko has had most of his career success in his native England. In August, he won the United Kingdom Poker Championships Six-Max High-Roller for £30,000 ($46,887 US) and this is his third six-figure score but first since 2009 when he won a GUKPT event in Luton, England. The next WSOP Europe final table is the €1,650 Monster Stack No Limit Hold'em event on Wednesday. Final Table Payouts Richard Gryko - €126,345 Mike Leah - €78,150 Mikkel Plum - €55,755 Roberto Romanello - €40,480 Lawrence Lazar - €29,940 Benjamin Pollak - €22,535 Max Pescatori - €17,240 Ismael Bojang - €13,445
  17. It's only Day 4 of the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker but Roman d'Rome0pro' Romanovsky has already secured his second title of the series after defeating his friend Patrick 'pads1161' Leonard heads-up in Event #16 (High). Romanovsky took down Event #2 (High) for $123,935 just days ago and repeated his triumph yesterday after Leonard, and he agreed to a chop before playing out for the title. The Ukrainian took away $135,121 for the win, and Leonard banked $109,898 to help 'TeamBITBRYE' extend their series prop bet lead over 'Team Sweden'. https://twitter.com/plenopads/status/994393136221900800 'Cem1994' was Day 4's highest earner after they became Event #11 (High) Super Tuesday champion for $183,292. 'despedespi33' took second-place for $133,081 after 1,149 entrants came together to create a $1.1M prize pool. There was a career-best online result of $66,395 for Brazil's Everton 'Bitoks' Becker after he won Event #11 (Medium) Mini-Super Tuesday. The Brazilian agreed to a deal with 'MonkeyRush88', who took away $56,503 in second after the UK's Richard 'raconteur' Gryko had departed in third-place for $35,564. Another bumper SCOOP field appeared in Event #11 (Low) as 15,003 entrants paid the $11 tournament fee to create a $147,000 prize pool. After 15,000 players had departed the field, the final three agreed to a deal. 'TazutZ' finished in third-place for $11,664, 'Chick2345' took the silver medal for $11,695, which left 'theillwill' to scoop the title alongside $14,083. 'CAZZETTEE', who narrowly missed out on the win in Monday's Event #3 (Medium) after taking second-place for $45,723, went one better in Event #10 (High) after they won the $2,100 Razz for $51,940. The final table action also saw Canada's Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah finish in sixth-place for $10,600 and Dzmitry 'Colisea' Urbanovich score $19,080 in fourth. 'aidanb4' took the top spot in Event #3 (Low) after coming through the 2,184 player field to win $7,426. While 'Maicoshaa', who won Event #9 (High) during last year's series, added another victory to their name, this time in Event #10 (Medium) for $17,024. Event #16 (Low) comprised of a $55 Six-Max Turbo High Roller tournament which saw 'ale6ka' come through the 5,977 field after they defeated '[Ro]Cristy' to win the $42,475 first-place. The $530 Six-Max Turbo Event #16 (Medium) was won by 'elhilario' for $75,035 after they came through a final table featuring PocketFives world no.#24 'th'Kick' and two-time PokerStars Super Tuesday champion Christopher 'Apotheosis92' Kruk. Below are the SCOOP results for Wednesday, May 9 Event #10 (Low): $22 Razz Entrants: 2,184 Prize pool: $43,680 aidanb4 - $7,426.61 MikeyMunro89 - $5,241.60 woody1234321 - $4,133.87 spendypenny - $3,057.60 TzR 9999 - $2,184.00 Zbad - $1,310.40 Zoukki - $873.60 Van Bijnen - $436.80 Event #10 (Medium): $215 Razz Entrants: 448 Prize pool: $89,600 Maicoshaa - $17,024.00 TheRabbitFR - $12,544.00 YerickK - $9,408.00 Beeethoven87 - $6,720.00 childers - $4,480 vovtroy - $3,136.00 dolmren - $2,240.00 billygstar - $1,792.00 Event #10 (High): $2,100 Razz Entrants: 106 Prize pool: $212,000 CAZZETTEE - $51,940.00 fr0zZy - $36,040.00 Kroko-dill - $27,560.00 Colisea - $19,080.00 bokkie87 - $13,780.00 goleafsgoeh - $10,600.00 Impetigo_666 - $8,480.00 L1TE-BR1TE - $6,360.00 Event #11 (Low): $11 No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 15,003 Prize pool: $147,029.40 theillwill - $14,083.46* Chick2345 - $11,695.91* TazutZ - $11,664.67* Nerflix - $6,104.45 gcascay - $4,351.45 Pindebuenas - $3,101.86 kamijaa - $2,211.11 Kuchenapfel - $1,576.15 *denotes a three-player deal Event #11 (Medium): $109 Mini Super Tuesday No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 5,077 Prize pool: $507,700 Bitoks - $66,395.37* MonkeyRush88 - $56,503.08* raconteur - $35,564.48 Harlo1990 - $24,958.02 FaraChef - $17,514.73 koenigskebap - $12,291.26 NeedOfCash - $8,625.56 TakiToRivers - $6,053.15 mizzB111 - $4,247.92 *denotes heads-up deal Event #11 (High): $1,050 Super Tuesday No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 1,149 Prize pool: $1,149,000 Cem1994 - $183,292.52 despedespi33 - $133,081.31 OMGACEACEACE - $96,625.26 GamadGADOL - $70,155.75 Machiavelli3 - $50,937.46 19Dan86 - $36,983.66 Pinocchyo - $26,852.47 Stating - $19,496.57 Ticiz - $14,155.68 Event #16 (Low): $55 Six Max Turbo High Roller No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 5,977 Prize pool: $298,850 ale6ka - $42,475.36 [Ro]Cristy - $29,592.39 BornSurvivor - $20,619.15 aikanasnx - $14,366.82 alek-gejel - $10,010.39 AQUA RAIDER - $6,974.94 Event #16 (Medium): $530 Six Max Turbo High Roller No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 911 Prize pool: $455,500 elhilario - $75,035.53 mandza17 - $52,282.24 th'Kick - $36,428.84 7Phenom1991 - $25,382.64 Apotheosis92 - $17,685.92 dammsugarn - $12,323.09 Event #16 (High): $5,200 Six Max Turbo High Roller No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 132 Prize pool: $660,000 RomeOpro - $135,121.47 pads1161 - $109,898.31 huang33 - $81,848.25 cal42688 - $62,911.99 hotmark777 - $48,356.81 Päffchen - $37,169.08
  18. It's not every day that a player known in part for his online chops takes down two World Series of Poker Circuit rings in 24 hours, but that's exactly what happened to Canada's Mike goleafsgoeh Leah (pictured) on Friday. The scene of the crime: The Bike in Southern California. According to PokerNews, "Leah steamrolled Event #9, a $580 No Limit Hold'em tournament, on Friday afternoon. After claiming victory in that event and busting out of another tournament a short while later, Leah hopped in Event 11: $365 No Limit Hold'em Turbo. Less than 13 hours later, he won his second WSOP Circuit ring in a single day." Leah gleefully posted on Twitter, "So absurd; just won my 2nd @WSOPC ring of the day! Shipping Event #11 for $15k, no chop, and wrapped up Casino Champion at the same time." That Tweet brought out a wave of congratulations from peers, including Jason Brewer, who chirped back, "And you were just telling me 2 days ago how you didn't have one! Smh. Well done." David Paredesoffered his congratulations on Twitter, writing, "Amazing man! Congratulations. That's incredible, Mike." David "ODB" Baker added, "Pretty friggin impressive my friend... Save the Main for me, I'll be there Sunday." Leah reminded WSOP officials that he's experienced success at past Circuit stops: "I've been to three Circuit stops in the last two years and I've won Casino Champion at two of them. They're fun. I'm always motivated because I like Player of the Series stuff. It motivates me and helps me play my best every day. It gives you something to shoot for." He passed $2 million in live tournament earnings with the two rings, according to the Hendon Mob, and is third in terms of the number of in the money finishes in live events by Canadian players. His largest live cash to date came a half-decade go at Borgata in a $1,650 tournament for $319,000. Leah has $2.4 million in career online winnings in his PocketFives profile, including a $560,000 haul for chopping the WCOOP Main Event in 2011. He is a four-time FTOPS event winner, two of which came in 2013, and was once ranked as high as #78 worldwide on PocketFives. Congrats to Leah on his amazing accomplishment! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  19. Longtime PocketFiver and former #1 ranked player Paul paulgees81Volpe (pictured) claimed the fifth World Series of Poker bracelet for PocketFivers in Las Vegas this year. The event was a $10,000 No Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball tournament that brought out a star-laced field, including Daniel Negreanu, whom Volpe beat heads-up. --- PocketFives' WSOP coverage is brought to you by Real Gaming, a regulated online poker site in Nevada. Play Real Gaming, real money poker on any device. Play now for Final Table Freerolls. Skip straight to the final table and win cash daily. --- You'll recall that Negreanu posted a prop bet prior to the WSOP in which Phil Ivey and he would offer up 1:1 odds on the pair winning a bracelet in Nevada. While many thought the odds heavily favored those punters betting against Ivey and Negreanu, the latter almost won a bracelet just 13 events into the 65-tournament series. Volpe told WSOP staff following the tournament, "I knew what this meant to Daniel because he has so many bets. So, I tried keeping the pressure on him and it worked… It feels amazing to get my first bracelet, especially in the $10K Deuce-to-Seven [event], which is one of the toughest events of the summer. I was confident I was going to win. I felt like I was going to win. It was a super tough table. It was unbelievable getting heads-up against Daniel. If I have to pick one person to beat for my bracelet, it would be him." Volpe entered the $10,000 No Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball tournament's final table with the chip lead and Negreanu(pictured), the reigning WSOP Player of the Year, was third. The tournament marked Volpe's first WSOP final table, while Negreanu recorded his 70th WSOP in the money finish. Online, Volpe has been a stud, amassing almost $5 million in tracked scores, including almost $3 million on PokerStarsalone. He was tops in the PocketFives Rankings until two days before Black Friday and currently stands at #181 worldwide. Volpe won the PokerStars Sunday Million in 2011 for a quarter of a million dollars officially and finished fourth in an FTOPS Two-Day Event the same year for another $108,000. The seven members of the 2-7 final table had a combined 14 bracelets. Here's how the group cashed out: 1st Place: Paul paulgees81Volpe - $253,524 2nd Place: Daniel Negreanu - $156,674 3rd Place: Jason treysfull21 Mercier- $99,313 4th Place: Brian tsarrast Rast - $67,264 5th Place: Larry Wright - $47,792 6th Place: John Monnette - $35,549 7th Place: Abe Mosseri - $27,633 We'll stick with 2-7 for the rest of this article too, as another longtime PocketFiver, Mike goleafsgoehLeah (pictured), leads the way with 54 players left in Event #16, $1,500 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball. Leah has a stack of 91,800 in chips entering the tournament's play-down day, about 2,000 ahead of the next closest player. Interestingly enough, Mercier, who finished third in the $10,000 2-7 event, is seventh in chips after Day 1 of the $1,500 2-7 event. He Tweeted after he busted from the $10,000 event, "Hopped in the $1,500 2-7 Triple Draw. Already ran up my stack 3x. Hoping to make another deep run in a Draw event. Still hunting." Mercier has three WSOP cashes already this year; two are in Draw events. First place pays $124,000. Here's how the top 10 in chips look right now: 1. Mike goleafsgoehLeah - 91,800 2. Brian Tate - 90,000 3. Tom Franklin - 70,000 4. Dan Smith - 55,400 5. Todd Bui - 54,500 6. Jaet Shetty - 51,900 7. Jason treysfull21Mercier - 46,400 8. Ben Yu - 40,300 9. MattDVD Schultz - 36,900 10. Stephen stevie444 Chidwick - 35,700 Stay tuned to PocketFives for the latest WSOP news, powered by Real Gaming. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  20. In 2014, Dan Colman (pictured) earned $22.3 million from live poker tournaments, according to the Hendon Mob, and made waves with his off-the-felt antics. He more than doubled the next closest person on the 2014 money list, won the most money ever by a tournament player in a year, and, accordingly, captured the CardPlayer and Bluff Player of the Year honors. We'll start with CardPlayer, where Colman logged nine qualifying final tables in 2014, highlighted by his massive $15.3 million victory in the $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop at the World Series of Poker. Colman piled up 5,498 CardPlayer Player of the Year Points in 2014, but only 600 of them came from the Big One. Here were the top 10 finishers in the race: 1. Daniel Colman - 5,498 points ($22,319,279 in winnings) 2. Ami UhhMee Barer - 5,042 points ($2,363,903 in winnings) 3. Mike goleafsgoeh Leah - 4,830 points ($2,054,400 in winnings) 4. Mustapha lasagnaaammm Kanit - 4,514 points ($1,234,776 in winnings) 5. Martin Jacobson - 4,148 points ($10,677,589 in winnings) 6. Mukul NeVerMuK Pahuja - 4,146 points ($1,395,891 in winnings) 7. Dylan Wilkerson - 4,096 points ($1,287,851 in winnings) 8. Jake Schindler - 3,955 points ($2,217,434 in winnings) 9. Davidi legrouzin Kitai - 3,829 points ($2,176,343 in winnings) 10. Simon x1deadman1x Deadman - 3,742 points ($1,058,355 in winnings) Over on Bluff, the site's Editor-in-Chief, Lance Bradley, commented, "Colman did this year what poker players dream of – he burst into the tournament scene with multiple million-dollar scores and seemed to make final tables at will. The Bluff POY is about recognizing excellence, and on the felt Colman was certainly the model of that this year." Colman beat out Leah in the Bluff Player of the Year race, amassing over 1,400 points, 300 more than the Canadian: 1. Daniel Colman - 1,447.70 points 2. Mike goleafsgoehLeah - 1,149.64 points 3. Dan KingDan Smith - 949.35 points 4. Ami UhhMeeBarer - 930.79 points 5. Ole Schemion - 927.56 points 6. Martin Jacobson - 888.50 points 7. Mukul NeVerMuKPahuja - 882.40 points 8. Pratyush FenwayKing Buddiga - 881.36 points 9. Davidi legrouzinKitai - 877.60 points 10. Doug Polk - 823.55 points Colman's year was one of the most impressive in the history of poker. He won the EPT Grand Final Super High Roller in April for $2.1 million and then made the semis of a Heads-Up WSOP event for $111,000. His One Drop victory occurred shortly thereafter and was worth $15.3 million and, in July, Colman finished third in a Super High Roller event at Aria in Las Vegas for $796,000. In August, Colman won the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event for $1.4 million and took second in the EPT Barcelona Super High Roller for another $1.1 million. He finished off the year by taking third in the WPT Alpha8 stop in London for $957,000 and finishing seventh in the ACOP Super High Roller for $373,000. Other than that, it was a pretty slow year. He cashed in tournaments on three continents and had four wins in 11 cashes, according to the Hendon Mob. We won't get into Colman's well-documented antics off the table in this article. Therefore, we'll close by congratulating him on his breakthrough year! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  21. [caption width="640"] Shawn Buchanan won his second SCOOP event in a week[/caption] Sunday was a good day to be a pro in the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker, or SCOOP. Pros ruled the roost on the final day of the weekend, with several familiar faces winning events. Shawn 'buck21' Buchanan, fresh off winning his fourth career SCOOP title last week in the high-stakes version of Event #14, won one for the thumb on Sunday in Event #24, a $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Eight-Max, after a heads-up chop with Rocco 'Sephirot88' Palumbo. Buchanan was second in chips when the final table started and faced a group of seven opponents that included Palumbo, Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom, and Dylan 'ImaLucSac' Lynde. After a swingy heads-up session, Palumbo and Buchanan ultimately struck a deal that gave the former $262,000 and Buchanan $260,125, leaving $10,000 in cash and a SCOOP title to play for. Down the stretch, Buchanan won 11 out of 13 hands. More importantly, he raked the decisive final pot in which his [poker card="ad"][poker card="td"] outlasted Palumbo's [poker card="ac"][poker card="2d"]. He succinctly Tweeted when the tournament was over, "BINK #scoopheater." Buchanan now has five career SCOOP wins. Dan 'Danny98765' Smith also found gold on Sunday. The high-stakes poker pro took down a $2,100 Zoom Mixed PLO Six-Max and now has two-thirds of a Triple COOP title, needing only a WCOOP win to fill it out. [caption width="640"] Dan Smith won a ,100 Zoom Mixed PLO Six-Max SCOOP event[/caption] Smith, who also won the Sunday Million four years ago, blasted through a field of 179 players and outwitted a final table that include heavyweights like Shaun 'shaundeeb' Deeb and Brazil's Felipe 'mojave' Ramos. His reward was $85,000, which pushed his career online tournament winnings past $2.8 million. In the high-stakes version of Event #21, a $700 Pot Limit Five-Card Omaha Six-Max Cubed event, Calvin 'cal42688' Anderson, who was ranked #1 in the world on PocketFives as recently as 2013, narrowly missed out on extending his own record of six SCOOP wins. His pursuit of #7 came up just short, as he finished in third place for $26,000. Switzerland's 'Kamchatka 1' ultimately won the Cubed event, although his heads-up opponent, 'danfiu', was the one who sent Anderson to the rail. Anderson has eight career COOP wins, tied with Shaun Deeb for the most ever. Longtime PocketFiver 'l33t_hax0r', who plays as 'goleafsgo41' on PokerStars, won a $215 Pot Limit Mixed Omaha event for $29,000. He's up to almost $2.5 million in career online tournament winnings and earned his first career SCOOP title. The entire tournament, which was played in a Turbo Zoom format, lasted only four-and-a-half hours. SCOOP-21-L ($7.50 PL 5-Card Omaha) Entrants: 2,309 (1,491 rebuys, 997 add-ons) Total prize pool: $32,715.54 Places paid: 300 big_pockett - $5,154.31 M-U-C-K-Y-O- - $3,762.28 geovou7 - $2,780.82 HYTTI - $1,881.14 eight4ever - $1,226.83 Premove - $653.65 SCOOP-21-M ($82 PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max 1R1A) Entrants: 455 (281 Rebuys, 256 Add-Ons) Total prize pool: $75,640 Places paid: 60 WhattUBluffv$12,419.18* BlackOps02 - $11,585.21* Lovet89 - $9,617.59* DroNNer - $5,597.36 Alexander 'utvekklo2' Ceder - $4,008.92 NOR-playah - $2,571.76 SCOOP-21-H ($700 PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max 1R1A) Entrants: 142 (76 Rebuys, 89 Add-Ons) Total prize pool: $204,769 Places paid: 18 Kamchatka 1 - $53,240.02 danfiu - $35,834.57 Calvin 'cal42688' Anderson - $26,619.97 Roywing - $17,405.36 Dundermåsen - $13,309.98 Joseph 'subiime' Cheong - $9,214.60 SCOOP-22-L ($11 NL Hold'em [5-Stack]) Entrants:12,385 Prize pool: $123,850.00 Places paid:1,620 alex_13_12_9 - $12,895.53* Poulsen4 - $12,107.00* Alogish - $12,531.80* bica999 - $6,192.50 Snakefoxes - $4,954.00 555yull555 - $3,715.50 PanamaRespec - $2,477.00 steviepang - $1,238.50 pokerqmaster - $774.06 SCOOP-22-M ($109 NL Hold'em 5-Stack) Entrants: 3,545 Total prize pool: $354,500 Places paid: 450 Jan "hownorez" Nakladal - $55,657.63 Purple Haze - $41,476.50 TerjePower18 - $29,423.50 lil-lj198 - $20,383.75 dyno52 - $15,176.14 BernardoDG - $11,521.25 ragAAAila19 - $7,976.25 #2slim4gym#H - $4,431.25 HYZENBURG - $2,836.00 SCOOP-22-H ($1,050 NL Hold'em, 5-Stack) Entrants: 859 Total prize pool: $859,000 Places paid: 99 3P3NIPA - $157,626.50 RamsGold - $112,529 slayerv1fan - $85,041 Adrian 'Amadi_017' Mateos Diaz - $63,995.50 Artem 'FaNjkEEE' Kobylynskyi - $44,668 Nikolay 'NikolasDLP' Prokhorskiy - $36,078 Thomas 'WushuTM' Muhlocker - $27,488 Tobias 'PokerNoob999' Reinkemeier - $18,898 T-Macha - $11,167 SCOOP-23-L ($27 FL Badugi) Entrants: 1,071 Total prize pool: $26,293.05 Places paid: 136 BOLTAnticvet - $4,799.21 bullitek - $3,418.09 adrian432 - $2,629.30 MychuPychu - $1,971.97 Georgios 'GeoManousos' Sotiropoulos - $1,314.65 Walrus91 - $920.25 SVTamada - $525.86 George 'georgedanzer' Danzer - $381.24 SCOOP-23-M ($215 FL Badugi) Entrants: 186 Total prize pool: $32,200 Places paid: 24 Mati312 - $8,091 ugritaly - $5,776 Naoya 'nkenyo' Kihara - $4,464 The TJS - $3,162 gmd68 - $2,046 CAE$AR_08 - $1,674 Premove - $1,302 aDrENalin710 - $1,023 SCOOP-23-H ($2,100 FL Badugi) Entrants: 45 Total prize pool: $90,000 Places paid: 5 silna_rakia - $36,000.00 Alex 'BiatchPeople' Luneau - $24,300.00 Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara - $13,500.00 Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah - $9,000.00 warcabista - $7,200.00 SCOOP-24-L ($215 NL Hold'em, 8-Max, High Roller) Entrants: 3,782 Prize pool: $756,400 Places paid: 480 IvanaHarman - $107,530.81 jorginho88 - $90,049.81 Knightsgeee - $86,017.92 Romzess II - $52,948.00 IceStream - $37,820.00 PDGanev - $22,692.00 jareth3542 - $13,237.00 wizowizo - $6,996.70 SCOOP-24-M ($2,100 NL Hold'em, 8-Max, High Roller) Entrants: 825 (553 entries, 272 re-entries) Prize pool: $1,650,000 Places paid: 96 Shawn 'buck21' Buchanan - $270,125.00* Rocco 'Sephirot88' Palumbo - $262,000.00* ekziter - $165,000.00 Daniel 'ShippityShip' Nielson - $123,750.00 david owie - $82,500.00 Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom - $57,750.00 TanTanSWE - $37,125.00 Dylan 'ImaLucSac' Lynde - $24,750.00 SCOOP-24-H ($21,000 NL Hold'em, 8-Max, High Roller) Entrants: 143 Prize pool: $2,931,500 Places paid: 16 Secret_M0d3 - $718,217.50 Hhecklen - $498,355.00 hurrrrican3 - $381,095.00 GM_VALTER - $263,835.00 nizmo jiz - $190,547.50 bencb789 - $146,575.00 jakoon1985 - $117,260.00 tsarrast - $87,945.00 SCOOP-25-L ($7.50 NL Hold'em, 6-Max, Ultra-Deep) Entrants: 9,546 Total prize pool: $65,103.72 Places paid: 1,200 babbelz - $7,470.04* Zigslick - $6,790.96* harmatiuk - $6,918* Lars Botman - $2,766.90 pazipro - $1,464.83 goldenboy#36 - $976.55 SCOOP-25-M ($82 NLHE 6-Max, Ultra-Deep) Entrants: 2,457 Total prize pool: $184,275 Places paid: 330 Franco "rojorulez" Spitale - $29,024.92 RigasDinamo - $21,191.62 biszibosz - $15,663.37 goxomago - $10,135.12 Pokerfan89Gr - $6,449.62 neverdixs - $3,492.01 SCOOP-25-H: $700 NL Holdem [6-Max Ultra-Deep] - $250k Guaranteed Entrants: 754 Prize Pool: $501,410 Places Paid: 84 Malaka$tyle - $92,761.17 que_te_crio - $69,194.58 YukoEgawa - $51,394.52 bombuslol - $35,098.70 MrRabanne - $25,070.50 minusth3bear - $15,042.30 SCOOP-26-L ($11 NL Hold'em 8-Max Deep Payouts) Entrants: 11,618 Prize pool: $116,180 Places paid: 2,863 SONGJOY - $11,864.27 ohanaaa - $8,214.69 addo140 - $5,694.51 BalBadwal - $3,947.49 jointy333 - $2,736.43 grantul - $1,896.91 Solidthought - $1,314.96 Fahrenheit95 - $911.53 SCOOP-26-M: $109 NL Holdem [8-Max Deep Payouts, Sunday Kickoff SE] Entrants: 3,691 Prize Pool: $369,100 Places Paid: 879 Dejan 'dejanaceking' Divkovic - $45,038.52 Breakchips - $31,217.96 AJPokerpro - $21,640.59 jANKE - $15,001.47 winning elev - $10,399.17 Goran 'mandza17' Mandic - $7,208.78 Omon_Ra_AA - $4,997.20 gabransich - $3,464.11 SCOOP-26-H: $1,050 NL Holdem [8-Max Deep Payouts, Sunday Kickoff SE] Entrants: 911 Prize Pool: $911,000 Places Paid: 159 IN PROGRESS SCOOP-30-L ($27 PL Mixed Omaha, 6-Max, Turbo, Zoom) Entrants: 2,622 Total prize pool: $64,370.10 Places paid: 330 miomiomy79 - $7,858.73* sorenj1988 - $7,385.49* Abbe77 - $7,769.58* Schoebinho - $3,540.35 PartyTownUSA - $2,252.95 rodmarcos - $1,219.81 2016 SCOOP-30-M: $215 PL Mixed Omaha [6-Max Turbo Zoom] Entrants: 839 Prize Pool: $167,800 Places Paid: 108 goleafsgo41 - $29,583.14 robc1978 - $21,814.00 XD89lol
  22. [caption width="640"] Three cashes in a single day are just a result of the way Mike Leah approaches the WSOP grind each year.[/caption] Earlier this week, Mike Leah pulled off something that just might be some sort of World Series of Poker record when he cashed in three events in the same day. It’s impossible to verify since the WSOP doesn’t keep those sort of records, but Leah was able to do it because of the way the schedule worked and his almost insatiable hunger for success. Leah smiles when he’s asked about cashing in the $5,000 Six Max No Limit Hold’em (17th place - $24,799), $1,000 No Limit Hold’em (105th - $2,182) and the $1,000 Super Turbo Bounty (272nd - $998) in one day, but that also means he did something else, too. “Busting them all within fifteen minutes? Not as cool,” said Leah, who knows that his approach to playing the kind of volume he does at the WSOP isn’t something everybody is going to understand. “Regging the $1K Super Turbo and going to play for 15 minutes to try and triple up my stack or bust so that I can go back to the other ones, I know that I’m hurting my EV in that one, but it really doesn’t matter much,” said Leah. “If something goes wrong in the others ones, like it ended up happening, then I have that one as a back up plan to actually try and make a run in it. But I built up my stack enough in 15 minutes to just leave it in and make the money.” That’s right. Leah showed up the $1,000 buy-in Super Turbo Bounty, played for just about 15 minutes and then went to his stack in the $5,000 Six Max when that restarted with just 18 players left. After he busted that in 17th, he moved across the room to his Day 2 stack in the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em and went to work building that up. He only returned to his bounty stack while on breaks. He’s managed to cash nine times already this year, and a total of 28 times since 2015. Leah says its not about chasing the single-year cashes record (13), but more about maximizing his opportunities to make money and not wanting to miss out on a tournament that has value. “Not necessarily just trying to cash, but I don’t want to miss an event if it makes sense to not miss it, because it’s an event that I have a chance to win,” said Leah. “So whether it’s for Player of the Year, cashes, winning bracelets, it’s everything plus peace of mind knowing that i didn’t skip an event knowing that that was the one I was going to win.” Given that he’s taken this approach for the last several years, you’d think it was a system that involves extensive planning done weeks before the WSOP actually begins. That’s not the case though. Leah, who has yet to win a bracelet in Las Vegas after winning his first at WSOP-APAC in Australia three years ago, rides the old athlete’s cliche of taking one day at a time. But he does it with purpose. “I don’t look (at the schedule) more than a day or two in advance. So I started looking at (Friday’s) schedule (Thursday) just starting to think ahead just based on what Day 2s I might make and how I might do it. I also want to look at if there’s a big buy-in I might want to sell for,” said Leah. He does stay at the Rio to maximize the amount of sleep he can get each day. And halfway through the Series, Leah feels pretty well rested, but still not immune to having a bad day at the tables. “I’m feeling decent. I got a good nights sleep (Thursday) night. Skipped the first two hours of (Friday’s) $5K because I was feeling a little burned out after a frustrating day (Thursday), getting close in the shootout and then getting a lot of chips in the $3K HORSE and busting. Trying to just start fresh today,” said Leah. Hitting the refresh button each and every morning is easy says Leah. The way the WSOP schedule works and the variety of games played That’s the beauty of the WSOP. There’s always an event to be excited about the next day. I love playing all the games so no matter what, like today is a turbo it’s a change of pace and PLO8 is a lot of fun. So there’s always variety that makes it exciting.
  23. The World Series of Poker Player of the Year race featured a new leader almost every week for the duration of the series. Elio Fox jumped to an early lead thanks to his bracelet win and runner-up finish in the $100,000 High Roller all within in the first week. By the middle of June, Fox's epic first week was an afterthought. Post-lim events played a large role in how the final leaderboard shook out. The most competitive race in WSOP history ended (for now) with one of the three-multi bracelet winners from 2018 in front. Shaun Deeb played an incredible amount of volume and is 90 percent of the way toward accomplishing one of his major career goals. Deeb shipped the $10,000 Six-Max a few days after making Day 6 of the Main Event and placing 105th. The bracelet is the second for Deeb this summer and the fourth of his career. Deeb's final haul from the 2018 WSOP includes two bracelets, three final tables, and 16 cashes. 2017 Player of the Year Chris Ferguson is the only player who cashed more times than Deeb and he racked up 17 to lead the category for the second straight year. Second in cashes and second in POY is $50,000 High Roller winner Ben Yu. Deeb defeated Yu heads up in the $25,000 PLO and leads him in POY by a little under 600 points. Yu earned a career-best $1.65 million for his third bracelet win. A few days earlier, Yu took fourth in the DoubleStack Turbo and overall, he concluded his WSOP campaign with four top-four finishes. Yu and Deeb finished in 11th and 12th place, respectively, on the overall WSOP earnings list. The only players ahead of them were Main Event final tablists or a player who cashed in the Big One for One Drop with the exception of one Nick Petrangelo, who won the $100,000 High Roller and took third in the $50,000 edition won by Yu. The player of the moment and third on the POY list is Joe Cada. Cada opened the 2018 summer with a win in the $3,000 Shootout and steadily accumulated from there toward a stellar final two weeks. The 2009 Main Event champion took fifth in his bid at a second title. Following the disappointing finish, Cada jumped in the $1,500 Closer and won the title along with his fourth bracelet in only two days of play. Cada earned a combined $2.7 for the two scores and certified himself a place in the annals of WSOP runs. John Hennigan led the POY race midway through the summer. Hennigan's second-place finish in the $50,000 Poker Players Championship and win in the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E was never replicated but he did wind up with 12 cashes in total. Those 12 cashes are 12 more than Hennigan collected in 2017. Hennigan was awarded with a Poker Hall of Fame induction during the Main Event to cap off his best year at the series. Scott Bohlman and Paul Volpe sit in the middle of the 2018 class. Bohlman came close twice to being the first multi-bracelet winner of the summer but settled for second in the $10,000 Stud Hi-Lo and third in the $3,000 PLO Six-Max. Volpe faced off heads up against Deeb in the $10,000 Six-Max and earned silver for his Main Event post-lim. 'The Main Event' made Day 5 of his nicknamed tournament and set a record with eight cashes in events with a $10,000 buy-in or higher. The No Limit players carved out space in the top-10 as done by Eric Baldwin and Justin Liberto. Between the two players, they went to the payout cage 25 times and all but two of their ventures were for events that didn't have NLH in the title. Heavy-hitters Mike Leah and Anthony Zinno round out the important part of the leaderboard. Neither player added a second bracelet despite having five final tables between them to close another victory out. Zinno made up the trophy difference at The Venetian where he won the CardPlayer $5,000 event for $466,670 to wrap up his summer schedule. The race concludes on November 2 at WSOP Europe at King's Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. Deeb confirmed on the Poker Life Podcast he would be in attendance at it remains to be seen who from the top-10 will join him. Top 10 2018 WSOP Player Of The Year Points Position Name Points 1 Shaun Deeb 4,334.06 2 Ben Yu 3,746.04 3 Joe Cada 3,531.86 4 John Hennigan 3,499.91 5 Scott Bohlman 3,155.88 6 Paul Volpe 2,859.76 7 Eric Baldwin 2,516.30 8 Justin Liberto 2,459.84 9 Mike Leah 2,354.13 10 Anthony Zinno 2,330.37
  24. February may seem like forever ago, but it wasn't too long ago that the second month of 2018 saw the names of Chris 'moorman1' Moorman, Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah, and Viktor 'isildur1' Blom capture the headlines. Below are PocketFives' top five stories from February 2018, plus a look back at the February's Monthly PLB winner. MILESTONES: Chris 'moorman1' Moorman Earns 27th Triple Crown Chris 'moorman1' Moorman is online poker’s leading all-time money earner with, at time of writing, $15.595 million in online tournament winnings. In February 2018, Moorman captured headlines when he won his record 27th PocketFives Triple Crown. Moorman achieved the feat when he scored first place in tournaments from three different sites in back-to-back-to-back days. Moorman then went on to win two more in 2018 and bring his industry-leading total to 29. READ: MILESTONES: Chris 'moorman1' Moorman Earns 27th Triple Crown Stephen Chidwick Wins Inaugural U.S. Poker Open Title The poker world was treated to the first-ever U.S. Poker Open in February 2018. The eight-tournament high-roller series took place at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas with buy-ins ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. An elite group of poker's best were in competition across the eight events, including Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Justin Bonomo, Dan Smith, and Jason Koon. In addition to individual tournament scores for large sums of money, each player was looking to become the first overall U.S. Poker Open champion. At its completion, Stephen 'stevie444' Chidwick had cashed in four of the eight events to win more than $1.25 million combined and be crowned U.S. Poker Open champion. READ: Stephen Chidwick Wins Inaugural U.S. Poker Open Title WPT: Mike Leah Wins Fallsview Classic for First WPT Title The World Poker Tour once again made its seasonal stop at Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, back in February. With it came a record-breaking field of 517 entries for the event and a final table that included one staunch Canadian grinder, Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah, looking for his first WPT title. Leah entered the final day of play ranked third in chips among the remaining 20 players. From there, he went on to claim victory and his first World Poker Tour title worth C$451,821 ($359,001). READ: Mike Leah Wins Fallsview Classic for First WPT Title Viktor Blom Stages Huge Comeback to Win partypoker MILLIONS Germany If 2018 was the year of anything, it's likely the year of partypoker. The online poker giant’s live tournament offering, partypokerLIVE, delivered enormous prize pool upon enormous prize pool all across the globe, including February's partypoker MILLIONS Germany in Rozvadov. That's where Viktor 'isildur1' Blom grabbed the title worth €1 million, but not without having to overcome a greater than 6-to-1 chip deficit during heads-up play against Pavel Plesuv. READ: Viktor Blom Stages Huge Comeback to Win partypoker MILLIONS Germany Leon Tsoukernik's Counterclaim Against Matt Kirk Dismissed Speaking of Rozvadov, King's Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik was back in the headlines in February with another episode involving his dispute with high-stakes poker pro "Aussie" Matt Kirk. Three months prior, in November, Tsoukernik filed a counterclaim for $10 million in damages. That was followed by Kirk's lawyers filing a motion to dismiss. At the end of February 2018, a Las Vegas judge dismissed Tsoukernik’s counterclaim it what appears to have ended a highly publicized legal tug o' war. READ: Leon Tsoukernik's Counterclaim Against Matt Kirk Dismissed 'European' Wins February Monthly PLB Title With 4,133.54 points, 'European' won the Monthly PLB title for February. 'European' booked 48 cashes in February, including scores of $86,000 for 707.11 points, $58,160 for 584.38 points, $56,975 for 463.68 points, $49,574 for 383.28 points, and $46,418 for 415.33 points. The $86,000 win for 'European' came in the $530 buy-in partypoker Powerfest #46-M: $500K Gtd NLH under the username 'JHelppi' when he outlasted a field of 979 entries.
  25. [caption width="640"] Mike Leah is selling pieces of his WSOP action on YouStake this year. (WPT photo)[/caption] For professionals and recreational players alike, the World Series of Poker can be a stressful and busy time. Dealing with travel plans, accommodations, setting a tournament schedule and on top of all that, dealing with backers and piece buyers that are going to make playing in some of the world’s most prestigious events possible. Not that Canada’s Mike Leah feels any of those pressures, as he’s amassed over $5,000,000 in live tournament earnings, along with a well respected online resume to boot while being a mainstay at the WSOP since 2011. Leah clearly has it figured out from a WSOP perspective, with his breakout performances coming last year. He cashed nine times, including two final table appearances, in the $10,000 Seven Card Razz Championship and then the $1,500 2-7 Draw Lowball No-Limit event. Add in a deep run in the first ever ‘The Colossus’ event, a 39th place finish, and Leah pulled out all the stops in 2015. This year, he’s looking to have more success in those bigger buy-in ‘Championship’ events and through the first few weeks of the WSOP, he’s been doing most of his selling on YouStake.com’s online marketplace. Leah opened the summer selling 50% to the $10,000 Limit Hold’em Championship, at a mark-up of 1.05. Sixteen players got a piece of that tournament, including a few that booked action for as little as $20. This week, Leah again went to YouStake to sell action to the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split 8/B Championship. This time, the mark-up was a little higher, 1.10, but he again sold 50% of his action. Only three players got a piece of that tournament, with some big buyers coming in to almost immediately scoop up the available stakes. So, why does a player of Leah’s caliber and success offer action on YouStake.com? Simply put, it’s simple. “It’s just a simple and easy way to sell action and it also gives fans, friends and anyone else a chance to buy a piece of my action,” he says, adding, “I also don’t have to worry about collecting payments, paying out multiple pieces or sending out tax forms, YouStake.com takes care of everything.” For someone who is playing a full schedule and will, like he did last year, be making plenty of deep runs, the ease and simplicity of YouStake.com makes the summer less busy and stressful for Leah. Other players have also been seen selling on the marketplace so far this summer, including former WSOP Main Event Champions Greg Raymer and Jamie Gold, along with three-time World Poker Tour champion Anthony Zinno. A majority of those players, Leah included, usually don't sell that much action. “I haven’t sold much over the last year, as I’ve been taking all of my own action for a while now,” says Leah. He did sell to last year’s WSOP, his most successful yet, and he plans to continue to sell this year, adding, “It’s just a good tool to lower my own risk in a few of the larger buy-in events.” Leah admits that he’s gotten off to a slow start in 2016, failing to record scores in both of the $10,000 Championship events referenced above. But with four cashes through the first three weeks of the WSOP, that just shows how high the bar is set for the former bracelet winner. If Leah is able to add another piece of jewelry to his wrist this summer, we imagine he’ll be keeping it for himself but anyone can get a piece of his action on YouStake.com.

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