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Found 5 results

  1. While each of the four "regional" brackets in the #1 Number One contest is comprised of online poker's all-time greats, the Diamonds bracket could easily be dubbed the "group of death". Not only does it feature some of the most successful players to have ever reached #1 on PocketFives, but it also features some of the most popular players in online poker history. Nicolas 'PokerKaiser' Fierro holds the #1 seed in the Diamonds bracket, but his path to victory isn't an easy one. The 16 players have a combined $111 million in lifetime online earnings, the most of any of the four brackets, and six of the 16 players have cracked the $10 Million earnings mark. Fierro will need to navigate through the likes of Griffin 'Flush_Entity' Benger, Calvin 'cal4268'Anderson, and Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen - each of whom could run into one another as the contest advances through the subsequent round. The bracket also features three of the best players that Brazil has ever produced: Yuri Martins Dzivielevski, the current #1 player, Joao 'joaomathias' Mathias Baumgarten, and Caio Pessagno. Shaun Deeb, thanks to his PocketFives Legacy Award at the 2020 Global Poker Awards, earned a first-round bye. Enter the #1 Number One Contest Now! PokerKaiser (#1) vs P0KERPR033 (#16) Nicolas 'PokerKaiser' Fierro has been ranked #1 six different times, one of just six players to have done that, and his 24 combined weeks in the top spot is the tenth best. He has earned $12.6 Million online and with 21 Triple Crowns, is the only player within striking distance of the all-time leader in that category, Chris Moorman (30). His first-round opponent, Jim 'P0KERPR033' Campbell could be a bit of a sleeper pick. He was #1 for just one week in July 2007, but with $5.7 Million in lifetime earnings, most of it earned before Black Friday, he has the OG status that could earn him an upset victory. Flush_Entity (#2) vs mindgamer (#15) Griffin 'Flush_Entity' Benger could be one of the most popular players to ever hold down the top spot on PocketFives. He did it five different times and has spent 32 weeks at #1 and has earned six Triple Crowns. He last held the #1 spot in May 2014. Since then he's gone on to have great success on the live felt, including his seventh-place finish at the 2016 WSOP Main Event. Stefan 'mindgamer' Jedlicka comes in as a #15 seed, but only because he stopped tracking his results on PocketFives. Jedlicka was #1 for two weeks in December 2013. Since then he's won the PokerStars Sunday Million, WCOOP, and SCOOP titles. Yuri Martins (#3) vs 1bigacehole (#14) Yuri Martins Dzivielevski enters the #1 Number One as a #3 seed and with a ton of momentum after taking hold of the #1 spot for a third time on March 23. Dzivielevski has more than $11 Million in lifetime earnings and has enjoyed some time in the poker spotlight the past few years thanks to his bracelet wins in 2019 and 2020 and his deep run in the 2019 WSOP Main Event. Meanwhile, TJ '1bigacehole' Ulmer is another player to have held the #1 spot for a single week. Ulmer grabbed the brass ring in August 2012. He's since cracked the $10 Million in lifetime earnings mark and continues to pile up cashes even though he's no longer tracking on PocketFives. cal42688 (#4) vs telks (#13) Any fan of March Madness will tell you that #4 seeds make it to the Final Four all time. In fact, it's happened 13 times with one of those turning into a National Championship. If you had to pick a #4 seed to follow that path, it's probably Calvin 'cal42688' Anderson. His eight different turns at #1 have him third all-time and he's spent a combine 40 weeks on top. He's dominated poker's biggest stages with 10 PokerStars SCOOP titles and another pair of WCOOP titles. His first-round opponent, Michael 'telks' Telker, was #1 for just two weeks in December 2011 but has more than $11 Million in earnings and a Triple Crown to his credit. Big Huni (#5) vs joaomathias (#12) Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen took hold of the #1 ranking in January 2015 and held on to it for five weeks in his only reign. He's earned seven Triple Crowns in his career and has nearly $13 Million in lifetime earnings. He's also successfully transitioned to playing live High Rollers against some of the other best players in the world while continuing to grind online. Joao Mathias Baumgarten isn't a cupcake opponent though. Two different times he was ranked #1 and he's won five Triple Crowns and has amassed more than $10 Million in lifetime earnings. Romeopro (#6) vs Annette_15 (#11) Seven Triple Crowns, three Monthly Leaderboard wins, $12.5 Million in earnings, and five weeks at #1 make Roman 'Romeopro' Romanovsky a legitimate threat to advance against any of his potential opponents. To do that though he's going to have to get through the only female player in the field, Annette 'Annette_15' Obrestad. As far as online poker legends go, Obrestad is firmly entrenched as one of the most admired. Her ascent to #1 in January 2007, followed by her 13 weeks on top, her 180-person SNG win where she didn't look at her hole cards, were all amplified by her 2007 WSOP Europe Main Event win. pessagno (#8) vs veeea (#9) For many years over the last decade, the PocketFives Rankings have been a battlefield for Russian and Brazilian grinders and this first-round match-up puts two of those players head-to-head. Brazilian Caio Pessagno took over the #1 spot for the first time in July 2013 and held onto it for three weeks. He grabbed it back from Calvin Anderson two weeks later and spent eight weeks at #1. Artem 'veeea' Vezhenkov is the most highly decorated Russian in PocketFives history. Vezhenkov has more than $10 Million in earnings, four Triple Crowns, and is the only Russian to be ranked #1. Make your picks in the PocketFives #1 Number One Contest - entries due by Midnight ET on April 2. Then make sure to follow @PocketFives on Twitter to get your votes in!"
  2. For the fifth straight week, Nico PokerKaiserFierro (pictured) is the #1 player in the PocketFives Online Poker Rankings. He originally ascended to the top on May 6 and has a PLB score of 7,763 points, 400 more than the next closest player. Fierro just hit $8 million in career online tournament winnings, the fourth highest total of anyone in our community, and has won three tournaments over the last two days: the WinamaxXPERT, PokerStars.fr Six-Max Club, and PokerStars $51 NLO High-Low. On May 26, Fierro took down four tournaments for almost 350 PLB Points combined and is up to 308 career victories in online MTTs. The Santiago, Chile resident has been a member of PocketFives for the last eight years. We had two new entrants into the top 10 of the Rankings this week. The first was Austria's mindgamer(pictured below), who moved up four spots from #13 to #9. He won the Full Tilt Big Ben on the final day of May for $10,000 and was the runner-up in a SCOOP NLHE event two weeks before that for almost $90,000. He calls Vienna home. The other new entrant into the top 10 was Sweden's eisenhower1, who finished sixth in the SCOOP Main Event and earned $294,000 along with almost 900 PLB Points. He just passed $7 million in career online tournament winnings and booked his fifth PocketFives Triple Crownin February after wins on Full Tilt, PokerStars, and 888 Poker. Outside of the top 10, Davide girex91Marchi from Malta entered the top 100 at #50. He finished second in the Sunday Million over the weekend for $135,000 one week after winning the Big $162 for $26,000. He received his $1 million cash badge on Tuesday. Finally this week, we wanted to single out longtime Rankings staple Legenden, who moved up from #27 to #15. Like Marchi, Legenden final tabled the Sunday Million over the weekend and earned $14,000. He final tabled a SCOOP Eight-Max event 10 days ago for $46,000 and just hit $4 million in tracked scores. Here are the top 10 players in the Rankings this week along with the PLB score for each: 1. PokerKaiser- 7,763 points 2. AnteSvante - 7,372 points 3. lasagnaaammm - 7,325 points 4. hellohellohello - 7,181 points 5. bedias - 7,120 points 6. norfair18 - 6,733 points 7. veeea - 6,707 points 8. joaomathias - 6,703 points 9. mindgamer- 6,698 points 10. eisenhower1- 6,658 points Congrats to all of our ranked players! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  3. The 2015 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Pokercontinues to be lucrative to members of the PocketFives community. The latest players to score SCOOP titles: Stefan mindgamerJedlicka and Artem veeeaVezhenkov, both top-70 players in the PocketFives Rankings. Let's start with Jedlicka(pictured), who took down a $1,050 No Limit Hold'em Big Ante Rebuy for $147,000 after a two-way deal. There were 351 entrants who combined for 171 rebuys and 321 add-ons. Jedlicka was second in chips entering the final table at 545,000, but was still well behind the 1.0 million-chip stack belonging to filushh. When four players remained, Jedlicka was last in chips, but he ultimately chipped up and then relegated RIMBOTAto the rails in fourth place after his pocket kings held against top pair. That pot gave him a sizable lead over the rest of the table and he proceeded to bust gordon0410in third place with sixes against fours. A deal was struck heads-up, but the battle raged on for 84 hands before Jedlicka emerged as the winner. The $1,050 Rebuy marked his first SCOOP victory. He won the Sunday Million in 2013 and is over $4.3 million in career online tournament winnings. Here's how the final table shook out: 1. Stefan "mindgamer" Jedlicka (Austria): $147,517 2. filushh (Israel): $137,838 3. gordon0410 (United Kingdom): $92,730 4. RIMBOTA (Poland): $69,547 5. Vlad "dariepoker" Darie (Romania): $48,051 6. Ryan "i need sheet" Yu (South Korea): $37,092 7. Younas "cocoojones" Roenhoff (Denmark): $28,662 8. lookoutdudes (Mexico): $20,232 9. NormyDozer (Australia): $14,752 Vezhenkov(pictured) won a $109 No Limit Hold'em Rebuy that spanned two days and drew 1,466 entrants who combined for 1,527 rebuys and 1,261 add-ons. He had a commanding chip lead entering the final table on Day 2 and, by the time heads-up play against fellow Russian TransSib rolled around, Vezhenkov was up 4:1. In the final hand, Vezhenkov out-raced K-J with pocket nines for the win. He added to his poker resume that already included multiple Super Tuesday wins, a WCOOP title, and an FTOPS jersey. He is a few thousand dollars shy of hitting $4 million in tournament winnings. Here's how the final table of the $109 No Limit Hold'em Rebuy looked after the final cards had been dealt: 1. Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov (Russia): $71,254 2. TransSib (Russia): $52,111 3. Bjuran (Sweden): $39,349 4. Fernando "fernandopipp" Pippi, Jr. (Brazil): $28,927 5. Emil "Emilohlsson" Ohlsson (Sweden): $20,844 6. cheeky4714 (United Kingdom): $16,590 7. Ballage87 (Hungary): $12,336 8. Vojtech "Vojta_R" Ruzicka (Czech Republic): $8,082 9. Simon "x1deadman1x" Deadman (United Kingdom): $4,381 Congrats to these two on their SCOOP wins! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  4. A big tournament series like SCOOP means big changes in the PocketFives Online Poker Rankings, which were recalculated on Wednesday. PokerKaiserretained the top spot by a fairly wide margin, as his 7,744 PLB Points were 800 more than the second place player. Therefore, we'd expect to see PokerKaiser, who won last week's Winamax High Roller, on top again next Wednesday. One major change involved mindgamer (pictured) who rocketed 56 spots from #64 to #8. He was ranked #1 on PocketFives two years ago and finished second in a SCOOP event two days ago for $81,000 and over 500 PLB Points. On May 15, he took down a SCOOP $1,050 Rebuy Big Antes event for $163,000 and almost 1,000 PLB Points. The Austrian is nearing $4.5 million in career online tournament scores. veeeais knocking on the door of #1, as he moved up from #7 to #2 thanks to a mid-stakes SCOOP victory for $71,000 and 652 PLB Points. He final tabled the 888 Poker Volcano three days prior and is three wins shy of 200 all-time. He is a few thousand dollars short of $4 million all-time. Germany's Fresh_Oo_D(pictured) moved up from #21 to #10 after netting five wins in a three-day span. The five included the PokerStars $215 NLHE Turbo, which he took down for $15,000. Fresh_Oo_D is the top-ranked player in Germany and has $3.6 million in career online tournament winnings. Finally this week, we wanted to salute Romania's fbg1919, who reentered the top 100 at #42. He won a SCOOP event three days ago for almost $400,000 officially along with a whopping 1,482 PLB Points. The $2,100 NLHE event had 1,099 entrants and a prize pool that almost hit $2.2 million. He plays as a.S.e High on PokerStars. Here are the top 10 players in the PocketFives Rankings this week along with the PLB score for each: 1. PokerKaiser- 7,744 points 2. veeea- 6,935 points 3. Romeopro - 6,793 points 4. norfair18 - 6,762 points 5. StrungOut1 - 6,705 points 6. joaomathias - 6,696 points 7. Big Huni - 6,692 points 8. mindgamer- 6,557 points 9. sifosis - 6,503 points 10. Fresh_Oo_D - 6,469 points Congrats to all of our ranked players! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  5. Six years ago, Stefan 'mindgamer' Jedlicka won the PokerStars Sunday Million for $222,934. In 2015, he won his first PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker title. On Sunday the Austrian poker pro added a PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker title to a resume that also includes previously being the #1-ranked player on PocketFives. Jedlicka beat out a 270-player field to win Event #16 High ($2,100 NLHE 8 Max Turbo PKO) for a combined $108,173.43 between his prize pool share and bounties. Sweden's 'WhatIfGod' finished runner-up for $38,612.34 and an additional $9,839.84 in bounties. Francisco 'Tomatee' Benitez finished third for $28,929.20 and $13,234.38 in bounties. Czech grinder 'sksjohny' beat out 788 players to win Event #7 High ($530 No Limit Hold'em Eight Max) for $66,298.75. Matías 'Festivuss' Gabrenja finished second for $48,629.85 while 'Futti18' rounded out the podium finishers in third and took home $35,669.90. Adam 'adamyid' Owen picked up the first WCOOP title of his career by outlasting a 9,762-player field in Event #16 Low ($22 No Limit Hold'em Eight Max Turbo PKO) for $13,289.98 and $6,153.16 in bounties. Other Sunday winners included 'Leha1107' (Event #7 Low), 'J. Gelades' (Event #7 Medium), 'PrOdigYx1' (Event #8 Low), 'Virgilik' (Event #8 Medium), 'DeuceofDuc0' (Event #8 High) and 'v587nt' (Event #16 Medium). Event #7 (Low): $5.50 No Limit Hold'em Eight Max Entries: 13,613 Prize pool: $66,704 Leha1107 - $8,359.73 Xijz - $5,949.47 jesjol - $4,240.98 Cresp0 - $3,023.12 Duncelanas - $2,154.98 Bacfast 60 - $1,536.16 Charks Mendes - $1,095.02 Bananmats - $780.57 Event #7 (Medium): $55 No Limit Hold'em Eight Max Entries: 5,345 Prize pool: $267,250 J. Gelades - $31,887.97* THUNDER79X - $32,797.00* shaenny - $18,717.94 Conckers - $13,135.65 TURICH88 - $9,218.17 Kopyl - $6,469.02 BadBeatPls - $4,539.74 blanconegro - $3,185.86 Event #7 (High): $530 No Limit Hold'em Eight Max Entries: 789 Prize pool: $394,500 sksjohny - $66,298.75 Festivuss - $48,629.85 Futti18 - $35,669.90 kouchan1214 - $26,163.83 SmallKindB - $19,191.12 J. Piva - $10,325.20 Kovalski1 - $7,573.49 Event #8 (Low): $11 No Limit Hold'em PKO Entries: 25,531 Prize pool: $250,204 PrOdigYx1 - $10,196.60* + $4,113.34 in bounties Robmaster555 - $11,202.44* + $2,054.63 in bounties NY17PATS14 - $6,430.47 + $1,286.50 in bounties TruthBeTold7 - $4,623.58 + $1,083.61 in bounties digby_stars - $3,324.40 + $1,121.96 in bounties BobDoan46 - $2,390.27 + $261.26 in bounties silver67 - $1,718.64 + $541.03 in bounties Rafaelgalo49 - $1,235.73 + $465.97 in bounties mgre06b - $888.51 + $130.08 in bounties Event #8 (Medium): $109 NLHE PKO Entries: 8,256 Prize pool: $825,600 Virgilik - $53,147.31* + $33,158.41 in bounties c0rl3on3_89 - $44,922.64* + $44,922.54 in bounties Mysters_Y - $27,758.69 + $3,779.21 in bounties farafiinn - $19,211.21 + $5,325.21 in bounties MarianexBJ - $13,295.66 + $7,071.42 in bounties gambl3r0 - $9,201.64 + $1,960.53 in bounties KretscheKing - $6,368.26 + $2,104.44 in bounties malbo2991 - $4,407.30 + $1,480.47 in bounties Rens02 - $3,050.17 + $1,796.28 in bounties Event #8 (High): $1,050 NLHE PKO Entries: 1,002 Prize pool: $1,002,000 DeuceofDuc0 - $81,814.54 + $77,313.42 in bounties MonkeyBausss - $59,792.14 + $25,883.79 in bounties _m0ney2_89 - $43,697.97 + $8,177.73 in bounties lopan83 - $31,935.84 + $12,976.88 in bounties chry1982 - $23,339.73 + $9,593.75 in bounties BBRS999 - $17,057.39 + $3,792.97 in bounties fafafofo - $12,466.08 + $812.50 in bounties MiracleQ - $9,110.58 + $11,902.34 in bounties arron8 - $6,658.29 + $6,546.88 in bounties Event #16 (Low): $22 No Limit Hold'em Eight Max Turbo PKO Entries: 9,762 Prize pool: $195,240 Adamyid - $13,289.98 + $6,153.16 in bounties Nelis020 - $9,466.08 + $1,364.48 in bounties AvE_spade - $6,747.74 + $1,543.10 in bounties mfkill - $4,810.03 + $443.52 in bounties alarc_js - $3,428.75 + $272.27 in bounties bianchettibh - $2,444.14 + $844.91 in bounties agileudo - $1,742.27 + $111.02 in bounties demecio r. - $1,241.95 + $797.15 in bounties Event #16 (Medium): $215 No Limit Hold'em Eight Max Turbo PKO Entries: 2,461 Prize pool: $492,200 v587nt - $36,166.69 + $27,506.21 in bounties leitalopez - $25,779.59 + $3,405.89 in bounties checm@te - $18,376.60 + $1,078.13 in bounties Unkn7wn77 - $13,099.48 + $5,915.50 in bounties lavanda883 - $9,337.74 + $4,208.60 in bounties grind4fame - $6,656.26 + $2,512.89 in bounties RaiseUpBlind - $4,744.83 + $6,536.03 in bounties vanEs2k11 - $3,382.27 + $2,561.92 in bounties Event #16 (High): $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Eight Max Turbo PKO Entries: 270 Prize pool: $540,000 Stefan 'mindgamer' Jedlicka - $51,536.72 + $56,636.71 in bounties WhatIfGod - $38,612.34 + $9,839.84 in bounties Tomatee - $28,929.20 + $13,234.38 in bounties MrMaximize - $21,674.38 + $11,804.69 in bounties Wildace_hun - $16,238.96 + $9,000.00 in bounties pochi - $12,166.57 + $7,062.50 in bounties cantstopmeAA - $9,115.47 + $7,593.75 in bounties ale6ka - $6,829.51 + $3,000 in bounties

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