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  1. Chris Moorman is easily one of the most - if not the most - decorated players in PocketFives history. He's been the #1-ranked player 13 different times and has held that spot for a combined 23 weeks. He was the first player to break $10 million and $15 million in lifetime earnings. Those accolades, along with his Global Poker Awards PocketFives Legacy Award, afforded the Englishman a first-round bye in the #1 Number One bracket, but the rest of the Hearts bracket presents a formidable challenge if Moorman has any designs on advancing and adding the #1 Number One Championship Belt to his collection. The rest of the bracket includes the likes of 'C Darwin2', Patrick 'pleno1' Leonard, Bert 'girafganger7' Stephens, and the late Chad 'M8kingmoves' Batista. Enter the #1 Number One Contest Now! C Darwin2 (#2) vs Jovial Gent (#15) Between February 2016 and May 2019, Sweden's 'C Darwin2' enjoyed eight different reigns at the #1 spot for a total of 66 weeks (third all-time). That, coupled with $16,779,066 in lifetime earnings, propelled 'C Darwin2' to the #2 seed in the Hearts bracket and made for a formidable first round opponent for Yevgeniy 'Jovial Gent' Timoshenko, who comes in at #15. Timoshenko held the #1 spot for a single week in May 2007 and has $4,826,132 in lifetime online earnings. Gettin Daize (#3) vs vinkyy (#14) Chris 'Getting Daize' Oliver took the #1 spot for the first time in August 2010 and then again in December of the same year. In both instances Oliver's grasp on the top spot lasted just one week. Still, the American, who now calls Costa Rica home, has $15,200,033 in lifetime online earnings, which is good enough for fifth best. Oliver's first round opponent, 'vinkyy' was #1 in the world for a single week back in October 2013 and has four PocketFives Triple Crowns to his credit. eisenhower1 (#4) vs brsavage (#13) Chris 'brsavage' Savage was the very first player to hold down the #1 spot on PocketFives. From January 17, 2005 thru April 18, 2005, Savage was considered the top online MTT player in the world. His status as 'PocketFives OG' could lead him to an upset over one of the best players Sweden has ever produced. Christian 'eisenhower1' Jeppsson took his turn at #1 for one week from September 30, 2015 thru October 7, 2015. He's also captured six Triple Crowns. Legenden (#5) vs norfair18 (#12) From March thru May 2013, 'Legenden' was in the online poker streets battling with some of the best in the world and put up results that allowed him to rise to the #1 ranking three different times. The competition was so fierce that two of his reigns lasted just one week and the third was two weeks. His first round opponent, 'norfair18' had a single week as the top-ranked online poker player in the world, taking the spot from Nicolas 'PokerKaiser' Fierro in April 2015. pleno1 (#6) vs lukethafluke (#11) Patrick 'pleno1' Leonard has been #1 on PocketFives on four separate occasions, most recently in November 2019. That reign, which lasted one week, came more than five years after he first topped the rankings. Leonard has $12.5 million in earnings and has won one Triple Crown and two monthly leaderboards. His first round opponent, Lukas 'lukethafluke' Berglund earned the #11 seed thanks to four turns at #1 between January and June in 2014 which helped push his lifetime earnings past $5 million. girafganger7 (#7) vs taypaur (#10) With more than $14 million in lifetime earnings and three reigns at #1, Bert 'girafganger7' Stephens still finds himself as an underdog to advance beyond the first round. Even then, he still has to make it past Taylor 'taypaur' Paur. On two separate occasions, Paur was #1 in the world with reigns lasting two weeks and seven weeks respectively. He also has more than $5 million in lifetime earnings. M8kingmoves (#8) vs ch0ppy (#9) Chad 'M8kingmoves' Batista had just one reign at #1, but he made the absolute most of it. Batista took over the #1 spot on August 22, 2007 and didn't let go of it for an astonishing 45 weeks, the second-longest reign of all-time trailing only Cliff 'JohnnyBax' Josephy's 74-week reign. Batista still has to get through Matt 'ch0ppy' Kay who had two week-long turns atop the Rankings in in July 2012 and February 2013. The Canadian also has five Triple Crown awards and $7.2 million in lifetime online earnings. Make your picks in the PocketFives #1 Number One Contest - entries due by Midnight ET on April 2. Then make sure to follow @PocketFives on Twitter to get your votes in!"
  2. It has been a monumental week for England's Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured), and that's probably an understatement. He started off March by becoming the first PocketFiver ever to earn four Monthly PLB titles, blowing away the competition in February by over 800 points, one of the widest margins ever. On Wednesday, he ascended back to the top of the PocketFives Online Poker Rankings, his 12th stint at #1. On Thursday, one day after he became the #1 player on PocketFives, Moorman won the World Poker Tour's LA Poker Classic for $1 million. "I finally did it! #lapc2014 #champ," Moorman posted on Twitter. He started the final table second in chips and got off to a hot start, taking down the first three hands and six of the first nine. It took all of 26 hands for Moorman to overtake Michael Rocco for the chip lead, and the most successful PocketFiver ever padded his edge by dispensing of Josh Neufeld in fifth place. Neufeld 4bet all-in before the flop with A-10 of hearts and Moorman looked him up with pocket tens. No drama was in store and Moorman scooped the pot to stack 163 big blinds, more than twice the second place total. Moorman won 14 of the first 40 pots, the most of anyone, but Rocco charged ahead, claiming seven of the next 20 pots compared to Moorman's three. Then, Patrick Bruel doubled through Moorman, Glenn Lafaye doubled through Bruel, and suddenly, Moorman, albeit by a small margin, was the low man on the totem pole. On the 102nd hand of final table play, Rocco doubled through Moorman, who was left with 23 big blinds. However, Moorman managed to buck Bruel from the LAPC shortly thereafter. Bruel moved all-in on a flop of J-8-2 and Moorman called, flipping over A-J for top pair, top kicker. Bruel showed K-8 for second pair and a running 9-Q sealed the deal for Moorman, who moved into second place and scored his second knockout. A three-way all-in trimmed the table even further. Rocco was all-in pre-flop with A-8, Moorman had 10-10, and Lafaye had both of his opponents covered with Q-J of diamonds. The flop came K-Q-J, giving Lafaye two pair, and a three on the turn set up what would have been a double elimination for the LAPC title. However, an ace on the river gave Moorman Broadway and sent Rocco to the rail. Moorman Tweeted about the miracle river card, "Ace on the river! Heads-up for it all now!" Moorman and Lafaye were virtually deadlocked in chips entering heads-up play. The Brit put on a clinic from there, at one point building a 7:1 chip lead. Lafaye doubled through to cut the gap to 3:1, but couldn't gain any more momentum. On the final hand of the WPT LAPC, Lafaye pushed all-in with 5-4 for an open-ended straight draw on a flop of J-6-7. It wasn't meant to be, as Moorman woke up with aces and held on for the win. Moorman knocked out four of his five final table opponents at his first WPT final table. In addition to the million bucks, Moorman took home a WPT Champion's Trophy, a Commerce Remington trophy, and a pair of Monster 24K headphones. Not too bad. Here were the payouts from the 2014 WPT LAPC: 1. Chris moorman1 Moorman - $1,015,460 2. Glenn Lafaye - $662,840 3. Michael Rocco - $423,440 4. Patrick Bruel - $332,190 5. Josh Neufeld - $264,520 6. Adam Friedman - $200,440 Congratulations for Moorman poured in on Twitter, where poker pro Jude Ainsworth wrote, "Congrats @Moorman1, sick result and well deserved." Craig mcc3991 McCorkell added, "Woke up to some great news! Congrats @Moorman1 #winningplayer." According to the Hendon Mob, Moorman has nearly $4 million in live tournament cashes and is #12 on the all-time money list for England. The LAPC marked his second seven-figure live score; the other came as a result of a runner-up finish in the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event in Cannes three years ago. He has the highest earnings of anyone in the world on PocketFives at $10.9 million. Congrats on Moorman on his WPT win! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  3. Success in poker is partly about who you surround yourself with. For PocketFiver Jonas donut604Mackoff (pictured), a solid core of poker minds helped push him to the top of the pack in a Full Tilt Poker $340 No Limit Hold'em Re-Entry FTOPS eventearlier this month for a solid $117,000. That score came on the heels of a chop in the PokerStars Super Tuesday. --- Follow professional sports tipsters, make your own betting tips, and compete for real cash prizes. Tipdayis the ultimate sports tipping resource. Check it out. --- "I'm feeling great about it obviously," Mackoff said about his FTOPS jersey. "It was a really great-structured tournament and the field was tough when we got deep, which made it more satisfying than some other wins." There were over 2,200 entrants; the top 270 made the money. Heads-up in the FTOPS Re-Entry tournament, Mackoff forged a deal with fellow PocketFiver bullyon, who took $100,000 back home to Costa Rica. "bullyon was definitely giving me the most trouble of anyone at the final table," Mackoff said. "While trying to leverage my chip lead to put some pressure on people waiting for pay jumps, he was relentlessly making big 4bets against me and putting the pressure on. I thought he played really well throughout and I was happy to do an ICM chop with him when I had the chip lead heads-up, which I may not have done with some of the other players." As far as his plans for the money from his FTOPS and Super Tuesday titles, Mackoff said part of it would be used to offset expenses for a few upcoming trips, including Montrealfor SCOOP, Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, and Rio de Janeiroto visit his brother-in-law and soak up the World Cup. Mackoff is one of several players we've interviewed who have said they're headed to Brazil for the World Cup, which starts in June. "I'm very pumped," he said of the football extravaganza. "I've been meaning to head to Rio at some point anyway to visit family I have there and the city is going to be absolutely insane while the event is going on. I'll be staying with my brother-in-law's family there and will be rooting for Brazil along with them." He now has back-to-back months with six-figure scores and will look to make it three in a row in May. His success comes on the heels of what he termed an "extended downswing" in 2013. "I had become complacent with the way I was playing and it took me a while to take a step back and decide that I needed to start putting in work away from the tables again," Mackoff said. His solution: "I spent a week watching training videos and getting my mind back on the right track. I'm lucky enough to have Chris moorman1 Moorman (pictured) as a friend and, seeing that I had been struggling, he offered to go over some hand histories with me. After just a few hours of tweaking spots with him, I started seeing immediate results." Moorman is pictured following his recent WPT LAPC win. In addition to Moorman, Mackoff is close with players like Craig mcc3991McCorkell, Chris kid_brammBrammer, Rhys floppinhelJones, Martin molliemalone Malone, and Noah Vaillancourt. As you might expect, Mackoff is focused on improving his game and has enlisted the help of Fedor CrownUpGuyHolz, whom we recently interviewed about his PokerStars Sunday 500 win. "I just finished my first coaching session with him and it went really well," Mackoff said. "I couldn't be more excited about the rest of 2014." FTOPS runs quarterly on Full Tilt Poker. If you don't already have a Full Tilt account, sign up through the links on PocketFives and make a deposit to get one free month of PocketFives MTT Training. You'll also get $25 free in most locations. Click here for PocketFives' Full Tilt Poker link. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  4. For the 13th time, Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured) is on top of the PocketFives Online Poker Rankings. When the leaderboard was recalculated on Wednesday, Moorman rose one spot from #2 tto #1 and was last ranked atop the pack in mid-March. Did we mention that the Brit is fresh off winning the World Poker Tour's LA Poker Classic last month for $1 million? Must be nice! Moorman has been busy churning away volume online after a brief hiatus to play live poker and pen his forthcoming strategy book in Southern California. April is only nine days old and already Moorman has recorded 70 in the money finishes that are tracked for the Rankings this month for $76,000 total, an average of $1,085 each. He is the most decorated PocketFiver you'll find and has an incredible $11 million in online winnings, $4 million more than the next closest player. After moving up 12 spots to #4 last week, huiiiiiiiiiiclimbed two more places to settle at #2. He is about 60 PLB Points shy of overtaking Moorman for the #1 spot and was the runner-up in the PokerStars.fr Sunday High Roller over the weekend for $11,000 and 184 PLB Points. One of his big claims to fame came last month in a PokerStars WCOOP Challenge $215 Rebuy, a tournament he finished second in for $126,000 officially. Former #1 ranked Vinkyy shot up from #18 worldwide to #5 this week. He was last #1 in October 2013 and won the PokerStars $109 Rebuy six days ago for $11,000 and 233 PLB Points. Vinkyy has a healthy 164 tracked wins and $5.4 million in lifetime online cashes. The highest debut in the top 100 of the Rankings this week went to Jonas donut604Mackoff (pictured), who chopped an FTOPS $320 No Limit Hold'em Re-Entry event on Full Tilt for $117,000. He took down the PokerStars Super Tuesday for $121,000 last month, giving him six-figure scores, both wins, in back-to-back months worth 1,624 PLB Points combined. Mackoff is enjoying his highest position ever in the Rankings at #43. Also climbing this week was Lithuania's Merceko, who moved up 43 spots to land at #44. He won a PokerStars.fr SCOOP event three days ago for $82,000 and 707 PLB Points to help his cause and now has $1.5 million in tracked scores. Merceko is the top dog in Lithuania, where he resides in Klaipeda. Canada's ott-man87 went from #75 to #54 this week on the strength of a victory in the PokerStars $109 NLHE Turbo Cubed for $10,000 and 223 PLB Points as well as a win one day prior in the site's Hot $55 for $11,000. ott-man87 is the top-ranked player in Windsor, Ontario and just passed 3,700 tracked scores. Finally, we wanted to talk about longtime PocketFiver David Bakes Baker (pictured), who moved up 29 spots to land at #60 in the world. Baker finished fourth in an FTOPS event on Sunday for $32,000, just one week removed from taking sixth in the WCOOP Challenge Main Event for an outstanding $121,000. Those two scores were worth nearly 1,000 PLB Points combined. Here are the top 10 players in the Rankings this week along with the PLB scores for each: 1. moorman1- 7,606 points 2. huiiiiiiiiii- 7,543 points 3. lukethafluke - 7,448 points 4. Sheater - 7,378 points 5. Vinkyy- 6,870 points 6. rounder63 - 6,853 points 7. bparis - 6,849 points 8. Flush_Entity - 6,785 points 9. ekziter - 6,753 points 10. VnilaVader - 6,752 points Congrats to all of our ranked players! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  5. There was a major shakeup this week atop the PocketFives Poker Rankingswhen the leaderboard was recalculated on Wednesday. Let's start with last week's #1, Chris moorman1Moorman, who slid to #5 with 7,225 PLB Points. It was, incredibly, Moorman's 21st stint at #1 and he remains within striking distance of the top spot, which Sweden's Anton VnilaVader Herrmann (pictured) now owns with 7,516 PLB Points. Herrmann has had quite a blockbuster week. On Sunday, he won the FTOPS Two-Day Event on Full Tilt Pokerfor $109,000 and 742 PLB Points. The tournament, which drew 787 entrants, had a prize pool that passed $550,000 and Herrmann netted the largest tracked online cash of his career in the process. He has $2.7 million in online winnings and plays as mrbraton Full Tilt and MORTIIIIIIIIon PokerStars. Swedes continue to have a death grip on the Rankings, owning three of the top four spots and half of the top 12. Since Christmas, Swedes have held the top spot in the Rankings for all but three weeks. There are 470 Swedish online poker players on PocketFives who have PLB scores. Rick TheClaimeer Trigg (pictured) moved up from #14 to #7 this week, one spot off his highest position ever. Since April began, Trigg has amassed $75,000 in tracked scores across 60 in the money finishes, an average of $1,250 each. He is from Sheffield, England and won a Grosvenor UK Poker Tour live event last November for $84,000. Sweden's inhoo also made waves this week, moving up from #22 worldwide to #8. He won the PokerStars Big $162 on April 7 for $21,000 and is up to $4.1 million in online earnings. Despite being ranked #8 worldwide, inhoo is #4 in his home nation and has been a member of PocketFives since the Beijing Olympics. As we mentioned, the top 10 received quite a makeover this week, including the addition of r4ndomr4gs, who rose 21 spots to land at #10, three off his all-time high. The Swede won the PokerStars Hot $75 on Monday for $11,000, one day after taking down the Sunday Supersonic for $56,000 officially and 566 PLB Points. He has $3.6 million in tracked scores from 2,600 in the money finishes. Outside of the top 10, PureCash25 (pictured) rocketed from #42 to #17 on the strength of three five-figure scores already in April, including wins in the PokerStars Big $22 and $215 Rebuy on back-to-back days last week for $33,000 total. He is the top-ranked PocketFiver in British Columbia, Canada. Finally, we wanted to single out Scotland's Niall firaldo Farrell, who re-entered the top 100 at #35. Usually, the highest-ranked new player in the top 100 is in the 60s or 70s, but Farrell managed to jump all the way to #35. The cause: a $236,000 victory in the FTOPS Main Event that was worth 1,238 PLB Points, one of the largest totals you'll see for a single cash. Here are the top 10 players in the Rankings this week along with the PLB score for each: 1. VnilaVader - 7,516 points 2. lukethafluke - 7,485 points 3. huiiiiiiiiii - 7,481 points 4. Sheater - 7,362 points 5. moorman1 - 7,225 points 6. Flush_Entity - 6,962 points 7. TheClaimeer - 6,904 points 8. inhoo - 6,833 points 9. bparis - 6,832 points 10. r4ndomr4gs - 6,813 points Congrats to all of our ranked members this week! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  6. Tuesday was a big day for Shyam s_dot111Srinivasan (pictured), who became the third PocketFiver ever to reach $7.5 million in online tournament winnings. He joins p0cket00 as the second member of our community to do so this year, as p0cket00 captured the award in May. --- PocketFives' news coverage is brought to you by Betsson Poker, a leading global online gaming provider. Betsson Poker is available on Mobile and offers regular promotions to live events around the world along with great bonuses and competitions. Play nowfor a chance to win the a Dream Holiday with the Grand Poker Adventures throughout 2014! --- Chris moorman1Moorman, who has over $11 million in online winnings, is the only other player to have passed $7.5 million. Moorman is the most successful PocketFiver you'll find and has a World Poker Tour titleto boot. The Brit hit $7.5 million in scores three years ago. Srinivasan has been a member of PocketFives since 2007 and has remained highly competitive throughout the years, winning the Full Tilt PokerT-Rex on July 20 for $17,000. Exactly one month prior, he took down the PokerStars Big $109 for $16,000. Srinivasan has a stellar 158 online tournament wins and 461 top-three finishes. Srinivasan's two largest scores came in 2011. One was a victory in the Full Tilt $150 Rebuy for $72,000, a tournament that drew 585 entrants and had a prize pool that nearly hit $300,000. His other score that year was a win in another $150 Rebuy for $65,000, this time defeating nearly 1,000 players. Srinivasan won the PokerStars Sunday $100 Rebuy in 2012 and 2014 and bagged a win in the $1K Monday in 2010. You'll find plenty of Cubed and Rebuy titles for the Canadian, who is currently #110 worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings and #14 in his home country. Speaking of the Rankings, he was ranked as high as #4 on our site three years ago and has nearly 5,000 in the money finishes online. Srinivasan has generated $536,000 in live tournament scores as well, according to the Hendon Mob, including a $328,000 hit for final tabling the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event in the Bahamas earlier this year. He is #99 on the Canadian all-time money list. Congrats to s_dot111 on reaching $7.5 million in scores! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  7. After a seven-week hiatus from the online poker world due to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured) headed back to his computer and quickly earned his 21st PocketFives Triple Crown, extending his own record. He has ten more Triple Crowns than the next closest PocketFiver and has pretty much dominated every award we have on our site. This time, Moorman won the iPoker €10,000 Guaranteed Rebuy for $3,600, the Full Tilt Poker Benjaminfor $6,500, and the Winamax High Roller for $20,000 to round out his 21st Triple Crown. Moorman told PocketFives in an exclusive interview, "I'm exhausted. I played a 19-hour session on Sunday, waking up at 5.30am to get in the Kickoff and ended up one-tabling the nightly on PokerStars to get a third place finish at 1:00am." Yes, even with the Triple Crown, Moorman is still grinding his ass off. The Winamax High Roller was the cherry on top of his Triple Crown and the two-day event on the EU-facing Winamax is played six-max. Accordingly, Moorman told us, "The Winamax High Roller is one of my favorite tourneys. I've won it four times now, two of which happened to be on a Sunday when it is much bigger." Moorman was the runner-up in the WSOP's Six-Max Championship three years ago, a game that plays to his skill set. "I've always said that six-max is my favorite game," Moorman noted. "You get to play more hands and put more pressure on your opponents because they will have marginal hands in a lot of situations. Full ring tournaments are sometimes a competition of who can get the most premiums/cooler spots in their favor, whereas in six-max, you really have to work for your chips. In six-max, you get to build stronger dynamics with your opponents and take creative lines a lot more often." He returned from Nevada last Tuesday and quickly lost $5,000. He said, "I guess that was the wake-up call I needed and fortunately it has been going much better since." He did not record an online tournament score between June 8 and July 29. Moorman had one in the money finish this year at the WSOPat the Rio and said it was due to what he called a "lack of preparation." The Brit explained, "I had some visa issues arise the week before it started. That meant that I missed the first half of the WSOP. Once I finally did arrive, I feel like I was too eager to make up for lost time and unfortunately didn't bring my A-game." Finally, Moorman has a book coming out on November 18 appropriately entitled "Moorman's Book of Poker" (not to be confused with the "Book of Mormon"). It's being published in conjunction with D&B Poker, with Moorman saying, "At first, it seemed like it was going to be a tough task to write. In all, I've written over 50,000 words, which is not a small task, but I've really enjoyed putting it together. Now that it's essentially finished, I'm really glad I decided to do it." Visit our Triple Crown Wall of Champions to learn how to get your own award. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  8. Late last month, Russia's MatveichukR(pictured) took down his sixth PocketFives Triple Crown. If the award isn't familiar to you, the way to get one is to win three $10,000 prize pool tournaments with at least 100 players each across three sites tracked for the PocketFives Rankings within seven days. PocketFivers have won 106 of them in 2014 and exactly 900 all-time. For MatveichukR, the latest Triple Crown was his sixth overall and his first since September of last year. He told PocketFives in an exclusive interview, "Almost a year has passed since I won my last Triple Crown. A few times, I got two of the three wins, but did not succeed in getting a third. But now, I've gotten my sixth one." When asked what the key was to winning so many Triple Crowns on PocketFives, MatveichukR answered firmly, "You just have to play a lot." He added, "Now, it's not so easy to win a Triple Crown. I used to play on seven sites and everywhere there were a lot of tournaments that qualified for one. Now, your options are pretty much just PokerStars, Full Tilt, and iPoker." Here's a list of the six Triple Crowns that MatveichukR has achieved in the last two years: October 1, 2012 (on 32Red, Titan, Party with 684.18 points) December 19, 2012 (on Stars, Tilt, Party with 460.99 points) May 31, 2013 (on Stars, 888, Titan with 605.38 points) June 21, 2013 (on Titan, Stars, Tilt with 481.70 points) September 7, 2013 (on EuroPoker, Tilt, Stars with 545.99 points) July 27, 2014 (on Titan, Party, Tilt with 646.15 points) You'll notice that his latest Triple Crown was worth 646 PLB Points, the second most in a Triple Crown he's had, much of which came via a victory in the Full Tilt Sunday Brawl on July 27. Three of his five largest career scores have come in the Brawl, leading him to say, "I was in a downswing and that was my biggest win since September 2013, so I'm very happy." All told, MatveichukR has amassed 213 first place finishes in online MTTs and almost 600 top-three finishes. Accordingly, he has battled against some of the top names online throughout the years, so we thought it'd be fitting to ask who the best online tournament players in the world are right now. His response: "cal42688(pictured) and moorman1. Among Russian-speaking players, I would pick veeeaand Romeopro. Moorman is a legend online. cal42688's game seems, to me, to be very interesting, as he has had very solid results. veeea and Romeopro are people with whom I have discussed a lot of hands and learned a lot from. I think they are the top players in Russia and Ukraine." Check out our Triple Crown Wall of Champions to learn how to get your own award! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  9. Chris moorman1 Moorman (pictured) now has 22 PocketFives Triple Crowns, the most of anyone on our site by a mile, and just racked up his second award of August, a month that's only a dozen days old. With 22, Moorman has more Triple Crowns than the second and third place players on the Triple Crown leaderboard combined. --- PocketFives' news coverage is brought to you by Betsafe, one of the leading suppliers of online gaming products worldwide and a major sponsor of Gumball 3000. Sign up now for great bonuses, €3,000,000 guaranteed monthly, and plenty of live events! --- Here's a fun fact: Moorman accounts for 2.5% of the 892 Triple Crowns awarded in the history of PocketFives. His latest award came by virtue of winning three $10,000 prize pool tournaments in a seven-day span, each boasting at least 100 players. On August 5, he won the $82 No Limit Hold'em Six-Max Hyper-Turbo on PokerStarsfor $4,600. The same day, he took down an FTOPS event on Full Tilt Poker for another $6,200. Yes, no Triple Crown is complete without an FTOPS jersey. The final tournament tracked for Moorman's latest claim to fame came on August 11 in the PokerStars.fr Monday Night on Stars for $9,200. He is up to 264 wins in online poker tournaments and has almost 650 top-three finishes. Moorman said on Twitter after Triple Crown #22 was in hand, "Another week of poker, another Triple Crown. This time I did it on my very last tournament that was eligible, #22." That Tweet was re-Tweeted 17 times and marked as a Favorite 42 times. As we mentioned, this is Moorman's second Triple Crown of August. His first Triple Crown bidended two days before his second Triple Crown bid began with a thunderous win in the Winamax High Roller, a two-day event, for $20,000. That Triple Crown came on the heels of Moorman taking almost two months off to attend the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. All told this month, Moorman has 92 in the money finishes online for a total of $137,000, or an average of $1,500 apiece. Visit PocketFives' Triple Crown Wall of Champions to learn how to score your own. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  10. On September 14, PocketFiver MendaLerenda(pictured) came away with the win in the PokerStars.fr Big €100 for $6,100. And while it wasn't the heftiest sum of money ever, it marked the first leg of his very first PocketFives Triple Crown. In the span of a week, MendaLerenda went on to win the Full Tilt Tyrannosaurus Rex and PokerStars $109 NLHE Turbo 2X Chance to complete the bid. "It was a hard task," MendaLerenda said about his first Triple Crown. "I almost got it two or three time before, but sometimes the prize pool was only $9,800 or one tournament only had 99 people, but I finally got it." He joked that he had to play 25,000 MTTs in order to win three in a week that had a $10,000 prize pool and at least 100 players. He calls Bristol, England home and said he looks up to another Brit who has terrorized MTTs to the tune of 23 Triple Crowns, Chris moorman1Moorman. "Moorman just get the 23rd of his career," MendaLerenda told us. "I'm trying to follow in his steps, putting in sick volume multi-tabling, multi-lobbing, etc." He had wins in the PokerStars Super Tuesday in 2011 and 2012 for almost $160,000 total. The victory in 2011 was, predictably, "incredible for my bankroll because in 24 hours I won three MTTs and quadrupled what I had." MendaLerenda was playing mid-stakes sit and gos at the time, but with his newfound winnings, he dove head-first into MTTs. MendaLerenda narrated, "Six months later, I busted 70% to 80% of my bankroll due to variance in MTTs and bad bankroll management. I was playing EPTs, WSOPs, and other tournaments. When I won the Super Tuesday the second time, I was staked by friends." He finished fifth in the same tournament in March of this year for $33,000. When he got started in poker, MendaLerenda was working in Barcelona. It was about eight years ago and he grew bored with his regular office job. He found a Spanish poker website and read about a player who, after two years of playing poker, quit his job and headed to Las Vegas. "It was amazing reading all of this stuff," he said. "I also love science and math, so I really saw I had an edge." He jumped into the poker pond and began playing $1 sit and gos after work. Two years later, his bankroll passed the $10,000 mark. He explained, "One day, I was quite tired of the office and decided to try to change my life with poker. In 2009, I become a professional player and poker was my only income." MendaLerenda is originally from Spain, where "the love of my life" still lives. However, laws surrounding internet gambling in Spain have caused him to relocate to the UK, a country that has imposed taxes on non-domestic sites. As he put it, "I'm living in Bristol, trying to travel each month back to Spain. It's not fair. I hope in the not-too-distant future that these things can change." He stands at $2.3 million in lifetime online tournament winnings, the majority of which has come on PokerStars. He is the eighth-ranked player in the UK and one of 23 PocketFivers with PLB scores in Bristol. His first and only Triple Crown was worth 617 PLB Points. Congrats to MendaLerenda on his Triple Crown! See our Triple Crown Wall of Champions to learn how to get your own. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  11. What do you give the most successful PocketFiver in history? How about a record-extending 24th PocketFives Triple Crown, more than twice what the next closest person has? Oh yes, Chris moorman1 Moorman has now won two-dozen Triple Crowns, including four this year, blowing the rest of the poker community out of the water. Moorman's latest Triple Crown started with a win in the Full TiltBenjamin on November 25 for $4,400 and 127 PLB Points. Five days later, he turned in a victory in the William Hill €25,000 Sunday Warm-Up for another $5,800 and 176 PLB Points. To round out his week, Moorman won a $215 No Limit Hold'em Turbo tournament on PokerStars, defeating a field of almost 150 entrants en route to a $6,300 payday. In earning his Triple Crown, Moorman topped $11.8 million in career online tournament winnings and is nearing $12 million for his career. The next closest member of PocketFives in that department, by comparison, has $8.5 million. He Tweeted when all was said and done: A PocketFives Triple Crown requires a person to win three $10,000 prize pool tournaments with at least 100 players across three sites tracked for the PocketFives Rankings in seven days. Moorman has won at least one of them every year since 2007 save 2010. Here's a full list: March 7, 2007 (on Full Tilt, Party, Paradise for 353.57 points) August 17, 2007 (on Party, Stars, Full Tilt for 442.43 points) August 16, 2008 (on Full Tilt, PokerRoom, Stars for 553.50 points) October 31, 2008 (on PartyPoker, Full Tilt, PokerStars for 628.27 points) January 2, 2009 (on Full Tilt, Stars, PokerRoom for 1060.93 points) February 12, 2009 (on PokerStars, PokerRoom, Full Tilt for 700.19 points) March 11, 2009 (on Full Tilt, PokerStars, Absolute for 813.06 points) March 24, 2009 (on Titan, Full Tilt, PokerRoom for 530.31 points) November 9, 2009 (on Titan, Full Tilt, PokerStars for 637.00 points) December 8, 2009 (on Absolute, Titan, PokerStars for 664.13 points) January 18, 2011 (on Full Tilt, PokerStars, UB for 764.61 points) November 19, 2012 (on Tilt, Stars, William Hill for 611.24 points) February 12, 2013 (on Tilt, Party, Stars for 560.24 points) April 16, 2013 (on Paddy Power, Tilt, bwin for 573.89 points) September 10, 2013 (on Stars, Paddy Power, bwin for 471.33 points) October 5, 2013 (on bwin, Stars, Stars.fr for 472.83 points) October 13, 2013 (on Winamax, Stars, Full Tilt for 799.10 points) October 19, 2013 (on Tilt, bwin, Stars for 717.56 points) November 17, 2013 (on bwin, EuroPoker, Winamax for 510.64 points) February 2, 2014 (on Stars.fr, Stars, bwin for 780.87 points) August 3, 2014 (on Paddy, Full Tilt, Winamax for 571.78 points) August 11, 2014 (on Stars, Full Tilt, Stars.fr for 534.94 points) September 19, 2014 (on Stars, Stars.fr, Full Tilt for 570.82 points) December 1, 2014 (on Full Tilt, William Hill, Stars for 476.16 points) Congrats to Chris Moorman on his latest claim to fame! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  12. As you probably know, PocketFives awards badges in user profiles showing how much money each person has won in online MTTs. Once a person amasses $100,000 from tournaments we track, they get a badge. Once they reach $250,000 in scores, they get a new badge. There are also badges for $500,000, $1 million, $2 million, $3 million, $4 million, $5 million, $7.5 million, $10 million, and $15 million in cashes. Although you'll probably ask the question, "But how much did they lose," PocketFives has 1,392 members who have reached $1 million in tracked scores. We have had 10 PocketFivers get the award in the last seven days and 262 get it this year thus far. Here's a look at the number of members of the PocketFives community that have passed each cash level along with the most recent PocketFiver to get it: $15 million – 0 $10 Million– 1 (moorman1, September 2013, pictured above) $7.5 Million– 4 (daisyxoxo, November 2014) $5 Million– 56 (MAMOHT_T, December 2014) $4 Million– 125 (gosuoposum1, December 2014) $3 Million– 247 (Ari, December 2014) $2 Million– 527 (dirtybrasil, December 2014) $1 Million– 1,392 (thecooler992, December 2014) $500,000– 2,574 (diablo8807, December 2014) $250,000– 3,529 (ova dawg, December 2014) $100,000– 9,310 (1111AA1111, December 2014) Chris moorman1Moorman is the only PocketFiver to reach $10 million in tracked scores, having done so in September of last year. He is at $11.8 million now, the most of anyone by more than $3 million. He is one of 61 PocketFivers with at least $5 million in online tournament scores. He also has a WPT title. Congratulations to all PocketFivers on excelling in online poker tournaments. We'll continue to bring you the latest news and tournament results during 2015 and beyond! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  13. Yet another milestone for Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured). The most decorated member of the PocketFives community just passed $12 million in tracked online tournament winnings. He is the only player in the history of PocketFives to hit $10 million and has another $4 million in live cashes according to the Hendon Mob. We caught up with the Brit to talk about his latest claim to fame. PocketFives: How does it feel to hit $12 million? Do these milestones blend together at this point? Chris Moorman: I had been aware of that target for a while even though I'm still $3 million off the next badge PocketFives offers. It was nice to get over the line with my first win of 2015, which had been a while coming. PocketFives: You've had a few five-figure scores already in 2015 and one win, as you mentioned. Why is getting that first win of the year so important? Chris Moorman: Just like everybody else, I set targets each year and it's pretty hard to achieve them without winning anything. As a tournament poker player, there is nothing better than that winning feeling, so to experience it sooner rather than later is important for morale and to show that the work you are putting into improving your game is paying off. PocketFives: We saw you cashed in an event at the Aussie Millions. Tell us about your trip. Chris Moorman: The Aussie Millions is a really fun tournament series with a more relaxed attitude among players than other stops. I have very fond memories of the place because it was where I made my first major live final table back in 2011. Overall, I think the tournament series is softer than most, as it is a long trip for pros to make so soon after the PCA. Also, there is so much going on outside of the casino, which ensures a fun trip no matter what happens at the tables. PocketFives: Have you checked out the 2015 WSOP schedule? Chris Moorman: Yes and it has made me excited for the World Series already. I think the extra chips that players will get this year will have a hugely positive impact in events such as the $1Ks and $1,500s. Also, I'm liking the look of the new $1K Hyper and $5K Turbo events. I'm thinking I can use my run good to ship my first bracelet in one of those for sure. PocketFives: There has been a ton of debate on this topic, so we wanted to ask you about it. Would you rather have a $10 million guaranteed first place prize in the WSOP Main Event or 1,000 places paid outand a first place prize around $8 million? Chris Moorman: Normally in a poker tournament, I would be all for a bigger payout for first. With a tournament such as the WSOP Main Event, with so much up top anyway, I think it is important to spread the prize pool more evenly because a min-cash is so important to such a high percentage of players in it. PocketFives: What poker player should we look out for this year? Chris Moorman: I feel like my good friend Rick Trigg (TheClaimeer) is going to build on his 2014 PocketFives Yearly PLB win and make a big splash in live poker at some point this year. Congrats to Chris moorman1 Moorman on passing $12 million in online winnings! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  14. Over the weekend, Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured) continued to dominate the online poker community, winning the PokerStars Sunday 500 outright for $87,000. He Tweeted shortly after the tournament ended, "Oi Oi won the @PokerStars Sunday 500 outright with no deals." There were exactly 1,000 entrants over the weekend in the Sunday 500 and the top five finishers were all members of the PocketFives community. In fact, PocketFivers took home almost three-quarters of the $500,000 prize pool and UK members, who included Moorman, earned $135,000. Moorman has an outstanding $12.7 million in career online tournament winnings, the most of anyone on PocketFives by over $3 million, and he just scored his record-extending 25th PocketFives Triple Crown. His largest online score came in 2011 in the Full Tilt $1K Monday for $235,000. He has won the $1K Monday twice, the Sunday Brawl twice, and his victory in the Sunday 500 marks the first time Moorman has taken down that tournament. Here's how the final table looked: 1. Moorman1: $87,400 (moorman1) 2. hneves182: $63,500 (hneves182) 3. vladulaNko: $47,500 (vladulaNko) 4. EndlessJ: $35,500 (Chipsteela) 5. Sasuke234: $25,000 (Ariados) 6. LearnToFlyy: $20,000 7. fityfmi: $15,000 8. Stammdogg: $10,000 (Stamdogg) 9. mrAndreeew: $5,750 (r4ndomr4gs) Moorman helped lead a strong showing from PocketFivers over the weekend in major online poker tournaments. Members of our community finished in the top two spots in the iPoker €25,000 Sunday Masters, PartyPoker$200,000 Guaranteed, 888 PokerMega Deep, 888 Poker Sunday Challenge, Full Tilt Sunday Major, Sunday 500, and Sunday $100 Rebuy. Check out this week's Tournament Review for more details. Congrats to Moorman on his latest Sunday Major win! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  15. The points have been awarded and, by the slimmest of margins, Anton AnteSvanteWigg (pictured) won the May Monthly PLB on PocketFives with 3,529 points. He was about 70 points ahead of Chris moorman1 Moorman, who finished in second place with 3,461 points. Wigg's May began with a win in the PokerStars.fr Night on Stars for $6,300 on May 5. A week later, he took down the PokerStars $44 No Limit Hold'em Turbo and $109 Cubed on back-to-back days and pocketed another $19,000. On May 16, Wigg final tabled a SCOOP Four-Max event for $13,000 and recorded another fourth place finish a day later in the Stars $109 No Limit Hold'em Turbo Re-Entry. His second biggest hit during the month was worth $50,000 and came after a win in the 888 Poker Volcano on May 19. That score earned him 441 PLB Points. Five days later, he banked a solid $90,000 for winning the PokerStars Sunday 500. That score was worth 723 PLB Points and helped solidify his Monthly PLB title. This was his first Monthly PLB win. He's the #2 player worldwide in the PocketFives Rankingsand #1 in his native Sweden. Incredibly, despite being a staple of the top of the PocketFives Country Poker Rankings for quite a while now, Sweden had never won a Monthly PLB title before Wigg. The second place player on the leaderboard this month was Moorman, who has a site-leading four Monthly PLB titles. Moorman last won a Monthly PLB in February 2014. Wigg's 3,529 points are the second most by any Monthly PLB winner since last September. Here's how the leaderboard looked: 1. AnteSvante- 3,529.16 2. moorman1- 3,461.26 3. hellohellohello - 3,404.00 4. Legenden - 3,396.43 5. fbg1919 - 3,389.50 6. mindgamer - 3,347.60 7. lasagnaaammm - 3,307.29 8. Puropoker - 3,278.74 9. Tiny_molester - 3,247.78 10. PokerKaiser - 3,180.54 Visit our Monthly PLB Wall of Champions to see who else has won. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  16. Seriously? This author came home from a delicious Mexican lunch only to see an e-mail from the agent of Chris Moorman1Moorman (pictured) saying he had won his 25th PocketFives Triple Crown. I think it's safe to say that Moorman is not human. His latest Triple Crown started on May 8 with a win in an iPOPS event on Everest Poker. The tournament was a $77 Cubed event that drew 521 players and Moorman, playing under the handle RocketMonk, took it down for $15,000. UK PocketFivers, including Moorman, finished in four of the top seven spots and took home 87% of the prize pool. One day later, Moorman was back at it, this time winning the 888 Poker Crocodilefor $6,300. The 888 tournament had 153 players and Moorman, playing under the user name WhatWudJSay, was one of two PocketFivers at the final table. Moorman wrapped up his 25th PocketFives Triple Crown with a win in the PokerStars $109 No Limit Hold'em Turbo on Friday morning for $2,800. The tournament had a field of 115 and, perhaps more important than Moorman's top prize was Triple Crown #25, his second of 2015. The next closest member of PocketFives has 16 Triple Crowns. Moorman told PocketFives on Friday moments after winning the PokerStars tournament, "I felt like this Triple Crown was going to be straightforward because I had six days to win the final leg on Full Tilt, PartyPoker, or PokerStars and I was going to be playing a lot of volume with SCOOP, but then it seemed like it wasn't going to happen after many near-misses. It's nice to get off the mark for 2015. Even with everything going on in my life, this is still an important goal to me to continue winning more Triple Crowns." Congrats to Moorman on his latest claim to fame! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  17. Look out, Chris moorman1Moorman. What was thought to be a nearly unbreakable record on PocketFives could soon be broken. Nico PokerKaiserFierro (pictured) now has 20 PocketFives Triple Crowns, trailing Moorman by just five. Incredibly, Fierro has won 10 Triple Crowns this year compared to Moorman's one to close the gap. --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- Fierro's latest Triple Crown began on September 15 with a win in the 134-man PartyPoker Daily Major. He plays as JokerzFull on that site and walked away with $3,600. Four days later, the Chilean was back at it, winning the PokerStars.fr Hot €100 for $2,500. He plays as PKaizer on that site and defeated a field of 104 entrants. It took all of one day for Fierro to score his third and final win for the Triple Crown. It came in the PokerStars $27 No Limit Hold'em Hyper-Turbo for $5,600 and Fierro defeated a pack of over 1,200 players. The result was his 20th Triple Crown all-time and his 10th this year. Here's a recap of his Triple Crowns: May 10th, 2012 (on Carbon, bwin, Stars for 693.07 points) March 22nd, 2013 (on Stars, 888, Titan for 460.56 points) May 13th, 2013 (on Tilt, Party, MyBet for 669.56 points) October 29th, 2013 (on Winamax, Carbon, 888 for 645.32 points) November 18th, 2013 (on MyBet, Party, Stars for 434.22 points) March 17th, 2014 (on Stars, Carbon, Stars.fr for 596.66 points) August 8th, 2014 (on Stars, Tilt, MyBet for 543.73 points) September 14th, 2014 (on Tilt, Party, Stars for 540.55 points) September 22nd, 2014 (on Stars, Carbon, Stars.fr for 448.09 points) September 30th, 2014 (on Stars, Tilt, Stars.fr for 397.38 points) January 20th, 2015 (on Winamax, Stars, Party for 462.20 points) January 29th, 2015 (on Stars, Winamax, BlackChip for 389.27 points) March 2nd, 2015 (on Stars, Stars.fr, Winamax for 599.93 points) March 26th, 2015 (on 888, Stars, Stars.fr for 631.02 points) April 16th, 2015 (on BetUS, Stars, Stars.fr for 440.11 points) April 21st, 2015 (on 888, BetUS, PokerStars for 721.79 points) June 9th, 2015 (on Winamax, Stars, Aced for 465.14 points) June 16th, 2015 (on Party, Stars.fr, Tilt for 476.07 points) August 9th, 2015 (on 888, Stars, Party for 665.67 points) September 20th, 2015 (on Party, Stars.fr, Stars for 419.70 points) PocketFives has awarded 81 Triple Crowns this year, which means we're on pace for 108. Last year, there were 138 Triple Crowns. All-time, we have awarded 1,013 of them, which means Moorman (pictured) and Fierro have combined for 4.4% of all Triple Crowns awarded on PocketFives. Fierro has $8.4 million in career online tournament winnings, the third most of anyone on our site. He is currently the #2 player worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings and has been ranked #1 six times in the last 12 months. Congrats to Fierro on his 20th PocketFives Triple Crown. Visit the Triple Crown Wall of Champions to learn how to get your own. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  18. [caption width="654"] The top five of the rankings this week[/caption] Swedes continue to dominate the top of the PocketFives Rankings and this week, another Swede played his way into the top 10. Debuting at #8, his highest ranking ever, 'DeathbyQuads' is the fifth player from Sweden in the top ten worldwide. The volume-driven 'DeathbyQuads' had eight cashes on Tuesday, the largest of which was worth $11,000 for finishing second in the PokerStars Big $109. In fact, he has just three cashes over $40,000 for his career despite having over $1.5 million in winnings. Two of those three cashes came late last year, a WCOOP third place finish for $49,000 and a Sunday Warm-Up third place finish for $42,000. 'DeathByQuads' moved up five spots this week and has 6,500 PLB Points. Although he's almost 1,000 points shy of first place, he's only 219 away from fifth and could easily make that leap next week. The top spot still belongs to Sweden's 'C Darwin2', who has 7,457 points and has been the #1 ranked player since February 10. He finished sixth in a PartyPoker Powerfest event over the weekend for $10,000 and is quickly approaching $4 million in career online winnings. Interestingly, his last tracked win was on February 7, but since then he has amassed almost 20 top-10 finishes. He is 600 points ahead of second place. Speaking of second place, England's Oscar 'MendaLerenda' Serradell moved up from #7 to #2, his highest position ever, after winning the PokerStars $12,000 Guaranteed on Tuesday, just one week after taking down the 888 Monsoon. He has 338 top-three finishes and is almost at $4 million in winnings for his career. Serradell finished second in a TCOOP event earlier this year for $63,000, his fifth largest score all-time. [caption width="460"] Oscar 'MendaLerenda' Serradell moved up five spots to #2[/caption] Outside of the top 10, don't look now, but Chris 'moorman1' Moorman is back in the top 20. The most successful player in online poker history, Moorman moved up 13 spots after winning the 888 Late Night Crocodile and PokerStars $109 Rebuy on March 3 for almost $15,000 total. Moorman just passed $13 million in career winnings, $4 million more than the next closest player, and has a whopping 25 PocketFives Triple Crowns, four more than anybody else. [caption width="550"] Chris 'moorman1' Moorman is back in the top 20[/caption] England's 'woody1234321' moved up 18 spots to #23 after finishing second in the PokerStars Super Tuesday last week for $74,000. He's 10 spots off his all-time high and is $34,000 away from hitting $3 million in winnings for his career. He's the top-ranked player in the English county of Norfolk. After reentering his screen names, another Brit, 'Bunkervogel', re-joined the top 100 at #65. He took second in the PokerStars Bigger $109 in January for $31,000, his second largest score to date, and has $1.1 million in career winnings. 'Bunkervogel' is the 11th-ranked player in the UK and #1 in Brighton and Hove. Latvia's 'ex6tence' re-entered the top 100 at #70. He's the top-ranked player in his home country and final tabled the PokerStars Sunday $109 Rebuy over the weekend for almost $10,000. He has over 50 in the money finishes already in March and just hit $3 million in cashes all-time. You can find him on PokerStars under the moniker 'ex6tenceLV'. Also re-entering the top 100 was former #1 ranked Mike 'telks' Telker, who can be found at #72. Telker took third in the Sunday Second Chance over the weekend to boost his career winnings north of $7.1 million, which puts him in the top 20 all-time. Telker is a longtime member of the online poker community and plays on PokerStars as 'munchenHB'. He was last ranked #1 in December 2011. Finally, Tom 'Jabracada' Hall entered the top 100 at #76, his best showing ever. From the riverside town of Shrewsbury in England, Hall has won three online MTTs this month, including the PokerStars Hot $82 for almost $10,000. Those three raised his career win total to 168. Hall, a 27-year-old, has $2.1 million in cashes lifetime. Top 10 Ranked Players: C Darwin2 - 7,457 points MendaLerenda - 6,836 points lena900 - 6,828 points eisenhower1 - 6,801 points gray31 - 6,719 points Ariados - 6,629 points SvZff - 6,589 points DeathbyQuads - 6,500 points veeea - 6,468 points jbrown8777 - 6,404 points
  19. [CAPTION=100%]Jordan 'Jymaster0011' Young, with Todd Brunson, was the #1 ranked online player on Black Friday. (PokerListings photo)[/CAPTION] Ask any member of the poker community and they can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing on April 15, 2011, a day that will forever live in poker lore as Black Friday. For the top 10 players on the the PocketFives Rankings that day, their world was forever flipped upside down. The number one ranked player at the time was Jordan 'Jymaster0011' Young, who had ascended to the top spot in the rankings for the third time just two days earlier. "When Black Friday happened, I was pretty much doing exactly what I had always done on a daily basis for the past few years," Young said. "I was playing poker, of course." A message popped up on Young's tables saying that real money games were no longer available in his area. "My life took a turn for the worse when Black Friday hit because I was forced to move out of the country," Young said. "I had never been away from my family for an extended period of time. When things aren't going well in poker, it's really easy to get down on yourself, which made being around my friends and family to pick me back up an underappreciated blessing that I no longer had." Nowadays, Young plays much less poker and makes his living in part from poker coaching. "I never wanted to spend my time coaching, but looking back on it, I wish I had done more of it," he said. Right behind Young on the worldwide leaderboard when Black Friday hit was Paul 'paulgees81' Volpe, who is now a staple of the live casino scene. Volpe was ranked #1 for three weeks ending on April 11. "My best friend and backer at the time, Mark 'dipthrong' Herm, told me the FBI closed the sites down," Volpe said. "I remember waking up and thinking, 'This won't last long.' For whatever reason, I thought it was something that would be taken care of quickly and I'd soon be playing again." [caption width="640"] Paul 'paulgees81' Volpe was ranked #2 on Black Friday. (Photo courtesy Borgata)[/caption] Boy, was Volpe wrong. Five years later, only three US states have regulated online gambling. PokerStars, the market leader on Black Friday, has been back in the US for less than a month. "My life has changed a lot since that day, but luckily I was able to continue to play poker for a living and continue to be successful," Volpe continued. "However, I think if Black Friday didn't happen, I'd probably have ten times the money I have made from poker now. It hurt the game a lot." Volpe has been a beast on the live felts. He had over $1 million in live winnings in both 2013 and 2015, according to the Hendon Mob, and hasn't fallen below $380,000 in a year since 2011. Another American camped out in the top ten that fateful day was Bryan 'bparis' Paris, who was 25 years old at the time and had just entered the top ten for the first time. "When the news hit, I was in shock at first," Paris said, "but blithely assumed with the innocence of youth that I’d promptly get paid my full balance." Paris stuck around through the World Series of Poker that summer and then relocated abroad, this time sans his funds from Full Tilt, which had its gaming license revoked. "The rest of that year was very hard for me, but I eventually wound up relocating first to Canada and then to the Netherlands and gradually rebuilt my online bankroll from essentially nothing," said Paris, who spent three years living in Europe post-Black Friday. Bryan 'theczar19' Piccioli was ranked #3 on Black Friday, which happened two months after a $282,000 FTOPS score he had in February 2011. He finished third at the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star event last month. Fourth in the world on Black Friday was Mark 'RenRad 01' Darner, who is still pouring on online results and final tabled a Six Max event at the WSOP in 2014. Just behind him was Keven 'Stamdogg' Stammen, who won last year's Hollywood Poker Open Main Event and has almost $11 million in combined live and online winnings. Shaun 'shaundeeb' Deeb, who was #6 on Black Friday, has remained a staple of the poker world and, according to many, was at one point one of the finest Open Face Chinese Poker players around. Taylor 'taypaur' Paur, ranked #7 on Black Friday, won a WCOOP Second Chance event last year and took down $25,000 Aria High Rollers in back-to-back-months shortly thereafter. Bjorn 'kleath' Kleathersson, originally from Virginia, continues to play online in Malta and was ranked #8 on Black Friday. And two spots behind him in the world was Chris 'moorman1' Moorman, the most successful online poker player in history. Five years after Black Friday, Moorman sports $13.1 million in online winnings, $4.1 million in live winnings, and 25 Triple Crowns. He has shown no signs of slowing down. The top ten on Black Friday: Jymaster0011 paulgees81 theczar19 RenRad 01 Stamdogg shaundeeb taypaur kleath bparis moorman1
  20. [caption width="640"] Chris 'moorman1' Moorman continues to dominate the online MTT scene[/caption] Online poker's all-time tournament money leader continues to find ways to add to his already impressive resume. On Sunday Chris 'moorman1' Moorman, online poker's all-time leading tournament money winner, took down the 888 Poker $100K Sunday Challenge for $18,809 to push his career earnings total to over $13 million. The PokerStars Sunday Million weekly flagship tournament was taken down outright by player 'Sr.Rouquinho' over the weekend for a payday of $171,855. 'NEMEZIS JT' earned $128,010 for finishing runner-up in a rare final table that didn't feature a single PocketFives member. However, there was a three-way chop in the Sunday Warm-Up with two PocketFivers at the top, as 'schtruddle' of Egypt and 'Pokerfan89gr' of Greece pocketed $64,428 and $53,416 for their respective first and second place efforts. The 888 Mega Deep tournament was won by PocketFiver 'kot_spartac' of the Russian Federation for $26,864. PokerStars player 'omaha4rollz' won the Sunday 500 outright for $57,750 while 'calo88' was victorious in the Sunday Supersonic and collected $44,737. The PartyPoker $530 buy-in High Roller tournament was won by 'MrsPaintba1l' for a payday of $27,780. _____ PokerStars Sunday Million ($200+15 NLHE) 5,494 entrants - $1,098,800 paid out to 810 spots ~ Full Recap Sr.Rouquinho $171,854.75 NEMEZIS JT $128,010.20 amar11111 $90,486.18 ismo
  21. [caption width="640"] For the second time in his career, Brazil's Joao 'joaosimaobh' Simao is #1 in the PocketFives Rankings[/caption] There's a brand new #1 player in the PocketFives Rankings. For the second time in his career, Brazil's Joao 'joaosimaobh' Simaohas claimed the top spot. His first time as the #1-ranked player was in January 2015 and he is one of only two Brazilians to top the leaderboard. "I feel really happy," Simao said. "This year, I'm back with my stable and my school. I have a balance with my life and career, so to be #1 in the world proves to myself that I can balance business and career." "For the last three years, I had a stable and a poker school," he added. "It was really nice, but it started to get busier than I planned, so I had to stop studying my game. During that time, I had some big problems away from the table that took my focus. I stopped with the school and the stable and took six hard months studying my game and planning my life to be able to focus 100% on my game. It was hard work, but it looks like it's working." Pushing Simao towards the top of the rankings was a win over the weekend in the partypoker Super High Roller. That tournament, despite having only 77 entrants, had a prize pool of almost $200,000. Simao raked in $52,000 for the "W" and now has 7,361 PLB Points, over 200 more than the next closest player. That next closest players Sweden's 'lena900', who moved up two spots from #4 to #2. He was ranked #1 on PocketFives earlier this year and finished second in last Thursday's Thrill on PokerStars for $36,000 and 330 PLB Points. He had 11 in the money finishes that day in total and continues to combine volume with cashes. Brazil's Joao 'joaomathias' Mathias moved up nine spots to #8 in the world. Like 'lena900', he's a former #1 player on PocketFives and shot up the leaderboard this week in part due to a win in the PokerStars Big $109 on May 1 for $29,000 and almost 450 PLB Points. The day before, he was the runner-up in the partypoker High Roller. Mathias has 669 top-three finishes over his career. [caption width="640"] Chris 'moorman1' Moorman is on the brink of reentering the top 10[/caption] Former #1s made plenty of waves this week. Chris 'moorman1' Moorman, the most accomplished online poker player in history, was up 10 spots to #11. Moorman, who has a record 25 PocketFives Triple Crowns and $13.2 million in career winnings, is fresh off runner-up finishes in the Hot $55 and Big $215. He also finished fifth in the PokerStars Fat Tuesday at the tail end of April. Sweden's 'Yaya24' ticked up 17 spots to #25. He was ranked as high as #5 in the world last year and hit it big on PokerStars on the first day of May, winning the site's Super-Sized Sunday and $320 No Limit Hold'em Six Max. Those two cashes were worth almost $60,000 total. He's the #10-ranked player in the powerful Sweden poker community and just hit $3 million in lifetime cashes on PokerStars, where he plays as '42ayay'. Russia's 'NoPlanB' was up 22 spots and now sits at #42. On May 1, he finished second in the PokerStars Sunday Grand for $63,000. That tournament, which had a $1,000 buy-in, drew 455 entrants; he raked in nearly as many PLB Points for his second place showing. The owner of one Triple Crown, 'NoPlanB' is up to $3.3 million in career winnings and can largely be found playing under the alias 'EvnomiYa'. Six-time PocketFives Triple Crown winner Tomi 'emeriaa' Brouk reentered the top 100 at #87. The second-ranked Fin was ranked as high as #17 on PocketFives last year and his recent ascension comes by virtue of taking down the 888 Crocodile over the weekend for $14,000. This week's top 10: Joaosimaobh - 7,361 points lena900 - 7,150 points Ariados - 7,028 points Big Huni - 6,960 points C Darwin2 - 6,955 points hellohellohello - 6,835 points veeea - 6,799 points joaomathias - 6,591 points jbrown8777 - 6,546 points damourinio - 6,490 points
  22. [caption width="661"] Stats for 'C Darwin2', the new #1 online poker player in the world[/caption] It took all of one week for Sweden's 'C Darwin2' to retake the top spot in the PocketFives Online Poker Rankings. After a one-week reign at #1 by Brazil's 'joaosimaobh', the title of top online poker player in the world went back across the Atlantic to Sweden. This is 'C Darwin2's' third stint at #1. He ruled the roost for seven weeks ending March 30. Then, fellow Swede 'lena900' was the #1 player in the world for a month. 'C Darwin2' then regained the title from April 27 to May 4 before the Brazilian was #1 last week. 'C Darwin2', who moved up four spots this week, is three days removed from winning the high-stakes kickoff event of the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker. He took down a $1,050 No Limit Hold'em tournament and earned $226,000. As a result of his SCOOP victory, 'C Darwin2' is officially over $4 million in career online tournament winnings and over $2.5 million on PokerStars. He has a PLB score of 8,039 points and leads the second-ranked 'joaosimaobh' by 156. There were two new entrants into the top 10 worldwide, and one of them is the most decorated player in online poker history. Chris 'moorman1' Moorman moved up two spots to #9. He was last ranked #1 two years ago and won the Extreme Tuesday last week for $10,000. This Tuesday, he took down the PokerStars Big $162 for $4,800. [caption width="640"] Chris 'moorman1' Moorman reentered the top 10 for the first time since April 2014[/caption] Moorman has a blistering 786 top-three finishes in online MTTs and sits at $13.3 million in career online tournament scores, over $4 million more than the next closest person. This is his first week in the top 10 in 25 months. "It's great to be back in the top 10 again after putting in some volume lately, but I'm really shooting to get back to the #1 spot if I can put together a huge SCOOP," Moorman said. "I've already made a couple of big runs and have been putting a ton of work into my game recently, so I'm feeling very confident right now." Conor '1_conor_b_1' Beresford also entered the top 10 this week. He's at #10 in the world, his highest ranking ever, and was up seven spots thanks to a win in the partypoker Super High Roller three days ago for $64,000 and almost 500 PLB Points. One day before that, Beresford won the partypoker High Roller and banked $11,000. Beresford is the second-ranked player in the UK and #1 in his home city of York, England. Canada's Jimmy 'JMolloy' Molloy moved up eight places this week to land at #11, three off his all-time best. Molly finished second in a SCOOP $700 No Limit Hold'em Rebuy on Monday for almost $100,000. That score, his largest ever, also boosted his PLB tally by 550 points. You can find him on PokerStars, where he has over $4.5 million in career winnings, under the user name 'Jays94'. "It feels really good," Molloy said. "Hopefully I can crack the top 10 soon enough. It also feels good to get my first six-figure score in the $700 Rebuy SCOOP event. Although it was technically a few dollars short of that, I'm going to count it as one anyways." Russia's Anton 'aJarov' Yakuba moved up 38 places to #25 in the world after a blockbuster week in which he finished second in a $320 No Limit Hold'em Six-Max on PokerStars and won the Black Chip Sunday Special, PokerStars $12,000 Guarantee, Black Chip $4,000 Guarantee, and an iPOPS event. Those resulted in his third career PocketFives Triple Crown and propelled him to within four spots of his best ranking ever, which was set last year. Also trending towards #1 in a big way was Finland's Tomi 'emeriaa' Brouk, who was up 55 spots to #32. The top-ranked Fin has four five-figure scores already this month after wins in the 888 Crocodile, PokerStars Super Sized Sunday, and partypoker High Roller. He also final tabled the Sunday 500 this month for $15,000. Brouk is quickly closing in on $5 million in career online tournament winnings. Rafael 'GM_VALTER' Moraes reentered the top 10 at #36 and passed $4 million in career online winnings to boot. In the last week, he won a SCOOP $2,100 No Limit Hold'em event for $325,000 and a commanding 1,331 PLB Points. That score came just a month removed from a win in the Sunday 500. Moraes is also fresh off finishing third in a €25,750 High Roller event during the European Poker Tour's Grand Final in Monaco last week. That cash netted him well over $600,000 and boosted him to #8 on Brazil's all-time money list, according to the Hendon Mob. This week's top 10: C Darwin2 - 8,039 points joaosimaobh - 7,883 points Ariados - 7,200 points lena900 - 7,146 points veeea - 6,858 points Big Huni - 6,824 points jbrown8777 - 6,807 points hellohellohello - 6,752 points moorman1 - 6,707 points 1_conor_b_1 - 6,702 points
  23. [caption width="640"] Chris 'moorman1' Moorman, the most successful player in online tournament history, has signed with 888poker[/caption] The most successful online tournament player in history has a new home. On Thursday, 888pokerannounced that it had signed Chris 'moorman1' Moorman to be a member of Team888. He'll play on that site under the user name '888moorman'. "888 is doing big things and really is working hard to expand their reach in poker," said Moorman. "Things like sponsoring the WSOP and the Super High Roller Bowl have shown they are committed to their growth of the brand and I can't wait to see what they have coming up in the future." Moorman is the top dog in the online tournament world any way you slice it. He has a record $13.3 million in online tournament winnings and is the only player in history to pass $10 million. He has 25 PocketFives Triple Crowns dating back to 2007, an award that requires a person to win three $10,000 prize pool tournaments across three sites tracked by PocketFives within a week. That's also the most of anyone. His most recent Triple Crown came in 2015. And his peers will now be able to watch him play and interact with one of the game's greats. "Now that I am an 888poker Team Pro, I will start streaming some final tables on Twitch," Moorman said. "I look forward to interacting with players as a representative of the site." Moorman joins a stable of pros at 888 that consists of players like Dominik Nitsche, who was signed to Team888 exactly a year ago, and Kara Scott. "They are all great players and ambassadors of the game," Moorman said. "Also, they all gave me such a warm welcome to the team and I am excited to represent the site alongside them. Dominik is one of the best players in the world; to have won three bracelets at his age is an incredible achievement. I've known Kara for a long time and she does an incredible job presenting and is a great poker player as well." "888poker has a good amount of play at the final tables, which is important when there are big money jumps on the line," said Moorman. "There are a good variety of buy-ins and the field sizes are great as well. I think the player pool appreciates the well-structured tournaments on 888poker. Recently in online poker, the schedules have been infused with turbo tournaments, and most of the tournaments on 888poker are regular speed rather than turbo, which allows you to actually get to play proper poker instead of watching all-ins every five seconds." Perhaps the most impressive part about Moorman's game is his longevity. He has been ranked #1 on PocketFives a record 13 times dating back to 2008. His most recent stint at #1 was two years ago and, 700 days later, he's currently ranked #14 and knocking on the door of the top 10. On Valentine's Day of this year, Moorman took down the 888poker Sunday Challenge for $18,000. It was his second largest tournament score ever on 888, dwarfed only by a win in the same tournament last December for $1,000 more. Moorman has four six-figure scores to his credit, including a third place finish in the Full Tilt $1K Monday two weeks before Black Friday for $235,000. Two years before that, he won an FTOPS event and put back $204,000, his second largest score to date. And the hits keep coming. His most recent tournament win came in the PokerStars Big $55 on May 21 for $13,000, the 325th win of his career and 789th top-three finish. He's a four-time PocketFives Monthly Leaderboard champion, having accomplished the feat twice in 2009, once in 2013, and once in 2014. He's the only player to go back-to-back in the Yearly PLB, winning the leaderboard in 2008 and 2009. Moorman hasn't been a one-trick live pony either. He's #8 on the all-time live money list for England, according to the Hendon Mob, at $4.1 million. His breakthrough live win came in the 2014 WPT LA Poker Classic for a little over a million bucks. It's only a matter of time before Moorman breaks through on the WSOP stage for his first bracelet, and if it comes this year, it'll be under the 888poker banner. He has $2.4 million in career WSOP winnings, including runner-up finishes in the 2011 WSOP Europe Main Event and that year's WSOP No Limit Hold'em Six Max Championship in Las Vegas. Moorman is a member of the London Royals of the Global Poker League and is fresh off playing one of the first matches ever held in the league's Cube against the Las Vegas Moneymakers' Scott Ball.
  24. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] Chris Moorman has finally crossed his name off of the 'Best Players Without a Bracelet' list after capturing the K Six Max on Friday (WSOP photo)[/caption] Wow, what a day. Friday at the 2017 World Series of Poker saw the all-time leading money winner in online tournaments win his very first bracelet, having endured multiple runner-up finishes over the years. Two more bracelet winners were also crowned, two new events got going, and three more tournaments chalked up another day. Oh, and Daniel Negreanu is close to his seventh bracelet yet again. Here’s a look at all of Friday’s action. Chris Moorman adds a WSOP bracelet to his epic resume If there’s one name synonymous with online poker tournaments, it’s Chris ‘Moorman1’ Moorman. The 31-year-old Brit has won more than anyone in the format - more than $14 million to be precise - as well as more than $5 million in live earnings and a WPT title. You can now add a WSOP bracelet to his accomplishments, after he took down the $3,000 No Limit Hold’em Six-Handed for $498,682. It almost wasn’t to be, though. When play reached the official final table, Moorman was all-in with ace-king against the pocket jacks of Steve Sung. A miracle ace on the river saved his tournament life. From there they saw the start-of-day chip leaderMax Silver bow out, followed by John Gorsuch, Sung, and Michael Gagliano in third. Moorman had slightly more than a 2:1 chip lead when he got heads up against Brazil’s Bernardo Dias, and that meant two rowdy rails as the Brazilians and Brits are known for their side-stage support. The Brit never lost the chip lead throughout the battle, but every time Dias got short he found a double. In the end though, he open jammed for around 20 big blinds with king-ten, and Moorman snap-called with ace-king, which held up. Moorman then celebrated in style with a ‘shoe bomb’ (a jaegerbomb shot drunk out of his own shoe) alongside his rail, which included his wife Katie, and some of the UK’s leading players such as Craig McCorkell, Toby Lewis, Niall Farrell, Chris Brammer, and Tom Middleton. “I feel like anytime you win live, it's just a lot more real,” Moorman said. “All your friends are there celebrating with you and particularly a lot of my online success was when I was living in the U.K. I would be playing all through the night and maybe win a tournament about five or six in the morning and I would just be there on my own.” Having the bracelet under his belt, Moorman’s optimistic for the rest of the series. “The series is still young, there are plenty of more events out there,” he added. “I’ve already had three cashes, including this one, and I feel great and confident. Hopefully, I can make a final table and if not, hopefully, some more Brits do and I can be on the rail and support them and I would be just as happy, to be honest." Final table payouts: Chris Moorman - $498,682 Bernardo Dias - $308,166 Michael Gagliano - $210,139 Steve Sung - $145,634 John Gorsuch - $102,605 Max Silver - $73,510 Venezuela’s first bracelet comes as Joseph Di Rosa Rojas wins The Marathon Joseph Di Rosa Rojas is the first player from Venezuela to win WSOP gold (WSOP photo)[/CAPTION] The unknown player from Venezuela came into the home straight of the $2,620 Marathon with the lead, and he never lost it, running that chip lead all the way to victory. Joseph Di Rosa Rojas not only captured his first gold bracelet and $690,469 - more than ten times his career earnings before tonight; he also took down the first ever bracelet for his home country of Venezuela. It was by no means an easy final table, what with the likes of Tim Reilly, Julien Stuer, Faraz Jaka and Maurice Hawkins all taking seats. But by the time Rojas found himself heads-up against Alexander Lynskey, he had built up an impressive 8:1 chip advantage. In the final hand, Rojas limped on the button only for Lynskey to shove with the [poker card="9c"][poker card="6c"]. Rojas snap-called with the [poker card="tc"][poker card="td"], leaving Lynskey in dire straits. That is, until the [poker card="qc"][poker card="9s"][poker card="6d"] flop hit the felt, giving him two pair. Now it was Rojas who needed to improve, and he did so quickly on the [poker card="qh"] turn, giving him a bigger two pair. The [poker card="5h"] completed the board, and that meant victory for Rojas. When asked how he felt about capturing the first bracelet for Venezuela, Rojas laughed, "I don't know, maybe tomorrow I will know!" Final table payouts: Joseph Di Rosa Rojas- $690,469 Alexander Lynskey - $426,663 Jeffrey Tomlinson - $307,728 Tim Reilly - $224,316 Julian Stuer - $165,277 Faraz Jaka - $123,105 Andrew Jernigan - $92,705 Pratik Ghatge- $70,590 Maurice Hawkins - $54,356 Brian Brubaker takes down $1,500 Triple Draw Deuce for $109,967 [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] Brian Brubaker topped the 326-player field in the ,500 Triple Draw Deuce to Seven (WSOP photo)[/caption] While he’s not a household poker name like Moorman, Los Angeles-based mixed game pro Brian Brubaker showed his worth on Friday by winning the $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw. First prize in this event was $109,967, and it would take two hours of heads-up play against start-of-final table chipleader Brendan Taylor before Brubaker could capture his first gold bracelet. The entire final table only took five hours, showing how much of a battle the final duel was. Rewinding back to the start of the final table, the first players to fall wereRick Fuller and Dean Kerl in sixth and fifth respectively, before professional German soccer player Max Kruse exited in fourth, taking his rowdy rail with him. Jason Riesenberg then busted in third, leaving Taylor - seeking his second gold bracelet - up against Brubaker. The lead swung back and forth several times, but ultimately Brubaker began to pull away, grinding down his opponent. In the final hand Brubaker patted a nine-low, and Taylor held a four-card eight-low before drawing one. He had outs, but it came an eight on the river to pair his hand, giving Brubaker the victory. "It was a lot of fun. Pretty intense, there were a lot of swings throughout the final table," Brubaker said. "Luckily, I pretty much just won the majority of the [heads-up] pots and went straight up. "I guess I'm pretty good at draw altogether, especially in a tournament," he added. "I make some adjustments in tournaments I think are successful. I don't know if they're necessarily what other people would say are good. But, I've been successful with it and now I have something to prove it.” Final table payouts Brian Brubaker - $109,967 Brendan Taylor - $67,952 Jason Riesenberg - $43,597 Max Kruse - $28,740 Dean Kerl - $19,482 Rick Fuller - $13,591 Eddy Sabat bags chip lead in $2,500 No Limit Hold’em Day 2 of Event #29 has seen the 1,086 starting field decrease to just 30 players, all of whom with return on Saturday. Eddy Sabat holds the most chips with 1.86 million, followed by Asi Moshe (921K) and Tom Thomas(861K). Scott ‘Aggro Santos’ Margereson is also still in contention (712K), as is Chi Zhang (674K), Giuseppe Pantaleo (568K), Curt Kohlberg(376K), John Dolan(305K), Jonathan Abdellatif(252K), 2015 November Niner Federico Butteroni (236K), and start-of-the-day chip leader Pablo Fernandez(132K). The prize pool of $2,443,500 has created a healthy first-place prize of $456,822. Play resumes on Saturday with all players guaranteed $10,868. Top 10 chip counts: Eddy Sabat - 1,866,000 Asi Moshe - 921,000 Tom Thomas - 861,000 Jamie Armstrong - 756,000 Scott Margereson - 712,000 NAME REDACTED - 676,000 Chi Zhang - 674,000 James Calvo - 572,000 Giuseppe Pantaleo - 568,000 Charalampos Lappas - 526,000 Daniel Negreanu leads $10K H.O.R.S.E finale As Day 2 neared its end, Daniel Negreanu managed to increase his chip lead and will come into Saturday’s Day 3 of the $10,000 HORSE Championship way out in front. Just 15 of the 150 players who started remain, including recent two-time bracelet winner David Bach, three-time bracelet winner Brian Rast, and five-time bracelet winner Jason Mercier, who also happens to be the defending champion. There’s $383,208 for the winner, but all that will be on Negreanu’s mind after several close calls will be the gold bracelet. If he can capture it, it’ll be his seventh. Play resumes at 2pm Saturday. Final 15 chip counts Daniel Negreanu - 1,213,000 Scott Bohlman - 756,000 Don Zewin - 704,000 Richard Chase - 647,000 David Bach - 572,000 Brian Rast - 553,000 Jason Mercier - 541,000 Yuebin Guo - 513,000 Jerry Wong - 457,000 Eric Rodawig - 334,000 Mack Lee - 319,000 Anthony Zinno - 283,000 Andrew Brown - 282,000 Phillip Wallace - 226,000 Mark Gregorich - 137,000 Senior’s Event and $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo kick off Two more tournaments got started on Friday: the $1,000 Senior’s No Limit Hold’em Championship, and the $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Mix. A massive starting field of 5,389 entered the Senior’s, with 809 making the money. Well, we ended Day 1 with just 694, meaning the bubble burst on Day 1 and everyone is already guaranteed $1,587, but all have their eyes set on the $617,303 first-place prize. The mean leading the way when the chips were bagged was Kevin Dowling, who managed to spin his 5,000 starting stack up to 160,800. Also returning for Day 2 will be Georgios Karakousis (158,300), Martinus Kaspers (157,300), Jim Earnest (142,600), David James (135,000),Greg Raymer (101,400), defending champion Johnnie Craig (95,000), Dan Heimiller (22,500), Bill Klein (23,300), Cliff Josephy(19,900) and Joe Somerville (7,000). Chris Ferguson, Scotty Nguyen, Billy Baxter, Mike Sexton, Men Nguyen, and Barry Greenstein all entered, but failed to bag chips. Top 10 chip counts Kevin Dowling - 160,800 Georgios Karakousis - 158,300 Martinus Kaspers - 157,300 David James - 142,600 Jim Earnest - 135,000 Bill Maness - 121,300 Jim Ernest - 114,000 Gina Bacon - 108,500 Greg Raymer - 101,400 Dan Schmiech - 101,400 Meanwhile over in the Omaha event, it was Daniel Zack who ended the day on top with 92,375. The 688 field was whittled down to 224, and there are plenty of well-knowns returning tomorrow. A few of those who made it through include Igor Sharaskin (85,500), Allen Kessler (73,450), Leif Force (70,050), Sam Farha (43,775), Lee Markholt (32,900), Nikolai Yakovenko (32,800), Yuval Bronshtein (28,125), Mike Matusow (23,175), Phil Hellmuth(21,650), Rob Mizrachi (18,850), Mike Sexton (18,450) and Benny Glaser(15,300). Top 10 chip counts Daniel Zack - 92,375 Igor Sharaskin - 85,500 Allen Kessler - 73,450 Leif Force - 70,050 David Brookshire - 58,300 Alan Sternberg - 44,000 Sam Farha - 43,775 Orlando Romero - 41,575 Regina Hampton - 37,300 Stephen Johnson - 36,100
  25. [caption width="640"] Chris Moorman now has a WSOP bracelet to go with the rest of his accolades.[/caption] In the early hours of Saturday morning in Las Vegas, Chris Moorman found himself in a spot he’d been in before: heads-up for a World Series of Poker bracelet. Twice in his career he’s gotten far enough in a tournament to be sitting across from just one player and in both cases, Moorman settled for second place. This time was different though, it just took a little while. Moorman and Bernardo Da Silveira Dias played heads-up for over 3.5 hours before Moorman emerged with the bracelet and $498,682 first place prize money. It almost didn’t happen though, the later the two played the more likely it was they would have to come back the next day to finish - and Moorman wanted no part of that. “It had been such a long battle heads up and they’d actually come to us in the last level and said 'Do you want to play one more level?', because it wasn’t scheduled or we’d have to come back in the morning,” said Moorman. “I had to do that in the $10K Six Max that I ended up losing heads up. I had to come back the next morning and play and I ended up losing. So I had the association with that, so I really didn’t want to come back and have to do that.” When the final river card hit, and Moorman had eliminated Dias, he finally got the opportunity to enjoy a moment he’s been chasing since he first started playing the WSOP in 2006. It exceeded all expectations. “I had that moment in my mind for so long, I'd wondered what it’d feel like, and then when it did happen it felt even better than if it had come to me a lot easier,” said Moorman. The 31-year-old Brit has crushed online poker for years and won a World Poker Tour, but the WSOP bracelet victory is still so fresh and surreal that he can’t help but rank it as the biggest moment of his career. “In the long term maybe it’s between that and the WPT, just because that was my first marquee win. But just to have all my friends there from the UK, and to not disappoint them this time,” said Moorman. “I’ve been to the final table before and just come up short, so to actually make it all the way. At the time I wanted the heads up to be over, but now looking back at it, it’s kind of good that it was a long drawn out battle and it was just more of a show for everyone and it made me feel like a real bracelet.” Throughout the duration of the final table, Moorman’s rail grew both in size and in decibels. The Brits are famous for their amazing support and some unique, often loud, chants and cheers. They also have another unique custom following a win; the winner downs a Jaeger-bomb from his shoe. Moorman tried to live up to the tradition but the late hour worked against him. “It wasn’t actually a Jaeger bomb. It was a vodka soda or something. But it had definitely been around for a few hours, because I went over there and nobody had a beer, they’d stopped serving, so I said 'What are we going to do?',” said Moorman. “Somebody handed me this vodka soda, which was flat and not even cold anymore. I tasted it and I said ‘this is not good’, but I had to go with it now, I couldn’t just stop. So I just downed the whole thing and I didn’t even care, to be honest.” Now that he’s forever wiped his name off of the Best Player Without a Bracelet list, Moorman has his sights set on even more success at the WSOP - even if it’s not for him. “Everybody comes in (to the WSOP) feeling really positive and ‘I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna get there on time,” and then it gets a few weeks in and people start to sort of get a bit down. Morale maybe slightly drops a little bit, you lose a little bit of confidence in what you’re doing, and bang, one score turns it around,” said Moorman. “There’s still so many tournaments left, and also just for my friends as well, I feel like them being there watching it, I’ve definitely felt it in the past when I’ve seen friends win a bracelet it’s kind of inspired me to go out there and do it as well.”

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