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Found 5 results

  1. In recent days, Paul Vas Nunes (pictured), better known on PocketFives as pvas2, was part of a five-way chop of the Full Tilt Sunday Brawl and earned $29,000. The online poker player from the UK took down his fourth Sunday Major in the process, a pretty impressive accomplishment, and was gracious enough to spend a few minutes talking about his latest score. Oh yeah, we got to talk a little squash, so get excited for that. PocketFives: Congrats on the Full Tilt Sunday Brawl chop. How are you feeling about it? Paul Vas Nunes: I'm feeling pretty good. It was my first big win on Full Tilt, where I haven't played as much or had nearly as much success as I have on PokerStars. The Brawl is one of my favorite tournaments of the week, so it's nice to win it, although I feel I should have tried to get a better deal or played it out without one. It's probably natural to feel that way after winning when you chop five-handed though. PocketFives: How did the five-handed chop come about? That's a lot of people to agree on something. Paul Vas Nunes: I was the chip leader and had just doubled someone up. I thought it was worth reducing the variance to get a good-sized win guaranteed and everyone clicked to discuss a deal. We were all fairly similar in chips at the time. I tried to get a bit more than ICM, but they wouldn't agree on it. PocketFives: Do you have any plans for the money? We believe this is your fourth Sunday Major win. Paul Vas Nunes: Nothing specific. I won the Warm-Up in February for $100,000, so this is a nice bonus. I typically don't make any big purchases because MTT poker has a lot of ups and downs. I had been on a big online downswing last year (over $100,000), so I have made some adjustments to my game and am trying to avoid those sorts of swings. I want to have enough money saved up to keep most of my own action in the good tournaments. PocketFives: Do you mind sharing what adjustments you've been focusing on? Paul Vas Nunes: I used to be very lazy with studying for poker or doing anything other than playing. I've always had quite a lot of success playing on Sundays, which are obviously the best days of the week, so I didn't put much effort into getting better because I had been crushing so effortlessly. I got Holdem Manager 2 about six months ago. I started playing more often, watching more training videos, and going back to basics. I don't have a very big group of people I talk poker with on a regular basis because I won the Sunday Million when I was still very much an amateur player, so all of my poker friends at the time weren't capable of talking much about hand histories of high-stakes MTTs. Consequently, I tried to get out there a bit more, talk to other players at EPTs, and join in some discussions. I neglected a lot of these things before that, which as a professional player you can't really afford to. PocketFives: How did that Sunday Million win change your career? Paul Vas Nunes: When I won it, I didn't even mean to play it. I was studying at university and needed some extra money, so I focused on grinding T$ through the Sunday Million satellites and won something like 14 of them in a week. Then, I won a last-minute satellite that I couldn't un-register for, so I played the Sunday Million and somehow won. I instantly splurged and bought a car, a TV, and a few nice things I couldn't afford as a student at the time, but didn't go crazy and instead wanted to focus on playing more poker. I didn't just jump into the highest games because I knew I wasn't the best in the world or anything like that, so I took my time and played mainly on Sundays with a few days added in here and there. After a few months of learning, I moved up in stakes and it sort of spiraled from there. I didn't start playing EPTs for at least a year after the Sunday Million win, but did play a couple of WSOP Europe side evens in London since it wasn't too far from me. I really loved playing and didn't want to go in over my head too much. PocketFives: Are you headed to the WSOP in Las Vegas this year? Paul Vas Nunes: Yes, I plan to. I went for the entire time last year and didn't have much success, with just three cashes. It was too much being there the entire time. This year, I plan to go for the last four weeks, which is still a long time. Last year, I decided to travel to a lot of stops and see the world, but this year I am more focused on playing in the softer tournaments and making the best financial decisions I can. PocketFives: What do you do away from poker? Paul Vas Nunes: I love to travel with my fiancée and we just moved into a new house, so that hasn't left much time for poker with all of the things that moving involves, but I am trying to stay up-to-date now. I also used to play a lot of squash, which I love, but haven't had a lot of time to recently because of all of the traveling for poker. I was competitive as a junior player and played for my county, so I hope to get back into that. PocketFives: Squash– now that's a niche sport. Paul Vas Nunes: Ha, I suppose it has gotten that way since it keeps missing out on getting into the Olympics when it 100% should be in. It is one of the toughest physical sports in the world at the highest levels. If you don't have a Full Tilt Poker account, sign up through the links on PocketFives to get a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus and one free month of PocketFives Training, a $30 value. Get started here.
  2. [caption width="640"] Paul Vas Nunes now has two PokerStars Sunday Million wins to his name.[/caption] Paul 'pvas2' Vas Nunes joined an elite club on Sunday, becoming the latest player to have two PokerStars Sunday Million titles to his credit. Vas Nunes walked away with $138,335 over the weekend after winning the Sunday Million after making a two-way deal with 'buschle' who collected $121,698 for second place. Miroslav 'Nethos' Forman of the Czech Republic finished third for $75,250 followed by 'despedespi33' in fourth for $52,809 and 'Stonefish35' in fifth for a cash prize of $37,059. Vas Nunes' first Sunday Million came in 2010. Swedish superstar Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom captured an outright victory in the PokerStars Sunday High Roller for $63,842 with #39-ranked 'Ariados' cashing for $48,656 in second place. Andras 'probirs' Nemeth' (ranked #22 worldwide) of Hungary won the Sunday Warm-Up for $37,967 and 'IAmSoSo' took down the Sunday 500 event for $39,761. In the Omania High Roller, 'sqmpork' took home $18,392 for the win while 'G A W' came out on top in the Sunday Supersonic for $29,790. The $2,600 buy-in partypoker Super High Roller saw a two-way deal at its conclusion. 'Hahaha_Owned' received $41,200 for the official first place finish and 'chadi6969' walked away with $39,453 in the runner-up position. 'profilkiller73' won the $530 High Roller for $31,833. South Korea's 'YugiohPro' picked up the win in the $1,050 buy-in Whale on 888poker and received $34,925. The 888 Mega Deep was won by 'fishondope' who was awarded a cash prize of $19,532. PokerStars Sunday Million $200 + $15 NLHE 5,657 entrants $1,131,400 paid out to 998 spots pvas2 - $138,335.49 buschle - $121,698.45 *2-way deal Miroslav 'Nethos' Forman - $75,250.43 despedespi33 - $52,808.54 Stonefish35 - $37,059.45 TournamenT29 - $26,007.15 YYYeaHHH - $18,251.06 sousinha23 - $12,808.12 rashevski2 - $8,988.40 PokerStars Sunday High Roller $2,000 + $100 NLHE 154 entrants $308,000 paid out to 20 spots Isildur1 - $63,842.38 Sasuke234 - $48,655.74 (Ariados) Negriin - $37,081.69 elmerixx - $28,260.81 (emeriaa) Mustapha 'lasagnaaammm' Kanit - $21,538.22 T-Macha - $16,414.79 Romeopro - $12,510.09 OMGjonyctt - $9,534.23 Bonglim - $7,266.27 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $200 + $15 NLHE 1,440 entrants $288,000 paid out to 233 spots probirs - $37,967.27 Douglas 'Dowgh-Santos' Ferreira - $31,701.33 DBerglin - $29,525.05 *3-way deal BC1989RF - $16,489.64 (BenjaminChalot) Patrick 'thebigdog09' Brooks - $11,856.18 yongding - $8,524.68 rabcov - $6,129.30 Brink - $4,407.00 Bulldog622 - $3,168.66 PokerStars Sunday 500 $500 + $30 NLHE 446 entrants $223,000 paid out to 63 spots IAmSoSo - $39,760.85 THE ONLY SON - $29,313.32 ]av1taBro - $21,611.19 BIack88 - $15,932.81 MarToMchat - $11,746.43 (Thomas 'martom' Boivin) m.a-0000 - $8,660.04 cmase86 - $6,384.60 jakoon1985 - $4,707.01 pokerkluka - $3,470.23 PokerStars Omania High Roller $500 + $30 PLO Six Max 208 entrants $104,000 paid out to 23 spots sqmpork - $18,392.20 GINS FINEST - $14,546.05 kartt - $11,504.28 OempaLoempah - $9,098.59 schamixx - $7,195.95 iamivar - $5,691.19 PokerStars Sunday Supersonic $200 + $15 NLHE Six Max Hyper Turbo 837 entrants $171,384 paid out to 89 spots G A W - $29,789.82 pino032 - $21,203.27 OempaLoempah - $15,091.94 Alfred 'Kzzon' Karlsson - $10,742.03 SsicK_OnE - $7,645.90 t8st - $5,442.14 partypoker Super High Roller $2,500 + $100 65 entrants $162,500 paid out to 11 spots Hahaha_Owned - $41,200 chadi6969 - $39,453 *2-way deal CowEyed - $22,203 LarsLuzak1 - $15,100 Specter_Litt - $10,269 JoaquinGuzman - $6,984 PhileasFogg - $6,233 (hellohellohello) helicopterben82 - $5,563 partypoker High Roller $500 + $30 341 entrants $170,500 paid out to 55 spots profilkiller73 - $31,833 aLiNeNok1617 - $23,101 sordykrd - $16,764 (Jon 'apestyles' Van Fleet) b0b_z00m - $12,166 dartazz - $8,829 lgnent - $6,406 icenigel - $4,650 luffynated - $3,374 (Guntis 'lovefee' Aleskins) 888poker Whale $1,000 + $50 NLHE 85 entrants $127,000 paid out to 12 spots NEONTIGER - $34,925 (YugiohPro) NigDawG - $23,495 DrMiKee - $17,780 (Fabrizio 'SixthSenSe19' Gonzalez) Angelaras17 - $12,065 strangejelly - $8,890 (Akash 'funwheel' Majumdar) SHIPITBITCH - $6,668 Kannwas - $5,398 M4zlTov - $4,445 888poker MEGA DEEP $200 + $15 NLHE 399 entrants $102,800 paid out to 56 spots fishondope - $19,532 Jerry 'Perrymejsen' Ödeen - $14,392 Andy.69.Nuts - $10,794 N33dCoaching - $7,710 PaTientZer0 - $5,140 (MightyNuts) aRigold780 - $3,598 PulledPorker - $2,570 (Doug 'OU_dlanger610' Lang) pszemula - $2,056
  3. The second starting flight of the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event played out on Tuesday, producing some big numbers. We also saw two new bracelet winners crowned, and a final table end the day three-handed. Here’s all the news from July 3. Big Turnout on Day 1B There were 2,378 entries on Day 1B of the $10,000 Main Event, and after five two-hour levels that number was whittled down to 1,794. Topping them all is Smain Mamouni with 311,000, followed by Samuel Bernabeu (309,500), Barbara Rogers (307,000), Daniel Colpoys (246,800), and Alex Foxen (242,300). Plenty of notables made it through the day, and they don’t come much more notable than Johnny Chan. The 10-time bracelet winner bagged up 151,100 when all was said and done, and will join the likes of Rifat Palevic (185,800), Scott Davies (171,200), Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi (166,200), Pablo Fernandez (160,100), Pierre Neuville (147,500), Shaun Deeb (143,300), and Chris Ferguson (134,900) on Day 2. Former PocketFives #1 player Calvin ‘cal42688’ Anderson had a good session at the felt, just a few days after winning his second WSOP bracelet. He almost doubled his starting stack to 99,100, while John Hesp - whose life will be turned into a Hollywood movie - also survived with 63,900. The same can’t said for former WSOP Main Event champions Jamie Gold and Greg Raymer, Justin Liberto, Doug Polk, Jason Somerville, Mickey Craft, Anton Morgenstern, Brandon Wong, and Kenny Hallaert, all of whom hit the rail. Day 1C begins at 11am tomorrow, but as it’s July 4th it’ll be interesting to see what the turnout looks like. So far, entry numbers are very promising compared with previous years. Top 10 Day 1B Stacks: Smain Mamouni - 311,000 Samuel Bernabeu - 309,500 Barbara Rogers - 307,000 Daniel Colpoys - 246,800 Alex Foxen - 242,300 Alpheus Chan - 208,600 Paul Varano - 204,400 Brian Brubaker - 203,600 Luis Vazquez - 201,800 Liam O'Donoghue - 196,200 Matsuzuki Wins First Bracelet in $10K Stud8 Championship One of the two bracelet winners on Tuesday was Dan Matsuzuki, who overcame a tough final table to take down Event #64: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship. After denying Scott Bohlman his second bracelet of the summer, Matsuzuki won his first piece of WSOP jewellery as well as $364,387. Fourteen players returned today led by Chris Vitch, who would ultimately bust out in fourth. "It still hasn't hit me really," Matsuzuki said after his win. "I wasn't even going to play this event, but my buddy convinced me. 'Come on; Let's gamble' - those were his exact words. He took a piece of me and we registered on Day 2 and I just got a good run of cards." Final Table Results: Dan Matsuzuki - $364,387 Scott Bohlman - $225,210 Ken Aldridge - $154,648 Chris Vitch - $108,739 Daham Wang - $78,337 Jerry Wong - $57,855 Bryce Yockey - $43,833 Joseph Michael - $34,089 Galen Hall Leads Final Three in Crazy Eights Play ended on Day 3 of the $888 Crazy Eights event with just three players remaining, led by Galen Hall with 30,100,000. His opponents are Niels Herregodts with 24,750,000, and Eduards Kudrjavcevs with 16,400,000. They’ll have to wait a day before playing it out, in order to give them all a chance to play in the Main Event tomorrow. That means we’ll find a winner in this one on Thursday, and whoever it is will take home their first WSOP bracelet. Throughout the day we lost Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman was Paul ‘pvas2’ Vas Nunes, who fell in 23rd and 17th places, respectively. Arthur Conan (15th - $34,577), Dara Taherpour (14th - $43,539), Fabrice Casano (13th - $43,539), Smith Collins (12th - $55,222), Shai Zurr (11th - $55,222), and Hunter Frey (10th - $70,546) all exited too before a final table was set. From there we saw the eliminations of Philip Tom (8th - $90,888), Martin Stausholm (7th - $117,888), Jeremiah Miesen (6th - $153,888), Alexander Kuzmin (5th - $201,888), and Andrey Zaichenko in 4th place for $266,888. Find out who will the $888,888 first-place prize on Thursday. Final Three Stacks: Galen Hall - 30,100,000 Niels Herregodts - 24,750,000 Eduards Kudrjavcevs - 16,400,000 Tim Andrew Takes Down PLO Giant The second bracelet of the day went to Tim Andrew for his win in Event #11: $365 PLO GIANT for $116,015. Andrew turned up late today after sleeping in, but it turned out the extra rest served him well. All eyes were on Michael Mizrachi at the start of the day, as The Grinder was going for his fifth bracelet. Alas, he’d fall in fifth for $30,461, leaving the stage for Andrew to take down his first. Final Table Results: Tim Andrew - $116,015 Pete Arroyos - $71,703 Robert Cicchelli - $53,709 Sandeep Pulusani - $40,379 Michael Mizrachi - $30,461 James Sievers - $23,076 Kevin Nomberto - $17,541 Raymond Walton - $13,384 Srinivas Balasubramanian - $10,250
  4. It’s finally here! After more than a month of awesome action and anticipation, the $10,000 Main Event is upon us at the 2018 World Series of Poker. Monday saw Day 1A kick off, but it also saw some other events begin to wind down. It’ll by no means be a quiet end to the PLO Giant, Crazy Eights, or $10K Stud 8 though, as they all have big names still remaining. Here’s all the news from July 2. $10,000 Main Event Kicks Off, Defending Champ Blumstein Out Well, one thing’s for sure right off the bat: we’re going to see a new champion this year. It was always going to be a super long shot that Scott Blumstein could go back-to-back (like, super long), but his elimination today means a new Main Event champ will be crowned in 13 days. The day saw 925 runners take their seats, and when all was said and done after five two-hour levels just 661 remained. Timothy Lau bagged up the chip lead, spinning his 50,000 starting up to 338,700 by the time the bags were brought out. He’s joined at the top by fellow American Truyen Nguyen with 324,800, and the UK’s Chris Fraser with 316,100. Matt Berkey had a good opening day, ending with 185,600, just behind Kevin ‘Phwap’ Boudreau with 186,300. Alexandru Papazian (147,100), Gordon Vayo (87,100), former Main Event champions Joe Hachem (84,700), Scotty Nguyen (84,400) and Joe McKeehen (36,200), as well as Erik Seidel (72,100) will all be back for Day 2. Alas, Blumstein won’t. He check-called all the way on a low board with pocket tens, only for Brian Yoon to hit running spades giving him the nut flush. He wasn’t the only former Main Event winner to bust though, with Qui Nguyen and Jerry Yang also hitting the rail, alongside the likes of Brian Rast, Christopher Andler, Felipe Ramos, Stephen Chidwick, Chance Kornuth, former football star Richard Seymour and Jonathan Little. Seymour repped the celebrity world away from the felt, and was joined by actor Kevin Pollak (71,300) and comedian Ray Romano (61,100). WSOP commentator David Tuchman (111,000) also advanced. Attention now turns to setting up for Day 1B tomorrow, which kicks off at 11am. Check back with PocketFives tomorrow for all the latest on that one. Top 10 Day 1A Stacks: Timothy Lau - 338,700 Truyen Nguyen - 324,800 Chris Fraser - 316,100 David McCaw - 220,400 John Vossoughi - 220,300 Matthew Davidow - 216,600 Frank Crivello - 215,000 Casey McCarrel - 206,200 Eric Hicks - 204,000 Tristan Bain - 193,200 Mizrachi Headlines PLO Giant Finale, Seeks 2nd Bracelet of Summer Whether the buy-in is $50K or $365, it doesn’t seem to stop Michael Mizrachi from playing his best. The Grinder ended Day 2 in Event #11: $365 PLO GIANT Pot-Limit Omaha fifth in chips out of the remaining nine, and will therefore headline Tuesday’s final table. Mizrachi came into the day as chip leader, and added to his big stack early in the day. He’d end with 10,150,000, putting him in the middle of the pack. It’s Srinivas Balasubramanian who holds a big chip lead though. His 18,325,000 is comfortably out in front of his closest competitor, Robert Cicchelli with 11,055,000. All players are now guaranteed $10,25, but there’s $116,015 up top for the winner. Can Mizrachi win his fifth bracelet and second of the summer? We’ll find out tomorrow when play resumes on the final table at 2pm. Final Table Stacks: Srinivas Balasubramanian - 18,325,000 Robert Cicchelli - 11,055,000 Pete Arroyos - 10,550,000 Tim Andrew - 10,425,000 Michael Mizrachi - 10,150,000 Kevin Nomberto - 7,700,000 James Sievers - 5,450,000 Sandeep Pulusani - 4,375,000 Raymond Walton - 3,075,000 Moorman Among Final 29 in Crazy Eights There was another big name headlining the 29 survivors over in Event #62: $888 Crazy Eights No-Limit Hold'em 8-Handed. Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman ended Day 2 bagging chips, and will return tomorrow with 2,620,000. It’s Galen ‘Turk Malloy’ Hall who chip leads overnight though, ending the day with 6,595,000. He’s followed by Paul ‘pvas2’ Vas Nunes with 6,410,000, Hunter Frey with 5,730,000, and Men Nguyen with 3,350,000. There were a bunch of notable bust-outs today, including Martin Jacobson, Jeff Madsen, Eric Baldwin, Jeremy Ausmus, Mike Leah, and Ryan Riess. Day 3 begins at 2pm with blinds at 30K/60K. There’s $888,888 up top, and they’re all guaranteed $22,292 right now. Top 10 Stacks: Galen Hall - 6,595,000 Paul Vas Nunes - 6,410,000 Hunter Frey - 5,730,000 Men Nguyen - 3,350,000 Arthur Conan - 3,140,000 Alexandre Novaes - 2,835,000 Franz-Xaver Ditz - 2,745,000 Eduards Kudrjavcevs - 2,730,000 Chris Moorman - 2,620,000 Michael Barlow - 2,600,000 Vitch Leads Again With 14 Left in $10K Stud8 Defending champion Chris Vitch is once again the overnight chip leader in Event #64: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship. He’s putting up an incredible title defence, and leads the 14 Day 2 survivors with a 1,014,000 stack. Other notables through to tomorrow include Scott Bohlman (883,000), Bryce Yockey (539,000), and Ken Aldridge (538,000), Andrew Kelsall (506,000), Jesse Martin (506,000), Tom Koral (392,000), and Mike Watson (348,000). Vitch won $320,193 for his win in this one last year, and if he can take it down again he’ll bank more than that, with $364,387 up top. A few notables who cashed in this one today include Andrew Yeh (22nd - $14,739), Tim Finne (21st - $14,739), Daniel Negreanu (20th - $14,739), Yuval Bronshtein (19th - $14,739), Jose Paz-Gutierrez (18th - $14,739), Tim Marsters (17th - $14,739), and Richard Sklar (16th - $16,439). The same can’t be said for Benny Glaser, Adam Friedman, Shirley Rosario, Shaun Deeb, David Benyamine, and bubble boy Chris Klodnicki, who all busted prior to the money. Final 14 Stacks: Chris Vitch - 1,014,000 Scott Bohlman - 883,000 Bryce Yockey - 539,000 Ken Aldridge - 538,000 Andrew Kelsall - 506,000 Jesse Martin - 506,000 Dan Matsuzuki - 418,000 Tom Koral - 392,000 Mike Watson - 348,000 Jack Duong - 343,000 Jerry Wong - 340,000 Andrew Rennhack - 338,000 Daham Wang - 284,000 Joseph Michael - 250,000 Roland Israelashvili - 231,000
  5. On Wednesday, Britain's Jareth East topped a record field in the WPTDeepStacks Online event at partypoker to win $557,658.14. East's triumph came from besting a 3,554-entry field. The $1,050 buy-in event proved the largest field size in WPTDeepStacks history. The win also proved to be the largest score of East's poker career. Prior to this WPTDeepStacks Online win, East's largest online score was for $132,200. His largest live tournament score was for $35,940. East, a PocketFives member since 2013 who has been ranked as high as 12th in the world, defeated Jon Van Fleet in heads-up play. Van Fleet earned $392,717 for his runner-up performance. East entered the final day of the event in ninth chip position with 15 players remaining. When it was all said and done, East was the last man standing to win the $557,658.14 first-place prize. Notable deep runs were had by Ludovic Gelich (12th - $27,259.18), Govert Metaal (19th - $15,282.20), Connor Drinan (29th - $11,052.94), and Julien Martini (41st - $8,636.22). Event #40 $1,050 WPTDeepStacks Entries: 3,554 Prize pool: $3,554,000 Jareth East - $557,658.14 Jon Van Fleet - $392,717 Dimitrios Farmakoulis - $253,755.60 Maksim Bukreev - $167,748.80 Phillip Mighall - $116,215.80 Rimantas Petras Boguzas - $79,431.90 Mihail Zavoloka - $55,087 Sergei Denisov - $35,113.52 [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] Maksim Bukreev, who entered the final day as the chip leader, placed fourth for $167,748.80. On his final hand, Bukreev opened from under the gun to 3.52 million with the blinds at 400,000/800,000 with a 100,000 ante. Bukreev left himself with 420,628 behind after the raise. On the button, Van Fleet called and the two took a flop of [poker card="Jh"][poker card="9d"][poker card="9c"]. Bukreev moved all in and Van Fleet called, to reveal that it was Bukreev's [poker card="Kc"][poker card="Tc"] up against the [poker card="Kh"][poker card="Qs"] for Van Fleet. The turn was the [poker card="5d"] and the river was the [poker card="2c"] to bust Bukreev. Farmakoulis fell in third place. East raised to 1.68 million from under the gun and Farmakoulis called out of the big blind to leave himself with 3.85 million behind. On the [poker card="Ts"][poker card="9c"][poker card="2c"] flop, Farmakoulis moved all in and East made the call with the [poker card="Kh"][poker card="Qd"]. Farmakoulis had the [poker card="Js"][poker card="8s"] and bricked out with the [poker card="6d"] and [poker card="4h"] hitting the board. Van Fleet had the lead to start heads-up play, with 65.54 million to East's 40.75 million. The two battled for about 40 minutes before the final hand was played. On the final hand, East limped the button for 1.2 million and Van Fleet checked his option in the big blind. The flop was [poker card="Jh"][poker card="9s"][poker card="6s"] and Van Fleet checked. East bet 1.2 million and Van Fleet raised to 3 million. East then made it 5.4 million and Van Fleet shoved for 18.73 million. East called with the [poker card="Qs"][poker card="Qc"] and Van Fleet had the [poker card="Ks"][poker card="3s"]. The turn was the [poker card="5c"] and the river was the [poker card="2h"] to give Van Fleet the win. Anton Yakuba Wins Mini WPTDeepStacks Online As with the entire WPT Online Series at partypoker, there was a mini version of the WPTDeepStacks event. The Mini WPTDeepStacks Online had a $109 buy-in and drew a field of 10,400 entries for a $1.04 million prize pool. The winner was Anton Yakuba for $137,396.29 after a deal was made with Luiz Antonio Duarte Ferreira Filho. Filho took home $129,311.72 Michael Tureniec finished third in the Mini WPTDeepStacks Online for $70,262.40, and Griffin Benger took fifth for $31,116.80. Event #40 $109 Mini WPTDeepStacks Entries: 10,400 Prize pool: $1,040,000 Anton Yakuba - 137,396.29* Luiz Antonio Duarte Ferreira Filho - 129,311.72* Michael Tureniec - 70,262.40 Rodrigo Semeghini - $45,552 Griffin Benger - $31,116.80 Peter Haden - $21,008 Ivan Tononi - $14,622.40 Bernardo Soares - $9,287.20 *Denotes a deal. Also running deep were Shawn Buchanan (12th - $7,134.40), Jan-Eric Schwippert (21st - $3,723.20), Paul Vas Nunes (26th - $2,506.40), and Kenneth Hicks (36th - $2,121.60).

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