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Found 3 results

  1. Play went on for 12 hours on Thursday in Event #24 of the 2014 World Series of Poker, a $5,000 No Limit Hold'em Six-Max tournament. In the end, the action was paused until 1:00pm Pacific Time on Friday with two people remaining: Kevin 1SickDiseaseEyster (pictured) and Pierre Neuville. --- PocketFives' WSOP coverage is brought to you by Real Gaming, a regulated online poker site in Nevada. Play Real Gaming, real money poker on any device. Play now for Final Table Freerolls. Skip straight to the final table and win cash daily. --- In case you're wondering why the two didn't play down to a winner on Thursday, WSOP coverage explained, "Per World Series of Poker rules, after 10 levels of play, the remaining players are allowed to continue for one more level if they unanimously agree, and Neuville was a bit tired and declined to continue. Eyster, who has a more than two-to-one chip advantage, briefly protested, but there was nothing the American could do." Eyster won the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown in April 2013. Third place went to Andrew luckychewy Lichtenberger (pictured), who called all-in after much deliberation on a board of 4-Q-Q-3-K. As WSOP staff vividly narrated about Lichtenberger's tank, "He sat back in his chair, resting his head on his hand as he riffled chips with the other and studied both the board and Eyster. For the better part of three minutes, the only sound you could hear in the Mothership was Lichtenberger's chips going up and down. Up and down. Up and down." When the cards were flipped over, Lichtenberger had A-8, while Eyster showed 10-10. Lichtenberger made $242,000 and reached his first WSOP final table in two years. You might remember that "Chewy" took 18th in the 2009 WSOP Main Event for a half-million dollars. Bryn BrynKenney Kenney finished in fourth place after running A-5 into Neuville's A-9. The hand was not without some drama, however, as Kenney flopped a five, but Neuville turned a nine to retake the lead. The final card was a blank and Kenney exited $160,000 richer for his wear. Here's how the chip stacks look entering Friday's restart of Event #24: 1. Kevin 1SickDiseaseEyster - 5,515,000 2. Pierre Neuville - 2,605,000 Meanwhile, Event #26, a $1,500 No Limit Hold'em contest, has longtime PocketFiver and WSOP bracelet winner Ryan gutshtallinWelch (pictured) at the top with 1.55 million in chips, almost double the second place stack. Welch hit it big during the final level of the tournament on Thursday after 6betting all-in pre-flop with aces and receiving a taker in Anthony holdplz Spinella, who had A-K of spades. Spinella was drawing dead by the river and Welch scored a monster double-up. There are a half-dozen PocketFivers in the final 12 of Event #26, which is scheduled to play down to a winner today: 1. Ryan gutshtallinWelch - 1,524,000 2. Dan KingDan Smith - 887,000 3. Reed calbears22 Goodmiller - 862,000 4. Jonas Wexler - 612,000 5. Eric Rappaport - 588,000 6. Christopher Symesko - 491,000 7. Michael Bonzo9876 Katz - 439,000 8. Will Failla - 421,000 9. Geremy Eiland - 420,000 10. Heinz zhiv Kamutzki - 358,000 11. Andrew Rennhack - 358,000 12. Tony DrunkPPlaya Gargano - 216,000 Stay tuned to PocketFives for the latest WSOP news, powered by Real Gaming, a regulated online poker site in Nevada. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  2. Rumor has it that poker is a young man's game and the run of 20-something WSOP Main Event champions just might be proof of that. But, 72-year-old Pierre Neuville came into the 2015 WSOP Main Event final table hoping to win one for the older crowd. Unfortunately, a few key hands - and of course a final confrontation with chip leader Joe McKeehen - ended any hope of Neuville taking the bracelet back to the Belgium. On the fourth hand of the night, Neuville opened to 850,000 from UTG with Td Ts. Neil Blumenfield three-bet from the small blind with Q Q to 2,500,000. Neuville took a minute to consider his options and eventually found a fold to leave himself with just over 20,000,000. The oldest November Niner ever found himself in a dream scenario on the 30th hand of the night. Blumenfield raised to 1,100,000 from the cutoff with As Qs before Ofer Zvi Stern made it 3,150,000 to go with Kh Jh. Neuville took a moment to consider his options again. This time, he came out with a cold four-bet to 7,750,000 with Ac Ah. Both Blumenfield and Stern folded their hands and Neuville was suddenly fourth in chips with just over 24,000,000. Trouble found Neuville later on thanks to a made Broadway straight. From the cutoff, Neuville raised to 1,275,000 with Qc Qs and Tom Cannulicalled from the big blind with Kh 9h. The flop came Ah Jd Th and both players checked. Cannuli made his flush with the 4h turn, bet 1,000,000, and Neuville called. The river was the Kd, completing Broadway for Neuville. Cannuli bet 3,200,000 of his remaining 5,900,000 and Neuville called to see the bad news. That was only the beginning of the horror show that was Neuville's night. Blumenfield raised to 1,200,000 from UTG with 4c 4h and Neuville called with Ac Kh to see a flop of Ks Qs 4d. Blumenfield bet 1,600,000 with his flopped bottom set and Neuville called. The Qd on the turn gave Blumenfield a full house and both players checked. The 3s fell on the river and Blumenfield resumed the aggression, betting 4,000,000. Neuville called and mucked when Blumenfield tabled his hand. The Belgian was down to just 7,500,000, or 15 big blinds. After being responsible for finishing off Chan and Butteroni, it's no surprise that McKeehen had a hand in ending Neuville's run. McKeehen opened to 1,200,000 with Jh 6h and Neuville fired his final 3,000,000 into the middle with Ac Jc. With everybody else out of the way, McKeehen called. The board ran out Qd Td 3h Qh Th to give McKeehen runner-runner flush and eliminate Neuville in seventh, earning him $1,203,293.
  3. Australian poker player Kahle Burns had already won the €25,500 Platinum High Roller at the 2019 World Series of Poker Europe festival, but he wasn’t going to stop there. On Friday, Burns took down the €2,500 Short Deck tournament for his second gold bracelet. For the win, Burns earned a €101,834 payday. He topped a field of 179 entries in the €2,500 Short Deck event, which included defeating Manig Loeser in second place. €2,500 Short Deck Final Table Results 1st: Kahle Burns - €101,834 2nd: Manig Loeser - €62,929 3rd: Felix Schulze- €42,233 4th: Federico Anselmi- €29,027 5th: Vladimir Peck- €20,444 6th: Oshri Lahmani- €14,764 7th: Pierre Neuville- €10,939 [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Burns entered the final table with the chip lead, but he slipped to start with Vladimir Peck doubling through him. It was then Loeser who took the lead after he knocked out Pierre Neuville in seventh place. It wouldn’t take too long for Burns to retake the lead, though. After Oshri Lahmani was bounced in sixth place, Burns got his revenge on Peck by knocking him out in fifth place. Burns held pocket jacks with the [poker card="Js"][poker card="Jd"] and Peck had the [poker card="9d"][poker card="8d"]. The flop, turn, and river ran out [poker card="Ks"][poker card="Qd"][poker card="9s"][poker card="6d"][poker card="Ac"] to give Burns the win. Next to go was Federico Anselmi in fourth place, and he was done in by Felix Schulze. Although Schulze scored that bust out, his run ended in third place when he ran into Burns. Burns then took a sizable chip lead into heads-up play before sealing the deal. On the final hand, Loeser was all in with the [poker card="Kh"][poker card="Jc"] against Burns’ [poker card="Ah"][poker card="Jh"]. The board came [poker card="Ac"][poker card="Qc"][poker card="7h"][poker card="9d"][poker card="7d"] to end the tournament. Burns has now cashed four times at the 2019 WSOP Europe. Although his name is now appearing in the top bunch of names on the WSOP Player of the Year leaderboard, Burns is still a long shot to win that title. Notable finishes were had by top-ranked PA online poker player Thai Ha, who finished in 14th place, and Phil Ivey, who placed 18th. Both cashed for €5,228.

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