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Found 5 results

  1. I'm really surprised there isn't more posts from PA players! I don't know about you but i am freaking excited about online going live soon! Now this a question and i don't know if its even allowed to be asked so i apologize if it isn't. How cool would it be to have a PA Only discord for online players in pa to bullshit with each other/share hands and just overall socialize. I created one and ill be sharing it with anyone i run into when i play live cash. Just thought it would be a good idea..Thoughts? and if your interested in joining...https://discord.gg/45PP5CX Todd
  2. Hey Friends, New to this forum. I was searching for some poker forums and found this page. Can anyone help me with some good authorized websites to play poker as I am coming here from mobile poker games. 😅
  3. Hello P5'ers, My name is Brady Osterman (you all probably know me by my alias DuQueen2Q on WPN). I'm 28 years young, professional MTT player who is looking for a room/shared living situation with another poker player(of any discipline) who is as serious about the game as I am. I've come to the conclusion that living with another player temporarily will be a beneficial next step in my poker journey. I suppose this post could also serve those players who have similar needs as I do at the moment. I've been grinding for a stable for nearly 3 months now- and have seen immense improvement in my game from working closely with these coaches. As you can imagine, my pursuits in poker are more than a full time job for me (studying, playing, helping others within my group) these things are all very time consuming and I regularly work on the computer for 12+ hour days, usually 6 days per week(with some occasional games at the local casino). I'm very dedicated to becoming the best in the game, and i'm looking for someone to room with that understands this and is of the same mind. I've found that non-players often don't understand what it takes to make it in this game, and it's very hard to convince them of the profitability/ potential stability of the game. I'm currently living in Phoenix, AZ moving from place to place here and haven't found a place to settle yet. I am open to relocating to basically anywhere in the U.S.(Las Vegas seems my most logical choice of location) as well as some select places out of the country(I have my passport). I won't be open to signing any leases longer than three months(I can pay 2 months up front in cash) , but I believe my reputation within the p5's and the online poker community in general is certainly good enough to trust. I've met some very good friends in poker along the way, and I look forward to meeting some more aspiring professionals that may want to work together. It's also my hope that this post will serve more than just myself as well! Feel free to either post on this thread to discuss this, or send me a private message! Take care, Brady Osterman (DuQueen2Q)
  4. Hi Moving to Cape Verde now, would like to know if anyone has informations about the poker room in Sal Island inside the Casino Royal... Thankyoooouuuuu
  5. Hey Eatahoagie / Iamskynet / Anthony Cicali III here and I have put together a 2019 VEGAS package ONLY 25% left available for sale Im playing a combined total 27 events in this package , including NJSCOOP ME and multiple Bracelet events References will be provided if needed. My Profile : http://www.pocketfives.com/profiles/eatahoagie/ Here is some additional info on me : http://www.pocketfives.com/articles/...hoagie-590253/ This is for the following events below, I will not be able to play all events , this is just the max. So everyone is almost grtd. money back. I can email an google sheet if needed , just supply a Gmail account to send to I will post nightly updates and results on my twitter @Eatahoagie ****I WILL ALSO POST UPDATES PERIODICALLY IN THIS THREAD AS PER THE FORUM RULES. MainEvent, 2-Day 5/19/19 Sunday 17:00 NJSCOOP $500 Main Event, 2-Day 17:00 NJSCOOP $150 plus 2 bullets $50 each PL Omaha [6-Max] 20:00 NJSCOOP $150 PL Omaha [6-Max] 20:00 NJSCOOP $45 plus 2 bullets $15 each NLH SSHyper-Turbo] 22:00 NJSCOOP $100 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo] 22:00 NJSCOOP $30 plus 2 bullets $30 NLH online 6/2/19 Sunday 1830 WSOP ONLINE $400 PLO 6/9/19 Sunday 1830 WSOP ONLINE $600 Super KO bounty 6/24/19 Monday 1100 WSOP bracelet $1,500 Tag team 1400 WSOP bracelet $500 $1000 as a team deepstack 6/25/19 Tuesday 1100 WSOP bracelet $600 WPT 500 1900 Aria $570 Colussus B 6/27/19 Thursday 1000 WSOP bracelet $400 Value stack 1700 Planet Hollywood $130 888 6/28/19 Friday 1000 WSOP bracelet $888 1300 *WSOP Daily $250 600k 1c 6/29/19 Saturday 1100 Golden Nugget $600 Daily 1600 Rio $200 1c 200k grtd 6/30/19 Sunday 1100 Orleans $400 NLH 1530( 1930 late,1830reg **WSOP ONLINE $1,000 Plo Deep 1700 *WSOP Daily $250 PLO blk Bounty 7/1/19 Monday 1100 Golden Nugget $360 Daily 10k 1300 Golden Nugget $150 Omaha / sud 8 1800 Orleans $150 Turbo 2200 Rio $150 TOTAL $10,073 1/2 %= $60 1%= $115 3%= $340 5%= $555 10%= $1,050 I have 25% of this package left to sell I accept Venmo, Paypal or Cash , or direct deposit into my bank ( no checks, IOUs , or action swap) The Higher action bought the cheaper and better deal it is - Any winnings over $5k will require your Tax Info, without it I will withhold 30% for taxes. - - This stake is for the above tournaments and only these two tournaments. You will have no claim to any seats that may / may not be given out to the winner in a future tournament- -You will not be entitled to bonuses/comps -You will not be entitled to any endorsements / sponsorships or anything except your % of my winnings from the prize pools.- - If I do not play an event you will receive a refund for the event, or if a rebuy / add on is not used, you will receive a percentage refund as well -unused buy ins may be applied to rebuy tournaments or reenter daily events, investors will be notified for all changes - I reserve the right to play or not play any events, and investors will be notified and refunded as I stated I will post nightly updates and results on my twitter @Eatahoagie I WILL ALSO POST UPDATES PERIODICALLY IN THIS THREAD AS PER THE FORUM RULES. any questions please comment thanks ! Google Link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k3LCSW0-oBBYApGBY76ZLr9uzyj2T1aF-RHSRuwwd_M/edit?usp=sharing

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