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  1. [caption width="640"] Doug Polk is the captain of The Postflop Engine (Photo c/o Upswing Poker)[/caption] When it comes to No Limit Hold’em, players have plenty of ways to improve their preflop game. Memorize a few key percentages, examine some hand rankings charts, keep position on the brain. These mantras can have any level of poker player feeling like preflop success is attainable. Postflop can be a lot more intimidating, though. Sure, we all learn the chances your flopped flush and straight draw will hit, but what to do you when you flop bottom pair is a whole other matter. Upswing Poker, lead by Doug Polk and Ryan Fee, is now offering a training module designed to make postflop strategy a lot more attainable - and it's ridiculously affordable. The site’s Postflop Engine is a standalone, multimedia training product designed specifically to help beginner players catch their postflop skills up to their preflop ones. The product comes at a flat fee of $7. “The Postflop Engine teaches you how we categorize hands into one of four categories. Each corresponds how to play a given hand in your range, in any postflop situation. It sounds more complicated than it actually is. The PFE basically teaches the fundamental way of how to think about playing your hands postflop,” explains Upswing Poker President and poker proMatt Colletta. Sign-up here for the Upswing Poker Postflop Engine for just $7!The driver of the Postflop Engine is fellow Upswing Poker founder and WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk. With a mix of videos from Polk and written lessons, a beginning player can learn all the fundamentals to transform their game in a couple of hours. Upswing Poker provides a subscription service in addition to free articles and The Postflop Engine. If you are nervous about investing in a monthly subscription, Colletta says The Postflop Engine is a good example of how content is presented in The Poker Lab. “It gives an insight into the material presented in the Poker Lab. Additionally, the Poker Lab covers more advanced topics with much more depth and specificity.” All users need to do in order to get The Postflop Engine is to start an account on UpswingPoker.com. By clicking on The Postflop Engine image, users will be directed to a page where they can use PayPal or credit card to pay the $7 fee. Once the fee is paid, users will have access to that are of the site just a few clicks of the mouse later. The basic gist of the product is learning how to classify your postflop holdings into one of four categories. Then the Engine gives you tips and concepts to apply to each type of hand. If you are looking to find a holistic, simplistic way to begin mastering postflop play, this is a foundational resource intended to quickly recoup its relatively low cost. The material is easy to process, but that does not mean it does not permeate throughout your hold’em game. The Engine itself does not take too long to read through and watch, but it is designed to be a core strategy players learn to master and then build upon. Colletta explains how to best utilize The Postflop Engine. “A true amateur player will gain a huge increase in their poker skill level after going through the material in the PFE. There has never been a better product for new/amateur players ever in poker. And for just $7… the value is off the charts. They will have a key insight into how to think about poker.” In a training site world dominated by subscriptions and big year-long commitments, The Postflop Engine stands out because it is standalone. Upswing Poker also offers more intense, subscription-based services, as mentioned, but by catering to players still looking to work on the fundamentals without having to make a big commitment to poker training, they stand out with a useful offering that does not use up a ton of time to understand.

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