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Found 4 results

  1. If you missed it, Ryan urbanlightsYu (pictured) final tabled the PokerStars Super Tuesday twice in December, finishing in third place on the 16th and as the runner-up two days before the end of the year. Together, the two un-chopped scores meant over $136,000 in real money along with almost 1,000 PLB Points. "They were drastically different situations," Yu told PocketFives. "I came into the first Super Tuesday final table pretty short-stacked, but there were several other short stacks around me and it ended up being a game of survivor between us. The second Super Tuesday, I came in with the chip lead and had an extremely aggressive style until a cooler forced me to settle down four- or five-handed." The Super Tuesday is one of the richest tournaments of the week online, boasting a $1,050 buy-in. "I definitely have a lot more confidence in my game," Yu said when asked how his success in the $1Ks would affect his mindset moving forward. "I have talked a lot of poker and gotten end-game advice from Griff, whom I've been friends with before we were MTT players. But, I'm realistic with myself and know I'm having a nice little streak of favorable variance. I need to be level-headed and keep finding +EV spots." Is there added pressure playing a tournament with a $1,000 buy-in as opposed to a $200 buy-in like the Sunday Majors? "Not that I can perceive," Yu assessed. "I felt a lot more pressure at the Sunday Warm-Up final table two months before, and that's a $200 buy-in." In that tournament in October 2014, he finished third for $50,000. As far as the money, Yu said he'll put it back into his bankroll. He conceded that final tabling the Super Tuesday twice in a month "will probably never happen again. I had to be extremely lucky for it to happen." All told, he is a scant $10,000 shy of $1 million in career online tournament winnings and sits at a personal high of #227 worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings. Expect to see quite a bit of Yu in 2015, and we're not exaggerating. Yu wants to log 4,000 to 5,000 MTTs online, investing about $400,000 in buy-ins between live and online events. He explained, "I'm trying to play around 140 MTTs a week. I have to factor in days spent playing live events too." He has 1,190 online MTT cashes for his career that average $832 each. Yu learned to play poker as a kid on cruise ships and in Las Vegas on video poker machines sitting in his dad's lap. He didn't really get into the game until the online poker boom, when he ultimately hit up card rooms in Toronto and played Limit games. "I'm not really sure what drew me to poker," Yu admitted. "It was probably because I loved playing cards and it was a card game where you could make money, which added an extra incentive." He has a 10-month-old son who is just learning to crawl, which will undoubtedly mean full baby-proofing of his house. Consequently, when he's not playing, he's chasing his kid around and hanging out with his wife. Congrats to Ryan Yu on his dominance of the Super Tuesday! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  2. At the start of this year's SCOOPon PokerStars, 1,100 people turned out for a $1,050 No Limit Hold'em Turbo. In the end, Ryan urbanlights Yu (pictured) finished in second place for a commanding $143,000. It was his largest online poker cash to date by a factor of two. "I was having a really rough Sunday and wasn't even going to play the $1K," Yu admitted. "Griffin Flush_Entity Benger was insistent on it, gave me a little confidence boost, and I suppose the rest is history." Yes, that's really what happened. Benger told Yu to play and he ended up cashing for $143,000. "I'm new to Turbos," Yu admitted about the format. "I guess Griffin had a lot more confidence in my game than I did. He has been helping me tons in that format. It really seems absurd that I haven't been playing them thus far. I suppose my rationale comes from a sports betting background where variance is almost as important as value." Without giving away too much of his Turbo strategy, Yu told us that you need to be "really on point with your all-in ranges." He's up to $1.3 million in career online tournament winnings and plays on PokerStars under the screen namei need sheet. The week before his big SCOOP cash, he final tabled the Sunday Million for $52,000. Also in May, he final tabled a SCOOP $1,050 Rebuyfor $37,000. Needless to say, Yu has been on a tear. He told us, "I've been getting pretty lucky on Sundays in general for the past year or so. I am definitely running way above EV even though I'm confident my game has improved as well." The winner of the SCOOP $1,050 No Limit Hold'em Turbo event was Mohsin chicagocards1Charania (pictured). "He's obviously super successful and a WPT champ," Yu said. "He had such a huge chip lead even before the final table and obviously was taking every spot. He was pretty much putting me in ICM jail every time I opened, as I was also one of the bigger stacks, so I was unfortunately raise/folding a lot of big hands I would have probably otherwise re-shoved. He was really a headache to deal with." Fourth place went to ekziter, who was ranked as high as #6 in the world last year on PocketFives. Two of the other three PocketFivers who made the final table were once ranked in the top 100 worldwide. As Yu put it, "Everyone was really competent. The final table was pretty tough, but in Turbos you just need to run good in the showdowns you are forced to take." When we sat down with Yu, he wasn't sure what his WSOPplans were. As he evaluated. "I'm definitely going for the Main Event, but the rest of my WSOP plans are kind of up in the air. I'm not a big fan of Vegas in general and online is very soft during the Series, so we'll see." Outside of poker, Yu is a fan of North American sports like baseball, basketball, and football. He joked, "I'm probably the only Canadian who isn't a big hockey fan." Even though he's not a huge follower of hockey, the Maple Leafs are his second favorite team to the Blue Jays. "The Leafs are really just religion to any Torontonian," he said. "Professional sports is about loving the game, but it's also about sharing something with your city (pictured)." Yu closed by saying that if you're interested in learning MTTs, Benger's Twitch feed is a great place to start: "Griffin's not only one of the best, he's also articulate without needing to pontificate." He also wanted to give a shout out to "Carter cswidler Swidler, Kosei Ichinose, Jaeik Cho, Lawrence Chung, the c-buds, all the regulars in Korea, everyone else who has supported me, and last but not least my beautiful wife Jinju, who has patiently raised a beautiful son while allowing me to play this time- and mind-consuming game!" Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  3. Over the course of his career, Mike Leah has won five WSOP Circuit rings and a World Series of Poker bracelet. On Monday night he captured his first World Poker Tour title, winning the WPT Fallsview Poker Classic for $359,001. The victory is Leah's fourth career win at the Canadian casino and third in three straight years. His three other wins all came in the $1,100 buy-in event that traditionally opened the weeklong festival. Despite starting the final table with the third biggest stack, Joe Ferrier lasted just nine hands before exiting in sixth place. Leah raised from middle postilion to 150,000 and Ferrier re-raised to 375,000 from the button. Leah responded by moving all in for 4,400,000 and Ferrier called all in. Leah tabled [poker card="ah"][poker card="qh"] which put him ahead of Ferrier's [poker card="ad"][poker card="jh"]. The [poker card="8d"][poker card="7d"][poker card="3c"] flop gave Ferrier a backdoor flush draw but neither the [poker card="ts"] turn or [poker card="8s"] river were any help and Leah picked up his first elimination. About 30 minutes later, Daniel Wagner was shaking hands and saying "good game" after going out in fifth. Down to just 385,000, Wagner moved all in from UTG and got a call from Carlos Chadha in the small blind. Wagner was ahead with [poker card="ad"][poker card="2d"] to Chadha's [poker card="kh"][poker card="qh"] but the [poker card="qs"][poker card="9s"][poker card="2c"] flop changed that. Wagner could only watch and grimace as the [poker card="8c"] hit the turn and [poker card="5d"] completed the board. It took 62 hands and 2.5 hours to find the next elimination. From UTG, Chadha moved all in for 1,365,000 and Ryan Yu called from the big blind. Chadha tabled [poker card="5c"][poker card="5h"] and was racing against Yu's [poker card="ad"][poker card="jh"]. The [poker card="7s"][poker card="6h"][poker card="3h"] flop kept Chadha in front as did the [poker card="3h"] turn, but the [poker card="as"] river gave Yu top pair and send Chadha out in fourth place. Just 10 minutes later, Yu picked up another elimination. Tim Rutherford moved all in for 1,360,000 from the small blind and Yu called from the big. Rutherford turned over [poker card="9h"][poker card="6h"] and was drawing live against Yu's [poker card="as"][poker card="qs"]. The [poker card="jd"][poker card="8d"][poker card="3h"] [poker card="4c"][poker card="5d"] runout kept Yu ahead and send Rutherford home in third place. When heads up play began Yu had 70% of the chips in play. That changed quickly after Yu and Leah had taken an unscheduled break to discuss a deal. Over the next three hands, Yu lost almost all of his stack without seeing a flop. According to official WPT live updates, Yu raised to 4,000,000 from the button and Leah moved all in for 4,695,000 an Yu responded by folding. On the next hand, Leah limped his button, Yu raised to 5,000,000 and then folded to Leah's 8,715,000 shove. On the third hand of play between the two, Yu raised to 1,700,000 and Leah again moved all in. Yu folded and left himself just 40,000 - 1/3 of a big blind - to work with. It took three more hands before Leah finally eliminated Yu to win his first World Poker Tour title. Final Table Payouts Mike Leah - $359,001 Ryan Yu - $239,327 Tim Rutherford - $176,636.47 Carlos Chadha - $131,771 Daniel Wagner - $99,361 Joe Ferrier - $75,755
  4. There was one last opportunity for players to claim a partypoker Powerfest title yesterday as the series came to its conclusion. Powerfest featured 85 events over two weeks across the Mini, Small, Medium, Large, High Roller and Super High Roller buy-ins with $40m in guaranteed prizes. On the final day of action, 'CoffeeCortado' was the biggest winner after they defeated 'carlitos350' to take down Event #82-HR ($530 Championship Event NLHE) for a massive $177,103. The event saw a $1,060,500 prize pool created after 2,121 entrants took part. 'ReadingSouls' took the bronze medal for $80,598.00, before 'carlitos350' was the final player to depart and collected the runners-up prize of $124,820. In the $109 (High) version, 'felipe4815' was crowned the champion and earns $45,697 for defeating 'ACHSO8000' heads-up, who banks $32,304. 'PokerG1rl69' banked $151,240 for victory in Event #81-SHR ($5,100 Championship PKO NLHE) after they came through the 304 player field. Heads-up play was set in the bumper buy-in tournament after 'BackDoorMat' exited in third-place for $76,760. 'Pider Ninni', who picked up a Powerfest title earlier on in the series, was the player up against 'PokerG1rl69' for the win but was ultimately unable to go the distance this time around and collected $109,440 for second-place. Another player who picked up a six-figure payday was 'spinner2255' after they agreed to a heads-up deal with 'Chelsea72' in Event #83-HR ($1,050 Championship Event PKO NLHE). After the 1,386 player field had been whittled down the final three, it was 'ImReadyGambo' who departed before heads-up play for $54,261, and the top two discussed numbers. 'Chelsea72' agreed to take $93,666 and was then knocked out by 'spinner2255' when play resumed, as they took the title alongside $107,096. 'JOKEbekr' got the better off 'Malapisk' to win $51,135 in Event #83-High ($215 Championship Event PKO NLHE) with the runner-up taking away $35,916, and in the $55 'Medium' Championship event, the final two players agreed to a deal as 'mateustandy' collected $15,550 in second-place with 'ruybaromeu' taking the title and $16,893. Ryan 'ineedsheet' Yu and 'dennyramos' came to a heads-up agreement in Event #79-High ($215 Eight Max No Limit Hold’em). 'dennyramos' accepted $22,967 before Yu took down the title for $23,652. Chris 'GettinDaize' Oliver, who achieved the $10m earnings accolade earlier this week, outlasted 2,339 other players to claim the gold medal in Event #80-High ($215 6-Max PKO Smooth NLHE) for $32,116. After 'kellerassel0' exited in third-place for $19,063, Oliver was able to defeat 'TheLivingMeme' heads-up to take their bounty and claim the Powerfest title, with the runner-up receiving $24,682. The Event #80-HR ($1,050 6-Max PKO Smooth NLHE) title went to 'p0kchkmonsta' who banked $54,910. The silver medal prize of $41,990 went to 'xkgdrds1' after 'RedDwarf9' took away $31,564 in the bronze medal position. The final events of Powerfest saw 'VictorVazquez' and 'carmen.1957' picked up the wins in Event #85-High Roller and #85-High respectively. The 'High Roller' tournament featured a $530 buy-in and a first-place prize worth $44,486 after 472 entrants came to play. 'DunavuPacov' won $21,712 in third-place before 'Pachila25' banked $31,671 after falling to 'VictorVazquez' during heads-up play. 'carmen.1957' received $21,840 for their title victory and share of the $128,700 prize pool after João 'joaofera' Otávio and 'FADINGOUTS' exited in second and third-place for $15,572 & $10,167. Event #79 (High): $215 Eight Max No Limit Hold’em Entries: 763 Prize pool: $105,980.70 ineedsheet - $23,652.10* dennyramos - $22,967.21* josueopreto - $13,016.78 Leonidas_SVK - $8,820.28 dinovaldo - $6,226.08 Poriferum - $4,486.44 Wash_My_Willy - $3,204.60 carmen.1957 - $2,227.96 *denotes heads-up deal Event #80 (High): $215 6-Max PKO Smooth NLHE Entries: 2340 Prize pool: $500,000 GettinDaize - $32,116.14 TheLivingMeme - $24,682.00 kellerassel0 - $19,063.29 silentm0de - $13,772.13 aida_vs_ree - $9,010.08 dvxclusive - $4,802.35 Event #80 (High Roller): $1,050 6-Max PKO Smooth NLHE Entries: 646 Prize pool: $658,920 p0kchkmonsta - $54,910.05 xkgdrds1 - $41,990 RedDwarf9 - $31,564.85 ACHSO8000 - $22,610 jizonhisniz - $15,827 Gedis11 - $9,690 Event #81 ( Super High Roller): $5,100 Championship PKO NLHE Entries: 304 Prize pool: $1,550,400 PokerG1rl69 - $151,240 Pider Ninni - $109,440 BackDoorMat - $76,760 MonkMode - $55,860 JeanClaude1970 - $39,520 VictorVazquez - $29,640 joaotreta - $20,900 thebattler33 - $15,200 Event #82 (High): $109 NLHE Entries: 2883 Prize pool: $288,300 felipe4815 - $45,697.14 ACHSO8000 - $32,304.01 nipa3p3 - $20,901.75 WnrWnrPaROkDnr - $13,896.06 lipliluplilo - $9,658.05 printingdollar - $6,602.07 ShesgottheJack1 - $4,540.72 AntiReapCity - $2,883.00 Event #82 (High Roller): $530 Championship Event NLHE Entries: 2121 Prize pool: $1,060,500 CoffeeCortado - $177,103.91 carlitos350 - $124,820.85 ReadingSouls - $80,598.00 LoSientoGrace - $53,555.25 NoTilt - $37,594.72 SchelampigaUhu - $25,876.20 randomclicker - $17,773.98 DeManMetDeHa... - $11,400.37 Event #83 (Medium): $55 Championship Event PKO NLHE Entries: 4987 Prize pool: $261,817.50 ruybaromeu - $16,893.38* mateustandy - $15,550.00* B.H.Obama - $8,540.23 DasRohr - $5,560.50 lisandroc1510 - $3,818.79 donkeybrazil - $2,590.74 *denotes heads-up deal Event #83 (High): $215 Championship Event PKO NLHE Entries: 3280 Prize pool: $675,680 JOKEbekr - $51,135.20 Malapisk - $35,916.00 T-Baggin_Felt - $23,156.80 hockeyguy39 - $15,219.20 HOUYHNHNM_ - $10,528.80 pingdi83 - $7,216.00 gfsg1989 - $4,969.20 ineedsheet - $3,198.00 Event #83 (High Roller): $1,050 Championship Event PKO NLHE Entries: 1386 Prize pool: $1,413,720 spinner2255 - $107,096.02* Chelsea72 - $93,666.09* ImReadyGambo - $54,261.90 rdcrsnn - $36,243.90 bfzhang - $25,779.60 C3H5-NO3-3 - $18,156.60 indobenoni - $12,612.60 Mitrandir88 - $8,385.30 *denotes heads-up deal Event #85 (High): $109 Fast NLHE Entries: 1287 Prize pool: $128,700 carmen.1957 - $21,840.39 joaofera - $15,572.70 FADINGOUTS - $10,167.30 viniciustele - $6,808.23 SalmonWing - $4,826.25 sergewiceq - $3,397.68 Aspartanboi - $2,368.08 dansternald - $1,583.01 Event #85 (High Roller): $530 Fast NLHE Entries: 472 Prize pool: $236,000 VictorVazquez - $44,486 Pachila25 - $31,671.20 DunavuPacov - $21,712.00 jayser1337 - $15,104.00 zkurveny_Party - 10,714.40 untaktik - $7,788.00 KUSH010 - $5,546.00 snowroll - $4,012.00  

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