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  1. [caption width="640"] Shawn Buchanan won his second SCOOP event in a week[/caption] Sunday was a good day to be a pro in the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker, or SCOOP. Pros ruled the roost on the final day of the weekend, with several familiar faces winning events. Shawn 'buck21' Buchanan, fresh off winning his fourth career SCOOP title last week in the high-stakes version of Event #14, won one for the thumb on Sunday in Event #24, a $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Eight-Max, after a heads-up chop with Rocco 'Sephirot88' Palumbo. Buchanan was second in chips when the final table started and faced a group of seven opponents that included Palumbo, Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom, and Dylan 'ImaLucSac' Lynde. After a swingy heads-up session, Palumbo and Buchanan ultimately struck a deal that gave the former $262,000 and Buchanan $260,125, leaving $10,000 in cash and a SCOOP title to play for. Down the stretch, Buchanan won 11 out of 13 hands. More importantly, he raked the decisive final pot in which his [poker card="ad"][poker card="td"] outlasted Palumbo's [poker card="ac"][poker card="2d"]. He succinctly Tweeted when the tournament was over, "BINK #scoopheater." Buchanan now has five career SCOOP wins. Dan 'Danny98765' Smith also found gold on Sunday. The high-stakes poker pro took down a $2,100 Zoom Mixed PLO Six-Max and now has two-thirds of a Triple COOP title, needing only a WCOOP win to fill it out. [caption width="640"] Dan Smith won a ,100 Zoom Mixed PLO Six-Max SCOOP event[/caption] Smith, who also won the Sunday Million four years ago, blasted through a field of 179 players and outwitted a final table that include heavyweights like Shaun 'shaundeeb' Deeb and Brazil's Felipe 'mojave' Ramos. His reward was $85,000, which pushed his career online tournament winnings past $2.8 million. In the high-stakes version of Event #21, a $700 Pot Limit Five-Card Omaha Six-Max Cubed event, Calvin 'cal42688' Anderson, who was ranked #1 in the world on PocketFives as recently as 2013, narrowly missed out on extending his own record of six SCOOP wins. His pursuit of #7 came up just short, as he finished in third place for $26,000. Switzerland's 'Kamchatka 1' ultimately won the Cubed event, although his heads-up opponent, 'danfiu', was the one who sent Anderson to the rail. Anderson has eight career COOP wins, tied with Shaun Deeb for the most ever. Longtime PocketFiver 'l33t_hax0r', who plays as 'goleafsgo41' on PokerStars, won a $215 Pot Limit Mixed Omaha event for $29,000. He's up to almost $2.5 million in career online tournament winnings and earned his first career SCOOP title. The entire tournament, which was played in a Turbo Zoom format, lasted only four-and-a-half hours. SCOOP-21-L ($7.50 PL 5-Card Omaha) Entrants: 2,309 (1,491 rebuys, 997 add-ons) Total prize pool: $32,715.54 Places paid: 300 big_pockett - $5,154.31 M-U-C-K-Y-O- - $3,762.28 geovou7 - $2,780.82 HYTTI - $1,881.14 eight4ever - $1,226.83 Premove - $653.65 SCOOP-21-M ($82 PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max 1R1A) Entrants: 455 (281 Rebuys, 256 Add-Ons) Total prize pool: $75,640 Places paid: 60 WhattUBluffv$12,419.18* BlackOps02 - $11,585.21* Lovet89 - $9,617.59* DroNNer - $5,597.36 Alexander 'utvekklo2' Ceder - $4,008.92 NOR-playah - $2,571.76 SCOOP-21-H ($700 PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max 1R1A) Entrants: 142 (76 Rebuys, 89 Add-Ons) Total prize pool: $204,769 Places paid: 18 Kamchatka 1 - $53,240.02 danfiu - $35,834.57 Calvin 'cal42688' Anderson - $26,619.97 Roywing - $17,405.36 Dundermåsen - $13,309.98 Joseph 'subiime' Cheong - $9,214.60 SCOOP-22-L ($11 NL Hold'em [5-Stack]) Entrants:12,385 Prize pool: $123,850.00 Places paid:1,620 alex_13_12_9 - $12,895.53* Poulsen4 - $12,107.00* Alogish - $12,531.80* bica999 - $6,192.50 Snakefoxes - $4,954.00 555yull555 - $3,715.50 PanamaRespec - $2,477.00 steviepang - $1,238.50 pokerqmaster - $774.06 SCOOP-22-M ($109 NL Hold'em 5-Stack) Entrants: 3,545 Total prize pool: $354,500 Places paid: 450 Jan "hownorez" Nakladal - $55,657.63 Purple Haze - $41,476.50 TerjePower18 - $29,423.50 lil-lj198 - $20,383.75 dyno52 - $15,176.14 BernardoDG - $11,521.25 ragAAAila19 - $7,976.25 #2slim4gym#H - $4,431.25 HYZENBURG - $2,836.00 SCOOP-22-H ($1,050 NL Hold'em, 5-Stack) Entrants: 859 Total prize pool: $859,000 Places paid: 99 3P3NIPA - $157,626.50 RamsGold - $112,529 slayerv1fan - $85,041 Adrian 'Amadi_017' Mateos Diaz - $63,995.50 Artem 'FaNjkEEE' Kobylynskyi - $44,668 Nikolay 'NikolasDLP' Prokhorskiy - $36,078 Thomas 'WushuTM' Muhlocker - $27,488 Tobias 'PokerNoob999' Reinkemeier - $18,898 T-Macha - $11,167 SCOOP-23-L ($27 FL Badugi) Entrants: 1,071 Total prize pool: $26,293.05 Places paid: 136 BOLTAnticvet - $4,799.21 bullitek - $3,418.09 adrian432 - $2,629.30 MychuPychu - $1,971.97 Georgios 'GeoManousos' Sotiropoulos - $1,314.65 Walrus91 - $920.25 SVTamada - $525.86 George 'georgedanzer' Danzer - $381.24 SCOOP-23-M ($215 FL Badugi) Entrants: 186 Total prize pool: $32,200 Places paid: 24 Mati312 - $8,091 ugritaly - $5,776 Naoya 'nkenyo' Kihara - $4,464 The TJS - $3,162 gmd68 - $2,046 CAE$AR_08 - $1,674 Premove - $1,302 aDrENalin710 - $1,023 SCOOP-23-H ($2,100 FL Badugi) Entrants: 45 Total prize pool: $90,000 Places paid: 5 silna_rakia - $36,000.00 Alex 'BiatchPeople' Luneau - $24,300.00 Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara - $13,500.00 Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah - $9,000.00 warcabista - $7,200.00 SCOOP-24-L ($215 NL Hold'em, 8-Max, High Roller) Entrants: 3,782 Prize pool: $756,400 Places paid: 480 IvanaHarman - $107,530.81 jorginho88 - $90,049.81 Knightsgeee - $86,017.92 Romzess II - $52,948.00 IceStream - $37,820.00 PDGanev - $22,692.00 jareth3542 - $13,237.00 wizowizo - $6,996.70 SCOOP-24-M ($2,100 NL Hold'em, 8-Max, High Roller) Entrants: 825 (553 entries, 272 re-entries) Prize pool: $1,650,000 Places paid: 96 Shawn 'buck21' Buchanan - $270,125.00* Rocco 'Sephirot88' Palumbo - $262,000.00* ekziter - $165,000.00 Daniel 'ShippityShip' Nielson - $123,750.00 david owie - $82,500.00 Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom - $57,750.00 TanTanSWE - $37,125.00 Dylan 'ImaLucSac' Lynde - $24,750.00 SCOOP-24-H ($21,000 NL Hold'em, 8-Max, High Roller) Entrants: 143 Prize pool: $2,931,500 Places paid: 16 Secret_M0d3 - $718,217.50 Hhecklen - $498,355.00 hurrrrican3 - $381,095.00 GM_VALTER - $263,835.00 nizmo jiz - $190,547.50 bencb789 - $146,575.00 jakoon1985 - $117,260.00 tsarrast - $87,945.00 SCOOP-25-L ($7.50 NL Hold'em, 6-Max, Ultra-Deep) Entrants: 9,546 Total prize pool: $65,103.72 Places paid: 1,200 babbelz - $7,470.04* Zigslick - $6,790.96* harmatiuk - $6,918* Lars Botman - $2,766.90 pazipro - $1,464.83 goldenboy#36 - $976.55 SCOOP-25-M ($82 NLHE 6-Max, Ultra-Deep) Entrants: 2,457 Total prize pool: $184,275 Places paid: 330 Franco "rojorulez" Spitale - $29,024.92 RigasDinamo - $21,191.62 biszibosz - $15,663.37 goxomago - $10,135.12 Pokerfan89Gr - $6,449.62 neverdixs - $3,492.01 SCOOP-25-H: $700 NL Holdem [6-Max Ultra-Deep] - $250k Guaranteed Entrants: 754 Prize Pool: $501,410 Places Paid: 84 Malaka$tyle - $92,761.17 que_te_crio - $69,194.58 YukoEgawa - $51,394.52 bombuslol - $35,098.70 MrRabanne - $25,070.50 minusth3bear - $15,042.30 SCOOP-26-L ($11 NL Hold'em 8-Max Deep Payouts) Entrants: 11,618 Prize pool: $116,180 Places paid: 2,863 SONGJOY - $11,864.27 ohanaaa - $8,214.69 addo140 - $5,694.51 BalBadwal - $3,947.49 jointy333 - $2,736.43 grantul - $1,896.91 Solidthought - $1,314.96 Fahrenheit95 - $911.53 SCOOP-26-M: $109 NL Holdem [8-Max Deep Payouts, Sunday Kickoff SE] Entrants: 3,691 Prize Pool: $369,100 Places Paid: 879 Dejan 'dejanaceking' Divkovic - $45,038.52 Breakchips - $31,217.96 AJPokerpro - $21,640.59 jANKE - $15,001.47 winning elev - $10,399.17 Goran 'mandza17' Mandic - $7,208.78 Omon_Ra_AA - $4,997.20 gabransich - $3,464.11 SCOOP-26-H: $1,050 NL Holdem [8-Max Deep Payouts, Sunday Kickoff SE] Entrants: 911 Prize Pool: $911,000 Places Paid: 159 IN PROGRESS SCOOP-30-L ($27 PL Mixed Omaha, 6-Max, Turbo, Zoom) Entrants: 2,622 Total prize pool: $64,370.10 Places paid: 330 miomiomy79 - $7,858.73* sorenj1988 - $7,385.49* Abbe77 - $7,769.58* Schoebinho - $3,540.35 PartyTownUSA - $2,252.95 rodmarcos - $1,219.81 2016 SCOOP-30-M: $215 PL Mixed Omaha [6-Max Turbo Zoom] Entrants: 839 Prize Pool: $167,800 Places Paid: 108 goleafsgo41 - $29,583.14 robc1978 - $21,814.00 XD89lol
  2. [caption width="640"] Shawn Buchanan Continues to add to his collection of SCOOP titles.[/caption] If the early days of the 2016 Spring Championship of Online Poker are giving any indication of a theme, it's that the good poker players are good at poker. On Thursday, Shawn 'Buck 21' Buchanan joined a growing list of previous SCOOP winners to have added to their list of titles this year. Buchanan took down the $2,100 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo event for his fourth career SCOOP title. The Brazilians also continue to make their mark in the SCOOP, with 'renatomaiag' taking down Event #9(L) for a $5,786 score and Alexandros 'mexican222' Kolonias taking top spot in Event #9(H), earning him $66,140 and his second career SCOOP title, on Wednesday. Mexico’s ‘Aaralynn’ picked up his first SCOOP title yesterday as well, defeating ‘oLLEternal’ in the $11 buy-in No limit Hold‘em event for a $19,359 payday. In the mid-stakes tournament, Austria’s ‘Keep3r’ took down his compatriot ‘Päffchen’ for his first title, although the pair made a deal to split the pot evenly at $69,500. A total of 1,525 runners bought into the $1,050 No Limit Hold‘em Super Tuesday Special Edition event, creating a massive $1,525,000 prize pool. In the end, Russia’s ‘otitov’ bested Slovenian ‘Sinoire’ to capture the title along with the $235,303 first-place prize. The Russians remained on top in the Event #13 low-stakes tournament, with ‘roma-dk’ earning the $5,973 top prize, plus $1,633 in bounties after taking down Germany’s ‘..:xMarQx::.’. Some 2,991 players turned out for the $27 buy-in No Limit Omaha Six-Max tournament, generating a $73,429 prize pool. Ukraine’s ‘TheInnuendo’ battled with ‘dubfitz’ of Ireland heads up for the title, with TheInnuendo’ eventually scooping the final hand to take home an $8,578 prize. Polish players took both the first and second spots in the $215 buy-in No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo event. In the end, ‘Beeethoven87’ defeated ‘bobix12’ to bank a $27,573 chunk of change, leaving $20,332 for his opponent. The high price of the $2,100 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo event turned away all but 158 entrants. Canadian grinder ‘buck21’ dispatched Russia’s ‘Us_Alex’ to take the top spot and the $82,160 first-place prize. The tournament is buck21’s sixth COOP victory and his fourth SCOOP title. SCOOP Event #9 (L): $7.50 No Limit Hold’em/Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max 5,543 entrants, $37,803 prize pool renatomaiag $5,768.53 6Thor6 $4,063.85 ladelidi $2,929.75 kenyer8 $1,795.65 nzz666 $1,071.72 anntuness $567.04 SCOOP Event #9 (M): $82 No Limit Hold’em/Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max 1,724 entrants, $129,300 prize pool Dhr. Awesome $21,011.61 Luigi da BP $15,709.95 Jonas "donut604" Mackoff $11,637.00 b0caNer0 $7,758.00 Adreny $5,172.00 felipebeltra $3,232.50 SCOOP Event #9 (H): $700 No Limit Hold’em/Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max 514 entrants, $341,810 prize pool mexican222 $66,140.41 Aku1206 $49,049.73 wwwBTHEREcom $36,744.57 TheMuppet $25,293.94 vladobu6i $18,115.93 Woody1234321 $11,621.54 SCOOP Event #10 (L): $11 No Limit Hold’em 15,480 entrants, $154,800 prize pool Aaralynn $19,359.00 oLLEternal $13,514.04 chabby36 $10,371.60 Jindujun0805 $7,275.60 yarin517 $5,727.60 xiaofeyo $4,179.60 Heretic66688 $2,709.00 Picacocolon $1,393.20 Timunim $928.80 SCOOP Event #10 (M): $109 No Limit Hold’em 5,085 entrants, $508,500 prize pool Keep3r $69,550.32* Päffchen $69,464.49* LOLDOLPHIN $41,951.25 Mihay28 $28,730.25 s3c3_1978 $21,611.25 Cliver_FLA $16,526.25 unluckybs $11,441.25 Netinho_RJ $6,356.25 Dzmitry "Colisea" Urbanovich $4,068 SCOOP Event #10 (H): $1050 No Limit Hold’em, Super Tuesday SE 1,525 entrants, $1,525,000 prize pool otitov $235,303.56 Sinoire $214,571.44 jorginho88 $144,722.50 ThoNapalm $103,700.00 holdplz $75,487.50 PureCash25 $60,237.50 Greenstone25 $44,987.50 PISKER4VILDT $29,737.50 benatias $16,470.00 SCOOP Event #13 (L): $7.50 No Limit Hold’em Hyper-Turbo, Progressive Super Knockout, Ultra-Deep 16,781 entrants, $119,480 ($59,740 regular, $59,740 bounty) prize pool roma-dk $5,973.82* + $1,633.44 in bounties ..:xMarQx::. $5,088.53* + $552.00 in bounties AledaSofia $4,896.33* + $619.30 in bounties liuhuletti $2,688.31 + $198.29 in bounties zaplotnik1 $2,090.91 + $548.48 in bounties SADe2012 $1,493.50 + $663.49 in bounties 01sensaTion $1,015.58 + $357.65 in bounties heitzzz $537.66 + $248.13 in bounties bulstar777 $358.44 + $54.21 in bounties SCOOP Event #14 (L): $27 No Limit Omaha Six-Max Turbo Zoom, $50K Guaranteed 2,991 entrants, $73,429 prize pool TheInnuendo $8,578.18 dubfitz $8,674.62 PaulSmiley $9,000.00 scrubbyz $4,038.59 Lena900 $2,570.01 barcelona bl $1,312.17 SCOOP Event #14 (M): $215 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Six-Max Turbo Zoom 782 entrants, $156,400 prize pool Beeethoven87 $27,573.32 bobix12 $20,332.00 trelskig $15,640.00 MarkBang $10,948.00 imre $7,820.00 ikkedus $4,692.00 SCOOP Event #14 (H): $2100 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 158 entrants, $316,000 prize pool buck21 $82,160 Us_Alex $55,300 Shanis34 $41,080 s00tedj0kers $26,860 Ilari FIN $20,540 PhilRoyal888 $14,220
  3. [caption width="640"] Shawn 'buck21' Buchanan closed down SCOOP with another win and six figure score.[/caption] If the Spring Championship of Online Poker had a winner’s ceremony where the national anthem of the champion’s country was played, everybody would know the words to the Brazil anthem by now. On Monday Brazil notched their 20th 2016 SCOOP title with crizh’s win in Event 56 (L). Brazil’s dominance of SCOOP is easily the overwhelming storyline of 2016, but repeat winner have also made their presence felt. Shawn 'buck21' Buchanan won his second title of the spring with his victory over 975 other players in Event 523 (H), $2,100 Eight Max No Limit Hold’em. Buchanan’s win, the fifth SCOOP title of his career, earned him $214,436.74 after a deal amongst the final five players. Overcoming a bad case of food poisoning, Daniel ‘jungleman12’ Cates beat out a final table that included Paul ‘paulgees81’ Volpe, Shaun Deeb, Mikael Thuritz and eventual runner-up Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer to win Event 53 (H), $2,100 NL Deuce to Seven for the second SCOOP title of his career. Cates celebrated on Twitter immediately after his win. Tuesday marks the final day of SCOOP with just the three Main Event final table left to play. In the low stakes event ‘mmleandro’, one of four Brazilian players at the final table, leads the final nine players in pursuit of the $225,618.11 first place prize money. Romanian player ‘OMGitsH.O.H’ leads the mid-stakes Main Event. That final table includes Jordan ‘jymaster11’ Young and Andres "Educa-p0ker" Artinano all chasing the $750,934.65 winner’s share. Not surprisingly though, the $10,000 buy-in High Main Event final table features some of the winningest players in poker. Talal ‘raidalot’ Shakerchi leads the way but to take down the $1,468,000 first place prize, he’ll have to outlast John ‘LuckBox’ Juanda, Markku ‘markovitsus’ Koplimaa, Scott ‘gunning4you’ Seiver and Sean ‘Nolez7’ Winter. Event 51 (H): $1,050 No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 2,813 Prize Pool: $2,813,000 profit76 - $437,420.71 Rob 'robtinnion' Tinnion - $314,794.10 jzjayz88 - $224,395.82 gordon0410 - $159,957.02 Jack 'jackziyang' Salter - $114,022.98 Yuri 'theNERDguy' Martins - $81,279.66 Andreas 'Hoegh93' Høgh - $57,938.79 ViCiuSMaXiMu - $41,300.74 ismo
  4. Nine months ago very few poker fans had ever heard of Maria Lampropulos. Outside of a runner-up finish in Eureka Poker Tour Main Event in March 2016, her poker resume wasn't much to write home about. She changed that last April, winning the partypoker MILLIONS Main Event at Dusk Till Dawn for $1.25 million. Late Sunday night at the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, she picked up her second seven-figure cash by beating Shawn Buchanan heads up to win the 2018 PCA Main Event for $1.08 million and a Platinum Pass, which gives her free entry to the $25,000 PokerStars Players Championship next January. "It's magic. It's a dream. It's incredible," said Lampropulos. "Sometimes they tell you that have to visualize that you, for example, winning the tournament or holding the trophy and I always try to do that, and it works." Lampropulos came to the final table sitting third in chips behind Shawn Buchanan and Adrian Mateos and didn't take the chip lead until just four hands before the event was over. She was, however, responsible for the first bust out. Lampropulos raised from early position to 170,000 and Christian Rudolph moved all in from the big blind. Lampropulos called and tabled [6c][6s] while Rudolph showed [ac][8d]. The board ran out [8s][7c][6d][qc][7d] to give Lampropulos a rivered full house while Rudolph was eliminated in sixth place. Just over an hour later, Buchanan picked up his first victim of the day. Buchanan raised to 125,000 from the button and fellow Canadian Daniel Coupal called from the big blind. Coupal then moved all in for 845,000 after the [kc][5c][3d] flop and Buchanan called. Coupal showed [8d][4d] which put him well behind Buchanan's [ks][js]. The [8h] turn gave Coupal some hope, but the [kd] river ended his tournament with a fifth-place finish. Just 30 minutes, Buchanan and start of day chip leader Adrian Mateos clashed in a massive pot that propelled Buchanan to a nearly overwhelming position atop the chip counts. Buchanan raised from UTG to 200,000, Mateos re-raised to 600,000 from the button, the blinds folded and Buchanan called. The flop came [kd][qc][6d]. Buchanan checked, Mateos bet 700,000 before Buchanan fired back with a raise to 1,800,000. Mateos didn't slow down, moving all in for 2,700,000 total and Buchanan called. Mateos showed [ac][kh] for top pair while Buchanan had [8d][5d] for a flush draw. The drama was over quickly as the [4d] hit the turn, completing Buchanan's flush. The river was the [9h] to officially eliminated Mateos in fourth place. Almost four hours into three-handed play, Lampropulos doubled through Koray Aldemir, setting up the German's elimination. Four hands after that hand, Aldemir moved all in for 3,525,000 from the button and Buchanan called from the big blind. Aldmir showed [kh][7h] while Buchanan was ahead with [ac][8c]. The [9s][8h][3c] flop gave Buchanan middle pair and the [8d] turn gave him trips to seal Aldemir's fate. The [kc] river was too little, too late for Aldemir and he was out in third. Buchanan began heads-up play with a 2-1 chip lead, but over the next hour Lampropulos chipped away before eventually finding back-to-back double ups to take a 3-1 lead. Buchanan limped before Lampropulos raised all in. Buchanan called and flipped over [kh][5s] while Lampropulos showed [tc][7c]. THe [ts][9c][5d] flop put Lampropulos in front, where she stayed through the [2h] turn and [9h] river to eliminate Buchanan and capture her second seven-figure score in the last nine months. Final Table Payouts Maria Lampropulos - $1,081,100 Shawn Buchanan - $672,960 Koray Aldemir - $481,560 Adrian Mateos - $372,600 Daniel Coupal - $293,560 Christian Rudolph - $229,760 Oleg Titov - $169,920 Adalfer Morales Gamarra - $116,860
  5. Sunday was another extremely busy day at the 2018 World Series of Poker with three more players walking away with a shiny, new WSOP bracelet. Those winners included a player grabbing his second career bracelet, a WPT500 champion and a European Poker Tour winner. But while those events were playing down to a winner, some of the best poker players in the world were putting up $10,000 to play one of their favorite events, the No Limit Deuce to Seven Championship. Adam Friedman Chooses His Way To WSOP Bracelet #2 Adam Friedman has a special place in WSOP history thanks to his emotional reaction to being eliminated from the 2005 WSOP Main Event. Yes, Friedman is the "crying guy" - but he's worked hard to change public perception of him and on Sunday took another step in that direction by winning his second career bracelet. Friedman beat out a final table that included Marco Johnson, David 'ODB' Baker, Chris Klodnicki, Andrey Makarov and Stuart Rutter to win the $10,000 Dealers Choice Championship event. Winning this event, against a tough final table, holds special value for Friedman. “In terms of the $10K’s, this one is right up there,” said Friedman. “You need to know how to play 20 games. How many people are at least competent in at least 20 games? Not many. I think this takes as much skill as any other event.” The event allows players to pick from 20 different game variants throughout the tournament. Friedman believes that other players make mistakes when picking their games and haven't put enough thought into the deeper strategic impact involved. “To be honest, I don’t want to give too much away because I think a good amount of people don’t pick the games right and it’s as much of a key as anything else,” said Friedman. “I will say this. You need to pick games not strictly based on, not your ability, and not even necessarily your opponents’ ability and what they are good or bad at. You need to think about chip sizes and certain ICM considerations.” Friedman's first bracelet came in the 2012 $5,000 Seven Card Stud 8 or better event. Final Table Payouts Adam Friedman - $293,275 Stuart Rutter - $181,258 Alexey Makarov - $127,487 Chris Klodnicki - $90,713 David "ODB" Baker - $65,308 Marco Johnson - $47,579 Craig Varnell Grabs First Bracelet in $565 Pot Limit Omaha Craig Varnell has had a few close calls in his WSOP career. A third-place finish from 2015 and a seventh-place finish in 2018. He finished the $565 Pot Limit Omaha event on Sunday night on top, outlasting a field of 2,419 players to win $181,790. “It felt good to finally close one out,” Varnell said. "I almost didn't play this event. But when I did, and I got a stack, I had a big advantage over the other players. Before Sunday, Varnell was probably best known for winning the WPT500 in 2015. Seth Zimmerman finished second for $112,347. 2010 WSOP Main Event champion Jonathan Duhamel finished sixth for $33,477. Other big names to finish in the money included Ryan Laplante (20th - $5,830), Vivian Saliba (54th - $3,495), Ludovic Geilich (58th - $3,304), Dutch Boyd (79th - $2,397) and James Obst (99th - $2,019). Final Table Payouts Craig Varnell - $181,790 Seth Zimmerman - $112,347 Omar Mehmood - $81,852 Maxime Heroux - $60,190 Christopher Trang - $44,677 Jonathan Duhamel - $33,477 Shaome Yang - $25,325 Jason C Lipiner - $19,344 Bulgaria's Ognyan Dimov Wins Third Bracelet for Homeland When the final table of the $1,500 Six Max NLHE event started, four of the six players were previous WSOP bracelet winners. That didn't seem to matter to the only two players without one though. Ognyan Dimov and Antonio Barbato outlasted all four bracelet winners to get heads-up before Dimov finished Barbato off to win his first bracelet. “You don't expect to not have better players at the final table. You expect to have bracelet winners,” said Dimov. The Bulgarian is no slouch though. He won the EPT Deauville Main Event in 2015 and now has $1.44 million in live tournament earnings. Barbato ended up with $233,992 to console himself for his runner-up finish. Nick Schulman finished third for $163,785 and his second cash of the 2018 WSOP. Ryan D'Angelo and Joey Weissman finished fourth and fifth respectively while Yue Du, who won the $5,000 No Limit Hold'em event in 2016, finished sixth. Final Table Payouts Ognyan Dimov - $378,743 Antonio Barbato - $233,992 Nick Schulman - $163,785 Ryan D'Angelo - $116,118 Joey Weissman - $83,396 Yue Du - $60,686 Shawn Buchanan Takes Chip Lead to Final Table of $5,000 Big Blind Antes Event Shawn Buchanan has become a mainstay on the "Best Players Without a WSOP Bracelet" list. He's finished second three times and has made seven final tables. Thanks to a strong Day 3 in the $5,000 Big Blind Antes Event, Buchanan has a chance at getting off that list. Buchanan finished Day 3 with 2,580,000 chips, good enough for the chip lead over a final table that includes David Peters, Eric Blair and Jake Schindler. Buchanan started Day 3 sitting fifth in chips with 24 players remaining. Included in the 18 players that busted on Sunday were Kristen Bicknell, Stephen Chidwick, Michael Gagliano, Jan Christoph Von Halle, Seth Davies and Chris Bolek, who actually started the day on top. Action resumes at Noon PT. Final Table Chip Counts Shawn Buchanan - 2,580,000 Jeremy Wien - 2,455,000 David Peters - 1,925,000 Eric Blair - 1,825,000 David Laka - 1,655,000 John Amato - 1,005,000 Jake Schindler - 880,000 Richard Tuhrim - 625,000 Millionaire Maker Day 1B Lands All Players in the Money Italy's Andrea Buonocore finished Day 1B of the $1,500 Millionaire Maker with 209,900, good enough for the biggest overall stack heading into Day 2 on Monday. Buonocore was one of 4,315 entries on Day 1B, pushing the total field size to 7,361 - exactly 400 entries less than the 2017 field. Former #1 PocketFiver Sorel Mizzi bagged a top 10 stack on Day 1B, finishing with 158,300. He will be one of 1,105 players returning to action on Monday. Those players - roughly half of them - will get some good news when they unbag Monday afternoon. Thanks to double elimination at the end of Day 1B, all remaining players are now in the money. The structure of the event, which sees Day 1A and 1B each play down to 15% of the field rather than a set number of levels, left some players extremely frustrated. Some of the more well-known players who will be in action on Monday include Jared Jaffee, James Dempsey, Anthony Spinella, JC Tran, Blair Hinkle, Tuan Le, Faraz Jaka, Qui Nguyen, Taylor Paur and Anton Wigg. Top 10 Day 1B Chip Counts Andrea Buonocore - 209,900 Thanh Nguyen - 199,500 Artan Dedusha - 191,600 Jared Jaffee - 171,900 Thomas Taylor - 169,600 Ryan Rivers - 169,000 David Eldridge - 165,000 Anthony Spinella - 162,500 Viktor Lavi - 159,200 Sorel Mizzi - 158,300 Negreanu, Bach, Zinno Amongst Final 16 of $1,500 Eight-Game Mix Nicholas Seiken has just $72,692 in career tournament earnings but finished Day 2 of the $1,500 Eight-Game Mix event with the chip lead. If he hopes to outlast the remaining 15 players to win his first career bracelet, he'd be best served to not look up the lifetime earnings of some of his opponents. David Bach, John Racener, Anthony Zinno, Daniel Negreanu, Robert Williamson III and Mike Matusow have a combined 16 career bracelets and all still have a shot at adding to their total. Seiken bagged up 360,000 as one of the 16 survivors from the 184 players that started Day 2. Philip Long is right behind him with 357,000. Day 3 sees the final 16 players play down to a winner when action resumes at 2 pm PT. Nicholas Seiken - 360,000 Philip Long - 357,000 Jean Montury - 345,000 Nicholas Derke - 338,000 Per Hildebrand - 278,500 David Bach - 263,000 Robert Williamson III - 250,500 Devin Looney - 234,500 John Racener - 226,500 Anthony Zinno - 198,000 Galen Hall Leads Star-Studded $10,000 No Limit Deuce Field Just 85 players ponied up the $10,000 to play the $10,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven Championship event in one of the toughest fields of the year. Topping Day 1 was Galen Hall with Benny Glaser and Timothy McDermott right behind him. Just 38 players made it through Day 1 including Stephen Chidwick, Dario Sammartino, Scott Seiver, John Hennigan, Paul Volpe, Mike Gorodinsky, Nick Schulman, Billy Baxter, Erik Seidel and defending champion John Monnette. Action resumes Monday at 2 pm PT. Galen Hall - 389,800 Benny Glaser - 352,000 Timothy McDermott - 304,800 Stephen Chidwick - 222,800 Dario Sammartino - 212,500 Ray Dehkharghani - 203,900 Daniel Zack - 165,600 Scott Seiver - 142,600 John Hennigan - 135,100 Mike Wattel - 132,500
  6. Winning a World Series of Poker gold bracelet is widely considered by many to be poker’s ultimate achievement. For some players, it defines his or her career. For others, it’s the one prize eluding some of the game’s best. For years, Stephen Chidwick was considered the best poker player without a WSOP gold bracelet. At the 2019 WSOP, Chidwick bucked that monkey off his back like the most turbulent bull does to a rider at a rodeo when he won the $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha High Roller for $1.618 million. Shawn Buchanan was another player in the "best without a bracelet conversation," but, like Chidwick, he broke through at the 2019 WSOP, winning the $800 buy-in WSOP.com Online NL Six-Handed. Now that Chidwick and Buchanan have each won an elusive gold bracelet, let's take a look at who are the best players remaining without a bracelet entering the 2020 WSOP. Patrick Antonius CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 15 2 0 $929,518 Widely considered one of the best all-around players in poker for quite some time, Patrik Antonius is still missing a WSOP gold bracelet from his résumé. He's come close a couple of times, finishing in the top 10 on four occasions and placing at the final table twice, but he's never scored better than third place. Antonius has been known to pass on tournaments for cash games these days, but he's still a threat to win a bracelet in the bigger buy-in WSOP events when he does compete. Niklas Astedt CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 6 0 0 $110,645 Sweden's Niklas Astedt is one of the top-ranked online poker players in the world, but his live success hasn’t been too plentiful, especially at the WSOP. Astedt’s skills should not be overlooked, though. His first WSOP cash came in 2014 and his highest WSOP finish was a 26th-place result in the 2019 WSOP $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha High Roller. He's also cashed in the WSOP Main Event on two occasions, with a 182nd-place finish in 2016 and a 899th-place finish in 2019. Mikita Badziakouski CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 4 4 1 $3,161,362 Mikita Badziakouski plays some of the biggest buy-in events around the world, and his career to date includes more than $26.1 million in live tournament earnings. At the WSOP, Badziakouski has four cashes. Each cash has been a final table appearance and each has come at WSOP Europe. If there's a high roller event on the WSOP schedule, Badziakouski will likely be in the field and a threat to win the gold bracelet. Darren Elias CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 28 3 0 $645,659 With four World Poker Tour titles and more than $7.5 million in live tournament earnings, it’s a matter of when, not if, Darren Elias will finally win WSOP gold. His first WSOP cash came in 2009. He has three WSOP final table appearances and two finishes in third place, although he’s never made it to heads-up play. The two times Elias finished in third came from the same event, the $10,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven Championship in 2017 and 2019. Alex Foxen CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 39 4 0 $808,918 Alex Foxen has been around the WSOP for a much shorter time than some of the players on this list, with his first WSOP cash coming in 2015. He has, however, built up quite the reputation as one of the best tournament poker players in the game today and it seems very much just a matter of time before he finds himself in the WSOP winner’s circle with his first gold bracelet. Already, Foxen has racked up 39 WSOP cashes and four final tables ahead of 2020. His highest finish to date was a third-place finish at the 2017 WSOP in a $1,000 No Limit Hold’em event. Matt Glantz CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 61 13 1 $3,232.669 Pennsylvania's Matt Glantz has been around the WSOP block a few times, but he’s still looking for that first gold bracelet. Glantz first cashed in a WSOP in 2000 and he’s been producing everything but wins since, including 13 final table appearances. Glantz has reached heads-up play once and finished third on three occasions. At the 2019 WSOP, Glantz picked up his third WSOP Main Event cash. Mark Gregorich CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 69 11 1 $1,168,497 Mark Gregorich is another player on this list who has been around for quite some time, earning his first WSOP cash back in 1999. He has 69 cashes and 11 final table appearances at the WSOP, with one runner-up finish that came in the 2003 WSOP $5,000 Limit Hold’em event. Gregorich also has a trio of third-place finishes at the WSOP to date. Nick Guagenti CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 37 3 0 $583,181 Ohio's Nick Guagenti has 37 WSOP cashes with the first coming in 2006. He has three final table appearances. Guagenti's highest WSOP result came in 2019 when he took third in the $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. event for $85,265. His best finish in terms of money won came from his 46th-place finish in the 2017 WSOP Main Event, for which Guagenti won $145,733. Guagenti is a regular in mid- and high-stakes cash games in his region, and he also has 15 cashes on the WSOP Circuit. Christian Harder CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 53 2 0 $1,050,784 Christian Harder’s first WSOP cash came in 2009. He’s won titles elsewhere in the poker world, just not at the WSOP just yet. He’s been close before with a pair of fourth-place finishes and is known to put in a high amount of volume in the big bet games of No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. Maurice Hawkins CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 29 3 0 $623,240 Maurice Hawkins has been a longtime grinder of the WSOP and WSOP Circuit, racking up 29 WSOP cashes and 110 WSOP Circuit cashes. He has a whopping 14 WSOP Circuit gold rings, but Hawkins has yet to win a WSOP gold bracelet. Hawkins has three WSOP final tables and they've come in big-field NL tournaments. With as many big-field NL events that are on the WSOP schedule these days, one has to figure that Hawkins is going to break through and win one at some point. Isaac Haxton CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 27 7 1 $2,923,424 Isaac Haxton is widely considered as one of the best minds in poker, and he’s certainly lived up to that with more than $27.6 million in live tournament earnings, millions more won in cash games, and who knows how much won online. The one thing he doesn’t have is a WSOP gold bracelet. Haxton has seven WSOP final table appearances and one runner-up result. The second-place finish came to Vitaly Lunkin in the 2009 WSOP $40,000 No Limit Hold’em. Maria Ho CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 55 5 1 $1,644,554 Maria Ho is another long-time regular at the WSOP, with cashes dating back to 2005. She has five final table appearances and one runner-up finish in WSOP events, and she’s known to mix it up in most of the games. Ho’s runner-up finish came to Allen Bari in the 2011 WSOP $5,000 No Limit Hold’em. Ho has been the last woman standing in the WSOP Main Event on two occasions, 2007 and 2014, and she finished sixth in the 2017 WSOP Europe Main Event. Ali Imsirovic CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 10 3 1 $583,986 Ali Imsirovic is one of the newest kids on the block in all of poker, not just the WSOP, and he’s quickly acquired a reputation of one of the game’s best when it comes to No Limit Hold’em tournaments. Imsirovic’s first WSOP cash came in 2017, so there isn’t a ton of sample to draw from, but he’s already made three WSOP final tables in top-level events and has one runner-up finish. Given his success in his young poker career, Imsirovic is considered one of the favorites any time he enters a high buy-in, No Limit Hold’em event. Rainer Kempe CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 31 3 0 $1,142,997 Rainer Kempe has won more than $21.3 million in his poker career and he’s been in the winner’s circle many times, but he’s yet to win a WSOP gold bracelet. His WSOP career is still pretty young, though. His first WSOP cash came in 2015, but over a short period of time he’s already earned 31 in-the-money finishes and more than $1.1 million in earnings. Kempe has been to a WSOP final table three times to date. Jason Koon CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 42 7 1 $1,789,462 For all of the poker success that Jason Koon has enjoyed over the course of his career, he’s still searching for his first WSOP gold bracelet. Koon has more than $31.1 million in live tournament earnings to date and his first WSOP cash came back in 2009. He has seven WSOP final table appearances and one runner-up result. Koon is similar to Haxton and Imsirovic in the sense that he’ll almost always be one of the favorites any time he enters a high buy-in, No Limit hold’em tournament. Timofey Kuznetsov CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 0 0 0 $0 Timofey Kuznetsov, also known as ‘Trueteller,’ is highly regarded in the poker community as one of the best, especially within the high-stakes community. He has zero WSOP cashes to date, but he simply doesn’t play a lot of tournaments. That said, Kuznetsov is still one of the best players in poker without a WSOP gold bracelet. Maria Lampropulos CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 27 0 0 $136,731 Maria Lampropulos first cashed a WSOP event in 2016 and that first year she walked away with five WSOP cashes in total. She followed that up with six cashes in 2017 and seven cashes in 2018. At the 2019 WSOP and WSOP Europe festivals, she cashed nine time. With partypoker MILLIONS and PCA Main Event wins on her résumé, both for seven-figure paydays, Lampropulos has shown she has the chops to compete in some of the biggest events in the world. Toby Lewis CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 24 0 0 $409,171 Toby Lewis’ first WSOP cash came in 2011 when he took 11th in the $10,000 Pot Limit Hold’em Championship. He’s racked up 24 WSOP cashes to date, but he’s never reached a WSOP final table. Tom Marchese CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 26 4 1 $1,295,638 A player with more than $19.1 million in live tournament earnings, Tom Marchese is often considered one of the better tournament players poker has to offer. He's yet to score a WSOP gold bracelet, though, but he has come close a few times, with four WSOP final tables and one runner-up finish. The time Marchese finished second was at the 2015 WSOP in the $1,500 Pot Limit Hold'em tournament. Steve O‘Dwyer CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 18 2 0 $675,717 Like Haxton and like Koon, Steve O’Dwyer has a ton of live tournament winnings. O’Dwyer has scored more than $30.4 million from the live felt, plus plenty more online, and his first WSOP cash came in 2007. O’Dwyer is a player who put in more WSOP volume at the beginning of his career compared to what he does now, which could be holding him back in terms of winning his first gold bracelet. At this point in his career, it seems that if O'Dwyer does win a gold bracelet, it will come at WSOP Europe or a similar international WSOP stop. Adam Owen CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 34 5 0 $570,961 Adam Owen is another one of the younger guns on this list, but he’s widely regarded as one of the best all-around players in the game these days. Having earned his first WSOP cash in 2014, Owen has racked up 34 WSOP cashes to date, including five final tables and three third-place finishes. Owen has shown a propensity to perform well in the $10,000 buy-in championship events at the WSOP and many think that’s where he’ll earn his first gold bracelet from. Felipe Ramos CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 31 4 0 $526,047 One of best poker players to come out of Brazil is Felipe Ramos, with 31 WSOP cashes dating back to his first in 2009. Ramos is known as a solid player who can compete across all variants, and the more tools you have in your shed, the better when it comes to chasing gold bracelets. Ramos has four WSOP final tables and they've all come in Omaha. Three of those four final tables were in Pot Limit Omaha. Dario Sammartino CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 41 10 0 $9,927,947 Italy’s Dario Sammartino first cashed in a WSOP event in 2011 and he’s been performing very well ever since, except winning a WSOP gold bracelet is something he’s yet to achieve. Sammartino has found the money in WSOP events 41 times to date. Of those, he’s reached the final table on 10 occasions. Sammartino's biggest claim to World Series of Poker fame was a runner-up finish in the 2019 WSOP Main Event for $6 million. He's also one of the few players to have made the final table of both the WSOP Main Event and WSOP Europe Main Event in his career. Sammartino has learned how to play all the games and play them well, so don’t be surprised to see him finally win WSOP gold much sooner than later. Ole Schemion CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 6 1 0 $469,735 Although his WSOP results don’t pop off the page, Ole Schemion is one of the best players out there and an absolute force when it comes to poker tournaments. He’s amassed more than $16.3 million in live tournament earnings, numerous high roller victories, and one World Poker Tour title. He’s still in search of his first WSOP gold bracelet, though. In terms of winning WSOP gold, it’s very likely just a volume game for Schemion. If he puts in the volume, he’ll get it eventually and probably in the near future. It also works to his benefit that WSOP Europe looks as though it will remain at King’s Casino in Rozvadov where Schemion has shown success before, including a sixth-place finish in the 2019 WSOP Europe €100,000 Diamond High Roller for €341,510. Jake Schindler CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 33 4 0 $1,050,644 The first of two players named Jake on this list, Jake Schindler has 33 entries and four final tables at the WSOP entering 2020. His best finish was a third-place result in the 2014 WSOP $3,000 No Limit Hold'em for $212,373. Over his entire poker career, Schindler has more than $25 million in live tournament earnings. Jake Schwartz CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 60 3 1 $658,477 Jake Schwartz earned his first WSOP cash in 2012 and has built up 60 in-the-money finishes since. He was first widely known as a No Limit hold'em player but he's since branched out and has been playing more of the games. In 2013, Schwartz earned the top WSOP finish of his career when he took second in the $1,500 NL Shootout, earning $202,035. To date, he has two other WSOP final table appearances in addition to that one. Shannon Shorr CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 79 9 2 $2,217,846 When is Shannon Shorr going to finally win a WSOP gold bracelet? Shorr first cashed in a WSOP event back in 2006, which seems like ages ago when you consider he’s still very much on the younger side of poker players. Ever since that first WSOP cash, not a year has gone by that Shorr hasn’t racked up multiple WSOP cashes. Plus, he’s been very close on several occasions with nine final table appearances and two runner-up finishes. He also has a pair of third-place finishes. Shorr can play all of the games very well. Before Chidwick winning his bracelet, Shorr was right there at the top of this list with Chidwick. Dan Smith CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 36 10 1 $9,884,615 Another high roller with a knack for all the games, Dan Smith has been close to winning WSOP gold before but it just hasn’t happened for him yet. His first WSOP cash came in 2010. Since then, he’s earned 36 total WSOP cashes and won more than $9.8 million at the WSOP. He has 10 final table appearances, six third-place finishes, and one second-place finish in WSOP events. Like some of the other high rollers on this list, with Smith it feels like more of a volume game than anything. Christoph Vogelsang CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 13 6 0 $8,668,735 Christoph Vogelsang has come close at the WSOP on a handful of occasions, including two third-place finishes in a pair of the biggest events the WSOP has ever offered. In 2014, Vogelsang placed third in the $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop for $4.48 million. In 2019, he took third in the WSOP Europe €250,000 Super High Roller for more than $1.3 million. If there's a big buy-in event at the WSOP, Vogelsang is considered a threat to win it. Mike Watson CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 63 11 4 $2,917,143 Mike Watson has been knocking at the WSOP gold bracelet door for several years now. His first WSOP cash came in 2007 and he’s put up more than 60 cashes to date since. Of the 11 WSOP final table appearances Watson has on record, four of the times he’s finished runner-up. Interestingly, Watson did win the €50,000 Majestic High Roller at the 2012 WSOP Europe, but it was an added non-bracelet event for the high rollers. Had that event been in a later year, it very likely would have been for a gold bracelet. Watson usually plays a high volume of events and can play all the games, much like Shorr, and it’s only a matter of time before he finally scores a WSOP gold bracelet. Jerry Wong CASHES FINAL TABLES RUNNER-UPS WINNINGS 38 7 0 $1,899,225 Jerry Wong may be most well known for reaching the now-defunct WSOP November Nine in 2016, when he finished eighth for more than $1.1 million, but he has plenty of other success at the WSOP. With 38 total WSOP cashes and seven final table appearances, the only thing left for Wong to do is win a gold bracelet. One would think that has to be on the horizon soon for Wong, who has the ability to compete highly in all of the games. His WSOP final table appearances have come in No Limit Deuce to Seven, Pot Limit Omaha, Big Bet Mix, Razz, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, H.O.R.S.E., and No Limit Hold'em.
  7. The bracelet chase continues, even for those who unfortunately busted out of the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event. With over 15 'post-lim' events, players have plenty of opportunities to get right back in the game and perhaps even go deep in a 'summer saver.' On Sunday, another world-class pro took home his first WSOP gold bracelet in the $800 Online Event while those that hit the rail in the Main Event jumped on the opportunity to dive into the popular Little One For Drop. Shawn ‘bucky21’ Buchanan Win $800 Online NLHE Six Max Before the start of the World Series of Poker, Shawn Buchanan let the world know that he was headed to Las Vegas to grind a full schedule. And grind he has. Buchanan has put in hundreds of hours at the Rio tables this summer, picking up eight cashes along with way. But with the summer fading fast, that deep run he had been looking for eluded him. Finally, on Sunday night, the breakthrough came as he took down WSOP Event #76 ($800 WSOP.com ONLINE NLHE Six Max) for $223,119 and his first WSOP gold bracelet. Buchanan has been prolific at the WSOP over the years with 56 total cashes. With the victory, he continues the 2019 trend of big-name pros taking themselves off the ‘best players without a bracelet’ list. Now, with his ninth cash of the summer, the Canadian pro has accumulated over $2.7 million in WSOP earnings. In addition to Buchanan, the final table featured another longtime online grinder in David ‘bakes’ Baker who finished as the runner up for $137,241, narrowly missing out on a third WSOP gold bracelet. Baker, a former worldwide top-10 ranked online pro, has over $5.1 million in career online earnings and over $3.2 million in live earnings. Final Table Payouts 1. Shaun ‘bucky21’ Buchanan - $233,119 2. David ‘Youngpitts’ Baker - $137,241 3. Hunter ‘ibunkustink’ Gebron - $96,993 4. Alexandre ‘Apalexpex’ Moreira - $69,381 5. Luigi Andrea ‘BananaSplit’ Shehadeh - $50,310 6. Jeremy ‘gimmehaveit’ Brown - $37,089 Little One For One Drop Get Underway For most poker players that take a shot in the Main Event, busting the best tournament on the schedule is often called “the worst day of the year.” Nowadays, the WSOP has a quick fix for those lamenting their loss of the dream of becoming the Main Event champion and that’s the ability to get right back in the game and hop into a 'post-lim.' The $1,111 Little One For One Drop (Event #75) got underway this weekend with two starting flights. Day 1A kicked off at noon on Saturday while Day 1B fired at the same time on Sunday. Day 1A saw 702 players enter the field and Florida’s Mark Eddleman emerge as the flight’s chip leader with 464,600 chips. Twelve-time WSOP Circuit ring winner Valentin Vornicu also bagged a top-5 chip stack. Other notables that survived the opening flight include Victor Ramdin, Mike Leah, David ‘ODB’ Baker, John Hesp, Stephen Song and Lexy Gavin. Day 1A Top 10 Chip Counts 1. Mark Eddleman - 464,600 2. Schahin Ghiai - 409,500 3. Mark Agarunov - 403,600 4. Duane Mitchell - 362,900 5. Valentin Vornicu - 354,800 6. Jason Summers - 342,900 7. Terry Fleischer - 319.300 8. John Utley - 313,200 9. Mathieu Gomez - 307,800 10. Jeremy Frost - 298.600 Day 1B more than doubled the entries of the previous day as more than 1,500 players piled into the second flight. Stefan Ivanov enjoyed a huge last level of the night to bag the 1B chip lead with 658,000. Pennsylvania poker player and 2017 WSOP Main Event runner-up Dan Ott finished the night with a top-10 stack as well. Other pros that made Day 2 include Mike Sexton, Tuan Le, Michael Mizrachi, and Chris Ferguson. Day 1B Top 10 Chip Counts 1. Stefan Ivanov - 658,000 2. Hophuong Lay - 591,000 3. Joris Ruijs - 557,000 4. David Lolis - 524,400 5. Amit Zuikowitz - 518,000 6. Vladimir Geshkenbein - 430,000 7. Yiching Xu - 397,400 8. Stephen Bierman - 366,500 9. Alan Schein - 363,000 10. Daniel Ott - 356,900
  8. On Wednesday, Britain's Jareth East topped a record field in the WPTDeepStacks Online event at partypoker to win $557,658.14. East's triumph came from besting a 3,554-entry field. The $1,050 buy-in event proved the largest field size in WPTDeepStacks history. The win also proved to be the largest score of East's poker career. Prior to this WPTDeepStacks Online win, East's largest online score was for $132,200. His largest live tournament score was for $35,940. East, a PocketFives member since 2013 who has been ranked as high as 12th in the world, defeated Jon Van Fleet in heads-up play. Van Fleet earned $392,717 for his runner-up performance. East entered the final day of the event in ninth chip position with 15 players remaining. When it was all said and done, East was the last man standing to win the $557,658.14 first-place prize. Notable deep runs were had by Ludovic Gelich (12th - $27,259.18), Govert Metaal (19th - $15,282.20), Connor Drinan (29th - $11,052.94), and Julien Martini (41st - $8,636.22). Event #40 $1,050 WPTDeepStacks Entries: 3,554 Prize pool: $3,554,000 Jareth East - $557,658.14 Jon Van Fleet - $392,717 Dimitrios Farmakoulis - $253,755.60 Maksim Bukreev - $167,748.80 Phillip Mighall - $116,215.80 Rimantas Petras Boguzas - $79,431.90 Mihail Zavoloka - $55,087 Sergei Denisov - $35,113.52 [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] Maksim Bukreev, who entered the final day as the chip leader, placed fourth for $167,748.80. On his final hand, Bukreev opened from under the gun to 3.52 million with the blinds at 400,000/800,000 with a 100,000 ante. Bukreev left himself with 420,628 behind after the raise. On the button, Van Fleet called and the two took a flop of [poker card="Jh"][poker card="9d"][poker card="9c"]. Bukreev moved all in and Van Fleet called, to reveal that it was Bukreev's [poker card="Kc"][poker card="Tc"] up against the [poker card="Kh"][poker card="Qs"] for Van Fleet. The turn was the [poker card="5d"] and the river was the [poker card="2c"] to bust Bukreev. Farmakoulis fell in third place. East raised to 1.68 million from under the gun and Farmakoulis called out of the big blind to leave himself with 3.85 million behind. On the [poker card="Ts"][poker card="9c"][poker card="2c"] flop, Farmakoulis moved all in and East made the call with the [poker card="Kh"][poker card="Qd"]. Farmakoulis had the [poker card="Js"][poker card="8s"] and bricked out with the [poker card="6d"] and [poker card="4h"] hitting the board. Van Fleet had the lead to start heads-up play, with 65.54 million to East's 40.75 million. The two battled for about 40 minutes before the final hand was played. On the final hand, East limped the button for 1.2 million and Van Fleet checked his option in the big blind. The flop was [poker card="Jh"][poker card="9s"][poker card="6s"] and Van Fleet checked. East bet 1.2 million and Van Fleet raised to 3 million. East then made it 5.4 million and Van Fleet shoved for 18.73 million. East called with the [poker card="Qs"][poker card="Qc"] and Van Fleet had the [poker card="Ks"][poker card="3s"]. The turn was the [poker card="5c"] and the river was the [poker card="2h"] to give Van Fleet the win. Anton Yakuba Wins Mini WPTDeepStacks Online As with the entire WPT Online Series at partypoker, there was a mini version of the WPTDeepStacks event. The Mini WPTDeepStacks Online had a $109 buy-in and drew a field of 10,400 entries for a $1.04 million prize pool. The winner was Anton Yakuba for $137,396.29 after a deal was made with Luiz Antonio Duarte Ferreira Filho. Filho took home $129,311.72 Michael Tureniec finished third in the Mini WPTDeepStacks Online for $70,262.40, and Griffin Benger took fifth for $31,116.80. Event #40 $109 Mini WPTDeepStacks Entries: 10,400 Prize pool: $1,040,000 Anton Yakuba - 137,396.29* Luiz Antonio Duarte Ferreira Filho - 129,311.72* Michael Tureniec - 70,262.40 Rodrigo Semeghini - $45,552 Griffin Benger - $31,116.80 Peter Haden - $21,008 Ivan Tononi - $14,622.40 Bernardo Soares - $9,287.20 *Denotes a deal. Also running deep were Shawn Buchanan (12th - $7,134.40), Jan-Eric Schwippert (21st - $3,723.20), Paul Vas Nunes (26th - $2,506.40), and Kenneth Hicks (36th - $2,121.60).

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