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  1. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. Lance and Donnie remember the late Sam Grizzle to kick off this week's episode of The Fives. The 67-year-old poker legend passed away following a stroke in mid-October. The upcoming Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu challenge is sure to take the poker world by storm and Lance and Donnie preview what the potential outcomes are and what - if anything - it settles between the two. While that challenge promises to hol
  2. The "conservative educational foundation" Judicial Watch, which is heavily supported by Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson (pictured), is doing its part by suing the US federal government for access to documents pertaining to the Department of Justice's 2011 reinterpretation of the Wire Act. In 2006, Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which made it illegal for some online gaming businesses to accept bets from customers in the US. While some online poker sites decided to pull the plug on their operations in America, others remained open for business.
  3. Those of you rooting for the demise of Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson (pictured) might have finally gotten your wish. On Friday, the Guardian published an articlesaying that Adelson will soon face graft accusations in a US court of law. If you have no idea what graft is, we'll let a dictionary fill you in: "practices, especially bribery, used to secure illicit gains in politics or business; corruption." According to the Guardian, the charges stem from allegedly nefarious actions at Adelson's all-important casinos in Macau and, if prosecutors are successful, could spell the end of hi
  4. A week ago, a hearing in a House Subcommitteediscussed the merits of the Sheldon Adelson-backed Restoring America's Wire Act, or RAWA, which would ban online gambling in the US, including in the three states where it's already regulated. There have been several legislation-related headlines in recent days, so to get caught up on them and discuss the possibility of RAWA advancing, we sat down with Poker Players AllianceVice President Rich TheEngineer Muny. Adelson is pictured. PocketFives: In recent days, RAWA Senate sponsor Lindsey Graham has said he's open to a carve-out in RAWA for online
  5. If you were hiding under a rock, you missed the two-hour-long fear-mongering fest that was a House Judiciary Subcommittee's hearing on Restoring America's Wire Act, a bill that comes at the behest of Sheldon Adelson. It ended with a threat for a markup and among those in the room on Capitol Hill during the hearing was Poker Players AllianceExecutive Director John Pappas (pictured). "Today's hearing was about one thing – checking the box to advance Mr. Adelson's bill," said Pappas in a press release. "While the PPA has always encouraged a national discussion on the value of regulating onli
  6. Following the introduction of legislation last week from South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz to ban online gambling and poker in the United States, a key organization responsible for implementing laws came out against their efforts. In an op/ed on The Hill's website, the President of the National Fraternal Order of Police, Chuck Canterbury (pictured), detailed what his organization looks at when certain legislation is proposed. "As an organization, we are always looking for opportunities to make citizens safer while improving officer safety," Canterb
  7. In September of last year, New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak hinted that PokerStars' approval to operate in the Garden State was imminent. But as the months pass by, many are wondering just what, exactly, is holding up the process. Speaking to Business Insider, several political insiders place the blame squarely on the shoulders of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (pictured). "Christie put a stop to it," said Lesniak. "With a high degree of confidence, it's apparent that's exactly what has happened." The entry of PokerStars into the market coul
  8. The Sheldon Adelson propaganda machine is in full swing. Just a couple of days after PocketFives reported that Adelson met with Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee, the latter had its chance to grill Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC, pictured), who championed legislation from Adelson last Congressional session, spoke for about 75 seconds about the Wire Act during the hearing, the transcript of which is below: Lindsey Graham: Are you familiar with the decision by the Office of Legal Counsel in 2011 to basically say that the prohibition of t
  9. In case you're wondering why PokerStarshas not been approved for a license in New Jersey, the reason is that the site is in "time out," according to internet gambling advocate and State Senator Raymond Lesniak. Yes, PokerStars is in the same state my two-year-old son is in when he throws blocks at the television. The reason PokerStars is off the grid right now in the Garden State: Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson, of course. Lesniak posted on Twitter: Lesniak was kind enough to answer several follow-up questions to his Tweet and said that the cause of PokerStars being in time o
  10. According to an article published on Monday on RedState.com, Sheldon Adelson's vaunted Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling is ironically being led by former lawmakers who were pro-gaming. Oops. The article singled out former New York Republican Governor George Pataki (pictured) and former Denver Democrat MayorWellington Webb, both of whom have been trumpeting the alleged evils of internet gambling to the masses without the masses realizing who they're listening to. According to RedState, "Gov. Pataki was labeled by The New York Times in 2001 as 'perhaps the most pro-gambling governor the
  11. On Wednesday, Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson (pictured) spoke at the G2E gaming industry conference held his home casino, the Venetian in Las Vegas. Adelson, as you may know, said he'll spend "whatever it takes" to outlaw online gambling in the United States and has become public enemy #1 in our industry. The Poker Players Alliancefeatured a running commentary on Twitter during Adelson's keynote speech, which you can watch by clicking here. The organization started off by noting, "Adelson takes a direct swing at @PokerStars, says they are criminals trying to get a US license." PokerS
  12. In recent days, PokerUpdate and others have brought up the possibility of the Sheldon Adelson-backed Restoration of America's Wire Act (S 2159, RAWA) adding a carve-out for online poker during the so-called "lame duck" Congressional session in November. PokerUpdate reported on Saturday, "As Chris Grove reported from C5's US Online Gaming Conference, Bally Tech's John Connelly stated during a panel discussion, 'he expects a federal push to make 'everything other than poker illegal' this November.'" Adelson is pictured. PocketFives reached out to Poker Players Alliance(PPA) Executive Direct
  13. It took a couple of days, but the Venetianin Las Vegas officially let the world know why it turned away PokerNews from reporting on its own sponsored Mid-States Poker Tour eventlast week. PokerNews' Brett Collsongave the following response from the Venetian's Kathy Raymond via Twitter: "Given our Chairman's clear position on the matter of online gaming, Venetian/Palazzo made a business decision to not allow an online blog during the MSPT event." PokerNews' Donnie Peters originally said the reason for the dismissal was unclear, telling PocketFives earlier this week, "With each MSPT event, Po
  14. According to GovTrack.us, which keeps tabs on US legislation and lawmaker voting records, the bills to prohibit internet gambling in the United States have a slim chance of being passed before the end of the current legislation session, which occurs at the end of the year. Any bills not acted upon by the end of 2014 will be considered dead and must be reintroduced in 2015 in order to be considered. --- PocketFives' news coverage is brought to you by Betsafe, one of the leading suppliers of online gaming products worldwide and a major sponsor of Gumball 3000. Sign up now for great bonuses
  15. You might recall that Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson (pictured) has pledged to spend "whatever it takes" to rid the United States of online gambling. In fact, he has corralled two lawmakers – Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) – into introducing bills to do exactly that. How much money have Adelson and his Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling spent in 2014? --- PocketFives' news coverage is brought to you by Betsafe, one of the leading suppliers of online gaming products worldwide and a major sponsor of Gumball 3000. Sign up now for great bonus
  16. If you wanted to know where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV, pictured) stood on internet gambling, look no further than an article published on Friday in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. In it, Reid, clear as day, told the world, "I think the proliferation of gambling on the internet is not good for our country. I think it is an invitation to crime. I think it is hard to control for crime when you've got brick-and-mortar places, let alone something up in the sky someplace, and it is very bad for children." Yes, internet gambling is "something up in the sky someplace." Reid told the
  17. According to a report from the Washington Poston Thursday, "Lobbyists for Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Sands Corp. have been working in recent weeks to press for quick passage of [Restoring America's Wire Act], holding discussions with aides to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)." If you don't already know, RAWA would ban internet gambling in the US and wipe out the regulated markets in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. A hearing about RAWA in the House Judiciary Committee was reportedly scrappedamid backlash from figureheads like Grover Norquist a
  18. What started as a relatively mundane wrongful termination lawsuit against Las Vegas Sands Macau has spiraled into something much more serious after possible links to organized crime groupswere brought to light during trial. Now, a nonprofit arm of the Guardian news publication has filed a motionto unseal a document compiled by a former Hong Kong police chief that is believed to spell out illegal practices utilized by the Sheldon Adelson-run company. Adelson is pictured. Former Las Vegas Sands Macau President Steve Jacobs was hired in 2009 and later became its President. He claims that duri
  19. On Wednesday, a Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee was charge with discussing Restoring America's Wire Act, or RAWA, a bill reportedly prompted by Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson and introduced in the House as HR 707 by Jason Chaffetz (R-UT). It began an hour late and featured an intermission for "multi-trillion-dollar votes." You can check out the witness list and testimony by clicking here. The hearing started with Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) reminding us that phones can be used as gaming devices and adding, "The American market could be worth as much as $12 billion per year.
  20. Heading up the ship at Online Poker Reportis Chris Grove (pictured), who has as much knowledge about the past, present, and future of internet gambling in the US as anyone you'll find. On the heels of Thursday's revelation that a House Subcommittee will discuss banning internet gambling in the US on March 5, we caught up with Grove to get his take on where we stand entering the third month of 2015. PocketFives: What is your forecast for Sheldon Adelson's Restoring America's Wire Actrohis year? The bill would ban internet gambling in the US. Chris Grove: I have a hard time imagining t
  21. [caption width="640"] Sheldon Adelson continues to push for Federal online gaming prohibition.[/caption] Yet another attempt to prohibit online gambling at the federal level is afoot in the United States Senate, and Sheldon Adelson is widely believed to be the man behind it. Adelson's war against online gambling began back in 2013 when he told Forbes Magazine he would spend whatever it takes to prohibit online gambling legalization. In the ensuing years several bills have been introduced in Congress, and several hearings have been held. Adelson is widely believed to be the driver of al
  22. According to Michelle Minton and Online Poker Report, a hearing is scheduled for March 5 in the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations to discuss Congressman Jason Chaffetz's Restoring America's Wire Act, or RAWA. The bill would prohibit online gambling in the US, including in the three states where it's already regulated: New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. The hearing is not yet listed on the Subcommittee's website. RAWA comes at the behest of Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson, who has promised to spend "whatever it takes" to eliminate online gamblin
  23. [caption width="640"] Sheldon Adelson will reportedly focus on off-shore, unregulated iGaming sites, photo: Forbes[/caption] March was a busy month in the world of poker legislation. The highlight: a possible change in focus by Sheldon Adelson, the head of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and the man who once pledged to spend "whatever it takes" to rid the US of online gambling. In the middle of March, Gambling Compliance published an article saying that Adelson, instead of focusing on banning regulated online gaming in the United States, would instead turn his attention to shutting down
  24. According to PennLive, Las Vegas Sands Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson (pictured), who has vowed to spend "whatever it takes" to crush the internet gambling and online poker industries in the United States, allegedly contributed nearly $1 million to the reelection campaign of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. The problem: the donation was reportedly illegal. --- PocketFives' news coverage is brought to you by Betsafe, one of the leading suppliers of online gaming products worldwide and a major sponsor of Gumball 3000. Sign up now for great bonuses, €3,000,000 guaranteed monthly, and pl
  25. As Congressman Eric Cantor's (pictured) shocking defeat in the primary for the Seventh District of Virginia reverberates through the political spectrum, many gambling analysts are beginning to wonder how the loss of this Sheldon Adelson-backed lawmaker will influence the future of internet gaming legislation. In an outcome that almost no one predicted, little-known economics professor David Bratsoundly defeated the House Majority Leader. The Tea Party-backed candidate is a deeply religious, novice politician with a PhD from the Princeton Theological Seminary. He campaigned on the idea th

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