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  1. After three days of play, Canadian poker pro Vanessa Kade was crowned the winner of the PokerStars Sunday Million 15th Anniversary for $1.5 million. One of Pokerstars' most coveted and prestigious online poker tournaments, the event saw a total of 69,876 entries from 45,765 unique players making a total prize pool of $13,975,200. Despite this edition of the PokerStars Sunday Million Anniversary falling short of last year's $18,603,200 prize pool, two seven-figure payouts and all the bragging rights were still there for the taking. One of the big stories of heading into the final day centered around Vanessa 'Niffler' Kade, arguably the most well-known poker player to make the final day. The longtime poker pro, sailed through to the final table, to the delight of her fans. The 65 players that had survived the first two days of play had already locked up a payday of at least $10,757. Romania's 'Transylvanian' was in pole position to start Day 3, amassing a dominating chip stack of 66,800,871 (84 Big Blinds). It turned out that was enough to get the microstakes grinder to the final table, albeit as the short stack. The first final table casualty was 'Vvlankov'. With the blinds at 2.5/5m, they three-bet shoved their 41.6m stack with [poker card="As"][poker card="Kh"] which was called by pre-flop raiser 'malinga' who was holding [poker card="Qs"][poker card="Qc"]. The board ran out [poker card="Jd"][poker card="7h"][poker card="4s"][poker card="8d"][poker card="Jc"] to send 'Vvlankov' to rail in ninth place for a prize of $72,132. Next to hit the rail was 'kefirchik106' who jammed from the cut-off with [poker card="Kc"][poker card="Td"] for 47,433,379. Pawel 'Talibenes' Ladniak on the button, snapped called with [poker card="Ah"][poker card="Jd"]. The all-in player did not improve on [poker card="9s"][poker card="5s"][poker card="3c"] flop. The [poker card="Jh"] turn gave Ladniak a pair but the [poker card="7h"] river was the last card 'kefirchik106' would see. Thus ending their Sunday Million journey for a payday of $105,538. Ladniak, now with over 700 million in chips, continued to tear up the final table by taking the scalp of former chip leader 'ikkedus'. In a blind versus blind battle, 'ikkedus' ripped it in for 90,075,612 with [poker card="7s"][poker card="7c"] which again was snapped called by the chip leaders [poker card="Ah"][poker card="Qh"]. The seven's were outflopped on the [poker card="Qs"][poker card="Js"][poker card="2h"][poker card="9c"][poker card="6s"] run out. 'ikkedus' finished in 7th place for $154,416. Kade was the player who sent the next person packing. 'malinga' with [poker card="As"][poker card="7s"] jammed 76,304,487 in the hijack and was called by Kade from the big blind with [poker card="Ac"][poker card="Qd"]. Despite being dominated, 'malinga' had hope on the [poker card="Kd"][poker card="7d"][poker card="4s"] flop but that was quickly shattered with the [poker card="Qh"] turn. The brick [poker card="Kh"] was all she wrote for 'malinga' who picked up a sixth place finish and a cash prize of $225,930. The final six, soon became a final five when 'Transylvanian' jammed for 76,449,444 from the button and 'peu3ep' called off for their stack of 72,124,804. 'Transylvanian': [poker card="Ad"][poker card="5d"] 'peu3ep': [poker card="Qd"][poker card="Qc"] The queens were still the favorite on the [poker card="td"][poker card="3s"][poker card="2c"] flop. The [poker card="Kc"] turn avoided bringing in any backdoor flush draws but the [poker card="4c"] gave 'Transylvanian' the wheel straight. The heartbreaking river sent 'peu3ep' out fifth but the $330,564 prize should be enough to pay for a decent cardiologist. Kade then got her second final table elimination of the night. Calling off with [poker card="Kc"][poker card="Qc"] after the 83,224,248 open jam from the short-stacked 'Transylvanian'. The at-risk player, holding [poker card="Ks"][poker card="Jd"], was dominated. Despite pairing their [poker card="Jd"] on the [poker card="Jc"][poker card="9c"][poker card="7d"] flop, the [poker card="Ac"] gave Kade the nut-flush and subsequently, 'Transylvanian' was drawing dead. The inconsequential [poker card="6d"] river meant it was down to three with 'Transylvanian', whose previous biggest online cash on Pokerstars was $8,500, busting in fourth place for a cool $483,652. The final three payouts combined meant there was still over $3.2 million up for grabs, which would likely make all three players instant millionaires if they decided to come to some sort of arrangement. Shockingly no deals were made and the three remaining players continued to trade chips back and forth for a while. The tournament soon sparked into life again with Kade and 'PanchoVetin' getting into an old fashioned coin flip. Kade, the chip leader, three-bet jammed with [poker card="5c"][poker card="5d"] after 'PanchoVetin' opened with [poker card="Ah"][poker card="Kd"] in the small blind for 24 million. The snap call was made and it was off to the races with 'PanchoVetin' at risk. The pocket fives held on the [poker card="Ts"][poker card="4s"][poker card="2s"][poker card="9c"][poker card="7s"] run out to give Kade a massive 7:1 chip lead going into heads up play. Just two hands later, Kade made her fourth and final elimination to become the winner of the Sunday Million 15th Anniversary. Ladniak limped on the button with [poker card="Kh"][poker card="9d"], Kade with [poker card="8h"][poker card="8s"] put the short stack to the test by going all-in. Ladniak made the call but could not improve on the [poker card="Qc"][poker card="Jc"][poker card="3d"] flop. Still, with two over cards to hit and a gutshot straight draw, Ladniak still had plenty of cards to improve on. The [poker card="Ad"] wasn't one of them and the [poker card="5h"] river sealed the tournament win for Kade who took home the title and career-high score of $1,514,920. Ladniak also secured a seven-figure payday for his second place. This win may feel like vindication for Kade as it comes at a time when she has been at the forefront of the poker spotlight, leading a charge against mysogyny in poker in an effort to make the game more accessible to women. Final Table Payouts Vanessa 'Niffler' Kade $1,514,920 Pawel 'Talibenes' Ladniak - $1,035,358 'PanchoVetin' - $707,640 'Transylvanian' - $483,652 'peu3ep' - $330,564 'malinga' - $225,930 'ikkedus' - $154,416 'kefirchik106' - $105,538 'Vvlankov' - $72,132
  2. Earlier this month, tomnovicki(pictured) finished fifth in the PokerStars Sunday Million, banking $54,000. Perhaps more impressively, he did so while juggling two kids, one of whom was two days old and the other of whom is two years old. Yes, it sounds like complete bedlam. "I'm feeling great," tomnovicki said about his Sunday Million final table. "It's absolutely my biggest score ever. It's a little bittersweet because I was second in chips when I came into the final table, but the cards were not amazing and, what's more, I was a little afraid to commit all of my chips to make some moves. I can say I am happy with $50,000, though." On Friday, tomnovicki's second child was born, a son. On Saturday, he told us that Poland defeated Germany in football for the first time. On Sunday, he final tabled the Million on PokerStars. Talk about an emotional weekend! He joked, "I played only one table on my phone because I was carrying my second child around, but I was still focused. I guess if I were playing 10 tables or so as usual, the results might not have been so nice." As a result of his experience, he feels playing fewer tables could be advantageous, at least to his game. He told us, "I would advocate playing fewer tables because players' tendencies are so important, especially in tournaments where you can easily exploit them. The skill level is not very high in the Sunday Million. There are lots of regulars, but there are plenty of weak players as well." Having a second kid is a game-changer. You're chasing around multiple children, changing a cavalcade of diapers, and making sure everyone is fed before cranky time sets in – all on three hours of sleep. His two-year-old is named Tosia and his son is Nikolaj(pictured), which means Santa Claus in Polish. "We are trying to manage it," tomnovicki said of having multiple kids. "I am playing three or four times a week. Everything will be harder now because we have two kids. Kindergarten or a babysitter would be helpful." As if all of these life changes weren't enough, tomnovicki is planning to move into a new house. "The house is already ready," he said of his new pad. "I think half of my Sunday Million winnings I will cash out to have it to make my wife feel secure and, of course, buy things. Half of it I will invest in poker. I will buy a new computer too." tomnovicki was initially introduced to poker by his brother at a young age. The two would play Five Card Draw and his love for the game spilled over during his teenage years and to where he is now. He got into Texas Hold'em after catching the cult classic "Rounders" and then began playing in home games. "About four or five years ago, I start to think about poker more seriously," he said. "I bought a few poker books and started playing online on Full Tiltthree years ago." He is up to $161,000 in online tournament winnings and plays as Pol_Thor on PokerStars. The Sunday Million runs weekly on PokerStars. If you don't already have a PokerStars account, sign up through the links on PocketFives to get a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus and a free copy of Chris Moorman's "Moorman's Book of Poker" before October 29. Get started here. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  3. A few days before Christmas, Pablo Nerro (pictured), who is known on PocketFives as Rhyno2008, won the PokerStars Sunday Million outright for $217,000, defeating a field of 7,420 entrants. He took down the lion's share of the almost $1.5 million awarded and shot up to #3 in his home country of Uruguay. PocketFives: Congrats on taking down the Sunday Million. Tell us how you're feeling about it. Pablo Nerro: Winning the Sunday Million feels really nice, even though I haven't been able to rest much yet. I'm looking forward to playing again. PocketFives: Was there talk of a chop at any point? Pablo Nerro: Only one player mentioned something about making a deal. This first happened when there were five of us left. Then, the same guy kept asking for a deal up until when it was he and I heads-up for the whole thing. I felt I was going to win it the whole time. When there were three of us left and I had three times as many chips as the player who was second in chips, I kept saying to myself that I wanted to win the Sunday Million; I didn't want to chop it. PocketFives: Do you have any plans for the money? Will this change your poker career in any way? Pablo Nerro: I have no immediate plans for the money. If everything turns up okay, I might buy an apartment here in Montevideo in the near future. Regarding poker, I'm probably going to be adding some tournaments to my schedule that I wasn't playing before like the Second Chance and the $109 Turbos. I still think there are a lot of things about my game that I need to improve, so I won't be playing higher tournaments than those. PocketFives: What have your family and friends said about the win? Pablo Nerro: The first thing I did after winning was wake up my parents at 6:00am and tell them what I had just done. They didn't know what tournament it was, so I told them how much I won and they couldn't believe it. I want to say thanks to my friends and everyone who congratulated me. All of those greetings and supportive messages were absolutely amazing. I tried to respond to each and every one of them. PocketFives: Tell us about poker in Uruguay. How much is the game accepted and who plays? What does society think of the Uruguay pokercommunity? Pablo Nerro: Each year there are more players playing live tournaments and the big online results are piling up. I think we have a very good group of players in Uruguay. Sadly, for the most part, our beloved sport isn't broadly accepted and treated as such. Instead, it is commonly seen as gambling and as a bad thing. I hope we can turn this around in the future. PocketFives: How did you get started in poker? Do you play full-time? Pablo Nerro: I started playing in 2008, hence my screen name, and I'm dedicated to poker full-time. I was playing micro-limits for the most part up until recently, when I started to focus on studying and getting better. This improved my game a lot and gave me the chance to move up in stakes confidently. PocketFives: What do you do outside of poker? Pablo Nerro: Outside of poker, I really like playing soccer and running. Also, I like hanging out with my friends and enjoying the beach during the summer. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  4. Last month, Germany's KingKong0815(pictured) was part of a three-way chop of the PokerStars Sunday Million and put back $165,000, officially taking third place. "I'm pretty stoked," he told PocketFives in an exclusive interview. "It still feels pretty unreal." Unreal like watching a giant ape climb the Empire State Building? The cash accounts for nearly all of his winnings in his PocketFives profile, so not surprisingly, he plans to refresh his bankroll and invest in non-poker activities with his newfound riches. He wanted to chop four-handed, but fellow PocketFiver bazeman wasn't up for it. A couple of hands after the initial discussions, bazeman bit the dust, so chop negotiations resumed three-handed. "At the time, I was chip leader and so got the most of it," KingKong0815 explained, "which still seems so unreal. Winning or chopping the Sunday Million is probably almost every online poker player's dream. I just got very, very fortunate to be in that spot." That week's winner, PhiRi1, earned $177,000. As we said, bazeman finished fourth in the Sunday Million that week, while PocketFiver LFmagic (pictured) took fifth. We asked KingKong0815 for a scouting report on both: "They are very well established pros and tough customers. They play a lot better than I do, but I had my lucky shot. LFmagic had a roller-coaster final table, his chip stack going up and down. Luckily, both of them were sitting on my right, so I had position, but they were still giving me a hard time. So, I was glad when both were gone." He got started in poker through home games with friends and was "hooked immediately. I have a pretty hard passion for the game. I love poker." He chose the screen name KingKong0815 on PokerStars, which he said he "just made up" and "thought it was funny at the time." You can find him on Full Tiltunder the screen name KIMBO_MAN. The German player is currently working at his father's financial services firm and admitted it's tempting to quit to try to become a poker pro, but "I'm not ready for this step yet." We suppose chopping the Sunday Million for 770 times his buy-in will have to do for now. "My poker friends and some close friends know about this score," he said. "But, I didn't tell my family yet. I might in the next couple of weeks. My wife is probably as happy as I am. My friends are very stoked and happy for me. They were kind of in disbelief and a good friend of mine, Peter Enis, railed me during the final table." He closed with an Oscar-like thank you speech, giving props to those in his life who have impacted his game: "I'm very thankful for my wife's support. She gives me all the time to grind while she is doing the household stuff. I also want to thank Alex AssassinatoFitzgerald (pictured) for his high-end coaching. Without him, my game wouldn't be where it is right now. Thanks to all of my other friends like Jonas Schrofheide and Marcus Hansen who support me and keep me motivated." The Sunday Million runs weekly on PokerStars. If you don't already have a PokerStars account, sign up through the links on PocketFives to get a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus and one free month of Tournament Poker Edge or CardRunners poker training. Get started here. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  5. Over the weekend, PokerStarsheld a special $5 million guaranteed Sunday Million as part of its December festival. As a result of the inflated prize pool, a colossal field of 31,439 entrants showed up and the prize pool swelled to $6.2 million, more than the second place finisher in the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event received. It was one of the largest prize pools in the history of online poker. A six-way chop ended matters and saw payouts between $241,000 and $489,000 awarded. Norway's TrondheimAAAwas the big winner of the 14-hour affair and came into the final table with 103 million in chips, over two-and-a-half times the next closest person. Here's how the deal went down, according to the PokerStars Blog: "TrondheimAAA was still the overwhelming leader with nearly 125 million, Zarmilwas next with about 57 million, and the other four were all in the 27-37 million range. Both chip-chop and ICM-based figures were presented, in each case leaving $50,000 for which to play, and working from the ICM numbers a few tweaks were made and a deal was agreed upon." Here's how the payouts ultimately looked: 1. TrondheimAAA - $489,130.83 2. straßenjupp - $268,725.21 3. Zarmil - $325,775.16 4. tgassen - $265,743.51 (tgassen) 5. EVITS_AK - $275,802.74 6. manipulatoor - $241,074.70 (hbo06) 7. alwaysdegen - $96,014.70 (alwaysdegen) 8. Ivan Barros - $71,177.89 (ivanbarros) 9. Donkab0mber - $52,754.64 (donkab0mber) Tiago tgassenGassen (pictured) was the fourth place finisher. The Brazilian ran Q-J into K-Q on his final hand and ended up with $265,000. This was his second career final table in the Sunday Million, following a fifth place run in 2012 for $52,000. He is ranked #250 in Brazil and is in the top 2,600 worldwide. Sixth place and a payout of $241,000 went to Poland's hbo06, who turned in his largest score to date by a factor of 21. His previous largest score was worth $11,000 and came by virtue of winning the Big $22 in May. He plays as manipulatooron PokerStars and dajmiczipsyon 888 Poker. Players who cashed outside of the final table combined for $4.2 million in winnings and the PocketFives community had 772 in the money finishers in the Sunday Million. Non-PocketFivers snatched $5.0 million, or 80% of the prize pool. If you don't already have a PokerStars account, sign up through the links on PocketFives to get a 100% up to $600 sign-up bonus and one free month of Tournament Poker Edge or CardRunners training. Get started here. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  6. This week's FanDuel Sunday Millionis offering up $2 million in prize money, with 91,954 entrants competing for a $200,000 top prize. Payouts will be issued to 19% of the field (17,475 places), so get in and claim your share! In Week 15, mperillo86and btong23chopped first place with an identical score of 189.6. This winning total (3.16 points per $1,000 of salary), was down from the previous week's winning total of 207.4. The top 20 finishers in Week 15's tourney had teams that broke down as follows: - All top 20 squads rostered Odell Beckham Jr. - 16 of 20 owned Le'Veon Bell - 17 of 20 owned Dez Bryant - Only 2 QBs were represented, with Derek Anderson showing up on 14 of the top 20 and Eli Manning appearing on the other 6. - Atlanta's Harry Douglas appeared on 8 of the top 20 rosters. In last week's column, we recommended the following Targets, with less than desirable results: - Winners: QB Derek Anderson, QB Eli Manning - Losers: RB Isaiah Crowell, WRs Martavis Bryant and Sammy Watkins, TE Larry Donnell - Meh: WR Marquess Wilson On the other hand, our Fades were once again on the mark, having rejected the prospects of the Green Bay Packers offense, Joe Flacco, the Andy Dalton/AJ Green combo, Andre Williams, Doug Baldwin, and Ryan Mathews. As in all large-field GPPs, in roster construction, we are looking to do the following: - Isolate good value plays based on game flow projection - Fade highly owned players that you can build a case against rostering - Pair up your QB with a receiver teammate On FanDuel, you have a $60,000 salary cap to fill nine positions: (1) QB, (2) RB, (3) WR, (1) TE, (1) K, (1) DEF Week 16 Plays: TARGETS QB – Josh McCown ($7,000): With ownership being high on the top QBs, Manziel owners taking another shot, and basement hunters on Clausen, McCown offers up a low percentage ownership play who is facing a soft pass defense in a game where his team projects to be chasing. Two high-quality WR pairing plays in Mike Evans ($7,900) and Vincent Jackson ($6,700) sweeten the pot. RB – Jonathan Stewart ($6,200): Down $500 in price from last week, Stewart goes up against a Browns defense that has been generous to opposing RB and was gashed at home last week by Jeremy Hill. Can easily hit 3x value. RB – Joique Bell ($7,300): Down $200 from last week's tag, Joique figures to be the main recipient of the Bears' horrific defense. Detroit may have no reason to air it out here and even with a lead, game flow plays into his hands. Roster with confidence. WR – Doug Baldwin ($6,100): Dropping $200 from last week, Baldwin makes one of our lists for the third straight time. The image of Arizona's toughness on opposing WR is not matched by the numbers; they are slightly below average in allowing WR fantasy points and Baldwin will be owned by very few. We zigged, then we zagged – this week we again zig and a TD would likely assure 3x value. TE – Julius Thomas ($6,000): Coming in $200 lower than Week 15's tag, Thomas is a second-off-the-layoff play facing a Cincy defense below average versus opposing TEs. A proven commodity at the always baffling TE spot with buy-low price tag is what we want to see. FADES QB – Matt Ryan ($8,700): With a price boost of $800 and with the prospect of tossing to a hobbled WR corps, this is the week to fade Senor Ice. The NO secondary is bad, the Saints are generous to opposing fantasy QBs, but hitting value at that price is far from a certainty. I'll fade and find a better spot. QB – Eli Manning ($7,700): Up $200 from the Washington gimme, don't pay for last week's numbers on a guy coming into St. Louis. No team, including Seattle, has been tougher on opposing QBs the past month. Thanks for last week, but we all know fantasy is a fickle friend. Eli who? RB – Jeremy Hill($7,300): Will be a hot commodity off last week, but paying $200 more while going up against a tough Denver run defense is not a prime spot to find value. The Week 16 "If you missed the wedding, don't show up for the funeral" fade. WR – Odell Beckham ($9,000): The other half of the Eli anti-pairing. He can do no wrong, and can't be covered. That's why he's $500 more expensive than last week. That's why despite the raise, he's still going to be owned en masse. That's why we're gonna watch him become what he actually is – a talented rookie in a bad matchup where he's grossly overpriced – from the sidelines. TE – Greg Olsen ($6,900): Up $200 in price and coming off of an excellent performance, Olsen now faces a Cleveland defense that has been stingy against opposing fantasy TE all year. Would need to produce more points in a game than he has in over two months to return required GPP value. Only thing more tilting than his mug is the 8.6 points next to his name on your rapidly sinking roster. No thanks. As always, keep an eye on the injury reports (especially the RB situation in Dallas), as well as the weather updates, and best of luck to all those playing. If you don't have a FanDuel account, sign up through PocketFives by clicking hereand get a generous deposit bonus plus access to 5,000 one-day leagues each week! Plus, play in this week's Sunday Million, which has a $2 million prize pool. Get started.
  7. On the final day of August, Rob rtinnionTinnion won the PokerStars Sunday Million outright for $213,000. It was his largest cash to date and, just over five months later, he did it again, capturing the Sunday Million title for $200,000 and a colossal 1,147 PLB Points. All told, he has earned well over $400,000 from the tournament in the last half-year. Tinnion told PocketFives on Monday, "It doesn't feel real. I was hoping I didn't wake up and have it all be a dream." It was no dream this time for the UK resident, who compared his last outright Sunday Million victory to this one: "It was a lot smoother leading up to the final table due to the experience the first one gave me. This time, I was in a position to take advantage of the tighter players with a significant chip advantage. There was a lot of talk of a deal, but the other chip leader got greedy and wanted too much money, enabling me to walk away with the win. Obviously, I ran extremely well too." Tinnion was the lone PocketFiver at the final table, but according to PokerNews, the group was anything but soft: "He was met with stiff competition at the final table, as top online players Seth Setherson2Davies and Simon ministerborgRavnsbaek were also in contention." The field began with 6,579 entrants and ended with the following nine: 1. robtinnion - $200,136.96 2. ministerborg - $148,027.50 3. elme1989 - $105,264.00 4. Setherson2 - $72,369.00 5. dieterD6 - $55,263.60 6. boloban25 - $42,105.60 7. rybn1k - $28,947.60 8. Mylo723 - $15,789.60 9. kadafi11 - $10,197.45 Tinnion barreled through a field of 7,133 entrants the first time around, at one point holding just one small blind, and was one of five PocketFivers at the final table. He passed $1.2 million in online tournament winnings this month. In our Weekly Tournament Review that came out on Monday, posters congratulated Tinnion on his feat. One PocketFiver wrote, "It has only been five months since he shipped the Sunday Million last time... Insane!" Another player recapped, "Tinnion was down for a long time and was very patient." Deal negotiations went poorly each time they were brought up and, when heads-up play began, he was ahead 2:1 in chips. Congrats to Rob Tinnion on becoming a two-time Sunday Million winner! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  8. To close out the 2014 calendar year, hbo06(pictured) was part of a six-way chop of the PokerStars Sunday Million Special Editionfor a commanding $241,000. A few weeks later, he is at his all-time high in the PocketFives Online Poker Rankingsat #1,099 worldwide and plays as manipulatoron PokerStars and dajmiczipsyon 888 Poker. "It feels really great," hbo06 told PocketFives in an exclusive interview. "It took a few days before I realized how much money I actually won. It is an amount that most people in Poland would work for many, many years." He calls Krakow home and is the #2 player in that city. When the final table was down to six players, each person clicked the "Discuss a deal" button and the group started negotiations. He told us, "As a short-stack, I insisted on an ICM deal and, as you'd expect, the chip leader wanted a chip-chop that would have given him over $100,000 more than ICM. However, we compromised very quickly. We took an ICM deal minus $5,000 each for the chip leader. Then, we continued to play for $50,000 for first place. I think that kind of deal was fantastic for me because although my opponents were pretty weak, the average stack was only 25 big blinds deep and I was down to just 13." TrondheimAAAcame away with the win for almost $500,000, or $160,000 more than the next closest person received in the chop. As a result of his six-figure score, hbo06 said he'd start playing low-stakes and mid-stakes MTTs on his own dime. He'll also start a coaching regiment in an effort to hone his skills. hbo06 has played poker full-time for the last year-and-a-half and said, "Before this, I was studying at university, but gave it up. Maybe I will go back to it someday, but for now I'll concentrate on poker." He hasn't publicized his score too much, mainly just telling his family and poker friends. The Polish player has been engaged in the industry for a half-dozen years and said that he got into the game after he saw an ad for poker online. "I just clicked on it and it all started," hbo06 told us. "Then, I met a friend and we started to go for low-stakes live tournaments together." Outside of poker, hbo06 plays in an amateur football league. He added, "I also enjoy playing video games, especially FIFA on PlayStation 4. I've even had my own little successes because lately I reached first in my league. I really enjoy playing that game, but I must admit my mindset is terrible when it comes to FIFA." We'll close by talking about the Poland pokercommunity on PocketFives, which is 1,003 members strong and has total winnings in excess of $83 million. Poland is #14 in PocketFives' Country Poker Rankings with a combined PLB score of its top 20 players of 74,874 points. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  9. Last Month, Cosmin Calea (pictured), who is known as xkosssxon PocketFives, won the PokerStars Sunday Millionoutright for $215,000. There were almost 7,200 entrants that day and Calea was one of 1,080 to make the money. "I am very happy and excited about the successful performance I had," he told PocketFives after the final cards had been dealt. "A final table in the Sunday Million has been one of my dreams since I started playing poker." On the 30th of March, Calea passed $1 million in online tournament cashes, about one-fifth of which came from the Sunday Million. Accordingly, his score will have a profound impact on his life. He explained, "I have been trying to buy an apartment. I was struggling and wasn't succeeding in saving much money, so this result came at a perfect time and now I have the money I need to buy a bigger apartment and a car." His Sunday Million win means a new chapter in his life. "I consider this score a starting point of a new stage of my career," he said. "This score will give me the power to work increasingly more every day to reach my new target of becoming a top player. I will try to keep the same stakes I have now." We won't likely see Calea in any additional live events going forward, as he explained, "The extra expenses associated with them decrease your real ROI. I see live events more like a trip." He has two small live cashes to his name, according to the Hendon Mob. He started playing poker five years ago in freerolls. The Romanian rehashed, "I played freerolls when they were popular because of Facebook. There, I had my first winnings from poker and realized that is the easiest way to do what I enjoy and make more money than the average person in Romania (pictured). Although I play the game professionally, I really love the adrenaline you get when you are at the poker tables as well as the competition that makes you to want to become a better player every day." Away from poker, Calea studies Economics at university. He had a solid showing in 2013 poker-wise, finishing second in the WinamaxMain Event and Full Tilt Double Deuce for almost $30,000 total, among other scores. He is the #2 ranked PocketFives member in Romania and tops in the country's capital city of Bucharest. All told, Calea has turned in 3,100 tracked in the money finishes and is averaging $333 a pop. Congrats to Calea on his blockbuster Sunday score! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  10. Perhaps Kelly Clarkson (pictured) put it best: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Or maybe it was actually Friedrich Nietzsche. Or maybe it was Shak Kaz, who is known on PocketFives as HAHALIVEPROS. Either way, Kaz won the PokerStars Sunday Million a couple of weeks ago after a heads-up chop and banked a healthy $183,000. "It was a long time coming," Kaz told PocketFives after the fact. "I have had a lot of close calls in Sunday Majors. I'm not sure if I can top it, but SCOOP is coming up and I can't wait to have the bankroll for the $7.50 Rebuy Turbo!" He doubled up on the third hand of the Sunday Million, certainly getting off to a prosperous start, and then donated his chips to a very aggressive player who ended up giving them right back after 4bet shoving K-5 into Kaz's J-J. The board ran out K-J-5-K-J and he was back in business in dramatic fashion with quads against a boat. Hours later, Kaz made the final table of the 6,469-player tournament. He said of the last nine, "There were a lot of spots to leverage ICM. I ran very well situationally at the final two tables, holding with J-J against 9-9 and A-A against J-J. I got aces four times from 18 to 10 people left, which was great because I have a spazzy image usually, so aces are cool." He started a stable with two friends, so the $183,000 will be a "nice safety net" for it. He doesn't plan on moving up in stakes and joked, "I don't really like drugs, so I can't imagine anything to use the money on. I'm open to suggestions." In case you're wondering where his HAHALIVEPROS moniker comes from, it stems from his views on wannabe live players. He explained, "A lot of people who consider themselves live pros say some stupid stuff and my only reaction is 'Ha-ha live pros' with a headshake." Kaz has accumulated over $400,000 in winnings on PokerStars under the user name Njaguar, which he said was derived from the name of an admin of a forum he spent too much time on. Kaz also made too many poor decisions on said forum, leaving him to tell us, "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." Stand a little taller. He got started in poker playing on a camping trip. When he was 17, he jumped into online poker with no bankroll management and binked a few tournaments to stay afloat. He said, "I didn't know how to cash out as a 17-year-old, so I just sat at $3/$6 PLO with five buy-ins heads-up and ran hella hot. I got an okay roll and then my account got locked for underage play because a kid from my high school reported me one month before my 18th birthday. I deserved it for being a cocky high school senior, though." He's now 20 years old, so heading to Las Vegas for next month's World Series of Poker is out of the question. "I'll definitely give Vegas a go once or twice, but I'm not into drinking or partying, so I'm not sure if I'll like it that much," he told us. "I have a ticket to an LAPT that I won trying to prove a point to a friend that $11 Rebuy satellites are stupid soft, so I will play that." Kaz juggles poker with school. He's double-majoring law and finance at the University of Calgary and, although those might sound like rough subjects, he said both are "fairly easy streams." Who knew? He plays poker a couple times per week now, mainly on the weekends and Wednesdays with an occasional Monday thrown in for fun. He closed by wanting to send shout outs to SwoopAE, jstclkdabtn, OneTime1Time, 88XIN88, OnTheMac, StatusUp(pictured), jnfpoker, DoubleS00ted, and oOwl"for all of their hand reviews. I also want to send a shout out to PokerStaples' stream for showing me that poker isn't dead and that bad regs can win the Big $109. Bang-bang, cross-book anytime mate." Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  11. On Super Bowl Sunday, JimyJamonas, from Israel, headed up a three-way chop of the PokerStars Sunday Million. He cashed for $170,000 and officially took first place, telling us, "I'm really happy! I know there's a lot of luck involved regardless of how well I played, so it was a really nice turn of events." It was his second time final tabling the large-field tournament. The amounts given out in the chop ranged from $122,000 to JimyJamonas's $170,000. "It was a clear-cut spot to deal," he assessed, "although the other two players I chopped with weren't as experienced as I was. But, the amount of money and variance involved compared to my bankroll made it really obvious for me to deal even if I had an edge." He was able to secure a few thousand dollars over ICM. As far as the money goes, JimyJamonas is contemplating going on a ski vacation and taking some time off from the felts. "I am looking at going to Austria or Switzerland, but haven't looked into details yet," he told us. JimyJamonas, who plays as holy h3ll on PokerStars, is the third-ranked player in Israel and the lone PocketFiver with a PLB score from the city of Hod HaSharon. "Poker isn't well received in Israel," he explained. "The average person wouldn't think of playing poker as a valid or respectable job, but I can say we have a very awesome community of Israeli poker players here, and some extremely good ones too." In fact, one of his chopping partners in the Sunday Million was also from Israel, so the Middle Eastern nation had a pretty lucrative day. His poker career began about a decade ago. He caught the game on television and competed with friends around the kitchen table like many other PocketFivers did. He attended university in Aberdeen, Scotland and played poker tournaments at the city's local casino. "I was a massive fish," he said of his early efforts. "It took me quite a few years to become better." He started reading sites like PocketFives and said he became engulfed in poker and left university. "I started reading a lot," he commented, "and played tournaments online. I ran decently when I started and so stayed interested." He has been playing full-time for the last two-and-a-half years. In 2010, JimyJamonas left Scotland for Israel (pictured) and got a real-world job as a shift supervisor for the internet-based customer service company LivePerson. He played poker at nights and explained, "Somewhere in between, I got good enough at poker, or at least I thought so. It may not have been the most responsible or risk-appropriate thing to do at the time, but I was really in love with poker and was very convinced I wanted to play for a living. I've never fit well into a structured life; poker, both the game and the lifestyle, really appealed to me." Aside from the Sunday Million chop, JimyJamonas won a WCOOP Second Chance tournament in 2013 for $63,000. The same year, he took down the Sunday Supersonic and Big $162 eight days apart for almost $80,000 combined. His eighth place finish in the Sunday Million last year was worth $18,000. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  12. On the final weekend of March, Hungary's Charlisgore8made the final table of the PokerStars Sunday Million and bagged $57,000. It was his largest tracked cash to date by a factor of three, passing a $20,000 haul in the Sunday Storm last year. He entered the Sunday Million final table short-stacked in eighth place. After one person had been eliminated, Charlisgore8 was dealt A-5 under the gun and had eight big blinds. He shoved, got a taker who had K-J suited, and his hand held for the critical double-up. From there, he told us, "There were a lot of all-ins from the short stacks, but they always doubled up, which was not so good for me." Five-handed, Charlisgore8 had 11 big blinds and shoved from the cutoff with A-4 suited. The small blind called with K-Q suited and drew out for the win. Nevertheless, Charlisgore8 still took home almost $60,000 for a few hours' worth of work. As far as his plans for the money, Charlisgore8 said he'll "grind and keep grinding," adding that he'll allocate some of the funds to live satellites and small-stakes MTTs. He's accustomed to playing four or five EPT Mini Main Events each year, which have €1,000 buy-ins, and so will continue playing those, albeit with a little bit less pressure. "My mother always cheers for me," Charlisgore8 explained when asked how his friends and family view his poker career. "My girlfriend cheers for me too. I think my friends think it is interesting, but they don't know much about poker." He has played full-time since last October and was an engineer prior to that. "I'm happy now," he said. "My family and friends support me, which is good when I'm on a downswing." He has $545,000 in tracked online tournament winnings across 1,797 in the money finishes, an average of $303 a pop. He got started in poker after his brother told him about online freerolls. Charlisgore8 liked card games his whole life, so it seemed like a no-brainer. And as he put it, "I was student, and students always need money." Charlisgore8 is the 23rd ranked player in his home country of Hungary (pictured), which is #21 worldwide in PocketFives' Country Poker Rankings with a combined PLB score of its top 20 players of 65,965 points. It's in between Malta and Finland on the leaderboard and home to almost 1,600 registered PocketFivers. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. Image courtesy SouthDacola
  13. "Back in the day, I had a really bad internet connection, and apparently Walmart used to sell really bad internet, so my friends would always tell me to get off the Walmart connection. Actually, a couple of weeks after I made my PokerStars account, I got a job working at Walmart out of sheer coincidence." Those were the comedic and rather ironic words of Mike WalmartCNXNFarrow (pictured), who talked about the origins of his screen name. He was part of a three-way chop of the PokerStars Sunday Million last month and put away $165,000, the largest amount given out. There were over 6,700 entrants that week, boosting the prize pool past $1.3 million. "I'm feeling really good about it," Farrow said of his big chop. "I feel pretty blessed to have had that opportunity." He added about the three-way deal, "I could have pushed for a little more money, and I think probably should have deserved that. At the same time, I think it would have been pretty irresponsible of me to risk $100,000 just for a spot I thought I had a small advantage in." He's at almost $645,000 in tracked online MTT cashes and plans to use his Sunday Million payday to pay off the rest of his student loans, invest in real estate, and take a vacation. "I've always wanted to own some property," he said, "so perhaps I will look into that. I will also meet with a financial consultant to hopefully acquire some guidance." The Canadian isn't sure how the score will change his poker career, but he explained, "I know having that type of deep run will be helpful in the future. As far as my game selection, I think that will stay more or less the same, but I might take a few shots at some live events and sell some action in some of the bigger tournaments." If you haven't already figured out, Farrow is a full-time student, but puts full-time hours into poker. He is studying Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management in Quebec and will be graduating next year. He is the top-ranked PocketFiver in the city of Guelph(pictured) and sits at his all-time high worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings of #258. He got started in the game after his uncle would come over and orchestrate $5 home games. "A friend then showed me 180-man Turbos and I have been hooked on the online grind ever since," he said. "The game interests me mainly because I have always been an extremely competitive guy and feel like the incentive to win against your opponent by analyzing their mind through logic and deduction creates an amazing competitive dynamic." Thirteen days prior to his Sunday Million chop, he won the Big $55 for $14,000, his second largest score to date. We asked him what else he's into besides studying and playing cards: "During the school year, poker, school, and spending time with the girlfriend are about all I do. During the summer, I get to go home to see all of my friends and do lots of fishing, golfing, and a beer flag football league." Yes, a beer flag football league. Farrow closed by sending shout outs to GotADream, Running Goot, maheekens, and all of the guys in the OG grinder chat. He noted, "I'm thankful for everything we've brought to the table for each other. Also, thanks to my family for being as supportive as possible of me in poker and pursuing my personal goals." Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  14. Late last month, Matthias Lipp (pictured), known on PocketFives as MLS20, was part of a four-way chop of the PokerStars Sunday Millionand bagged $103,000. He officially finished in second place, falling heads-up to 180th ranked CheVeaU, and it was his largest online MTT score ever. The path to a near-victory for the live cash game player was quite impressive. "It was pretty funny because with 12 people left, I was second in chips," Lipp said. "Then, I lost close to my whole stack with A-K to K-K, so I was 12/12 and thought my dream was over, but I managed to make a comeback with my five big blinds. When we reached the final table, I was again second in chips. From that point, I played my A-game and it was all pretty standard. CheVeaU made my life a little harder because of his maniac aggression." He added that it was a "big dream" to make the final table of the Sunday Million, so despite not winning, it all seems to have worked out. There were over 5,600 entrants that week and the tournament had a prize pool that topped $1.1 million. Lipp has pretty grand plans for the money compared to most players we've interviewed. In fact, he plans to allocate his budget toward a trip and a new set of wheels. He explained, "I will take a trip to Thailand and buy myself a nice motorbike. The rest of the money I will save." Why Thailand of all places? After all, that country is halfway around the world from his home base of Austria. He told us, "Some of my friends are already there and I want to know their culture." That sounds like a pretty good use of time. His largest live score to date came in mid-2014 in the €2,000 No Limit Hold'em CAPT Velden Main Event in Austria. He chopped it heads-up and ended up with $78,000. "I played for four days, managed to make the final table with a healthy stack, and made it to heads-up and chopped it. Otherwise, we would have been heads-up for $40,000! We made an ICM deal when I was second in chips and the other guy gave up $15,000. I got $78,000 and we had a deal. We stopped playing because there was no money left to play for." The member of PocketFives' Austria poker community has been playing full-time for the last two years, mainly in cash games in local casinos. Prior to poker, he was working as an assistant manager at a hotel in Germany since he had studied that industry for five years in university. However, the hotel business didn't pan out. He explained. "They did not pay me well, so I decided to leave. I went on holiday in South America for two months in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. I really enjoyed it and when I came back home, I started playing cash games full-time and got coaching for small-stakes MTTs." Speaking of cash games, he mainly plays €1/ €2 and €2/ €4 and sometimes €5/ €10 if that game is running. Outside of poker, Lipp enjoys fishing and cooking. As a matter of fact, he loves the latter so much that he wants to open his own restaurant, but doesn't want it to be located in Europe. As far as a location, he mentioned Nicaragua as a possibility, combining a restaurant with a hostel. He is the 23rd ranked player in Austria, #1,516 worldwide, and has been a member of PocketFives since 2013. Congrats to Lipp on his big Sunday Million chop. Visit PokerStars for more details on the weekly tournament. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  15. Last year, Brazil played host to the World Cup. Next year, it'll host the Olympics. The South American nation has had a host of success online as well. Late last month, in fact, Guilherme Cheveau (pictured), known on PocketFives as simply CheVeaU, won the PokerStars Sunday Million after a four-way chop for $153,000. Incredibly, it was his second time chopping the Sunday staple. "I really needed that," Cheveau bluntly told us. "I was in a downswing and not feeling so good about my game. I know that win won't change anything about my game, but it's good to have some confidence." It was his fourth final table in the Sunday Million. His recent success in the tournament likely led to the Brazilian being cool, calm, and collected down the stretch. As he put it, "Probably because I've had a lot of experience in this tournament, I didn't feel nervous at all, but I still made that four-way deal after asking for some extra money. It's just too much money to flip like that. I ran pretty well also. I had a pretty bad table draw when we got to 18 left, but got some pretty good cards and they all held." In February 2014, he chopped the Sunday Million for a blistering $164,000. He has also finished ninth in it twice, once for $13,000 and once for $12,000. As far as the money goes, he said, "The economy in Brazil is terrible, so I'm probably going to put it in the bank and wait for an opportunity or perhaps get a new apartment." It sounds like he'll be using the cash responsibly either way. A funny story about his most recent Sunday Million win. He explained that two hours into the tournament, he told a friend he'd win it after missing out on the final table several times recently. His friend, however, told him he'd never win it again, only to be proven wrong within a matter of hours. "I've played poker for around 10 years now and want a final table in the Sunday Million each year, so I am still way behind my goal," he joked. He added, "I'm so competitive and love poker, so it's never enough, and I'm not just talking about the money. It's the thrill of getting to the final table and winning a tournament, beating great and well-known players in the process. It feels so good." Outside of poker, Cheveau said he used to party quite a bit, but has toned it down now that his girlfriend moved in. He explained, "Now, I would rather go to a bar or dinner with her and our friends. We still party, but a lot less." He lives in the seaside abode of Balneario Camboriu (pictured), which he resoundingly called "the greatest city in Brazil," and said, "I can leave my apartment, walk 100 meters, sit in a bar, drink a beer, and enjoy the sea." Although he's not a big fan of the Brazilian national football team, he enjoys watching Sao Paulo FC and tuned in as his country hosted the World Cup in 2014. As he put it, during the multi-week event, "Brazil simply stopped and it was like, party every day." Brazil ultimately finished fourth in the World Cup after giving up a record 14 goals. Cheveau is just a few thousand dollars shy of hitting $2 million in online MTTs for his career and was as high as #102 worldwide in the PocketFives Rankingslast year. He's #17 in Brazil and plays as VinceVegaMFRon PokerStars. He closed by thanking "everybody who cheered for me, as well as my mentors Joao Divino Dorneles Netoand Yuri Martinsfor teaching me. Also, thanks to my friend and business associate Kelvin kelvin_fpar Kerber for everything. Thank you to my girlfriend as well. If it weren't for her, I would not have played that day." Visit PokerStars for more details on the weekly Sunday Million. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  16. Last month, Davide girex91Marchi (pictured) hit it big in the PokerStars Sunday Million, finishing second after a three-way chop for a commanding $135,000. It was the second largest amount given away in the deal after almost 5,800 people entered. "It feels great," Marchi told PocketFives in an exclusive interview. "It was my first big shot, so it was emotional." He notched his largest online MTT score to date by a factor of five and narrowly fell short of his second Sunday Major win this year. The Maltese player said that the tournament started well, but he wasn't focused too much on it since he had plenty of other tables loaded as well. To end his day, however, he had just the Sunday Million and Sunday 500 left and was deep in both. "The field was easy," he said. "I managed to arrive at the final table with a big chip lead after winning a huge coin flip with two tables left." Once at the final table, Marchi was patient, picked up his spots, and put pressure on others. "Everyone was playing really tight due to the pay jumps, so it was easy to take the dead money," he explained. "After losing a couple of pots, I decided to take a look at the ICM numbers. The pay jumps were huge." Marchi narrated how the deal went down in case you didn't see it unfold: "We saw the ICM numbers and the other two guys were really happy to chop it up. I think I was the one leaving some EV with the deal, but I was okay with it because of the huge pay jumps. I asked for a little more and they agreed. We then started playing for $20,000 to the winner." When we caught up with Marchi, he was debating whether to jump on a plane and head to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker. His flat-mate had decided to go, which left Marchi mulling whether to follow suit. "It's tough because I don't enjoy live poker too much," he commented. Marchi has a little over $1 million in online MTT cashes to his name and joined PocketFives last November. "I had a little bit of success quickly, starting with sit and gos, then switching to cash games and finally switching to MTTs," he said of his career. Nowadays, he occasionally dabbles in Six-Max Zoom cash games, but mainly sticks to MTTs. As we mentioned, the Sunday Million chopper is the top-ranked player in Malta(pictured) and was once ranked as high as #25 worldwide on PocketFives. Now, he's #39. "Malta is small and in winter it's not very good," he said. "But now with the summer it's better. There's a lot of sun, beaches, and tourists coming here. We have quite a decent group of Italian poker players here in Malta, so life is good now." Marchi is originally from Rome, but moved from Italy to Malta in order to be able to play online poker on the dot-com sites. In Italy, players are confined to sparsely-trafficked dot-it rooms, which puts a damper on a person's ability to play professionally. As he put it, "There are small fields and small guarantees, which are not very tempting for an MTT grinder." Oh yeah, if you're curious as to how Marchi went out of the Sunday Million, he lost K-K to K-6 suited all-in pre-flop and then lost a race with A-J against 4-4. Despite one brutal beat and a failed coin flip, he was still in very good spirits, saying, "It still feels good to book a nice win." Congrats to girex91 on his Sunday Million chop. Visit PokerStars for more details about the weekly tournament. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. Image courtesy Pokerfirma
  17. [caption width="640"] Mustapha 'lasagnaaammm' Kanit had a big Sunday again, winning the PokerStars Sunday Million just one week after winning the Sunday Supersonic.[/caption]. The online tournament winning streak for Mustapha 'lasagnaaammm' Kanit continued over the weekend, as the Italian poker pro and #1 overall Global Poker League draft pick took down the PokerStars Sunday Million for a score of $177,230 -- just one week after winning the Sunday Supersonic. Longtime PocketFives member Mayu 'marroca5' Roca of Colombia captured an outright victory in the Stars Sunday Warm-Up for $70,912. There was a heads-up chop in the Stars Sunday 500, which saw
  18. Who says cash game players - especially those who focus on heads-up games - can't steamroll tournaments? They typically swim with the sharks, and fish, during major tournaments and, as one interviewee put it, "go for the glory." For example, in November, the UK's 'buriedatsea' finished fourth in the PokerStars Sunday Million after a four-way deal. His reward was $113,000, the second largest amount given out. "I'm feeling pretty awesome. I don't play many tournaments at all anymore, so to have a run in such a big field feels satisfying," said 'buriedatsea'. A big field indeed. That week, over 5,700 entrants turned out and created a prize pool that passed $1.1 million. For chopping it, he earned his largest online poker score to date. Incredibly, despite recording just four MTT scores last year, he's up to almost $400,000 for his career. He doesn't play very many tournaments and so doesn't chop with any sort of regularity. 'buriedatsea' explained, "I like going for glory when I finally get so deep, but when it came down to four-handed play, we were all around 15 big blinds and there were three other good players. I play cash games for a living, so push/fold strategy isn't my forte, and obviously I was tired as hell after playing for 12-plus hours." He might have been tired, but $113,000 probably eased his pain. Who knows? Maybe he went pub-hopping afterwards. 'buriedatsea' said he'll use the cash to "put it towards my next property project or toward some live trips in 2016." Skiing is in the cards after his big score. So is "somewhere hot to relax for a bit." The UK poker player also goes to about a half-dozen live tournament stops yearly with friends, but primarily sticks to online cash games. Whatever he chooses to spend his money on, he certainly has a workable bankroll now. If you've watched one of those home renovation shows, then you have a glimpse into 'buriedatsea's' future property ventures. "I've not done much in property yet other than buy a couple of places and watch my dad renovate them for me," said 'buriedatsea'. "Hopefully it's something I can do in the future when I'm done with poker." Will he be the next Armando Montelongo? 'buriedatsea' is #6,287 in the world in the PocketFives Rankings after climbing as high as #1,759 six years ago. He is #524 in the highly competitive UK poker community and got started in the game in university. "A friend was making money from poker in his free time. I guess that's how 90% of online pros started in the game or something similar," said 'buriedatsea'. [caption width="664"] 'buriedatsea's' PocketFives profile[/caption] Why was poker interesting to him? Strategy, greenbacks, and emotion, of course. "I go through stages with poker," 'buriedatsea' said, "From absolutely loving everything about the game and the evolving strategy to simply playing and working at it for the money." You can regularly find 'buriedatsea' at Heads-Up No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha cash game tables. HighStakesDB has logged over 13,000 hands for him on PokerStars since 2010, although that only includes tables of $25/$50 and above. Speaking of 2010, 'buriedatsea' took fifth in a $215 No Limit Hold'em WCOOP event that year for $83,000, his second largest score to date. Last September, he drove deep in the WCOOP Main Event, cashing for $22,000.
  19. [caption width="640"] Joao Mathias continued his push toward the #1 ranking with another Sunday win. (CodigoPoker photo)[/caption] Safe to say that 'alexangeo' probably had a better weekend than you. The Greek player took home $144,100 in a four-way chop in the PokerStars Sunday Million, splitting the remaining $600,000 with a group that included 'neto gol' and 'Lekerov'. Norwegian online poker tournament specialist 'prebzzz' (ranked #41 worldwide) went heads-up against fellow PocketFiver 'I Drastiq I' of Canada in the Sunday 500. The pair were involved in a three-way deal which saw them walk away with $50,849 and $49,659 for their respective first and second place finishes. 'bjartefau' pocketed $77,610 for winning the Sunday Warm-Up. Lebanon's 'niccc' was the winner in the Stars Sunday Supersonic and cashed for $47,334. 'Wes.C.Addle' captured an outright victory in the $600 buy-in 888 Whale and took home $41,743. The partypoker High Roller event was won by 'HereToPartyy' for $37,538. Austria's 'el_Scheffe' outlasted a massive field of 32,000+ opponents in the Sunday Storm, earning a $28,274 payday. Brazilian Joao 'joaomathias' Mathias, currently ranked #15 in the world, came out on top in the Full Tilt Sunday Major for a score of $10,500. PokerStars Sunday Million ($200+15 NLHE) 6,271 entrants - $1,254,200 paid out to 900 spots ~ Full Recap AlexanGeo - $144,100.20 Lekerov - $125,000.00 neto gol - $142,082.26 HKongBanker - $90,000.00 *4-way deal gigibaston - $52,676.40 SPEWTARD - $40,134.40 placebo36251 - $27,592.40 GR8MIND - $15,050.40 Achilles591 - $9,720.05 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up ($200+15 NLHE) 2,456 entrants - $491,200 paid out to 360 spots ~ Full Recap bjartefau - $77,610.00 imluckbox - $58,290.70 dennishtm - $41,752.00 Aaron 'Aguskb' Gustavson - $28,735.20 TMoney0209 - $21,858.40 Pa3yM - $16,946.40 Bruno chato - $12,034.40 Spowi07 - $7,122.40 poosnack11 - $4,175.20 PokerStars Sunday 500 ($500+$35 NLHE) 683 entrants - $341,500 paid out to 108 spots ~ Full Recap prebz - $50,849 (prebzzz) Jamil11 - $49,659 (I Drastiq I) DonkCommited - $40,702 *3-way deal steve3331 - $25,441.75 (steve31) lookoutdudes - $17,758.00 bebaimis777 - $14,343.00 Fukuruku - $10,928.00 Päffchen - $7,513.00 Eccentric_BG - $4,439.50 PokerStars Sunday Supersonic ($200+$15 NLHE 6-Max) 1,401 entrants - $286,869 paid out to 180 spots ~ Full Recap niccc - $47,334.20 SuperPrema - $35,571.72 GaborMarton - $26,535.36 sanjusto77 - $18,359.60 germaxi - $11,761.61 gusma - $7,888.89 PokerStars Sunday Storm ($10+$1 NLHE) 32,496 entrants - $324,960 paid out to 5,400 spots ~ Full Recap Maethi - $28,274.01 (el_Scheffe) soykike - $20,287.25 Danya Kop - $13,648.32 gizmoo999 - $10,398.72 demider69 - $7,149.12 ljubaviamore - $4,386.96 Rinat44 - $3,005.88 everfla - $2,112.24 Tomo nr1 - $1,478.56 partypoker High Roller ($500+30 NLHE Re-Entry) *$150k Guaranteed 385 entrants - $192,500 paid out to 45 spots HereToPartyy - $37,538 llame_me - $28,394 OMGMenda - $21,175 (MendaLerenda) ADRI_ATM - $16,170 thebattler33 - $11,069 (Big Huni) frokennatur - $8,663 (perrymejsen) nicecallLOL - $6,738 (hellohellohello) UcantbeOddJob - $4,813 Alien_Army - $3,369 iPoker Sunday Masters (€150 NLHE) 124 entrants - $22,815 paid out to 18 spots ~ Full Recap PiratSmart - $5,247.54 1BACKtoBACK17 - $3,650.46 allesgutes - $2,772.07 JasVerstoppen - $2,053.39 YouFold2Much - $1,368.92 (Cmw3011) GrandeGrundig - $1,140.77 xblufferx212 - $912.62 tedbearwins - $684.46 MyStapler - $570.38 888 WHALE ($600 NLHE) *$150k Guaranteed 385 entrants - $217,525 paid out to 54 spots Wes.C.Addle - $41,743 aIderfaider - $30,997 kungfupoker1 - $22,840 aSeHigh88 - $17,402 (fbg1919) bignich09 - $12,181 nelisschuif - $9,245 TheMulletman - $7,070 Artem 'veeea' Vezhenkov - $4,894 ForzaMilan00 - $3,611 (Barry86) 888 Mega Deep ($215 NLHE) *$120k Guaranteed 852 entrants - $170,400 paid out to 108 spots ChicoShove - $26,139 VirusuXRom - $25,113 sally_02 - $18,356 *3-way deal harrrrmonica - $12,439 ureMyuSpons0r - $8,776 Elia001 - $7,072 suk12cz - $5,368 (suk12) gaffy55 - $3,766 PairDrawGood - $2,181 Full Tilt Sunday Major ($233+17 NLHE) 199 entrants - $50,000 paid out to 27 spots ~ Full Recap joaomathias - $10,500.00 7heGrea7 One - $7,750.00 Mrluckypants - $5,550.00 Ferf49 - $4,250.00 1ts a Bluff - $3,250.00 kylejf - $2,550.00 anteen - $1,875.00 acnina - $1,400.00 Antonio18 - $1,100.00 (Skrigepas) BetVictor Masters ($154 NLHE) *€50k Guaranteed 508 entrants - $72,300 paid out to 56 spots ~ Full Recap Dark0n3 $14,098.68 Araberjuice $8,965.31 (Skrigepas) NobbyKvams $6,217.88 ohtlik $4,771.86 GoHenningGo $3,325.84 (moumaife84) Nomorebadbeats $2,783.58 ultcha $2,277.48 DiCenta $1,807.52 SpillerNr1 $1,301.42 BetVictor Sunday Showdown ($245 NLHE) *€25k Guaranteed 129 entrants - $29,375 paid out to 15 spots ~ Full Recap Steffiii $7,343.95 bassie84 $4,993.89 StrangeBeard $3,818.85 (felipejay) TryToBluff $2,717.26 Tiazona $1,909.43 (ksinhe) bigAAstackAA $1,542.23 AntonsKeda $1,248.47 basar1 $1,028.15 Grumpeldumpel $807.83
  20. [caption width="640"] PokerStars is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Sunday Million in a big way.[/caption] Known for offering massive prize pools for a relatively low buy-in, the PokerStars Sunday Million tournament is a player favorite. In March, the online poker giant will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the event, and plans to make it memorable by offering a massive $10 million in guaranteed prize money. The tournament will take place on March 20 and feature the usual $215 buy-in. But unlike ever before, players will be allowed to reenter up to three times, something PokerStars says is necessary to bolster the huge prize pool. If you can’t swing the full buy-in, you will still have plenty of chances to win a seat through an array of freerolls and satellites which will be spread up until the day of the tournament. Your first shot at a free Sunday Million seat will be through a series of Hyper-Turbo freerolls, offered every Saturday between February 13 and March 19. In each of those qualifiers, players will battle for 200 seats, with PokerStars giving away 1,200 free entries in total. To enter, you will need to make a real-money deposit of $20 or more using the week’s corresponding bonus code (ex. MILLIONFREE1, MILLIONFREE2, etc.). Players can also qualify through a number of regular cash satellites with entry fees starting at just $1, or in one of six special events. PokerStars will hold four ‘VIP Bash’ satellites every Sunday between February 22 and March 19, giving away 50 entries each in of the first three, and 100 in the last. Additionally, the site will run two ‘Deadline Satellites’ on the day of the tournament, in which players can win one of 1,333 seats for a buy-in of $11. Several Team PokerStars pros have already confirmed their participation in the 10th annual tournament, including Chris Moneymaker, Jake '810ofclubs' Cody, Johnny Lodden and Liv Boeree, among others. This year, players and railbirds will be able to enjoy the action from the perspective of poker streamers like Jamie Staples, who will be playing the tournament live on his Twitch channel. “The Sunday Million Anniversary tournament is one of the biggest events on the poker calendar,” Staples said in a release. “And when you throw in a $10 million guaranteed prize pool and more than a thousand free seats as well, it’s a tournament that every poker player should aspire to play.” The very first Sunday Million was held on March 5, 2006, and drew a respectable 5,893 players while generating a prize pool of $1,178,600. Canada’s ‘aaaaaaaa’ bested the field in that inaugural event and signed off $173,843 richer. From that date, the tournament has continued to grow tremendously. The richest Sunday Million took place during PokerStars’ 10th Anniversary in December 2011, when Canadian ‘First-Eagle’ topped an enormous field of 62,116 players to bank the $1,146,574 first-place prize. Mexico’s ‘BRAYDEN93’ conquered a field of 50,432 opponents last year to pocket $597,719 in the 9th Anniversary tournament. The record-breaking $10 million guarantee could be viewed as part of PokerStars’ effort to attract casual players rather than distribute increasing VIP rewards to high-volume pros. While the site has slashed VIP benefits, it has promised that it would somewhat make up the difference by offering promos and game options which would appeal to casual users.
  21. [caption width="640"] Vladimir "vovtroy" Troyanovskiy finished second in the PokerStars Sunday Million[/caption] When the PocketFives Rankings are updated later this week there's going to be a new player in the top 100. But that's probably not going to be front of mind for Damianos 'damourinio' Aslanidis' mind this morning after he wakes up realizing he took down the PokerStars Sunday Million for $155,458. The win all but ensures Aslanidis will make a debut entry into the Top 100 Worldwide Rankings update this Wednesday. Aslanidis chopped the tournament with Russia's Vladimir "vovtroy" Troyanovskiy, who finished second, and PocketFives member 'jatekos22' of Hungary, who took home $112,5212 for third place. There was a heads-up deal in the $1,050 buy-in 888 Poker Super XL Main Event that involved players 'jnevanli' and 'carmen.1957' who cashed for $182,635 and $168,533 for their respective first and second place finishes. 'Graftekkel' was awarded $112,110 for finishing third in that event. The Sunday Warm-Up saw PokerStars player 'LameR25' walk away with $84,420 as P5er Tim 'Wicked617' Reilly cashed for $62,980 upon finishing runner-up. Members took the 4th-thru-9th spots in the Sunday 500, but it was 'dragonwarior' who took home the $64,617 first place prize outright. PocketFives member Marcelo 'CHELitw' Garcia Gonzalez of Argentina won the 888 $150k Guaranteed Mega Deep tournament for $32,760. _____ PokerStars Sunday Million ($200+15 NLHE) *1M Guaranteed 6,105 entrants - $1,221,000 paid out to 900 spots ~ Full Recap damourinio $155,457.64 (damourinio) vovtroy $152,777.59 jatekos22 $112,521.37 (jatekos22) *3-way deal sydens $67,155.00 (sydens) TheRocket08 $51,282.00 szaaadi $39,072.00 (Szaaadi) øøøøøøø $26,862.00 (ooooooo) Pökergöt $14,652.00 KRab42 $9,462.75 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up ($200+15 NLHE) *$425k Guaranteed 2,680 entrants - $536,000 paid out to 396 spots ~ Full Recap LameR25 $84,420.00 WICKED617 $62,980.00 (Wicked617) TaBuLA_Ras4 $45,024.00 inca7bar $30,820.00 (inca7bar) OTT CANADA $23,316.00 (Shaihulud) TAPÎSpayé? $17,956.00 Se7enTr3y $12,596.00 dand63 $7,246.72 Drento18 $4,556.00 PokerStars Sunday 500 (500+35 NLHE) 714 entrants - $357,000 paid out to 108 spots ~ Full Recap dragonwarior $64,617.00 saladinhoo $46,410.00 summuNNN $34,807.50 Big Huni $26,061.00 (Big Huni) vladulaNko $18,385.50 (vladulaNko) Sephirot88 $14,815.50 (RoccoGe) Zackattak13 $11,245.50 (Zackattak13) wiisssppppaa $7,889.70 (wiisssppppaa) gray31 $4,569.60 (gray31) PartyPoker Heavyweight - The Main Event ($109 NLHE Re-Entry) 1,494 entrants - $150,000 paid out to 171 spots Bushido_Styles - $27,060 (The$amurai) hitaremchok - $19,575 (alexd2) DanielFlusH - $15,000 (DanielSun10) K1nGsLaYeR - $11,250 akill_x - $7,875 ThomasspliffDk - $6,375 HellmuthTheGr8 - $4,875 (C Darwin2) toshapiter88 - $3,375 (toshapiter) CheckTh1zOut - $2,100 PartyPoker High Roller ($530 NLHE Re-Entry) 299 entrants - $150,000 paid out to 45 spots fisHalal - $27,780 gijaporo - $19,515 carmen.1957 - $13,950 hoegh93 - $11,400 cocojones1 - $9,750 (cocojones) porracaralho77 - $8,250 PHILIVEYNO1 - $6,750 konik886 - $5,250 (tonyk112) butihasreads - $3,750 bet-at-home / William Hill / iPoker Sunday Masters (€150 NLHE) 133 entrants - $21,808 paid out to 27 spots ~ Full Recap maxnollik $5,015.79 (normannolly) thatsQuagm1re $3,489.24 bigdonkpcktspew $2,649.64 bossamtisch1 $1,962.70 ComplieOrDie $1,308.47 avagoagain $1,090.39 MrNiceGuy1941 $872.31 dronew4rs $654.23 (tedSTRETCH) VINOLAIUBI $545.19 888 Super XL - Main Event ($1,050 NLHE) 1,180 entrants - $1,180,000 paid out to 153 spots jnevanli - $182,635 carmen.1957 - $168,533 *2-way deal Graftekkel - $112,110 deeepz - $82,128 Miccoli1904 - $58,410 sC.R.E.A.M. - $46,610 petitetete - $34,810 (1bigacehole) lshmaei - $23,010 Andryuxa85 - $12,980 888 $150k Mega Deep ($215 NLHE) 910 entrants - $182,000 paid out to 117 spots CHELitw - $32,760 (CHELitw) uprisingcy - $23,660 pintofbeer44 - $17,654 grandma1954 - $13,195 (1_conor_b_1) gavbthreeone - $9,173 (gavb31) Agentul05 - $7,353 (Agentul) bignich09 - $5,533 spektah888 - $3,731 (spektah) EzMmr - $2,275 Full Tilt The Sunday Major ($250 NLHE) 251 entrants - $60,000 paid out to 36 spots ~ Full Recap AD_84 $12,090.00 KMK Froggie $9,000.00 Graftekkel $6,600.00 TiltTheBho $4,800.00 SPRAGGS $3,600.00 nluk $2,700.00 SUPERS1CK $2,100.00 Kavin86 $1,590.00 midnightGuest $1,230.00
  22. In November, Steve McNallyvilleMcNally (pictured) finished third in the PokerStars Sunday Million following a six-way chop and put back $103,000. It was the second largest score of his career and his second cash over $100,000, raising his career total past $5.1 million. McNally is the 11th ranked PocketFiver in Mexico, where he moved from the USA four years ago. PocketFives: How are you feeling chopping the Sunday Million? Steve McNally: Pretty great. It's obviously most online players' dream to finally hit it or have a good run in it. It's normally the weekend joke going in: "Oh, you could just win the Million." PocketFives: How did the chop go? Steve McNally: When we were six-handed, we decided to look at the numbers and I only knew one other guy, bigbluffzinc, at the table. We were first and second at the time, so it seemed like a good idea. I guess we could have gotten too caught up in the moment and maybe cost ourselves some money by not trying to negotiate for some more money because our lifetime results were quite a bit higher than the other guys left, but I think sometimes when you see yourself with a chance to get over $100,000, you get pretty excited. PocketFives: Any plans for the money? Steve McNally: Not really. I guess it just gives me more peace of mind. I'll probably be smarter with it than I have in the past when I was younger. PocketFives: Talk about your relationship with fellow PocketFiver Jon PearlJammer Turner (pictured). Steve McNally: Meeting Jon PearlJammer Turner is 100% the reason I am still here today. I was visiting Vegas when I was 22 and played cash games, mainly at Bellagio. There was this guy there almost every day like me and he seemed to be winning quite often. One day, we got seated next to each other and struck up a conversation, grabbed dinner, and he gave me a ride back to my hotel. The next day, we talked about playing the daily tournament at the Wynn, which back then was way better than today's daily tournaments. I believe there were 80 people. We ended up getting heads-up and played heads-up for almost two hours. A few months later, I finally moved to Vegas and about a year later Jon bought a house in Henderson and asked me if I wanted to live there. At that time, I still played mainly just live cash games, but Jon was starting to take off as a good online tournament player. Maybe the curse for me was that the tournament bug is an easy one to catch. Jon offered to back me in some tournaments, we stayed roommates, and I was his horse for six years after that. Then, we moved to Mexico together and are actually planning on moving back in together in a few months, but he is the one who got me into tournaments and his backing is the reason I have been able to stay around this long. PocketFives: How was moving to Mexico? Are you still there? Steve McNally: I moved to Playa del Carmen (pictured) in August 2011 and am still here and enjoying it to this day. I think it has almost been a secret blessing by forcing me to do something I never would have thought of doing before, leaving the USA. It has been great really. Sure, there are a few things lacking that exist back home like a good cheeseburger or better customer service in many departments, but there is a very live-to-do attitude down here. I now speak Spanish, have learned a lot about different cultures, and have a whole new view of things, especially American issues. I've been with my girlfriend down here for over two years, so she takes up a good amount of my free time. I'm also still a diehard Northeast Ohio sports fan and can get all of the league packages down here just like the in the States, so I watch my fair share of games. Besides that, I like cooking and biking. I live in a great place to relax, so I definitely know how to do that on my days off too. PocketFives: Remind us how you got started in poker originally and why it was interesting to you. Steve McNally: I grew up around card games. We played a lot of euchre and cribbage in my house. My mom has been in the same bridge group now for 40-some years. We also took the occasional family trip to Vegas, which I think always made me dream big somewhat. Back then, all you heard were coins coming out of the machines, so I think I fell in love at a young age with the dream and wanting to get rich from gambling. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  23. [caption width="299" align="alignleft"] João 'XxJoaoFeraxX' Otávio won the PokerStars Sunday Million. (SuperPoker photo)[/caption] The past weekend represented a career outing for Brazilian João 'XxJoaoFeraxX' Otávio, who earned an outright victory in the PokerStars Sunday Million weekly flagship tournament for $213,725. He was followed by 'extragloves' and 'gimpshow' who pocketed $157,255 and $113,984 for their respective second and third place finishes in that event. The Sunday Warm-Up was won by 'miki21221' for a score of an even $58,000 (four-way final table chop). There was a three-way deal in the Stars Sunday 500, which was won by 'bebaimis777' for $51,780 while Nicolau 'nicofellow' Villa-Lobos got the largest take home of $56,181 (runner-up). The Sunday Supersonic 6-max tournament was won by 'beukie555' for $46,945 after a heads-up negotiation. 85th ranked Maszat 'noirduck' Marci of Hungary took down the partypoker $150k Guaranteed High Roller event for $35,295 at a final table which featured two other Top 100 PocketFives members. Longtime online poker tournament star 'breeth' of Hungary (ranked #60 worldwide) was victorious in the 888 Poker Baby Whale event for $27,189. It was 'joker2006' who came out on top in the Mega Deep tournament on that site -- taking home $28,663. PokerStars Sunday Million ($200+15 NLHE) 7,124 entrants - $1,424,800 paid out to 1,080 spots ~ Full Recap XxJoaoFeraxX - $213,724.92 extragloves - $157,255.17 gimpshow - $113,984.00 LStrelec - $75,514.40 OffTh3Radar - $58,416.80 (Matt101) rodloiola - $44,168.80 (Rodloiola) navebit83 - $30,633.20 omeriko - $17,097.60 Calaviero - $11,042.20 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up ($200+15 NLHE) 2,414 entrants - $482,800 paid out to 360 spots ~ Full Recap miki21221 - $58,000.00 Eccentric_BG - $47,000.00 selouan1991 - $51,069 neverfoldQ5 - $46,789 *4-way deal Hope_Flooky - $21,484.60 lLuchowin - $16,656.60 eddymaksoud - $11,828.60 () LAWLSHOVE - $7,000.60 RuSSkiY.F - $4,103.80 PokerStars Sunday 500 ($500+$35 NLHE) 748 entrants - $374,000 paid out to 108 spots ~ Full Recap bebaimis777 - $51,780 nicofellow - $56,181 Staceop - $44,818 *3-way deal Se7enTr3y - $27,302.00 BillLewinsky - $19,261.00 elmerixx $15,521.00 (emeriaa) Festivuss $11,781.00 SuchADegen - $8,265.40 P Force 7 - $4,787.20 PokerStars Sunday Supersonic ($200+$15 NLHE 6-Max) 1,473 entrants - $310,508 paid out to 192 spots ~ Full Recap beukie555 - $46,945 mrspiu - $42,793 *2-way deal germaxi - $28,722.02 luckyluk83 - $19,872.53 YoHHH_ViraL - $12,730.84 Rhyno2008 - $8,445.82 (Rhyno2008) PokerStars Sunday Storm ($10+$1 NLHE) 33,851 entrants - $338,510 paid out to 5,400 spots ~ Full Recap avibin - $29,432.92 wHaT3v3r87 - $21,133.17 WellBr20 - $14,217.42 (WellBr20) Stecher5287 - $10,832.32 tigaleg - $7,447.22 Pokerl)eviL - $4,569.88 (Pokerl)evil) orb$1ne - $3,131.21 1Dispater1 - $2,200.31 marrom76 - $1,540.22 partypoker High Roller ($500+30 NLHE Re-Entry) *$150k Guaranteed 362 entrants - $181,000 paid out to 45 spots SaintJust_ - $35,295 (noirduck) flsh2013 - $26,698 Play2Parti - $19,910 saboniiplz - $15,204 (tedSTRETCH) stier_bald - $10,408 LaForceTrankil - $8,145 XINBAMA - $6,335 (Fold Machiii) MortenVM_ - $4,525 (MortenVM) BOOMALOOM - $3,168 iPoker Sunday Masters (€150 NLHE) 144 entrants - $22,507 paid out to 27 spots ~ Full Recap TataroMongol1 - $4,838.99 zidix365 - $3,488.57 (zidix) nic1111 - $2,644.56 agrocomedio - $1,969.35 IIIIPPPIIII - $1,350.41 JamieBruce - $1,125.35 pingdi41 - $900.28 eve2468 - $675.21 MyStapler - $450.14 888 Baby Whale ($320 NLHE) *$100k Guaranteed 477 entrants - $143,100 paid out to 63 spots breeth - $27,189 aIderfaider - $20,034 hownorez - $14,668 88achtung - $11,162 howabouttlnch - $7,871 ineedpants - $6,082 SuprNintend0 - $4,651 (joppiesaus) larshendrik - $3,220 Christoph91 - $2,375 888 Mega Deep ($215 NLHE) *$120k Guaranteed 781 entrants - $156,200 paid out to 99 spots joker2006 - $28,663 ShhPleb - $20,462 (rounder3989) Ipoo1 - $15,464 (KungKroon) TreadwCautio - $11,637 Iknewufold61 - $8,122 Whyfloatme - $6,560 PushThemOver - $4,998 (PushThemOver) Shak888 - $3,436 (Shak88888) blaq11 - $2,031 Full Tilt Sunday Major ($233+17 NLHE) 222 entrants - $51,726 paid out to 36 spots ~ Full Recap Rocky2810 - $10,422.79 Kutanoid - $7,758.90 bHaakonb - $5,689.86 RedPantRed - $4,138.08 Snusarn1 - $3,103.56 Menda Lerenda - $2,327.67 rwprado - $1,810.41 Ticiz - $1,370.74 schrutebucksss - $1,060.38
  24. [caption width="640"] 'a.urli' started the Sunday Million final table with the chip lead and managed to talk his way into the winner's share of a four-way chop. (PokerStars image)[/caption] All eyes were on the world's largest poker site this weekend, as the PokerStars Sunday Million 10th Anniversary tournament attracted more than 55,000 entries along with an $11 million prize pool. In the end, 'a.urli' negotiated a four-way final table deal that awarded a $970,000 first place payday. The final four players were rounded out by 'mladenova62' (2nd place for $650,000), 'prophetdream' (3rd place for $678,518) and 'canario508' (4th place for $560,000). 'Mr. Bucis' was the outright winner of the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up for $91,445. The Sunday 500 reached a prize pool of exactly $500,000 and was won by 'micide' for $74,431 following a three-way deal, while 'thehushpuppy' outlasted more than 2,000 opponents in the Sunday Supersonic to take home $70,686. The PartyPoker Powerfest #98 had a $5,200 high stakes buy-in and attracted 186 entrants. PartyPoker player 'Watnlos88' won $146,107 for 1st place after a four-way chop was negotiated with 6th-ranked 'Ariados' of Sweden (3rd place for $127,013). PokerStars Sunday Million ($200+15 NLHE) 55,059 entrants - $11,011,800 paid out to 8,208 spots ~ Full Recap a.urli - $970,000 mladenova62 - $650,000 prophetdream - $678,518 canario508 - $560,000 *4-way deal ThreeBetting - $318,415.00 Superfizzy - $235,653.62 AttiIa88 - $174,402.68 TottiLitti - $129,071.51 Torsvik - $95,522.96 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up ($200+15 NLHE) 2,903 entrants - $580,600 paid out to 414 spots ~ Full Recap Mr. Bucis - $91,445.24 mayanfactor - $68,220.50 KHANSTHEWORD - $48,770.40 MikeyG3 - $33,384.50 () mr.WanTaim - $25,256.10 LucaasAK747 - $19,450.10 (Lucas Inacio) hellzito - $13,644.10 TLNo.13 - $7,849.71 cynicalfish - $4,935.10 PokerStars Sunday 500 ($500+$35 NLHE) 1,000 entrants - $500,000 paid out to 144 spots ~ Full Recap micide - $74,431 Die Ventura - $62,261 joaomathias - $61,709 *3-way deal flyflo - $35,500.00 BrianLYip - $25,000.00 INTERFERONNN - $20,000.00 U_2GOOD4_M3 - $15,000.00 AzEsmTzar - $10,000.00 lavdara - $5,750.00 PokerStars Sunday Supersonic ($200+$15 NLHE 6-Max) 2,129 entrants - $448,793 paid out to 276 spots ~ Full Recap thehushpuppy - $70,685.94 Antonio7 - $52,733.20 karelb - $39,269.40 rounder63 - $25,805.60 e$kimo16 - $16,829.74 SuperPoep - $9,469.53 PartyPoker Powerfest #98 ($5,200 NLHE Re-Entry) 186 entrants - $930,000 paid out to 27 spots Watnlos88 - $146,107 dafuqisdis - $138,306 SODA1RA - $127,013 (Ariados) st_solo - $123,324 *4-way deal barrm111 - $55,800 nicecallLOL - $46,500 (hellohellohello) ALBERT1959 - $37,200 stier_bald - $27,900 Ch4nsey - $18,600 iPoker Sunday Masters (€150 NLHE) 136 entrants - $22,565 paid out to 27 spots ~ Full Recap CO4Hblu - $5,189.99 NicholasHalden - $3,610.43 PLOlooser123 - $2,741.67 brunovolks - $2,030.86 fashf12 - $1,353.91 swfcladisback - $1,128.26 Ravic85 - $902.61 (Anton Petrov) 1BACKtoBACK17 - $676.95 zidix365 - $564.13 (zidix) 888 WHALE ($600 NLHE) *$150k Guaranteed 437 entrants - $246,905 paid out to 63 spots CrystalMad - $46,912 WorldIsOurs - $34,567 (noirduck) mikulitapaci - $25,308 breeth - $19,259 AQW100 - $13,580 HateH4teHate - $10,493 LCfish - $8,024 t3amedward - $5,555 (donut604) HenryTheVIII - $4,099 888 Mega Deep ($215 NLHE) *$120k Guaranteed 956 entrants - $191,200 paid out to 126 spots moakaa - $29,756 (moaka1993) Engineer_757 - $24,465 bah22 - $23,597 *3-way deal chut_up - $13,862 (apestyles) msksevart - $9,636 sergiiz - $7,648 d0nkeykong - $5,736 (blazinchron) alexdimitrov - $3,824 (alexd2) _joinmystack - $2,294 Full Tilt Sunday Major ($233+17 NLHE) 239 entrants - $55,687 paid out to 36 spots ~ Full Recap aynin - $10,288.67 aJarov - $9,285.31 *2-way deal midnightGuest - $6,125.57 maniiac - $4,454.96 (Ballage87) (KJulius10 - $3,341.22 Shimbunshi - $2,505.92 VVVOLKOV - $1,949.05 Moneymik - $1,475.71 Popp1987 - $1,141.58
  25. 70th-ranked online poker tournament player 'joppiesaus' of Malta captured an outright victory in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up for $80,707. PocketFives members took the top six spots in the event, including 2nd and 3rd place efforts from 'Chapex' of Peru and 'MacEremeev' of Russia, who took home $60,274 and $42,907 for their respective finishes. PocketFiver Nairam 'marjanko89' Kimof Ukraine was the top member in the PokerStars Sunday Million, taking home $50,828 for 5th place, while Canadian 'Matthew66' was awarded $38,726 for 6th. 147-ranked Jordan 'JWPRODIGY' Westmorelandof Thailand finished runner-up in the PartyPoker High Roller for a score of $24,801. He chopped the tournament with PartyPoker player 'BOOMALOOM', who pulled off the rare feat of winning two major events on PartyPoker over the weekend. 'MiracleQ' of the Russian Federation (ranked #67 worldwide) earned $25,315 for his runner-up performance in the 888 Poker WHALE. Brazilian 'felipesalgado30' was involved in a three-way chop of the 888 Mega Deep, cashing for $21,070 for his official 1st place finish. 10th-ranked 'Ariados' of Sweden came out victorious in the bet-at-home/ William Hill / iPoker "Sunday Masters" for $4,859. _____ PartyPoker"Heavyweight - The Main Event" ($109 NLHE Re-Entry) *$150k Guaranteed 1,571 entrants - $157,100 paid out to 180 spots BOOMALOOM $28,278 seniorfarmer72 $20,423 but_flush $15,710 flecco747 $11,783 cryingmen11 $8,248 kengerro $6,677 Leroy1786 $5,106 SnipeDonkey $3,535 (TiltTheBho) cheekysharky $2,199 PartyPoker "High Roller" ($530 NLHE Re-Entry) *$100k Guaranteed 317 entrants - $158,500 paid out to 45 spots BOOMALOOM - $25,174 JWPRODIGY - $24,801 (JWPRODIGY) *2-way deal ipuntstacks2 - $14,741 GreenAsFelt - $12,046 (GreenAsFelt) OurodeTolo - $10,303 GMVALTER9 - $8,718 (GM_VALTER) trixibelle1 - $7,133 DominoLLC - $5,548 (domino20) nicecallLOL - $3,963 (hellohellohello) bet-at-home / William Hill / iPoker "Sunday Masters" (€150 NLHE) *€20k Gtd. 144 entrants - $21,126 paid out to 27 spots ~ Full Recap Klaxton123 - $4,858.88 (Ariados) 888allin2win - $3,380.09 BigFatSpliff - $2,566.76 Duuuk - $1,901.30 B4NN4ST0C4ZZ0 - $1,267.53 BrookeBurke - $1,056.28 polly7676 - $845.02 gnetaren - $633.77 (Sheater) chilli101 - $528.14 888 "WHALE" ($600 NLHE) *$150k Guaranteed 309 entrants - $174,585 paid out to 45 spots AQW100 - $33,782 kinsQ - $25,315 (MiracleQ) ZeroNineee - $19,204 TeamShippo - $14,403 samuelbt - $9,951 (Samuelbt) lshmaei - $7,682 LCfish - $5,936 B0H7J1M1R1S3 - $4,190 (Skrigepas) jba888 - $3,055 888 "$120k Mega Deep" ($215 NLHE) *$120k Guaranteed 766 entrants - $153,200 paid out to 99 spots mr.salgado - $21,070 (felipesalgado30) dulek_jason - $21,187 blowjob1987 - $21,091 *3-way deal 23norab - $11,413 plotka_voxa - $7,966 (ractigons7) cube.com11 - $6,434 (cube.com) Merfinis - $4,902 (Merfinis) marioallin - $3,370 123_THC - $1,992 Full Tilt "The Sunday Major" ($250 NLHE) *$50k Guaranteed 269 entrants - $62,677 paid out to 36 spots ~ Full Recap midnightGuest - $12,629.42 dipthrong - $9,401.55 (dipthrong) Skazo4nik123 - $6,894.47 Shimbunshi - $5,014.16 (shinbunshi) leoc00 - $3,760.62 Grippolio - $2,820.46 (Grip) AlexiouG - $2,193.69 RushAAKKandQQ - $1,660.94 strflushtome - $1,284.88 PokerStars "Sunday Million" ($200+15 NLHE) *1M Guaranteed 6,051 entrants - $1,210,200 paid out to 900 spots ~ Full Recap darluna - $159,483 Toroo13 - $105,506 untouchble10 - $128,464 dulek_jason - $90,147 *4-way deal marjanko89 - $50,828.40 (marjanko89) Eat_U_Up_ha - $38,726.40 (Matthew66) Mpa3yka - $26,624.40 (Revenant) Allwill move - $14,522.40 doublefish87 - $9,379.05 PokerStars "Sunday Warm-Up" ($200+15 NLHE) *$425k Guaranteed 2,554 entrants - $510,800 paid out to 378 spots ~ Full Recap PIPI tapis! - $80,706.69 (joppiesaus) Chapex - $60,274.40 (Chapex) 10Badboy10 - $42,907.20 (MacEremeev) MountainRo$e - $29,876.69 (MountainRose) dimiangelako - $22,219.80 (dimiangelako) DixyDix - $17,111.80 (dixy1) ileudo - $12,003.80 LoneHixx - $7,406.60 birs320 - $4,341.80 PokerStars "Sunday 500" (500+35 NLHE) *$275k Guaranteed 645 entrants - $322,500 paid out to 90 spots ~ Full Recap Setherson2 - $59,178.75 FoxyLisa - $42,247.50 ValterBr@nco - $31,927.50 birs320 - $24,026.25 Ron Jovi 7 - $16,770.00 Ravic85 - $13,545.00 (Ravic85) spidey_85 - $10,320.00 rickv17 - $7,095.00 chess87 - $4,192.50 PokerStars "Sunday Supersonic" ($215 NLHE 6-Max) *$250k Guaranteed 1,230 entrants - $259,284 paid out to 156 spots ~ Full Recap AceSpades11 - $43,430.67 vladobu6i - $32,410.50 vitaoMTD - $24,631.98 (vitaoMTD) Kyle Aiken - $16,853.46 M@gic_master - $11,045.49 Nelisschuif7 - $7,778.52 PokerStars "Sunday Storm" ($11 NLHE) *$300k Guaranteed 31,456 entrants - $314,560 paid out to 4,500 spots ~ Full Recap CTG13 - $29,436.82 BaudsPetr - $21,547.36 GiaKap13 - $13,997.92 (giakap13) syalfred - $10,852.32 corina1981 - $7,706.72 Patrabbit - $4,718.40 Doonyboy - $3,302.88 HR_Dub - $2,201.92 KonioDaSilva - $1,557.07 Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? 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