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  1. On Sunday, the competition for the attention of the online poker player was especially heated. No matter where you play, no matter the stakes - this weekend there was an overwhelming selection of tournaments taking place looking to capitalize on the rush of players staying inside and logging on. Perhaps the wealth of options is what led some of the Sunday Majors to stake a small step backward with regards to players, while others were able to easily smash their guarantees. After more than doubling their $1 million guarantee last week in the Sunday Million, PokerStars rolled out a two-day $2 million guaranteed $109 Sunday Million. The tournament brought in 31,356 entries for a massive prize pool of $3,135,600. The winner was determined on Monday, with 'jacko111222' taking top honors and $199,128. There was a four-way deal made and each of the top four finishes earned six figures. [ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] PokerStars did the same with its popular $530 Bounty Builder High Roller. This week the two-day even drew 3,258 players for a prize pool of $1,620,000, just $19,500 more than last week. The top two places will secure six-figure sums and, no doubt, a hefty bonus in bounties. Even with all of the events of POWERFEST taking place, the partypoker MILLION crushed its guarantee once again as 995 players generated a prize pool of $1,285,718. The total was down a little over $25,000 but that didn’t matter to ‘TifAya13’ who turned their $215 buy-in into a $146,761 score after making a three-way deal. ‘im_fc_fish_pro’ was the official runner-up, locking up $140,648 in the deal. Finally, ‘StrA1dEr’ was the final member of the chop, and booked a $132,701 six-figure score. The GGPoker GGMasters continued to post big numbers as 3,121 played in the site’s flagship weekend event. However, that was actually 149 player drop from last week’s field which increased the overlay to just over $69,000. In the end, ‘mike4444’ struck a heads-up deal with ‘flyyy’ in which ‘mike4444’ took home $66,185.45 as the official winner. ‘flyyy’ settled for the role of the runner-up, adding $58,085.20 to their bankroll. ‘for_science’ also managed a nice payday, banking $37,373.10 for third place. PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-up saw a slight uptick in participation as 1,388 players generated a prize pool of $277,600. ‘disquesi!’ walked away as the winner for $42,761 followed closely behind by ‘FrenchDawg’ who settled for $30,744 in second place. ‘sirtammel’ ended up in third place for $22,105 while online poker superstar Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar wrapped up in fourth place for $15,894. ‘picnik75’ picked up $35,018 plus an additional $21,502 in bounties by surviving the 5,808 entries field of the PokerStars $109 Bounty Builder. Finishing in second place was ‘pseftis’ who picked up $35,013 and an additional $7,476.91 in bounties. PokerStars $109 Sunday Million (2-day tournament) 31,356 Entries $3,135,600 prize pool jacko111222 - $199,128* BigFudge95 - $116,384.29* pavers88 - $130,046.68* Lord_Sultan - $162,023.12* Ares0966 - $68,211.52 MegaBobeR_55 - $50,620.81 bolsena - $37,566.68 soleeJ - $27,878.93 Matthew101 - $20,689.31 *Denotes a deal was made. PokerStars High Roller Club $530 Bounty Builder HR (2-day tournament) 3,258 Entries $1,629,000 prize pool PokerStars $215 Bounty Builder 2,019 Entries $403,800 prize pool PoWei139 - $25,835.66 + $28,614.47 B3NKR0LL3R - $24,833.73 + $5,996.88 tslugxx - $15,327.76 + $5,398.23 FreeLancerZZ - $10,926.14 + $2,559.39 akasherin - $7,788.51 + $2,089.46 PINOCIO93 - $5,551.90 + $746.88 aJarov - $3,957.58 + $896.87 milennial - $2,821.10 + $2,689.07 jeffreyPL1 - $2,010.98 + $2,260.95 PokerStars $215 Warm-Up 1,388 entries $277,600 prize pool disquesi! - $42,761.01 FrenchDawg - $30,744.72 sirtammel - $22,105.70 Greenstone25 - $15,894.18 leshark81 - $11,428.04 lasgnaaammm - $8,216.84 KKing James - $5,907.96 rodckz - $4,247.86 SerVlaMin - $3,054.23 PokerStars $109 Bounty Builder 5,808 Entries $580,800 prize pool picnik75 - $35,018.54 + $21,502.83 pseftis - $35,013.35 + $7,476.91 gushuang888 - $20,036.49 + $1,405.87 _sennj_ - $13,960.86 + $5,030.60 pucho2100 - $9,727.52 + $3,736.84 oldfandango - $6,777.84 + $1,916.78 nnanh961 - $4,722.60 + $368.75 zhangly0862 - $3,290.55 + $1,115.23 Korkmaz_mk64 - $2,292.76 + $3,587.44 partypoker MILLION Final Day 995 entries $1,285,718 prize pool TifAya13 - $146,761.04 im_fc_fish_pro - $140,648.89 StrA1dEr - $132,701.91 nema golubica - $57,175.87 feast - $39,214.39 fuchs339999 - $26,588.64 lvlup-00 - $18,655.76 Alexander_Great - $11,944.32 GGPoker GGMasters 3,121 entries 500,000 prize pool ($69,302 overlay) mike4444 - $66,185.45 flyyy - $58,085.20 for_science - $37,373.10 ThePizzaGuy - $26,871.60 luckykaky - $19,320.90 kevin8097 - $13,891.90 mikzoan12 - $9,988.40 dino622 - $7,181.75 benderbey2 - $5,163.75
  2. After three days of play, the largest PokerStars Sunday Million finally has a champion and after the final four players agreed to a deal it left just one player a new millionaire instead of the originally planned two. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="NJ Online Poker Promos"] Brazilian 'AAAArthur' was the last player standing after beating Stefan 'CrAzY_sTeFaN' Dragos heads-up and earned $1,192,802 - including the $50,000 that PokerStars required the players leave behind in any deal made. Dragos wound up banking $921,328. His previous largest cash came last June when he finished second in a UFC KO event on PokerStars for $72,028. Third place finisher 'caroline2963' earned $786,873, while 'salonteskis' won $826,920 thanks to the chop. The original payouts were $1,509,390.01, $1,031,584.64, $705,059.41, and $481,889.85 respectively. The event, which was meant to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the Sunday Million, attracted 93,016 entries to create an $18,603,200 prize pool, the largest ever on PokerStars and the third largest in the history of online poker. The only events with more money up for grabs were the 2018 partypoker MILLIONS Online ($21.78 million) and the 2019 partypoker MILLIONS Online ($21.09 million). The final day began with 91 players still in contention and Canadian-based grinder 'meandmyarrow' leading the way. Things didn't quite go according to plan for them and they were eliminated in 30th place. Along with Dragos, two other PocketFivers made the final table. Marios 'Jully-19' Mansour finished in sixth place for $225,108 and Paulius 'D3cor' Vaitiekunas came in ninth for $71,870. Final Table Payouts AAAArthur - $1,192,802 Stefan 'CrAzY_sTeFaN' Dragos - $921,328 caroline2963 - $786,873 salonteskis - $826,920 AlexHoldz - $329,357 Marios 'Jully-19' Mansour - $225,108 tweny1 - $153,854 pokerfrance - $105,155 Paulius 'D3cor' Vaitiekunas - $71,870
  3. When Day 1 of the PokerStars Sunday Million 14th Anniversary event ended on Sunday night, there were 85,432 entries with late registration open for another 16 hours. By the time registration closed on Monday afternoon, another 7,584 players had managed to register to push the final number to 93,016. That put the final prize pool at $18,603,200 - the third largest online poker tournament of all-time and the largest one ever held on PokerStars. Only the 2018 partypoker MILLIONS Online ($21.78 million) and the 2019 partypoker MILLIONS Online ($21.09 million) had larger prize pools. [ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] More than 20,000 players were in action when Day 2 began and after eight hours of action, just 91 players remain in the hunt for the $1,509,390.01 first-place prize. Leading the way is Canada-based player 'meandmyarrow' with 59,709,692. Sitting in second is Finland's 'Arlingtona' with 55,018,866. Third place belongs to Cyprus-based player 'akamas73' with a stack of 46,500,346. A number of familiar faces entered Day 2 dreaming of winning it all but had those dreams dashed too soon for their liking. Former #1-ranked Matt 'ch0ppy' Kay finished in 121st place, Vicente 'vicenfish' Delgado Zamorano came in 139th, Pascal 'Pass_72' LeFrancois finished 145th, each earning $9,260.67. Robin 'robinho' Ylitalo was eliminated in 294th place for $5,664.67. The third and final day of play begins at 1 pm ET and is scheduled to play down to a winner. Top 10 Chip Counts meandmyarrow - 59,709,692 Arlingtona - 55,018,866 akamas73 - 46,500,246 Stefan 'CrAzY_sTeFaN' Dragos - 46,272,960 tweny1 - 44,809,750 heitorqueiro - 39,850,786 need2more - 39,280,856 BOOOOOM92 - 37,485,140 Marko 'Kuconi' Boskovic - 36,578,085 luckyjoy1984 - 33,586,301
  4. Sunday was a massive day for online poker with turnouts in tournaments across all sites seeing extraordinary growth. When PokerStars chose March 15 as the date for its 14th Anniversary Sunday Million event, they had no idea that real world events would bring so many players back to the online tables. The $12.5 million guarantee already meant that this event would be the single largest prize pool in PokerStars 19-year history, but it took just under three hours to draw the 62,500 required players that ensured PokerStars wouldn't be out of pocket. Over the next four hours of play, a grand total of 85,432 entries pushed the total prize pool to $17,086,400. The only two events in the history of online poker with bigger prize pools were the 2018 and 2019 partypoker MILLIONS Online, both of which eclipsed $21,000,000. [ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] Late registration in the Sunday Million remains open until the start of Day 2 at 1 PM ET but they have no chance at breaking the record. The 107,000 player cap means the maximum possible prize pool for this event is $21,400,000, which would put it one spot behind the 2018 partypoker MILLIONS Online event and just ahead of last December's MILLIONS Online. Largest Online Poker Tournament Prize Pools DATE EVENT BUY-IN PRIZE POOL December 6, 2018 partypoker MILLIONS Online $5,300 $21,780,000 December 11, 2019 partypoker MILLIONS Online $10,300 $21,090,000 March 22, 2020 Sunday Million 14th Anniversary $215 TBD December 18, 2011 Sunday Million 10th Anniversary $215 $12,423,200 April 14, 2019 Sunday Million 13th Anniversary $215 $12,268,400 September 26, 2010 WCOOP Main Event $5,200 $12,215,000 March 6, 2011 Sunday Million 5th Anniversary $215 $11,825,600 April 22, 2018 Sunday Million Anniversary: Take 2 $215 $11,262,000 September 26, 2019 WCOOP Main Event $5,200 $11,180,000 April 2, 2017 Sunday Million 11th Anniversary $215 $11,167,000 Just 16,836 players advanced through the 18 levels of play on Day 1. China's 'nowwor880' ended up with the chip lead after accumulating 680,117 chips. Not far behind them is Belgium's 'X_QQ_AA_KK_fish' with 643,093. Rounding out the top three was 'DLSXL' with 576,980. Top 10 Chip Counts nowwor880 - 680,117 X_QQ_AA_KK_fish - 643,093 DLSXL - 576,980 GLiTCHy M-F - 565,242 flyflo - 545,887 guiantonio2 - 530,381 nakolene888 - 529,102 IownYoUlolz - 513,879 ChrizCrozz - 501,481 CharlyBigPot - 499,343 Some of the notables to advance to Day 2 of the three-day event include former #1-ranked 'eisenhower1' (413,982), Anatoly 'NL_Profit' Filatov (384,476), Antoine 'A.Saout' Saout (357,942), Patrick 'pads1161' Leonard (110,532), Pedro 'pvigar' Garagnani (105,908), Conor '1_conor_b_1' Beresford (97,661), Alex 'bigfox86' Foxen (85,166), Kristen 'krissyb24' Bicknell (43,897), current #2-ranked Johannes 'Greenstone' Korsar (34,050), and 'cocojamb0' (20,000). Current #1 'Lena900' also advanced to Day 2 with 87,603. The average stack is 101,719. Play resumes at 1 PM ET on Monday and will play 32 15-minute levels.
  5. With the coronavirus outbreak forcing millions of people to stay home, online poker operators expected an increase in activity over the weekend and the Sunday Majors provided proof of that coming to fruition. The PokerStars Sunday Million, partypoker MILLION, GGPoker GG Masters and a number of other key events all saw increases in turnout and the corresponding prize pool. [ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] The PokerStars Sunday Million had 13,579 entries - up 2,575 from the last time the event ran without a Progressive Knockout format (March 2). Last week, the event had 14,502 runners using the PKO format. 'blue70mach1' earned $131,418 for an outright victory while 'Momess' picked up $95,361 for coming in second place. Brazilian Geraldo 'GeraldoCesar' Cesar Neto finished with a bronze medal and $69,203 - the second biggest score of his career. One of the biggest increases in field size on PokerStars belonged to the High Roller Club $530 Bounty Builder. On March 9, the tournament drew 300 entries for a $150,000 prize pool. This week, 1,509 entries created a $754,500 prize pool with Diego 'phounderAA' Veiga scoring $49,721.48 from the prize pool and an impressive $50,378.27 worth of bounties. Former Sunday Million winner 'WATnlos' finished in second place for $49,720.34 and $9,216.79 in bounties. Maxime 'Daghemuneguu' Chilaud wound up in third place for $30,346.85 and another $6,946.76 in bounties. The PokerStars $109 Bounty Builder brought in 4,487 entries and Vietnam's 'Namduong86' topped all of them to win $27,050.63 and another $14,992.30 collected from bounties. His final bounty belonged to 'ZeBaronju' who earned $27,047.25 for coming in second place and another $2,551.59 from the bounties. Third place finisher 'ksieciunio97' picked up $15,312.42 from the prize pool and $2,195.58 in bounties. The partypoker MILLION also saw an uptick in attendance with POWERFEST also kicking off on Sunday. The MILLION burst through the $1 million guarantee with a $1,080,558 prize pool. The final three players agreed to a deal that saw each of them score a six-figure payday. Finishing in top spot gave 'supersmasher' $122,111.89, 'trekgeit' came in second place for $119,674.45, while 'mogvision' pocketed $112,963.25. POWERFEST Recap: 'SpanishFly' Tops Opening Day with $192,359 Win The bump in field sizes helped mark a historic occasion for GGPoker. For the first time in the 11-week history of the GG Masters, the flagship tournament beat the posted guarantee. The 2,260-entry field created a $311,880 prize pool to pass the $300,000 guarantee. Beating that record field came with a $46,252.45 score for 'oldzet'. Coming in as the runner-up gave 'OtxarkoagabrO' a $32,968.92 bankroll boost while '-MortenVM-' grabbed $23,501.34 as the third place finisher. Sunday Majors Results PokerStars Sunday Million 13,579 entries $1,357,900 prize pool blue70mach1 - $131,418 Momess - $95,361 GeraldoCesar - $69,203 anteen - $50,221 pececada - $36,445 HS toaster - $26,448 Cripple86 - $19,193 NoLimit173 - $13,928 du wang ckf02 - $10,108 PokerStars Sunday Warm-up 929 entries $185,800 prize pool Lefebvre1101 - $30,543.13 com 157 - $22,099.16 JElK0 - $16,037.36 1MTM91 - $11,638.30 Gabriel1244 - $8,445.91 HU4FU - $6,129.18 Buehlero - $4,447.94 KANIBAL_MIND - $3,227.86 Eleres88 - $2,342.45 PokerStars $109 Bounty Builder 4,487 entries $448,700 prize pool Namduong86 - $27,050.63 + $14,992.30 in bounties ZeBaronju - $27,047.25 + $2,551.59 in bounties ksieciunio97 - $15,312.42 + $2,195.58 in bounties nek100 - $10,597.39 + $4,325.87 in bounties Bulancordit6 - $7,334.24 + $4,754.96 in bounties TreeHogan - $5,075.87 + $2,208.41 in bounties Qiwo - $3,512.89 + $2,391.61 in bounties Snozzzi - $2,431.19 + $1,130.16 in bounties ermiamzok - $1,682.48 + $1,112.88 in bounties PokerStars High Roller Club $530 Bounty Builder HR PKO 1,509 entries $754,500 prize pool phounderAA - $49,721.48 + $50,378.27 in bounties WATnlos - $49,720.34 + $9,216.79 in bounties Daghemuneguu - $30,346.85 + $6,946.76 in bounties MITS 304 - $22,022.68 + $6,773.43 in bounties ShipitFTW911 - $15,981.85 + $6,056.65 in bounties 23noraB - $11,598.02 + $1,359.38 in bounties TonyGPT - $8,41.67 + $9,049.80 in bounties sk2ll_m0dR - $6,107.97 +$6,142.56 in bounties EduardoGarl@ - $4,432.57 + $1,796.88 in bounties partypoker MILLION 830 entries $1,080,558 prize pool supersmasher - $122,111.89 trekgeit - $119,674.45 mogvision - $112,963.25 edy14101 - $48,192.88 Mr Taog - $33,097.49 Toppairlover - $22,453.99 XjoaosimaoX - $15,786.95 KARL1981 - $10,157.24 GGPoker GG Masters $150 NLHE 2,260 entries $311,880 prize pool oldzet - $46,252.45 OtxarkoagabrO - $32,968.92 -MortenVM- $23,501.34 designed2win - $16,752.57 M@cacoCidadao - $11,941.82 TOMOCHAIN - $8,512.51 ilsy768 - $6,068.03 QualquerDuas - $4,325.49 thmz - $3,083.37 888poker Sunday Mega Deep $100,000 Guaranteed 773 entries + 268 rebuys $104,100 prize pool Sw33ney - $19,102.35 AndreyNiki - $13,637.10 salue7 - $10,305.90 DONCIKO18973 - $7,755.45 Iplayanyone - $5,413.20 Egption - $4,372.20 Hailey88 - $3,331.20 daltonhb - $2,290.20 jadedjason - $1,353.30
  6. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. Back from Las Vegas, Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters discuss their takeaways from the World Poker Tour final tables at Luxor and how they're maybe not as fan-friendly as we were lead to believe when the company announced the decision to move all TV final tables to Sin City. They also review not only the nominees for the Global Poker Awards, but offer suggestions on ways to vastly improve the shortlist and nomination process. As a hot of a topic as the GPAs are, Lance and Donnie also go over some of the people who were snubbed and some of the people who got nominated despite not having a body of work worthy of that honor. And it wouldn't be an episode of The Fives in 2019 if they didn't discuss the dwindling attendance in the PokerStars Sunday Million. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  7. As 2019 draws to a close, PocketFives takes a look back at the year that was in poker news, going month-by-month through the biggest and most important stories of the year. In April, there was plenty of online poker news, including one player scoring a Sunday Million victory for the second time in eight weeks and operator approvals from Pennsylvania. For Second Time in 8 Weeks, 'Lucky_Jew_17' Wins Sunday Million Most online poker players dream of winning the PokerStars Sunday Million once in their lives, but the vast majority fall short of that goal. Not only did PokerStars player 'Lucky_Jew_17' achieve the highly sought-after feat of winning online poker's most iconic event, but he did it twice in the span of eight weeks. At the beginning of March, 'Lucky_Jew_17' topped a field of 11,525 entries in the PokerStars Sunday Million, taking home a career-best score of $117,222. On April 21, he won the event again with a very similar outcome. The second time around, 'Lucky_Jew_17' bested a field of 11,212 entries to earn $114,039 in first-place prize money. Earning the second Sunday Million title was made even sweeter for 'Lucky_Jew_17' because he had to top one of the top-ranked online poker players in the world to get the win. Finishing in second place was Sweden's 'Lena900.' [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zgone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Online Operators Approved in Pennsylvania In more online poker news that grabbed headlines in April, PokerStars and partypoker were among the operators approved for licenses in the state of Pennsylvania. PokerStars had previously linked up with Mount Airy Casino Resort in August 2018 so that it could eventually offer online poker in Pennsylvania, and partypoker's potential partnership comes through Valley Forge Casino, owned by Boyd Gaming. Boyd Gaming has a strategic partnership with GVC, who is the parent company of partypoker. The two global brands weren't the only operators that received approval from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, though. Joining PokerStars and partypoker as approved Pennsylvania online poker operators were WSOP/888poker, GAN and Kambi for Parx Casino, IGT, Rush Street, and Sands Bethlehem. Although the word was that legal online poker would be operational in Pennsylvania on July 15, the launch date was pushed back a handful of months. Eventually, PokerStars launched on Monday, November 4, and has been operating since, including recently completing its first run of the PokerStars PACOOP. Five-Way Chop in 13th Anniversary Sunday Million One week before 'Lucky_Jew_17' won his second PokerStars Sunday Million title in eight weeks, the 13th Anniversary Sunday Million took place. The two-day event started on Sunday, April 14, 2019, and attracted an enormous field of 61,342 entries. With a buy-in of $215, a prize pool of $12.268 million was generated, which easily surpassed the tournament's $10 million guarantee. Winning the event was 'wangli0402,' although he actually took home the second most money following a five-way chop. Earning the most money was fifth-place finisher 't4rz4n_21,' who took home $625,073. The other three players involved in the five-way deal were 'xbambi' (2nd - $550,689), 'idzake' (3rd - $509,664), and 'kacer148' (4th - $520,535). Quads Over Quads for Neeme at Run It Up Reno Things were good for Andrew Neeme on April 16, 2019. That's when he held pocket nines and flopped quads against John Snyder. Unfortunately for Snyder, he held pocket fives and flopped a full house. Little did Snyder know, he was drawing dead. If you thought the [poker card="9h"][poker card="9d"][poker card="5s"] was bad for Snyder and his [poker card="5h"][poker card="5c"], things only got worse for him when the turn brought the [poker card="5d"] to give him quads fives. With Neeme holding the [poker card="9c"][poker card="9s"], Snyder was not going to win this hand despite the cartwheels he was doing inside. The result was caught on the Run It Up Reno stream and resulted in one of the most epic bad beats you will ever see. Moorman Honored with PocketFives Legacy Award Another big happening in the poker world in April was the first-ever Global Poker Awards, as the industry got together to celebrate some of the game's best across a wide variety of categories. Among those to take home hardware were Maria Ho for Broadcaster of the Year, Ali Imsirovic for Breakout Player of the Year, and Paul Campbell for Tournament Director of the Year. One of the best moments of the night focused on the presentation of the PocketFives Legacy Award. The award was presented to the one and only Chris Moorman, as an honor for a player who has collected more accolades over the course of his online poker career than any player in the 15-year history of PocketFives.com. Moorman boasts more than $16.2 million in online earnings, 30 PocketFives Triple Crowns, two Yearly PLB titles, and he's been ranked #1 in the world on 13 separate occasions.
  8. Just four years ago, Nicolas 'PKaiser' Fierro stood atop the PocketFives Rankings as the #1-ranked online poker player in the world. On Sunday, Fierro put himself in the spotlight again after winning the PokerStars Sunday Million for the first time in his career. Fierro beat Brazilian Wagner '_WaPetry_' Petry heads-up to take home the title. The final three players agreed to a deal that saw Fierro earn $99,730.72, Petry got $86,888.70 as the runner-up and 'compris' banked $75,976.17 for coming in third place. The event drew 11,463 runners for a $1,146,300 prize pool. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zgone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] The partypoker MILLION attracted 4,563 entries to fall $87,400 short of the $1,000,000 guarantee. An outright victory earned 'americanEAGLEBB' $140,000. Runner-up 'Anonymous1' took home $89,736.45 while 'ihaveHUD' saw his way to a $76,942.89 score as the third-place finisher. 'AndreyBolkonsky' struggled through war and peace on their way to victory in the partypoker $5,200 High Roller Sunday Big Game for a $94,340.24 score. The win came after the final two players came to terms on a deal. Runner-up 'sims_or_sins...' ended up with $87,909.77. Rounding out the podium finishers was 'onehundredeyes' with a $52,650 score. Over on 888poker, 'sweet_dr34ms' topped the 180-player field in the $1,050 Dragon to bank $43,000. Finishing one spot behind him earned 'ivanascasubi' $31,000, while 'mikinas' took home $23,500 for finishing in third place. partypoker $215 partypoker MILLION 4,563 entries, $1,000,000 prize pool americanEAGLEBB - $140,000 Anonymous1 - $89,736.45 ihaveHUD - $76,942.89 subli_ - $67,160.66 poker3019 - $30,750 Mlv96 - $20,890 g1anfar - $14,710 Skipper-22 - $9,490 partypoker $5,200 High Roller Sunday Big Game 81 entries, $405,000 prize pool AndreyBolkonsky - $94,340.24* sims_or_sins... - $87,909.77* onehundredeyes - $52,650 EmpireMaker - $36,450 Paquiitoo - $28,350 Therock1972 - $21,262.50 NewYorkJimmY - $17,212.50 Kenny 'SpaceyFCB' Hallaert - $14,175 partypoker $530 High Roller Bounty Hunter 323 entries, $153,237.50 prize pool YouGotTheDud - $17,470.76 + $12,371.62 in bounties Van_Vian_Van - $12,355.39 + $3,330.48 in bounties JohnCoffey13 - $8,566.05 + $6,991.15 in bounties RCF-88 - $6,137.53 + $4,023.63 in bounties kaylycs21 - $4,371.33 + $2,329.67 in bounties NOLIMITHOLDEM - $3,240.96 + $1,652.93 in bounties WhaledShark - $2,251.90 + $1,000.77 in bounties NevergiveupBG - $1,642.56 + $2,460.95 in bounties partypoker $320 Gladiator 822 entries, $232,540 prize pool yvin - $16,878.44* + $23,720.77 in bounties ItHasLowEV - $16,853.67* + $2,867.16 in bounties A.Desm - Pijero - $12,793.39 + $4,026.54 in bounties DudaDaDog - $8,753.37 + $898.62 in bounties PhatToad - $6,060.02 + $1,994.74 in bounties daykotoviezy - $4,040.02 + $2,429.25 in bounties PokerStars $109 Sunday Million 11,463 entries, $1,146,300 prize pool PKaiser - $99,730.72* _WaPetry_ - $86,888.70* compris - $75,976.17* ccyrenne - $44,555.87 zenga984 - $32,334.14 Fbrito27 - $23,464.76 GothenutsAA - $17,028.28 ChristianBR4 - $12,357.45 BarchWarHead - $8,967.73 PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-up 670 entries, $134,000 prize pool csaba333 - $23,249.98 doulas12 - $16,872.31 Lena900 - $12,244.23 motreanu90 - $8,885.63 SsicK_OnE - $6,448.30 papan9_p$ - $4,679.53 marathur1 - $3,395.94 langace66 - $2,464.43 jpous - $1,788.44 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller PKO 1,085 entries, $542,500 prize pool sman9876 - $40,981.69* + $32,931.55 in bounties pvigar - $35,506.85* + 6,142.57 in bounties RUNITSRANN - $23,713.65 + $3,697.26 in bounties Bit2Easy - $17,382.02 + $11,058.57 in bounties KKsuckAA - $12,740.96 + $4,437.50 in bounties €urop€an - $9,339.08 + $3,441.40 in bounties Daan0611 - $6,845.50 + $3,261.72 in bounties xs169747 - $5,017.74 + $3,146.48 in bounties naldezz - $3,678.01 + $9,394.51 in bounties PokerStars High Roller Club $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up 162 entries, $162,000 prize pool Ole 'wizowizo' Schemion - $32,660.30 NoTilit - $25,270.36 6uplanbojini1 - $19,552.36 pokerkluka - $15,128.54 bluet0m89 - $11,705.50 freddopizza - $9,056.96 mamamamama70 - $7,007.69 Remi Lebo_10 - $5,422.10 lechuckpoker - $4,553.05 888poker $1,050 Dragon 180 entries, $200,000 prize pool sweet_dr34ms - $43,000 ivanascasubi - $31,000 mikinas - $23,500 Nudien - $17,500 tichoarce - $12,000 W.Klix - $10,000 DrMiKee - $8,000 MrCoals - $6,000 PokerJoe332 - $4,000
  9. Last month, Germany's KingKong0815(pictured) was part of a three-way chop of the PokerStars Sunday Million and put back $165,000, officially taking third place. "I'm pretty stoked," he told PocketFives in an exclusive interview. "It still feels pretty unreal." Unreal like watching a giant ape climb the Empire State Building? The cash accounts for nearly all of his winnings in his PocketFives profile, so not surprisingly, he plans to refresh his bankroll and invest in non-poker activities with his newfound riches. He wanted to chop four-handed, but fellow PocketFiver bazeman wasn't up for it. A couple of hands after the initial discussions, bazeman bit the dust, so chop negotiations resumed three-handed. "At the time, I was chip leader and so got the most of it," KingKong0815 explained, "which still seems so unreal. Winning or chopping the Sunday Million is probably almost every online poker player's dream. I just got very, very fortunate to be in that spot." That week's winner, PhiRi1, earned $177,000. As we said, bazeman finished fourth in the Sunday Million that week, while PocketFiver LFmagic (pictured) took fifth. We asked KingKong0815 for a scouting report on both: "They are very well established pros and tough customers. They play a lot better than I do, but I had my lucky shot. LFmagic had a roller-coaster final table, his chip stack going up and down. Luckily, both of them were sitting on my right, so I had position, but they were still giving me a hard time. So, I was glad when both were gone." He got started in poker through home games with friends and was "hooked immediately. I have a pretty hard passion for the game. I love poker." He chose the screen name KingKong0815 on PokerStars, which he said he "just made up" and "thought it was funny at the time." You can find him on Full Tiltunder the screen name KIMBO_MAN. The German player is currently working at his father's financial services firm and admitted it's tempting to quit to try to become a poker pro, but "I'm not ready for this step yet." We suppose chopping the Sunday Million for 770 times his buy-in will have to do for now. "My poker friends and some close friends know about this score," he said. "But, I didn't tell my family yet. I might in the next couple of weeks. My wife is probably as happy as I am. My friends are very stoked and happy for me. They were kind of in disbelief and a good friend of mine, Peter Enis, railed me during the final table." He closed with an Oscar-like thank you speech, giving props to those in his life who have impacted his game: "I'm very thankful for my wife's support. She gives me all the time to grind while she is doing the household stuff. I also want to thank Alex AssassinatoFitzgerald (pictured) for his high-end coaching. Without him, my game wouldn't be where it is right now. Thanks to all of my other friends like Jonas Schrofheide and Marcus Hansen who support me and keep me motivated." The Sunday Million runs weekly on PokerStars. If you don't already have a PokerStars account, sign up through the links on PocketFives to get a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus and one free month of Tournament Poker Edge or CardRunners poker training. Get started here. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  10. A few days before Christmas, Pablo Nerro (pictured), who is known on PocketFives as Rhyno2008, won the PokerStars Sunday Million outright for $217,000, defeating a field of 7,420 entrants. He took down the lion's share of the almost $1.5 million awarded and shot up to #3 in his home country of Uruguay. PocketFives: Congrats on taking down the Sunday Million. Tell us how you're feeling about it. Pablo Nerro: Winning the Sunday Million feels really nice, even though I haven't been able to rest much yet. I'm looking forward to playing again. PocketFives: Was there talk of a chop at any point? Pablo Nerro: Only one player mentioned something about making a deal. This first happened when there were five of us left. Then, the same guy kept asking for a deal up until when it was he and I heads-up for the whole thing. I felt I was going to win it the whole time. When there were three of us left and I had three times as many chips as the player who was second in chips, I kept saying to myself that I wanted to win the Sunday Million; I didn't want to chop it. PocketFives: Do you have any plans for the money? Will this change your poker career in any way? Pablo Nerro: I have no immediate plans for the money. If everything turns up okay, I might buy an apartment here in Montevideo in the near future. Regarding poker, I'm probably going to be adding some tournaments to my schedule that I wasn't playing before like the Second Chance and the $109 Turbos. I still think there are a lot of things about my game that I need to improve, so I won't be playing higher tournaments than those. PocketFives: What have your family and friends said about the win? Pablo Nerro: The first thing I did after winning was wake up my parents at 6:00am and tell them what I had just done. They didn't know what tournament it was, so I told them how much I won and they couldn't believe it. I want to say thanks to my friends and everyone who congratulated me. All of those greetings and supportive messages were absolutely amazing. I tried to respond to each and every one of them. PocketFives: Tell us about poker in Uruguay. How much is the game accepted and who plays? What does society think of the Uruguay pokercommunity? Pablo Nerro: Each year there are more players playing live tournaments and the big online results are piling up. I think we have a very good group of players in Uruguay. Sadly, for the most part, our beloved sport isn't broadly accepted and treated as such. Instead, it is commonly seen as gambling and as a bad thing. I hope we can turn this around in the future. PocketFives: How did you get started in poker? Do you play full-time? Pablo Nerro: I started playing in 2008, hence my screen name, and I'm dedicated to poker full-time. I was playing micro-limits for the most part up until recently, when I started to focus on studying and getting better. This improved my game a lot and gave me the chance to move up in stakes confidently. PocketFives: What do you do outside of poker? Pablo Nerro: Outside of poker, I really like playing soccer and running. Also, I like hanging out with my friends and enjoying the beach during the summer. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  11. Last Month, Cosmin Calea (pictured), who is known as xkosssxon PocketFives, won the PokerStars Sunday Millionoutright for $215,000. There were almost 7,200 entrants that day and Calea was one of 1,080 to make the money. "I am very happy and excited about the successful performance I had," he told PocketFives after the final cards had been dealt. "A final table in the Sunday Million has been one of my dreams since I started playing poker." On the 30th of March, Calea passed $1 million in online tournament cashes, about one-fifth of which came from the Sunday Million. Accordingly, his score will have a profound impact on his life. He explained, "I have been trying to buy an apartment. I was struggling and wasn't succeeding in saving much money, so this result came at a perfect time and now I have the money I need to buy a bigger apartment and a car." His Sunday Million win means a new chapter in his life. "I consider this score a starting point of a new stage of my career," he said. "This score will give me the power to work increasingly more every day to reach my new target of becoming a top player. I will try to keep the same stakes I have now." We won't likely see Calea in any additional live events going forward, as he explained, "The extra expenses associated with them decrease your real ROI. I see live events more like a trip." He has two small live cashes to his name, according to the Hendon Mob. He started playing poker five years ago in freerolls. The Romanian rehashed, "I played freerolls when they were popular because of Facebook. There, I had my first winnings from poker and realized that is the easiest way to do what I enjoy and make more money than the average person in Romania (pictured). Although I play the game professionally, I really love the adrenaline you get when you are at the poker tables as well as the competition that makes you to want to become a better player every day." Away from poker, Calea studies Economics at university. He had a solid showing in 2013 poker-wise, finishing second in the WinamaxMain Event and Full Tilt Double Deuce for almost $30,000 total, among other scores. He is the #2 ranked PocketFives member in Romania and tops in the country's capital city of Bucharest. All told, Calea has turned in 3,100 tracked in the money finishes and is averaging $333 a pop. Congrats to Calea on his blockbuster Sunday score! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  12. Late last month, Matthias Lipp (pictured), known on PocketFives as MLS20, was part of a four-way chop of the PokerStars Sunday Millionand bagged $103,000. He officially finished in second place, falling heads-up to 180th ranked CheVeaU, and it was his largest online MTT score ever. The path to a near-victory for the live cash game player was quite impressive. "It was pretty funny because with 12 people left, I was second in chips," Lipp said. "Then, I lost close to my whole stack with A-K to K-K, so I was 12/12 and thought my dream was over, but I managed to make a comeback with my five big blinds. When we reached the final table, I was again second in chips. From that point, I played my A-game and it was all pretty standard. CheVeaU made my life a little harder because of his maniac aggression." He added that it was a "big dream" to make the final table of the Sunday Million, so despite not winning, it all seems to have worked out. There were over 5,600 entrants that week and the tournament had a prize pool that topped $1.1 million. Lipp has pretty grand plans for the money compared to most players we've interviewed. In fact, he plans to allocate his budget toward a trip and a new set of wheels. He explained, "I will take a trip to Thailand and buy myself a nice motorbike. The rest of the money I will save." Why Thailand of all places? After all, that country is halfway around the world from his home base of Austria. He told us, "Some of my friends are already there and I want to know their culture." That sounds like a pretty good use of time. His largest live score to date came in mid-2014 in the €2,000 No Limit Hold'em CAPT Velden Main Event in Austria. He chopped it heads-up and ended up with $78,000. "I played for four days, managed to make the final table with a healthy stack, and made it to heads-up and chopped it. Otherwise, we would have been heads-up for $40,000! We made an ICM deal when I was second in chips and the other guy gave up $15,000. I got $78,000 and we had a deal. We stopped playing because there was no money left to play for." The member of PocketFives' Austria poker community has been playing full-time for the last two years, mainly in cash games in local casinos. Prior to poker, he was working as an assistant manager at a hotel in Germany since he had studied that industry for five years in university. However, the hotel business didn't pan out. He explained. "They did not pay me well, so I decided to leave. I went on holiday in South America for two months in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. I really enjoyed it and when I came back home, I started playing cash games full-time and got coaching for small-stakes MTTs." Speaking of cash games, he mainly plays €1/ €2 and €2/ €4 and sometimes €5/ €10 if that game is running. Outside of poker, Lipp enjoys fishing and cooking. As a matter of fact, he loves the latter so much that he wants to open his own restaurant, but doesn't want it to be located in Europe. As far as a location, he mentioned Nicaragua as a possibility, combining a restaurant with a hostel. He is the 23rd ranked player in Austria, #1,516 worldwide, and has been a member of PocketFives since 2013. Congrats to Lipp on his big Sunday Million chop. Visit PokerStars for more details on the weekly tournament. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  13. [caption width="640"] Joao Mathias continued his push toward the #1 ranking with another Sunday win. (CodigoPoker photo)[/caption] Safe to say that 'alexangeo' probably had a better weekend than you. The Greek player took home $144,100 in a four-way chop in the PokerStars Sunday Million, splitting the remaining $600,000 with a group that included 'neto gol' and 'Lekerov'. Norwegian online poker tournament specialist 'prebzzz' (ranked #41 worldwide) went heads-up against fellow PocketFiver 'I Drastiq I' of Canada in the Sunday 500. The pair were involved in a three-way deal which saw them walk away with $50,849 and $49,659 for their respective first and second place finishes. 'bjartefau' pocketed $77,610 for winning the Sunday Warm-Up. Lebanon's 'niccc' was the winner in the Stars Sunday Supersonic and cashed for $47,334. 'Wes.C.Addle' captured an outright victory in the $600 buy-in 888 Whale and took home $41,743. The partypoker High Roller event was won by 'HereToPartyy' for $37,538. Austria's 'el_Scheffe' outlasted a massive field of 32,000+ opponents in the Sunday Storm, earning a $28,274 payday. Brazilian Joao 'joaomathias' Mathias, currently ranked #15 in the world, came out on top in the Full Tilt Sunday Major for a score of $10,500. PokerStars Sunday Million ($200+15 NLHE) 6,271 entrants - $1,254,200 paid out to 900 spots ~ Full Recap AlexanGeo - $144,100.20 Lekerov - $125,000.00 neto gol - $142,082.26 HKongBanker - $90,000.00 *4-way deal gigibaston - $52,676.40 SPEWTARD - $40,134.40 placebo36251 - $27,592.40 GR8MIND - $15,050.40 Achilles591 - $9,720.05 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up ($200+15 NLHE) 2,456 entrants - $491,200 paid out to 360 spots ~ Full Recap bjartefau - $77,610.00 imluckbox - $58,290.70 dennishtm - $41,752.00 Aaron 'Aguskb' Gustavson - $28,735.20 TMoney0209 - $21,858.40 Pa3yM - $16,946.40 Bruno chato - $12,034.40 Spowi07 - $7,122.40 poosnack11 - $4,175.20 PokerStars Sunday 500 ($500+$35 NLHE) 683 entrants - $341,500 paid out to 108 spots ~ Full Recap prebz - $50,849 (prebzzz) Jamil11 - $49,659 (I Drastiq I) DonkCommited - $40,702 *3-way deal steve3331 - $25,441.75 (steve31) lookoutdudes - $17,758.00 bebaimis777 - $14,343.00 Fukuruku - $10,928.00 Päffchen - $7,513.00 Eccentric_BG - $4,439.50 PokerStars Sunday Supersonic ($200+$15 NLHE 6-Max) 1,401 entrants - $286,869 paid out to 180 spots ~ Full Recap niccc - $47,334.20 SuperPrema - $35,571.72 GaborMarton - $26,535.36 sanjusto77 - $18,359.60 germaxi - $11,761.61 gusma - $7,888.89 PokerStars Sunday Storm ($10+$1 NLHE) 32,496 entrants - $324,960 paid out to 5,400 spots ~ Full Recap Maethi - $28,274.01 (el_Scheffe) soykike - $20,287.25 Danya Kop - $13,648.32 gizmoo999 - $10,398.72 demider69 - $7,149.12 ljubaviamore - $4,386.96 Rinat44 - $3,005.88 everfla - $2,112.24 Tomo nr1 - $1,478.56 partypoker High Roller ($500+30 NLHE Re-Entry) *$150k Guaranteed 385 entrants - $192,500 paid out to 45 spots HereToPartyy - $37,538 llame_me - $28,394 OMGMenda - $21,175 (MendaLerenda) ADRI_ATM - $16,170 thebattler33 - $11,069 (Big Huni) frokennatur - $8,663 (perrymejsen) nicecallLOL - $6,738 (hellohellohello) UcantbeOddJob - $4,813 Alien_Army - $3,369 iPoker Sunday Masters (€150 NLHE) 124 entrants - $22,815 paid out to 18 spots ~ Full Recap PiratSmart - $5,247.54 1BACKtoBACK17 - $3,650.46 allesgutes - $2,772.07 JasVerstoppen - $2,053.39 YouFold2Much - $1,368.92 (Cmw3011) GrandeGrundig - $1,140.77 xblufferx212 - $912.62 tedbearwins - $684.46 MyStapler - $570.38 888 WHALE ($600 NLHE) *$150k Guaranteed 385 entrants - $217,525 paid out to 54 spots Wes.C.Addle - $41,743 aIderfaider - $30,997 kungfupoker1 - $22,840 aSeHigh88 - $17,402 (fbg1919) bignich09 - $12,181 nelisschuif - $9,245 TheMulletman - $7,070 Artem 'veeea' Vezhenkov - $4,894 ForzaMilan00 - $3,611 (Barry86) 888 Mega Deep ($215 NLHE) *$120k Guaranteed 852 entrants - $170,400 paid out to 108 spots ChicoShove - $26,139 VirusuXRom - $25,113 sally_02 - $18,356 *3-way deal harrrrmonica - $12,439 ureMyuSpons0r - $8,776 Elia001 - $7,072 suk12cz - $5,368 (suk12) gaffy55 - $3,766 PairDrawGood - $2,181 Full Tilt Sunday Major ($233+17 NLHE) 199 entrants - $50,000 paid out to 27 spots ~ Full Recap joaomathias - $10,500.00 7heGrea7 One - $7,750.00 Mrluckypants - $5,550.00 Ferf49 - $4,250.00 1ts a Bluff - $3,250.00 kylejf - $2,550.00 anteen - $1,875.00 acnina - $1,400.00 Antonio18 - $1,100.00 (Skrigepas) BetVictor Masters ($154 NLHE) *€50k Guaranteed 508 entrants - $72,300 paid out to 56 spots ~ Full Recap Dark0n3 $14,098.68 Araberjuice $8,965.31 (Skrigepas) NobbyKvams $6,217.88 ohtlik $4,771.86 GoHenningGo $3,325.84 (moumaife84) Nomorebadbeats $2,783.58 ultcha $2,277.48 DiCenta $1,807.52 SpillerNr1 $1,301.42 BetVictor Sunday Showdown ($245 NLHE) *€25k Guaranteed 129 entrants - $29,375 paid out to 15 spots ~ Full Recap Steffiii $7,343.95 bassie84 $4,993.89 StrangeBeard $3,818.85 (felipejay) TryToBluff $2,717.26 Tiazona $1,909.43 (ksinhe) bigAAstackAA $1,542.23 AntonsKeda $1,248.47 basar1 $1,028.15 Grumpeldumpel $807.83
  14. Who says cash game players - especially those who focus on heads-up games - can't steamroll tournaments? They typically swim with the sharks, and fish, during major tournaments and, as one interviewee put it, "go for the glory." For example, in November, the UK's 'buriedatsea' finished fourth in the PokerStars Sunday Million after a four-way deal. His reward was $113,000, the second largest amount given out. "I'm feeling pretty awesome. I don't play many tournaments at all anymore, so to have a run in such a big field feels satisfying," said 'buriedatsea'. A big field indeed. That week, over 5,700 entrants turned out and created a prize pool that passed $1.1 million. For chopping it, he earned his largest online poker score to date. Incredibly, despite recording just four MTT scores last year, he's up to almost $400,000 for his career. He doesn't play very many tournaments and so doesn't chop with any sort of regularity. 'buriedatsea' explained, "I like going for glory when I finally get so deep, but when it came down to four-handed play, we were all around 15 big blinds and there were three other good players. I play cash games for a living, so push/fold strategy isn't my forte, and obviously I was tired as hell after playing for 12-plus hours." He might have been tired, but $113,000 probably eased his pain. Who knows? Maybe he went pub-hopping afterwards. 'buriedatsea' said he'll use the cash to "put it towards my next property project or toward some live trips in 2016." Skiing is in the cards after his big score. So is "somewhere hot to relax for a bit." The UK poker player also goes to about a half-dozen live tournament stops yearly with friends, but primarily sticks to online cash games. Whatever he chooses to spend his money on, he certainly has a workable bankroll now. If you've watched one of those home renovation shows, then you have a glimpse into 'buriedatsea's' future property ventures. "I've not done much in property yet other than buy a couple of places and watch my dad renovate them for me," said 'buriedatsea'. "Hopefully it's something I can do in the future when I'm done with poker." Will he be the next Armando Montelongo? 'buriedatsea' is #6,287 in the world in the PocketFives Rankings after climbing as high as #1,759 six years ago. He is #524 in the highly competitive UK poker community and got started in the game in university. "A friend was making money from poker in his free time. I guess that's how 90% of online pros started in the game or something similar," said 'buriedatsea'. [caption width="664"] 'buriedatsea's' PocketFives profile[/caption] Why was poker interesting to him? Strategy, greenbacks, and emotion, of course. "I go through stages with poker," 'buriedatsea' said, "From absolutely loving everything about the game and the evolving strategy to simply playing and working at it for the money." You can regularly find 'buriedatsea' at Heads-Up No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha cash game tables. HighStakesDB has logged over 13,000 hands for him on PokerStars since 2010, although that only includes tables of $25/$50 and above. Speaking of 2010, 'buriedatsea' took fifth in a $215 No Limit Hold'em WCOOP event that year for $83,000, his second largest score to date. Last September, he drove deep in the WCOOP Main Event, cashing for $22,000.
  15. [caption width="640"] Mustapha 'lasagnaaammm' Kanit had a big Sunday again, winning the PokerStars Sunday Million just one week after winning the Sunday Supersonic.[/caption]. The online tournament winning streak for Mustapha 'lasagnaaammm' Kanit continued over the weekend, as the Italian poker pro and #1 overall Global Poker League draft pick took down the PokerStars Sunday Million for a score of $177,230 -- just one week after winning the Sunday Supersonic. Longtime PocketFives member Mayu 'marroca5' Roca of Colombia captured an outright victory in the Stars Sunday Warm-Up for $70,912. There was a heads-up chop in the Stars Sunday 500, which saw
  16. [caption width="640"] Jonathan Karamilikis continues to be one of the best online poker grinders from Australia.[/caption] Austrailia's Jonathan 'xMONSTERxDONGx' Karamalikis, the #6-ranked player in his home country and #170-ranked worldwide, added another impressive result on Sunday, beating out 214 others players to take down the $600 buy-in 888poker Whale to win $26,117. 'purplegerbil' cashed for $18,829 in second and Denmark's Simon 'IgorK' Rønnow Pedersen finished third for $14,273. United Kingdom tournament player 'luckyfish89' took down the $215 buy-in "Mega Deep" tournament and collected $24,444 as 'Biack88' earned a payday of $17,728 for second, with 43rd-ranked Kurt 'kurt23x' Fitzgerald of Costa Rica winning $13,069 for third place. A three-way final table deal was struck in the PokerStars Sunday Million which saw PokerStars players 'ya3thabe' and 'Lincownz' take home $131,459 and $128,620 for their respective runner-up and first place performances. 'Martinelly09' was awarded $72,366 for third place, followed by 'flukert' in fourth place for $58,738 and 'ExtremeUA' in fifth for $40,652. PocketFives member 'JohnSo18' of Hong Kong came out on top in the Sunday Warm-Up, collecting $52,953 for the win while 'niek112' finished second for $38,074. 'prebz' was victorious in the $1,050 buy-in No Limit Hold'em "Sunday Grand" tournament, pocketing $52,953 for the win as 'Mortan23' received $41,981 for second place. In the Pot Limit Omaha version of that tournament, PocketFives members finished in the top three spots, led by Leo 'ISILDRooN' Nordin of Sweden who picked up the win along with $31,010. 'Slebs888' was victorious in the six-max "Sunday Supersonic" event and walked away with $36,490. More than 28,300 players entered the Sunday Storm, with 'maad88' taking home the top cash prize of $28,309. The prestigious $2,600 buy-in Super High Roller tournament on Partypoker was won by PocketFives member Andras 'probirs' Nemeth of Hungary (ranked #12 worldwide) for a score of $47,465. 'PartyRainer' finished second in that event for $35,084 while #2-ranked Fabrizio 'SixthSenSe19' Gonzalez of Uruguay cashed for $25,932 in third place. The $530 buy-in version of the High Roller was taken down by 'EXPENSlve22' for $36,865 with 'DeathbyQuads' of Sweden (ranked #19 worldwide) being awarded $26,385 for finishing in the runner-up position. Fellow Swede 'inhoo' (ranked #4) was the third place finisher in that event for a score of $19,148. PokerStars Sunday Million ($200+$15 NLHE) *$1M Guaranteed 5,912 entrants - $1,182,400 paid out to 953 spots Lincownz - $128,620.08 ya3thabe - $131,459.15 Martinelly09 - $72,365.73 *3-way deal flukert - $58,738.32 ExtremeUA - $40,651.50 deanjlfc - $28,134.02 Mysters_Y - $19,470.93 Andres 'Nuthshell' Vega - $13,475.45 greeno99 - $9,326.06 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up ($200+$15 NLHE) *$350K Guaranteed 1,704 entrants - $350,000 paid out to 287 spots JohnSo18 - $52,953.47 niek112 - $38,073.52 am4ever1111 - $27,375.18 ex6tence - $19,683.02 xxViNtxx - $14,152.28 Hansaraba - $10,175.62 (HansTheGreat) rasulov_a - $7,316.36 pravnicek20 - $5,260.57 random_chu - $3,782.38 PokerStars Sunday Grand ($1,000+$50 NLHE) *$225K Guaranteed 296 entrants - $296,000 paid out to 39 spots prebz - $56,447.37 Mortan23 - $41,980.96 NEWFlat - $31,222.13 (Flat) SpaceyFCB - $23,220.54 apestyles - $17,269.61 AceSpades11 - $12,843.76 Rimlog - $9,552.18 (Purchase Rebuy) Adrijan_S - $7,104.17 ImaLucSac - $5,283.51 PokerStars Sunday Grand PLO ($1,000+$50 PLO Six-Max) *$100K Guaranteed 153 entrants - $153,000 paid out to 19 spots Leo 'ISILDRooN' Nordin - $31,010.40 raconteur - $23,147.33 (validandnotinuse) ludovi333 - $17,278.10 anteen - $12,897.08 lena900 - $9,626.91 KingOfThe$ea - $7,185.92 (SeaKing) PokerStars Sunday Supersonic ($215 NLHE Six Max Hyper Turbo) *$175K Guaranteed 1,107 entrants - $226,669 paid out to 155 spots Slebs888 - $36,490.24 offQbert45 - $23,852.18 mitsakos21 - $15,591.49 (betonme) mikki696 - $10,191.70 AzEsmTzar - $6,662.03 Kafrou - $4,354.77 PokerStars Sunday Storm ($10+$1 NLHE) *$275k Guaranteed 28,319 entrants - $283,190 paid out to 5,084 spots maad88 - $28,309.40 rulez84 - $20,155.05 Brian1967 - $14,367.19 meadsy28 - $10,241.39 maurice1909 - $7,300.38 B-06244 - $5,203.95 jaskuguelle - $3,709.53 Leonardo 'LeoMattosAK' Mattos - $2,644.28 VisteoN_BR - $1,884.91 partypoker Super High Roller ($2,600 NLHE) *$100K Guaranteed 78 entrants - $195,000 paid out to 13 spots probirs - $47,465 PartyRainer - $35,084 DrMiKee - $25,932 (Fabrizio 'SixthSenSe19' Gonzalez) Makemineadouble - $19,167 good player - $14,167 (Troy 'iamthedeck ftw' Quenneville) omaha4rollz - $10,472 z0rr088 - $7,740 KoksJuuice - $6,693 (lena900) partypoker High Roller ($530 NLHE) *$150K Guaranteed 398 entrants - $199,000 paid out to 63 spots EXPENSlve22 - $36,865 ABCpoker911 - $26,385 (DeathbyQuads) petdet3ctive - $19,148 (inhoo) LeChieNN - $13,896 ADRIEN_BRODY - $10,085 (1_conor_b_1) Lebanon1959 - $7,318 Ilove2fish - $5,311 rdx1995 - $3,854 888 Poker WHALE ($600 NLHE) *$120K Guaranteed 215 entrants - $121,475 paid out to 27 spots xMONSTERxDONGx - $26,117 purplegerbil - $18,829 IggyGak - $14,273 (Simon 'IgorK' Rønnow Pedersen) pimmelspeck - $10,629 (pappadogg) dudupa1986 - $7,289 MisterN411 - $6,074 WorldIsOurs - $4,859 (Maszat 'noirduck' Marci) Rodrigo 'rodckz' Motoki - $3,644 hateVAMOS - $2,430 (Maxim 'decay' Lykov) 888 Poker Mega Deep ($200+15 NLHE) *$130K Guaranteed 647 entrants - $129,400 paid out to 81 spots jareth3542 - $24,444 (luckyfish89) Biack88 - $17,728 gingerspew - $13,069 (Kurt 'kurt23x' Fitzgerald) UveBeenStakt - $9,834 (DamienWain) vondopoulos - $6,910 armin631 - $5,500 (steve31) Noob3R1337 - $4,206 z4c4rd - $2,912 pantsinants - $1,941
  17. 888poker ambassador Dominik Nitsche was the big-name winner from this week's online poker Sunday Majors after taking down his sponsor's flagship tournament, the $1,050 $100,000 guaranteed Whale, for $30,600, after defeating Joao 'Jaolito85 'Navarro heads-up. The four-time WSOP bracelet winner outlasted the 102 entrants before he shared his joy and relief on Twitter. https://twitter.com/DominikNitsche/status/980633609639026693 Fabio 'flbonatto' Bonatto was the biggest winner across all the Sunday Majors after defeating 'BalticMoose' heads-up to take down the prestigious Pokerstars Sunday Million title as he turned $215 into $172,955. Brazilian Bonatto, whose previous highest online cash came during the 2016 SCOOP series after he won Event 16-M for $46,772, beat the huge 6,406-player field to take the winner's share of the $1,281,200 prize pool. It was another very good day at the office for partypoker ambassador Joao 'INeedMassari' Simao. The Brazilian followed up his victories last week in the Pokerstars $1,050 Super Tuesday and $2,100 Sunday High Roller by claiming third place in this Sunday's High Roller showpiece event for $32,468 as well as taking fourth place in the partypoker $1,050 Super Sunday Big Bounty Hunter-HR for $18,480. PocketFives' current #3 in the PocketFives Rankings, Andres 'Probirs' Nemeth, was the eventual winner of the PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller and banked $56,111. Elsewhere, Brazil's Alexandre 'Cavalito' Mantovani lost out to 'Sykoen' heads-up in the PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, $400k Gtd with the players winning $29,652 and $40,453 respectively. The U.K.'s Toby '810ofclubs' Lewis, who has won more than $1.8 million in live tournaments so far this year, finished in second place for $30,089 in the PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up $200k Guaranteed as 'FDBtazz' claimed the $41,464 first place prize. Whilst over on partypoker 'electrofarha' won $70,760 after beating out the 2,295 player field in the $215 Super Sunday Main Event-H. 'thebattler33' was crowned the $2,600 Sunday Major champion and scooped $61,250 with 'strangejelly' coming out on top in the 440 player field $1,050 Super Sunday Big Bounty Hunter-HR for $53,480. Below are this week's Sunday Major's final table results: PokerStars Sunday Million ($200 + $15 NLHE) $1M Guaranteed 6,406 entrants, $1,281,200 prize pool FLBonatto - $172,955.07 BalticMoose - $121,370.12 sub230212 - $85, 173.66 7DonCool7 - $59, 772.20 grecu2006 - $41,946.23 NisT_777- $29,436.59 69sBigLick - $20,657.68 Kobasteris - $14,496.90 MrLuckDragon - $10,173.49 PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller, $150k Gtd 128 entrants, $256,000 prize pool probirs - $56,111.68 voja555cz - $42,683.31 IneedMassari - $32,468.63 gray31 - $24,698.44 lasagnaaammm - $18,787.78 iambest2 - $14,291.60 Str8$$$Homey - $10,871.42 papan9_p$ - $8,269.74 Bigfish112392 - $6,290.68 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, $400k Gtd 982 entrants, $491,000 prize pool Sykoen - $40,453.62 Cavalito - $29,652.03 42ayay - $21,734.85 jutrack - $15.931.57 JOAKIMPRO - $11,677.79 ramastar88 - $8,559.79 Kashmir_uzi - $6,274.31 Weriks1 - $4,599.04 Cndale1 - $3,371.08 PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up $200k Gtd 1,330 entrants, $266,000 prize pool FDBtazz - $41,464.14 810ofclubs - $30,089.65 [Esmone_PT] - $21,836.04 BetForNympho - $15,846.41 Atte.laine - $11,499.73 tapa5dirham? - $8,345.35 nnhheeoo - $6,056.20 Nes1989 - $4,394.98 SirWatts - $3,189.44 partypoker $215 Super Sunday Main Event-H $500k Gtd 2,295 entrants, $500,000 prize pool electrofarha - $70,760.15 HanzooKid - $69,249.86 Iveybluffallin - $37,350 A03A993 - $24,850 President_Trump - $17,350 p1ngp00ng - $11,850 ZeKick - $8,125 PhileasFogg - $5,225 partypoker $2,600 Sunday Major – SHR $250k Super High Roller 99 entrants, $250,000 prize pool thebattler33 - $61,250 SchelampigaUhu - $43,750 Alien_Army - $31,250 JeanClaude1970 - $21,875 Drulitoo - $16,250 Chelsea72 - $12,500 onehundredeyes - $10,000 skitzo793 - $8,125 partypoker $1,050 Super Sunday Big Bounty Hunter-HR $500k Gtd 440 entrants, $500,000 prize pool strangejelly - $53,480 WhoDatt. - $38,360 CooperKupp - $26,320 joaosimaobh - $18,480 aLiNeNok1617 - $13,216 liangmannu - $9,632 Antifragile1 -$6,804 KONY2012 - $4,956 888poker $1,050 The $100,000 Whale 102 entrants – $102,000 prize pool 888Dominik - $30,600 Jaolito85 - $20,400 DosPoochies - $15,300 lasochobi - $10,200 jt7b12f - $7,650 MisterN411 - $5,610 strakkebille - $4,590 sweet_dr34ms - $4,080 tutten7 - $3,570 888poker $215 Sunday Mega Deep 376 entrants - $100,000 prize pool guydeet39 - $19,250 PBD03 - $14,250 6oTaHik - $10,750 streetdekor - $7,750 Pimmelspeck - $5,250 D0onkeyKong - $3,750 TAPIS_TAPIR - $2,750 nelisschuif - $2,250  
  18. After over 15 hours of play, 'sica26' was crowned this week's PokerStars $109 Sunday Million winner banking $101,770. The prize pool was set at $1,022,400 after 10,225 entrants took to the tables, and when the field was reduced to the final three, over 14 hours of play had elapsed. Austria's Adi 'Chillero1441' Rajkovic just missed on a place in the heads-up battle and took the bronze medal worth $55,195 before the final two agreed to a money-deal. Canada's 'slarki1' was then the final player to fall and took away their share of the remaining prize pool worth $81,770, as 'sica26' took the glory. Scott 'Aggro Santos' Margereson came through a 104 player-field to win the PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller for $47,930. On a final table of nine that featured the likes of PokerStars Team Pro Igor Kurganov and third-place finisher Roman 'RomeOpro' Romanovsky, the UK's Margereson got the better of Canada's 'fishbones11' heads-up to win the top prize. Germany's 'SmilleThHero' topped a 1,074 field to bank over $75,000 in the PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller. Current world-ranked #2 Andras 'Probirs' Nemeth exited in seventh place for $6,776 + $9,600 in bounty prizes, and when the field had been reduced to the final three, Ireland's Dan 'NukeTheFish!' Wilson took the bronze medal for $23,473 + $8,858. The final player to hit the virtual rail was 'ade messi', who banked $32,023 + $1,000 as runner-up after they were unable to defeat 'SmilleThHero' heads-up. Bulgaria's 'AchoBogdanov' came through a 926 player-field to add the PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up to their list of online poker achievements. The former PokerStars Sunday Million winner banked the $30,354 first-place prize after they defeated 'mac2016.1' heads-up. The runner-up walked away with $22,027 after Canada's Tim 'TTWIST' Kelly banked $15,985 in third, 'Chopper100' received $11,600 in fourth and world-ranked #3 'girafganger7' added $8,418 to their bankroll in fifth. Team partypoker member Hristivoje 'All_In_PAV' Pavlovic banked over $15,000 as runner-up in the partypoker $1,050 Sunday High Roller Predator but lost out on the title to 'rdcrsnn'. Belgium's Kenny 'Spacey1891' Hallaert banked $9,752 + $2,632 in bounties after taking third place from the 152 player-field, and his exit paved the way for heads-up. The Australian Twitch streamer Pavlovic continued his rich vein of form in 2019 by adding another $13,402 + $2,535 in bounties to his bankroll as runner-up, with 'rdcrsnn' taking the top spot worth $13,418 + $25,642. Russian players 'CrazyLissy' and 'sweet_dreammm' chopped the partypoker $1,050 Sunday High Roller Deepstack for just over $38,000 a piece. Roman Romanovsky appeared on the final table but the Ukranian departed in sixth place for $9,000 and after 'spinner2255' hit the rail in third place for $23,200, the final two agreed to a money-deal before 'CrazyLissy' was confirmed as the last player standing. 'Mazuma' defeated Canada's 'shorezydrew' heads-up to win the partypoker $2,100 Sunday High Roller Gladiator for over $67,000. After 'f8ndorin' had fallen in third place for $17,372.31 + $3,937.50 in bounties from the 115 player-field, 'shorezydrew' was looking to go the distance after taking the bronze medal in this very event just seven days ago. But 'Mazuma' was able to prevent this occurring and ultimately took victory for $24,334 + $43,476, with 'shorezydrew' having to settle for $24,308 + $4,626 as runner-up. PokerStars $109 Sunday Million $1M Guaranteed 10,225 entrants, $1,022,400 prize pool sica26 - $101,770.63* slarki1 - $81,770.62* Chillero1441 - $55,195.59 Lionet - $39,686.09 dpsd05 - $28,534.57 Inflames6 - $20,516.60 GregX89X - $14,751.59 davaman - $10,606.47 papastar423 - $7,626.08 PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller, $200k Gtd 104 entrants, $208,000 prize pool Aggro Santos - $47,930.46 fishbones11 - $36,811.77 RomeOpro - $28,272.35 compris - $21,713.86 zzwwzzwwzz - $16,676.79 house800 - $12,808.20 IgorKurganov - $9,837.00 prebz - $7,555.08 bartek901 - $5,802.49 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, $450k Gtd 1,074 entrants, $537,000 prize pool SmilleThHero - $43,689.28 + $31,942.78 ade messi - $32,023.64 + $1,000 NukeTheFish! - $23,473.23 + $8,858.86 DanielLUCKY - $17,205.80 + $2,238.28 rememberFL - $12,611.79 + $10,990.25 DEX888 - $9,244.40 + $1,609.38 probirs - $6,776.10 + $9,600.57 castorrrrr - $4,966.87 + $1,281.25 dartazzzz - $3,640.72 + $1,929.69 PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up $150k Gtd 926 entrants, $219,800 prize pool AchoBogdanov - $30,354.69 mac2016.1 - $22,027.79 TTWIST - $15,985.57 Chopper100 - $11,600.72 girafganger7 - $8,418.63 GivenchyMoncler - $6,109.39 Sithsence - $4,433.57 huiiiiiiiiii - $3,217.44 bigbear89 - $2,334.89 partypoker $1,050 Sunday High Roller Deepstack $200k Gtd 190 entrants, $200,000 prize pool CrazyLissy - $38,035.52* sweet_dreammm - $38,024.49* spinner2255 - $23,200 screen_name1234 - $16,600 WeisYis - $11,600 SanityWaterline - $9,000 SouthftfW - $7,000 sluuvtanuuv - $5,500 BITMEXREKT - $4,000 partypoker $530 Sunday HR Bounty Hunter - $200k Gtd 447 entrants, $229,087.50 prize pool RomeOtheBoAt - $16,803.75 + $17,750.16 whresmymind - $16,781.22 + $6,487.18 Graftekkel - $11,521.79 + $1,214.06 Drewchy - $8,089.77 + $4,315.90 SirStanleyRoyce - $5,785.41 + $1,888.77 momotown87 - $4,216.48 + $1,181.24 KONY2012 - $2,978.50 + $3,761.16 sweet_dreammm - $2,169.52 + $5,947.28 partypoker $2,100 Sunday High Roller Gladiator $250k Gtd 115 entrants, $250,000 prize pool Mazuma - $24,334.21 + $43,476.58 shorezydrew - $24,308.30 + $4,626.56 f8ndorin - $17,372.31 + $3,937.50 Ilove2fish - $12,160.61 + $9,384.37 a8risoli - $9,033.60 + $525 AlexSeb0715 - $6,948.92 + $3,346.87 donzledurbru - $5,559.13 + $5,643.75 rdcrsnn - $4,516.80 + $3,453.75 partypoker $1,050 Sunday High Roller Predator - $150k Gtd 152 entrants, $155,040 prize pool rdcrsnn - $13,418.04 + $25,642.50 All_In_PAV - $13,402.73 + $2,535 Spacey1891 - $9,752.96 + $2,632.50 FkTheseGuysBro - $6,908.35 + $1,300 JozinhoPP - $4,876.48 + $3,770 hahaha_Owned - $3,860.54 + $3,217.50 Specter_Litt - $3,072.18 + $2,405 JimyTransaction - $2,438.24 + $2,762.50 888poker $215 Sunday Mega Deep $100,000 488 entrants – $100,000 prize pool tikkapekka - $19,350 CutinuaBR - $14,500 GABriela1 - $11,000 Alrighty2222 - $8,250 Avskedad - $5,700 MuckFest - $4,400 veeea - $3,400 kiskutya - $2,400 Inho - $1,750 *denotes heads-up deal.
  19. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. Donnie is back from his wedding weekend just in time to talk about one of the strangest weeks in poker history. The guys cover the million dollar debt that Randall Emmett apparently owed to 50 Cent, the childish Twitter war between Daniel Negreanu and Shaun Deeb and some sort of boxing match between Antonio Esfandiari and Hollywood heavyweight Kevin Hart. They also talk about Negreanu's big announcement that he is selling action for the 2019 World Series of Poker with no markup. And it just wouldn't be an episode of The Fives in 2019 without an update on the dwindling fields in the PokerStars Sunday Million. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  20. Sunday was supposed to be a big day for partypoker with the conclusion of their recently relaunched partypoker MILLION. The $215 buy-in tournament had multiple Day 1 flights throughout the week, a structure designed to give recreational players an opportunity to play without committing an entire Sunday. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Problems arose early on Day 2 of the tournament when players who qualified earlier in the day, on Day 1D, were left out of the field. The event ran for just over an hour with players building stacks and busting in the money while Day 1D players were on the outside looking in. Once the tournament was finally paused, the company tweeted its resolution to the situation which saw the company pay out close to $600,000 from their own coffers. While that was going on, other events on partypoker, PokerStars and 888 poker went off seemingly without a hitch. The PokerStars Sunday Million drew 11,878 players with 'Ben_Apart' beating them all to win $119,637.71. Runner-up 'yodashutka' wound up with $89,812.73 and 'JulianPasare' took home $63,000.08 for a bronze medal performance. The partypoker $5,200 Sunday Big Game got one more player this week than last with 101 entrants. 'Patrick' topped the field to win $123,725 outright. 'Forrest_guuump' wound up second and banked $88,375 while 'Player123560423' came third for $63,125. 888poker also debuted their brand new $1,050 buy-in $200,000 guaranteed event, dubbed 'The Dragon'. Mike 'WalmartCNXN' Farrow beat out the 206-player field to take home $44,290.00. 'ShipGold' finished second for $31,930 and 'RakDoll' earned $24,205 for finishing third. PokerStars $109 Sunday Million $1M Guaranteed 11,878 entrants, $1,187,800 prize pool Ben_Apart - $119,637.71 yodashutka - $89,812.73 JulianPasare - $63,000.08 x_zola25 - $45,719.25 GreekPro47 - $33,178.46 thebigdog09 - $24,077.77 RafaCorreaBR - $17,473.25 jkru005 - $12,680.47 Cashaoui - $9,202.36 PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller, $85k Gtd 63 entrants, $126,000 prize pool maxtack11 - $39,151.26 WATnlos - $28,213.83 ARTSchGamble - $20,331.92 simon1471 - $14,651.93 ThePateychuk - $10,558.72 Bit2Easy - $7,609.01 WushuTM - $5,483.33 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, $350k Gtd 1,067 entrants, $533,500 prize pool Firstlove888 - $43,404.88 + $20,346.13 in bounties paila02 - $31,814.92 + $15,627.41 in bounties grind4ever - $23,320.24 + $13,411.10 in bounties zerodeda - $17,093.66 + $4,203.12 in bounties dantegoyaF - $12,529.59 + $3,312.50 in bounties pronto1111 - $9,184.14 + $4,296.88 in bounties Szabsci - $6,731.94 + $12,191.40 in bounties kZhh - $4,934.50 + $3,460.94 in bounties 4_VaNyA_4 - $3,616.99 + $1,226.57 in bounties PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up $100k Gtd 801 entrants, $160,200 prize pool ramonkrop - $25,626.82* Vocaaas - $21,343.34* prebz - $14,333.94 VladTheSlaye - $10,402.15 Sv3nnO - $7,548.83 GEVORG9209 - $5,478.18 rezdavid - $3,975.50 T-Macha - $2,885.02 Stognov303 - $2,093.65 partypoker $5,200 Sunday Big Game $500k Gtd 101 entrants, $505,000 prize pool patrick - $123,725 Forrest_guuump - $88,375 Player123560423 - $63,125 YouGotTheDud - $44,187.50 Shaundeeb - $32,825.00 El_Cucuy - $25,250 kannnichtmehr - $20,2000 kristian150 - $16,412.50 partypoker $2,100 Sunday High Roller Gladiator – $300k Gtd 143 entrants, $300,000 prize pool AndreyBolkonsky - $28,704.56 + $44,378.93 in bounties Cowboy_Frank - $28,674.48 + $7,694.53 in bounties TopGirl - $20,251.38 + $9,646.87 in bounties UniqueDNA - $14,344.73 + $6,824.99 in bounties fromHolland1945 - $10,547.59 + $2,100 in bounties Jizoint - $7,000.60 + $7,350.00 in bounties partypoker $320 Sunday Gladiator – $300k Gtd 953 entrants, $300,000 prize pool AmericanEagle - $20,651.44 + $15,420.54 in bounties Sundaynighking - $20,620.68 + $1,710.85 in bounties CharlesBarkley - $15,270.51 + $6,493.44 in bounties Cowboy_Frank - $10,483.00 + $5,691.72 in bounties Kronktheman - $6,851.09 + $3,799.41 in bounties All_In_PAV - $4,233.48 + $1,738.00 in bounties 888poker $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep $215 513 entrants – $102,600 prize pool VnilaVader - $19,853.10 MilaZayne - $14,877.00 AcesHigh1921 - $11,286.00 strangejelly - $8,464.50 prebzzz - $5,848.20 IceStream - $4,514.40 TooMuchRake - $3,488.40 CrackFiend15 - $2,462.40 HBousie - $1,795.50 888poker $200,000 Dragon $1,050 206 entrants – $206,000 prize pool WalmartCNXN - $44,290.00 ShipGold - $31,930.00 RakDoll - $24,205.00 Madeon1994 - $18,025.00 AnaMarquez - $12,360.00 Perrymejsen - $10,300 DeuceofDuc0 - $8,240.00 alexos888 - $6,180.00 Bandhu12 - $4,120.00
  21. Perhaps Kelly Clarkson (pictured) put it best: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Or maybe it was actually Friedrich Nietzsche. Or maybe it was Shak Kaz, who is known on PocketFives as HAHALIVEPROS. Either way, Kaz won the PokerStars Sunday Million a couple of weeks ago after a heads-up chop and banked a healthy $183,000. "It was a long time coming," Kaz told PocketFives after the fact. "I have had a lot of close calls in Sunday Majors. I'm not sure if I can top it, but SCOOP is coming up and I can't wait to have the bankroll for the $7.50 Rebuy Turbo!" He doubled up on the third hand of the Sunday Million, certainly getting off to a prosperous start, and then donated his chips to a very aggressive player who ended up giving them right back after 4bet shoving K-5 into Kaz's J-J. The board ran out K-J-5-K-J and he was back in business in dramatic fashion with quads against a boat. Hours later, Kaz made the final table of the 6,469-player tournament. He said of the last nine, "There were a lot of spots to leverage ICM. I ran very well situationally at the final two tables, holding with J-J against 9-9 and A-A against J-J. I got aces four times from 18 to 10 people left, which was great because I have a spazzy image usually, so aces are cool." He started a stable with two friends, so the $183,000 will be a "nice safety net" for it. He doesn't plan on moving up in stakes and joked, "I don't really like drugs, so I can't imagine anything to use the money on. I'm open to suggestions." In case you're wondering where his HAHALIVEPROS moniker comes from, it stems from his views on wannabe live players. He explained, "A lot of people who consider themselves live pros say some stupid stuff and my only reaction is 'Ha-ha live pros' with a headshake." Kaz has accumulated over $400,000 in winnings on PokerStars under the user name Njaguar, which he said was derived from the name of an admin of a forum he spent too much time on. Kaz also made too many poor decisions on said forum, leaving him to tell us, "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." Stand a little taller. He got started in poker playing on a camping trip. When he was 17, he jumped into online poker with no bankroll management and binked a few tournaments to stay afloat. He said, "I didn't know how to cash out as a 17-year-old, so I just sat at $3/$6 PLO with five buy-ins heads-up and ran hella hot. I got an okay roll and then my account got locked for underage play because a kid from my high school reported me one month before my 18th birthday. I deserved it for being a cocky high school senior, though." He's now 20 years old, so heading to Las Vegas for next month's World Series of Poker is out of the question. "I'll definitely give Vegas a go once or twice, but I'm not into drinking or partying, so I'm not sure if I'll like it that much," he told us. "I have a ticket to an LAPT that I won trying to prove a point to a friend that $11 Rebuy satellites are stupid soft, so I will play that." Kaz juggles poker with school. He's double-majoring law and finance at the University of Calgary and, although those might sound like rough subjects, he said both are "fairly easy streams." Who knew? He plays poker a couple times per week now, mainly on the weekends and Wednesdays with an occasional Monday thrown in for fun. He closed by wanting to send shout outs to SwoopAE, jstclkdabtn, OneTime1Time, 88XIN88, OnTheMac, StatusUp(pictured), jnfpoker, DoubleS00ted, and oOwl"for all of their hand reviews. I also want to send a shout out to PokerStaples' stream for showing me that poker isn't dead and that bad regs can win the Big $109. Bang-bang, cross-book anytime mate." Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  22. On Super Bowl Sunday, JimyJamonas, from Israel, headed up a three-way chop of the PokerStars Sunday Million. He cashed for $170,000 and officially took first place, telling us, "I'm really happy! I know there's a lot of luck involved regardless of how well I played, so it was a really nice turn of events." It was his second time final tabling the large-field tournament. The amounts given out in the chop ranged from $122,000 to JimyJamonas's $170,000. "It was a clear-cut spot to deal," he assessed, "although the other two players I chopped with weren't as experienced as I was. But, the amount of money and variance involved compared to my bankroll made it really obvious for me to deal even if I had an edge." He was able to secure a few thousand dollars over ICM. As far as the money goes, JimyJamonas is contemplating going on a ski vacation and taking some time off from the felts. "I am looking at going to Austria or Switzerland, but haven't looked into details yet," he told us. JimyJamonas, who plays as holy h3ll on PokerStars, is the third-ranked player in Israel and the lone PocketFiver with a PLB score from the city of Hod HaSharon. "Poker isn't well received in Israel," he explained. "The average person wouldn't think of playing poker as a valid or respectable job, but I can say we have a very awesome community of Israeli poker players here, and some extremely good ones too." In fact, one of his chopping partners in the Sunday Million was also from Israel, so the Middle Eastern nation had a pretty lucrative day. His poker career began about a decade ago. He caught the game on television and competed with friends around the kitchen table like many other PocketFivers did. He attended university in Aberdeen, Scotland and played poker tournaments at the city's local casino. "I was a massive fish," he said of his early efforts. "It took me quite a few years to become better." He started reading sites like PocketFives and said he became engulfed in poker and left university. "I started reading a lot," he commented, "and played tournaments online. I ran decently when I started and so stayed interested." He has been playing full-time for the last two-and-a-half years. In 2010, JimyJamonas left Scotland for Israel (pictured) and got a real-world job as a shift supervisor for the internet-based customer service company LivePerson. He played poker at nights and explained, "Somewhere in between, I got good enough at poker, or at least I thought so. It may not have been the most responsible or risk-appropriate thing to do at the time, but I was really in love with poker and was very convinced I wanted to play for a living. I've never fit well into a structured life; poker, both the game and the lifestyle, really appealed to me." Aside from the Sunday Million chop, JimyJamonas won a WCOOP Second Chance tournament in 2013 for $63,000. The same year, he took down the Sunday Supersonic and Big $162 eight days apart for almost $80,000 combined. His eighth place finish in the Sunday Million last year was worth $18,000. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  23. Last year, Brazil played host to the World Cup. Next year, it'll host the Olympics. The South American nation has had a host of success online as well. Late last month, in fact, Guilherme Cheveau (pictured), known on PocketFives as simply CheVeaU, won the PokerStars Sunday Million after a four-way chop for $153,000. Incredibly, it was his second time chopping the Sunday staple. "I really needed that," Cheveau bluntly told us. "I was in a downswing and not feeling so good about my game. I know that win won't change anything about my game, but it's good to have some confidence." It was his fourth final table in the Sunday Million. His recent success in the tournament likely led to the Brazilian being cool, calm, and collected down the stretch. As he put it, "Probably because I've had a lot of experience in this tournament, I didn't feel nervous at all, but I still made that four-way deal after asking for some extra money. It's just too much money to flip like that. I ran pretty well also. I had a pretty bad table draw when we got to 18 left, but got some pretty good cards and they all held." In February 2014, he chopped the Sunday Million for a blistering $164,000. He has also finished ninth in it twice, once for $13,000 and once for $12,000. As far as the money goes, he said, "The economy in Brazil is terrible, so I'm probably going to put it in the bank and wait for an opportunity or perhaps get a new apartment." It sounds like he'll be using the cash responsibly either way. A funny story about his most recent Sunday Million win. He explained that two hours into the tournament, he told a friend he'd win it after missing out on the final table several times recently. His friend, however, told him he'd never win it again, only to be proven wrong within a matter of hours. "I've played poker for around 10 years now and want a final table in the Sunday Million each year, so I am still way behind my goal," he joked. He added, "I'm so competitive and love poker, so it's never enough, and I'm not just talking about the money. It's the thrill of getting to the final table and winning a tournament, beating great and well-known players in the process. It feels so good." Outside of poker, Cheveau said he used to party quite a bit, but has toned it down now that his girlfriend moved in. He explained, "Now, I would rather go to a bar or dinner with her and our friends. We still party, but a lot less." He lives in the seaside abode of Balneario Camboriu (pictured), which he resoundingly called "the greatest city in Brazil," and said, "I can leave my apartment, walk 100 meters, sit in a bar, drink a beer, and enjoy the sea." Although he's not a big fan of the Brazilian national football team, he enjoys watching Sao Paulo FC and tuned in as his country hosted the World Cup in 2014. As he put it, during the multi-week event, "Brazil simply stopped and it was like, party every day." Brazil ultimately finished fourth in the World Cup after giving up a record 14 goals. Cheveau is just a few thousand dollars shy of hitting $2 million in online MTTs for his career and was as high as #102 worldwide in the PocketFives Rankingslast year. He's #17 in Brazil and plays as VinceVegaMFRon PokerStars. He closed by thanking "everybody who cheered for me, as well as my mentors Joao Divino Dorneles Netoand Yuri Martinsfor teaching me. Also, thanks to my friend and business associate Kelvin kelvin_fpar Kerber for everything. Thank you to my girlfriend as well. If it weren't for her, I would not have played that day." Visit PokerStars for more details on the weekly Sunday Million. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  24. Over the weekend, PokerStarsheld a special $5 million guaranteed Sunday Million as part of its December festival. As a result of the inflated prize pool, a colossal field of 31,439 entrants showed up and the prize pool swelled to $6.2 million, more than the second place finisher in the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event received. It was one of the largest prize pools in the history of online poker. A six-way chop ended matters and saw payouts between $241,000 and $489,000 awarded. Norway's TrondheimAAAwas the big winner of the 14-hour affair and came into the final table with 103 million in chips, over two-and-a-half times the next closest person. Here's how the deal went down, according to the PokerStars Blog: "TrondheimAAA was still the overwhelming leader with nearly 125 million, Zarmilwas next with about 57 million, and the other four were all in the 27-37 million range. Both chip-chop and ICM-based figures were presented, in each case leaving $50,000 for which to play, and working from the ICM numbers a few tweaks were made and a deal was agreed upon." Here's how the payouts ultimately looked: 1. TrondheimAAA - $489,130.83 2. straßenjupp - $268,725.21 3. Zarmil - $325,775.16 4. tgassen - $265,743.51 (tgassen) 5. EVITS_AK - $275,802.74 6. manipulatoor - $241,074.70 (hbo06) 7. alwaysdegen - $96,014.70 (alwaysdegen) 8. Ivan Barros - $71,177.89 (ivanbarros) 9. Donkab0mber - $52,754.64 (donkab0mber) Tiago tgassenGassen (pictured) was the fourth place finisher. The Brazilian ran Q-J into K-Q on his final hand and ended up with $265,000. This was his second career final table in the Sunday Million, following a fifth place run in 2012 for $52,000. He is ranked #250 in Brazil and is in the top 2,600 worldwide. Sixth place and a payout of $241,000 went to Poland's hbo06, who turned in his largest score to date by a factor of 21. His previous largest score was worth $11,000 and came by virtue of winning the Big $22 in May. He plays as manipulatooron PokerStars and dajmiczipsyon 888 Poker. Players who cashed outside of the final table combined for $4.2 million in winnings and the PocketFives community had 772 in the money finishers in the Sunday Million. Non-PocketFivers snatched $5.0 million, or 80% of the prize pool. If you don't already have a PokerStars account, sign up through the links on PocketFives to get a 100% up to $600 sign-up bonus and one free month of Tournament Poker Edge or CardRunners training. Get started here. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  25. Sunday's action saw 'DrMiKee' accomplish a rare feat, earning victories in both the $2,600 and $530 buy-in partypoker High Roller events for $42,875 and $32,390. High stakes online poker tournament specialist '3BunPass' of the United Kingdom (ranked #86 worldwide) once again made a marquee partypoker final table and walked away with $27,563 for the seconnd place effort in the Super High Roller. There was a three-way final table chop in the PokerStars Sunday Million, with 'DrAnubis' claiming a championship prize of $130,172 while 'Petelekinho' collected $102,943 upon finishing in third place officially. 'Beckinnz' cashed for $96,801 in the runner-up spot and 'aaronbeen' placed fourth for $51,963. Brazilian 'vzb' (ranked #514 worldwide) was awarded $52,656 for winning the Sunday Warm-Up while 'kanme11' earned $44,740 as a result of a heads-up final table deal. The $1,050 buy-in NLHE Sunday Grand was won by 'mamamamama70' for $51,600 as PocketFives member 'bartek901' approached the $2 million career online cashes mark with a $38,637 payday for second place in that event. The Six Max Pot Limit Omaha version of the Sunday Grand was taken down by 'maggess88' for $33,443 and 'PalomoBuchón' received $35,066 upon capturing an outright victory in the Sunday Supersonic. Player 'sharon gh' outlasted a field of 31,700 upon winning the Sunday Storm, which paid out $31,567. PocketFivers picked up 7 of the 9 final table spots in the 888 Poker Mega Deep tournament which was chopped two ways. Costa Rica's 'winwin07' (ranked #90) cashed for $20,733 in first place while Simon 'IgorK' Rønnow Pedersen of Denmark finished second for a score of $19,092. The $320 buy-in "Baby Whale" on 888 Poker was won by 'komarolo222' for $19,350. PokerStars Sunday Million ($200+15 NLHE) 5,285 entrants - $1,057,000 paid out to 728 spots DrAnubis - $130,172.16 Beckinnz - $96,801.30 Petelekinho - $102,943.08 *3-way deal aaronbeen - $51,963.17 julesdAA - $36,466.18 O'Pazzzo" - $25,590.92 LeBroHbKA - $17,958.85 LOLDOLPHIN - $12,602.92 s1cktiTs - $8,844.44 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up ($200+15 NLHE) *$350K Guaranteed 1,880 entrants - $376,000 paid out to 260 spots VzB_Poker - $52,656.31 (vzb) kanme11 - $44,740.01 *2-way deal QuadVQuadMe - $29,290.47 Duke672778 - $21,060.09 dejanaceking - $15,142.38 Mike180373 - $10,887.49 (Falcon1803) Siton11 - $7,828.16 pabritz - $5,628.56 (pabritz) AlbertoC - $4,046.96 PokerStars Sunday Grand ($1,000+50 NLHE) *$275K Guaranteed 271 entrants - $271,000 paid out to 35 spots mamamamama70 - $51,600.23 bartek901 - $38,637.33 Tankanza - $28,931.06 Victor chuch - $21,663.17 SwalzB - $16,221.05 madsamot - $12,146.08 Mayu 'marroca5' Roca Uribe - $9,094.81 SpaceyFCB - $6,810.06 yrwthmelthr - $5,099.27 PokerStars Sunday Grand PLO ($1,000+50 PLO 6-Max) *$150K Guaranteed 165 entrants - $165,000 paid out to 19 spots maggess88 - $33,442.54 caIcuIer_ - $24,962.81 Backhendl - $18,633.25 maxypaxy - $13,908.62 profit76 - $10,381.96 terror7777 - $7,749.52 PokerStars Sunday Supersonic ($215 NLHE Six Max Hyper) *$200k Guaranteed 1,048 entrants - $214,588 paid out to 143 spots PalomoBuchón - $35,065.87 EpicEpicEpic - $22,921.03 mr choo - $14,982.84 Prefguru - $9,793.88 88maca88 - $6,401.98 cruelShark - $4,184.79 PokerStars Sunday Storm ($10+$1 NLHE) *$300k Guaranteed 31,700 entrants - $317,000 paid out to 5,111 spots sharon gh - $31,566.54 h@t_hot - $22,478.69 I GRIND THIS - $16,023.55 (grindthis11) billchill007 - $11,422.14 VACBlack - $8,142.08 Pauk575 - $5,803.92 maximalove - $4,137.23 (gogogoal) bmilley27 - $2,949.14 (bmilley27) Neznaika I - $2,102.21 partypoker Super High Roller ($2,600 NLHE) *$100k Guaranteed 49 entrants - $122,500 paid out to 7 spots DrMiKee - $42,875 ThreeBunPass - $27,563 (3BunPass) HuanTaime - $18,375 collony87 - $12,250 EvnomiYa - $9,188 advancedbetting - $6,738 ekziter - $5,513 partypoker High Roller ($530 NLHE) *$150k Guaranteed 316 entrants - $158,000 paid out to 36 spots DrMiKee - $32,390 NBA2k12FAN - $23,700 D0nKanaille_ - $17,854 x_zola25 - $13,430 nelisschuif - $9,322 RedPant - $7,110 Plazya7 - $5,530 Nexow1 - $3,950 Tjeeeena - $2,765 888 Poker Baby WHALE ($320 NLHE) *$100k Guaranteed 311 entrants - $100,000 paid out to 45 spots komarolo222 - $19,350 SpaceyFCB - $14,500 cosmokramr26 - $11,000 popsnpoker - $8,250 (bustindanut) imagine_son - $5,700 sally_os - $4,400 lucky.winner - $3,400 scellone94 - $2,400 dubick - $1,750 888 Poker Mega Deep ($215 NLHE) *$120k Guaranteed 611 entrants - $120,000 paid out to 81 spots not_the_same - $20,733 (winwin07) IggyGak - $19,092 *2-way deal (Simon 'IgorK' Rønnow Pedersen) pimmelspeck - $12,342 (pappadogg) anteen - $9,287 (dewcanteen) HappyHour4U - $6,525 Masiello21 - $5,194 GramNaKartke - $3,972 (ksieciunio) Nag1baToR - $2,750 edbtzuk - $1,833

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