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Found 22 results

  1. [caption width="656"] Sweden's 'lena900' won his second career PocketFives Triple Crown. It was the largest Triple Crown in the last eight months.[/caption] While players from Brazil have been making waves in the ongoing PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker, players from Sweden have continued to dominate records on PocketFives. The latest: the largest PocketFives Triple Crown points-wise since September at 873 PLB Points coming from Sweden's 'lena900'. In order to win a Triple Crown, a player has to take down three $10,000 prize pool tournaments across three sites tracked for
  2. Nico PokerKaiserFierro (pictured) has been tearing apart the online poker community this month. We're not even three weeks into June and the Chilean has already piled up 10 online MTT wins and two PocketFives Triple Crowns. And he still has two weeks left in the month to improve upon those numbers. Let's start with his first Triple Crown, which began on June 2 with a win in the WinamaxXPERT for $3,800. Two days later, he found the winner's circle of the PokerStars $109 Rebuy for $8,700. Finally, on June 9, his Triple Crown quest was complete after a victory in the Aced Nightly High Roller
  3. Earlier this month, Sam TheSquidGrafton (pictured) earned his ninth PocketFives Triple Crown. The award requires a person to take down three $10,000 prize pool tournaments across three sites tracked for the PocketFives Rankingswithin seven days. As he put it, "I'm following in the footsteps of the master, moorman1," who has a record-setting two-dozen Triple Crowns, 12 more than the next closest person. "It feels really good," Grafton told PocketFives in an exclusive interview. "I had an abysmal Sunday and the $20 Rebuy on iPoker was the last tournament I was in. I had just gotten 12th in
  4. Happy New Year from all of us at PocketFives! One of the major awards we give out to our members is the PocketFives Triple Crown. In order to earn it, a person needs to win three $10,000 prize pool tournaments across three sites tracked for the PocketFives Rankings within a seven-day period. Each tournament needs to have at least 100 entrants. After the award was won a record 208 times in 2013, we gave out 137 of them in 2014. Here's a look at the number of PocketFives Triple Crowns given out each year since PocketFives was launched in 2005: 2014: 137 Triple Crowns 2013: 208 Triple Crow
  5. After a seven-week hiatus from the online poker world due to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured) headed back to his computer and quickly earned his 21st PocketFives Triple Crown, extending his own record. He has ten more Triple Crowns than the next closest PocketFiver and has pretty much dominated every award we have on our site. This time, Moorman won the iPoker €10,000 Guaranteed Rebuy for $3,600, the Full Tilt Poker Benjaminfor $6,500, and the Winamax High Roller for $20,000 to round out his 21st Triple Crown. Moorman told PocketFives in an exclus
  6. On the seventh day of January, Dan onel4playOnel (pictured) captured a PocketFives Triple Crown. It was the first time he has won the award and his tournament wins came on PokerStars.fr, Full Tilt, and PokerStars, totaling 550 PLB Points. He lodged the 12th Triple Crown for his home country of Romania. "I rate the Triple Crown as my biggest achievement so far poker-related, so I was very enthusiastic when I realized I managed to earn it," Onel told PocketFives in an exclusive interview. "It feels like all of the hard work I have put in the last year has started to pay off." Specifically,
  7. Only three players have ever recorded more than 10 PocketFives Triple Crowns: Chris moorman1Moorman, who has a record 24; Peter BelabacsiTraply, who has 11; and Nico PokerKaiser Fierro (pictured), who just earned his 13th, good for the second most all-time. Fierro's latest Triple Crown run began on February 24 with a win in the PokerStars Hot $33for $6,700 and 199 PLB Points. Over the next few days, he was the runner-up in several tournaments on PokerStars.fr before finally recording a win in that site's Monday Night on Starsfor $9,900 and 215 PLB Points. We've seen several Triple Crown win
  8. February may seem like forever ago, but it wasn't too long ago that the second month of 2018 saw the names of Chris 'moorman1' Moorman, Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah, and Viktor 'isildur1' Blom capture the headlines. Below are PocketFives' top five stories from February 2018, plus a look back at the February's Monthly PLB winner. MILESTONES: Chris 'moorman1' Moorman Earns 27th Triple Crown Chris 'moorman1' Moorman is online poker’s leading all-time money earner with, at time of writing, $15.595 million in online tournament winnings. In February 2018, Moorman captured headlines when he won his reco
  9. For a brief moment, Sameer ‘ender749’ Singh thought that earning his first PocketFives Triple Crown was going to be easy. “I was the chip leader in the €10K Championship on partypoker with five left. I had a big chip lead and I thought ‘I could just close this out right now.’ If I win it, that’s it, it’s finished. It’s just two days and ‘Boom, done!’” But things didn’t go Singh’s way in that tournament. His quest for his first Triple Crown was going to take a little more effort. You see, Singh, a UK-based pro and member of PocketFives.com since 2015 has been on quite a roll as of late. He’
  10. Every Sunday The PocketFives Milestone Report looks at the online poker players who are achieving career-best achievement or reaching new heights in the rankings Winning a PocketFives Triple Crown is pretty difficult and puts a player into rare air in the online poker tournament scene. In 2014 it’s happened only 14 times and Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren has three of them - two came last week. As a reminder, players need to win three tournaments inside of a seven-day period and those tournaments need to have a $10,000 minimum prize pool, a field of at least 100 players and have a rea
  11. Last month, Roman Romanovskyi (pictured), known as Romeoproon PocketFives, scooped his fourth PocketFives Triple Crown. He has now won one a year since 2012 and, this time around, took down the PartyPokerSaturday Major, WinamaxTop 50, and PokerStars $109 Rebuy. We caught up with the Kiev resident to talk about his latest claim to fame. PocketFives: Tell us how you're feeling about winning your fourth Triple Crown. Roman Romanovskyi: Pretty great. First of all, I want to thank PocketFives for its existence because it's one of the biggest, if not the biggest, motivating factors for me. Po
  12. [caption width="640"] Ireland's Dara 'Doke' O'Kearney won his fifth PocketFives Triple Crown.[/caption] Five years ago, Ireland's Dara 'Doke' O'Kearney won his very first PocketFives Triple Crown. Six months later, he did it again, his second Triple Crown of 2011. He won one more in May 2013 and another two years later. On April 17, he polished off another milestone: Triple Crown number five. "It feels great," O'Kearney said of his fifth Triple Crown. "I remember how thrilled I was after the first one, so any time I have a chance, like when I've won two qualifying tournaments, it's a re
  13. [caption width="628"] Sweden's 'Sheater' won his fifth PocketFives Triple Crown[/caption] For the first time in more than two years, Sweden's 'Sheater' won a PocketFives Triple Crown. And this one was a milestone, as it marked the fifth won by the longtime online poker player who is nearing $7 million in career winnings. And amazingly, two of his Triple Crown qualifying wins this time around came against the same player. In order to score a Triple Crown, a player must win three multi-table tournaments, each of which starts within the same seven-day period across any three of the network
  14. Late last month, Russia's MatveichukR(pictured) took down his sixth PocketFives Triple Crown. If the award isn't familiar to you, the way to get one is to win three $10,000 prize pool tournaments with at least 100 players each across three sites tracked for the PocketFives Rankings within seven days. PocketFivers have won 106 of them in 2014 and exactly 900 all-time. For MatveichukR, the latest Triple Crown was his sixth overall and his first since September of last year. He told PocketFives in an exclusive interview, "Almost a year has passed since I won my last Triple Crown. A few times,
  15. Last month, England's Scott Aggro SantosMargereson (pictured) won his third PocketFives Triple Crown. He took down three $10,000 prize pool tournaments with at least 100 players each on three sites tracked for the PocketFives Rankings within seven days and made over $25,000 in the process. "It came at a nice time because I started playing for myself a couple of months ago and was on a bit of a downswing right before I won the Triple Crown," Margereson told PocketFives. "In winning the Triple Crown, I had a great Sunday that got me out of the hole I was in." Margereson took down the Poker
  16. One of our most recent online poker Triple Crownwinners, Matthew mstark87Stark (pictured), took down the 888 Poker$10,000 Guaranteed R&A Turbo, PartyPoker $15,000 Guaranteed, and iPoker €8,000 Guaranteed Rebuy en route to victory. It was his second career Triple Crown and, interestingly enough, all six of his Triple Crown tournament victories have come on just three sites. --- Follow professional sports tipsters, make your own betting tips, and compete for real cash prizes. Tipdayis the ultimate sports tipping resource. Check it out. --- "It feels good to back the first one up with
  17. Watch "The Sound of Music," which is set in Austria, if the title of this article is confusing. On January 11, a little more than a week into the new year, Austria's neverfoldQ5(pictured) took down a $33 No Limit Hold'em Cap tournament on PokerStars. He scooped $2,800 and, perhaps more importantly, registered the first leg of a PocketFives Triple Crown. One day later, he was back at it, this time on the EU-facing site Winamax, where he won a W Series event for a healthy $44,000. On the 13th, he won the 888 Poker Hurricane, although the tournament didn't qualify for the Triple Crown since it
  18. January was a pretty epic month for Nicolas PokerKaiserFierro (pictured), even by his standards. He took down ten online poker tournaments and scored two PocketFives Triple Crowns during the stanza, raising his lifetime total to 12, the second most of anyone in our community. His first Triple Crown began on the 15th of January with a win in the Winamax XTASEfor $4,500. Four days later, he was off to the races in the PokerStars $109 Cubedand banked $5,900. It took him all of 24 hours to close out his Triple Crown bid from there, as Fierro won the PartyPoker $25,000 Guaranteed for $4,800. Jus
  19. [caption width="640"] Nico Fierro won 11 PocketFives Triple Crowns in 2015[/caption] There were a total of 97 PocketFives Triple Crownsawarded in 2015. Before we tell you who won, let's make sure we're all on the same page about what a Triple Crown is. In order to get one, a player must win three MTTs across three sites we track for the PocketFives Rankings within the same seven-day period. Each tournament must have a prize pool of at least $10,000, at least 100 players, and a real money buy-in. Satellites do not count. Any discussion of Triple Crowns won last year has to begin with
  20. Seriously? This author came home from a delicious Mexican lunch only to see an e-mail from the agent of Chris Moorman1Moorman (pictured) saying he had won his 25th PocketFives Triple Crown. I think it's safe to say that Moorman is not human. His latest Triple Crown started on May 8 with a win in an iPOPS event on Everest Poker. The tournament was a $77 Cubed event that drew 521 players and Moorman, playing under the handle RocketMonk, took it down for $15,000. UK PocketFivers, including Moorman, finished in four of the top seven spots and took home 87% of the prize pool. One day later, M
  21. February 2 to 16 was a pretty epic period of time for Denmark's x_zola25, who took down seven tournaments in two weeks for his first PocketFives Triple Crown. It was the 31st Triple Crown for Denmark, so we definitely wanted to catch up with x_zola25 and talk about his groundbreaking effort. Before we hop into the interview, we wanted to highlight the seven tournaments he impressively won in a span of 14 days: February 2: Betfair Sunday Late Night February 6: Betfair €8,000 Guaranteed Rebuy February 10: Betfair High Roller Monday February 14: PokerStars Big $22 February 14: Betfair €
  22. Every month The PocketFives Milestone Report looks at the online poker players who are achieving career-best achievement or reaching new heights in the rankings. 'MatveichukR' Earns Eighth Triple Crown Longtime PocketFiver Roman ‘MatveichukR’ Matveychuk picked up an impressive eighth Triple Crown during the week of July 31. The achievement moves him into a tie for sixth place on the all-time Triple Crown leaderboard with Dara ‘Doke’ O’Kearney. It is enough for an eighth Triple Crown to be marveled at alone, but how Matveychuk did it is just as remarkable. He won all three tournaments for t

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