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Found 14 results

  1. The PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker, or TCOOP, wrapped up over the weekend with a record being set. Nikki_Hefner, a member of the Russia poker community, took down the TCOOP Main Event for $396,000 following a heads-up deal. In the process, he set a new record for the largest single cash in a TCOOP event, beating the previous mark of $382,000 set in last year's High Roller Event. Here's a look at the final table payouts: 1. Nikki_Hefner - $396,516.38 2. riversouza - $363,119.56 3. PitBully01 - $228,721.76 4. Spraggs - $159,412.13 (Spraggs) 5. basil86 - $117,826.36 6. jxarturo - $90,102.51 (jxarturo) 7. yryryryr - $62,378.66 8. majo-K88 - $34,654.81 (pennyfox) 9. GhettoHomie - $22,179.08 The tournament ended in just over five hours – it was a Turbo after all – and according to PokerStars, Nikki_Hefner raked in "an hourly rate of an astonishing $76,498." The $700 buy-in tournament had 4,169 entrants and blew away its $2 million guarantee by 35%. The top 540 finishers landed in the money. Speaking of the High Roller, poker pro Theo Jorgensen (pictured) won the series' $2,100 High Roller Event over the weekend. The tournament ended in a five-way deal that saw Jorgensen earn $193,000. It was Jorgensen's first COOP title. Here's how the final table cashed out: 1. Theo J - $193,237.03 2. DaNuts90 - $200,039.22 3. x_zola25 - $177,850.47 (x_zola25) 4. ChaoRen160 - $176,431.65 5. bigdog6391 - $233,816.43 6. XTheDecanoX - $74,820.80 (TheDecano) 7. jeff710 - $56,300.80 (YoungSupremacy) 8. engantil - $37,966.00 9. Mr Magur0 - $23,150.00 Finally, Norway's CandyJohnsonwon the TCOOP Player of the Series competition and received a trophy as well as a 2015 SCOOP Main Event ticket. CandyJohnson won a TCOOP event, made three final tables, and had a baker's dozen's worth of cashes this year. Visit PokerStars for TCOOP highlights. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  2. At the end of January, PokerStars hosts the 2016 Turbo Championship of Online Poker. Running January 21 - 31, TCOOP, now in its fifth year, has a total of $15 million in guarantees for the second consecutive year. The 2016 TCOOP Main Event has a $700 buy-in and a $2 million guarantee. It's the 49th event on the schedule and kicks off at 15:30 ET on January 31. In the 2015 TCOOP Main Event, 'Nikki_Hefner' came out on top of a 4,169-player field en route to a $396,000 payday after a heads-up deal with Brazil's 'riversouza'. The first event on the 2016 TCOOP schedule is a $27 No Limit Hold'em Six-Max Turbo Three-Phase tournament - a new format for this year. The first phase runs daily from January 7 to 21 and players can enter as many Phase 1 and Phase 2 tournaments as they'd like until they qualify for Phase 3. The Phase 3 tournament, which marks the official first day of TCOOP, takes place at Noon ET on January 21 and has a $1.5 million guarantee. "I'm really looking forward to TCOOP. The turbo structures, coupled with the range of games and formats, keeps things fun and interesting every day," said Team PokerStars Pro Online member Mickey mementmori Petersen. "Plus, with each tournament only lasting a few hours, it's a great way to try and get a big score in a short space of time." The Three-Phase tournament isn't the only tournament format to debut on TCOOP this year. Events #3 and #34 are Progressive Ultra-Knockout tournaments, which will also run during the TCOOP for the first time. In these events, three-quarters of each buy-in goes to knockout prize money. Event #3 has a buy-in of $215, while Event #34 has a buy-in of $700. Event #10 is the first-ever 4x Turbo tournament on the TCOOP schedule. It has a price tag of $7.50, with rebuys running for two hours instead of the usual 30 minutes, and kicks off on January 23. On January 31 at High Noon ET, the richest tournament on the TCOOP slate begins, a $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Turbo High Roller. The event has a $1 million guarantee. Theo Jorgensen, a PokerStars pro, won it in 2015 for $200,000. PokerStars will keep track of players' performances as part of the TCOOP Tournament Leaderboard, which awards a champion's trophy and SCOOP ticket to its winner. Plus, the top 100 finishers all get SCOOP tickets. Norway's 'CandyJohnson' won the TCOOP Leaderboard last time out. There are 50 TCOOP events in total. Visit PokerStars for the full schedule and satellite information.
  3. [caption width="450"] Dinesh ‘NastyMinder’ Alt took down the PokerStars TCOOP Main Event Sunday[/caption] Only five tournaments remained in the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Pokeron Sunday, including the much-anticipated $700 buy-in Main Event. After navigating a field of 4,077 players in more than five hours of play, Switzerland’s Dinesh ‘NastyMinder’ Alt emerged victorious, taking a record-breaking Main Event prize of $396,691. The day’s schedule kicked off with a $109 No Limit Hold‘em Eight-Max event, which gave players a chance to make one rebuy and one add-on. In total, 1,194 entrants bought into the tournament and made 710 rebuys and 513 add-ons, creating a prize pool that barely missed its $250,000 guarantee. After nearly four hours of play, the final table was set, with ‘Large Coffee’ starting with a nearly 700,000 chip lead. The UK grinder stayed in the dominant position to the end and took out Denmark’s Frederik ‘Fred_Brink’ Jensen to win the title and the $45,000 first place prize. Event #46, a $215 No Limit Hold'em Ultra-Deep Turbo, was up next, and drew 3,364 runners, each of whom started with a generous 50,000-chip stack. After five long hours, the final table came into focus, with Polish grinder ‘Sick Pastorr’ sitting behind the biggest stack. In heads-up play, the Pole made quick work of his final opponent, winning the title and a $105,630 payday. 805 players paid the $2,100 entry fee to take a shot at Event #47, TCOOP’s No Limit Hold‘em High-Roller tournament. When the smoke cleared, poker pro Grayson ‘gray31’ Ramage held all the chips and took home the $213,867 first place prize. The win was Ramage’s second COOP victory, his first coming in the 2014 WCOOP Challenge Series. Just 320 runners entered the $530 buy-in Eight-Game Turbo event, with the top 42 places taking a slice of the $160,000 prize pool. Switzerland’s ‘bambelbi3510’ bested the relatively small field and dispatched his heads-up opponent, ‘Sputnick_PT’ of the UK, to win the $33,600 first-place payout. After nine days of accelerated play and millions of dollars being awarded to the series’ winners, the TCOOP Main Event finally got underway. 4,077 entrants paid the $700 buy-in and created a TCOOP Main Event record prize pool of $2,711,205. At the final table, Swedish player ‘KungKroon’ enjoyed a healthy lead, starting with a six million-chip advantage over his next closest opponent. With 500K/1M blinds threatening to wipe out even the biggest stacks, players began to discuss a deal early, but could not come to an agreement. It was only after the table was whittled down to two players that a deal was agreed upon. Switzerland’s Dinesh ‘NastyMinder’ Alt held just a small chip lead over ‘KungKroon’ and agreed on a deal that would give him $356,691, ‘KungKroon’ $346,181, and leave $40,000 for the winner. Only eight hands into heads-up play, ‘KungKroon’ shoved all in pre-flop from the button with Qs5s and was called by his opponent, who held AhJh. The Kd2d4c8d6h board brought absolutely no help for ‘KungKroon’ and gave Alt the Main Event title and $396,691 first-place prize. Alt has had a stellar series, cashing in a total of seven events and coming just short of winning the $215 buy-in Event #11. His Main Event victory propelled him into sixth place on the TCOOP 2016 Leaderboard with 260 points. Czech Republic’s ‘Zagalo87’ claimed the top spot with 310 points and was followed by ‘TedyKGB88’ of the UK and ‘DJeka[MD]’ of Moldova. With the Main Event finished, players had just one more chance to win a title. Event #50 was a $215 buy-in No Limit Hold'em Hyper-Turbo Deep Stack tournament, which drew 2,247 runners looking to pocket the largest share of the $1 million prize pool. Team PokerStars pro Aditya ‘Adi Agarwal’ Agarwal bested the field and banked the $160,000 first-place prize, with 'RamsGold' of Costa Rica taking the $120,000 runner-up award. TCOOP Event #45: $109 No Limit Hold‘em Eight Max Turbo 1R1A 1,194 entrants (710 rebuys, 513 add-ons), $250,000 prize pool Large Coffee $45,000 Frederik ‘Fred_Brink’ Jensen $32,500 MikeyGG3 $25,000 LeoRai $18,525 shogunAA $12,500 MaTitheone $7,500 utvekklo2 $5,000 irishkajungl $3,125 TCOOP Event #46: $215 No Limit Hold‘em Turbo Ultra-Deep 3,364 entrants, $672,800 prize pool Sick Pastorr $105,630.29 cubanirris $78,717.60 heavenwalker $55,855.85 V.bl0m $38,686 JJ@mess $28,930.40 1mates1 $22,202.40 panda_zhang9 $15,474.40 guitarpiano $8,746.40 Senterpied $5,382.40 TCOOP Event #47: $2,100 No Limit Hold‘em Turbo High-Roller 805 entrants, $1,610,000 prize pool Grayson ‘gray31’ Ramage $213,867.23 Alex ‘steakaddict.’ Papazian 213,052.03 Mark ‘RenRad 01’ Darner $180,925.29 Rafael ‘GM_VALTER’ Moraes $167,370.45 Pimmss $82,915 TMoney0209 $66,815 ex6tenceLV $50,715 ILIOS72 $35,581 PureCash25 $20,608 TCOOP Event #48: $530 8-Game Turbo 320 entrants, $160,000 prize pool bambelbi3510 $33,600 Sputnick_PT $24,480 Julian ‘jutrack’ Track $18,400 PokerStars Team Online Naoya ‘nkeyno’ Kihara $12,800 aramesko $9,600 zzwwzzwwzz $6,400 TCOOP Event #49: $700 No limit Hold‘em Main Event 4,077 entrants, $2,711,205 prize pool Dinesh ‘NastyMinder’ Alt $396,691.43 KungKroon $346,181.46 gringenkov $223,674.41 marcasa $155,894.28 Makuherra $115,226.21 anthonyff $88,114.16 IMFICKLE $61,002.11 RSRMCA $33,890.06 Petr ‘Hurloon’ Jaros $21,689.64 TCOOP Event #50: $215 No Limit Hold‘em Wrap-Up Hyper-Turbo Deep 1R1A 2,247 entrants (1,041 rebuys, 1,295 add-ons), $1,000,000 prize pool Aditya ‘Adi Agarwal’ Agarwal $160,000 RamsGold $120,000 Propheus7 $90,000 C. Darwin2 $62,000 BlackCat-IL $45,000 AnyGameSir $35,000 Martin ‘M.nosbocaJ’ Jacobson $25,000 Lundisgsund $17,000 Pro1612 $9,500
  4. [CAPTION=98%]Vicente 'vicenfish' Delgado Zamorano was one of the biggest winners on the final day of TCOOP (PokerStars photo)[/CAPTION] The final day of the 2017PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker included eight tournaments, two Main Events and 11 different players walking away with six-figure scores. The first six-figure cash went to Vicente 'vicenfish' Delgado Zamorano. Beating out 569 entries in the $3,000 High Roller event, Zamorano earned $287,060.33 for the second largest cash of his online career. He won just over $700,000 for taking down the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker High Roller in 2014. 'bodamos', who was the biggest loser in online cash games in 2016, finished second for $210,414.03. 2015 WCOOP Main Event winner, 'Coenaldinho7' of Belgium, finished in third for $154,232.98. The biggest winner on the day though was Costa Rica-based Maxwell 'maxv2' Ludwig, who beat out 3,582 other entries to the win the TCOOP Main Event for $489,075.72. His previous biggest score came in 2013 when he won the PokerStars Sunday 500 for $86,876. Finnish grinder 'Timonpoika' finished runner-up for $351,648.23. Three other players, Russian 'v0vapr0', Malta-based 'danh's89' and German 'cube.com' all earned more than $100,000 for their finish. The final big score on Sunday went to Slovakian '99_shark_94' after winning Event #65, the $700 Six Max Ultra Deep NLHE eent for $154,415.95. The last Russian player to hold down the #1 ranking on PocketFives,Arten 'veeea' Vezhenkov, finished runner-up to barely squeak into the six-figure club with a $100,936.90 score. Two Canadian players managed to find the top spot on the podium on Sunday. Ryan 'newguy89' McEathron beat out 1,559 players in Event #59, $215 Ultra Deep NLHE, to win $47,627.34. He beat out Columbia-based 'hery_J7s' for the title. Meanwhile '1tuffcall' topped the largest field of the day, 14,003, Event #62, $27 NLHE, to win $81,906.84 after a three-way chop with 'MD IACONI' and Grezi. Also at that final table was former #1-ranked Ari Engel. Other winners on Sunday included 'gregor7878', 'posetuta' and 'ihaterivers'. Event #59: $215 Ultra Deep No Limit Hold'Em Entries: 1,559 Prize pool: $311,800 Ryan 'newguy89' McEathron - $47,627.34 hery_J7s - $34,562.34 LeCat2305 - $25,081.90 yayo8422 - $18,201.91 Kashmir_uzi - $13,209.12 Cavalli21 - $9,585.85 quiditbear (Belgium) $6,956.44 pcayobh - $5,048.29 Robi.gool - $3,663.55 Event #60: $700 Eight Game Mix Total entries: 167 Prize pool: $111,055 gregor7878 - $22,225.19 GuyACampbell - $16,703.01 Rodrigo 'caprioli' Caprioli - $12,552.94 Murrrr_@T - $9,434.01 chess87 - $7,090.01 otitov - $5,328.41 Event #61: $3,000 No Limit Hold'em High Roller Entries: 569 (470 players + 99 re-entires) Prize pool: $1,625,712.66 Vicente 'vicenfish' Delgado Zamorano - $287,060.33 bodamos - $210,414.03 Coenaldinho7 - $154,232.98 Kranshan - $113,052.38 LAP1293 - $82,866.96 ceremore - $60,741.33 Aufangzeb - $44,523.23 Matthew 'mjw006' Wakeman - $32,635.36 Event #62: $27 No Limit Hold'em Entries: 14,003 Prize pool: $1,048,309.55 1tuffcall - $81,906.84* MD IACONI - $75,567.62* Grezi - $63,792.21* chipkeeper13 - $36,080.29 omahahaha88 - $25,719.43 IVIegahit - $18,333.78 BodogAri - $13,069.06 gschge888 - $13,069.06 Mcrizel - $6,641.04 *denotes three-way dela Event #63: $1,000 No Limit Hold'em Main Event Entries: 3,583 (3,053 entries + 530 re-entries) Prize pool: $3,412,377.54 Maxwell 'maxv2' Ludwig - $489,075.72 Timonpoika - $351,648.23 v0vapr0 - $252,837.72 danh's89 - $181,792.36 cube.com - $130,710.43 AzEsmTzar - $93,981.65 Laszlo 'omaha4rollz' Bujtas - $67,573.60 Cinguzis - $48,585.77 Álvaro 'Varosky' Santamaría - $34,933.53 Event #63 Low: $27 No Limit Hold'em Main Event (Low Stakes Version) Total entries: 23,662 (18,995 entries, 4,667 re-entries) Prize pool: $580,902.10 posetuta - $52,367.61* Doktor Dose - $36,093.93* Zanetti89 - $44,318.97* PornoBaron - $22,070.50 nik81101 - $15,868.85 pl_pistolero - $11,409.84 M Cunha G - $8,203.73 caio_rppp - $5,898.53 TummerDK - $4,241.10 Event #64: $11 Six Max No Limit Hold'em Big Splash Entries: 7,351 (22,110 rebuys + 3,200 add-ons) Prize Pool: $326,610 Places Paid: 1,031 ihaterivers - $45,768.91* Eyal_A - $22,675.62* staanemer - $26,499.73* Epukk - $12,096.91 Jordan 'JWPRODIGY' Westmorland - $7,729.25 ProudWalker - $4,938.57 *denotes three-way deal Event #65: $700 Six Max Ultra Deep No Limit Hold'em Entries: 1,521 (1,145 players + 376 re-entries) Prize pool: $1,014,005.07 99_shark_94 - $154,415.95 Arten 'veeea' Vezhenkov - $100,936.90 ramastar88 - $65,979.58 kissyingui - $43,128.98 Rebel FishAK - $28,192.18 Brian 'brianm15' England - $18,428.42
  5. [caption width="640"] Jonas 'llJaYJaYll' Lauck added a Turbo Championshiop of Online Poker title to his WCOOP Main Event win on Thursday (PokerStars photo)[/caption] Almost four months to the day after winning the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker Main Event, Jonas 'llJaYJaYll' Lauck won himself another COOP title, this time of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker variety. Lauck won Event #46, a $700 No Limit Hold'em with bounties, for $62,385.72 and an additional $27,202.71 in bounties. The final table included Durair 'Duraircwb' do Rosario Netto, Rasmus Agerskov 'RasA86' Larsen, Felipe 'lipe piv' Boianovsky and eventual runner-up 'cube.com'. Lauck was one of four PocketFivers to win TCOOP titles in Thursday's five events. After losing the #1-ranking after just a week, Sweden's 'Lena900' might just be making a return to the top of the PocketFives Rankings after winning a TCOOP event of his own on Thursday. 'Lena900' beat out 4,580 other players to win the $11 Six Max NLHE Splash event for $27,439.61. Jianu 'diw.2303' Claudiu finished runner-up for $17,934.77. Diego 'diego_1901' Yonashiro became the first player from Peru to win a 2017 TCOOP title when he beat out 1,659 other entries to win Event #43, $82 Six Max No Limit Omaha, for $9,452.37 plus an additional $4,571.30 in bounties. Hungary's 'Zsipali' finished second. 'BigBluffByTJ' of Poland earned $9,423.27 for winning Event #45, $82 Razz. The event drew 738 players to create a $55,30 prize pool. German's 'pantau77' finished one spot behind 'BigBluffByTJ. The final table featured three Russian players. 'vitja1234' finished fourth, 'NeilUhta' finished fifth and 'Petrovich91' came in seventh place. Event #47, a $27 Six Max No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, was the last event to finish on the night but that was just fine for German 'Thomas823'. He ended up outlasting the 2,941-player field to win $10,881.20, his first 'COOP title and in the process denied 'bokkie870', who won Event #28 earlier this week, a second 2017 TCOOP title. Event #43: $82 Six Max No Limit Omaha (Progressive KO - 50%) Entries: 1,660 (1,112 + 548 re-entries) Prize pool: $124,500 ($62,250 + $62,250 in bounties) Diego 'diego_1901' Yonashiro - $9,452.37 (+ $4,571.30 in bounties) Zsipali - $6,178.20 (+ $1,364.55 in bounties) Charlottewbb - $4,038.51 (+ $2,050.67 in bounties) DroNNer - $2,639.86 (+ $112.50 in bounties) sheikki - $1,127.97 (+ $128.90 in bounties) Kolmetkunkut - $1,127.97 (+ $549.56 in bounties) Event #44: $11 Six Max No Limit Hold'em Splash w/rebuys Entries: 4,580 (12,321 re-buys + 2,351 add-ons) Prize pool: $192,520 Lena900 - $27,439.61 diw.2303 - $17,934.77 ABORDAGE - $11,723.44 PALbICH - $7,663.25 Serebity_p - $5,009.25 DeamCatchERS - $3,274.39 Event #45: $82 Razz Entries: 738 Prize pool: $55,350.00 BigBluffByTJ - $9,423.27 pantau77 - $6,838.11 K123K - $4,962.42 vitja1234 - $3,601.22 NeilUhta - $2,613.41 NihaoTuhao - $1,896.55 Petrovich91 - $1,376.32 GARST0NS - $998.80 Event #46: $700 No Limit Hold'em (Progressive KO - 50%) Entries: 1,191 Prize pool: $792,015 ($396,007.50 + $396,007.50 in bounties) Jonas 'llJaYJaYll' Lauck - $62,385.72 + $27,202.71 cube.com - $45,272.96 + $18,387.98 bounties Felipe 'lipe piv' Boianovsky - $32,854.60 + $7,722.74 bounties Rasmus Agerskov 'RasA86' Larsen - $23,842.58 + $7,711.05 bounties M@gic_master - $17,302.55 + $3,324.98 bounties 88maca88 - $12,556.48 + $1,496.24 bounties Durair 'Duraircwb' do Rosario Netto - $9,112.25 + $8,563.09 bounties Penelas08 - $6,612.73 + $11,198.39 bounties Event #47: $27 Six Max No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Entries: 2,941 Prize pool: $75,000 Thomas823 - $10,881.20 bokkie87 - $7,111.62 MarkHazard74 - $4,648.68 Muka82 - $3,038.71 777toome - $1,986.33 Zanos_Goda - $1,298.40
  6. [caption width="640"] Renato Akio Kaneoya took home the biggest win on the opening day of PokerStars' Turbo Championship of Online Poker (BSOP/PokerStars photo)[/caption] Last May, Brazilian players made headlines by dominating the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker and if the first two events of the 2017 PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker are any indication, they just might do it again. Brazilian’s walked away with two of the five TCOOP titles won on Wednesday and added a third place finish in another event. The opening event, a $214 NLHE event with a $500,000 guarantee, drew 2,774 players with Brazilian Renato Akio ’kaneoya’ Kaneoya emerging victorious after just 6.5 hours of play. Kaneoya and ‘PeroQmaloSoy’ agreed to a heads-up deal that left just over $11,000 and the title to play for. Kaneoya eliminated ‘PeroQmaloSoy’ after just a few minutes of heads-up play to walk away with $75,711.11. Murilo 'Muka82' Figueiredo beat out 1,377 other players to win Event #2, $82 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo. He ended up with $10,577.03 in winnings including $2,553.91 from bounties. Figueiredo eliminated four players at the final table to boost his overall KO haul. Philip 'Philip' Jacobson finished us runner-up, but cashed for just $6,517.55 after collecting just $696.05 in bounties. Poland's ‘ratajpoker’ ended the Brazilian’s strong opening run with his win in Event #3, $80 No Limit Hold’em, but it almost became three straight for Brazil. When the final table began, ‘ratajpoker’ had over 31% of the chips in play but as the final table played out there was another player representing Brazil. After eliminating two other players at the final table, Luiz ‘AcesPheres’ Feres found himself still in contention three-handed. ‘ratajpoker’ held the chip lead, ‘pur3decided’ was third and ‘ Feres was in third when players finalized a deal that left $7,416 to play for. After getting $33,917.54 in the deal, Feres was quick to exit in third, thus ending the chances of 2017 TCOOP opening with three straight wins by Brazilian players. ‘ratajpoker’ eventually eliminated ‘pur3decided’ to win the first COOP title of his career and $45,797.35. Event #4, the lowest buy-in event of the opening day - a $27 Six Max No Limit Hold’em event, attracted 10,940 players with Lithunian ‘PokerFan_lol’ getting the win and the $18,568.31 first place prize money. He also earned an additional $3,757.36 in bounties. Hungarian ‘NorBaggio’ finished second for $12,132.27 and $4,339.61 in bounties. While Hungarian poker fans may have been disappointed to see ’NorBaggio’ fall short of winning their home country a COOP title, they didn’t have to wait too much longer to celebrate. ‘kZhh’ captured the final TCOOP event of the day after beating out 3,289 other players in Event #5, an $82 No Limit Hold'em Bubble Rush tournament. The win was worth $32,435.00 after the final three players agreed to a chop. TCOOP action continues on Thursday with five more events, including a $320 buy-in Fat Thursday Special Edition event with a $400,000 guarantee. Event #1 - $215 No Limit Hold'em (Ultra-Deep, Kickoff) 
Entries: 2,774 (2,263 entries, 511 re-entries) 
Prize pool: $554,800 Renato Akio ‘kaneoya’ Kaneoya - $75,711.11* 
PeroQmaloSoy - $64,081.10* 
sim.sut - $41,879.91
 Anil Kumar ‘BigBlufferAY’ Yadav - $30,112.04
 Jansons55 (Latvia) $21,650.79
 Andrew ‘achen’ Chen - $15,567.13 
Nathaniel ‘natfalber11’ Falber - $11,192.86 
LEHMATLENTAA - $8,047.76 
king_one862 - $5,786.39 Event #2 - $82 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (Eight Max, 50% Progressive KO) 
Entries: 1,378 
Prize pool: $103,350 ($51,675 + $51,675 in bounties) Murilo 'Muka82' Figueiredo - $8,023.12 + $2,553.91 in bounties 
 Philip 'Philip' Jacobson - $5,821.50 + $696.05 in bounties 
 SemmelNy - $4,224.66 + $3,095.29 in bounties 
kolios - $3,065.84 + $82.03 in bounties ThomiDaHomi - $2,224.87 + $501.54 in bounties 
Chamäleon1 - $1,613.59 + $1,081.77 in bounties 
Boby Boom - $1,171.70 + $1,324.99 in bounties NikkiWolf - $850.30 + $674.37 in bounties Event#3 - $80 No Limit Hold'em 
Entries: 4,944 
Prize pool: $370,800 ratajpoker - *$45,797.35
 Michael ‘pur3decided’ Humphrey - *$36,743.06
 Luiz ‘AcesPheres’ Feres - *33,917.54 
Jesper8 - $18,654.68 
gunnersfun - $13,190.83 
IAmSoSo - $9,327.32
 YerSoLucky - $6,595.41 
daskalos20 - $5,663.66
 petrios1980 - $3,297.67 *denotes three-way deal Event #4 - $27 No Limit Hold'em (Six Max, Hyper-Turbo, 50% Progressive KO)
 Entries: 10,940
 Prize pool: $281,267.40 ($140,688.40 + $140,579 in bounties) PokerFan_lol - $18,568.31 + $3,757.36 in bounties
 NorBaggio - $12,132.27 + $4,339.61 in bounties
 Game-0ver901 - $7,930.50 + $875.78 in bounties
 swansfc_CJ - $5,183.93 + $779.97 in bounties 
Kairo90 - $3,388.57 + $1,413.37 in bounties
 sickhangover - $2,215.01 + $751.25 in bounties Event #5 - $82 No Limit Hold'em (Eight Max, Bubble Rush) Entries: 3,290 Prize pool: $246,750 kZhh - $32,435.00*
 GriffGolf13 - $23,812.29* 
Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann - $22,698.32* 
LeROYal 09 - $12,874.82 
csikken - $9,177.61 
LeviTheKing1 - $6,542.13 
SimbaUp - $4,663.47
 Pumpingpoker - $3,324.26 *denotes three-way deal
  7. Saturday’s Turbo Championship of Online Poker action saw the Brazilians take yet another title, giving them a one-title TCOOP lead over both the Netherlands and Sweden overall. PokerStars Team Pro Kosei 'shinbunshi' Ichinose took home Saturday’s first TCOOP bracelet in the $215 buy-in HORSE event. Proving his skill in not just No Limit Hold‘em, but in a variety of games, the Japanese grinder rose to the top of a 374-player field, beating Canada’s ‘korjae’ heads-up for the title and a $13,673 score. Next on the schedule was Event #54, a $215 Pot Limit Omaha Heads Up tournament, which garnered just 350 entrants but exceeded its $50,000 guarantee by $20,000. After winning nine straight PLO Heads Up matches in a grueling nine-hour marathon, Australia’s ‘Anywhat’ emerged victorious, banking $13,613 after striking a deal with second place finisher ‘Mr.Andersen5’. PokerStars had some fun with the format in the Event #55 $82 No Limit Hold‘em Mixed Max Turbo tournament. Comprised of three parts, the event played through 24 levels of nine-player tables, followed by 22 levels of Six Max. The final sprint would take place at Three Max tables until a winner was crowned. Norway’s ‘Tinas21’ navigated the structure expertly, taking the title and a $24,069 chunk of the $140,625 prize pool. ‘eggabf’ of the Netherlands was right behind him, pocketing a $20,353 runner-up payday. Event #56 was the second of two tournaments in this year’s TCOOP to be decided by popular vote. The resulting “Players Voice” event was an $82 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Eight Max, Progressive KO (33%) tournament, which drew 1,107 and created an $83,025 prize pool. ‘271066’ of the Netherlands bested his final-table competition, which included Event #20 champ and countryman ‘Dhr. Awesome’, to win his first title and over $11,000 in prizes and bounties. The tournament that followed epitomized the “Turbo” aspect of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker. The final table of the No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Six Max Hyper Turbo, Ultra Deep Win the Button tournament was played out in lightspeed. It only took Switzerland’s ‘Busyman919’ five minutes and 46 seconds to crush his five remaining competitors, winning or splitting 10 out of the 17 hands it took to play down to a winner. The Swiss grinder took home $15,966 for his efforts, leaving Sweden’s ‘WhatifGod’ in second place with an $11,177 prize. The last TCOOP title of the day was earned by Brazilian ‘Machadada RS' during the Event #58 $82 No Limit Hold‘em Saturday Speedway tournament. The win gave ‘Machadada RS’ a $42,932 payout, while putting Brazil in the lead for 2017 TCOOP titles, one more than both the Netherlands and Sweden. Event #53 - $215 HORSE Entries: 374 Prize pool: $74,800 Kosei ‘shinbunshi’ Ichinose $13,673.75 korjae $10,022.69 Gigaloff $7,346.60 Pokergenii $5,385.04 ASIAAN $3,947.22 DON CASTI $2,893.30 Andrew ‘UlDuffer’ Sweeney $2,120.78 Gambler4444 $1,554.52 Event #54 - $215 Pot Limit Omaha (Turbo, Heads Up) Entries: 350 Prize pool: $70,000 Anywhat $13,613.50* Mr.Andersen5 $11,586.50* karolukas263 $4,900.00 Ahhh ls lt? $4,900.00 MadsMP $2,730.00 ujhcrbq $2,730.00 vessarn $2,730.00 PokerLoans1 $2,730.00 *Denotes a two-way deal Event #55 - $82 No Limit Hold'em (Turbo, Mixed Max, Part Three: Three max) Entries: 1,875 Prize pool: $140,625 Tinas21 *$24,069.33 eggabf *$20,353.47 JTDStreet $9,387.63 *Denotes a two-way deal Event #56 - $82 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (Eight Max, Progressive KO 33%, Players’ Voice #2) Entries: 1,107 Prize pool: $83,025 271066 $8,984.27 + $1,950.84 in bounties mai0h123 $6,459.32 + $1,803.39 in bounties noeljohn $4,644.30 + $1,270.23 in bounties Lehis_69 $3,339.29 + $697.61 in bounties Dhr. Awesome $2,400.98 + $646.84 in bounties kalosVB $1,726.32 + $591.37 in bounties ImDaNuts $1,241.24 + $239.83 in bounties Vega Lyrae $892.46 + $791.74 in bounties Event #57 - $215 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (Six Max, Hyper, Ultra Deep, Win the Button) Entries: 432 Prize pool: $88,456 Busyman919 $15,966.40 WhatifGod $11,177.14 tonyk5432 $7,824.58 CavaloOoOo $5,477.62 TocalaSam $3,834.62 Ti0373 $2,684.44 Event #58 - $82 No Limit Hold‘em (Saturday Speedway SE) Entries: 4,003 Prize pool: $300,225 Machadada RS $42,932.55 Gymkhana1 $30,602.08 kiev545 $21,814.19 nana9192 $15,549.91 mih.mat $11,084.48 Chris 'ImDaNuts' Oliver $7,901.38 asgaran $5,632.37 Michael Keys $4,014.93 adler1270 $2,861.95
  8. [CAPTION=98%]Marcella ‘MenininhaMah’ Camargo added a PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker title to her growing collections of victories on Monday.[/CAPTION] The Brazilians claimed another title on Day 6 of play at the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker, while players from the Netherlands, UK, Canada and Bulgaria celebrated victories of their own. With an advertised guarantee of just $25,000, expectations were muted for the $82 buy-in, Pot Limit Five card Omaha Six Max event. But with 544 players making 387 re-entries, the prize pool swelled to nearly triple that amount. Netherlands’ ‘bokkie87’, who took third in a TCOOP PLO event in 2014, navigated the field expertly and found himself heads-up with Germany’s ‘hmduisburg’ for the title. After agreeing to a deal which set aside $1,396 extra for the winner, bokkie87 dispatched his opponent, pocketing $11,396 and becoming the first TCOOP champ of the day. Whoever decided on the format of Event #29 was seemingly trying to create one of the most chaotic tournament experiences possible. The $82 No Limit Hold‘em event was played as a three-handed Turbo, Zoom, Progressive KO – a unique twist on your average tournament. Throughout it all, UK’s ‘smurf0’ was able to keep his cool and rode a small final table starting stack to victory after beating out Vietnam’s ‘nana9192’ heads-up. For his efforts, smurf0 took home over $18,000 in prizes and bounties, while his opponent walked away with nearly $14,000. Three players at the final table of the $82 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Eight Max event were gunning for the second COOP victory of their poker careers, but it was Canada’s ‘The Cooker’ who would eventually achieve the feat. According to the heads-up deal struck between the Canadian and his Ukrainian final opponent, ‘Exzik’, The Cooker walked away with a $9,759 score. Russia was strongly represented at the final table as well, taking the fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth place spots. Event #31, a $215 No Limit Hold‘em tournament, cranked up the already feverish pace of gameplay even higher, with a blazing Hyper Turbo, Six Max format. Brazil came close to securing another TCOOP title, but came up short after its two players, ‘Caz_Carneiro’ and ‘leo_nuts_dno’, were defeated in second and fifth places respectively. Bulgaria’s ‘AstraLito’ outlasted his 1,608 competitors to claim victory, walking away with $35,053 of the $329,254 total prize pool. The Brazilians were back on top in the final event of the day, the $27 No Limit Hold‘em Win the Button, Progressive KO. At the final table was Romanian pro Luciana ‘luckyno75’ Manolea, who battled her way into the third place slot, and her compatriot, ‘p.A.v magic’, who took second. When all was said and done, Brazilian Marcella ‘MenininhaMah’ Camargo came out on top, winning the title and over $13,000 in prizes in bounties. Event #28 - $82 Six Max Pot Limit Five card Omaha Entries: 931 bokkie87 $11,396.00* hmduisburg $7,543.67* x3rces $4,893.99 shrekpoker91 Alexander ‘utvekklo2’ Ceder $2,091.35 Sergettt $1,367.13 *Denotes a two-way deal Event #29 - $82 Three Max No Limit Hold’em (Progressive KO 50%) Entries: 2,839 smurf0 $14,118.62* + $4,132.31 in bounties nana9192 $10,799.24* + $3,143.26 in bounties Markku 'markovitsus' Koplimaa $5,265.44 + $818.48 in bounties * denotes a two-way deal Event #30 - $82 Eight Max Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Entries: 845 The Cooker $9,759.76* Exzik $8,620.53* skilly $5,609.04 krakura $4,070.48 Creatiff111 $2,953.94 all191291in $2,143.67 ftgiants $1,555.66 verbena777 $1,128.94 *Denotes a two-way deal Event #31 - $215 No Limit Hold‘em (Six Max, Hyper Turbo, Ten Stack) Entries: 1,608 AstraLito $35,053.36* Caz_Carneiro $24,372.81* 7HE__D__ASH $24,512.86* slaman1337 $19,530.68* leo_nuts_dno $16,956.89* wyte123 $12,660.47* * Denotes a six-way deal Event #32 - $27 No Limit Hold‘em (Win the Button, Bubble Rush, Progressive KO 75%) Entries: 8,675 MenininhaMah $7,478.00 + $5,607.92 p.A.v magic $5,171.66 + $2,582.77 Luciana ‘luckyno75’ Manolea $3,579.20 + $2,755.60 skjul1 $2,477.09 + $1,084.01 Slava1961 $1,714.34 + $299.40 MrPingo $1,186.46 + $720.54 Wall131TCI-I $821.13 + $1,335.28 Hossa205 $568.29 + $1,471.22 timmy.KS $393.30 + $119.61
  9. [caption width="640"] João Simão grabbed himself a Turbo Championship of Online Poker title on Friday[/caption] The Brazilians have shown themselves a force to be reckoned with in this year’s Turbo Championship of Online Poker, collecting several titles and making a host of final table appearances. On Friday, Joao 'IneedMassari' Simao gave his countrymen yet another reason to celebrate, snagging another victory along with a five-figure payday. While the majority of TCOOP events are based on either Hold‘em or Omaha variants, organizers were sure to pepper less-commonly seen games into the schedule, like the No Limit Draw tournament featured in Event #48. The $82 buy-in event drew just 315 players, a small but respectable number considering the game no longer enjoys the level of popularity it once did. 'MarkBang’ of Hungary bested his final table competition, which included seasoned Colombian pro Mayu 'marroca5' Roca, to take the first title of the day. The Hungarian pocketed $5,604 in winnings after taking out Ukraine’s ‘BoKoPoR’ in Heads Up play. It was right back to business as usual in the following event, a $215 NLHE Six Max Turbo tournament. 1,270 players bought in to the event, generating a healthy $254,000 prize pool. Canada dominated the final table, with ‘alexMFNb’ taking the title along with a $25,642 payday, and compatriots Ryan "i need sheet" Yu and ‘tripsup24’ grabbing the fourth and sixth spots respectively. The third TCOOP title of the day went to Dutchman ‘pistecaloze’, who absolutely destroyed his final-table competition in Event #25, a $215 NLHE Turbo, Ante Up Progressive KO tournament. In fact, ‘pistecaloze’ single-handedly eliminated every player at the table, save for one. For his efforts, he walked away with a $17,264 prize plus $8,085 in bounties. Event #51, an $82 Limit Hold’em Six Max tournament, drew a modest 910 players and saw Brazil take yet another title in this year’s TCOOP. Joao 'IneedMassari' Simao outlasted the competition, which included 2005 EPT Grand Final champ Rob 'batoelrob' Hollink. The victory gave Simao his second COOP title, putting him just a SCOOP win away from securing an elusive Triple COOP. Along with the title, the Brazilian banked $11,381, with ‘AA-Clown’ of the Netherlands taking runner-up for $7,589. The $700 NLHE Progressive KO (33%) tournament rounded out the day’s festivities, playing down to a final table which included last year’s WCOOP Main Event champ Jonas "llJaYJaYll" Lauck. Also at the table was one of Lauck’s opponents in that match, ‘uknowProsky*’ of the Netherlands. This time, ‘uknowProsky*’ got the upper hand on Lauck but only managed to place fourth, taking just over $42,000. Finland’s ‘Timonpoika’, a Sunday Million champion, came out on top, adding over $80,000 to his bankroll and a TCOOP title to his resume. Event #48 - $82 No Limit Draw Entries: 414 Prize pool: $31,050 MarkBang $5,604.67 BoKoPoR $3,923.40 poliandrs $2,746.59 Mayu ‘marroca5’ Roca $1,922.75 ZG-TILT $1,346.03 VIWNIA $942.29 Event #49 - $215 Six Max No Limit Hold‘em Entries: 1,270 Prize pool: $254,000 alexMFNb $25,642.61* -Open$hove- $25,288.34* Sajanas171 $20,157.61* Ryan ‘i need sheet’ Yu $22,803.67* Roman8834444 $7,262.87 tripsup24 $4,747.53 *Denotes a four-way deal Event #50 - $215 No Limit Hold‘em (Ante Up, Progressive KO) Entries: 1,061 Prize pool $212,200 pistecaloze $17,264.42 + 8,085.89 in bounties Makuherra $12,654.40 + $1,824.99 in bounties 1stefanos1 + $2,404.29 in bounties B1GF1SH89 + $1,146.87 in bounties Craton76 $4,983.56 + $2,464.84 in bounties jdtjpoker $3,653.00 + $2,018.74 in bounties 17neffetS_BR $2,677.63 + $1,451.56 in bounties NeedBeat $1,962.70 + $2,353.90 in bounties jnfpoker $1,438.66 + $1,548.82 in bounties Event #51 - $82 Six Max Limit Hold‘em Entries: 910 Prize pool: $68,250 Joao 'IneedMassari' Simao $11,381.63 AA-Clown $7,589.08 lasynia555 $5,060.62 Rob 'batoelrob' Hollink $3,374.58 daisymiyuki $2,250.27 tunnny $1,500.54 Event #52 - $700 No Limit Hold‘em (Progressive KO 33%) Entries: 846 Prize pool: $690,934 Timonpoika *$70,490.25 + $9,195.99 Zufall84 *$60,474.95 + $12,905.82 krakukra $40,603.31 + $2,365.56 uknowProsky* $29,762.12 + $12,650.40 Jonas ‘llJaYJaYll’ Lauck $21,815.50 + $6,300.08 Kley $15,990.69 + $5,261.04 greeny2610 $11,721.11 + $6,241.20 kawachi1984 $8,591.52 + $3,456.56 apr27 $6,297.54 + $1,565.50 *Denotes a two-way deal
  10. [caption width="640"] Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah added a TCOOP title to his previous WCOOP and SCOOP wins (WPT photo)[/caption] Over the course of his impressive career, Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah has won a couple of World Championship of Online Poker events and another couple of Spring Championship of Online Poker titles. But prior to Wednesday, the Canadian grinder had never managed to win a Turbo Championship of Online Poker title. Leah bested a field of 503 to win the $82 No Limit Deuce to Seven event and $6,707.46. The final table inlcuded current world #2 'lena900', Mikal 'mikal12345' Blomlie and eventual runner-up Alm 'Chillolini' Wilson. After winning the event, Leah took to Twitter to celebrate. Leah wasn't the only World Series of Poker bracelet winner to take down a TCOOP event on Wednesday though. In the very next event Ryan 'PROTENTIALmn' LaPlante beat out 904 other players over the course of five tables to win Event #39, the $215 Six Max No Limit Hold'em Shootout. The final table for LaPlante included #1-ranked Fabrizio 'SixthSenSe19' Gonzalez and Carlos 'Poeira4' Branco. LaPlante's win, which comes seven months after he won his WSOP bracelet, was worth just over $20,000 when you take into account bounties won along the way. Lebanese poker pro 'abeainy' had the single biggest score of the day after taking down Event #40, $700 Six Max Pot Limit, for $41,250.10 after chopping heads-up with Russia's 'nafnaf_funny' after the pair outlasted 342 other players. 'nafnaf_funny' eanred $33,060.83 for finishing second. Ole 'wizowizo' Schemion earned $16,162.92 for a fourth place finish while Canada's Shyam 'G's zee' Srinivasan pocketed $8,393.82 for finishing sixth. British pro 'Jmm256' beat out the biggest field of the day in Event #41, $82 No Limit Hold'em w/Big Antes, to grab $31,264.25. The event attracted a field of 4,488 entries pushing the total prize pool to $336,600. 'Jmm256' took down the event after the final five players agreed to a chip chop. Runner-up 'PokinStaR' ended up with $33,790.37 for his efforts. The final event of the day was the $27 Six Max No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo and drew out 1,516 players with Dutch pro 'rodajc90' winning $15,095.71 after agreeing to a four-way chop with 'CupiRuleZ', 'The Milch666' and 'kasein'. Event #38: $82 No Limit Deuce to Seven Entries: 503 (353 entries + 150 re-entries) Prize pool: $37,725 Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah - $6,707.46 Alm 'Chillolini' Wilson - $4,826.15 MrMaximize - $3,472.75 Lena900 - $2,498.88 Chief0r - $1,798.12 Mikal 'mikal12345' Blomlie - $1,293.87 Kashmir_uzi - $931.03 Event #39: $215 Six Max No Limit Hold'em Shootout (Progressive KO - 50%) Entries: 905 Prize pool: $181,000 ($90,500 + $90,500 in bounties) Ryan 'PROTENTIALmn' LaPlante - $14,480 + $11,113 in bounties sincinaty118 - $10,860 + $2,867.93 in bounties batmanuga01 - $8,145 + $2,382.79 in bounties Fabrizio 'SixthSenSe19' Gonzalez - $5,430 + $3,087.09 in bounties Carlos 'Poeira4' Branco - $3,620 + $1,692.57 in bounties SuperdupaMAN - $2,244.40 + $2,288.27 in bounties Event #40: $700 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha Entries: 344 Total prize pool: $228,760.00 abeainy - $41,250.10* nafnaf_funny - $33,060.83* BlackFortuna - $22,428.52 Ole 'wizowizo' Schemion - $16,162.92 will n. los - $11,647.65 Shyam 'G's zee' Srinivasan - $8,393.82 *denotes heads-up deal Event #41: $82 No Limit Hold'em w/Big Antes Entries: 4,488 Prize Pool: $336,600 Jmm256 - $31,264.25* PokinStaR - $33,790.37* jimbarbas - $28,076.24* Lachsvegas - $23,817.20* enibas888 - $17,961.19* FDBtazz - $8,484.91 twirlpro - $5,999.72 ShipitFTW911 - $4,242.40 aless_84 - $2,999.81 *denotes five-way deal Event #42: $27 Six Max No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Total entries: 1,516 Prize pool: $150,000.00 rodajc90 - $15,095.71* CupiRuleZ - $10,998.05* The Milch666 - $9,191.66* kasein - $13,754.26* D_T_G_7777 - $3,504.48 DoItForBella - $2,231.52
  11. [CAPTION=98%] Anybody following the first seven days of action from the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker action will probably be somewhat surprised to learn that Brazilian players failed to win a TCOOP title on Tuesday - but they came as close as they could. Through the first four events on the Tuesday schedule, there had only been one Brazilian player at a final table. Gustavo ‘22ehnutzz’ Mastelotto outlasted 1,636 other players in Event #33, $27+R/A No Limit Hold’em Little Splash, before busting out in fifth place. The event was won by British grinder ‘PoluKalos’ for $20,044.30 after agreeing to a heads-up chop with ‘BuckFitchez’ that left $2,815 to play for. Having sent the previous six players to the rail, it seemed only fitting that ‘PoluKalos’ finished things off and eliminated ‘BuckFitchez’ in second place after just a few minutes of heads-up play. It was almost back-to-back wins for players from the United Kingdom as Event #34, $82 Eight Max Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo with bounties, came down to Austria’s ‘Leukotape’ and the UK’s Jack ’MrMTucker’ Allison. Thanks to the turbo format, the final two players didn’t play too long to decide a winner with ‘Leukotape’ collecting the final bounty by eliminating ‘MrMTucker’ in second to win $6,122.49 and the first ‘COOP title of his career. Former #1-ranked Andreas ‘mrAndreeew’ Berggren also made the final table, finishing seventh for $894.16. Brazilian’s may have been held off of the winner’s podium on Tuesday, but the other country dominating 2017 TCOOP wasn’t. Sweden’s ‘K123K’ beat out 646 other players in Event #35, $82 Seven Card Stud, to win $8,470.13. Dainius ‘Dainiux’ Antanaitis finished runner-up for $6,146.45. Event #36, the biggest buy-in event of the day at $700, came down to three players agreeing to an ICM chop, leaving $12,182.80 on the table along with the title. After taking the chip leader’s share of the chop, Hungary’s ‘gzp74’ eliminated ‘pistecaloze’ in third place and ‘LA KOVE’ in second to grab the title and a total of $85,497.01. After being shut out from the first four events, the Brazil’s made a strong charge in Event #37, the $320 No Limit Hold'em Fat Tuesday Special Edition. Luiz ‘AcePheres’ Feres, who finished third in Event #3 for $26,382, and Guilerme Ksyvickis ‘’GuiKsy07’ Bordao, both represented the South American nation at this final table. Bordao was eliminated in sixth but Feres managed to make it to heads-up with ‘luismi1912’. The pair agreed to a chop based on chip counts and played heads-up for $12,612 and the title. Feres wasn’t able to overcome ‘luismi1912’ and was eventually eliminated in second place for $72,869.71 while ‘luismi1912’ ended up with the title and $89,640.39. Event #33: $27+R/A No Limit Hold'em (Little Splash) 
Entries: 1,640 (3,088 re-buys + 1,005 add-ons) 
Prize pool: $140,745.15
 PoluKalos - $20,444.30*
 BuckFitchez - $16,545.63*
 zen_mec - $11,287.94 
fricirics - $8,191.64
 Gustavo ‘22ehnutzz’ Mastelotto - $5,944.68 
LuckyPanch75 - $4,314.04 
grindanugets - $3,130.70 
Mikal ‘mikal12345 Blomlie - $2,271.95 * Heads-up deal Event #34: $82 Eight Max Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (Progressive KO - 50%) 
Entries: 993 
Prize pool: $74,475 ($37,237.50 + $37,237.50 in bounties) 
 Leukotape - $6,122.49 + $2,765.78 in bounties 
MrMTucker - $4,442.54 + $2,316.79 bounties
 magesblood - $3,223.95 + $727.09 in bounties 
The TJS - $2,339.62 + $1,667.18 in bounties
 S3d3m2 - $1,697.86 + $199.20 in bounties
 Van Bijnen - $1,232.14 + $625.74 in bounties 
Andreas ‘mrAndreeew’ Berggren - $894.16 + $440.00 in bounties 
zaadar72 - $648.99 + $934.50 in bounties Event #35: $82 Seven Card Stud
 Entries: 647 
 Prize pool: $48,525 
K123K - $8,470.13 Dainius ‘Dainiux’ Antanaitis - $6,146.45
 JoeGall - $4,460.48
 Stroynowski - $3,236.97 
dorschcharli - $2,349.07 
Antti1996 - $1,704.71 
lexdodge - $1,237.11
 Craz-e99 - $897.77 Event #36: $700 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Ultra-Deep Entries: 916
Prize Pool: $609,140 
 gzp74 - $85,497.01*
 LA KOVE - $69,369.93*
 pistecaloze - $71,404.08*
 Fahredin ‘FeriBo’ Mustafov - $38,394.09 
Billy ‘b8chatz’ Chattaway - $27,862.61
 anteen - $20,219.91 
wazawskiHH - $14,673.57 
abhinaviy550 - $10,648.61 Event #37: $320 No Limit Hold'em Fat Tuesday Special Edition
 Total entries: 2,102 (1,520 entries; 582 re-entries)
 Prize pool: $630,600.00 
Places paid: 260 luismi1912 - $89,640.39* 
 Luiz ‘AcePheres’ Feres - $72,869.71* 
 zwwzzwwzz - $49,593.85 
ThaSquirrel - $35,990.29 
 Nacho 'PokerLoans1' Barbero - $26,118.19 
Guilerme Ksyvickis ‘’GuiKsy07’ Bordao - $18,953.94 
needdollarz - $13,754.89 
weekesy333 - $9,981.9 5
wiper222 - $7,243.89
  12. [caption width="640"] Thomas ‘WushuTM’ Muhlocker won a TCOOP title the same week he won an Aussie Millions prelim event (Photo c/o Crown)[/caption] Thomas 'WushuTM' Muhlocker is having a pretty good week. Just four days ago the Austrian pro took down an Aussie Millions preliminary event for just over $30,000 US. On Saturday he grabbed a win on the virtual felt on Day 4 of the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker. Saturday’s action began with a victory for Belgium’s ‘girafganger7’, who bested 749 opponents to take first in the $700 buy-in No Limit Hold‘em Zoom tournament. With the help of 239 reentries, the prize pool easily surpassed its $300,000 guarantee, ballooning to nearly half a million dollars. 'girafganger', who nearly snagged a TCOOP title last year, banked a healthy $83,049 score after making a heads-up deal with ‘pilsuhng’. Eight countries were represented at the final table of the $7.50 No Limit Hold‘em Eight Max event that followed, but it was Russia’s ‘Dmitry1967’ who claimed the $33,943 first-place prize. Unsurprisingly, the low stakes event drew a large crowd, with 8,875 players generating a $242,894 prize pool. Rodrigo 'caprioli' Caprioli, who won Firday's $82 Six Max PLO event, gave Dmitry1967 a run for his money but ultimately finished in third place. Soon afterwards, the Russian grinder dispatched his final opponent, Ukraine’s ‘yarik1903’, in a mere five hands. Muhlocker, who once beat poker legend Daniel Negreanu heads-up in an EPT High Roller event, can now add TCOOP champion to his resume. The Austrian pro locked up a healthy $47,950 score in the $82 buy-in No Limit Hold‘em Turbo event, after making a three-way deal with Belgium’s ‘Eagle2319’ and Mexico’s ‘Ringelsdorf’, who took second and third respectively. WushuTM is also the proud owner of a 2015 SCOOP bracelet, putting him just a WCOOP title away from an elusive Triple COOP. Blink and you would’ve missed most of the action at the $82 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Six Max event, which played down to the final table in just one hour and 45 minutes. Just as Brazil’s Geraldo Cesar ‘GeraldoCesar’ Neto seemed close to claiming his second TCOOP title, UK’s ‘thehushpuppy’ turned the tables and bested his opponent for a $10,592 payday. Even so, Brazil made a strong showing, with GeraldoCesar’s compatriot, ‘LucasBenetti’, snagging fourth. Event #16 - $700 No Limit Hold‘em (Zoom, Ultra-Deep) Entries: 750 Prize pool: $498,750 girafganger7 $83,049.76* pilsuhng $67,500.37* Miguel ‘Gandalf MR’ Riera $47,272.87 ramastar88 $34,931.75 Anaras ‘Elektrikas’ Alekberovas $25,812.40 blackDonii $19,073.74 Ryan ‘newguy89’ McEathron $14,094.32 JGagMan $10,414.84 Gaston ‘g-man/obell’ Belluscio $7,695.91 *Denotes a two-way deal Event #17 - $7.50 + Rebuys No Limit Hold’em Entries: 8,875 Prize pool: $242,894 Dmitry1967 $33,943.44 yarik1903 $23,486.47 Rodrigo 'caprioli' Caprioli $16,254.48 M.jess.F $11,249.38 elayu23 $7,785.44 Reynevanck $5,388.14 Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara $3,729.03 Moexxxx $2,590.77 Event #19 - $82 No Limit Hold’em Entries: 5,167 Prize pool: $387,525 Thomas 'WushuTM' Muhlocker - $47,950.05* Eagle2319 - $38,569.37* Ringelsdorf - $35,191.36* Spider91_PL - $19,496.11 dh7889 - $13,785.81 hopelst757 - $9,748.03 EL GRAN TORO - $6,892.90 tako1010 - $4,874.01 andyfivefing - $3,446.61 * Denotes a three-way deal Event #20 - $82 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Entries: 799 Prize pool: $62,401 thehushpuppy - $10,592.44 Geraldo Cesar ‘GeraldoCesar’ Neto - $7,090.07 fronk_donk - $4,745.86 LucasBenetti - $3,176.73 4Kings_Hit - $2,126.40 goa1908 - $1,423.34
  13. [caption width="640"] Robin ‘robinho’ Ylitalo has three career TCOOP titles after his win on Friday afternoon (PokerStars photo)[/caption] For the second year in a row, and the third time in his career, Sweden’s Robin ‘robinho’ Ylitalo found himself as the last player standing in a PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker event on Friday. Day 3 of the 2017 TCOOP also saw the continuation of the Brazil vs. Sweden storyline from the first two days of play with Ylitalo leading the way for his home country and a previous ‘COOP winner doing the same for Brazil. Rodrigo ‘caprioli’ Caprioli has won three Spring Championship of Online Poker Titles in his career and on Friday night added a TCOOP title to his collection. Caprioli beat out 1,411 other players to win Event #11, $82 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha Progressive KO. The Brazilian earned $8,122.47 for the win plus an additional $4,051.22 in bounties. He beat out a final table that included Arthur ‘goddy arthur’ Wolffkeppler, Tauras ‘Lecher1991’ Narmontas and eventual runner-up Rory ‘Reesy’ Rees. Caprioli’s win is the third TCOOP victory for Brazil this year, adding to the wins by Renato Akio ‘kaneoya’ Kaneoya and Murilo 'Muka82' Figueiredo on Day 1. Konstantinos ‘tsikwz’ Tsikopoulos navigated his way through four different tables to win Event #12, the $82 Six Max No Limit Hold'em Shootout, and added $10,494 to his career earnings. Tsikopoulos played heads-up with Ukrainian 'Tiggrron' for over an hour before emerging victorious. ‘tekelson221’ came into the final table of Event #13, $27 No Limit Hold'em w/rebuys (Win the Button), with the chip lead but stood by and watched other players do the heavy lifting until only three players remained. By this point ‘tekelson221’ was the short stack but after a few key hands lead to double up, the Slovakian was back on top and eliminated Peter "Se7enTr3y" Akery in third place and Dmitrii ‘89rhino89’ Ivanov in second to win the first COOP title of his career and $26,089.10. The biggest win of the day belonged to Ylitalo though. The Swede beat out 1,913 other players to win the $320 buy-in Fast Friday Special Edition event for $86,064.90. Russia’s ‘shahter98’ finished runner-up for $62,456.48 while another Swede, Martine ‘martine565’ Youssef finished third for $45,324.70. The final event on Friday saw 1,118 players in the Six Max Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo event with Finland’s Jani ‘kiiski’ Vilmunen coming out on top. Vilmunen had previously won two World Championship of Online Poker events but this was his first TCOOP title. He earned $9,882.37 for the win. Russia’s ‘Dimon 2242’ was second for $7,171.18. Event #11 - $82 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha (Progressive KO - 50%)
 Entries: 1,412
 Prize pool: $105,900 ($52,950 + $52,950 bounties)
 Rodrigo ‘caprioli’ Caprioli - $8,122.47 + $4,051.22 in bounties
 Rory ‘Reesy’ Rees *$5,308.84 + $445.29 in bounties 
fish_san - $3,470.24 + $1,964.05 in bounties 
Arthur ‘goddy arthur’ Wolffkeppler - $2,268.40 + $880.59 in bounties
 compro_ouro - $1,482.79 +$314.32 in bounties
 Tauras ‘Lecher1991’ Narmontas - $969.26 +$892.93 in bounties Event #12 - $82 Six Max No Limit Hold'em Shootout 
Entries: 1,166 
Prize pool: $87,450 Konstantinos ‘tsikwz’ Tsikopoulos - $13,993.44
 Tiggrron - $10,494
 MrNorberto - $7,870.50 
thomber26 - $5,247
 yodaboyboy - $3,498
 Foxx_the_dog - $2,168.76 Event #13 - $27 No Limit Hold'em w/rebuys (Win the Button) 
Entries: 2,410 
Prize pool: $188,887.70 tekelson221 - $26,089.10* 
Dmitrii ‘89rhino89’ Ivanov - $21,619.59* 
Peter "Se7enTr3y" Akery - $14,347.34 
soleeJ - $10,315.85
 Mozgolom26 - $7,416.20
 Ässä_floppi - $5,333.03 
Durrden - $3,834.49
 Mihai Nutt - $3,834.49 
Pfiffikus86 - $1,982.33 *Denotes a two-way deal Event #14 - $320 Zoom No Limit Hold'em (Fast Friday Special Edition) Entries: 1,914 (1,302 entries + 612 re-entries)
 Prize pool: $574,200
 Robin ‘robinho’ Ylitalo - $86,064.90 
shahter98 - $62,456.48 
martine565 - $45,324.70 
Admiral19793 - $32,892.12
 carambaWOW - $23,869.78
 ChampiTOuTx - $17,322.29
 sirvim - $12,570.78
 BillLewinsky - $9,122.65 
stagggolf - $6,620.29 Event #15: $82 Six Max Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 
Entries: 1,118 
Prize Pool: $83,850 Jani ‘kiiski’ Vilmunen - $9,882.37 
Dimon 2242 - $7,171.18 
homasapiens - $5,204.12
 Al Magellan - $3,776.63
 verbena777 - $2,740.70 
Exzik - $1988.92
 ailinan - $1,443.36 
jippo79 - $1,047.45
  14. [caption width="640"] Sweden got on the TCOOP leaderboard on Thursday with two big wins[/caption] For those that have closely followed the PocketFives Worldwide Rankings over the past year or so there are two countries that seem to stand out the most; Brazil and Sweden. Day 1 of the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker featured a pair of wins for Brazil, Day 2 though saw Swedish players grab a pair of wins of their own to close out the day. Austria’s ‘monzemann’, the #4-ranked player in his home country, busted the final four players on his way to winning the first TCOOP tournament of the day, Event #6, a $215 No Limit Hold’em event with bounties. He earned $41,176.68 from the prize pool plus an additional $7,126.50 in bounties. ‘MrLuckDragon’ finished second for $29,880.97 and nearly $5,000 more in bounties. German pro ‘DannyDawkins’ beat out 166 other players to win Event #7, an $82 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha event, to earn $15,168.67. He beat out a final table that included two Brazilians; runner-up Rafael ‘R_Caiaffa’ Caiaffa and fourth place finisher ‘zilbeee’ and the process denied Brazil a third 2017 TCOOP title. Event #8 was an $82 Six Max NLHE 100% bounties event where ‘letgodody’ of Russia topped 8,218 other players to win $15,876.69 in bounties and the title. Lithunia’s ‘giadze1’ finished second and collected a total of $4,116.26 in bounties. That’s when the Swede’s took over the narrative. In Event #9, $82 Six Max No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, ‘_pippzor_’ and ’sprocketsAA’ made a heads-up deal that left $1,677 and the title to play for. It didn’t take long for Sweden’s ’_pippzor_’ to capture the final elimination, sending Mexico’s ‘sprocketsAA’ to the rail in second place. For outlasting the 1,118-player field, ‘_pippzor_’ was rewarded with $12,179.58 while ‘sprocketsAA’ earned $9,858.74 for finishing in second. The second Swedish victory of the day took a little bit longer, but that’s what happens when over 2,000 players jump in the $320 Fat Thursday Special Edition. Once down to five players the remaining players agreed to an ICM chop and left $12,354 in the middle to play for. Swedish pro ‘Ector’, who was chip leader when the deal was struck, ended up eliminating the final three players in his way to earn the additional $12,354 and ended up with $70,263.97 for the win. Day 3 of TCOOP includes five more events, highlighted by the $500,000 guaranteed Zool Fast Friday Special Edition. Event #6 - $215 No Limit Hold'em (Progressive KO - 33%)
Entries: 2,068
Prize pool: $413,600 ($275,726.44 + $137,873.56 in bounties) monzemann - $41,176.68 + $7,126.50 in bounties MrLuckDragon - $29,880.97 + $4,819.01 in bounties Santi ‘santi.shrek’ Varela - $21,684.64 + $2,207.70 in bounties Stoqnov303 - $21,684.64 + $2,253.13 in bounties Grekzorba - $15,736.56 +$3,596.66 in bounties turistlituan - $8,267.50 +$3,258.68 in bounties venced0r - $6,014.25 +$3,395.91 in bounties G1a1u1s1s - $4,364.55 + $1,899.38 in bounties 3xcited - $3,167.35 + $1,541.58 in bounties Event #7 - $82 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha (Win The Button) Entries: 1,305
 DannyDawkins - $15,168.67 Rafael ‘R_Caiaffa’ Caiaffa - $9,914.88 Ahhh Is It? - $6,481.08 zilbeee - $4,236.50 Limwonster - $2,769.29
 KingOfTheSWC - $1,810.21 Event #8 - $82 Six Max No Limit Hold'em (Progressive KO - 100%) Entries: 8,219 letsgodody - $15,876.69 in bounties giadze1 - $4,116.26 in bounties Denis4491 - $6,514.34 in bounties slinky81 - $1,011.84 in bounties JPMalicia - $9,951.43 in bounties XLuffyXC - $2,747.10 in bounties Event #9: $82 Six Max No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Entries: 1,118
 _pippzor_ - $12,179.58* sprocketsAA - $9,858.74* monopoI - $5,704.93 ksieciunio97 - $3,733.52 otitov - $2,443.35 korjae - $1,599.01 *Denotes heads-up deal Event #10 - $320 No Limit Hold'em (Fat Thursday Special Edition) Entries: 2,059 (1,553 entries + 506 re-entries)
 Ector - $70,263.97* fronk_donk - $50,906.64* pardal1 - $49,357.86* p€troceli - $54,473.76* nicusordej - $43,602.06* bah23 - $18,566.20 fengikareh - $13,473.51 OLD TIME GIN - $9,777.75 shibonimo - $7,095.70 *Denotes four-way deal

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