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  1. One of the most popular products that Doug Polk and Ryan Fee’s new endeavor, UpSwing Poker offers is ‘The Poker Lab’, and with Polk taking down the World Series of Poker $111,111 One Drop tournament earlier this summer for $3.7 million, it’s a training platform that many more people are going to be interested in. So let’s break down what you get when you sign up for UpSwing Poker’s Poker Lab. What’s in the Lab? The Poker Lab consists of 35 learning modules, with a promise of a new module being added every month from here on. These modules include topics like ‘An introduction to being a gangster’, which will teach you how to fight for pots; ‘Ranges quiz’ which will test and improve your knowledge on certain range aspects; and ‘How to play the river’, which is pretty self-explanatory. There are also 40 theory videos from Polk himself, in which ‘WCG|Rider’ explains his thought processes in certain spots and teaches viewers how to put them into practice. A new 30-minute ‘Play and explain’ video will also be added every week, so users can watch Polk and Fee in action. You’ll be able to study dozens of hand ranges, so you can learn how to split your ranges in certain situations both pre-flop and post-flop. And the ‘Foundations’ section is ideal for poker beginners, giving you an introduction to multiple poker concepts. For more experienced players, the ‘Game Elements’ section will no doubt be invaluable. Polk describes it as: “The often overlooked, but perhaps the single biggest separating factor between mediocre/losing players and those that crush the game. Game selection strategy, bankroll management, poker software learning, mental game, and mental biases – all taught by Doug Polk.” Perhaps one of the most valuable sections of the Poker Lab is ‘UpSwing Poker Engaged’; a social platform which users can use to not only engage with each other to discuss strategy, but also with Polk, Fee and many other players who are on hand to provide feedback. How much does it cost? The UpSwing Poker Lab is split into three price-ranges, which break down as follows: The Monthly Plan: This plan normally costs $99 for the first month, and then $49 every month after that. It gives users 100% access to all modules in the Lab. PocketFives members get the first month for just $79 - a $20 savings - and then $49 per month after that. The Yearly Plan: This plan normally runs at $499 a year, which is to be paid in one installment, and it too gives users 100% access to all modules in the Lab. PocketFives members pay only $449 - a $50 savings. The Semi-Annual Plan: This plan costs $299 per six months, so users can limit the amount they have to pay in one go. Compared with the Monthly Plan users will save $40 per year, and it gives users 100% access to all modules in the Lab. PocketFives members pay just $269 for this plan - a $30 savings. To purchase any of these discounted products, use coupon code 'pocket5s' at checkout.
  2. [caption width="640"] Doug Polk has three WSOP bracelets to his credit and is willing to teach you his secrets for heads-up No Limit Hold'em (WSOP photo)[/caption] Having won his third World Series of Poker bracelet and $3,686,865 by taking down the One Drop High Roller earlier this month, Doug Polk has further cemented himself as one of the best poker players in the world, and only increased the level of demand for his Upswing Poker coaching products. Last September, the prolific YouTuber took down a $5,200 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em High Roller event on partypoker whilst thousands watched on; but as we all know, Polk is better known for his years grinding heads-up No Limit Hold’em cash games. He’s returned to these roots by releasing an Advanced Heads-Up Mastery Course on UpSwingPoker.com, his training site set up in collaboration with fellow high stakes pro Ryan Fee. Let’s take a look at what the course involves. Content breakdown The course itself consists of 28 hours of material, plus an additional six hours of analysis derived from the ‘brains versus AI’ challenge which took place earlier this year. Of course, to make that amount of content a little less intimidating, the course is split into ten different sections: An overall introduction to the course Preflop introduction Preflop three-bet and four-bet pots Postflop introduction Small blind single raised pots Big blind single raised pots Big blind three-bet pots Small blind three-bet pots Four-bet pots Play and explain Each section has multiple sub-sections, and as a whole the course contains more than 80 individual videos. Use coupon code 'pocket5s' to get the Advanced Heads-Up Mastery Course for just $949 - a $50 savings. Join Doug Polk as he shows you his*secrets to winning at Heads-Up poker. Let the three-time WSOP bracelet winner take your poker skills to another level Buy it now!Nosebleed superstars The final section, Play and explain, is a series of 11 videos featuring Polk playing heads-up against Ben ‘Sauce123’ Sulsky, so it will undoubtedly feature some in-depth, high level thinking from the nosebleeds. But Polk is keen to point out that only this end part of the course is structured this way. In his own words: “It is NOT a bunch of play and explains. In fact, there are only a couple play and explain videos (from a $100/$200 HUNL match I played against Sauce last year). Instead, it is more of a walk through of all of the different branches of the game tree, with an emphasis on breaking down your combinations across all actions that are important to your strategy.” Despite this, the course does also promise some hand history reviews from Polk’s battles against the likes of Isildur, Wilhasha, and Jungleman. Polk’s promises Like all training courses, customers need to know what they’re likely to take away from it after the fact. So what should a poker player expect to happen to their game having studied through the course? According to Polk, the Advanced Heads-Up Mastery Course will give you a “leg-up” on other players, and will make you “a MUCH, MUCH better poker player”. This will be achieved by imparting more balanced HUNL ranges, that should give the customer “the confidence to sit down at ANY heads-up or six-max table and take on anyone.”
  3. [caption width="640"] Upswing Poker and Fernando Habegger present PLO University, the latest learning module from the website. (Upswing photo)[/caption] Upswing Poker is dominating the poker training site landscape with access to premium content unavailable anywhere else. The No Limit Hold’em cash game and tournament lessons offered by Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, and now, Pratyush Buddiga is a step beyond the competition. No Limit is a heavily demanded game by its audience but Upswing is broadening the options available with the introduction of Pot Limit Omaha and PLO University. Leading this new course is Fernando ‘JNandez87’ Habegger. The Swiss-born Habegger started playing online poker in 2006 and made the transition from No Limit to PLO in 2011. Primarily a cash game player, Habegger carries the extensive background required to take on the large task of teaching hundreds and potentially, thousands of students the way of Pot Limit Omaha. Use coupon code 'pocket5s' to sign up for PLO University for just $949 - a $50 savings. Fernando 'JNandez87' Habegger will teach you his closely guarded secrets and take your PLO skills to the next level. BUY IT NOW! Habegger says that the course will include basic strategy concepts for beginning players and will also contain high-level methods for already established players to take their game to the next level. “Beginners learn the fundamental structure of PLO and develop a strong base to develop strategies from. Mid and high stakes players also get a framework to structure their learning process that helps people to continuously improve after going through the course. Both kinds of player also get access to our private community which is active and supportive.” The private community that Habegger speaks of is the Facebook group available to all users with an Upswing Lab subscription. This group allows players to share hands and ideas with one another and also interact with Upswing’s coaches and get their feedback on various situations. From the time he first started playing PLO, Habegger has been on the cutting edge of how the game is advancing and staying ahead of as many learning curves as possible. There are numerous training sites available to receive PLO training from but Habegger believes what he brings to the table for Upswing is one step above the competition. “The material and data in the PLO University are based on hundreds of hours empirical research. It's also been developed after going through hundreds of coaching hours with players from all parts of the world and abilities, it is a proved and improved method of teaching poker strategy. The course also features the effective and efficient use of the most relevant poker software on the market.” Among the influences that Habegger credits for advancing his own learning of Pot Limit Omaha are Ben ‘ben86’ Tollerene and Jens ‘Jeans89’ Kyllönen. Habegger notes the two PLO standouts “have certainly influenced the way I approach and play the game.” He also says he studied each player’s game for over 100 hours each during his own career. All Upswing PLO University students can be sure to see elements of Tollerene and Kyllonen in Habegger’s training module. No Limit Hold’em remains the most popular form of poker in the world but more card rooms in the United States are offering Pot Limit Omaha than ever. The high-variance action of the game combined with the massive pots that play out always leave first time players wanting to come back for more. The players who have put in the hours grinding away know that there is always an edge and are looking to increase it with every session. So why should a novice and a high-stakes player both find themselves enrolled in PLO University? Let Habegger explain. “The PLO University is the most up to date course, based on researched data and put together in a way that makes sense and provides an effective learning path for players at any level. It also has a greatly supportive community behind it, and is the only course created from start to finish by a player with long-term success in mid and high stakes who has also coached over a hundred students.”
  4. [caption width="680"] Upswing Poker Co-Founder Doug Polk wants you to become a better poker player by using the Upswing Poker Lab. (Photo c/o Upswing Poker)[/caption] The marketplace for poker training websites is always in flux and the release of Upswing Pokerin 2016 provided a new option for players looking to improve their game. Led by Doug Polk and Ryan Fee, the site contains all the tools necessary for anyone looking to become a better poker player. One of the most appealing parts of UpswingPoker.com for users to take advantage of is the Upswing Lab. For as little as $49 per month, users have unlimited access to the most integral parts of the Upswing Poker system, that includes coaching on online and live strategies for cash games, tournaments, and heads up play. Other sites offer tools similar to the Upswing Lab but none of them can claim to have the same comprehensive guide that provides many hours of content. Similar to Upswing’s Postflop Engine, The Lab offers multimedia tools designed to give users a fully interactive experience that can help improve their game. When comparing The Lab to his popular YouTube series, “Poker Hands,” Polk says, “If you like the type of analysis I’ve been doing, then you’re probably going to enjoy what’s inside The Lab.” When users log onto the Upswing website, right in the middle of the page is a link to the Lab. Once inside the first page of the Lab is the tagline, “This is what we would teach our younger selves, if we could send the course back in time.” Users are given the option of subscribing to a month, semi-annual, and yearly plan, with various pricing options designed for each. All options give full access to all modules within The Lab, but the yearly option is the best value at $499. Sign up for the UpswingPoker Lab here and use the coupon code 'pocket5s' at checkout and you'll get $20 off your purchase.The primary driver of content in The Lab is Polk, who has 40 videos on poker theory waiting for users along with 35 separate learning modules. Fee is also a major part of the Lab and provides content on a regular basis. “Every month we promise to add in a new module of information. What we also add in every week is are ‘play and explain’ videos, so you can see me and Ryan Fee play and we explain what we’re doing,” said Polk. Polk also mentions that all material within the Upswing Lab is designed exclusively by him and Fee, which allows users to gain a familiarity with the teaching methods that the two players offer. The step-by-step process of “Learn, Study, Master” is designed to give all users, regardless of experience, the best tools available to become successful in poker. One of the best features of the modules is the accessibility for players of all skill levels to find information that is relevant to where they are on the learning curve. Depending on where your game stands, you can start with the foundations of the game, mastering how to play preflop, or how to become a postflop savant. From a social media perspective, The Lab is also beneficial in that it allows for all members to join a private Facebook group where they can discuss hands and strategy with Fee and Polk along with other poker professionals frequently providing input. Subscribers have been raving on social media for months about the benefits of The Lab and there are more success stories to follow. Among the groups of players who are paying compliments to their training are World Series of Poker Circuit ring winners, Borgata Poker Open champions, and WPT Deepstacks Main Event winners. Where the Upswing Postflop Engine is designed to be a less-intensive method of training, The Lab is a place for users to move from getting their feet wet to diving in head first. It takes hours to become a great poker player and the time spent in The Lab will do nothing but set up all users for future success.
  5. [caption width="640"] Being a successful poker player wasn't enough for Ryan Fee - he wanted more - and found it with Upswing Poker (WPT photo)[/caption] Ryan Fee became one of the best poker players on the planet by honing his craft online. He earned a mainstream poker following, however, by founding Upswing Poker - a training site created by Fee, Doug Polk and Matt Colletta. Fee and Polk are the prominent faces of the site and are both successful, high-stakes poker pros over the last decade. They know each other from gaming ventures before poker, but if it wasn’t for Polk trolling a poker forum in 2008, the two may have never become friends. “Doug hates this story,” said Fee. “But I think it’s hilarious. Let me give you a little back story on this. In high school, Doug got in an argument with a statistics teacher about Martingaling. He thought he solved it and that was it. Boom. Gambling was done. He was just going to take 100 bucks, go start betting 1 dollar on black jack and then just be a millionaire.” Polk posted a story in a prominent online poker forum about how he gambled away his bankroll using the Martingale system. Having already had some history with Polk in other games, Fee felt compelled to help his fellow gamer and up-and-coming poker pro. Use coupon code 'pocket5s' to get the UpswingPoker Postflop Game Plan for just $19 - that's an $8 savings. The Postflop Game Plan is a system that allows you to make quick, high-quality, profitable poker decisions, which translates into more money in your pocket. Buy it now!“He’s like ‘I thought that could never happen.’ Blah, blah blah,” said Fee about Polk’s post in the forums. “I see this thread and I send him a message. I’m like ‘Hey man. I used to play you in Warcraft III. We got to stick together.’ So, I’m like ‘I’ll send you 250 bucks. And I’ll give you some coaching. And try to get you back on your way here.” After that the two became close friends and kept in touch online for the rest of the year while Polk used the money to grind up a roll playing .10/.25 No Limit hold'em. They met up in Las Vegas in 2009 and spent some time living and grinding up the stakes together. A couple years later, however, Fee found out that the story that created their friendship was completely fabricated. “I was stunned when I heard this,” said Fee. “That the story he made up about him Martingaling his roll away in college. [It was] completely made up. Didn’t happen. That was the basis for our friendship, so I’m glad he did it. It worked out for both of us.” The two laughed and joked about the story. It never affected their relationship. Fee chalks it up to how easy it was to pull the wool over people’s eyes back in those days. “So, there was wild shit happening, people posting on the forums, and it would be real,” said Fee about the state of online forums in ’09. “Sometimes it would be bullshit and it was like hard to tell. Whereas, like now, you pretty much always know if somebody’s real or full of shit. It just wasn’t like that 10 years ago.” It wasn’t very long after the two became very close and rapidly moving up the stakes of the online cash game world that Black Friday happened. Like many young online grinders living in America at the time, the duo hit the road and spent most of the time out of the country playing online. After spending several years on the road in Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia, Fee felt like a change of pace was needed. He wanted to come back to the United States. Both him and Polk had already beaten the highest stakes that were being offered online at the time, so they decided to come back to the U.S. and take a shot at playing live tournaments. “From 2011 through ’13, so for three years I was on the road the whole year basically,” said Fee. “I was just sort of like ‘Dude, enough is enough of this shit, right?’ So, I was like ‘I’m just going to sort of change pace.’ And that went into me playing tournaments. In 2014, I played all the tournaments. The majority of my tournament results come from that year.” A year of grinding live tournaments was enough for Fee. Neither him or Polk had any real desire to travel again for online action and they didn’t want to grind live tournaments full time. They decided to move in a different direction. Upswing Poker was born. “Upswing started because of a guy named ‘Scubba,’ who some people may remember,” said Fee. “He’s an old school like legendary cap player.” Steve 'Scubba' Cesaro was playing less poker at the time of Black Friday and moved into the business world after the U.S. government dropped the proverbial hammer on internet poker. He gave them the idea to start a training website, citing the inefficiencies in the current business models of training sites that were available. “He was like ‘Yeah, they’re doing it all wrong. You’ve got to do it this way. If you do it this way, you’ll crush,’” said Fee. “We’d sort of done everything and honestly just looking for new challenges and wanted to spend more time in the U.S.” Fee introduced Polk to Colletta and the three of them got working on developing their own training site. There was just one problem. None of them had any business experience. “It was a good spot because we had all this poker expertise,” said Fee. “But we didn’t know anything about running the business, right? So, it was a spot where, and I think this is sort of true for a lot of businesses. You want to be an expert in one dimension of the business, right? So, for Upswing, we were expert poker players with a lot to offer. But we didn’t know much about the business. “So, that was more of the learning process. Whereas now, if we’re going to do a business, we could do another poker business or we could so something tangentially related. Like something involving like the web based stuff because now we have that expertise. So, it’s learning and growing and stuff.” With the business growing, Fee also grew as a person and, in his opinion, it’s a change for the better. Fee used to spend all of his time grinding out a win rate in front of a computer screen. Now, he’s building a more balanced and complete life for himself. Fee, a Philadelphia native, picked up the game as a senior in high school. He had turned a $300 bankroll into a nice sum of cash by the time he was receiving his diploma. He spent a semester at Drexel University before taking a leave of absence to pursue the game full time. He stayed on the east coast for a little while before making his way west to Vegas and California. He earned an LAPT title and a six-figure score just after turning pro, grinded up the stakes, playing the biggest games on the web, amassed over $3 million in live tournament earnings and even earned a WSOP bracelet with Polk in the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em tag team event last year. Adding Upswing to his life made him a more well-rounded and happier person. He started making decisions on what made him happier as opposed to what was the most plus-EV. “Upswing sort of comes first,” said Fee about balancing poker with his business. “That’s where I get the most joy and satisfaction. And you know what really it is? I think this almost goes back to being the philosophy of sort of teaching people versus keeping everything a secret. What I started doing was I just started making compromises for money. “I was like ‘Yeah, this isn’t going to make me as much money, but it’s going to make me happier.’ And that was honest. I had like a real epiphany last year about that. So, now most of my decisions center around what ads to the greatest life satisfaction rather than what makes the most money.” Fee realized that he was traveling around the world playing online poker, making a lot of money by anybody’s standards, but he was miserable while he was doing it. “I would go to great places, then I would be sitting on my computer 10 hours a day, waiting for a fish to log on and play me,” said Fee. “Or like wait to get in good games or whatever. I’d be happy to take half as much money for ten times as much life.” He’s only a year removed from his first bracelet win, but that won’t change Fee’s outlook when all of the tournaments get underway at the Rio. With the WSOP about to get underway, Fee is still content playing poker when he wants to and working on modules for Upswing. “I think it’s really easy to get wrapped up and lost [in poker],” said Fee. “It’s something I went through and I think that’s why I sort of have that position.”
  6. [caption width="640"] Fernando Habegger is the leader of Upswing Poker's Pot Limit Omaha learning tool, 'PLO University'. (Upswing photo)[/caption] The introduction of Upswing Poker’s PLO University adds another immaculate training tool to what is already the top destination for those looking to become better at poker. The Upswing Lab and all of its other products have captured the imagination of thousands of customers and the task is now on Fernando ‘JNandez87’ Habegger to continue that trend as the leader of PLO University. If Habegger’s screen name sounds familiar, it is because he is one of the most successful online Pot Limit Omaha cash game players and coaches. Habegger is a former coach with Run It Once and instead of making training videos for a certain type of student, he is now in charge of designing a system of learning that players of all skill levels can benefit from. Before he started playing PLO, Habegger was a prominent No Limit Hold’em online cash player. Habegger moved toward the four-card variety in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. Use coupon code 'pocket5s' to sign up for PLO University for just $949 - a $50 savings. Fernando 'JNandez87' Habegger will teach you his closely guarded secrets and take your PLO skills to the next level. BUY IT NOW!There is a lot on the line for Upswing in launching PLO University and the trust that the Upswing team is putting forth toward Habegger isn’t lost on him. “When Doug [Polk] first called me, my reaction was that I was very humbled that one of the best players in the world would consider me as a coach for their company. It was important to me to get to know every person that was involved, how the company worked and if we were compatible and could develop a deep relationship within ourselves and their audience.” Habegger says he did not have much of a relationship with Polk, Ryan Fee, or other members of Upswing’s leadership prior to them formally reaching out to him. That will obviously change now that Habegger is entrenched in the “lab” creating this exciting product. He has been coaching for a few years now and Habegger’s teaching methods stem, in part, from the learning he did as he rose in the poker ranks. Habegger made the switch from No Limit to PLO knowing there wasn’t an abundance of information available but because of his drive to become better, he made all the necessary investments to become better and it certainly paid off. “When I decided to get into PLO, there wasn't a lot of information out there and no one knew if the material was good, so I got my hands on every book, course, and coaching I could afford. I just took everything and tried to figure out if it was true, what worked. You could say that was my biggest adjustment. My investment in poker education went up drastically. I also became a bigger participant in forums, I activated my learning process and triggered it to be a lot stronger and intense than before.” The devotion Habegger put into his learning of the game will be a tremendous asset to his students. From all of his time spent listening and reading to coaching material, Habegger’s sense of what will be most receptive is a key in what separates him from other coaches. Habegger says the PLO University is designed for “players who have a clear ambition to become or remain consistent winning players and make money playing poker either part time or at a professional level.” His time spent conducting 1-on-1 coaching along with hundreds of hours spent conducting empirical research is the foundation of what Habegger is building learning modules on. “It's also been developed after going through hundreds of coaching hours with players from all parts of the world and abilities, it is a proved and improved method of teaching poker strategy,” said Habegger. There are few learning tools in poker as mandatory as what is available on Upswing Poker. The success stories shared by those who have invested their time in taking their game to the next step increases every day. As Pot Limit Omaha maintains its growth in popularity and available equity, the modules available within the PLO University become compulsory. Habegger saw where the game was heading years ago and is remains ahead of the curve for what is coming next. Players are making the transition from No Limit to PLO and Habegger has prime advice for them as they make the next step in their poker journey. “The most important thing I would tell transitioning players is to reach out to the best advice they can afford and go straight to that. Soak in as much as possible, learn as much as possible and stay ahead of your competition.” The Dean of Students at PLO University is ready to welcome his first class as he and his pupils get ready to set the world on fire.
  7. [caption width="640"] Steve Madara utilized the tools available to him on Upswing Poker and won 9,000 at The Borgata Poker Open as a result.[/caption] The opening and development of Upswing Poker brought a new poker training tool into the marketplace last year. In its relatively short time as an available tool, many customers have walked away satisfied with their experience with the product and are writing rave reviews as a result. Perhaps the most public of Upswing’s happy customers is Steve '7douche' Madara. Last September, Madara won the “Almighty Million” event at the Borgata Poker Open for $169,000. While he was busy winning the title, Madara flaunted the popular Upswing shirt that brings to light the term popularized by Upswing co-founder Doug Polk, “Bad Reg.” Madara wore the shirt in jest and overall has been tremendously pleased with his experience using the site after starting his membership based on name recognition alone. “I first started using Upswing simply after I heard Ryan Fee and Doug Polk were going to be coaches on the site. Being the huge poker nerd that I am, I knew that these two guys were considered top bosses in the game for many years. Then there’s me, an online mid-stakes New Jersey reg winning or losing thousands a day, it was a no-brainer to spend $300 on this new site that had videos made by them with also a chance for them to personally answer your questions.” Like others in his position, Madara realized that his purchase of all the tools that Upswing has to offer was of much better value than seeking out individual coaching, which oftentimes requires students to spend hundreds of dollars per hour. Why spend that much per hour when you can get a much better value that comes at an annual cost? Madara estimates that Fee and Polk’s coaching services were worth four figures each and he was getting a great deal by purchasing the full Upswing Lab, which includes 40 videos made by Polk along with over two dozen available learning modules for players like Madara who are looking to expand their game. RELATED: The Upswing Poker Lab: The Ultimate Poker Training ExperienceBefore he joined Upswing, Madara was climbing the ranks in New Jersey’s online sites but once he fully engaged with the learning material on the website, Madara says he started looking at the game from a whole new perspective. “In poker, there are countless possibilities, but overall, once you categorize all your hands into ranges and start to notice how they play on certain board textures, you begin to be able to build a much more solid framework to build your game around. You begin to feel like you’ve almost been in that spot before even if you’ve never played it simply because you’ve studied enough similar spots,” said Madara. "The lab is all about this core teaching of solid theory and math that once you gain an overall understanding of, there’s really no excuse as to why you can’t be a winning poker player.” There are many options available within the Upswing Lab for what a player can learn and based how much time they are willing to invest, fully grow their knowledge of the game. One aspect of Upswing that Madara particularly enjoys is the familiarity in learning only from Fee and Polk and gaining a comprehensive understanding of their way of thinking. There is still a lot for Madara to learn as he builds his game but he knows that with the tools available to him inside The Lab, the possibilities are endless. Madara may not be the “bad reg” that his shirt advertises and he admits that as he discovers more about the game, his prior understanding was small in comparison. The next Steve Madara is out there. Are you willing to do what it takes to take your game to the next level? Sign up for the UpswingPoker Lab here and use the coupon code 'pocket5s' at checkout and you'll get $20 off your purchase.
  8. [caption width="640"] Doug Polk believes he's the best Heads Up No Limit Hold'em player in the world - and now he's willing to teach everybody else how to be better (WPT photo)[/caption] The man once known only as ‘WCGRider’ has been a busy guy of late. Not only has Doug Polk managed to create a YouTube channel with close to 70,000 followers that’s jam-packed with original content; he’s also found the time to get back to his roots of Heads Up No Limit Hold’em cash games. However, he hasn’t been playing. Now he’s turned his attention to teaching. Polk happily calls his Upswing Poker Advanced Heads-up Mastery the "best heads-up course of all time" and thinks players will learn a great deal from this course. “I have been spending more or less my entire last year building my audience, and creating content for Upswing Poker,” Polk says. “[But] we knew from the get go that this was ultimately a course we wanted to offer.” As Polk is based in Las Vegas, he’s unable to play the highest online stakes. He instead turned his attention to having fun, streaming bankroll challenges and grinding micro stakes. “When we started Upswing, we thought it was important to start off with offering material to the widest number of people, which meant a focus on smaller stakes play,” he explains. “Heads Up No Limit has been my bread and butter for the past six years. I reached an established number position in the game type for about three years, and then my students came up and became top 5-10 players as well. I am the most qualified person in the world to teach this course, and was happy to get the chance to create it.” There’s no denying Polk’s credentials as one of the most successful heads-up specialists in the game. But what exactly does this course involve? Well, one of the main areas Polk focuses on is how to “correctly navigate the branches of the game tree”. “[This] has been an important part of poker for years, players just didn’t realize it.” he says. “In Heads Up poker variants, you will consistently see certain situations over and over again. This means - if you are making mistakes in them - it will compound and your opponent will get a good opportunity to make money off of you. “Playing the game tree is important, but you have to know what you are looking for to begin with. You should be striving to hit certain frequencies for all of your actions, and learning how to balance out those ranges correctly. I think in today’s game, we just know much more specifically what that looks like.” Sign up for the UpswingPoker Lab here and use the coupon code 'pocket5s' at checkout and you'll get $20 off your purchase.There are already plenty of options out there for online learning in poker, so aside from Polk’s excellent credentials, what else makes this course unique. “I don’t think I’m stretching by saying nothing like this has ever been released to the public,” Polk says. “I am in every moment of the video, and it walks you through how to play all parts of the game tree. This is done in a structured way, with sample analysis and examples. “There is simply nothing else like this out there on the market if you are trying to take your game to the next level.” While Polk doesn't play as much online these days, he hasn’t slowed down in his attempts to get better. “I still enjoy playing the game of poker, but time is a commodity I don’t have as much of anymore,” he says. “I think it is important to still try to learn about the game of poker, and playing in tough environments helps you do that. You don’t want to end up falling behind the curve. “It is unlikely we will see too much of [me playing online high stakes]in the future, although I am known to get in the mix from time to time. I am planning on doing some streaming during the Spring Championship Of Online Poker, so I should be putting at least some volume in during that period of time.” And finally, what’s next for Upswing Poker? “This course is already live, and we are excited by the launch,” Polk says. “I have received so much positive feedback from everyone who has made the purchase, I can’t say how good that feels about the months spent putting it together. “Next up we are going to spend time bolstering the lab with quality content. It is essential to Upswing to make sure that the Lab remains a top focus, and it is the best destination for smaller stakes players looking to up their game. “After that, we might have a little PLO in the works, but I will leave that story to be told by our newest member of Upswing, Jnandez.” To purchase the Doug Polk Heads Up Mastery Course - click here.
  9. [caption width="640"] Doug Polk is the captain of The Postflop Engine (Photo c/o Upswing Poker)[/caption] When it comes to No Limit Hold’em, players have plenty of ways to improve their preflop game. Memorize a few key percentages, examine some hand rankings charts, keep position on the brain. These mantras can have any level of poker player feeling like preflop success is attainable. Postflop can be a lot more intimidating, though. Sure, we all learn the chances your flopped flush and straight draw will hit, but what to do you when you flop bottom pair is a whole other matter. Upswing Poker, lead by Doug Polk and Ryan Fee, is now offering a training module designed to make postflop strategy a lot more attainable - and it's ridiculously affordable. The site’s Postflop Engine is a standalone, multimedia training product designed specifically to help beginner players catch their postflop skills up to their preflop ones. The product comes at a flat fee of $7. “The Postflop Engine teaches you how we categorize hands into one of four categories. Each corresponds how to play a given hand in your range, in any postflop situation. It sounds more complicated than it actually is. The PFE basically teaches the fundamental way of how to think about playing your hands postflop,” explains Upswing Poker President and poker proMatt Colletta. Sign-up here for the Upswing Poker Postflop Engine for just $7!The driver of the Postflop Engine is fellow Upswing Poker founder and WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk. With a mix of videos from Polk and written lessons, a beginning player can learn all the fundamentals to transform their game in a couple of hours. Upswing Poker provides a subscription service in addition to free articles and The Postflop Engine. If you are nervous about investing in a monthly subscription, Colletta says The Postflop Engine is a good example of how content is presented in The Poker Lab. “It gives an insight into the material presented in the Poker Lab. Additionally, the Poker Lab covers more advanced topics with much more depth and specificity.” All users need to do in order to get The Postflop Engine is to start an account on UpswingPoker.com. By clicking on The Postflop Engine image, users will be directed to a page where they can use PayPal or credit card to pay the $7 fee. Once the fee is paid, users will have access to that are of the site just a few clicks of the mouse later. The basic gist of the product is learning how to classify your postflop holdings into one of four categories. Then the Engine gives you tips and concepts to apply to each type of hand. If you are looking to find a holistic, simplistic way to begin mastering postflop play, this is a foundational resource intended to quickly recoup its relatively low cost. The material is easy to process, but that does not mean it does not permeate throughout your hold’em game. The Engine itself does not take too long to read through and watch, but it is designed to be a core strategy players learn to master and then build upon. Colletta explains how to best utilize The Postflop Engine. “A true amateur player will gain a huge increase in their poker skill level after going through the material in the PFE. There has never been a better product for new/amateur players ever in poker. And for just $7… the value is off the charts. They will have a key insight into how to think about poker.” In a training site world dominated by subscriptions and big year-long commitments, The Postflop Engine stands out because it is standalone. Upswing Poker also offers more intense, subscription-based services, as mentioned, but by catering to players still looking to work on the fundamentals without having to make a big commitment to poker training, they stand out with a useful offering that does not use up a ton of time to understand.

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