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Found 7 results

  1. According to a message posted on the official Full Tilt Poker claims website, the second round of payments issued to former US Full Tilt players totaled $5 million. The distributions were made on April 1 and Garden City Group, the appointed claims administrator in the case, sent 2,200 of them for an average of $2,272 each. The first round of payments was sent on the final day of February to 27,500 claimants and totaled $76 million, which brings the cumulative amount paid back to $81 million. According to Garden City, "On April 1, GCG issued approximately 2,200 payments totaling appro
  2. According to a statement posted on FullTiltPokerClaims.com, the next round of US Full Tilt Poker remission payments will be issued this Thursday, June 12. Included are 3,500 petitioners who will receive a total of $15 million. Garden City Group, the appointed Claims Administrator for Full Tilt Poker refunds, has been busy testing bank accounts of petitioners to ensure their correctness. To that end, the statement read in part, "CGG has identified certain petitioners who are approved for payment but who submitted account information that was either incomplete or incorrect. On June 6, 2014,
  3. According to an update posted on the official Full Tilt Poker Claims websiteon Wednesday, the next round of US Full Tilt Poker refunds will be sent out by the end of May. About 1,000 people will get their money back this time around, over three years after Full Tilt vacated the US market on Black Friday. According to a message posted by Garden City Group, the appointed Claims Administrator in the case, the latest round of refunds will go to "petitioners who confirmed their balance prior to the deadline and did not file duplicate petitions. These petitions were previously reviewed by the Gov
  4. It's almost the three-year anniversary of Black Friday and, seemingly just in time, more US players are reportedly in line to receive their Full Tilt Poker refunds. This time around, according to the Vice President of Player Relations for the Poker Players Alliance Rich TheEngineerMuny, players with minor banking errors that are now corrected will be paid out. The time frame: around the end of March, which is next week. Muny told PocketFives that players with undisputed petitions that had significant banking omissions are in line to be paid back as well, although potentially not at the end
  5. According to an email that a member of PocketFives received in recent days, the first payments sent to US players with disputed Full Tilt balances will go out no later than March 2015. How many players will be included in the initial distribution and what kinds of disputed claims will be paid out are not known. The email sent from Garden City Group, the appointed Claims Administrator for Full Tilt, to the member of PocketFives read, "Thank you for your email. GCG is still working with the Department of Justice to evaluate disputed and new petitions. Currently, we do not have an exact timeli
  6. The latest update for US players with disputed Full Tilt Pokerclaims comes from Poker Players Alliance(PPA) Executive Director John Pappas, who provided an update to PocketFives on Monday about the latest round of distributions in this forum thread. --- PocketFives' news coverage is brought to you by Betsson Poker, a leading global online gaming provider. Betsson Poker is available on Mobile and offers regular promotions to live events around the world along with great bonuses and
  7. This week, the official claims website for former US Full Tilt Poker players was updated to reveal that a new round of payments will be sent in mid-June. Totaling $15 million, the latest round of funding will be sent to players who "submitted complete, timely, or late petitions confirming their FTP account balance. Also included in this round of payments are affiliates who submitted petitions confirming their FTP account balances." Garden City Group, the designated Claims Administrator in the case, did not mention what would happen to players with disputed claims and, as such, PocketFives s

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