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  1. Whether watching some of the biggest names in poker at the World Series of Poker, Poker After Dark or any other poker-related show, recreational poker players from all over the world have had the same thought on at least one occasion – "I’d love to test myself and battle against the pros." If this resonates and hits home, then take note that 888poker is giving all home game heroes and casual poker room players the chance to do just that – battle against the pros. It has never been easier to do so either, there’s no need to navigate a collection of satellite tournaments to get this opportunity. All you need to do is convince the 888poker team why you should be the one to play against the 888poker Ambassadors. Three players will be selected to sit in an exclusive Six Max Sit & Go and battle it out against Dominik Nitsche, Sofia Lövgren, and Vivian Saliba. The winner will walk away with a $1,400 first-place prize while second place will add $600 to their bankroll. Those that want to test their poker skills against their poker idols, go to the 888poker Facebook page and leave a comment. Entries need to be submitted no later than February 16 at 11 pm GMT to be considered. All selected players will be notified within three days and those winners will have a further 72 hours to confirm their seat at the table. This competition also gives poker players another item that can be ticked off their poker bucket list – playing a live-streamed event. The tournament is being aired live on February 22 with World Series of Poker sideline reporter and current 888poker ambassador Kara Scott calling the action alongside veteran poker commentator David Tuchman. Meet The 888poker Pros The selected players will be up against tough opposition, competing against the trio of 888poker pros Vivian Saliba, Sofia Lövgren, and Dominik Nitsche. With almost $20 million in winnings between the three pros, the selected players will need to pull out all the stops to prove they’ve got what it takes to swim with the sharks. Dominik Nitsche With 4 WSOP bracelets, a World Poker Tour title, and over $18 million in tournament earnings, taking the scalp of the German national is definitely a story that would go down a storm at the local card room or home game. This of course will be no mean feat to pull off but running the right bluff or making the most hero of calls could be all it takes to take this poker titan down. Vivian Saliba Brazilian-born Saliba mainly cuts her cloth on the PLO streets but is no stranger or slouch to No Limit Hold’em either and can be often found streaming on Twitch under the username ViviSaliba. With 14 WSOP cashes and over $500k in prize money won, navigating past this pro will be harder than avoiding an Ace on the flop when holding pocket kings. Sofia Lövgren The third and final 888poker ambassador taking a seat at the table is Sofia Lövgren. One of the notable highlights in her poker career is a 12th place finish in the 2016 WSOP $1,500 No Limit Hold’em Millionaire Maker for $75,000. With over 7,000 entries into that tournament, Lövgren shows she’s got the patience and composure to wait for her spot and punish anyone who slips up. What's At Stake The prizes up for grabs in this golden opportunity are nothing to roll your eyes at either, the winner of the Ambassadors Home Game will take home a tidy four-figure score of $1,400 with the runner-up winning a bankroll boosting $600. Also, of note, while players may have plenty of reasons they think they should be considered - there's a limit of only one submission per player.
  2. Vivian Saliba is learning a new game. It’s unlike her beloved Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit Hold’em, or any other that she’s played. It’s the Twitch game and she’s already finding it as challenging and rewarding as any card game in her arsenal. Saliba has recently decided to convert the time she would have spent playing in live events around the world into bringing the world to her with a budding new poker Twitch stream. Although she’s at the beginning of her streaming journey, Saliba is already finding the ups and downs of interacting with the poker community while trying to play solid poker in front of an international audience. “Streaming while playing poker has turned out to be far more challenging than what I expected,” Saliba said. “It is very difficult to manage the stream, interact with the chat, keep an eye on new followers, edit and change the scenes, highlight the tables, and of course play poker and talk…sometimes in different languages.” “It is important to find the right balance and figure out how to do all of those things and still deliver a good level of poker to my viewer and be entertaining at the same time.” Saliba has been an 888poker ambassador since 2017 and has made a name for herself as an accomplished PLO cash game and tournament player. But she’s made no secret that one of her favorite parts of being an ambassador is meeting and playing with fans and members of the community from all over the planet. With the pandemic putting those live events on hold, she’s decided to channel that energy into reconnecting in a new way. “The nicest thing about being a poker streamer, in my opinion, is to engage with the poker world. I’m certain that before the pandemic this was already a big plus but especially now, with reduced live poker around the world, this has become even more relevant. This was the way I found to connect with the community.” Thanks to those live events, Saliba has a broad fan base. Hailing from Brazil, many of her fans are from her home country. But as an ambassador, she’s been involved in events from just about everywhere which gives her chat an eclectic charm, one that as a multi-linguist, Saliba is well-equipped to handle. “It is amazing to be able to interact and connect with people from all over the world and this is definitely one of my favorite things about the streams. The streams are in English, but I tend to translate things to Portuguese in case someone didn’t understand a certain point and even though my German and Spanish aren’t too good, sometimes I’ll also risk a few sentences in these languages in order to make myself clear to everyone. The best part of having a variety of fans is to build a bigger and more dynamic poker community.” While her Twitch channel is new and expanding every day, so are the challenges that face all streamers. Outside of the tech, there is a certain learning curve that comes with spending hours on end in front of a camera with an audience that may be scrutinizing your every hand. Also, there are trolls. “Anyone who decides to expose themselves on the internet must be aware of the possibility of negativity and judgment that comes with it. That being said, of course, it’s not nice to face hate or just negativity in general,” Saliba said. “Luckily most of the feedback I receive is nice and my viewers are very supportive. In case of inappropriate behavior…the person will be banned and life goes on as normal. “Another difficulty is to expose yourself for unlimited hours without really having a break. One of my latest streams lasted 12:30. I had to perform simple and in some ways, private activities in front of the camera such as eating, which is still very odd to me and in some ways makes me uncomfortable.” Saliba doesn’t plan on being a fly-by-night stream either. In just over a week she gained nearly 1000 followers and her streams have routinely broken the eight-hour mark. She’s been able to keep it fresh by mixing up what she plays but also has some ideas on how to make sure it doesn’t get old for her in the future. “I love to play PLO and it’s probably my favorite game. But on the other hand, I also understand that many people love [No Limit Hold’em] tournaments and that a deep run can be very exciting for viewers. I intend to mix the types of games I’ll be streaming, possibly I’ll even stream some non-poker related games - for example, chess or pinball - as a way to keep the channel dynamic, entertaining, and to bring new people outside the poker world to it.” Ultimately though, for Saliba, it comes back to staying connected and celebrating the game of poker with her community. “On one occasion I had two final tables during the same stream which I finished sixth and eighth place. It is a very nice feeling to celebrate and cheer those on stream. It is almost like a huge virtual rail and you can really feel all the support and love people are sending to you.” Saliba can be found on Twitch under her screen name: ViviSaliba.
  3. Sao Paulo born Vivian Saliba has grown up with poker around her, first playing the game at 12-years-old and then accompanying her father to card rooms for the first time at the age of 17. Primarily a Pot Limit Omaha cash game player, but no stranger to poker tournaments, the Brazilian has put in strong performances during various years of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Most notably in 2017, she made the money in three No Limit Hold’em events and two in her specialized game of Pot Limit Omaha. But it would be a PLO hand, a game that has allowed her to amass a small fortune, that still gives Saliba nightmares to this day. “By the end of 2015, I decided to quit college and follow my dream as a professional poker player. The beginning of my career was a real rollercoaster and even though in 2016 I played WSOP events for the first time, I didn't actually play that many tournaments,” Saliba said. So, 2017 was the first time playing in her dream tournaments and marked a special year for her as a poker player. The tournament in question was WSOP Event #54 and was the most important tournament for her at the time due to the buy-in and what was at stake. “Back in 2017 during the WSOP in Las Vegas I was playing my first ever $10,000 buy-in event. That was a PLO event, my main game at the time, and still is nowadays. The tournament had 428 entries and I managed to finish it in 11th place.” Despite making it to the final two tables and winning $47,923 for her efforts but busting that event negatively affected her feelings as there was a strong desire to make It as a professional poker player “That tournament seemed to be the perfect opportunity, giving the high level of the competitors, price of the buy-in, prize pool and it being WSOP bracelet event.” Playing five-handed, holding an average stack of 30 big blinds, and playing her strongest poker variant, it was almost a certainty that Saliba would make the final table and be in with a chance of claiming the $938,732 prize. But of course, nothing is guaranteed in poker. Defending her big blind with [poker card="Kh"][poker card="9h"][poker card="9d"][poker card="6d"] following a raise from the button, Saliba smashed the board making top set on the [poker card="9c"][poker card="6c"]2x flop. “I check-raised the flop with my top set and my opponent re-raised so that all the money is in the middle, he had [poker card="Jc"][poker card="Js"][poker card="7c"]8x for an overpair and open-ended straight draw.” The turn card brought a jack, leaving Saliba pretty much dead as only the case nine on the river would have saved her from elimination. “If I had won this hand, I would be up to top-3 stacks of the tournament and also would bust my opponent. I was left with 3bb and on the next hand I end up busting. Looking back that is nothing I would do differently at that specifically play but I would definitely take it easier with myself," she said. “I literally had nightmares with this hand for months. I believed that I would never get so close to a WSOP final table ever again.” Despite the setback, in November of that same year she became part of the 888poker team, which was one of her poker career ambitions. Shortly after, the Brazilian recalled another hand that would make anyone shudder, but this time the 888poker ambassador was on the more fortunate side of lady luck. Playing Event #64 - $888 No Limit Hold’em – Crazy Eights in the 2019 WSOP with six players and eight big blinds remaining. Saliba ended up getting it all in for her tournament life with ace-four versus Ireland’s Patrick Clarke's ace-ten. Despite being dominated and in horrific shape, she out-drew her opponent to secure the full double up and keep her WSOP bracelet ambitions alive. “I won and he was left with a couple of big blinds and busted a few hands after. That bad beat gave me the chance of cashing for $131K more. “I imagine that my opponent must have felt very bad in this situation giving that he had me dominated, it was a huge event with a huge prize pool and we were all so close to the bracelet so the stakes were that much higher!” Vivian narrowly missed out on securing her first-ever WSOP gold bracelet, instead finishing in 4th place out of a field of over 10,000 entries for the biggest payday of her career for $308,888.
  4. [caption width="640"] Vivian Saliba joins Chris Moorman, Sofia Lovgren and Dominik Nitsche as an 888poker ambassador.[/caption] 888poker continues to build its talented team of sponsored pros with the announcement that Brazil’s Vivian Saliba is its latest brand ambassador. The 24-year-old from Sao Paolo burst onto the poker scene this summer at the World Series of Poker when she had a deep run in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship for a career-best score (11th - $47,923). She was also the youngest female to play in the Main Event this summer, finishing 421st for $27,743. Saliba considers herself a PLO player first and foremost, having enjoyed a handful of scores in the game at Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP) events over the years. “I prefer PLO because there is way more action compared to Hold’em what makes it more enjoyable to play,” Saliba revealed. “A lot of players are new to the game and make many mistakes which is obviously good for me as a professional poker player.” She’ll now join the likes of four-time bracelet winner and recent One Drop High Roller champ Dominik Nitsche; the PocketFives leading all-time money winner Chris Moorman; high stakes tournament pro and Twitch legend Parker ‘Tonkaaaa’ Talbot; Swedish pro Sofia Lövgren; and her fellow Brazilian Bruno ‘Foster’ Politano on the 888poker team. “I couldn't be happier about joining,” said Saliba. “As a professional poker player, I always looked forward to a partnership. 888poker is one of the biggest poker companies, and I am very fortunate to be a part of it. I am ready to give 100% and see us both growing together. “There are many aspects I like about 888poker,” said continued. “First of all, the 888live events because of the affordable buy-ins with good structures and amazing locations. I also like the online platform because of the variety of different tournaments and cash games with a large number of players online at any time.”* Poker beginnings in Brazil Saliba was introduced to poker by her father, who she began playing with in local Brazilian card clubs at the tender age of 17. “My first contact with poker was on a family trip with my mother, dad, brother and sister when I was around 12 years old,” Saliba explained. “We used beans as chips and made the bets. It was so much fun. I won a lot of beans back then. “When I turned legal age, my dad, who plays frequently, took me to a poker club in Brazil. The social aspects of the game and the learning/improvement process made me fall in love with it.” Turning pro five years later at the age of 22, Saliba began to find success on the Brazilian tours, and has since amassed career earnings of just under $200,000 at the time of writing. Some of her other notable scores to date include: $23,789 for finishing third in the 2017 PokerStars Championship Barcelona Event #38: €1,100 PLO $10,375 for taking third in the 2017 WSOP International Circuit Sao Paulo Event #6: R$2,500 PLO $2,656 for placing 11th in the 205 BSOP Millions Sao Paulo Main Event
  5. [caption width="640"] Vivian Saliba is the only female player in the entire 2017 WSOP Main Event field under the age of 26 (Photo courtesy SuperPoker.com.br)[/caption] Of the 7,221 players in the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event there were just 272 women who played and only one of them was under the age of 26. Age RangeTotalMaleFemale 21-253473461 26-301,5201,47248 31-351,4781,41167 36-4089585738 41-4573170526 46-5075372528 51-5561358231 >5688485133 Vivian Saliba is a 24-year-old professional poker player from Sao Paulo, Brazil and as Day 2B continued on Tuesday, she was still in with a chance at moving on to Day 3, despite starting the day with less than half of the Day 1 starting stack. “I started with 23,000, I have been on huge swings so far. And this table, I’ve had an 80K swing already,” said Saliba, who has been playing poker for seven years, the last two professionally. ”The structure is awesome, so we have a lot of space to gain chips again. I have like 60 big blinds, which is great.” This is her second year spending the summer in Las Vegas and she’s been able to cash for almost $55,000, including an 11th place finish in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha for $ 47,923. “It was an amazing result, but I felt sad,” said Saliba. “It’s hard to get so close. For all professionals, it’s not about the money, if you’re good, you’re going to make money, it’s about the result and the accomplishment.” Even though she’s still thinking about that close call, Saliba’s had a great summer so far. “It’s been awesome. I think all professionals love to be here during the summer in Las Vegas. It’s a dream, it’s where things happen and where you can chase your dreams and meet all your idols and your friends,” said Saliba “I’ve been doing well, I can’t complain. I had this cash in the $10K PLO, I’ve had other cashes, cash games were good as well.” All but one of her previous results came back in Brazil. A total of 15 cashes for a total of $51,971.00. Back home in Brazil, Saliba has a front row to the continuing growth of poker in her home country. She thinks the number of women playing poker in Brazil is roughly the same other major countries, somewhere between 5-10%. “Poker in Brazil is in a big boom, it’s a huge trend and it’s getting bigger and bigger every day,” said Saliba. “The tournaments, they are really good. We have some series and local tournaments, but the cash games are really bad because of the rake.” There are no casinos in Brazil. Poker is instead played in poker clubs that treat poker more like a table game when it comes to rake. “It’s 5% with no cap, no matter how expensive the game is. If it’s a one million dollar pot, they’re going to take $50,000. So cash games are really bad,” said Saliba. “The good thing is we have online poker, we still have PokerStars, partypoker, all these websites, so we can play online.” Saliba represents Trust Fichas Online, a website that allows Brazilian players to transfer funds back and forth between poker sites. “You can trade chips from player to player and we have companies that make this for you. It’s like an exchange house; they profit a little bit when they buy from you and when they sell for you,” said Saliba. Halfway through Level 9, Saliba has 90,000 chips.
  6. [caption width="640"] Art Papazyan won the first two World Poker Tour events he ever played to permanently put himself on the poker map.(WPT photo)[/caption] As the final days of 2017 slowly tick by, it's time to take a look back at the year in poker. Over the last 10 days of the year, PocketFives is taking readers on a trip back in time to recap the last 12 months in a fun and unique way. So far we've gone over the top five off-the-felt news stories of 2017, broken down the top heaters of the year, and introduced you to the game's newest characters. Next on the list of PocketFives end of the year rankings belongs to the game's rising stars. Art Papazyan and Steffen Sontheimer had their heater, resulting in a breakout year coming full circle. #5 - Vivian Saliba In a year of players becoming their own brand, Vivian Saliba established she is on her way to becoming an established name on and off the felt. The 24-year-old Brazilian became an 888poker ambassador and the face of Brazil’s ever-growing poker love affair. Saliba earned her stripes by cashing in big buy-in events including the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha WSOP event along with the Main Event. With a brand ready to push her toward a global audience, Saliba should play more global events in the new year to push her newfound star higher than it already is. #4 - DJ Alexander For a player who didn’t win any major tournaments the entire year, DJ Alexander left a major footprint in every part of the country where he played. With over $700,000 in tournament earnings won on smaller tours coming into the year, Alexander wasn’t well known by the main viewing population but is now a face fans won’t soon forget. Alexander started his campaign by placing fourth in the WSOP Circuit Main Event at Choctaw. A few months later, Alexander exploded on the World Series of Poker stage with his true breakthrough score. In a field of 7,761, Alexander took second in Millionaire Maker and earned $754,499 for his amazing run. That was the start of Alexander’s major tournament run as he cashed in anything and everything in the latter part of 2017. After Millionaire Maker, Alexander made the final two tables in Little One for One Drop, the SHRPO Championship, and WPT Choctaw, The peak of Alexander’s string of four straight top-15 finishes came in August when he made it to the WPT Legends of Poker final table. Under the WPT lights, Alexander’s charisma popped as he hung with the likes of Phil Hellmuth and JC Tran. Coming into 2018, Alexander has a chance to ride his wave of momentum and capture the big win that he came close to many times this year. #3 - Alex Foxen When the whole poker world was watching, Alex Foxen put on one of the best final table performances of the year. Foxen surged from the back of the pack to second place and over $1 million in the WPT Five Diamond Classic to put a bow on his strong campaign. During 2015 and 2016, Foxen was a face seen deep in multiple major events, including WPTs at Borgata and Seminole, but never managed to get over the proverbial hump. In 2017, there were no bounds stopping Foxen. He cashed 13 times at the World Series of Poker and made a strong push for Player of the Year with two final table finishes. The first step in Foxen’s rise to prominence was when he came back from a single blind to win the SHRPO Big 4 $2,650 and over $200,000. Jason Koon and Faraz Jaka saw up close how talented Foxen when he defeated them at the final table. Soon, the whole world witnessed it as he overcame a record-setting field at the Bellagio. Foxen’s first seven-figure score is a tad bittersweet as he fell shy of a WPT title but his reaction afterward was of a player proud of his hard work paying off in a great way. Come next year, expect to Foxen deep in more than a few major events as he pursues his next set of challenges. #2 - Art Papazyan Sam Panzica was regarded for his skills a few years before he won two WPT titles in Season XV. Anthony Zinno already had a WPT title before he won back-to-back in Season XIII. As early as the first quarter of 2016, Art Papazyan was a security guard and a college dropout. Now, he’s a two-time WPT Champion. Papazyan grinded his way through the cash game world of Los Angeles to the point where he earned the nickname of 'King Art' on the Live at the Bike show. Games in the neighborhood of $50/$100 were within Papazyan’s range. He was already a winning player enjoying life. Papazyan is the first to admit he’s not a tournament player but his overall poker skills proved able to transfer over in well-structured events. In his first ever World Poker Tour event, Papazyan beat Phil Hellmuth heads up to win Legends of Poker in his hometown. Given the chance to chase the elusive WPT Player of the Year title, Papazyan traveled to WPT Maryland where he won title #2. Combined, Papazyan earned over $1 million for the two wins and has a wide gap between him and the field heading into the second half of Season XVI. Although he had the bankroll to do so, Papazyan chose not to play this year’s WSOP Main Event. Now, Papazyan is in prime position to win one of the most sought-after individual player awards in poker. At 25 years old, Papazyan has a lot of poker left in his career and only he knows just how many tournaments that will include. Regardless, Papazyan’s run in the latter half of 2017 is forever etched in history as his star rises among the public. #1 - Steffen Sontheimer The latest in the line of the German factory of excellence, Steffen Sontheimer went from having under $500,000 in live earnings to being crowned the ever first Poker Master. In fact, Sontheimer didn’t have his first six-figure result of the year until April. It was at the PokerStars Championship in Monte Carlo where Sontheimer final tabled the €100,000 Super High Roller. Then, Sontheimer went to Las Vegas for the summer and crushed everything in his path. Call it a heater or a game solve, Sontheimer consistently fared well in $25,000 and $100,000 buy-ins, notching 10 top-10 finishes between April and December, not counting Poker Masters. It was the Poker Masterswhere Sontheimer left his biggest mark. His skill and run good wrecked the best players in the world for a week straight and earned Sontheimer almost $2 million. The whole poker world looks forward to his encore next year.
  7. 888poker LIVE is back to start their 2018 schedule with a special 'Kick Off' event in London come February. Starting Thursday, February 8, the £440 Main Event is expected to have a large field. Before buying in directly onsite at Aspers Casino, players can qualify online through 888poker’s patented satellite system. Marti Roca de Torres made his way from the satellite streets of 888poker to the WSOP Europe Main Event title in November. The next player to follow in his footsteps could be you. Satellites are currently running on 888poker and offer a $1,200 package for any player who can win their way into the event. Climb the Satellite Ladder All 888poker satellites start at only one cent and players start climbing the ladder from there toward earning a Main Event seat. Approximately one out of every 10 players from the penny qualifiers will advance to the 10¢ satellites. This is step two out of five and the stakes gradually start to get more intense. 10 percent of entrants go from this satellite into the $1 qualifier. For players starting at Step 3, this is the best chance for them to make it into Step 4. The next step is a $5 qualifier. One out of every six entrants wins a seat in the following round. After the $5 Step 4, comes the $30 final stage. This is where dreams officially come true with this satellite propelling players in the 888poker LIVE Kick Off Main Event in London. Win the $1,200 package The $1,200 package includes an 888poker LIVE Kick Off Main Event buy-in, $300 for accommodations, and $300 for expenses. $12 satellites are also available and guarantee at least one seat per tournament. Players who are looking to win the $1,200 package have to qualify via the $30 satellite. Live satellites are available on site at Aspers Casino starting on Monday, February 5. The £120,000 guaranteed Main Event is going to be attended by 888poker ambassadors from around the world including Chris Moorman, Dominik Nitsche, and Vivian Saliba. https://twitter.com/Moorman1/status/948596945731256320 Don't miss your chance to play in this fun and star-studded event. Start the satellite journey today on 888poker.com.
  8. The new season of 888poker’s LIVE tour kicked off with the 2018 Kick-Off Event at London’s Aspers Casino on February 8. The £440 buy-in Main Event carried a £120,000 guarantee but when 366 runners showed up, creating 547 total entries, during the four starting flights the guarantee was smashed creating a prize pool of over £216,000. The field was packed with some of the UK’s top talent as well as a number of 888poker ambassadors, including Sofia Lovgren, Natalie Hof, Vivian Saliba, Dominik Nitsche and online poker legend Chris 'moorman1' Moorman. But it was local UK grinder Jonathan Bowers ended up taking down the first event of the year, taking home the trophy and the £30,630 first place prize. The victory comes just four months after Bowers finished as the runner-up in October’s 888Live London Festival £2,200 High Roller. Bowers secured the top spot after the final four players battled it out for hours, attempting to eliminate a player. According to the 888poker blog, with over £100,000 left in the prize pool and the tournament pushing very late into the night the remaining four worked out a deal that gave chipleader Bowers the victory. Local player James Simms officially took second with a career-high cash of 28,460. France’s Eric Le Goff finished in third for 24,068 pushing him close to $300,000 in lifetime earnings. The final player in the chop was Ali Sakallioglu from the UK who also celebrated a career-best cash by taking home 23,280. In addition to the top 54 players earning a minimum of £975.00, organizers extended the payouts giving places 55-63 a seat to forthcoming World Poker Tour WPT500 event taking place at multiple Aspers Casinos beginning on March 23. Moorman Cashes In During the course of the Main Event, 888poker also held their LIVE Celebrity cash game featuring 888poker ambassadors Chris Moorman and Vivian Saliba. Joining them were a slate of local players, as well as Beth Cape and longtime poker broadcaster David Tuchman. The stakes were low enough to not get too serious - 2/5 with a mandatory 10 straddle. To spice things up, the players added the well-known seven-deuce game to keep things interesting. In the end, Moorman did what he does best, swallowed up the most amount of chips - walking away as the big winner. Next up for the 888Live tour is a stop in Bucharest, Romania at the JW Marriot Hotel beginning on February 28. The 888 Main Event comes with a €288,000 guarantee and a total of nine events. Qualifiers for the 888poker LIVE Bucharest Main Event are running now on 888poker.
  9. 888poker LIVE’s 12-day festival in Barcelona, Spain came to a conclusion on Monday when Romania’s Adrian Costin Constantin closed out a win in the Main Event for €114,025 and the title of 888poker LIVE Barcelona Champion. For nearly two weeks, the on-the-felt action was fast-paced at Casino Barcelona. Big crowds and 888poker superstars like Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot, Sofia Lovgren and Vivian Saliba were all on hand. The 2018 PCA Main Event winner Maria Lampropulos even took down the €2,200 High Roller in the middle of the week for €63,000. After the 13 of the prelims played out to their respective winners all eyes were focused on the final table of the €1,100 Main Event and its €500,000 guarantee. Players flocked to the tournament with 709 total entries total spanning three starting days. The result generated a prize pool that annihilated the guarantee. A total of €709,000 were up for grabs with a six-figure first place prize promised to the winner. When the final nine drew for seats at the final table, Spain’s Joel Isla held a fairly commanding chip lead with Constantin firmly second in chips. Isla got busy early, taking out Poland’s Tomasz Aleksander Chmiel when Chmiel’s pocket eights jammed into Isla’s two kings. Chimel walked with €9,530 for ninth place, adding to this over $200,000 of lifetime poker earnings. As Isla continued to roll, building a massive chip lead, Constantin got busy breaking down the final table as well. Sirgiu Sirbu from Romania shoved his short stack with a suited [poker card="ac"][poker card="4c"] into the [poker card="kd"][poker card="jd"] of Constantin. After a clean flop, the [poker card="js"] dropped on the turn, leaving Sirbu with three outs. The blank river sent Sirbu to the payout desk to collect €12,250 for eighth place. Right behind Sirbu came the elimination of Italy’s Luigi Andrea Shehadeh. Shehadeh, who took this very event down one year ago, faced a small blind shove from Isla. He made the call holding [poker card="ah"][poker card="5s"] but Isla wasn’t as light as he’d hoped. Isla tabled the [poker card="ad"][poker card="jc"] and had the former champ dominated. The board ran out with neither players able to connect and Isla added to his chip surge. Shehadeh added €16,350 to his bankroll for seventh. Constantin claimed another victim when he picked off the short stack shove with [poker card="as"][poker card="jh"] of Oscar Casado Diaz. Constantin held [poker card="ad"][poker card="ks"] and although both paired their ace on the river, kickers played. The local Spaniard Diaz collected €22,150 for his sixth-place efforts. After a short break, the final five returned to play down to a winner. Isla, who had been holding a commanding chip lead all day, finally lost a big pot when Manuel Navarro Perez doubled through him. The action heated up and after that, the chip stacks evened out making it anybody’s tournament to win. Italy’s Corrado Martinelli fell in fifth for €27,200 and quickly following him out of the tournament was Romania’s Cosmic Rusu. Russ collected €38,200 for what is essentially his only real recorded cash to date. Then the final three players began to mix it up. Constantin fell into third after Perez, once again, found a double. Isla and Perez demonstrated a willingness to gamble when they played for one of the biggest pots of the tournament. Perez opened with [poker card="kc"][poker card="jh"] which invited Isla to three-bet with [poker card="9s"][poker card="9d"]. Perez put in a four-bet, Isla jammed, Perez tank called and the next thing you know - the pair are flipping for a massive chip lead. The board ran out all baby cards, giving Isla back his chip lead and putting Perez back at the bottom of the chip counts. Perez was out of the tournament 10 minutes later for €55,800. Unable to come to a deal during a break, began heads-up play with Isla holding a 3:1 chip lead. Constantin battled back and the passed chips, and the lead, back and forth for over an hour. Eventually, Constantin had Isla on the ropes with a 4:1 chip lead. However, during what would be the last break, the pair agreed to a deal. Both of them would walk with €114,025 and play for the trophy. The pair sat back down at the table and roughly 15 minutes later, Constantin’s shut the door on Isla and earned the right to be called 2018 888poker Barcelona Main Event Champion in a career-defining victory. 888poker LIVE can be seen around the halls of the the Rio in Las Vegas as an official sponsor of the World Series of Poker. The branded $888 Crazy Eights tournament is set to take flight on June 30.
  10. Thanks to a deep run in the 49th Annual World Series of Poker Main Event, Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman helped seal the victory for Team UK in 888poker’s second annual 8-Team Competition. The competition assembled teams of three for seven different countries. Each country's team was assigned a captain, a wingman as well as an online qualifier. Then, depending on how each of the teams performed in the Main Event, they were assigned points. Points were given for both surviving each day as well as where they finished in the chip counts. The team with the most points, would not only grab the glory of outlasting their peers but also nab a free entry into the 2019 WSOP Main Event for all three team members. That means that Moorman, wingman (and the subject of PocketFives’ 50 Days & 50 Nights) Niall 'firaldo' Farrell and online qualifier Billy ‘BillyChat’ Chattaway will all be returning to the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in 2019 to, once again, take their shot at poker’s biggest prize. The three Brits were bolstered by Moorman's strong performance. He finished off Days 3 and 4 holding the greatest amounts of chips of any of the participating players left in the tournament, earning them crucial bonus points. In addition, Moorman, who finished in 273rd place in the Main Event for $42,980. While Moorman and Farrell were probably already planning on heading back to Las Vegas in 2019, now UK online qualifier Chattaway is certain to make his travel plans early as well. Chattaway a 28-year old professional poker player hailing from London has already made four trips to the WSOP, including this year. Having won free entry into the Main Event, he'll certainly return for his fifth. While many might look at the title of “online qualifier” to mean someone who lucked their way onto a team with some formidable pros, Chattaway himself is a force to be reckoned with. He’s amassed over $4.3 million in lifetime career online earnings and has been ranked as high as #14 in the world (he currently sits ranked #215.) He also pulled his weight for Team UK by finishing in the money in the Main Event, hitting the rail in 652nd place for $21,750. While Team UK will enjoy the spoils of victory some of the other teams were in the mix right until the end. Team Brazil, finished the competition in second place. Although captain Vivian Saliba was unable to make the money, their online qualifier, Pedro Correa made a deep run. He exited the tournament in 356th place for $33,305. Right behind Brazil in the standings was Team Russia. Arseniy Karmatskiy, the Russian captain, was the only other captain of a team to make the money. He finished five spots ahead of Moorman, bowing out in 268th for $42,980. Karmatskiy ended up as the last participant standing, which gave his team an extra 100 points. However, it simply wasn’t enough to overtake Team UK. With the 8-Team competition all wrapped up, the next stop for 888poker LIVE will be this September when the tournament series make their way to Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  11. Perhaps the only thing more fun than throwing some clothes in a duffle bag and hopping on a flight for a highly anticipated poker vacation is to do exactly that but with a couple of your best friends in tow. In their new promotion, 888poker is giving their players a chance to win a special trip to the UK to participate in the 888poker LIVE London Festival. More specifically, the package includes a stake to splash around in an exclusive “Bros vs. Pros” cash game as well as tickets to hit the pitch and watch a football match. Get Qualified First things first: on November 14 and 17 at 21:00 GMT (4:00 PM ET) players need to log-in and play in either (or both) of the two $1 buy-in Bros vs. Pros online qualifying events. The tournaments have an $888 guarantee, however - and this is important - they are password protected. It’s easy to discover the password though, players simply need to follow along with 888poker’s social media feeds where they will be given out. Once players uncover the password, register for the tournaments and survive to make the top five in either of the qualifiers. Then, the ten players who make it to the end will compete in the final 10-person Sit & Go on November 18, again taking place at 21:00 GMT (4:00 PM ET). The winner of that contest takes home the Bros vs Pros grand prize as well as gets to surprise two of their best friends with a VIP trip to London. The package is a fun one. It grants a seat into the £1,100 $500,000 GTD 888poker LIVE London Main Event, tickets to the upcoming football (soccer) match between the London Arsenal and the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and £1,000 stake for the Bros vs Pros cash game. Battle The Pros The Bros vs Pros cash game is an invite-only cash game featuring some of the game’s top names. 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Scott Blumstein, three-time WSOP Poker Players Championship Winner Michael ‘the Grinder’ Mizrachi, 888poker ambassadors Dominik Nitsche, Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot and Vivian Saliba will all be taking a seat and looking to battle with the Bros. The Bros vs Pros promotion is all part of the upcoming 888poker LIVE London Festival taking place at the Aspers Casino in London. The 24/7 poker action features 10 events over 12 days with $1 million in total guarantees. The festival boasts a schedule with the perfect events to satisfy everyone from the novice to the high roller. In addition to the Main Event, value seekers can hop into any of the five starting flights of the £220 Opening Event, which promises a five-figure score for the winner. For the shot takers, there is a £2,200 High Roller and a £5,000 Super High Roller. On the other end of the spectrum, there are plenty of low buy-in events for those who are looking to splash around or simply get their feet wet in a live environment. Qualifiers for the Bros vs Pros package are found under the Tournaments - Live Events tab in the 888poker client. Additionally, satellites for 888poker LIVE London Main Event packages are still taking place. 888poker LIVE London Festival takes place from November 22 - December 3. Full Schedule of Events Date Event Buy-In 11/22 888Live London Opening Event - 1A ₤220 11/23 888Live London Opening Event - 1B ₤220 11/24 888Live London Opening Event - 1C ₤220 888Live London Opening Event - 1D ₤220 11/25 888Live London Opening Event - Final The Hurricane ₤110 11/26 The Swordfish ₤60 11/27 The Turbo Deepstack ₤80 11/28 High Roller - Day 1 ₤2200 11/29 High Roller - Final 888Live London Main Event - 1A ₤1100 11/30 888Live London Main Event - 1B ₤1100 888Live London Main Event - 1C ₤1100 12/01 888Live London Main Event - 1D ₤1100 888Live London Main Event - 1E ₤1100 Pot Limit Omaha ₤125 12/02 888 London Festival Main Event- Day 2 The Whale ₤150 Super High Roller Day 1 ₤5000 Ladies Event ₤100 12/03 888 London Festival Main Event- Final Day Super High Roller Final Day
  12. In the first week of February 2019, 888poker LIVE makes their return to Aspers Casino in London for their first live event of the year. From February 7-10, 888poker will host another one of their famously fun live events in the heart of London. The Aspers Casino, which played host to nine 888poker events in 2018, will once again be ground zero for the thriving London live scene. The 888poker LIVE Kickoff Event is a £440 buy-in event with a £120,000 guarantee. The tournament has a nice structure for the buy-in. It starts with a 30k starting stack and 40-minute levels. Players can re-enter a maximum of three times in case things don't go according to plan. Also featured is the big blind ante and a 30-second shot clock to make sure the tournament moves along smoothly. A Look Back This event has proven to be an 888poker LIVE favorite. In 2018, players flocked to the Aspers for the event as 547 entries pushed the prize pool to over £216,000. Once the tournament played down to four-handed, and after a few hours of grinding it out, the final four opted for an ICM deal that guaranteed each of them no less than £23,000. With the most chips at the time, UK grinder Jonathan Bowers was crowned the winner and took home £30,630 for his efforts. Bros vs Pros Returns In 2019, the Kickoff Event hopes to be bigger than ever. 888poker is adding to the fun with the return of their Bros vs Pros promotion. One lucky 888poker player will win themselves a trip to London for themselves and two of their best friends. The trio will participate in the festival, battle it out against 888poker ambassadors Vivian Saliba, Ana Marquez, Dominik Nitsche and World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Martin Jacobson. To add to the experience, 888poker will throwing in some Premier League tickets for good measure. Win Your Seat On 888 Of course, players are more than welcome to show up and directly buy in to the events. However, for players looking to get in for the minimum, 888poker is running a series of satellites that start for as little as one cent. 888poker has a series of Steps to Live Events satellites that works their way from $0.01 into shots at winning seats into their live events. A player can start at the very bottom or jump in anywhere in the Steps system and work their way up. In addition to the 888poker Steps to Live Event satellites, 888poker is offering a number of direct satellites to win a seat to the Kickoff Event. Every Tuesday players can win their seat in the $55 Seat Qualifier satellite. One out of every ten players will grab an entry with two seats guaranteed. The $55 satellite can be stepped into through a $5.50 sub-satellite. For players looking for the VIP treatment, every Sunday, through January 31, 2019, there is a $109 satellite that offers the full Kickoff Event Package. Winners of the 888Live London Kickoff Package will receive the £440 entry into the tournament, an extra $300 in travel expenses, some 888poker LIVE gear and $350 for three nights accommodation. These satellites come with a three package guarantee. The $109 satellite for the full package can also be satellites into through a $16.50 sub-satellite. For local value hunters and players looking to take a trip to the wonderful city of London, mark your calendars for February 7-10. Join 888poker, and their team of ambassadors, at the Aspers Casino for the 888poker LIVE London Kickoff Event.
  13. 888poker is returning to the beautiful city of Bucharest, Romania for the 2019 888poker LIVE Bucharest Festival from March 4-10 at the Intercontinental Hotel. Hot on the heels of 888poker’s LIVE London Kickoff Event, the Bucharest festival brings a week’s worth of action headlined by an 888Live Main Event that offers the winner both a healthy first-place prize and also a $12,600 package to fly to Las Vegas and play in the Main Event of the 2019 World Series of Poker. Festival Highlights This year's €888 Bucharest Main Event is sure to be a good one. Players have four starting flights to choose from and unlimited re-entries, in case things don’t go as planned. The tournament will have 40-minute levels, a 30K starting stack, play with the big blind ante format and, to keep things moving along, include a shot clock. Last year, Romania’s Andrei Racolta bested the 469 entry field to for his career-high cash of $86,700. This year, the winner will also book a six-night stay in Las Vegas to represent 888poker and play in the WSOP Main Event. In addition to the $10,000 WSOP seat and hotel accommodations at the Vdara Hotel, the winner be given an extra $1,000 for travel and expenses. In addition to the Main Event, the seven-event series includes a signature 888poker LIVE Opening Event. This €230 tournament gets underway on March 4 and features two starting flights, 30-minute levels, and allows players two re-entries per flight. Last year, this tournament generated a prize pool of over €72,000 and paid out multiple five-figure prizes including over $17,000 for winner Narcis-Gabriel Nedelcu. The 888poker €1,700 High Roller is also back on the schedule with 30-minute Day 1 and 40-minute Day 2 levels and unlimited re-entry. Leading up to the event players can take their shot in one of the two €200 live satellites to the High Roller. Last year, 888poker ambassador Ana Marquez defeated the 34 entry field and took home $32,068. The festival is surrounded by a two-day Deepstack Event, the Ladies Event, and two different Turbo events in addition to a number of €115 live satellites to the Bucharest Main Event. Ambassadors On Hand Defending High Roller champion Ana Marquez will be one of a number of 888poker ambassadors who will be participating in the 888poker LIVE Bucharest Festival. Joining her in the events will be Vivian Saliba, Dominik Nitsche, 2014 World Series of Poker champion Martin Jacobson and the leader in all-time online poker cashes Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman. Qualify Online Satellites for the 888poker LIVE Bucharest Festival are underway right now on 888poker. Players can qualify for the live event by playing online and working their way up into the $109 satellite. Satellites start for a little as $0.01. Winners of the $109 888Live Bucharest ME Package Qualifier tournament will receive a package that covers just about everything (valued at $1,900). It includes a seat into the Bucharest Main Event, four nights stay at the International Hotel and €200 to help pay for travel expenses. Plus, upon arrival, 888poker will provide all qualifiers with an 888LIVE kit which will include some 888 gear. All qualifiers can be found under the Live Events tab in the 888poker client. 888poker LIVE Bucharest Festival Schedule of Events Date Event Buy-in 03/04 Opening Event 1A €230 03/04 Satellite To Main Event €115 03/05 Opening Event 1B €230 03/05 Satellite To Main Event €115 03/06 Main Event 1A €888 03/06 Opening Event Day 2 03/06 Satellite To Main Event €115 03/06 Turbo Bounty €230 03/07 Main Event 1B €888 03/07 Ladies Event €60 03/07 Satellite To Main Event €115 03/07 Satellite To High Roller €200 03/08 Main Event 1C €888 03/08 Satellite To Main Event (Turbo) €115 03/08 Main Event 1D (Turbo) €888 03/09 Main Event Day 2 03/09 Deepstack (Day 1) €330 03/09 Satellite To High Roller €200 03/09 High Roller (Day 1) €1700 03/10 Deepstack (Day 2) 03/10 Turbo Deepstack €220 03/10 Main Event Final Day 03/10 High Roller Day 2
  14. Nick Schulman spends a lot of time in the commentary booth during the World Series of Poker but on Monday he wasn't able to do the commentary for one of the $10,000 Championship events. He was busy winning it. Schulman was the sole bracelet winner on Monday as nearly every table was in play for the opening day of one of the new additions to the schedule. Nick Schulman Wins $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo for Bracelet #3 Nick Schulman arrived at the Rio on Monday with the chip lead and just six other players standing between him and the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship title. It took just a smidge over five hours, including four hours of heads-up play, for Schulman to stand tall against a stacked final table and earn his third WSOP bracelet. Schulman eliminated three of the six including Joe Hachem in third place and Brian Hastings in second. The four-hour long heads-up battle so each player hold the chip lead before Schulman ultimately prevailed. Schulman, who last won a bracelet in 2012, tweeted after his win a tongue-in-cheek Marlo Stanfield warning for the rest of the poker world. The win came with $463,670 for Schulman while Hastings, who was 4-0 when heads-up for a bracelet before Monday, took home $286,570 for his runner-up finish. Final Table Payouts Nick Schulman - $463,670 Brian Hastings - $286,570 Joe Hachem - $201,041 Denis Strebkov - $143,700 Christopher Vitch - $104,688 Corey Hochman - $77,763 Michael McKenna - $58,918 Bryce Yockey - $45,551 $888 Crazy Eights No-Limit Hold'em (Event #64) Just 91 players remain after Day 2 of the $888 Crazy Eights event with none other than 888poker Team Pro Vivian Saliba among the chip leaders. Saliba ended with the fourth-best stack at the end of the 10 levels of play trailing only Ryan Leng, Scott Davies, and leader Natalia Panchenko. Some of the more notable names to move on to Day 3 include Jerry Odeen, Leo Margets, Martijn Gerrits, Matt Matros, and Jesse Sylvia. The day started with 1,223 players still in contention. There were a number of players who didn't make it through the day but did manage to pick up an in-the-money finish including Max Steinberg, Asher Conniff, Ryan Laplante, Jay Farber, Ryan Riess, Cliff Josephy, Josh Arieh, Anatoly Filatov, Calvin Anderson, Blair Hinkle, Greg Raymer, and Alex Foxen. Day 3 begins at Noon PT and is scheduled for 10 more 60-minute levels. Top Chip Counts Natalia Panchenko - 11,870,000 Scott Davies - 11,855,000 Ryan Leng - 11,765,000 Vivian Saliba - 9,565,000 Roland Rokita - 9,515,000 Andrew Brokos - 9,485,000 Jean Fabre - 9,305,000 Oren Rosen - 8,550,000 Rick Alvarado - 8,475,000 Jeanpierre Besancon - 8,190,000 David 'ODB' Baker Leads $1,500 Limit Hold'em Final Six David 'ODB' Baker started Day 3 of the $1,500 Limit Hold'em event with the chip lead and then worked his way through 15 other players to finish with the chip leading with just six players remaining. Baker nearly doubled his stack on Monday, finishing with 2,493,000 after starting with 1,275,000. The player closest to Baker is Ruiko Mamiya with 1,551,000. Brian Kim is the only other player in seven-figure territory with 1,106,000. Chris Ferguson sits fifth in what is his third final table and 15th cash of the summer. Daniel Negreanu busted in 20th place for his 12th cash of the summer. Matt Glantz, Roland Israelashvili, and Greg Mueller also busted on Monday. The final table begins at Noon PT. Final Table Payouts David 'ODB' Baker - 2,493,000 Ruiko Mamiya - 1,551,000 Brian Kim - 1,106,000 Dominzo Love - 620,000 Chris Ferguson - 246,000 Chicong Nguyen - 152,000 Old School Representing Well in $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Eli Elezra already picked up one bracelet this summer for the Old School Set and on Monday he made all the rights moves to put himself in position for another. And he's got some Old School company. Elezra finished Day 2 of the $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo event with 1,362,000 and the chip lead with just 16 players left. Right behind Elezra is Mike Matusow with 1,005,000. Andrey Zhigalov, fresh off of his runner-up finish in the $10,000 Razz event, bagged up the third biggest stack with 968,000. Anthony Zinno, Ryan Hughes, Robert Campbell, and Yueqi Zhu all bagged up top 10 stacks as well. There were 17 players who took advantage of the start-of-Day 2 registration period to push the total field to 151 players, a 10-player bump over the 2018 field. Day 3 begins at 2 PM PT and is scheduled to play down to six players. Top 10 Chip Counts Eli Elezra - 1,362,000 Mike Matusow - 1,005,000 Andrey Zhigalov - 968,000 Anthony Zinno - 738,000 Steven Wolansky - 733,000 Qinghai Pan - 727,000 Ryan Hughes - 601,000 Mike Wattel - 596,000 Robert Campbell - 528,000 Yueqi Zhu - 410,000 $1,000 Mini Main Event (Event #69) One of the new additions to the WSOP schedule this summer could be offering a hint at massive things to come in the Main Event. The $1,000 Mini Main Event runs the same structure as the $10,000 Main Event with 30-minute levels. WSOP officials were expecting somewhere in the neighhorhood of 3,000 players for this event. Then 5,521 players showed up. All of the tables inside the Rio were in use and hallways snaked throughout the hallways as players waited for their chance to sit down and play. Lula Taylor finished Day 1 with 2,695,000 and the chip lead. Liran Betito isn't far behind with 2,625,000. Heidi Orloff bagged up 1,935,000 for the third best stack. Rex Clinkscales, Yuval Bronshtein, and Chris Ferguson all managed to make it through Day 2. Just 546 players made it through Day 1 with 280 of those eliminated finishing in the money. Action resumes at Noon PT. Top Chip Counts Lula Taylor - 2,695,000 Liran Betito - 2,625,000 Heidi Orloff - 1,935,000 Alexis Urli - 1,925,000 Lazaro Hernandez - 1,890,000 Kunal Punjwani - 1,765,000 Aleksandr Merzhvinskii - 1,725,000 Ming Li - 1,700,000 Gal Sharvit - 1,670,000 Brian Andrews - 1,640,000 Barry Hutter Leads $5,000 Six Max No Limit Hold'em The $5,000 Six Max No Limit Hold'em event always draws some of the best NLHE players in the world. Barry Hutter worked his way through 539 of them to lead the remaining 212 players into Day 2. Hutter ended the 10 levels of play with 400,000. Darren Elias, Roberto Romanello, Samuel Vousden, Brian Yoon, Cord Garcia, Peter Traply, Chris Hunichen, Ryan Laplante, Koray Aldemir, and Dan Smith all advanced to Day 2. Action resumes at 2 PM PT. Top Chip Counts Barry Hutter - 400,000 Eder Murata - 319,300 Faisal Shihabi - 291,600 Darren Elias - 257,500 Joseph Couden - 256,700 Tamer Kamel - 236,500 Torrey Korsog - 233,700 Alberto Morales - 232,400 Alexandros Theologis - 227,300 Pfizer Jordan - 218,700
  15. Most of the poker world was focused on the start of the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event on Wednesday, but there was plenty of other stuff going on on Wednesday including three brand new bracelet winners and another Championship event reached a final table. Jeremy Saderne Takes Down Mini Main Event The rail for the Mini Main Event was so raucous that some players in the Main Event complained. The noise was mostly for France's Jeremy Saderne as he won his first WSOP bracelet by beating Lula Taylor heads-up. "All of my friends were here. It was incredible," Saderne said. "I’ve never seen that before. It was better than Marseilles Stadium, in the south of France. I just want to say thank you to all of my friends. They gave me a lot of power and energy." Saderne earned $628,654 for the win while Taylor walked away with $388,284. Andres Korn, who started the day with the chip lead, picked up $287,219 for finishing in third place. Final Table Payouts Jeremy Saderne - $628,654 Lula Taylor - $388,284 Andres Korn - $287,219 Yi Ma - $214,047 Koji Takagi - $160,715 Stefan Widmer - $121,586 Philip Gildea - $92,686 Ben Alloggio - $71,199 James Stewart - $55,188 Rick Alvarado Outduels Mark Radoja for $888 Crazy Eights Title If Rick Alvarado has his way, the $888 Crazy Eights tournament would change its name to the Lucky #7 event. The 27-year-old Californian entered the Crazy Eights event seven times and turned that into an $888,888 cash and his first career bracelet. Alvarado started the final day as the third smallest stack with ten players left. He was convinced enough that it wasn't going to turn out the way it did that he told his mom not to bother coming to Las Vegas to be on his rail. “I told my mom not to worry about coming when I made the final ten because I was short-stacked. Then when I doubled up, she was like, 'Should I come?' I said, 'It's up to to you,' and then she talked to one of my friends and he said she should come. So she booked the flight this afternoon," Alvarado said. “She said she was running through the airport to catch it, and then my friend went and picked her up from the airport, not more than 20 or 30 minutes before I won the bracelet. She got here with five minutes to spare. She saw maybe three hands. I'm really happy that she was here in time.” Alvarado and Mark Radoja played just over 30 minutes of heads up before Alvarado won. Radoja, who won a bracelet in each 2011 and 2013, banked $548,888, also a career-high cash. Thomas Drivas was third for $409,888. 888poker Ambassador Vivian Saliba finished fourth for a career-best $308,888. Final Table Payouts Rick Alvarado - $888,888 Mark Radoja - $548,888 Thomas Drivas - $409,888 Vivian Saliba - $308,888 Aleksandras Rusinovas - $233,888 Patrick Clarke - $177,888 Vlad Darie - $136,888 Mario Hofler - $105,888 Brandon 'DrOctagon' Adams Wins $3,200 Online High Roller The largest buy-in online bracelet event on the 2019 schedule drew 593 entries and after 12 hours of play, Brandon 'DrOctagon' Adams emerged with a bracelet and a massive $411,561 payday. Adams beat Nabil Mohamed Abdien 'thebrownbear' Cardoso heads up for the win. Cardoso walked away with $253,643 for his runner-up finish. Vladimir 'stuey_haxton' Alexandrov took home $173,241 for finishing third. Former #1-ranked online poker player, Calvin Anderson, finished fifth for $85,449. Final Table Payouts Brandon 'DrOctagon' Adams - $411,561 Nabil Mohamed Abdien 'thebrownbear' Cardoso - $253,643 Vladimir 'stuey_haxton' Alexandrov - $173,241 Michael 'VinnyV' Vanier - $120,422 Calvin 'projector52' Anderson - $85,449 Norbert 'balkan500' Szecsi - $61,653 Lior 'morningowl' Orel - $45,429 Harsukhpaul 'MjMafia' Sangha - $34,071 lowrider71- $26,139 Joao Vieira Leads $5,000 Six Max Final Table Joao Vieira is considered by many of his peers to be one of the best tournament players in the world. His 2019 WSOP includes six cashes but nothing even close to a final table appearance. That narrative took a turn on Wednesday though as the Portuguese pro bagged up 7,635,000 and the chip leading heading into the final table of the $5,000 Six Max No Limit Hold'em event. If Vieira hopes to turn that chip lead into gold, he'll need to get past a talented group of opponents including Olivier Busquet, Joe Cada, and Barry Hutter. Jamie O'Connor finished Day 3 with a second biggest stack of 5,190,000. Busquet and Cada hold down the third and fourth spots with 4,050,000 and 3,105,000 respectively. Pierre Calamusa sits fifth with 2,700,000 and Hutter brings in the short stack with 1,265,000. Day 3 began with 28 players still in contention. Some of the notables who saw their run end a bit too early include Christopher Brammer, Chris Hunichen, Patrick Tardif, and Ankush Mandavia. The final table begins at Noon. Final Table Chip Counts Joao Vieira - 7,635,000 Jamie O'Connor - 5,190,000 Olivier Busquet - 4,050,000 Joe Cada - 3,105,000 Pierre Calamusa - 2,700,000 Barry Hutter - 1,265,000 Taylor Carroll Leads $500 Salute to Warriors Event Taylor Carroll finished Day 2 of the $500 Salute to Warriors sitting atop the chip counts with just eight players left. Carroll bagged up 13,525,000 and holds nearly double that of any other player. Susan Faber holds the second-best stack with 7,280,000 while Dean Yoon is third with 6,845,000. There were 287 players still alive at the start of the and 28 of the 279 who busted on Wednesday did so without picking up a cash. Once the bubble burst, the eliminations came at a quick clip. Some of the familiar faces that finished in the money but did not advance to the final table include Vinny Pahuja, Mike Sexton, DJ MacKinnon, and Ben Yu. The players now get July 4 off before returning on Friday to play to a winner. Final Table Chip Counts Taylor Carroll - 13,525,000 Susan Faber - 7,280,000 Dean Yoon - 6,845,000 Christopher Canan - 6,105,000 Robin Stark - 3,650,000 Kulwant Singh - 2,225,000 Jordan Knackstedt - 2,050,000 Jose Annaloro - 1,265,000 Mike Lancaster Leads $10K Limit Hold'em Championship Just 15 players remain in the $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship with California's Mike Lancaster the only player with a seven-figure stack. Lancaster bagged up 1,201,000 on Day 2. Juha Helppi sits second with 986,000 and Josh Arieh, fresh off of his runner-up finish in the $50,000 Poker Players Championship, sits third with 772,000. John Racener, Eli Elezra, and Andrew Brown highlight the notables still chasing this bracelet. James Obst busted in 16th place for his 10th cash of the 2019 WSOP. Action resumes at 2 PM PT. Top Chip Counts Mike Lancaster - 1,201,000 Juha Helppi - 986,000 Josh Arieh - 772,000 Kevin Song - 744,000 Anthony Marsico - 689,000 Qinghai Pan - 527,000 Tommy Hang - 527,000 Robert Como - 476,000 John Racener - 304,000 Eli Elezra - 250,000
  16. One of Europe’s largest tournament series, The Battle of Malta, returns in October and its title sponsor, 888poker, is bringing out their big guns for an all-out war on the felt. Nearly the entire roster of 888poker ambassadors will be making the journey to the beautiful island of Malta from October 15-22 to enjoy some sun, sand, and the on-the-felt competition. [ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="888poker"] Vivian Saliba, Ana Marquez, Sofia Lovgren, World Series of Poker Main Event champion Martin Jacobson, and the newest addition to the roster, Daria Feshchenko are headed to Malta to play host to the players and take their seat in the €555 Battle of Malta €1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event. “Malta is a wonderful island and the casino is located next to the sea,” Sofia Lovgren said. “You can take a swim in the seat or a morning jog along the beach and walk there before the poker tournament. You can also enjoy a nice dinner with a nice sea view at the dinner break.” In fact, it wasn’t a difficult sell to get the 888poker pros to agree to make the trip to Malta. It’s not only the amazing weather, the fantastic food, and the island life that attracts players to the tournaments, it’s the competition and the camaraderie. “The live stops are amazing for so many reasons, being able to visit new places while playing poker and also getting to see friends and other poker players are one of those aspects,” said Vivian Saliba. “Poker is still a social game and I can say that some of the closest people in my life I’ve met in the poker world.” “It’s truly a privilege to get to travel the world and represent and give poker the attention it deserves,” Martin Jacobson added. “Interacting with fans always fuels me with energy and the passion I have for the game.” Those very same people that are happy to meet the pros away from the table are the ones that are sitting between them and the Battle of Malta trophy. It’s a minefield for the ambassadors, as most players know who they are and what they’ve accomplished in poker. “I find for the most part people tend to play more cautious but then you have others who can’t wait to run a big bluff against you. It’s important to pay close attention to be able to differentiate between the two,” said Jacobson. “I’ve experienced players acting and playing very weird against me and I’m pretty sure that was personal,” said Saliba. ”On the other hand, some players may think a pro makes magic with the cards so they decide not to play a hand against you because they might feel intimidated. “We are all there to play our best and at the table, there is no mercy,” said Lovgren. The Battle of Malta Main Event is a five-day affair but throughout the entire week, there are plenty of side events with buy-in starting as low as €60 and going as high as the €1,320 High Roller. Both in the card room and outside there’s something for everyone to look forward to. “To speak honestly, I feel like a tourist!” said Daria Feschenko who will be representing 888poker in her first event outside of her home country of Russia. “I’ve never been to Malta, but I’ve seen the pictures. The area looks great and the weather should also be awesome.” “I’m super excited to explore Malta as it will be my first time there,” Saliba said. “I am also looking forward to meeting my teammates and play live poker!” “I’m looking forward to being able to play a relatively small buy-in with a huge prize pool. I’ve never player Battle of Malta but I’ve heard that it’s a great atmosphere and a lot of fun all around.” For Ana Marquez, the weather may be nice and she enjoys hanging out but she’s got her eye on one thing and one thing only. “Getting the Battle of Malta trophy. It’s pretty cool.” The 2019 Battle of Malta takes place from October 15-22 at The Intercontinental Hotel in the seaside town of St. Julian’s. Online satellites are running right now on 888poker.
  17. 888poker LIVE is not going to let 2019 go without one final end-of-the-year poker festival. The 888poker party continues as the live tour returns to the UK from November 21 - December 2 offering players a nine-event tournament schedule that culminates in a £500,000 guaranteed Main Event. The final stop of the year is at London’s Aspers Casino in Stratford, London and 888poker is pulling out all the stops to bring recreational players and pros together to an event that is being billed as 888’s biggest live event of the year. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Nearly the entire roster of 888poker ambassadors has agreed to make the trip including World Series of Poker Main Event champion Martin Jacobson, Kara Scott, Vivian Saliba, Sofia Lovgren, Ana Marquez, former #1-ranked PocketFivers Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman and the newest ambassador, Russia’s Daria Feshenko. The schedule is ideal for players looking to give their bankroll a boost without putting it all on the line. There are nine events with buy-ins that range from as little as £60 up to the £2,200 High Roller. The action kicks off with 888LIVE’s popular Opening Event, a £440 buy-in tournament with a £100,000 guarantee that gives recreational players both a deep 30K starting stack and 30-minute levels. In May, the same tournament was run and it attracted 207 runners which generated a prize pool of over £129,480. The UK’s Paul Noble took home the trophy and a career-high cash of £26,530. Of course, all eyes will be looking ahead to the £1,100 buy-in £500,000 guaranteed Main Event. The tournament features a 30K starting stack, 40-minutes Day 1 levels, 60-minute Day 2 levels and the promise of a high five-figure first-place prize. There’s five starting flights and players who end up on the wrong side of variance can re-enter at will. If that weren't enough at stake, the winner of the 888LIVE London Festival Main Event will also take home a package to the 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas. For those hoping to take a shot in the Main Event but perhaps don’t have the current bankroll to buy in directly, there are plenty of satellite options available on 888poker. In fact, the 888poker satellite tree starts for as little as $0.01. Players can grind their way up to, or buy-directly into, the $109 buy-in 888poker LIVE London Festival Main Event Qualifier where winners take away a $2,200 package to the festival that includes a seat to the Main Event as well as $450 for three nights accommodation and $350 of pocket money to help you get to the event. In addition to the marquee events of the festival, players can dive into live versions of their favorite online tournaments including The Hurricane, The Swordfish and The Whale. Take a look at the entire schedule below. 888poker LIVE London Schedule DATE EVENT BUY-IN GTD 11-21 Opening Event Day 1A £440 £100,000 11-22 Opening Event Day 1B £440 £100,000 11-23 Opening Event Day 1C £440 £100,000 11-23 Opening Event Day 1D Turbo £440 £100,000 11-24 Opening Event Final Day - - 11-24 The Hurricane £110 £5,000 11-25 The Swordfish £80 £3,000 11-26 The Turbo Deepstack £60 £3,000 11-27 High Roller Day 1 £2,200 £50,000 11-28 High Roller Final Day - - 11-28 Main Event Day 1A £1,100 £500,000 11-29 Main Event Day 1B £1,100 £500,000 11-29 Main Event Day 1C £1,100 £500,000 11-30 Main Event Day 1D £1,100 £500,000 11-30 Main Event Day 1E Turbo £1,100 £500,000 11-30 Pot Limit Omaha £125 - 12-01 Main Event Day 2 - - 12-01 The Whale £150 £5,000 12-01 Ladies Event £100 - 12-02 Main Event Final Day 2 - -  
  18. After a successful 2019 season, 888poker has announced the dates and locations for their 2020 888poker LIVE tour. This year, 888poker will be making at least seven stops around the world including a return to popular poker spots in London, Bucharest, Sochi, and Barcelona. The tour will also return to Tallinn, Estonia for the first time since 2016 and kick off the entire tour by holding their first-ever Main Event in Madrid, Spain. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] In addition to providing players unique poker experiences on their own tour, 888poker announced their continued sponsorships of some of the most popular poker series in the world. 888poker will be on hand as a partner with CNP Spain, The Battle of Malta in October and, of course, the 51st Annual World Series of Poker taking place this summer in Las Vegas. First Leg Of The Tour The action kicks off when 888poker travels to Madrid for the first time from January 23- February 3. 888poker is holding nothing back for their first stay at Spain's Casino Gran Via by bringing a €1M GTD series with an €800,000 GTD Main Event and the promise of getting the opportunity to play alongside a host of their ambassadors. Expected to be on hand are 2014 WSOP Champion Martin Jacobson, former #1-ranked PocketFiver Chris Moorman, Vivian Saliba, Sofia Lovgren, Ana Marquez, Daria Feschenko, and Dominik Nitsche. Literally two days after the Madrid stop is in the books, the team returns to the UK from February 5-9 for the first of their stops at the Aspers Casino in Stratford for the 888poker LIVE London Weekend. From there, the tour returns to Bucharest from March 23-29 for their popular stop in Romania’s capital. Last year, local grinder Darius Neagoe picked up the first recorded cash of his career by taking down the Main Event for over $69,000 and a trip to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Barcelona then provides the backdrop for the tour’s fourth stop of the year as players enjoy the action on and off the felt from May 14-25 at 888poker LIVE Barcelona. The Main Event Then, in the middle of summer, 888poker plans to be on hand as a premier sponsor of the biggest event of the year, the 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event. As a key sponsor, 888poker is one of the only place players can win a seat to the Main Event online. Not only is 888poker providing direct satellites and all-encompassing packages to the Main Event, but they are helping players win a seat to their own branded $888 Crazy Eights event at the WSOP. A Strong Second Half After players recover from the summer grind in Las Vegas, the 888poker LIVE tour continues with a return to Casino Sochi in Sochi, Russia from August 6-14. Then, it’s a return to Tallinn from September 1-7. It will mark the first time 888poker has brought a Main Event to Estonia since 2016. Right after Tallinn, in October, 888poker will once again gather their ambassadors and fight in one of the biggest live tournaments of the year, The Battle of Malta. Finally, 888poker ends their year with the 888poker LIVE London Festival from November 16-29 on their home turf in London at the Aspers Casino in Stratford. All of that action coincides with 888poker’s partnership with CNP Spain and their five live tour stops taking place all across Spain from February to November. 888poker LIVE 2020 Schedule of Events DATES EVENT Jan. 23 - Feb. 3 888poker LIVE Madrid Feb. 5-9 888poker LIVE London Weekend March 23-29 888poker LIVE Bucharest May 14-25 888poker LIVE Barcelona July 1-14 World Series of Poker, Las Vegas August 6-14 888poker LIVE Sochi Sep. 1-7 888poker LIVE Tallinn October TBA Battle Of Malta Nov. 16-29 888poker LIVE London Festival Partnership With CNP Spain 2020 DATES EVENT Feb. 17-23 CNP Valencia April 20-26 CNP Malaga June 15-21 CNP Sevilla Sept. 7-13 CNP Alicante Nov. 13-23 CNP Madrid
  19. 888poker LIVE is getting ready to go on the road and to kick off their 2020 live tour with their first-ever stop in Madrid, Spain. The 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival will take place from January 23 - February 3 at Casino Gran Via and includes 12 tournaments, a host of live satellites, and €1,000,000 in total guaranteed prize pools. First-Ever Madrid Main Event While there are many events to get excited about during 888poker’s festival in Madrid, undoubtedly players will be gearing up to make a deep run in the €888 buy-in Main Event. Not only does the Main Event provide players a chance to become an 888poker champion, but with its €800,000 guarantee, the first-place payday will be one of the largest 888poker LIVE prizes of the entire year. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] In order to make sure they hit that guarantee, 888poker is doing everything they can to help players participate. The Main Event itself has four starting flights, all of which have unlimited re-entry and plenty of time for late entry. Additionally, for players who are looking to get in for the minimum, 888poker will be running at least three live satellites that will guarantee no fewer than five seats to the Main Event. Ambassadors On Hand The 50-minute levels and 88K in starting chips are sure to entice recreational players but just in case that's not enough, 888poker is offering the opportunity to play with some of their popular ambassadors. For their first visit to Madrid, 888poker LIVE is bringing in the bulk of the 888poker ambassador roster including 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Martin Jacobson, former #1-ranked PocketFiver Chris Moorman, WSOP on ESPN sideline reporter Kara Scott, Vivian Saliba, Sofia Lovgren, Dominik Nitsche, and their newest ambassador, Russia’s Daria Feschenko. The squad of ambassadors will, of course, be battling for the first-place prize while at the same time looking to meet and greet those who come out to take a shot in the Main Event. Win A Seat Online Participating in the live satellites is not the only way to win a seat into the Madrid Festival Main Event. Online satellites are currently running on 888poker. Players can take a shot at a $1,600 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival Package which includes the buy-in to the Main Event, three nights accommodation in Madrid from January 31 - February 3, and an additional $250 in travel expenses. The direct satellites have a $109 buy-in but super satellites that help players work their way up to the $109 buy-in level start for as little as $0.01 online. More Than The Main The Madrid Festival promises poker players even more action than just the Main Event. There are twelve total events over the course of 12 days. Everything kicks off with the €220 buy-in Opening Event with a €100,000 guarantee. The schedule also includes live versions of some popular 888poker online events including a €330 Whale, €55 Swordfish, and the €110 Hurricane. The €2,200 High Roller has a €50,000 guarantee and on the opposite end of the spectrum, the High Noon Turbo may appeal to beginners with its €50 buy-in. Also included are a Ladies Event and a Pot Limit Omaha tournament. 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival Schedule DATE EVENT BUY-IN 01-23 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 1A €220 01-24 Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1B - 5 Seats GTD €50 01-24 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 1B €220 01-24 The Thunder - €10,000 GTD €88 01-25 Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1C - 5 Seats GTD €50 01-25 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 1C €220 01-25 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 1D - turbo €220 01-26 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 2 & Final Table 01-26 The Breeze - €5,000 GTD €110 01-27 High Noon Turbo €50 01-27 The Hurricane - €5,000 GTD €110 01-28 The Swordfish - €5,000 GTD €55 01-29 Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1A - 5 Seats GTD €110 01-29 High Roller Day 1 - €50,000 GTD €2,200 01-30 Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1B - 5 Seats GTD €110 01-30 High Roller Final Day - 01-30 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 1A - €800,000 GTD €888 01-31 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 1B - €800,000 GTD €888 01-31 The Mega Knockout [€50 Bounty] - €10,000 GTD €115 02-01 Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1C - 3 Seats GTD €110 02-01 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 1C - €800,000 GTD €888 02-01 Pot Limit Omaha €150 02-02 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 1D - TURBO - €800,000 GTD €888 02-02 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 2 - 02-02 The Whale - €10,000 GTD €330 02-02 Ladies Event €55 02-03 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Final Day -
  20. For the sixth year in a row, 888poker is an exclusive online poker sponsor of the World Series of Poker. The WSOP summer series is set to take place at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas from May 26 - July 15 with 888poker, once again, helping players from around the world win their seats in the most prestigious poker tournament of the year - The Main Event. In years past, the online poker site would qualify players online and provide them with a $12,500 package which included a seat in the Main Event as well as accommodations and travel expenses. But this year, 888poker is upping the ante. Not only will players be battling for a spot in poker’s richest tournament but they will also have an opportunity to also play in the 888poker branded Crazy Eights tournament. [ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] The all-new 888poker WSOP 2020 Mega Package is worth $15,000 this year and will have winners of the experience in Las Vegas for nearly two weeks. Take a look at everything included in the 2020 WSOP Mega Package: • $10,000 Buy-in to the 2020 WSOP Main Event • $888 buy-in to the Crazy 888’s bracelet event • $1,000 in cash for travel, food and additional expenses • 12 night stay at the Vdara Hotel (June 26 - July 8) • Transportation to and from the Rio • 888poker Welcome Session at the Vdara • 888poker LIVE kit, including branded merch As the only online poker site outside of the United States offering online qualifiers, 888poker has all the bases covered. They’ve also made vying for a Mega package very straight forward and available to everyone with super satellites starting at just $0.01. In the 888poker client, players can drill down in the 'Tournaments' tab to the 'Live Events'. In that lobby, 888poker is offering Step satellites where players can win their way up the ladder to eventually play for it all in the $1,050 WSOP 2020 MEGA Package qualifier. Of course, players can start at the bottom for a penny or buy-in directly at any point in the satellite tree, including hopping into the $1,050 should their bankroll allow. The MEGA package is one of the best ways to win a seat into the Main Event. According to 888poker, in 2019 they were responsible for more than 100 players in the Main Event field and 17 of them cashed for a total of over $1,000,000. Of course, it didn’t hurt that one of their qualifiers was high-stakes phenom, and former top-20 ranked PocketFives, Sam Greenwood who finished the Main Event in 45th place for over $211,000. As exciting as it is to play in the Main Event, don’t sleep on the Crazy 888s. For those who have never been to the World Series of Poker, every gold bracelet event has a special feel. Last year, 10,185 players piled into the Crazy Eights in search of claiming its life-changing $888,888 first-place prize. Ricardo Alvarado walked away with the win, however, it was also an amazing showing for 888poker ambassador Vivian Saliba who rallied all the way to fourth place for $308,888 in the tournament she sponsored by the online site she represents. With less than 100 days before the start of the World Series of Poker, there’s really no time to waste for those looking to make their way to Las Vegas, spend a couple of weeks in the sun, and play for their share of tens of millions. Satellites for the 888poker WSOP 2020 MEGA Package are running right now.
  21. With the postponement of the World Series of Poker, and live poker taking a back seat in general, we decided to check in on some of the 888poker ambassadors to see how they are coping with quarantine, how they are passing the time away from the live felt, and what they are most looking forward to when the coast is finally clear. It was nearly three years ago that Brazilian poker pro Vivian Saliba first stepped into the poker spotlight. In just her second year participating in the World Series of Poker, Saliba turned heads with a deep run in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship event where she finished in 11th place for over $47,000. She followed that up as the youngest woman to enter the WSOP Main Event that year, where she cashed for over $27,000. Not long after that summer, she signed with 888poker as a brand ambassador and began to travel the world, playing in some of the biggest poker festivals on the circuit. Just last year at the WSOP, Saliba nearly took down the 888poker sponsored Crazy Eights, finishing in fourth place for a career-high score of $308,888. Other than poker, what activity have you missed the most since the lockdown began? I missed out traveling and the freedom of coming and going that we all had before. I've been living in Europe since 2018 but all my family and most of my friends are still in Brazil. Recently my sister had a baby and I was supposed to go to Brazil to get to know the little one. It really hurts messing out moments like this. I really wish I could meet my family and friends. What's the best TV show or movie you've discovered during lockdown? I have watched many series on Netflix and also some documentaries and political shows. I think the favorite one that I have discovered recently was Vikings. I love stories that portray old ages, like medieval times or even older. What is the biggest frustration you’ve had during lockdown? I really missed out traveling and meeting the people that I love, but I also had a big delay regarding organizing my life in Austria, where I've been living since October. Moving to a new country is never easy, especially in this case, since the language, culture, and laws are so different from Brazil. I was transferring my driver’s license to here and also learning the language. Both activities got postponed, which resulted in not being to drive and communicate very well. What's the one thing about live poker that used to tilt you that all of a sudden you miss? I love live poker and I can't think about anything that really tilted me about it. But to mention something, I've never been a big fan of bubble time during a tournament, especially in the super big events because it can take a lot of time. I would love to participate in any live bubble now and I wouldn't mind at all if it took too long, all I would care would be the thrill of the moment and of live poker. What have you found to be a silver lining surrounding quarantine? I think we all learned to appreciate more the things we used to take for granted. For example, the freedom of traveling or being able to leave your home whenever it suits you. I became way more grateful for my life also. The fact of being a poker player and being able to work also from my home gained even more value to me than before. How are you using this time to work on your poker game? Live poker is very different from online poker, as we all know. The difficult part for me is to make key adjustments in order to beat online games and how to compensate for the edge of reading a person at a live session. I've been studying a lot and reviewing and fixing many of my leaks. I also have been working out on a more regular basis and I am back to meditation. Having a fir body and mind is also so important to achieve a high-level performance for a longer time. What is something new that you have learned or are trying to learn during lockdown? I'm trying to learn German! As a Portuguese speaker and for someone who has a very difficult time learning new languages, this is a very hard task. I also learned many new things about the technical aspects of Omaha. During my free time, I like to cook and try new stuff, I came out with some very delicious recipes. I also learned a lot about history and politics. What's the first place you're going to travel to once we're able to? I'll travel to Brazil as soon as I have the chance. I really want to meet my niece and visit all my family and friends. Maybe because of the current situation there regarding the virus, I will be able to visit other places first than Brazil. In this case, I would like to visit some family and friends in Europe, in Austria and Germany. I'm giving even bigger importance to those I love and seeing those people would be nicer than any vacation right now. Follow along with Saliba's online poker adventures via her Instagram account: vivi.saliba.
  22. For many who take the game of poker seriously, they can point to another player who has had a profound effect on their game. Whether it’s emerging from obscurity to win the Main Event of the World Series of Poker, pulling off heart-stopping bluffs on High Stakes Poker, or crushing the nosebleed stakes of online poker, some of the best poker players in the world have helped to inspire generations of new players find their way in poker. We've spoken with some of the biggest stars in the game today about who it their poker idols are. Brazil’s Vivian Saliba first gained the attention of the poker world through her consistent play and results in the Brazilian Series of Poker. In 2017, the PLO specialist made a splash at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, racking up five cashes including a resume-building run in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha 8 Handed Championship for $47,923. As more results in high profile tournaments came her way, Saliba’s poker career took another step forward as she signed on to become an ambassador for 888poker and started traveling all over the world playing in live events. In 2019, she earned the biggest score of her career after finishing in fourth place in the WSOP $888 Crazy Eights event for $308,888. When you first started playing poker, who was the player you admired the most? I remember that when I first started playing poker, I would spend many of my weekends watching Poker After Dark on TV or any other poker show that I could find. I used to admire Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey, and Tom Dwan. If I have to pick one name, I would say probably Patrick Antonius. What was it about that player that you liked or admired? Patrik Antonius had a very professional approach at the poker table and booked constant wins. Tom Dwan and Ivey used to impress me because of their very aggressive style, crazy bluffs, and unbelievable reads. When did you first get to see them play (either on TV, or live)? I started watching poker shows on TV since I was a teenager and this was the time I got to have knowledge of these players. The first time I traveled to Las Vegas for the WSOP, back in 2016, I had the opportunity to play the Ladies Event at the same table as Vanessa Selbst. That was the first I played against a real big name in poker. The first time I played against one of the players of my original list was in 2017 during the WSOPE Main Event, Patrick Antonius was at my table on Day 2. Did you ever get to meet that player and what was that like? When I used to be very inexperienced with poker, probably I would just imagine that any professional poker player could do "miracles" with the cards they were dealt, but as I grew older and more experienced, I learned that after all, we all make mistakes and most of the players I used to put on a pedestal are in the end just normal people that play very good poker. I was excited about playing at the same table as some big names but mostly because it meant to me how far I have progressed from where I first started (playing freerolls with my dad on weekends). Can you tell me about something either on the felt or off of the felt that you learned from them? I would say that I learned that is very important to have a good presence at the table, to keep your ambitions high, and to constantly improve your game. How does it feel to know somebody out there looks at you the way you looked up to your favorite player? I feel very flattered but at the same time with great responsibility. As a public person in the poker market, I must represent the sport well and set a good example for others. I remember the first time someone asked me for a picture during a poker tournament, I couldn´t understand why someone would want to take a picture with me but I felt very happy with the situation. Nowadays I receive a lot of support in the live events and thru my social media channels and this motivates me to do better and keep improving as a person and as a poker player.

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