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  1. Gavin Cochrane woke up on Tuesday knowing that his fate in the World Poker Tour World Online Championship 8-Max event was largely in his own hands. Cochrane started the final table with nearly 1/3 of the chips in play and a stack double the size of his nearest threat. Over the five hours of final table action, Cochrane eliminated five of his eight competitors to become the first player to earn inclusion in the WPT Champions Club by winning an online poker tournament. Along with getting his name engraved on the Sexton Cup, Cochrane earned entry into the next WPT Tournament of Champions and can buy-in to the event in any subsequent year. Not long after cards were in the air Cochrane opened to 700,000 from middle position before Sam Grafton got his last 281,000 in the middle. Dmitry Yurasov re-raised to 3,200,000 and Cochrane folded. The board ran out [poker card="qc"][poker card="6c"][poker card="5h"][poker card="jd"][poker card="kh"] to eliminate Grafton in ninth. Grafton's elimination didn't do anything to increase the pace of other bustouts and it took 45 minutes to lose another player. Ognyan Dimov moved all in from UTG for 4,100,000 with [poker card="qd"][poker card="jd"] and Boivin called. The [poker card="qs"][poker card="js"][poker card="ts"] flop gave Dimov top two pair but left Boivin drawing to 15 outs twice. The [poker card="2s"] turn was one of those to give Boivin control. Dimov was unable to fill up on the [poker card="ad"] river and was out in eighth. Just ten minutes Jiachen Gong later moved all in from UTG for 4,700,000 with [poker card="as"][poker card="9s"] before Daniel Colpoys called from the big blind after waking up with [poker card="tc"][poker card="ts"]. The [poker card="8d"][poker card="5d"][poker card="3s"] flop didn't look goo for Gong but he did pick up the nut flush draw with the [poker card="qs"] turn. The river was the [poker card="kd"] to miss Gong's draws and he finished in seventh place. Cochrane unofficially took the reigns 25 minutes later after winning a coinflip for the biggest pot of the tournament to this point. Cochrane raised to 1,000,000 from middle position with [poker card="tc"][poker card="ts"] before Colpoys moved all in for 10,300,000 with [poker card="ac"][poker card="ks"]. Cochrane called and the [poker card="qs"][poker card="3c"][poker card="2s"] flop kept him in front. Colpoys found no relief on the [poker card="7h"] turn or [poker card="5s"] river and was sent to the rail in sixth. It took just seven minutes for Cochrane to find another victim. Cochrane raised to 1,000,000 wit4h [poker card="ks"][poker card="7s"] before Shyngis Satubayev moved all in for 4,700,000 with [poker card="ac"][poker card="tc"] and Cochrane called. The [poker card="Qd"][poker card="ts"][poker card="8s"] flop hit both players with Satubayev leading with second pair. The [poker card="kd"] turn gave Cochrane top pair to go with his flush draw and the [poker card="3d"] river was a blank to make Satubayev's fifth place finish official. Yurasov became the third consecutive player eliminated by Cochrane but it took nearly two hours of four-handed play to get there. Action folded to Cochrane in the big blind and he moved all in for 27,100,000 with [poker card="kh"][poker card="ks"]. Yurasov called off his last 7,300,000 with [poker card="ad"][poker card="8h"]. The board ran out [poker card="8d"][poker card="6d"][poker card="3c"][poker card="6s"][poker card="7c"] to eliminate Yurasov in fourth. Two hands later, Cochrane folded his button before Lars Kamphues moved all in for 7,400,000 with [poker card="kh"][poker card="8d"] and Boivin called with [poker card="5c"][poker card="5s"]. The board ran out [poker card="7h"][poker card="3c"][poker card="3h"][poker card="ac"][poker card="jc"] to give Boivin the pot and eliminate Kamphues in third place. Boivin started heads-up play holding 65% of the chips in play but lost the lead after 15 minutes of play. Another half hour passed before Cochrane finished off his final opponent. Boivin called from the button with [poker card="ah"][poker card="4d"] before Cochrane opted to raise to 4,000,000 with [poker card="as"][poker card="jc"]. Boivin responded by moving all in for 22,600,000 and Cochrane called. The [poker card="ts"][poker card="8h"][poker card="7d"][poker card="td"][poker card="jh"] runout changed nothing and Boivin was done in second giving Cochrane the victory. Final Table Payouts Gavin Cochrane - $540,664.20 Thomas Boivin - $388,118.52 Lars Kamphues - $256,727.88 Dmitry Yurasov - $173,995.60 Shyngis Satubayev - $123,298.20 Daniel Colpoys - $87,296.40 Jiachen Gong - $61,171.20 Ognyan Dimov - $48,427.20 Sam Grafton - $40,143.60
  2. A handful of WPT Online events wrapped up over the weekend on partypoker, although it was a quieter weekend for the series. The biggest winner was Benjamin Voreland, and we also saw notables Niklas Astedt and Pablo Brito Silva grab titles. For Astedt, it was his second title of the WPT Online series. In Event #49 Mini: $215 PLO Knockout [6-Max], Astedt topped the 320-entry field to win $5,282.98 plus $6,219.54 in bounties. That's a total score of $11,502.52. Astedt beat Javier Zarco in heads-up play, with Zarco taking home $5,276.32 plus $3,032.03 in bounties. Astedt, one of the most successful online tournament players in history, previously won Event #15: $1,050 Weekender as part of this World Poker Tour Online festival. In that event, he took home a winning score of $174,751.50. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] In the bigger buy-in version of Event #49, the $2,100 PLO Knockout [6-Max] tournament, Voreland won $71,441.30 for finishing in first place. That score came from $23,691.30 in prize money plus $47,750 in bounties. There was 104 players in the field. Also reaching the final table were a couple of players to have enjoyed some success recently, Connor Drinan and Jason Mercier. Drinan just recently won his fifth title of this year's PokerStars SCOOP series and Mercier was the winner of the WPT Online $10,300 PLO High Roller a couple of days ago for almost $280,000. Event #50's two tournaments actually wrapped up on Saturday, with Alastair Smith winning Event #50 Mini: $55 6-Max Turbo for $6,817.09 and Silva winning Event #50: $530 6-Max Turbo for $21,170.64. Smith topped a field of 802 entries, whereas Silva bat out a field of 170 entries. In Event #51 Mini: $55 8-Max Turbo Bounty, it was Sam Mather becoming victorious for $6,291.69 plus $5,002.02 in bounties. He topped a big field of 1,906 entries to take this title. Maximillian Diender picked up $14,478.07 plus $18,921.91 in bounties for winning Event #51: $530 8-Max Turbo Bounty. Diender finished in first place from a field of 378 entries. At the final table, Diender beat Sarah Targul in heads-up play, while Benjamin Rolle and Simon Mattsson placed seventh and eighth, respectively. Event #49 Mini: $215 PLO Knockout [6-Max] Entries: 320 Prize pool: $64,000 Niklas Astedt - $5,282.98 + $6,219.54 in bounties Javier Zarco - $5,276.32 + $3,032.03 in bounties Tomas Geleziunas - $3,808.18 + $1,545.31 in bounties Danil Karavaev - $2,769.58 + $1,656.25 in bounties Andres Ojeda - $1,904.09 + $1,034.37 in bounties Li Zhang - $1,384.79 + $1,131.25 in bounties Event #49: $2,100 PLO Knockout [6-Max] Entries: 104 Prize pool: $208,000 Benjamin Voreland - $23,691.30 + $47,750 in bounties Niki Juhani Numisto - $23,670.46 + $4,750 in bounties Sam Higgs - $14,572.83 + $4,500 in bounties Joni Jouhkimainen - $10,626.02 + $500 in bounties Connor Drinan - $7,590.01 + $5,125 in bounties Jason Mercier - $5,161.21 + $2,625 in bounties Event #50 Mini: $55 6-Max Turbo Entries: 802 Prize pool: $40,100 Alastair Smith - $6,817.09 Joel Holmberg - $5,022.20 David Greene - $3,809.50 Breno Andrade - $2,606.50 Garry Stevens Smith - $1,804.50 Ilya Yakunin - $1,203 Event #50: $530 6-Max Turbo Entries: 170 Prize pool: $85,000 Pablo Brito Silva - $21,170.64 Martin Gaudreault Remillard - $13,600 Fabio Sperling - $9,562.50 Ankush Mandavia - $6,927.50 Arnaud Enselme - $5,100 Linus Thor - $3,400 Event #51 Mini: $55 8-Max Turbo Bounty Entries: 1,906 Prize pool: $95,300 Sam Mather - $6,291.69 + $5,002.02 in bounties Jacobus Visser - $6,281.15 + $1,732.65 in bounties Vyacheslav Nikulin - $4,086.89 + $1,038.59 in bounties Govand Amin - $2,721.08 + $227.74 in bounties Vaidas Smigelskas - $1,924.79 + $955.68 in bounties Steve Trepanier - $1,339.44 + $1,485.67 in bounties Jordan Greenlees - $922.84 + $509.90 in bounties Afonso Palma Ferro - $601.16 + $517.56 in bounties Event #51: $530 8-Max Turbo Bounty Entries: 378 Prize pool: $189,000 Maximillian Diender - $14,478.07 + $18,921.91 in bounties Sarah Targul - $14,459.14 + $8,941.41 in bounties Joris Ruys - $10,24.66 + $3,511.72 in bounties Jelle Moene - $7,182.62 + $1,062.50 in bounties Hendrik Hovsepyan - $5,115.68 + $1,335.94 Christopher Johnson - $3,792.83 + $1,273.44 in bounties Benjamin Rolle - $2,635.35 + $1,187.50 in bounties Simon Mattsson - $1,922.25 + $1,062.50 in bounties
  3. For the final three months of 2015 and the first month of 2016, Christian Jeppsson was the #1-ranked online poker player in the world. On Tuesday, the Swedish poker pro turned his final table big stack into a World Poker Tour championship and nearly $924,000. Jeppsson outlasted 2,122 other entries in the $3,200 buy-in WPT Online Championship on partypoker and took the chip lead to the final table before getting heads-up with Viktor Ustimov. The pair agreed to a deal that saw Jeppsson earn $913,783.99 while Ustimov $865,542 with $10,000 and the title left to play for. Jeppsson eventually eliminated Ustimov to claim the title and the additional $10,000. Third place finisher Jukka Koskela pocketed $477,333. The Championship Event was one of six events that played down to a champion on Wednesday. Malta-based pro Alessandro Valli topped the 185-entry field in Event #41 ($2,100 Six Max Bounty Hunter) to earn $39,411.57 from the prize pool plus another $37,054.69 from collected bounties. Jacob Verloop was the final bounty Valli collected and he earned $39,368.51 and just $4,156.25 in bounties. Third place finisher Gustavo Mastelotto picked up $27,696.10 and $12,242.19 in bounties. Dragos Trofimov earned $15,405.66 and $13,434.44 in bounties for winning Event #42 Mini ($215 Six Max Bounty Hunter). Former GPI Player of the Year David Peters defeated David Gent heads-up to win Event #43 ($10,300 High Roller) for $247,450. Gent had to settle for a $176,750 payday while another former #1 PocketFiver, Andras Nemeth, took the final podium spot and the accompanying $126,250 score. Jeppsson wasn't the online former #1-ranked online poker player who grabbed a WPT Online title on Wednesday. Costa Rica-based Christopher Oliver won Event #45 ($530 Six Max Turbo Bounty) and added $12,505.38 from the prize pool and another $15,369.20 from bounties to his bankroll. Vincenzo Lupoli finished in second place for $12,490.04 and $4,326.17 in bounties while Mateusz Miskiewicz had to settle for $9,014.67 and $4,638.58 in bounties for finishing in third place. Fabien Aguerre topped the 1,446-entry field in Event #45 Mini ($55 Six Max Turbo Bounty) to win $4,574.60 and also picked up an additional $4,161.02 in bounties. Event #20 $3,200 Championship Event 2,130 entries $6,390,000 prize pool Christian Jeppsson – $923,785.80 Viktor Ustimov – $865.542 Jukka Koskela – $477,333 Nikolay Ponomarev – $317,583 Alexander Stuart Clark – $221,733 Pascal Hartmann – $151,443 Sam Greenwood – $103,837.50 Pascal Teekens – $66,775.50 Event #41 $2,100 Six Max Bounty Hunter 185 entries $370,000 prize pool Alessandro Valli - $39,411.57 + $37,054.69 in bounties Jacob Verloop - $39,368.51 + $4,156.25 in bounties Gustavo Mastelotto - $27,696.10 + $12,242.19 in bounties Pedro Garagnani - $20,064.29 + $7,781.25 in bounties Tamas Adamszki - $14,771.25 + $5,312.50 in bounties Patrik Antonius - $9,847.50 + $15,109.37 in bounties Event #42 Mini $215 Six Max Bounty Hunter 1,207 entries $241,400 prize pool Dragos Trofimov - $15,405.66 + $13,434.44 in bounties Audrius Stakelis - $15,380.96 + $6,087.52 in bounties Vlad Stefan Lache - $11,707.05 + $4,495.32 in bounties Rusalin Dimitrov - $8,173.44 + $2,206.24 in bounties Leonardo Mattos - $5,348.42 + $1,006.25 in bounties Pablos Martin Romo Ruiz - $3,345.24 + $1,774.99 in bounties Event #43 $10,300 High Roller 101 entries $1,010,000 prize pool David Peters - $247,450 David Gent - $176,750 Andras Nemeth - $126,250 Daniil Kiselev - $88,375 Mark Davis - $65,650 Jorma Nuttinen - $50,500 Fabrizio Gonzalez - $40,400 Daniel Steven Smith - $33,825 Event #45 Mini $55 Six Max Turbo Bounty 1,446 entries $72,300 prize pool Fabien Aguerre - $4,574.60 + $4,161.02 in bounties Granit Berisha - $4,565.98 + $1,305.35 in bounties Oleg Nemchenko - $3,56.28 + $248.04 in bounties Luiz Flosi Prospero - $2,570.81 + $1,007.06 in bounties Fabio Maritan Pereira - $1,713.87 + $815.07 in bounties Maxine Williams - $1,071.17 + $405.48 in bounties Event #45 $530 Six Max Turbo Bounty 297 entries $148,500 prize pool Christopher Oliver - $12,505.38 + $15,369.20 in bounties Vincenzo Lupoli - $12,490.04 + $4,326.17 in bounties Mateusz Miskiewicz - $9,014.67 + $4,638.58 in bounties Bertil Andreas Samuelsson - $6,556.12 + $2,671.86 Klaus Zeier - $4,507.33 + $2,285.16 in bounties Umberto Ruggeri - $3,278.06 + $312.50 in bounties
  4. Five more World Poker Tour Online titles were awarded on Friday night with Elio Fox securing the biggest score of the day and second biggest of the series. Fox started the final table of Event #32 ($25,500 Super High Roller) sitting second in chips behind Juan Pardo Dominguez but managed to flip that script and defeated Dominguez heads-up to win the title and $565,500. Dominguez walked away with $402,375 while Pauli Ayras earned $282,750 for his third place finish. The only player with a bigger WPT Online score is Charlie Carrel who won $600,250 for shipping Event #14 ($25,500 Super High Roller) last week. Viktor Ustimov topped the 451-entry field in Event #31 ($1,575 Eight Max NLHE) to win $127,520.25. Sweden's Jerry Odeen finished in second place earning $90,786.30 while British grinder Jonathan Proudfoot wound up in third place for a $62,238 payday. Jonathan Rosa won Event #31 Mini ($162 Mini Eight Max NLHE) to win $41,171.73. Stuart Menzies defeated Anton Wigg heads-up in Event #34 ($530 Six Max Hyper NLHE) to win $26,672.50. Wigg earned a $17,592.50 consolation prize while Bernard Larabi added $12,507.47 to his bankroll for finishing third. Marllon Pinto topped Event #34 Mini ($55 Six Max Hyper NLHE) for $7,038.01. Event #31 Mini $162 Mini Eight Max NLHE 1,627 Entries $244,050 prize pool Jonathan Rosa - $41,171.73 Jonathan Clark - $29,212.78 Marcello Miniucchi - $18,987.09 Eduardo Moreno Cardigo - $12,666.19 Eduardo Silva - $8,981.04 Srdan Tomovic - $6,296.49 Philipp Teipel - $4,36849 Peter Rese - $2,879.7 Event #31 $1,575 Eight Max NLHE 451 entries $676,500 prize pool Viktor Ustimov - $127,520.25 Jerry Odeen - $90,786.30 Jonathan Proudfoot - $62,238 Istvan Birizdo - $43,296 Stefan Schillhabel - $30,713.10 Teun Mulder - $22,324.50 Samuel Vousden - $15,897.75 Dimitrios Farmakoulis - $11,500.500 Event #32 $25,500 Super High Roller 87 entries $2,175,000 prize pool Elio Fox - $565,500 Juan Pardo Dominguez - $402,375 Pauli Ayras - $282,750 Samuel Vousden - $195,750 Mark Davis - $152,250 Timothy Adams - $108,750 Christopher Hunichen - $87,000 Andrii Novak - $76,125 Event #34 Mini $55 Six Max Hyper NLHE 828 entries $41,400 prize pool Marllon Pinto - $7,038.01 Petar Leshtov - $5,185.01 Jan Stazisar - $3,933 Mikhail Zamyatin - $2,691 Carl Duggan - $1,863 Nicolas Vande Wiele - $1,242 Event #34 $530 Six Max Hyper NLHE 227 entries $113,500 prize pool Stuart Menzies - $26,672.50 Anton Wigg - $17,592.50 Bernard Larabi - $12,507.47 Guillaume Nolet - $9,136.75 Kamel Mokhammad - $6,810 Francois Billard - $4,540
  5. There were just two final tables on Monday's World Poker Tour Online slate but the action was clearly focused on the WPT500. The final two starting flights drew 298 and 408 players respectively and Day 2 began with 681 players who survived one of the 10 starting flights. Italian Walter Treccarich ended Day 2 with 18,966,747 chips and heads into Tuesday's final table with the chip lead. Right behind him is Fabio Sperling with 18,702,704 in second place and Philipp Dietrich in third with 18,212,576. While the top three are fairly close in terms of chip count, there is a significant drop between third and fourth. Christopher Putz bagged up 13,082,130 - 31% less than Treccarich - and Markus Prinz sits fifth with 12,825.148. The bottom four stacks belong to Harutyun Sahakyan (5,046,239), Fabrizio Gonzalez (3,611,032), Giuseppe Vassallo (2,784,224), with Daan Mulders (2,760,152) holding the shortest stack. The final table begins at 3 PM EDT on Tuesday. Andrey Kotelnikov was the biggest winner on Monday. The Russian took home $37,001 after winning Event #25 ($530 Six Max Turbo). A total of 370 players created a $185,000 prize pool. Runner-up Ashley Cleaver pocketed $27,380 while Hong Hao David Doan took home $19,889 for coming in third. Joao Manana won $9,333 for shipping Event #25 Mini ($55 Six Max Turbo). WPT500 4,828 Entries $2,414,000 Prize Pool Final Table Chip Counts Walter Treccarich - 18,966,747 Fabio Sperling - 18,702,704 Philipp Dietrich - 18,212,576 Christopher Putz - 13,082,130 Markus Prinz - 12,825.148 Harutyun Sahakyan - 5,046,239 Fabrizio Gonazalez - 3,611,032 Giuseppe Vassallo - 2,784,224 Daan Mulders - 2,760,152 Event #25 Mini $55 Six Max Turbo 1,206 Entries $60,300 Prize Pool Joao Manana - $9,333 Joaquim Tarach - $7,116 Christoph Moritz - $5,412 Santtu Kalevi Leinonen - $3,779 Gytis Lazauninkas - $2,473 Antoine Goutard - $1,547 Event #25 $530 Six Max Turbo 370 Entries $185,000 Prize Pool Andrey Kotelnikov - $37,001 Ashley Cleaver - $27,380 Hong Hao David Doan - $19,889 Andrea Panarese - $14,020 Mantas Bulotas - $10,175 Ambrose Carr - $7,030
  6. Saturday was the calm before the storm at the World Poker Tour Online at partypoker with just four events playing down to a champion. Luke Martinelli outlasted 253 other entries in Event #19 ($530 Turbo) to win the title and $25,895.30. Finishing one spot behind Martinelli earned Freek Scholten $18,796 while Norbert Szecsi took home $13,398.50 for coming in third place. Mohamed Bachir Andolssi earned $8,652.15 for winning Event #19 Mini ($55 Turbo). Saturday also the seventh WPT500 starting flight. Julio Fantin finished Day 1G with the biggest stack at 440,689. A total of 68 players advanced to Day 2 including Alex Fortin-Demers (408,580), Kevin MacPhee (330,663), Alexandr Trofimov (281,301), and Jaime Staples (270,972). Note: results from Event #16 and Event #16 Mini were not made publically available. WPT Online Event #19 Mini $55 Turbo 1,175 Entries $58,750 Prize Pool Mohamed Bachir Andolssi - $8,652.15 Andrea Panarese - $8,532.84 Rafael Roglio - $4,705.87 Carson Barton - $3,149.00 Marlon Singh - $2,232.50 Dzhem Yumer Yumer - $1,574.50 Evgeny Nekrasov - $1,104.50 Henrik Zeis - $740.25 WPT Online Event #19 $530 Turbo 254 Entries $127,000 Prize Pool Luke Martinelli - $25,895.30 Freek Scholten - $18,796.00 Norbert Szecsi - $13,398.50 Jimi Koponen - $9,906.00 Ognyan Dimov - $6,985.00 Anthony Spinella - $5,334.00 Thomas Boivin - $3,937.00 Roger Tondeur - $2,921.00 WPT Online WPT500 Day 1G 473 Entries $236,500 Prize Pool Top 10 Chip Counts Julio Fantin - 440,869 Alex Fortin-Demers - 408,580 Kevin MacPhee - 330,663 Alexandr Trofimov - 281,301 James Staples - 270,972 Pedro Madeira - 248,984 Valerii Kutepov - 243,358 Jose Manuel Nadal - 223,099 Anton Morgenstern - 213,659 Pavel Savin - 209,238
  7. Nearly three years ago, Charlie Carrel took down the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event for $1.2 million. On Friday night, Carrel thrust himself into the online poker spotlight again by winning a World Poker Tour Online Super High Roller event for $600,250. Carrel beat 97 other entries in Event #14 ($25,500 Super High Roller) including a final table that featured Arsenii Karmatckii, former #1-ranked PocketFiver Chris Hunichen, and eventual runner-up Ali Imsirovic. Third-place finisher Elias Talvitie finished third for $306,250 while Imsirovic earned $428,750 for coming in second. This event was the first of three $25,500 buy-in events on the WPT Online schedule. The others run on May 14 and May 17. Event #13 ($2,650 Six Max NLHE) drew 293 runners with Daniel Reijmer earning the trophy and $167,137.47. The final opponent he eliminated, Ole Schemion, took home $111,706.25 while third place finisher Julien Perouse added $80,575 to his bankroll. Aleksejs Ponakovs earned $54,225.52 for winning Event #13 Mini ($265 Six Max NLHE). Chad Eveslage took down Event #17 ($530 Six Max Hyper Knockout) for $11,027.98 plus $13,101.59 in bounties. Runner-up Ihar Soika won $11,015.30 and another $6,820.29 in bounties while Victoriya Gracheva came in third for $7,835.84 plus $1,343.75 in bounties. The single day event had 251 entries. Agustin Amestoy navigated his way throgh 840 other entries in Event #17 Mini ($55 Six Max Hyper Knockout) to win $2,876.83 and $2,538.06 in bounties. Friday was the sixth starting flight of the WPT500 with 364 players adding $182,000 to the overall prize pool. Just 46 players advanced to Day 2 with Philipp Dietrich (393,082), Brunno Botteon De Albuquerque (390,506), and Carlos Chadha-Villamarin (386,541) finishing with the biggest stacks. WPT Online Event #13 Mini $265 Six Max NLHE 1,446 Entries $361,500 Prize Pool Aleksejs Ponakovs - $54,225.52 Denis Timofeev - $38,556.14 Dean Gilbert - $30,004.50 Stefan Jedlicka - $21,690 Goran Mandic - $14,460 Stoyan Obreshkov - $9,037.50 WPT Online Event #13: $2,650 Six Max NLHE 293 Entries $732,500 Prize Pool Daniel Reijmer - $167,137.47 Ole Schemion - $111,706.25 Julien Perouse - $80,575 Enrico Camosci - $58,600 Mark Radoja - $40,287.50 RUi Ferreira - $29,300 WPT Online Event #14 $25,500 Super High Roller 98 Entries $2,450,000 Prize Pool Charles Carrel - $600,250 Almedin Imsirovic - $428,750 Elias Talvitie - $306,250 Ivan Galinec - $214,375 Arsenii Karmatckii - $159,250 Wiktor Malinowski - $122,500 Christopher Hunichen - $98,000 Pauli Ayras - $79,625 WPT Online Event #17 Mini $55 Six Max Hyper Knockout 841 Entries $42,050 Prize Pool Agustin Amestoy - $2,876.83 + $2,538.06 in bounties Vyacheslav Bondartsev - $2,872.13 + $648.46 in bounties Aleksey Konoplev - $2,138.81 + $306.25 in bounties Matthew Eardley - $1,494.60 + $553.78 in bounties Ross Elliott - $990.27 + $913.85 in bounties Dmitry Grigorev - $677 + $165.61 in bounties WPT Online Event #17 $530 Six Max Hyper Knockout 251 Entries $125,500 Prize Pool Chad Eveslage - $11,027.98 + $13,101.59 in bounties Ihar Soika - $11,015.30 + $6,820.29 in bounties Victoriya Gracheva - $7,835.84 + $1,343.75 in bounties Ramon Miquel Munoz - $5,724.10 + $828.12 in bounties Connor Drinan - $4,266.41 + $2,312.50 in bounties Martin Mathis - $2,844.27 + $1,375.00 in bounties WPT Online WPT500 Day 1F 364 Entries $182,000 Prize Pool Top 10 Chip Counts Philipp Dietrich - 393,082 Brunno Botteon De Albuquerque - 390,506 Carlos Chadha-Villamarin - 386,541 Bartlomiej Ryszard Machon - 362,085 Simon Ravnskbaek - 314,144 Julien Martini - 252,469 Florian-Dimitrie Duta - 237,110 Giovani Torre - 237,071 Javier Gomez Zapatero - 205,584 Alexander Piskopos - 196,676
  8. Thursday's World Poker Tour Online schedule featured just one final table but what was lacking in quantity was made up quality as the single final table was packed with some of the best poker players in the world. Sam Greenwood topped the 105-entry field in Event #11 ($10,300 High Roller) to win $257,250. The final player Greenwood eliminated, Matthias Eibinger had to settle for runner-up status and $183,750. Rui Ferreira came in third for $131,250. Greenwood also finished ninth in Event #14 ($25,500 Super High Roller) for $61,250. That event plays down to a winner on Friday with Elias Talvitie leading and $600,250 for the eventual winner. Thursday also had 479 runners enter Day 1E of the WPT500 event. Dzmitry Urbanovich had the biggest stack of the 64 players who survived to move onto Day 2. Urbanovich finished with 406,443 chips. Patrik Antonius also finished with a top ten stack, bagging up 285,440. Five starting flights remain with 2,589 total entries to date. WPT Online Event #11 $10,300 High Roller 105 Entries $1,050,000 Prize Pool Sam Greenwood - $257,250 Matthias Eibinger - $183,750 Rui Ferreira - $131,250 Jorma Nuutien - $91,875 Alexandru Papazian - $68,250 Timothy Adams - $52,500 Joni Jouhkimainen - $42,000 Pauli Ayras - $34,125 WPT Online WPT500 Day 1E 479 Entries $239,500 Prize Pool Top 10 Chip Counts Dzmitry Urbanovich - 406,443 Dean Arsenie - 350,552 Jonathan Therme - 331,257 Brian Wouters - 301,295 Harutyun Sahakyan - 293,326 Diogo Cardoso - 290,623 Ali Zihni - 290,533 Patrik Antonius - 285,440 Les Packer - 276,999 Manuel Bardon - 271,670
  9. Wednesday brought more WPT Online Series action at partypoker and some big winners. Among those taking home titles was Pascal Hartmann, who won the $5,200 High Roller for $205,826.53. Anthony Zinno and Robert Heidorn were also among the day's winners. The $5,200 High Roller that Hartmann won attracted 225 entries and generated a $1.125 million prize pool. Christoph Vogelsang, Mikita Badziakouski, Kristen Bicknell, and Farid Jattin were among those to reach the final table, and in the end it was Hartmann up against Dimitar Danchev. Hartmann won the heads-up battle and took home $205,826.53 for the win. Danchev earned $190,060.98. Robert Heidorn won Event #8 Mini $215 6-Max Bounty Hunter for $19,709.68 plus $21,288.58 in bounties. In Event #8 $2,100 6-Max Bounty Hunter, Guillaume Nolet topped all competitors to win $47,874.85 plus $66,000.01 in bounties, which made for a $113,874.86 score. Finishing second to Nolet was Ambrose Carr, who won $47,816.67 plus $15,046.87 in bounties for the result. Carr also took sixth in Event #12 $530 Turbo Bounty for $3,876.90 plus $2,875 in bounties. Event #10 $1,050 Heads Up saw Zinno take first place, chopping the prize pool with Ameer Jamil Wakil. Both players took home $29,040. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] WPT Online Event #8 Mini $215 6-Max Bounty Hunter 1,708 Entries $341,600 Prize Pool Robert Heidorn - $19,709.68 + $21,288.58 in bounties Davi Cola De Melo - $19,675.41 + 3,333.02 in bounties Paul Höfer - $15,003.80 + $1,171.87 in bounties Stefan Huber - $10,783.98 + $5,841.42 in bounties Micky Blasi - $7,314.35 + 2,389.06 in bounties Antonio Roberto Cao Klein Ligtenberg - $4,219.82 + $3,703.52 in bounties WPT Online Event #8 $2,100 6-Max Bounty Hunter 290 Entries $580,000 Prize Pool Guillaume Nolet - $47,874.85 + $66,000.01 in bounties Ambrose Carr - $47,816.67 + $15,046.87 in bounties Ramon Miguel Munoz - $34,511.63 + $15,593.75 Benjamin Chalot - $25,099.36 + 3,953.12 in bounties Hendrik Hovsepyan - $17,255.81 + $4,250 in bounties Michael Addamo - $12,549.68 + $12,312.50 in bounties WPT Online Event #9 $5,200 High Roller 225 Entries $1,125,000 Prize Pool Pascal Hartmann - $205,826.53 Dimitar Danchev - $190,060.98 Alberto Meran - $118,687.50 Christoph Vogelsang - $87,750 Mikita Badziakouski - $61,875 Kristen Bicknell - $47,250 Wiktor Malinowski - $34,875 Farid Jattin - $25,875 WPT Online Event #10 $1,050 Heads Up 121 Entries $121,000 Prize Pool Anthony Zinno - $29,040 Ameer Jamil Wakil - $29,040 Ivan Sakharov - $12,100 Niklas Åstedt - $12,100 WPT Online Event #12 $530 Turbo Bounty 411 Entries $205,500 Prize Pool Gianluca Escobar - $15,450.44 + $22,757.85 in bounties Robert Kacinski - $15,429.71 + $3,562.50 in bounties Peter Turmezey - $10,593.86 + $4,468.76 in bounties Fabrizio Dagostino - $7,438.24 + $2,421.87 in bounties Calvin Anderson - $5,319.47 + $4,749.99 in bounties Ambrose Carr - $3,876.90 + $2,875 in bounties Guntis Aleskins - $2,738.62 + $2,468.74 in bounties Rafael Camargo Freitas - $1,994.80 + $1,125 in bounties WPT Online Event #12 Mini $55 Turbo Bounty 1,786 Entries $89,300 Prize Pool Alexandros Vlachakis - $5,895.62 + $5,016.63 in bounties Adrian Strobel - $5,885.69 + $1,531.52 in bounties Jamie O'neill - $3,829.59 + $772.30 in bounties Flavio Nascimento - $2,549.76 + $751.30 in bounties Anthony Clancy - $1,803.61 + $555.48 in bounties Eric William Neves - $1,255.11 + $242.77 in bounties Craig Martin - $864.74 + $189.84 in bounties Jessica Teusl - $563.32 + $401.56 in bounties
  10. One of the brightest stars of the Norwegian poker scene shined bright on Tuesday night as the World Poker Tour Online on partypoker crowned six more champions and handed out nearly $1.7 million in prize money. Ola Amundsgaard topped the 101-player field in #6 ($5,200 PLO High Roller) to win $117,115.59. Runner-up Veselin Karakitukov also secured a six-figure score, earning $110,891.92 while Rui Ferreira came in third place for $60,600. Amundsgaard wasn't the biggest winner on the day, however. Hungarian Tamas Adamszki won Event #5 ($1,575 NLHE Superstack) to win $122,908.50. Kfir Ivgi had to settle for $88,159.50 as the runner-up and Samuel Vousden rounded out the top three for $60,489. Gereon Sowa picked up $41,652.03 for winning (Event #5 $162 Mini Superstack). Danish poker pro Jesper Hougaard outlasted the rest of the 242-player field in Event #7 ($1,050 PLO Knockout) to earn $21,264.93 from the prize pool plus another $21,917.97 in bounties. Rafael Camargo Freitas finished in second for $21,240.65 and just $1,250 in bounties with Javier Zarco finishing third for $15,109.75 and $13,105.47 in bounties. Aki Foudilainen won Event #7 ($109 Mini PLO Knockout) for$4,140.75 and an impressive $6,761.01 worth of bounties. Tuesday also had another starting flight for the WPT500. This one brought out 514 entries with 75 of them moving onto Day 2. The biggest stacks from 1C were Michael Dattani (408,845), Waheed Ashraf (360,460), and Lawrence Bayley (341,313). This brings the total number of players to 1,680 with seven more starting flights to come. WPT Online Event #5 Mini $162 Superstack 1,646 Entries $246,900 Prize Pool Gereon Sowa - $41,652.03 Henok Tekle Mariam - $29,553.93 Elias Vääräniemi - $19,208.82 Gustavo Silva - $12,814.11 Luiz Orrico - $9,085.92 Andrew Hulme - $6,370.02 Andrew Wilson - $4,419.51 Lukasz Pietrzyk - $2,913.42 WPT Online Event #5 $1,575 NLHE Superstack 429 Entries $643,500 Prize Pool Tamas Adamszki - $122,908.50 Kfir Ivgi - $88,159.50 Samuel Vousden - $60,489 Joao Ferreira - $42,471 Sylvain Loosli - $30,373.20 Shawn Buchanan - $22,136.40 Pedro Madeira - $15,637.05 Bernard Larabi - $11,389.95 WPT Online Event #6 $5,200 PLO High Roller 101 Entries $505,000 Prize Pool Ola Amundsgaard - $117,115.59 Veselin Karakitukov - $110,891.92 Rui Ferreira - $60,600 Matthew Wantmann - $43,430 Lauri Varonen - $31,562.50 Mark Demirjian - $20,957.50 WPT Online Event #7 $109 Mini PLO Knockout 590 Entries $59,000 Prize Pool Aki Foudilainen - $4,140.75 + $6,761.01 Jasper Wagemakers - $4,134.77 + $504.68 Luigi Andrea Shehadeh - $3,110.42 + $318.75 Francis Dervan - $2,228 + $703.71 Aneta Stichova - $1,559.60 + $781.24 David Penly - $954.86 + $1,179.89 WPT Online Event #7 $1,050 PLO Knockout 242 Entries $242,000 Prize Pool Jesper Hougaard - $21,264.93 + $21,917.97 in bounties Rafael Camargo Freitas - $21,240.65 + $1,250 in bounties Javier Zarco - $15,109.75 + $13,105.47 in bounties Artsiom Prostak - $11,037.72 + $10,460.94 in bounties Espen Myrmo - $8,226.87 + $3,927.50 in bounties Jutta Steinlechner - $5,484.58 + $3,375.00 in bounties WPT Online WPT500 Day 1C 514 Entries $257,000 Prize Pool Top 10 Chip Counts Michael Dattani - 408,845 Waheed Ashraf - 360,460 Lawrence Bayley - 341,313 Matthias LIpp - 326,888 Guillaume Diaz - 296,931 Arseniy Malinov - 264,606 Thomas Middleton - 263,394 Lars Kamphues - 254,463 John Bradley - 241,36- Kimberley Backler - 240,266
  11. The inaugural World Poker Tour Online series could not have started any better for Leo Fernandez. The Argentinian took down Event #1 (Opener $5,200 NLHE) on Monday for a mid-six-figure score. Fernandez outlasted 496 other entries in Event #1 to win $409,638.98. Zachary Clark finished as the runner-up for $291,636.73 while Joey Weissman had to settle for a third-place finish and $199,929.80. Evgeny Galakhov took down the Event #1 (Mini Opener $530 NLHE) for $115,293.30. The first Progressive Knockout events on the calendar featured a $215 and a $2,100 buy-in event. Paul Höfer beat former #1-ranked Niklas Astedt heads-up to win the $2,100 buy-in event for $74,004.05 and an additional $81,970.71 in bounties. Astedt earned $73,903.80 from the prize pool while picking up another $14,705.08 in bounties. Ilya Anatski came in third place for $50,698.65 and $18,785.16 in bounties. Brazil's Vitor Dzivielevski won the $215 buy-in event (Event #2 - $215 Mini Knockout) to earn $32,332.82 and an additional $25,354.11 in bounties. Day 1A of WPT500 event kicked off on Sunday with 727 entrants playing down to a field of 108. The biggest stacks belonged to Joao Matos (587,716), Anton Wigg (385,258), and Danton Gomes (366,841). Monday saw 439 entrants play down to 55 players with Ferenc Deak (444,257), Artan Dedusha (409,127), and Franco Spitale (372,231) moving onto Day 2 with the biggest stacks. Day 1 flights continue through May 11 when all players will return to play down to a final table. WPT Online Event #1 - Mini Opener - $530 NLHE 1,362 Entries $681,000 Prize Pool Evgeny Galakhov - $115,293.30 Pavel Veksler - $81,992.40 Firoz Mangroe - $53,322.30 Ilya Anatski - $35,616.30 Adam Hari - $25,333.20 Fernando Ferreira - $17,842.30 Gonzalo Palaez - $12,394.20 Simon Ronno Pedersen - $8,240.10 WPT Online Event #1 - Opener - $5,200 NLHE 497 Entries $2,173,150 Prize Pool Leonardo Fernandez - $409,638.98 Zachary Clark - $291,636.73 Joey Weissman - $199,929.80 Istvan Birizdo - $139,081.60 Stewart Kirby - $98,661.01 Umut Kara - $71,713.95 Sylvain Loosli - $51,069.02 Michel Dattani - $36,943.44 WPT Online Event #2 - Mini Knockout - $215 NLHE PKO 2,548 Entries $509,600 Prize Pool Vitor Dzivielevski - $32,332.82 + $25,354.11 in bounties Jakub Michalak - $32,280.18 + $5,434.24 in bounties Jakob Miegel - $20,784.67 + $4,092.59 in bounties Maksym Klopotok - $13,815.01 + $789.06 in bounties Christopher Oliver - $9,605.53 + $3,286.32 in bounties Georgios Kapalas - $6,554.36 + $1,118.75 in bounties Patrick Lauber - $4,520.24 + $3,330.46 in bounties Ricard Silva - $2,881.66 + $1,770.31 in bounties WPT Online Event #2M - Knockout - $215 NLHE PKO 501 Entries $1,002,000 Prize Pool Paul Höfer - $74,004.05 + $81,970.71 in bounties Niklas Astedt - $73,903.80 + $14,705.08 in bounties Ilya Anatski - $50,698.65 + $18,785.16 in bounties Andrii Novak - $35,368.63 + $5,187.50 in bounties Jack Sinclair - $25,018.68 + $18,984.37 in bounties Niko Koop - $18,18.38 + $14,382.81 in bounties João Oliveira - $12,950.19 + $17,406.25 in bounties Parker Talbot - $9,368.22 + $26,406.25 in bounties WPT Online WPT500 Day 1A 727 Entries $363,500 Prize Pool Top 10 Chip Counts Joao Matos - 587,716 Anton Wigg - 385,258 Danton GOmes - 366,841 Anton Yakuba - 310,488 Jose Luis Davila Perez - 304,008 Andrea Panarese - 297,502 Ily Anataski - 294,071 Seth Maretz - 272,677 Ian Modder - 27,446 Daniel Wilson - 260,536 WPT Online WPT500 Day 1B 439 Entries $219,500 Prize Pool Top 10 Chip Counts Ferenc Deak - 444,257 Artan Dedusha - 409,127 Franco Spitale - 372,231 Aleksejs Ponakovs - 362,777 Breixo González Peña - 330,214 Alexander Staffan Anders Ivarsson - 298,598 Luis Faria - 292,249 Anatoly Filatov - 275,408 Sergei Denisov - 253,528 Jonathan Clark - 248,363
  12. As poker operators continue to cancel live events in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the World Poker Tour and partypoker have teamed up to offer an online WPT series for the first time in the 18-year history of the tour. The WPT Online Series consists of 10 events, including a WPT Main Event with a $5,000,000 guarantee and a seat in the WPT Tournament of Champions. [ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] "It is an honour for us to host the first ever WPT Online Series. We are always looking for ways to bring exciting, high profile MTTs to our players and the World Poker Tour is up there amongst the most prestigious brands in poker," said Tom Waters, partypoker Managing Director. "The online festival promises to be huge and with a WPT Tournament of Champions seat on offer, it’s a really exciting opportunity for partypoker players." The schedule also includes a WPT500 and WPTDeepstacks event as well as a High Roller and Super High Roller event. The total guarantee across all 10 events is $15,000,000. "WPT and partypoker are proud to break new ground for both of our brands with the first WPT Online Series festival," said Adam Pliska, WPT CEO. "Players from around the globe can look forward to the opportunity to play in World Poker Tour events from the comfort of their homes at all buy-in levels." The Main Event The Main Event, which has a $3,200 buy-in and a $5,000,000 guarantee, has five starting flights with the first three running on three consecutive Sundays, May 10, 17, 24. The final two starting flights run on Monday, May 25 include a standard structure and a turbo structure. Players who make it through a Day 1 flight will play Day 2 on Monday, May 25 with the final day scheduled for Tuesday, May 26. Players start with 100,000 chips and levels last 20 minutes and can re-enter once per starting flight. WPT500 One of five events with a $1,000,000 guarantee, the WPT500 just might offer the best value of the 10 events. There is a single $530 starting flight each day from May 10 until May 17. On Monday, May 18, there are two starting flights, one with a standard structure and a last chance Day 1 starting flight with a turbo structure. All survivors return to play down to a winner on Monday, May 18. Players start with a 100,000 stack and levels are 15 minutes long each. Players can re-enter each starting flight one time. High Roller Scene It would be almost impossible to host a tournament series today with having some events catering to the high rollers. This series does exactly that with a $10,300 High Roller and a $25,500 Super High Roller event on the schedule. The Super High Roller event runs on Thursday, May 21, and players start with 100,000 stack and can re-enter a single time. Levels are 15 minutes long. The High Roller starts on Sunday, May 24, and ends on Monday, May 25. Again, players are afforded a single re-entry. Starting stack is 100,000 and levels are 20 minutes long. WPT Online Series Schedule Event # Dates Event Name Buy-In Guarantee 1 May 10-26 WPT Main Event $3,200 $5,000,000 2 May 10-18 WPT500 $530 $1,000,000 3 May 12 WPT Bounty Hunter $5,200 $1,000,000 4 May 14 WPT Pot Limit Omaha $5,200 $500,000 5 May 18-19 WPT Six Max $1,100 $1,000,000 6 May 19-20 WPT Mix-Max $5,200 $1,000,000 7 May 21 WPT Super High Roller $25,500 $2,000,000 8 May 21 WPT Turbo (PKO) $2,100 $500,000 9 May 24-25 WPT High Roller $10,300 $2,000,000 10 May 25-26 WPTDeepstacks $1,600 $1,000,000
  13. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the globe, a number of poker events have been postponed or cancelled. This article will be updated regularly as tournament organizers make announcements. UPDATE 3/17/20: PokerStars announced today that EPT Sochi, originally scheduled to take place March 20-29, has been postponed. UPDATE 3/17/20: World Poker Tour CEO Adam Pliska issued a statement to announce the postponing of the WPT's three televised final tables set to play out March 31-April 2 at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas. The tentative plan is to finish these events in May with the WPT's second set of televised final tables. The three event final tables postponed are the WPT Gardens Poker Championship, the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open, and the WPT L.A. Poker Classic. UPDATE 3/17/20: Playground Poker Club announced that the upcoming WPTDeepStacks Montreal tournament has been postponed. The event was originally scheduled for April 16-27. New dates will be made public once decided. UPDATE 3/16/20: The Irish Poker Open was previously postponed. On Monday, March 16, partypoker announced that have partnered with the Irish Poker Open to play the series online April 6-12. UPDATE 3/16/20: Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey, said that it will temporarily suspend operations by 8 p.m. ET on Monday, March 16. The 2020 Borgata Spring Poker Open, originally scheduled for April 7-24, is cancelled. UPDATE 3/16/20: The Venetian poker room released a statement on Monday that the poker room will operate with a maximum of three players per table. UPDATE 3/16/20: The Orleans poker room stated that all cash and tournament tables will have a maximum of five players, starting Monday, March 15. Included in the announcement was messaging that stated cash games will have reduced rake during this time. UPDATE 3/16/20: Following the closing of the Wynn poker room, the entire Wynn Las Vegas resort will close temporarily started Tuesday, March 17. MGM Resorts also announced it would be temporarily closing its Las Vegas casinos. UPDATE 3/16/20: Commerce Casino, located in Los Angeles and home to one of the largest card rooms in the world, closed on Saturday, March 14, and will remain closed until at least Sunday, March 29. UPDATE 3/15/20: The WSOP announced that the WSOP Circuit St. Maarten stop, scheduled for March 25-April 6, is postponed indefinitely. UPDATE 3/15/20: Wynn poker room in Las Vegas closed on Sunday, March 15, at 6 a.m. PT and will remain closed until further notice. Access to deposit boxes will be available Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m. PT to 6 p.m. PT. Players have been asked to visit the casino cage at Encore for chip redemption. UPDATE 3/14/20: Starting Saturday, March 14, Bay 101 Casino in Northern California is temporarily suspending all casino operations, the company said in a statement. The plan is to close for at least three weeks until April 4. UPDATE 3/13/20: The World Series of Poker issued a bevy of announcements regarding its events. Live WSOP Circuit stops at Harrah's Atlantic City in New Jersey, King's Resort in Rozvadov, Czech Republic, and the Bicycle Hotel & Casino in Los Angeles have been suspended, with expectations that the festivals and events will resume when appropriate. WSOP Circuit stops at Bally's Las Vegas, Harrah's Cherokee in North Carolina, and Casino Barriere Le Croisette in Cannes, France, have all been postponed, with new dates to be announced should they be established. In response to the changes, the WSOP announced a WSOP.com Online Super Circuit Series for March 14-31. The festival features 18 gold ring events and more than $1 million in prize pool guarantees. The 18 events are said to count for the Global Casino Championship leaderboard points standings. UPDATE 3/13/20: Jason Somerville's very popular Run It Up Reno scheduled to take place in April has been cancelled. In the company statement, Run It Up said that it looks forward to seeing players at the Run It Up Reno event scheduled for October 30-November 9 later this year. UPDATE 3/13/20: PokerStars announced updates for the Brazilian Series of Poker São Paulo and the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino European Poker Tour events. Both of these events have been postponed. An update for EPT Sochi is said to come in the coming days following the company's review. UPDATE 3/13/20: The World Poker Tour has updated its groups of events that have been affected by COVID-19. The list of postponed events now includes WPT Venetian, WPT Barcelona, WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, WPTDeepStacks Maryland, WPTDeepStacks Jacksonville, the WPTDeepStacks Championship at Thunder Valley, and the WPTDeepStacks European Championship. WPTDeepStacks Vietnam and WPTDeepStacks Amsterdam have been cancelled. UPDATE 3/13/20: The MSPT tournament scheduled to take place at Meskwaki Casino in Iowa from March 20-22 has been postponed. UPDATE 3/13/20: The WSOP Circuit event at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City has cancelled the rest of its events. "In the interest of protecting the health and well-being of players and staff, the decision was made to cancel the rest of the events for the series." The series was scheduled to run through March 16. UPDATE 3/13/20: King's Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic, announced today that the venue will be closed until further notice "in compliance with the Czech government-issued restrictions." At the time of the announcing, King's Casino was hosting a WSOP International Circuit series, originally scheduled to run through March 23. UPDATE 3/12/20: The Bicycle Hotel & Casino in Los Angeles has announced it is postponing the remainder of the WSOP Circuit series currently running at the venue and originally scheduled to take place through March 18. UPDATE 3/12/20: Thunder Valley announced that the WPTDeepStacks Championship, scheduled for March 19-April 7, has been postponed. UPDATE 3/12/20: WPT Venetian, a $5,000 buy-in event scheduled for March 13-17 with a $2 million guaranteed prize pool, has been postponed. UPDATE 3/12/20: Wynn Poker announced they will postpone the Wynn Spring Classic events scheduled for March 13-18. The suspension includes the series' $5,300 Championship. At the time of the announcement, the $1,100 No Limit Hold'em event was currently playing and is planned to complete its Day 2 on Friday, March 13. UPDATE 3/12/20: PokerCentral announced that the US Poker Open, which was set to run March 19-31 at the PokerGO studios at the ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas, has been indefinitely postponed. UPDATE 3/12/20: The RunGood Poker Series at Horseshoe Bossier City, originally scheduled for March 31 - April 5, was postponed with no date announced. UPDATE 3/12/20: The WPTDeepStacks Amsterdam event began as scheduled on March 12, only to have the host property, Holland Casino, cancel the event midway through the first day of play after Dutch officials barred large gatherings of people. On March 8, PokerStars announced that all European events on the calendar before April 10, 2020, have been postponed. This included three Road to PSPC events in Hamburg, Germany, La Grande Motte, France, and Madrid, Spain. The European Poker Tour event in Sochi, Russia, scheduled for March 20-29 will go ahead as planned, as will the Okada Manila Millions, and the Brazilian Series of Poker event in Sao Paulo. According to sources within the company, The Stars Group has also restricted all of its employees from traveling until further notice. [ptable zone=“888poker”][ptable zone=“Party Poker NJ”][ptable zone=“Global Poker Article Ad”] On March 2, King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech has responded to the widespread outbreak in Italy by banning all players from that country until further notice. A WSOP Circuit event, with 15 Circuit rings up for grabs, is currently underway. "We have chosen to completely limit access in all areas of the casino, not even accepting hotel reservations, to all residents and coming from Italy indefinitely, cancelling from now all the events of March and April 2020 that target mainly target the audience mentioned above," a King's staff member wrote on the King's official Facebook page. On March 10, the WPT and partypoker LIVE have postponed the WPT event scheduled for March 22 - April 5 in Barcelona, Spain . The decision to postpone came just days after the two organizers announced the event would go on as planned without the €5,000,000 guarantee. Players who qualified online will be offered opportunities to use that seat for another event. That wasn't the first WPT event to feel the effect of concerns over the coronavirus. On February 17, the WPT Deepstacks event in Vietnam, originally scheduled for March 13 -22, was cancelled and WPT Taiwan, March 27-April 6, was postponed. Triton Poker has also been impacted. Back in early February, Triton announced the Jeju Super High Roller Series, which was scheduled for March 2-9, was postponed. On March 4, organizers made the decision to cancel the event altogether. On March 9, partypoker announced that players who have won seats into partypoker LIVE events will be afforded some flexibility and will be able to use their seat at a later date should they decide to not play. "I think we've got a responsibility to players and staff to not expect them to travel," said Rob Yong, partypoker partner and Dusk Till Dawn owner. "I know a lot of people's wives and families have said I prefer you not to go and we need to respect that." The Irish Poker Open, the second-longest running poker tournament in the world, was postponed on March 10 with no future date announced. Players who won their seat into the event via online or live satellites will have the seat honored for the future date. The World Series of Poker has yet to make an official statement in regards to the 2020 WSOP, but their verified Twitter account has replied to some people who have asked, "We are monitoring COVID-19 developments very carefully and have no plans to cancel WSOP at this time." Meanwhile, betting site PokerShares.com has posted odds on if the 2020 WSOP Main Event will be played out as scheduled. Originally opening with the No side as a +495 underdog, the line current line is the opposite, with Yes being a +235 underdog. Poker Tournaments Postponed Due to Coronavirus Irish Poker Open (April 6-12 online at partypoker) Road to PSPC Hamburg (Date TBD) Road to PSPC La Grande Motte (Date TBD) Road to PSPC Madrid (Date TBD) Winamax Poker Tour Grand Final (Date TBD) WPT Barcelona (Date TBD) RunGood Poker Series Horseshoe Bossier City (Date TBD) US Poker Open (Date TBD) Wynn Spring Classic (Date TBD) WPT Venetian (Date TBD) WPTDeepStacks Championship at Thunder Valley (Date TBD) WPTDeepStacks Maryland (Date TBD) WPTDeepStacks Jacksonville (Date TBD) WPTDeepStacks European Championship (Date TBD) WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown (Date TBD) BSOP São Paulo (Date TBD) PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino EPT (Date TBD) WSOP Circuit Harrah's AC (Date TBD) WSOP Circuit Bally's Las Vegas (Date TBD) WSOP International Circuit King's Resort (Date TBD) WSOP Circuit Bicycle Hotel & Casino (Date TBD) WSOP Circuit Harrah's Cherokee (Date TBD) WSOP International Circuit Casino Barriere Le Croisette (Date TBD) WSOP International Circuit St. Maarten (Date TBD) WPTDeepStacks Montreal (Date TBD) WPT TV final tables (Date TBD) EPT Sochi (Date TBD) Poker Tournaments Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Triton Super High Roller Series Jeju WPTDeepStacks Vietnam Golden Poker Million Marrakech Bounty Poker Tour 888poker LIVE Bucharest Netbet Open Craiova Unibet DeepStack Open Aix en Provence Norwegian Championships LEX LIVE 3 Barriere Poker Tour Ribeauvillé WPTDeepStacks Amsterdam Run It Up Reno X Borgata Spring Poker Open
  14. Another televised World Poker Tour final table is set. This time, it’s the Season XVIII WPT L.A. Poker Classic. The event drew 490 entries to Commerce Casino and generated a prize pool of $4.727 million. Just six players remain and they’ll be on hiatus until action resumes at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 2. Leading the way in the chase for the $1.015 million top prize is Balakrishna Patur. Patur brings 6.32 million in chips to the final table. He’ll be joined by two WPT Champions Club members in Matas Cimbolas and James Carroll, Ka Kwan Lau, Scott Hempel, and WPTDeepStacks champion Upeshka De Silva. De Silva will be the short stack with 930,000 when action resumes in April. WPT LAPC Final Table Seat 1: Scott Hempel - 1,670,000 Seat 2: James Carroll - 4,125,000 Seat 3: Matas Cimbolas - 4,310,000 Seat 4: Ka Kwan Lau - 2,250,000 Seat 5: Upeshka De Silva- 930,000 Seat 6: Balakrishna Patur - 6,320,000 [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] Each of the six is guaranteed a minimum payday of $185,330. Included in the event’s first-place prize is a $15,000 seat to the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions presented by Baccarat Crystal. How the Final Table Was Reached Day 1 saw Demo Kiriopoulos emerge as the event’s chip leader when the first day of play was in the books. Then it was Isaac Baron atop the field at the end of Day 2. Entering Day 3, 104 players remained and the top 62 were set to reach the money. With 63 players left, WPT Champions Club member Jordan Cristos was all in against fellow WPT champion Daniel Strelitz. According to the WPT Live Updates team, Cristos was all in with the [poker card="Ac"][poker card="8c"] on the [poker card="8d"][poker card="6d"][poker card="6s"] flop. Strelitz had made the call with the [poker card="Td"][poker card="9d"]. The [poker card="Jh"] on the turn and 8h on the river allowed Cristos to double up, but that would be the last time he doubled up this tournament. Shortly thereafter, still on the money bubble with 63 players remaining, Cristos was all in on the [poker card="Js"][poker card="8s"][poker card="5d"] flop with the [poker card="Ad"][poker card="Jd"]. His opponent, Claude Codru, had the [poker card="Ks"][poker card="Ts"]. Once again, it was Cristos needing to fade a draw. This time, the [poker card="Qs"] came right out on the turn and gave Codru an unbeatable flush. The river completed the board with the [poker card="2d"] and Cristos was sent home as the "bubble boy." Once in the money, the eliminations began to stack up, including Barry Greenstein (61st - $16,905), Jesse Sylvia (55th - $18,845), and Lee Markholt (41st - $21,290). To close out Day 3, 39 players remained with Patur on top of the pack. Day 4 saw the field whittled down to 11 players. Baron remained in contention and finished Day 4 as the chip leader, with Hempel sitting second and Patur sitting third. Donald Maloney (37th - $24,375), John Hennigan (34th - $24,375), JC Tran (29th - $28,275), and Dylan Linde (14th - $58,215) were among the casualties on Day 4. Baron couldn’t get anything going on Day 5, though, and he fell in 11th place for $71,950. Charles Kassin and Lau both scored early double ups through Baron, and then De Silva picked off a bluff from Baron. On his final hand, Baron held pocket eights against Hempel’s pocket tens but could not come from behind. Hempel also knocked out WPT Champions Club member Kevin Eyster in 10th place. Strelitz went bust in eighth, and his elimination came in a three-way clash of WPT champions involving Carroll and Cimbolas. Strelitz was all in preflop with side action between Carroll and Cimbolas. On the [poker card="Kc"][poker card="Ts"][poker card="8c"] flop, Cimbolas bet 300,000 and Carroll shoved for more than 5 million. Cimbolas called all in for 1.56 million total with the [poker card="As"][poker card="Ah"]. Carroll had the [poker card="Ac"][poker card="2c"] and then Strelitz had the [poker card="Td"][poker card="9d"]. The turn was the [poker card="4s"] and the river was the [poker card="3s"], keeping Cimbolas’ aces in front and eliminating Strelitz. After Strelitz busted, Shi Chen was sent packing in seventh place to set the official TV final table. Play Resumes in April Guaranteed $185,330 each with the chance to win $1.015 million, the final six players in the WPT L.A. Poker Classic will resume action on Thursday, April 2, at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas. The WPT L.A. Poker Classic final table is the third delayed final table during Season XVIII of the World Poker Tour. Taking place in the days before it are the finales to the WPT Gardens Poker Championship and WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open. Chance Kornuth leads the WPT Gardens Poker Championship final table, with action set to resume on Tuesday, March 31. Veerab Zakarian leads the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open final table, with action set to resume on Wednesday, April 1. All three of these final tables - the WPT Gardens Poker Championship, WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open, and WPT L.A. Poker Classic - will play out at the HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.
  15. Eric Afriat has joined the prestigious list of players to have won three World Poker Tour titles. On Sunday, Afriat took first place in the Season XVIII WPT Fallsview Main Event. He topped the field of 594 entries to win C$508,021 ($379,120) and his third WPT title. At WPT Fallsview, Afriat found himself heads up with Marc-Olivier Carpentier-Perrault. Entering heads-up play, Afriat had the lead with 13.15 million in chips to Carpentier-Perrault’s 10.625 million, according to the WPT Live Updates team. Afriat added a small bit to his lead to start and then the final hand of the tournament came on the fifth hand of heads-up play. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] On the final hand, Afriat had the [poker card="7s"][poker card="7d"] against Carpentier-Perrault’s [poker card="Ad"][poker card="5c"]. Carpentier-Perrault had raised to 500,000 with the blinds at 125,000-250,000 with a 250,000 big blind ante. Afriat made it 2 million to go and Carpentier-Perrault shoved for 9.52 million total. Afriat called and his pocket sevens held on the [poker card="Qh"][poker card="Th"][poker card="2d"][poker card="8d"][poker card="2c"] board. Final Table Results 1st: Eric Afriat - C$508,021 (approx. $379,120)* 2nd: Marc-Olivier Carpentier-Perrault - C$356,180 (approx. $265,805) 3rd: Adam Hui - C$229,013 (approx. $170,905) 4th: Trung Hien Nguyen - C$163,965 (approx. $122,361) 5th: Demo Kiriopoulos - C$125,850 (approx. $93,917) 6th: Zuhair Al-Pachachi - C$103,217 (approx. $77,027) Entering the official WPT final table of six players, Adam Hui was the leader and Afriat was the smallest stack remaining. Zuhair Al-Pachachi busted in sixth place, falling to Trung Hien Nguyen. That left five players remaining and Afriat’s stack was going the wrong way. With fewer than 10 big blinds, Afriat got all in with the [poker card="2h"][poker card="2s"] against the [poker card="Ah"][poker card="Ad"] of Carpentier-Perrault. The situation looked grim for Afriat, but he spiked a deuce to score the double up. Not too long after he cracked Carpentier-Perrault’s aces, Afriat was back at it, cracking another player’s pocket rockets. This time it was Nguyen who had the aces to Afriat’s kings. After the money went in preflop, Afriat hit a king on the turn and secured the double up. Falling in fifth place was Demo Kiriopoulos, the defending champion of WPT Fallsiew, and he was busted by Afriat. No, Afriat didn’t crack aces this time - he actually had the best hand going in and held up. Afriat’s [poker card="Jh"][poker card="Jc"] was up against Kiriopoulos’ [poker card="Ts"][poker card="9s"] and held up on the [poker card="Jd"][poker card="7c"][poker card="5s"][poker card="2s"][poker card="7h"] run out. Kiriopoulos won the Season XVII WPT Fallsview Main Event for C$517,424 (approx. $392,059) and scored C$125,850 (approx. $93,917) this time in what was nearly a back-to-back title run. Hui then took out Nguyen in fourth place before it was Afriat who started to pull away with three players left. After Carpentier-Perrault took out Hui in third place, the heads-up duel was set. Afriat made quick work of Carpentier-Perrault and secured his third WPT title. Carpentier-Perrault finished in second place and took home C$356,180 (approx. $265,805). With the victory, Afriat joins Darren Elias, Gus Hansen, Carlos Mortensen, Chino Rheem, and Anthony Zinno as players to have won three WPT titles. Elias has actually won four and is the leader in the WPT Champions Club clubhouse. Afriat’s first WPT title came in Season XII when he won the largest WPT Main Tour event of all time, in terms of field size. That season, Afriat won the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown, topping a field of 1,795 entries to win $1.081 million. In Season XVI, Afriat took first place in another large-field World Poker Tour event. This time it was the 1,244-entry WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open and Afriat won it for $651,928.
  16. Just nine days ago, Brian Altman won the World Poker Tour Seminole Lucky Hearts Poker Open for the second time in his career. On Thursday, Altman made the final table of the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open and now has a shot at a third WPT win. The final six players now head to Las Vegas to play down to a winner on April 1 at the HyperX Esports Arena at Luxor. [ptable zone=“Borgata Poker”][ptable zone=“GG Poker”][ptable zone=“Global Poker Article Ad”] Altman might be the headliner, but he doesn't have the chip lead. Veerab Zakarian bagged up 11,990,000 and will be the player on top when play resumes in April. Joining Zakarian and Altman at the final table is James Anderson, Bin Weng, Andrew Hanna, and Nathan Russler. The BWPO field of 1,290 created a $4,129,290 prize pool with the eventual champion taking home $674,840 which included a seat in the $15,000 WPT Tournament of Champions. WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open Final Table Seat #1: Nathan Russler - 3,990,000 Seat #2: James Anderson - 10,040,000 Seat #3: Andrew Hanna - 6,730,000 Seat #4: Bin Weng - 8,890,000 Seat #5: Veerab Zakarian - 11,990,000 Seat #6: Brian Altman - 9,865,000 Day 4 began with 28 players still in contention including former #1-ranked PocketFiver Ari Engel, reigning WPT Borgata Poker Open champion Donald Maloney, Season XVII WPT Montreal winner Patrick Serda and Season XVI Tournament of Champions winner Matthew Waxman. It took just over 13 hours to go from 28 down to a final table of six. Engel was eliminated by Altman after the pair battled in a five-bet pot with Engel holding [poker card="as"][poker card="jd"] and Altman with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qh"]. The [poker card="ks"][poker card="qd"][poker card="7d"] flop gave Altman a set and Engel never saw another diamond or a ten and was eliminated in 24th place. Maloney's tournament ended after getting it all in with [poker card="ac"][poker card="qh"] against Derek Marmen's [poker card="ah"][poker card="kh"]. Zakarian took out Waxman in 13th place. Serda was eliminated in 10th place by Altman. On a [poker card="9h"][poker card="4h"][poker card="3h"][poker card="9s"][poker card="qd"] board and with 1,200,000 in the pot, Altman moved all-in forcing Serda to a decision for his tournament life. Serda eventually called and showed [poker card="kh"][poker card="qs"] which was second best after Altman tabled [poker card="ad"][poker card="9c"]. Altman then closed down the action on the Borgata leg of the event when he eliminated Peter Vitantonio on the TV table bubble. The final six players will now wait until April before reconvening in Las Vegas to play for their share of the remaining $2,037,833 prize pool.
  17. The World Poker Tour just completed its Season XVIII trip to Casino Sochi in Russia, with Aleksey Badulin winning the WPT Russia title for $261,571. Badulin topped a field of 489 entries to become the newest member of the WPT Champions Club and he’s earned a $15,000 entry into the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions. WPT Russia Final Table Results Aleksey Badulin - $261,571 Vlada Stojanovic - $185,831 Ernest Shakaryan - $135,833 Vahe Martirosyan - $102,488 Sergey Kharlamov - $78,837 Roman Timergazin - $60,254 [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zgone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] The final day of the event began with 12 players remaining, including one of Russia’s top tournament players, Anatoly Filatov. After the elimination of Mikhail Sokolovskiy in 12th place, Filatov was next out the door in 11th. He was done in by Roman Timergazin. Badulin started the final day in fifth chip position and quickly got to work building his stack. Early on the final day, he added about a million in chips to the 1.79 million he started with, and it was a nice cushion to have when Vahe Martirosyan double through him. When the tournament was down to nine players, Badulin was sixth in chips, and then when they got down to six players, he sunk to the bottom of the leaderboard. Vlada Stojanovic was the player to extend a big lead during six-handed play, but it was Ernest Shakaryan and Badulin scoring the first two knockouts at the official WPT final table. After Shakaryan busted Timergazin in sixth place, Badulin took out Sergey Kharlamov in fifth. Against Kharlamov, Badulin held the [poker card="Ah"][poker card="8s"] against the [poker card="Jh"][poker card="Js"] and the money went in preflop. Badulin spiked an ace on the flop and held from there to score the elimination. With four players left, Badulin scored a pivotal double up against Martirosyan. Badulin had limped in from the small blind with the blinds at 100,000-150,000 with a 150,000 big blind ante, and Martirosyan shoved all in from the big blind. He had Badulin covered and Badulin quickly called with the [poker card="Kd"][poker card="Kc"]. Martirosyan had the [poker card="4h"][poker card="2h"]. The kings held for Badulin and he improved his stack to 4.3 million. Martirosyan would then bust in fourth before it was Badulin picking up pocket kings to knock out Shakaryan in third place. Once again, Badulin was in a very good spot, as his [poker card="Kd"][poker card="Kh"] was up against the [poker card="Kc"][poker card="Qd"] for Shakaryan. The kings held and Badulin soared to more than 10 million in chips. Badulin took the heads-up chip lead against Stojanovic very early in the match and then worked to extend the lead from there. As was the theme of this WPT Russia final table, Badulin picked up kings again and won a big pot off Stojanovic to further extend his lead. Shortly after that, it was all over. On the final hand, Badulin’s [poker card="As"][poker card="2c"] held against Stojanovic’s [poker card="Qh"][poker card="2d"]. WPT Player of the Year Update Winning WPT Russia earned Badulin 1,000 points in the Hublot WPT Player of the Year race for Season XVIII, but he’s still a ways away from the top of the leaderboard, sitting in 22nd place. The player leading is Brian Altman, who recently won the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open. Altman is the leader with 2,100 points. Winning WPT Lucky Hearts gave 1,200 points in the Hublot WPT Player of the Year race. He also picked up 200 points for a third-place finish in WPT Maryland at Live! Casino and 200 points for a 10th-place finish in the WPT Legends of Poker. Altman’s lead is a rather healthy one, as he’s 700 points ahead of Alex Foxen and Toby Joyce, who sit in second and third places, respectively, with 1,400 points each. Foxen holds the tiebreaker of money won over Joyce. Brian Altman - 2,100 points Alex Foxen - 1,400 points Toby Joyce - 1,400 points Donald Maloney - 1,350 points Geoffrey Hum - 1,300 points Aaron Van Blarcum - 1,275 points Milen Stefanov - 1,200 points Kevin Albers - 1,200 points Simon Brandstrom - 1,200 points Peter Neff - 1,150 points WPT Borgata Running Now The Season XVIII WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open is next up for the World Poker Tour in Season XVIII. In fact, it’s running now, January 26-30, at the Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. The $3,500 buy-in event has a prize pool guarantee of $3 million and the final table will be filmed for television. The official WPT final table of six will be set on January 30 and then those final six players will be on hiatus until April 1 when they’ll play for the title at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas.
  18. The first World Poker Tour event of 2020 reached its final table on Monday. Now, just six players remain in the Season XVIII WPT Gardens Poker Championship, with Chance Kornuth leading the way. The final six will be on hiatus until Tuesday, March 31, when they will resume play at the HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The final six come from a 257-entry field and are guaranteed $111,795 in prize money. First place takes home $554,495, including a $15,000 buy-in into the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions, and a Hublot watch. Joining Kornuth at the final table are Markus Gonsalves, Tuan Phan, Jonathan Cohen, Qing Liu, and Straton Wilhelm. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zgone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] WPT Gardens Poker Championship Final Table Seat 1: Straton Wilhelm - 435,000 Seat 2: Markus Gonsalves - 2,370,000 Seat 3: Qing Liu - 795,000 Seat 4: Tuan Phan - 2,070,000 Seat 5: Jonathan Cohen - 1,615,000 Seat 6: Chance Kornuth - 2,995,000 How the Final Table Was Reached The Season XVIII WPT Gardens Poker Championship had a field of 257 entries. It wasn't the largest turnout for a WPT Main Tour event, but the $10,000 buy-in attracted some of poker’s biggest names and generated a prize pool of $2.467 million. Among those to compete were Darren Elias, Anthony Zinno, Maria Ho, and Phil Laak, but none of them made the money. Entering Day 3 of the tournament, 48 players remained. The top 33 places paid, which meant whoever finished in 34th place would win the unwanted title of 'bubble boy.' The player to fall in 34th was former WPT Player of the Year Joe Serock, who couldn't win a flip with the [poker card="Ac"][poker card="Kd"] against the pocket queens of Gonsalves. After the money bubble burst, WPT Champions Club member Larry Greenberg was the first player to bust. Others followed him to the payout desk, including David Peters (30th - $18,825) and David 'ODB' Baker (18th - $25,130), before Day 3 ended with 14 competitors left. Among the final 14 returning for Day 4 was Jared Griener, who ultimately finished in 13th place for $35,720. Griener is no stranger to WPT success in the Southern California region. He’s cashed seven times in WPT Main Tour events in Southern California, and that’s the region where all of his WPT final tables have taken place. Additionally, Griener has a deep run in a WPTDeepStacks event in San Diego and two deep runs in WPT500 LA. On Day 4, Ali Imsirovic busted in ninth place to take home $53,950, and then Sebastiaan de Jonge finished in eighth for $67,790. One more player needed to be eliminated to set the official TV final table, and it happened when Phan knocked out Qi Hu in seventh place. Kornuth the One To Beat With a stack of 2.995 million, Kornuth is the player to catch at the final table. He's been one of the big stacks throughout the event, including finishing atop the field after Day 3. Kornuth came into this event with more than $7.4 million in live tournament earnings and one previous WPT final table under his belt. That previous final table was a sixth-place finish in the Season XII WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown for $247,954. Kornuth has several other deep runs in World Poker Tour events, including a handful that have come at the $10,000 buy-in level, but his first WPT title has eluded him. Closest to Kornuth on the leaderboard is Gonsalves, who bagged 2.37 million in chips for the final table. Like Kornuth, Gonsalves has been close to a WPT title before, but he's also yet to win one. Gonsalves' deepest run in a WPT event came in the Season XIV WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event, where he took fourth and picked up a payday of $91,616. Gonsalves also has a 10th-place finish in the Season XIV WPT Five Diamond for $68,181. The final six will now wait until the end of March to play for the title in Las Vegas, as the event moves from the Gardens Casino to the HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor Hotel & Casino. There is no former WPT champion in the final six, which means there will be a brand new member of the WPT Champions Club when this one is all said and done.
  19. ClubWPT, the sweepstakes-based online poker membership club of the World Poker Tour, is upping its game for 2020. If a ClubWPT VIP member qualifies for a WPT Main Tour event and then goes on to win that WPT Main Tour event that they qualified, the qualifier will win an additional $1,000,000. The ClubWPT $1,000,000 Bonus comes in addition to any money won from the event itself. "Since 2010, hundreds of thousands of players have honed their skills on ClubWPT, and we’re proud to kick off a new decade with the ClubWPT $1,000,000 Bonus," Adam Pliska, CEO of the World Poker Tour, said. "With millions of dollars at stake in every WPT event, and now a $1,000,000 bonus on the line, ClubWPT is clearly the most rewarding way for players to qualify for a seat on the World Poker Tour." The WPT Gardens Poker Championship is the first event eligible for the ClubWPT $1,000,000 Bonus. Scheduled to start Thursday, January 9, 2020, this event takes place at the Gardens Casino in Southern California and features a $10,000 buy-in. It is the first televised WPT event of Season XVIII of the World Poker Tour, with the TV final table to play out on Tuesday, March 31, at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas. Additional events with eligibility for the ClubWPT $1,000,000 Bonus are the WPT L.A. Poker Classic, WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open, WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, and WPT Choctaw. A full list of qualifying events will be available soon. In recent seasons of the World Poker Tour, Bruce Collado is the ClubWPT VIP member to run the deepest in a WPT Main Tour event that he qualified for on ClubWPT.com. Collado won his way to the Season XVII WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship and finished in 56th place from the 1,075 entries. Running deep in a big-field event wasn’t something that Collado was new to, as he beat a field of 2,400 entries to win his way to the Borgata event. Collado turned his qualifying ticket into $11,123 for his 56th-place result. The season before, ClubWPT qualifier James McLaughlin also won his way to the WPT Borgata Poker Open. In a field of 1,132 entries, McLaughlin finished in 100th place for $6,993. During his run, McLaughlin got to play with Cliff 'JohnnyBax' Josephy, winner of the first-ever PocketFives Legacy Award. McLaughlin’s in-the-money finish broke a dry streak for ClubWPT qualifiers. Before him, Ernest Evans was the last ClubWPT qualifier to cash in a WPT Main Tour event when he took 62nd from a field 1,476 entries in the Season XIII WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown for $12,000. What Is ClubWPT? ClubWPT is the official subscription online poker game of the World Poker Tour. VIP users pay a monthly subscription fee to gain access to full episodes from every past season of the WPT television show, plus magazine subscriptions, and coupons. Plus, ClubWPT VIP members can play poker to win a share of $100,000 in cash and prizes each month, including seats to World Poker Tour events. It is the seats to those WPT events that can turn into a seven-figure bonus for ClubWPT VIP members. ClubWPT is online poker that operates under sweepstakes rules where allowed. Included in the 36 eligible territories is Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The full list is available on ClubWPT.com. According to ClubWPT.com, starting Wednesday, January 15, 2020, ClubWPT’s VIP membership costs $27.95 monthly, $74.95 quarterly, and $264.95 annually.
  20. Chino Rheem is about as polarizing of a figure as you’ll find in today’s world of poker, but for all of the issues he’s had over the years, there’s no denying his ability to perform on the game’s largest stages. Rheem has won three World Poker Tour titles, final tabled the WSOP Main Event, and amassed more than $10.5 million in live tournament earnings. Coming off a first-place score for more than $1.5 million in the 2019 PCA Main Event, Rheem recently became the 41st poker player in history to win more than $10 million from live poker tournaments. Here’s a look at the five biggest scores of Rheem’s poker career. 7th in 2008 WSOP Main Event ($1,772,650) Rheem had been around the poker world for a handful of years before the 2008 World Series of Poker, and he even had a second-place finish in a gold bracelet event in 2006 that earned him $327,981. He truly made waves in the 2008 WSOP Main Event, though, when he aggressively splashed his way through the 6,844-player field to reach the final table in what was the first-ever WSOP November Nine. Rheem entered the 2008 WSOP Main Event final table in sixth position on the leaderboard. His run ultimately ended in seventh place after he got the last of his money in with the [poker card="As"][poker card="Kc"] against Peter Eastgate’s [poker card="Ah"][poker card="Qd"]. A queen hit the flop, and that was all she wrote for Rheem, who was sent to the rail with a $1.772 million prize. 1st in 2019 PCA Main Event ($1,567,100) The 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event attracted 865 entries. With six players left, Rheem entered the final day with the chip lead. He busted all five of his opponents to win the 2019 PCA Main Event and capture its $1.567 million first-place prize. This result proved to be, at the time, the second largest of Rheem's career, just behind his WSOP Main Event seventh-place finish. It also moved him to more than $10.5 million in live tournament earnings and he became the 74th player to eclipse the $10 million earnings mark, per HendonMob. 1st in WPT Five Diamond ($1,538,730) Rheem was one of 497 entries in the World Poker Tour’s Five Diamond World Poker Classic event at Bellagio in 2008. The event was part of Season VII of the WPT and featured a buy-in of $15,400. The prize pool was $7.231 million, of which Rheem got the most of when he scored the $1.538 million top prize. It was the first of Rheem’s three World Poker Tour titles and came just a month after he finished seventh in the World Series of Poker Main Event. At this final table, Rheem had stiff competition in the form of Justin Young, Evan McNiff, Steve Sung, Amnon Filippi, and Hoyt Corkins. 1st in WPT World Championship ($1,150,297) To conclude Season XI of the World Poker Tour, Rheem won the $25,500 buy-in WPT World Championship. The event was held at Bellagio in Las Vegas in 2013 and attracted 146 entries to create a $3.54 million prize pool. In the end, it was Rheem against Erick Lindgren for the title, with Rheem coming out on top to win a $1.15 million payday and his second WPT title. 1st in Epic Poker League Event #1 ($1,000,000) Currently standing as the fifth largest score of Rheem’s poker career is a victory in the now defunct Epic Poker League. Rheem won the EPL’s first title, defeating a field of 137 entries in the $20,000 buy-in tournament to score the $1 million top prize. At the final table, Rheem out-battled runner-up Erik Seidel and third-place finisher Jason Mercier en route to the title and million dollar payday.
  21. The Season XVIII World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic crowned its winner on Saturday, with Alex Foxen topping the record-breaking field of 1,035 entries to win the $1.694 million first-place prize. "It feels, I don't know… surreal," Foxen said in the moments following the win. "It’s kind of hard to put into words, but it feels amazing. The last time I got to this spot, I was a little bit disappointed in the way that I played heads up. It’s just incredible to get the opportunity again and be fortunate enough to pull out the win. I don’t have words." Back in Season XVI, Foxen found himself heads up with Ryan Tosoc in this very event. Tosoc had finished runner-up the year before and was back in heads-up play with a chance to better his previous result. Back then, Foxen couldn’t overcome Tosoc in what was a very lighthearted heads-up battle with plenty of fun had between the two and he had to settle for a second-place payout of $1.134 million. "I do feel like I was so excited about having that opportunity," Foxen said of the difference between his two WPT Five Diamond heads-up appearances. "I think that score I locked up was already five or six times my biggest score to date at that point, so there was an element of me feeling like I lost a little bit of focus and maybe didn’t take it as seriously as I should have because, regardless of the outcome of heads-up play, it was such an amazing result that in the moment I didn’t see the severity of that situation. I definitely didn’t make that same mistake twice." Much like Tosoc had redeemed his second-place finish with a victory the following season, Foxen came back two seasons after his runner-up finish to get the job done and capture the WPT Five Diamond throne. The victory gave Foxen his first WPT title. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zgone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Final Table Results 1st: Alex Foxen - $1,694,995 2nd: Toby Joyce - $1,120,040 3rd: Seth Davies - $827,285 4th: Peter Neff - $617,480 5th: Danny Park - $465,780 6th: Jonathan Jaffe - $355,125 Foxen came into Saturday’s final table in second position on the leaderboard with six players remaining. In fewer than 30 hands, Foxen had improved to the chip lead. Shortly after gaining the top spot, he knocked out WPT Champions Club member Jonathan Jaffe in sixth place. Although others did some damage of their own, such as Toby Joyce knocking out start-of-day chip leader Danny Park in fifth place and Seth Davies busting Peter Neff in fourth place, Foxen never gave up the lead once he had it. Three-handed play between Foxen, Joyce, and Davies lasted for quite some time. Even though both Joyce and Davies scored double ups during the battle, things never appeared to get away from Foxen as he stayed strong behind the wall of chips he built. Eventually, Davies’ stack shrunk and he got the last of his money in against Foxen in a dominated position. Foxen had the [poker card="Ah"][poker card="Qh"] to Davies’ [poker card="Ac"][poker card="5c"]. Davies, a WPT Champions Club member, did flop some outs to a chop but he was ultimately done in thanks to the [poker card="Jd"][poker card="Jc"][poker card="3s"][poker card="As"][poker card="8d"] board. Entering heads-up play with Joyce, Foxen had the chip lead with 29.5 million to Joyce’s 11.9 million, and the match was never really close. Joyce narrowed the gap ever so slightly at the beginning of the duel, but Foxen’s dominance was too much and he quickly started to distance himself. On the final hand, Foxen had limped on the button with the blinds at 200,000/400,000 with a 400,000 big blind ante. Joyce checked and the dealer fanned the [poker card="Jc"][poker card="5s"][poker card="3d"] flop. Joyce checked, Foxen bet 400,000, and then Joyce check-raised to 1.1 million. Foxen put in a raise of his own and made it 2 million to go. Joyce called to see the [poker card="Kc"] land on fourth street. Joyce checked and Foxen shoved all in, for what was effectively 4.5 million because he had Joyce covered. Joyce tanked and used four 30-second time extensions to think things through. Joyce eventually made the call with the [poker card="Jh"][poker card="9c"] for a pair of jacks, but Foxen had him out-kicked with the [poker card="Ac"][poker card="Js"]. The river was the [poker card="4c"] to seal the deal for Foxen. For his runner-up finish, Joyce scored $1.12 million in prize money. Fourth Consecutive Record Turnout for Five Diamond It was the fourth consecutive record-setting turnout for WPT Five Diamond, and this season’s 1,035 entries topped last season’s 1,001. The seasons prior to that were 812 entries for Season XVI and 791 entries for Season XV. In this event, the top 130 finished reached the money. Included in those to cash were Eric Afriat (9th - $168,005), Darren Elias (14th - $107,840), Chino Rheem (22nd - $60,435), Cary Katz (44th - $37,670), Kitty Kuo (67th - $26,220), Cliff Josephy (74th - $23,830), and Maria Ho (116th - $19,345). Also running deep was Timo Kamphues, who placed seventh in the Season XVIII WPT Five Diamond for $273,695. He has had quite the week of poker in Las Vegas, as just a few days prior to his run at Bellagio, Kamphues won the Wynn Poker Winter Classic $1,100 NL $500,000 Guarantee tournament for $202,787. Foxen Takes Player of the Year Lead With the victory, Foxen moved to first place in the Hublot WPT Player of the Year standings. Both Foxen and Joyce have the same amount of points, 1,400, but Foxen holds the tiebreaker of most money won. Joyce earned his second cash of the season and is currently second in the race. 1st: Alex Foxen - 1,400 points 2nd: Toby Joyce - 1,400 points 3rd: Donald Maloney - 1,300 points 4th: Aaron Van Blarcum - 1,275 points 5th: Geoffrey Hum - 1,250 points 6th: Milen Stefanov - 1,200 points 7th: Kevin Albers - 1,200 points 8th: Simon Brandstrom - 1,200 points 9th: Peter Neff - 1,150 points 10th: Seth Davies - 1,100 points WPT Gardens Poker Championship Up Next Up next for the WPT Main Tour is the WPT Gardens Poker Championship at the Gardens Casino in Southern California. The $10,000 buy-in event kicks off January 9, 2020, and runs through January 13.
  22. For the uninitiated, multi-entry tournaments are exactly what they sound like: tournaments players can enter more than once. Typically, live tourneys that use a multi-entry format allow players who bust out of one starting flight to try again in a subsequent starting flight. So, get knocked out on Day 1A and you can try again on Day 1B, 1C, etc., for the price of another buy-in. Once in a while, at the Bellagio, for instance, you see unlimited re-entries allowed in the same day up until some deadline, often the end of the late registration period. Re-entry tournaments have been a source of controversy in the poker world, as many players of limited bankrolls don't like the idea that deep-pocketed players have an unnecessary, and perhaps unfair, advantage. In an unlimited re-entry tournament in particular, the richest players can just gamble it up, hoping to hit a huge hand without really worrying about busting out. For his part, despite his ability to buy the finest silks and furs, Daniel Negreanu (pictured) commented in a recent blog postthat he does not prefer multi-entry tournaments, saying, "I would rather play 'good poker' from the outset rather than gamble recklessly to increase my chances of winning the tournament." Negreanu specifically focused on the WPT. He said, though, that if multi-entry were allowed, he'd take full advantage of it in order to give himself the best chance to win. To him, winning is more important than making money at this point in his career. He sees the increase in multi-entry tournaments as simply a business decision by casinos and tournament organizers. The casinos need the tournament to make financial sense, so allowing people to re-enter and therefore pay another fee to the house increases the casino's revenue. On the WPT's end, it needs to convince a casino to host a tournament, so being okay with multi-entry might be the way to cement a deal. Negreanu, being an anti-multi-entry guy, totally understands why many players dislike these kinds of events. "A lot of players express concern that unlimited re-entry tournaments are bad for the game, discourage amateur players, and bleed player bankroll," he said in his blog. At the same time, he sees them as a potential positive for someone who travels from far away because it gives them the opportunity to play more poker if they bust out quickly. It is certainly no fun to travel for a full day, get knocked out within an hour, and then go home. Negreanu saw what the European Poker Tour does as a solution to make everyone happy, while at the same time getting rid of multi-entry tournaments. As he explained, "They create a festival after the Main Event begins. For ages, tournaments in the US would run two to four weeks of prelims, then have a week long Main Event. Bust the Main Event, and there is nothing left to play. You could play cash games, but as mentioned, that isn't happening. Negreanu concluded, "That setup makes it good for the players, as they will get to enjoy regular freezeout tourneys plus have more opportunities to play if they bust out, good for the venue, as it keeps people shelling out money to play, and good for the organizers, as it makes it easier to market the tour to potential casino hosts." Negreanu added that while many of his readers may hate multi-entry tournaments, they should look at the bright side and think of them as an opportunity to take some chips off of someone donking it up in a tournament with an inflated prize pool. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  23. [caption width="640"] Anthony Zinno believes practicing Mixed Games ahead of the World Series of Poker is the key to success(Neil Stoddart/EPT Photo)[/caption] This year, 69 events appear on the World Series of Poker schedule. Of those, 31 are non-Hold'em tournaments, or almost half the schedule. You'll find Anthony Zinno in many of them, and if he finds success, he can point to hard work and practice ahead of the WSOP. "I can't wait for the WSOP," Zinno said of the annual Las Vegas series, which begins June 1. "I'm going to try my best to work on some Mixed Games prior to the WSOP because I really enjoy those tournaments a lot. The No Limit events, with such large field sizes, it's really, really hard to make that exciting top 18 or so. Each one is a mini-lottery. But, when you play those Mixed events like the $5Ks and $10Ks with smaller field sizes, you recognize a lot of players, so you're chatting at the tables and it's fun. It's also a better opportunity to make a final table." Last year, Zinno had a WSOP to remember. He won his first bracelet in the $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha event and earned $1.1 million. He had four other cashes in WSOP events in 2015; all were final tables and two were in non-Hold'em events. Overall, Zinno has racked up over $2 million in WSOP winnings. "I think my Mixed Games have gotten a lot better since I started about two years ago," he said. "You have to keep refreshing, though. Poker is like anything else where you have to play a lot. If you just play No Limit tournaments for two months and then hop into a Stud tournament, you're going to be rusty for sure. My goal before the WSOP is to play hands of every HORSE game at least, and maybe some 2-7, and then play a very heavy schedule. I'm confident and I'm playing very well, but I'm well aware I have to keep practicing." For Zinno, refreshing his mind in Mixed Games does not mean playing nosebleed stakes for hours on end. "Even if it's small-stakes, it's good enough practice. You can find some live games here and there. Foxwoods, for example, which is near my family, always has a Stud game going, so I can practice that there. As soon as the WSOP starts, there are good cash games all over the place. Let's say I skip the Colossus. If I did, I could play Stud for two days straight and then go play a $10K." [caption width="640"] Zinno celebrates his first WSOP bracelet win[/caption] In the middle of the cash game area at the Rio, you'll typically find a $75/$150 Omaha Hi-Lo game that attracts some of the top Omaha players in town. Last year, Zinno spent a day playing that very cash game just before the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Championship began. Practice made perfect, as he drove to a sixth place finish for $74,000 in an event won by Daniel Alaei. "I don't think you need to play thousands of hands or anything," Zinno said about getting into the swing of things. "You just need to get back in that groove. My tournament game is always very solid as far as stack maneuvering and things like that. Just the basics of remembering the ebb and flow of, say, Stud High and Stud Hi-Lo, can come back to you even with just a couple of days of practice in a live game with good players. I haven't played them in a few months, though, so I'm rusty." Of the 30-plus non-Hold'em events on the 2016 WSOP schedule, Zinno is most looking forward to the $25,000 High Roller Pot Limit Omaha Eight Max that begins two days after America's Independence Day. "The $25,000 PLO is my best chance to win one," he said. "The structure when I won it before was amazing. You had so many big blinds. The average stack was always a lot of big blinds. You didn't see much all-in pre. It was a lot of deep-stacked PLO. And that's the game I have worked on a lot over the past eight years. That's the one I look forward to the most, but I'm also looking forward to the big buy-in HORSE tournaments because I love my HORSE games." Zinno has three WPT titles, including wins at the Fallsview Poker Classic and LA Poker Classic during Season 13. He was just the third three-time WPT winner. He had four cashes last season and promptly found himself in Monaco for the PokerStars European Poker Tour Grand Final. As such, he's a little burnt out and has even more tour stops on his plate. "I'm long overdue for a break," Zinno said with a sigh. "I miss having a gym routine and having a routine where you can cook your own meals – a normal life routine. More time with my family on the East Coast would be nice. I'm yearning for that. For now, it's going to be Amsterdam and taking some time off before the Series."
  24. [caption width="640"] The World Poker Tour has partnered with Dusk Till Dawn to create The Devilfish Cup[/caption] British poker legend Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott tragically passed away in April of last year after a short battle with terminal liver cancer. Now, the WPT Foundation and England’s Dusk Till Dawn poker club are teaming up to honor the memory of the poker pro with the inaugural Devilfish Cup, a £1 million guaranteed tournament that takes place during the partypoker World Poker Tour UK festival. The event kicks off on Monday, October 31 and features a buy-in of £5,000 with a £300 donation. The donated money, along with 3% of the prize pool, will be split between the Marie Curie organization, a nonprofit which provides support to terminally ill patients, and a trust fund for Ulliott’s daughter Lucy. “We are proud to announce the Devilfish Cup for the partypoker WPT UK festival at Dusk Till Dawn, and to honor and celebrate Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott alongside his family, friends, and fellow competitors,” said WPT President and CEO Adam Pliska. “As a testament to the community’s dedication and contributions, WPT Foundation has helped raise more than $6 million to date, and we look forward to supporting another non-profit program of excellence in Marie Curie.” Ulliott, whose poker career began more than 20 years ago, was instrumental in popularizing the game in the UK and Europe. In 1997, the poker pro earned his first and only World Series of Poker bracelet at the $2,000 Pot Limit Hold ‘em event. In 2007, he had his biggest career cash after taking third at the WPT Doyle Brunson Classic for $674,500. With more than $6.2 million in live tournament winnings to his name, the 61-year-old holds the distinction of being the second biggest winner in UK poker history, behind only Sam Trickett. Devilfish was well known for his lively personality which sometimes stirred controversy but always entertained. After his death, poker pros Phil Hellmuth, Tony G and others made a push to induct Ulliott into the 2015 Poker Hall of Fame. 2014 Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu stirred controversy at the time by writing that death shouldn’t have any bearing on a player’s inclusion in the prestigious club. In addition to the Devilfish Cup, Dusk Till Dawn will further honor the pro by renaming his favorite drink, a double vodka Red Bull, to “The Devilfish.” The venue will also throw a party in the poker pro’s name on Wednesday, November 2, where family, friends and fans can celebrate the life of Ulliott while a live band jams to some of his favorite tunes. “Rob Yong, owner of Dusk Till Dawn, announced after Dave’s funeral that we would wait a while before announcing plans to honor him,” said Simon Trumper, Dusk Till Dawn Club Director and friend of Ulliott. “During his last few days, Rob visited Dave and asked him how he wanted to be remembered. He asked us to hold a high buy-in event at the club, as Dave was always proud of his WPT Tunica win,” Trumper continued. “We thought it fitting to replace this year’s High Roller with the Devilfish Cup. World Poker Tour and WPT Foundation have been great and it is a pleasure to be working with them on this inaugural event.” partypoker will make the event accessible to all by running several satellites into the tournament and qualifiers as low as one cent. The winner of the Cup will not only receive the biggest share of the £1 million prize, but will be presented the trophy by Ulliott’s wife, Anpaktita.
  25. [caption width="640"] Poker players are flocking to the Playground Poker Club just outside of Montreal for the upcoming partypokerLIVE MILLION North America.[/caption] After opening its doors in December of 2010, the Playground Poker Club has quickly become one of North America’s premier poker venues. Located in Kahnawake, Quebec, just on the other side of the St. Lawrence river from downtown Montreal, the Playground Poker Club hosts several high-profile tournament series and has partnerships with some of the biggest brands in poker. The club became a household name in the poker world in 2012 when they partnered with the World Poker Tour. Since Jonathan Roy took down the inaugural WPT Montreal for $754,210, the Canadian card room became a fixture on the WPT and is always one of the most popular stops on the schedule. It can be argued that two of the most historic moments in WPT history took place during two of the three stops at the Playground this past WPT season. Last November, one of the faces of the WPT and Poker Hall of Famer, Mike Sexton, etched his name on the Champions Cup. He topped a field of 648 and defeated Benny Chen heads-up to win $317,817. The third stop of the season at the Playground Poker Club saw the WPT crown its first female champion in an open event. Ema Zajmovic won $183,789 to become the second woman to have her name inscribed on the cup. She joined Van Nguyen, who won an invitational event, as the only two females to earn the title of WPT champion. With the success of the first WPT stop in 2012, Playground added a second stop to the schedule in 2013 with the creation of the partypoker WPT Canadian Spring Championship. Since 2013, they have been one of the few venues with multiple stops on the tour in the same season. This year, however, instead of running the Canadian Spring Championship, they are hosting the partypokerLIVE MiILLION North America stop in its place. Even with the subtraction of the Canadian Spring Championship, Playground added an event in February, which will likely become a permanent stop on the tour’s schedule to continue its trend of multiple stops a year. The Playground Poker Club became relevant in the poker world largely after Black Friday, but since it is based in Canada, it was still able to run events with several of the biggest names in the online world. In 2013, they held the Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival and the partypoker.net Premier League. In 2014, they hosted the PokerStars Canada Cup, which gave them an event with, at the time, the three biggest online poker rooms on the planet. The 2014 Canada Cup was one of the most memorable ends to a tournament in poker history. Robert Notkin, a qualifier on PokerStars for $30, won a four-way all in with pocket kings to knock out three players and win $354,379. One of the features of the club that sets itself apart from other tournament venues is that the only gambling that takes place at Playground is poker. There are no slot machines, no table games and no sportsbook for players to place other bets. It's all poker, all the time. The club is widely regarded as the best place to play poker in all of Canada. It spreads games of all sizes, ranging for $1/$2 No Limit Hold’em all the way up to some of the biggest games the country has to offer. If players are looking for some time away from the tables, they are a 20-minute car ride away from taking in the sides and sounds of downtown Montreal. Between its location, selection of cash games and premier tournament schedules, it’s not a surprise that Playground Poker Club has emerged as one of the most desired places to play poker.

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