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The €250 GTD - Freezeout event took place on the on Jun 12th. PKRBot2000 won the tournament for $112.81. The only PocketFives member to cash in this tournament at the time it took place was Sweden's SoMuchValue, who finished in 4th place for $42.54. SoMuchValue is known by Danijelinho on PocketFives, and was ranked in 2,131st place in the PocketFives Worldwide Rankings at the time this tournament took place.

Quick Hits

  • SoMuchValue is ranked in 32th place out of 445th place in the PocketFives Sweden Rankings at the time this tournament took place. C Darwin2 and lena900 were ranked in first and second place respectfully in the PocketFives Sweden Rankings.
  • This tournament was the 534th tournament tracked on PocketFives on the in the past week.
  • 8,911,213,955,541,975 was the first player eliminated from this tournament after the bubble broke, cashing for $11.69.
  • The average cash in this tournament was $35.45 or 8.33% of the prize pool of $425.45.
  • The top three players to cash in this tournament, PKRBot2000, xavioubmx, and duobaobao won a combined $265.96 representing 62.51% of the $425.45 prize pool.
  • This tournament represents the 11,899th time that SoMuchValue cashed in a tournament tracked by PocketFives at the time this tournament took place.

Total P5er Cashes

P5s Country Distribution

Ranked Tournament Results

Site Name Amount Won P5s Name Rank Posts Last Login
1 PKRBot2000 $112.81
2 xavioubmx $89.34
3 duobaobao $63.81
4 SoMuchValue $42.54 1779 0
5 Valkeakoski $26.58
6 1nstructi0nal $18.07
7 Glimt2010 $14.89
8 cloudfair28 $12.76
9 AllOfTheIns $11.69
10 8911213955541975 $11.69
11 evgenMG $10.63
12 macwariorB $10.63

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