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thehun88 beat out 188 players to win the $2,500 GTD event on Revolution for $808.40. His win represented 21.50% of the $3,760 prize pool. The highest finishing PocketFiver was ATL29, who took 2nd place for $582.80. After this tournament, you could find ATL29 in 7,083rd place in the PocketFives Rankings.

Quick Hits

  • The top two finishing players who were not members of PocketFives were thehun88 and gt77nc, who combined for $1,250.20.
  • The average cash in this tournament was $139.26.
  • The paydays of everyone at the final table meant that all other players who cashed in this tournament earned a combined $846.
  • The PocketFives community had 7 in the money finishers in this online poker tournament.
  • Non-PocketFivers took home $2,857.60 from this tournament.
  • PocketFivers scooped 116.80 PLB Points from this tournament.

Total P5er Cashes

P5s Country Distribution

Ranked Tournament Results

Site Name Amount Won P5s Name Rank Posts Last Login
26 melawarrrior $37.60
27 oppasalsal $37.60

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