PokerStars$101 NL Hold'em [Heads-Up, Hyper-Turbo, Knockout], $5K Gtd

  • Site/Network:PokerStars
  • Date:Oct 25th, 2013
  • Prize Pool:$ 5,500.00
  • Total Players:110
  • Buy In:$ 101.00


The finale of the PokerStars $101 NL Hold'em [Heads-Up, Hyper-Turbo, Knockout], $5K Gtd event featured a heads-up battle between kev19 and XdobrationX. When the final cards were dealt, kev19 earned $1,925 for the win, while XdobrationX settled for a consolation prize of $1,100.

Quick Hits

  • The total number of players to cash in this tournament was 8.
  • ImDaNuts, who finished in third place, earned 10% of the prize pool.
  • The three highest ranking members of PocketFives at the time this tournament took place to cash in this tournament were ImDaNuts (Gettin Daize), kev19, and D.Nowitzki (JerryWest), who together cashed for $3,025.
  • Among those PocketFivers narrowly missing out on the final table in this tournament was ImDaNuts, who finished in 3rd place and cashed for $550.
  • Members of the PocketFives earned $3,368.75 of the $5,500 prize pool.
  • The average cash in this tournament was $687.50.
  • The first place finish by kev19 was worth 74.16 PLB Points.



Total P5er Cashes

P5s Country Distribution

Ranked Tournament Results Show P5ers only

Site Name Amount Won PLB Points P5s Name Rank Posts Last Login
1. kev19 $1,925.00 74.16   kev19 kev19
Join Date: Jun 6th, 2006
26,022nd 5,522 Oct 23rd, 2017
2. XdobrationX $1,100.00  
3. ImDaNuts $550.00 38.36   Gettin Daize Gettin Daize
Join Date: Apr 21st, 2007
Costa Rica
38th 1,284 Mar 8th, 2016
4. D.Nowitzki $550.00 32.28   JerryWest JerryWest
Join Date: Jun 26th, 2009
15,418th 0 Nov 22nd, 2011
5. NLHEmissile $343.75 28.24   timopheliac timopheliac
Join Date: Dec 12th, 2011
12,457th 13 Dec 31st, 2013
6. monpie120 $343.75  
7. huevo2000 $343.75  
8. Dan Alcazar $343.75