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Tyrannosaurus Rex

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The Full Tilt Tyrannosaurus Rex event was won by zE hustlah-. ZE hustlah- beat 136 players to take home $3,565.92 for his efforts, or 28.50% of the $12,512.00 prize pool. In total, PocketFivers cashed for 17.50% of the total prize pool, led by FishMobRep, who finished in 3rd place in this tournament for $1,626.56.

Quick Hits

  • The average cash for PocketFivers in this tournament was $729.87, or 12.50% lower than the $834.13 for all players in this tournament.
  • The lowest ranked PocketFiver to cash in this tournament was mbAArt (AAcademiKK) for $375.36. This player could be found in 402nd place in the PocketFives Rankings at the time this tournament took place.
  • The PocketFivers who finished in this tournament from the United Kingdom and Canada combined for $2,001.92.
  • The 3rd place finisher, FishMobRep, appeared in 33rd place in the United Kingdom country rankings as of Jun 26th, 2015. The top ranked PocketFiver in the United Kingdom at that time was lasagnaaammm.
  • This tournament was the 734th tournament tracked on PocketFives on the Full Tilt network in the past week.
  • PocketFivers scooped 38.39 PLB Points, on average, from this tournament.

Total P5er Cashes

P5s Country Distribution

Ranked Tournament Results

Site Name Amount Won P5s Name Rank Posts Last Login
1 zE hustlah- $3,565.92
2 Yurec1707 $2,252.16
3 FishMobRep $1,626.56 16716 1
4 gabor0802 $1,282.48
5 duffmon $938.40
6 AUGUSTUS666999 $688.16
7 Dilma Rousseff $469.20
8 mbAArt $375.36 800 0
9 JJP100 $281.52
10 KevboyStar $187.68
11 Naza114 $187.68
12 Jerkymejsen $187.68 107 2
13 FaceMyAlterEgo $156.40
14 77kol0bok77 $156.40 3454 0
15 Arise_pt $156.40

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