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Tristness38 outlasted a field of 89 players to win the Winamax.fr KILL THE FISH event for $212.46. Madjer19 finished in second place, adding $129.90 to his bankroll. The highest finishing PocketFiver was fukur0kuju, who took 3rd place for $92.47. At the time of this tournament, you could find proudwalker in 1,759th place in the PocketFives Rankings with $254,728.44 in total cashes.

Quick Hits

  • The average cash in this tournament was $61.85, with 4 players cashing for at least this amount.
  • Players who weren't members of PocketFives combined for $516.29 spread over 9 cashes.
  • The 3rd place finisher, fukur0kuju, appeared in 27th place in Greece country rankings as of Aug 7th, 2015. The top ranked PocketFiver in Greece at that time was apostolis20.
  • PocketFivers cashed for $164.02 on the final table, or 23.92% of the total final table payout of $656.09.
  • PocketFivers scooped 24.95 PLB Points from this tournament.
  • PocketFives tracked 216 tournaments on Winamax.fr in the past 24 hours. PocketFivers cashed for $12,885.07 on Winamax.fr during this time.

Total P5er Cashes

P5s Country Distribution

Ranked Tournament Results

Site Name Amount Won P5s Name Rank Posts Last Login
1 tristness38 $212.46
2 Madjer19 $129.90
3 fukur0kuju $92.47
4 Jormungandrr $71.55 0
5 Crici86 $50.64
6 domino7 $37.43
7 MARMOND $25.32
8 patrice767 $19.81
9 Tardenikke $16.51
10 lAsTiKaF $13.21
11 dhun $11.01

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