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  • AllenKessler(2017-12-16 07:12:06)

    @WSOP @Jostens Maybe I'll win my 5th heads up match for a coveted bracelet ...

  • scott_seiver(2017-12-16 05:44:56)

    @electricalWSOP was at a club wearing headphones a girl came up to me told me to put on my favorite hard rock/grung… https://t.co/DFhbWwHTBx

  • AllenKessler(2017-12-16 03:21:07)

    @alex_dreyfus @elkypoker @WSOP @Joeingram1 He was busy on the @gpl ....

  • AllenKessler(2017-12-15 22:51:44)

    @JakeBazeley @AshlyButlerWSOP @TheSilverStash @gates_poker Crushing ...

  • Kevmath(2017-12-15 19:00:51)

    If you’re planning out the 2018 WSOP and use ICal - https://t.co/zeDv6eirdN (h/t @gyndok)

  • 888poker(2017-12-15 15:50:03)

    With the release of the 2018 @WSOP schedule, who's your #888favourite Main Event Champ? https://t.co/4cIh88fz79

  • AllenKessler(2017-12-15 14:47:15)

    @jesswelman @Gags30poker @djmacjr @Donnie_Peters @WSOP If you don't like the main, don't play it. Great response.… https://t.co/ODpJwAiWdf

  • AllenKessler(2017-12-15 14:42:58)

    @jesswelman @Gags30poker @djmacjr @Donnie_Peters Hmm do I want to play at countless other events in vegas or the wsop main event?

  • AllenKessler(2017-12-15 14:41:47)

    @Gags30poker @jesswelman @djmacjr @Donnie_Peters Telling someone to skip the wsop main because they suggested one c… https://t.co/PD9qh6NLTR

  • AllenKessler(2017-12-15 14:32:24)

    @jesswelman @djmacjr @Gags30poker Typical shill response. No one is going to skip wsop main regardless of these finer point rules ...

  • Erik_Seidel(2017-12-15 13:01:35)

    RT @Oscillator_WSOP: Gonna be giving away free @PokerGO subs soon if only to let a few more people check out the @Erik_Seidel pokerograp…

  • Kevmath(2017-12-15 06:38:27)

    RT @StarPokerSydney: All four flights are on the books. WSOP Sydney Main Event Day 2 kicks off tomorrow at 12.30PM when 295 players take…

  • CMONEYMAKER(2017-12-15 03:04:59)

    My wsop China PLO had me and seven guys who have never played before. Best table draw ever. By the way I am out now lol

  • DutchBoyd(2017-12-15 02:56:34)

    @FreerollGrinder @WSOPcom @TwitchPoker Oh no! Why? Usually I don't ban anyone... the mods pretty much handle that.… https://t.co/bz0frrGg3x

  • TristanCre8ive(2017-12-14 23:23:36)

    Played near flawlessly @WSOP circuit main in Sydney but lost KK v KK and JJ v A9. Couple more events and few more d… https://t.co/WAYVRimJ9h

  • DutchBoyd(2017-12-14 22:19:31)

    Starting up a last-minute poker stream... let's make some moves! https://t.co/fycHVB6JmR #poker @wsopcom @twitchpoker

  • jesswelman(2017-12-14 20:18:49)

    @Oscillator_WSOP @MattGlantz Assume you have this covered, but if you need an outlet for those word to go, would love to discuss.

  • MattGlantz(2017-12-14 20:15:05)

    RT @Oscillator_WSOP: @MattGlantz Super excited about the schedule, but there were lots of aesthetics last year that dulled the experienc…

  • MattGlantz(2017-12-14 20:13:56)

    RT @DanOBrienPoker: @MattGlantz WSOP used to be the event to look forward to where you could reasonably hope to double or triple your b…

  • Kevmath(2017-12-14 19:59:32)

    @MattGlantz 2017 WSOP dates and select events were announced December 19 last year https://t.co/b4gLbxs6cb