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  • Kevmath(2018-03-19 22:31:35)

    Congrats to Amar Begovic, winner of the WSOPC-I Main Event @PokerroomKings for €220,000 and a Global Casino Champio… https://t.co/lkMRUDQ4L6

  • craigruby(2018-03-19 18:07:40)

    @JDramaNJ @Ajax718 @WSOPcom @billrini @centrfieldr @hebrewham89 @pompiaa2 @RhohneR @JOEYdaMUSH Stop being a grouchy… https://t.co/gok658piav

  • JDramaNJ(2018-03-19 18:02:56)

    @Ajax718 @craigruby @WSOPcom @billrini @centrfieldr @hebrewham89 @pompiaa2 @RhohneR @JOEYdaMUSH Could probably make… https://t.co/cGre5mxBGE

  • craigruby(2018-03-19 17:57:21)

    @Ajax718 @WSOPcom @billrini @JDramaNJ @centrfieldr @hebrewham89 @pompiaa2 @RhohneR @JOEYdaMUSH Weeeeeeeeee

  • CMONEYMAKER(2018-03-19 17:28:21)

    RT @BillBruce: To stay up-to-date with all the the @wsop circuit results @TulsaHardRock go to the #WSOPc Hard Rock Tulsa Circuit Hub at htt…

  • KaraOTR(2018-03-19 15:55:39)

    Never too early to start dreaming about @WSOP https://t.co/zgQzpHpAQq

  • Kevmath(2018-03-19 15:39:04)

    9 left at the WSOPC-I ME Final Table @PokerroomKings, updates and streaming at https://t.co/FJ0g0A164m

  • BillBruce(2018-03-19 15:20:27)

    To stay up-to-date with all the the @wsop circuit results @TulsaHardRock go to the #WSOPc Hard Rock Tulsa Circuit H… https://t.co/hw6IoxUxQD

  • BillBruce(2018-03-19 15:18:28)

    To stay up-to-date with all the the @wsop circuit results @TulsaHardRock gp to the #WSOPc Hard Rock Tulsa Circuit H… https://t.co/qq0akbUF5d

  • AllenKessler(2018-03-19 12:33:37)

    @DBuzgon @WSOPcom @WSOP I private messaged @billrini and he said the issue may be from @888poker who runs the softw… https://t.co/EAsrgO7DKq

  • AllenKessler(2018-03-19 12:27:56)

    @LisaC_Vegas @VenetianPoker we played an entire day 1 wsop main a few years ago, and I immediately knew youd make some deep runs ...

  • AllenKessler(2018-03-19 12:26:20)

    @EastCoastRossyy @WSOP @TulsaHardRock @hohnjolley @MattGlantz @EastCoastJoKim @Luscious_Lon @Uber off to @TulsaHardRock ...

  • AllenKessler(2018-03-19 12:14:08)

    @EastCoastRossyy @WSOP @TulsaHardRock @hohnjolley @MattGlantz @EastCoastJoKim @Luscious_Lon @Uber hired tropiano car svc for 50 bux.

  • CMONEYMAKER(2018-03-19 12:01:01)

    @theresonlyone83 @TulsaHardRock @WSOPC Nah you know you loved. Just keep inviting me to fantasy leagues

  • CMONEYMAKER(2018-03-19 11:55:40)

    Having a great time @TulsaHardRock. Great property and friendly people other than @theresonlyone83. Will be here all week playing the @WSOPC

  • Kevmath(2018-03-19 11:49:29)

    Updates of the WSOPC ME @harrahsresort heads-up match at https://t.co/nyt4suBask

  • AllenKessler(2018-03-19 11:27:13)

    @RexClinkscales @ChipLDR @WAFoxen @gpi @WSOP Ive said this for weeks before and after the lame awards, but the awar… https://t.co/4L4fd8Nags

  • WSOP(2018-03-19 11:25:14)

    @Darren_Wiley Not sure the rules of satellite game, but for WSOP, you must be at least 21 years of age on date of play.

  • Gags30poker(2018-03-19 11:10:46)

    @ClaytonJiang @DBuzgon @WSOPcom @WSOP (they meaning the sites)

  • Gags30poker(2018-03-19 11:01:26)

    @ClaytonJiang @DBuzgon @WSOPcom @WSOP it's thinking like this that leads sites to never improve. When the knee jerk… https://t.co/WGSMBdtQjZ