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The Real Poker Lifestyle


I recently received an e-mail from a prospective student. He asked about the “poker lifestyle” and the truth to it. He had seen all of these “professionals” on television who all had multiple millions of dollars in winnings and wanted to know if these people really did drive around in Bentleys and have as much money as it appears they may have. Let’s break some things down.

“How Do I Take My Game to the Next Level?”


As an active member of the PocketFives community, there are some questions I have seen numerous times. By far, the one that I hear the most is from players who have already started posting, but simply want to know, “How do I improve and take my game to the next level?”

Heads-Up Last-Longer Dilemma


When playing poker nearly every day during the WSOP for five weeks straight, it can oftentimes become very easy to autopilot your decisions. After all, we’ve all played countless hands of poker and have often encountered the same situations numerous times. However, once in a while, you can still run into unique situations that you have never seen before that can leave you scratching your head. Last week, I was faced with one of these situations.

Paying Attention at the Poker Table


Poker is an incredibly enjoyable game to play. Its intricate strategies and complex problem solving make it a great game for professionals and poker lovers alike, and its amount of gamble and the chance to “hit it big” make it enjoyable for amateurs. That being said, almost every poker player at one time or another has experienced something else while sitting at a poker table: boredom.

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