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PokerStars Championship Series Heads to Panama March 10-20


A total of 46 spade trophies will be up for grabs at PokerStars Championship Bahamas next month.

The sunburns from the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Championship event have worn off, but don’t worry, the next island PokerStars Championship Series (PCS) is just a month away.

The next stop for PCS is the island of Panamafrom March 10-20 for a 46-event poker series at the Sortis Hotel, Spa, and Casino in Panama City, Panama.

Upswing Poker Can Up Your Game With the Postflop Engine


Doug Polk is the captain of The Postflop Engine (Photo c/o Upswing Poker)

When it comes to No Limit Hold’em, players have plenty of ways to improve their preflop game. Memorize a few key percentages, examine some hand rankings charts, keep position on the brain. These mantras can have any level of poker player feeling like preflop success is attainable.

Postflop can be a lot more intimidating, though. Sure, we all learn the chances your flopped flush and straight draw will hit, but what to do you when you flop bottom pair is a whole other matter.

Upswing Poker, lead by Doug Polk and Ryan Fee, is now offering a training module designed to make postflop strategy a lot more attainable – and it’s ridiculously affordable.

The site’s Postflop Engine is a standalone, multimedia training product designed specifically to help beginner players catch their postflop skills up to their preflop ones. The product comes at a flat fee of $7.

“The Postflop Engine teaches you how we categorize hands into one of four categories. Each corresponds how to play a given hand in your range, in any postflop situation. It sounds more complicated than it actually is. The PFE basically teaches the fundamental way of how to think about playing your hands postflop,” explains Upswing Poker President and poker proMatt Colletta.

Sign-up here for the Upswing Poker Postflop Engine for just $7!

The driver of the Postflop Engine is fellow Upswing Poker founder and WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk. With a mix of videos from Polk and written lessons, a beginning player can learn all the fundamentals to transform their game in a couple of hours.

Upswing Poker provides a subscription service in addition to free articles and The Postflop Engine. If you are nervous about investing in a monthly subscription, Colletta says The Postflop Engine is a good example of how content is presented in The Poker Lab.

“It gives an insight into the material presented in the Poker Lab. Additionally, the Poker Lab covers more advanced topics with much more depth and specificity.”

All users need to do in order to get The Postflop Engine is to start an account on UpswingPoker.com. By clicking on The Postflop Engine image, users will be directed to a page where they can use PayPal or credit card to pay the $7 fee. Once the fee is paid, users will have access to that are of the site just a few clicks of the mouse later.

The basic gist of the product is learning how to classify your postflop holdings into one of four categories. Then the Engine gives you tips and concepts to apply to each type of hand. If you are looking to find a holistic, simplistic way to begin mastering postflop play, this is a foundational resource intended to quickly recoup its relatively low cost.

The material is easy to process, but that does not mean it does not permeate throughout your hold’em game. The Engine itself does not take too long to read through and watch, but it is designed to be a core strategy players learn to master and then build upon.

Colletta explains how to best utilize The Postflop Engine.

“A true amateur player will gain a huge increase in their poker skill level after going through the material in the PFE. There has never been a better product for new/amateur players ever in poker. And for just $7… the value is off the charts. They will have a key insight into how to think about poker.”

In a training site world dominated by subscriptions and big year-long commitments, The Postflop Engine stands out because it is standalone. Upswing Poker also offers more intense, subscription-based services, as mentioned, but by catering to players still looking to work on the fundamentals without having to make a big commitment to poker training, they stand out with a useful offering that does not use up a ton of time to understand.

888poker Super XL: Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman Ships Event 38


It was a big day for a big name in the 888poker Super XL Series on Thursday. The only Pocket Fiverin history with more than $10 million in tournament earnings, Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman, added another $16,000 ad change to that tally after winning Event #38, a $55 R&A event.

Moorman is an 888poker Poker Ambassador who flew over to London to play in this tournament series. The trip proved to be profitable, as Moorman netted the second-biggest winning payday of a six-tournament slate. Moorman defeated ‘YourNemesis’ heads-up.

The mini R&A featured a $5 buy-in and ‘Larsnoro’ spun his $5-$15 into a top payday of $3,281.47.

The most money was up for grabs in the $215 “Quarterback” event, which boasted a $100,000 guarantee but ended up with a nearly $150,000 prizepool. ‘Giuglia888‘ took the crown in that tournament, collecting a more than $27,000 payday for their efforts.

The top finished in the “Mini Quarterback” was ‘weltmaschine’, who prevailed at a final table which included leaderboard contender ‘trojanmouse.’ The Turbo Quarterback title with a $109 buy-in went to ‘que_te_crio’, who sparred with Joao ‘joao_mathias’ Baumgarten heads-up.

Finally, action wrapped up for the night when ‘Altik14‘ bested ‘Slowplay0815‘ to take home the title and the $5,794.52 payday in the $12 Thursday Challenge.

Friday features a quartet of new Super XL events before another busy weekend. At 7 p.m. GMT a $150 Knockout event starts, as does a $10 Mini Knockout tournament. There will also be a $35 Friday Challenge and a $75 Turbo Knockout as well. The full schedule is available on 888poker.com.

Three Trips to the 2017 WSOP Now Up For Grabs

With such great turnout and all the guarantees getting hit, 888poker has decided to celebrate by sweetening the pot for thetop 18 finishers on the Super XL leaderboard.

The top 18 finishers will get a seat in the Champions of Champions freeroll tournament with prizes for all participants. The winner will receive a prize package to play in the 2017 WSOP Main Event. The runner-up gets a prize package for a seat into the $888 Crazy Eights event at the WSOP as well as a $1,060 Main Event satellite ticket. Third place gets an $888 Crazy Eights prize package.

Fourth and fifth place will earn a $600 tournament ticket on 888poker. The other finishers each get a $160 tournament ticket. The prizes and the current leaderboard standings are available on 888poker’s website.

Here is a look at the final table results from Thursday’s action:

Event #38 – $55 R&A Event

1. Chris ‘888Moorman’ Moorman – $16,453.12
2. YourNemeis – $11,846.25
3. narizinhodzi – $8,775.00
4. hellohellooo – $6,581.25
5. levelingmode – $4,606.87
6. Sinatra48 – $3,729.37
7. mantecaa – $2,851.87
8. danhp134 – $1,974.37
9. zzagnux – $1,237.27

Event #39 – $5 Mini R&A Event

1. Larsnoro – $3,281.47
2. Icecube781 – $2,335.30
3. kaciukas7 – $1,787.42
4. LeifAxelsson – $1,262.85
5. mark210864 – $922.85
6. babae12 – $738.28
7. rozhinsky – $553.71
8. so_easy_ua – $369.14
9. willymot – $209.83

Event #40 – $215 “Quarterback”

1. Giuglia888 – $27,886.95
2. njegosh – $20,435.67
3. rkellett89 – $15,050.10
4. billycadu14 – $11,361.35
5. sh11dy – $7,967.70
6. juanaflow – $6,270.87
7. MOI_est_JEAN – $4,795.37
8. backdown8 – $3,319.87
9. TomYamKai – $2,257.51

Event #41 – $44 “Mini Quarterback”

1. weltmaschine – $7,749.80
2. derek_eekk – $5,604.30
3. goldfather55 – $4,181.67
4. khalid1968 – $3,125.47
5. QuagmireXXX – $2,172.74
6. dope_fiend – $1,741.64
7. trojanmouse – $1,310.54
8. theslig13 – $883.75
9. Showdown13 – $538.87

Event #42 – $12 Thursday Challenge

1. Altik14 – $5,794.52
2. Sloplay0815 – $4,196.50
3. doitlikewond – $3,189.34
4. wf1sk – $2,336.61
5. STFPS – $1,661.81
6. fvfpjyfc – $1,326.09
7. c0manechY – $990.37
8. lesqater – $653.65
9. uberslug1987 – $369.29

Event #43 – $109 Turbo “Quarterback”

1. que_te_crio – $6,639.65
2. Joao ‘joao_mathias’ Baumgarten – $6,419.81
3. Olli4.4.4 – $6,230.20
4. rublubablo – $3,512.00
5. mumimorxx – $2,458.40
6. m9mym9so – $1,865.75
7. Afghan_123 – $1,426.75
8. lrdvoldemort – $987.75
9. Hatchetgarry – $728.24

888poker SuperXL: ‘Xp3ctNoMerc1’ Takes No Prisoners IN PLO Event


A new week meant a new game for the players in 888poker’s Super XL Series. Monday’s action shifted away from Hold’em, offering up two separate Pot Limit Omaha tournaments.

The big buy-in Omaha tournament cost $109 to play and drew 164 players. The turnout resulted in a more than $24,000 prizepool, way above the $15,000 guarantee on the event. ‘Xp3ctNoMerc1‘ topped the six-handed event to net the biggest payday of the day, $5,365.

Two of the tournaments ended in heads-up chops. One chop resulted in two of the biggest paydays of the day for ‘Slipknott14’ and ‘Gagagawa’. The two chopped the $55 Snap event heads-up for respective paydays of $3,737.06 $3,583.47. The other chop came in the Mini Omaha event, where ‘Der_Baron32’ and ‘h12star’ made a deal from $1,249.63 and $1,151.86 paydays.

One tournament offered a four-way deal. The $22 Monday Flush ended with ‘alwaysstrapp’ getting the win, but ‘KellerA’, ‘alexeiv2009’, and ‘relyinonluck’ also taking home just a hair over $2,000 each. Alexeiv2009 finished third, but took home the biggest payday of $2,366.43

The player named ‘nitur’ won the Mini Snap event, parlaying a $5 buy-in into a more than $1,300 payday. ‘Tuanpham81‘ won the $22 Monday Royal for over $3,400.

The action was great and the guarantees all hit, but there was little movement on the Super XL Series leaderboard. ‘PuntSonPunt’ picked up some more cashes to move over 728 points total and to maintain control of the top spot. Two-time winner ‘mindcrushers’ holds on to the second spot and ‘GoFighTer’ rounds out the top three after taking fourth in Event #24.

Tuesday the Super XL Series continues with four more events, including a $2,100 buy-in High Roller tournament at 7 p.m. GMT. If that is a little too steep for your budget, the $215 buy-in Mini High Roller kicks off at the same time. At 7;35 p.m. there will be a $109 No Limit Hold’em “Tuesday Challenge” event. Action wraps with the fast-paced $160 Turbo High Roller at 9 p.m.. The full schedule of events is available on 888poker.com.

Here is a look at all the final table results from Monday:

Event #22 – $109 Pot Limit Omaha

1. Xp3ctNomMerc1 – $5,635.00
2. EvnomiYa – $3,920.00
3. PARARANGE – $2,940.00
4. Brttyy – $1,960.00
5. Hajniak – $1,470.00
6. Utex77 – $1,004.50

Event #23 – $12 Pot Limit Omaha

1. Der_Baron32 – $1,249.63*
2. h12star – $1,151.86*
3. MuhubanaShek – $758.96
4. quaha – $524.37
5. theslothpack – $382.93
6. magigydra – $244.93

*denotes a heads-up deal

Event #24 – $22 No Limit Hold’em “Monday Royal”

1. Tuanpham81 – $3,484.80
2. Mkyplain – $2,516.80
3. Razvyb – $1,877.92
4. GoFighTer – $1,403.60
5. TOP1LTU – $975.74
6. Foreverpunk – $774.40

Event #25 – $22 No Limit Hold’em “Monday Flush”

1. alwaysstrapp – $2,243.22*
2. KellerA – $2,023.15*
3. alexeiv2009 – $2,366.43*
4. relyinonluck – $2,046.15*
5. Sirkarev – $912.24
6. BYLIA – $731.24
7. Kikasarzv – $550.24
8. Erik_Ajax – $371.05
9. Nzol888 – $226.25

*denotes a four-way deal

Event #26 – $55 No Limit Hold’em “Snap”

1. Slipknott14 – $3,737.06*
2. Gagagawa – $3,583.47*
3. NevilleWeeee – $2,333.45
4. gandalf_mrs – $1,755.25
5. Srdn77 – $1,197.70
6. jnboye – $929.25
7. PonyDarker – $722.75
8. HappyHour4U – $516.25
9. krystek1212 – $392.35

*denotes a heads-up deal

Event #27 – $5 No Limit Hold’em “Mini Snap”

1. nitur – $1,332.51
2. tassenusen – $949.78
3. Torreli1111 – $710.67
4. v1966 – $533.00
5. Berilius – $370.14
6. PumpkinKing – $296.11
7. heldoor – $222.08
8. Boyisbad888 – $148.05
9. dvakuba – $88.83

888poker Super XL: ‘Mindcrushers’ Wins Second Event on Busy Online Sunday


In a day filled with big tournaments and big winners, the big headline coming out of the 888poker Super XL series on Sunday was ‘mindcrushers‘ crushing another Super XL event and became the first two-time winner of the series.

Mindcrushers topped the Event #21 $75 Super Turbo Tune Up Event just days removed from a win in Event #1. In addition to another $4,096 in prize money and the title, mindcrusher now moves to second in theleaderboard contest behind ‘PuntSonPunt‘.

PuntSonPunt followed up two final tables on Saturday with a third appearance Sunday, taking fifth place in the same event mindcrushers won. As a result, PuntSonPunt remains the player to beat in the contest with 671 points. Keep an eye on ‘eze88888‘ too, as they final tabled both Event #13 and Event #18 over the course of the day’s action.

Once again, all tournaments met the guarantee. The biggest prizepool of the day belonged to the $160 buy-in “Tune Up” event, which guaranteed $250,000 and ended up with a $316,200 prizepool. The heads-up battle between ‘ForSjovt’ and ‘SalsaFiesta’ was a lengthy one with numerous lead changes. In the end, ForSjovt prevailed to take home almost $54,000.

The $600 buy-in “Whale” event also generated a substantial prizepool of $221,480. The recurring Sunday tournament on the 888poker schedule got a bump in the guarantee for the Super XL series. ‘Wes.c.addle’ captured the title after winning the Whale last April for over $41,000. He bested that score with a $42,502.01 payday this time around, besting a final table that included Fabrizio ‘DrMiKee’ Gonzalez, who finished in fourth place. The finish keeps him in the leaderboard contest too, where he currently sits in fourth place.

Gonzalez was not the only notable Pocket Fiver to make a final table Sunday. Matthew ‘theginger45’ Hunt final tabled Event #12, taking fifth place. That final table was the only one that ended with any sort of deal. The final two players agreed to a chop that resulted in ‘Jefffryyy’ earning the win, but ‘L-Scola’ finishing second for a little more money.

Other winners for the day include ‘ADRMI_ATM‘ (Event #13), ‘VLADIMIRIKOC‘ (Event #15), ‘scratchero‘ (Event #16), ‘gonzAAr‘ (Event #18), ‘_zufurduo_‘ (Event #19), and ‘Bak0s‘ (Event #20).

Monday brings six more tournaments on the Super XL schedule and a little change of pace on the games front. The action kicks off with a 7:00 p.m. $109 Omaha tournament and a $12 Mini Omaha Tournament. At 7:35 p.m. GMT two $22 no-limit hold’em events start concurrently. Then, at 8 p.m. GMT, the $15,000 guaranteed $55 buy-in Snap event and $5,000 guaranteed $5 buy-in Mini Snap start, culminating a very busy hour for 888poker Super XL players.

You can check out the full schedule of events on 888poker’s website and check out Sunday’s results right here:

Event #12 – $55 No Limit Hold’em “Sunday Breeze”

1. Jefffryyy – $9,672.42*
2. L-Scola – $10,205.00*
3. Jaolito85 – $6,396.26
4. schlafgut – $4,583.20
5. Matthew ‘theginger45’ Hunt – $3,336.30
6. spaarky777 – $2,662.30
7. fokucschi – $1,988.30
8. kekim1 – $1,314.30
9. mnintoiu – $727.92
*denotes a heads-up deal

Event #13 – $215 No Limit Hold’em “Mega Deep”

1. ADRI_ATM – $34,524.00
2. grownupguy83 – $24,934.00
3. GoFighTer – $18,604.60
4. karabaja7 – $13,905.50
5. victoronizuk – $9,666.72
6. JacktheCpt – $7,672.00
7. eze88888 – $5,754.00
8. ErocHB – $3,836.00
9. allesrigged – $2,301.60

Event #14 – $160 No Limit Hold’em “Tune Up”

1. ForSjovt – $53,754.00
2. SalsaFiesta – $39,525.00
3. Happymonkey9 – $30,007.38
4. 888_de – $21,501.60
5. trino11 – $15,651.90
6. Ikka12 – $12,489.90
7. F0rmEITseGaL – $9,327.90
8. Huwwiel – $6,165.90
9. Omgpatbrooks – $3,414.96

Event #15 – $12 No Limit Hold’em “Mini Tune Up”

1. VLADIMIRIVOC – $10,033.45
2. plotsch2 – $7,525.08
3. LTUartist – $5,518.39
4. Zzopa – $4,156.71
5. Chester20o – $2,866.70
6. indy5k – $2,006.69
7. Susi_Cami – $1,290.01
8. phil_boud – $716.67
9. juanmihjael – $544.67

Event #16 – $55 No Limit Hold’em “Sunday Monsoon”

1. scratchero – $10,545.86
2. jorec – $7,637.50
3. SuckHeed – $5,804.50
4. blackwawks – $4,252.56
5. olnkoinkoink – $3,024.45
6. Foleon – $2,413.45
7. zzagnux – $1,802.45
8. I_AM_PELMENI – $1,191.45
9. anticvet – $672.10

Event #17 – $600 No Limit Hold’em “Whale”

1. wes.c.addle – $42,502.01
2. cjacksallin – $31,560.90
3. GangstaGo – $23,255.40
4. Fabrizio ‘DrMiKee’ Gonzalez – $17,718.40
5. ThEtRaIN96 – $12,402.88
6. SergeyMavrod – $9,412.90
7. diosmono69 – $7,198.10
8. jcubillos11 – $4,983.30
9. weltwaschine – $3,676.56

Event #18 – $90 No Limit Hold’em “Sunday Challenge”

1. gonzAAr – $23,009.04
2. Beebstreizer – $16,400.33
3. SergeyRusko – $9,203.61
4. fgbgcvo – $9,203.61
5. eze88888 – $6,391.40
6. Liskacha – $5,113.12
7. VitorBrasil – $3,834.84
8. ipoo1 – $2,556.56
9. ImSoTight – $1,533.93

Event #19 – $215 Turbo Mega Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em

1. _zufurduo_ – $13,003.20
2. SkallePer58 – $9,744.00
3. spider4444 – $7,392.00
4. pierre1975 – $5,544.00
5. easylimp888 – $3,830.40
6. bauruzito100 – $2,956.80
7. BOLAGET.NU – $2,284.80
8. Biack88 – $1,612.80
9. summuNNN – $1,176.00

Event #20 – $55 No Limit Hold’em “Turbo Tune Up”

1. Bak0s – $7,914.91
2. pockerking87 – $5,740.30
3. roulette69 – $4,231.90
4. csm119 – $3,184.40
5. cangump1 – $2,237.46
6. Prde|XX| – $1,780.75
7. Omfg72oAgain – $1,361.75
8. t54_is_a_fag – $942.75
9. liuying2 – $628.50

Event #21 – $75 No Limit Hold’em “Super Turbo Tune Up”

1. mindcrushers – $4,096.39
2. gedatronas – $2,953.21
3. CoCoMic – $2,238.72
4. THEKIDM8 – $1,667.13
5. PuntSonPunt – $1,143.18
6. Mudcat33 – $952.65
7. gandalf_mrs – $762.11
8. Hodor83 – $571.59
9. BringItOn313 – $381.06

888poker Super XL: Guarantees Smashed, As Did ‘PuntSonPunt’


The 888poker Super XL series lived up to its name on Saturday with a super-sized slate of tournaments and $185,000 in guaranteed prize money. All six events easily surpassed the respective guarantees, with three tournaments effectively doubling the guaranteed prize pool.

With so many big tournaments, there was, inevitably, a new frontrunner on the XL Series leaderboard.

Poker Pros Taking on New Artificial Intelligence Bot ‘Libratus’


Dong Kim is one of four pros playing AI program Libratus
The last time poker players squared off against artificial intelligence in 2015, humans were able to prevail over the machine. Four poker pros took on AI bot ‘Claudico’ for 80,000 hands of heads-up No Limit Hold’em action. The battle saw $170 million wagered and the human team winning over $730,000 (in theoretical test money, that is).

Like any good cyborg tale, this story is getting a sequel. Jason Les, Dong Kim, Daniel McAuley and Jimmy Chou are headed back to Pittsburgh to take on the latest iteration of the bot, ‘Libratus’, at the Rivers Casino.

NUMBER CRUNCH: Looking Back at Poker in 2016


Fedor Holz had many millions of numbers to crunch in 2016

Many are reflecting back on the year and suggesting 2016 is a year we might want to forget. Do not let the celebrity deaths or endless talk of politics keep you from remembering some of the happier storylines the past year had to offer though. It was a memorable year in poker with countless tournaments, feuds, prop bets, cash games, and big stories. We can’t count all of big headlines of 2016, but we can relive a few of the biggest stories in this year-end edition of Number Crunch.

10 – Number of cashes for Chris Ferguson at the 2016 WSOP. The Full Tilt Poker co-founder had been absent from poker’s biggest stage since 2011, but both he and Howard Lederer decided it was time to return to the tables this summer. Not only did Ferguson return, he cashed every couple of days. Extra security appeared to be added when he final tabled one event, but other than some verbal barbs, there were no serious altercations for the man many consider to be partially responsible for the downfall of what was once one of the biggest online sites in poker. Ferguson won over $250,000 over the course of the summer, while Lederer failed to cash at all.

15 – Number of seasons Poker Hall of FamerMike Sextonhas co-hosted the World Poker Tour alongside Vince Van Patten. Sexton’s list of WPT accomplishments are not just behind the commentator’s desk. He is now a member of the WPT Champion’s Club too, taking down this season’s fall Montreal event for over $450,000. Sexton final tabled the Bay 101 Main Event in 2011, but exited in sixth place. This time around, he was around to the very end, but instead of toasting the champ, it was the Champ getting toasted.

17 – Finishing position in the WSOP Main Event for William Kassouf. The Brit may not have made the November Nine but, like a boss, his personality loomed large over the ESPN coverage of the tournament this year thanks to his endless table banter and altercation with Canadian pro Griffin Benger. His table talking sparked many online debates about table etiquette, with top pros both condemning and commending the behavior. Kassouf did not go quietly into the night after his finish though. He was back in the news in December after agreeing to chop the European Poker Tour Prague High Roller event, taking less money than second place, but taking home the trophy and posing for the winner photo.

28 – Number of High Roller tournaments hosted by the Aria Casino in 2016. With buy-ins ranging from $25,000 to $350,000, the Aria offered a steady supply of big buy-in small-field events for the poker elite. Not only did the events, which were frequently packaged back-to-back over a single weekend, bankroll boosters to some of the biggest names in the game, they also made Las Vegas a destination for live high stakes action again. If there were questions about whether or not the High Roller circuit was oversaturated, based on the success of the Aria’s scheduling, the answer appears to be no, at least for now

345 – Combined number of @ mentions on Twitter in the month of December for Cate Hall and Mike Dentale. In a year of many Twitter beefs, theirs took the cake, with Dentale sending 274 Tweets with her handle it and Hall sending 71 with his in a back and forth exchange that began with Dentale critiquing how Hall played a hand in the World Poker Tour Five Diamond Main Event. The trash talk escalated enough for Poker Night in America to turn it into a heads-up battle to be played out in March at Sugarhouse Casino in Philadelphia.

52,986 – Dollars in career tournament earnings for Qui Nguyen before winning the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event. Once he won the biggest tournament of the year, that number rocketed to over $8 million. He is the first amateur since Jerry Yang in 2007 to win the Main Event.

1,800,000 – Dollars Jason Merciersupposedly stood to earn after a hotly debated bracelet bet with Vanessa Selbst. As the story goes, Selbst offered Mercier 180-1 odds he could not win three bracelets in a single summer. The eventual WSOP Player of the Year certainly gave Selbst a sweat, winning two bracelets and making four final tables. He got oh-so close, finishing second in the $10,000 Razz event, but failed to cash in on many lucrative bets he would not threepeat.

4,360,000 – Approximate number of viewers who tuned in to watch David Williams compete in the MasterCheffinale on Fox. A foodie in addition to a poker pro, Williams made quite a run on the Gordon Ramsay reality show, making it all the way to the very end. Much like the 2004 Main Event though, he was a bridesmaid, not the bride, and had to settle for finishing as one of the two runners-up.

4,981,775 – Dollars won by Fedor Holz in the $111,111 buy-in One Drop High Roller at the WSOP. Shortly after accepting his bracelet, Holz announced his retirement. After all, he had a busy six weeks crushing just about everything he played and raking in over $10 million, starting with a second-place showing in the Aria Super High Roller Bowl for $3.5 million and ending with a bracelet. So far, retirement looks an awful lot like the working world for the young German though. In August he won the EPT Barcelona Super High Roller for almost $1.5 million.

10,100,000 – Dollars Phil Ivey and his friend Cheung Yin Soo have to pay the Borgata Resort and Casino according to a December ruling from a federal judge. The sum is the total of his winnings across four sessions of baccarat in 2012 and the money he took to a craps table and ran up into $500,000. Ivey and Soo were “edge-sorting”, which means they used imperfections in the manufacturer’s design of a deck of cards to determine which cards were which. While not explicitly cheating, the judge did deem the actions to be a violation of the agreement between gambler and casino and ordered the eight-figure judgment.

EPT: William Kassouf Chops His Way to High Roller Title


William Kassouf took down a big birthday payday (Image c/o PokerStars)

William Kassouf decided to celebrate his birthday, well, like a boss. The British poker pro took down the last-ever European Poker Tour High Roller Event after a heads-up deal with Patrick Serda.

Kassouf put his table talk to good use, negotiating a heads-up chop where he took home a little over €530,000 but got the trophy and the winner photo in addition to credit as the winner. Patrick Serda took home €719,000 for second place.

Andrew Lichtenberger Launching Online Poker Site, LuckyChewyPoker


Lichtenberger launched LuckyChewy Poker this month (Image c/o LuckyChewy Poker)
Andrew ‘luckychewy’ Lichtenberger is used to being a figurative boss at the tables. The poker pro, who has over $8.5 million in live tournament earnings, now has his sights set on being a literal boss, one in charge of an online poker site.

Lichtenberger recently launched LuckyChewyPoker.com in beta mode. The online poker client currently allows free play tables and is part of a larger-scale project which includes a poker forum, poker training and, hopefully in the future, real money online poker.

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