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6 Tips for Making it to the Final Two Tables

Every tournament player can tell fascinating stories about his wins and losses at final tables. That’s cool, we get it: there are no unimportant hands at this stage, every mistake can lead to a catastrophe, and coin flips can be really expensive. The success of a player is often measured not only by the number of cashes but the quantity of final tables he reached, especially in live ...

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Sunday Super Knockout Hand Analyzed By the Experts at 2CardsCollege

A 2CardsCollege student's hand from the $320 Saturday Super Knockout on PokerStars. The student had a small sample of hands and played with his opponents. However, the villain is known to be a moderately aggressive, good regular.

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Hands Analyzed by 2CardsCollege: Exceptional Circumstances

Vasily Ravic85 Tsapko (pictured), fourth in Main event of the World Championship of Online Poker, shares his memories of the brightest day in his career and analyzes several important hands with his colleague from 2CardsCollege, Vadim vadka Shlez.

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The Life Rules: Vasily Tsapko (Ravic85)

Vasily aka Ravic85, a 2СardsCollege poker school coach, has been ahead of the pack in Russian PocketFives rankings since the end of WCOOP.

WeightlessDec 1st, 2015 3
Mozgolom26 Talks About Tournament Poker

Dmitry "Mozgolom26", head of 2CardsCollege's instruction department, is under no illusion about tournament poker. "It's about time we get accustomed," he says, "to the fact that fairness in poker is a relative concept. You might play well and lose and you might play badly and win. In conditions of such relative fairness, it's hard to remain fair-minded in regard to your skill. Deep down, we're ...

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25 Years of Online Poker: Paradise

The new edition of "The History of Online Poker" from PocketFives and 2CardsCollege covers the leader of the industry in early 2000s. These historical events will be backed up by testimonies of contemporaries who discussed such a tumultuous thing as "real money online poker" during this generally calm epoch.

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Capped Range in a 3-bet Pot

The following is hand analysis from 2CardsCollege pro poker training analyzing a capped range in a 3-bet pot.

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Top Full Tilt Sunday Players

On Tuesday, the 6th of November 2012, under new management, Full Tilt opened for business for the first time since Black Friday. The first Sunday Brawl took place on Sunday of that memorable week.

WeightlessNov 18th, 2015 1
Bluff Catching in the War of the Blinds

The following hand analysis comes from the team at 2CardsCollege pro poker training.

WeightlessNov 13th, 2015 2
25 Years of Online Poker: Real Money

In the second part of the article series dedicated to online poker history presented to you by 2CardsCollege and PocketFives, we will tell you about the first industry giant and use the phrase "for the first time in history" several more times. Read Part 1.

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The Dossier of Mike McDonald

Mike McDonald, tournament professional from Canada Born September 11, 1989, 26 years old.

WeightlessNov 6th, 2015 6
Fighting Tilt

There are a million articles written on the topic of tilt. The internet abounds with information

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Thursday Thrill Hand Analysis from 2CardsCollege

Here is the Friday hand analysis from the experts at 2CardsCollege! By the way, don't forget that you too can send us your

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25 Years of Online Poker: The First Poker Site

Poker occupies a special place in the realm of online gambling. The game that has become an instrument of enrichment for recent high school grads has transformed the industry and survived several global catastrophes.

WeightlessOct 28th, 2015 5
"I Will Save Being #1 for Next Year!"

DBerglin (aka Dennis) is a new member of the 2CardsCollege's coaching team. He is #53 in the PocketFives Rankings and has $1.78 million in tournament cashes.

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The Tournament Player's Daily Routine

What is an indicator of a poker player's success' That's right: profit, which, in turn,

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Online Poker Hands Analyzed by 2CardsCollege

Here is the Friday hand analysis from the experts at 2CardsCollege! By the way, don't forget that you too can send us your hands and our coach will analyze them in detail.

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The Top Sunday Million Players

Name any poker tournament. Which one is the first that comes to mind' Maybe it is the WSOP Main Event. An online grinder's choice is definitely the Sunday Million. Thousands of amateurs come to online poker with a dream of winning the Sunday Million. Amateurs go to sleep thinking about it and fulfilling this dream is what makes every successful pro happy.

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Workplace of a Poker Player

Many people do not attach any importance to how, where, and what conditions their poker

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Hand Analysis from the Big $11

is a hand from the Big $11, which 2CardsCollege student "Jumanja777" binked recently.

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Ravic85 Talks About His WCOOP Main Event Final Table

2CardsCollege Coach Vassily Ravic85 Tsapko came to poker in 2007 from Magic: The Gathering. Before MTTs, he played Sit-n-Gos online and cash live. In the Russian-speaking community, Vassily is known as a great specialist in tournaments with fast structures. On his account, he has countless victories in the regular high-stakes turbo tournaments.

WeightlessOct 2nd, 2015 3
Bankroll Management of a Tournament Poker Player

This article was prepared by specialists from 2CardsCollege Pro Poker Training. Even strong tournament players fall victim to incorrect bankroll management. For instance, there is a belief that you need 100 or 200 average buy-ins to play tournaments with an average field size of N. That kind of belief can lead strong players to lose their bankrolls.

WeightlessSep 29th, 2015 10
New Hands Analyzed by 2CardsCollege

Today, 2CardsCollege Pro Poker Training expert "Iwantbearich" analyzes two hands from a student, Natalia "Matters71" Sarosek,

WeightlessSep 25th, 2015 1
The Life Rules: Alex Fitzgerald (Assassinato)

The following is a collection of thoughts from 2CardsCollege coach Alex Assassinato Fitzgerald.

WeightlessSep 22nd, 2015 7
More Hands Analyzed By 2CardsCollege Experts

Experts from 2CardsCollege Pro Poker Training continue to review the most interesting hands received from PocketFives users.

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20 Things to Laugh At About Poker

When all the tourneys are over… When the theory work is done… The time to relax comes! Take a look at 20 poker comics

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More Online Poker Hands Analyzed by 2CardsCollege

Experts from 2CardsCollege Pro Poker Training continue to review the most interesting hands received from PocketFives users.

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Examining Progressive Knockouts

The following article is from 2CardsCollege pro poker training and will take a look at progressive knockout tournaments

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More Hand Analysis by 2CardsCollege Experts

Experts from 2CardsCollege continue to analyze the most interesting hands played by their students, as well as those sent

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The Life Rules: Phil Ivey

This article is courtesy of 2CardsCollege Pro Poker Training. The Life Rules are the quotes from Phil Ivey's past interviews,

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More Hand Analysis from 2CardsCollege Pro Poker Training

We have two more online poker hands analyzed by the good folks at 2CardsCollege Pro Poker Training. Check them out by clicking

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The Proper Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner of a Poker Player

In the first article about the proper diet the 2CardsCollege nutritionist studied the set of nutrients necessary for brain's effective functioning and taught to convert this set into portions of meals. For the second article, we’ve asked the expert to set out menu for each meal.

WeightlessAug 25th, 2015 2
Three More Hands Analyzed by 2CardsCollege

Here is another edition of

WeightlessAug 21st, 2015 2
The Life Rules: Patrick Leonard

Tournament player, backer, poker coach, Budapest This

WeightlessAug 18th, 2015 19
New Poker Hands Analyzed from 2CardsCollege's Experts

Here is another edition of the hand review from 2CardsCollege expert Yuri, aka "Ivantbearich". This time, we have our training program students' hands on the short-list.

WeightlessAug 14th, 2015 4
Smart Nutrition Mathematics

Poker and gambling continually evolve. During the different periods of its history, poker demanded different degrees of involvement and different sets of essential qualities necessary for success.

WeightlessAug 12th, 2015 3
New Poker Hands Analyzed from 2CardsCollege's Experts

Experts from 2CardsCollege training program continue to analyze some hands from their students and PocketFives users. Here

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Staking Basics: Mark-Up and Profit Sharing

Staking Basics: Mark-Up and Profit Sharing This article is published by courtesy of 2CardsCollege Pro Training Program

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Three Hands Analyzed

As you probably all know, analysis of hands played is a big part of working on one's game. Obviously, we pay a lot of attention to this part of the learning process at the 2CardsCollege training program. In fact, analysis of the hands by trainees is a good indicator for their coach on how well they've digested the new theoretical knowledge and whether they successfully apply it in their game.

WeightlessJul 31st, 2015 2
How to Sell Stakes Successfully

Backing/staking is an irreplaceable tool for building a poker player's career. Any talented player may find himself in a situation where backing is the only way to continue playing. A severe downswing or a need to spend most of a bankroll on unforeseen needs sometimes leave a person no choice other than to quit playing or sell stakes.

WeightlessJul 21st, 2015 2