Isaac Baron Wins First Event of 2019 Poker Masters for $223K

Isaac Baron wins first event of 2019 Poker Masters
Isaac Baron wins first event of 2019 Poker Masters (photo: Drew Amato/Poker Central)

The 2019 Poker Masters kicked off this week and the first event is in the books. Winning Event #1: $10,000 No Limit Hold’em was Isaac Baron. Baron topped the field of 97 entries to take home $223,100.

To win the title, Baron topped a final table that included Jeremy Ausmus, Sam Soverel, and Scott Blumstein, and he defeated Chance Kornuth in heads-up play. Kornuth earned $164,900 for his runner-up finish.

Event 1 Final Table Results

1st: Isaac Baron – $223,100
2nd: Chance Kornuth – $164,900
3rd: Ralph Wong – $116,400
4th: Jeremy Ausmus – $97,000
5th: Sam Soverel – $77,600
6th: Scott Blumstein – $58,200
7th: Dan Shak – $48,500
8th: Thai Ha – $38,800

Baron entered the final table of eight with the chip lead and it was Pennsylvania poker pro Thai Ha to bust first in eighth place. Ha went out at the hands of Ausmus when his Ah9h lost to Ausmus’ 8s7s in all-in preflop action.

Dan Shak was next to bust, and it was Baron who sent him packing. Ausmus had opened to 120,000 holding the AsTc with the blinds at 30,000-60,000 with a 60,000 big blind ante, and Baron reraised to 330,000 with pocket fives. Shak, who was on a severe short stack, then called all in for 75,000 with the KhJd. Ausmus folded, and it was off to the races for Baron and Shak. No help came for Shak and he was out in seventh place.

Although Soverel busted Blumstein in sixth place, he was the next one to bust, and it was once again Baron doing the deed. Baron’s AsAc held up against Soverel’s 8d8c and Soverel was out fifth.

After Ausmus was knocked out in fourth and Ralph Wong in third, both at the hands of Baron, it was time for the heads-up match between Baron and Kornuth. Entering the duel, Baron had 8.415 million in chips to Kornuth’s 1.29 million.

The two wasted no time getting the money in, as Baron shoved with the 5c3c against Kornuth and his stack of 10 big blinds. Kornuth looked at the Ah9h and made the call. Unfortunately for Kornuth, the board ran out Th3d2dQdKc to give Baron the victory.

With the win, Baron took the early lead in the race for the overall Poker Masters title with 300 points. The player to earn the most points over the course of the series will be crowned Poker Masters champion and receive a $100,000 bonus plus the trophy purple jacket.