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Hand Analysis: Pocket Kings at the Wynn Classic


At the Wynn Poker Classic, 699 players began a $550 buy-in $250,000 guaranteed tournament across three Day 1s. After the Day 1s, the remaining players from each day came together for Day 2. Day 2 began with 84 players, 72 of them getting paid. I came into Day 2 with an average stack, but took two tough beats early after getting it in ahead. Note that this article is designed for beginning poker players.

Pace of Poker


It’s that time of year where most poker players from around the world travel to Las Vegas and get their World Series of Poker grinds on. When most players arrive, you can see that “kid in a candy store” gleam in their eyes, but if they’re not careful, that look can turn “jaded” quickly.

Grinding and Knowing Yourself


How many times have you gone to play poker when you really didn’t feel like it? You know what I mean, those times you feel kind of “meh,” but you feel you should go try to earn some money? This will mostly happen to players who are playing for a living.

Live Reads and Leveling Ourselves


As most of you know, I have been focusing most of my time playing live poker. Although I miss online poker, there is still plenty of live action and tournament series to keep us Americans busy. With the WSOP right around the corner, I thought I would talk about some of the live reads we can pick up and how to avoid leveling ourselves into bad decisions. I will finish up with an example where I did just that and leveled myself into a bad call.

Evaluating Stacks and Position


I have been spending the majority of my time playing live recently and would like to address a couple of things that I keep seeing over and over. This may seem simple to some, but I want to stress the importance of having strong fundamentals and not taking these things for granted. I am trying to reach the longtime recreational players who feel they don’t need to improve or don’t know how to go about it as well as newer players who have yet to see the light.

Two Hands from MSPT Downstream


I played these two hands in a $1,100 MSPT event at Downstream Casino near Joplin, Missouri. This is Day 1A and we are playing nine 50-minute levels with a 10-minute break every two levels. There were 70 players to begin the day and at the time of the first hand, we had 24 players, one 10-minute break, and one level remaining.

To Chop or Not to Chop?


Let’s see if any of these statements sound familiar. “I chopped with you last time!” “If you don’t chop, I will never chop with you again!” “Why not chop? We can get almost third place money!” In this article, I want to break down chopping in tournaments and talk about understanding other players and their reasons to chop or not chop.

Hand Analysis: What’s Your Play on the Turn?


It’s Saturday evening around 6:00pm and I am playing in a $2/$5 No Limit Hold’em game with no maximum buy-in at the local casino. We are playing nine-handed and the average stack is about $1,000. I feel as if I am probably one of the best players at the table and am in Seat #9. In Seat #1 is the fish of the table who has been on a little rush. The fish likes to see the flop for almost any price and is capable of doing some really odd things.

Default Poker Fundamentals


In my most recent article, I talked about the effects that Black Friday has had on poker in the U.S. It seems that the level of poker played in the U.S. may have regressed due to the fact most people are playing more live than online, and probably a lot less often.

Effects of Black Friday


I remember watching poker in 2010 and 2011 and hearing all of the talk about the old school players versus the new school internet players. Some of the differences talked about were how the old school players made good reads but might lack some knowledge with regards to EV and they would play out of position or flat a little too much. The new school players were more math-based and used EV and position. New school players were more likely to use more pre-flop pressure than read-based post-flop play.

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